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THE SCRUBBER MAKER PureteQ designs, delivers and commissions state-of-the-art PureteQ Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems. PureteQ scrubbers are smaller, faster to install, they require less maintenance, and the system is very simple to operate for the crew. It features the lowest OPEX in the business. All systems come with cutting edge intuitive control systems with energy optimization program and full real-time remote accessibility. It is very convenient and cost-efficient to get 24/7 remote on-line support/guidance to crews from professional marine engineers. PureteQ has thus developed concepts that allow assisting crews from remote with trouble shooting, advice on operation and maintenance as well as optimization and training of crew. PureteQ has developed cloud-based software for optimization and reporting across fleets and makers. Today, we service all brands of Scrubbers worldwide.

PURETEQ SCRUBBING THE SIMPLE SOLUTION TO A GLOBAL CHALLENGE We supply patented scrubber systems to shipowners who want to save money on fuel by continuing use of heavy fuel oil. Our offices in Europe and Asia provide prompt worldwide coverage and aftersales service. The PureteQ Maritime Scrubber System is the most energy-efficient scrubber system on the market. It is available as open loop, hybrid ready and fully hybrid (closed loop, with and without bleed-off). On top of that, it is the most reliable, safe and user-friendly scrubber system in the industry. An innovative mindset enables us to continually improve the system and ease its instalment and operational features.

PURETEQ GENERATION II SCRUBBER PureteQ Scrubber System is amongst the most reliable, safe, and user-friendly scrubber system in the industry. On top of that, PureteQ scrubbers features the lowest OPEX in the business and are easy to install. We have now simplified the installation even further in our “Generation II” scrubber system. The “Generation II” scrubber system is aiming reduce total cost of installation, considering the learnings from installing more than one hundred scrubbers on different types of ships at various shipyards around the world. We as manufacturers took on the responsibility to make green investments more attractive to shipowners and therefore set an ambitious goal to decrease the total cost of installation by 40 % on retrofit projects and 25 % on New Buildings. We have not reached the ambitious goal yet, but nevertheless produced ideas that will significantly cut the cost of installing PureteQ scrubbers, by double digits percentage.

FROM DESIGN TO FINAL SEA TRIAL PureteQ guides the shipowner throughout the process from initial design to final approval of the system and installation by the Flag State. The key to a successful project is close communication with all stakeholders, which is why PureteQ has developed a state-of-the-art project management system based on SharePoint. This means that PureteQ monitors progress and the actual state of all documents to keep the project on track. The designated project manager and his/her team guide every installation to optimize quality and efficiency during the installation process, in order to minimize the off-hire period. Daily progress reports are made to include documentation of the installation. As the devil is in the detail, everything is double-checked to ensure that the system remains operational for many years. The project manager also handles commissioning and sea trials.

AT THE FOREFRONT OF DIGITALIZATION AGE PureteQ Scrubber Control System is at the forefront of the digitalization age and features full remote accessibility. The control system logs hundreds of datasets every second to ensure energy efficiency while minimizing the carbon footprint. Today, PureteQ Service Engineers are supporting ship crews from remote across the world, with tasks such as flag state reporting, maintenance, replacement of parts, analysis and troubleshooting. As crews are often replaced, frequent training of new crew is necessary to safeguard the MARPOL compliance as well as reliability of systems performance. PureteQ offers Modular Training Packages streamlined for both on-shore and offshore personnel. The training can take place either on-site or remotely, dependent on the client’s preference.

Today, our Service Engineers are supporting ship crews through remote access across the world with e.g. flag state reporting, maintenance, replacement of parts, analysis and troubleshooting. We have proven the reliability and safety of conducting remote support to clients with reliable internet connections. If internet is not available on the ship, PureteQ offers a safe plug and play Emergency Remote in Box (ERiB) solution.

PureteQ conducts remote surveillance of scrubber systems for many shipowners. The frequency varies from once a month to weekly check of systems performance and real-time compliance data. In some instances, they assist in Flag State reporting and reporting to US Coast Guard.

FLEET OPTIMIZATION SOFTWARE Beginning Q4 2021, we will offer PureteQ customers with a Service Agreement free of change cloud-based software for environmental performance reporting and optimization of scrubbers across the fleet. It features the measuring of MARPOL compliance, operational performance (impact on SFOC) as well as environmental performance reporting, such as CO2, Sulfur and PM reductions. The software will enable sharing of learnings between crews, resulting in lower energy consumption and other OPEX. Savings are based on comparison between HFO with scrubber and compliant fuel and we have taken the lesser positive report from SINTEF into account as well as actual test performed by 3rd party, on sailing installations. The software is a perfect match to new IMO regulation on EED(X)I & CCI, when well to wake principle applies. This software will allow for across ship / fleet learnings to crews, hence reduction of cost and we see crews competing on operation of the scrubbers. On the right side, a sample view of actual data from a PureteQ customer fleet is illustrated (the ships’, in fleet, individual scrubber SFOC impact).

PURESERV THE SERVICE PROVIDER PureServ is PureteQ’s dedicated service organization. Our Service Team has received extensive training to assist shipowners in safeguarding continuous operation, reliability, and MARPOL compliance of their scrubber systems. This entails expert support and guidance for all Scrubber Systems on-site or via the safe PureteQ remote system, depending on the ship’s conditions and the client’s requirements. Our validated concepts allow us to assist the crews from remote with trouble shooting, advice on operation and maintenance as well as optimization. For shipowners and operators with internet access, we offer a remote Scrubber System Modular Training Program. In times where crew changes often, “touch and go” remote training has high value for all stakeholders. Some shipowners even choose to have the onshore employees participate in the Remote Specialist Training. In general, training cannot be overestimated as it leads to higher up-time and compliance rates as well as better performance and less cost of operation.

DESIGN OF SERVICE AGREEMENT In order to safeguard continuous operation, reliability and MARPOL compliance, we encourage all shipowners to realize the full potential of their scrubber systems by entering a PureteQ Service Agreement. Today, we service all brands of scrubbers worldwide. A service contract can include (but is not limited to): • Service visits • Expert Service Team for unplanned M&R • Remote monitoring of scrubber-system performance and operational guidance for the crew along with guidance for the replacement of spare parts. • Reporting • Spare Part Management • Sensor Replacement Program • Cell Replacement Program • Water Sampling Program • Crew Training We continuously improve our scrubber system to include further digitalization and optimization of OPEX. When entering a PureteQ Service Agreement, the newest features will be offered at a discounted and fair price.

PureteQ’s dedicated service organisation is available 24/7. Our Marine Engineers are dispatched from Europe or Asia.



Anders Skibdal, Sales & Technical + 45 4017 1400

Anders Skibdal, Sales & Technical + 45 4017 1400

Michael Mouritzen, Sales +45 4014 4481



Shinichiro Maruyama Sales +81-70-4306-7340

Anders Skibdal, Sales & Technical + 45 4017 1400

Mitsuhiko Akahane Sales +81-80-1381-5632 akahane(at)


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