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THE SCRUBBER MAKER PureteQ designs, delivers and commissions state of art, reliable and patented Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems to the shipping industry across the globe. This includes superior quality and extensive safety measures, which go on and beyond normal industry standards. Our Water Treatment System is easy to install and operate, and the open tower in-line scrubber system has no moving parts nor any obstructions such as a packaging layer. The simple construction requires less maintenance and it is very simple to operate for the crew. It features the lowest OPEX in the business.

PURETEQ SCRUBBING THE SIMPLE SOLUTION TO A GLOBAL CHALLENGE We supply patented scrubber systems to shipowners who want to save money on fuel by continuing use of heavy fuel oil. Our offices in Europe and Asia provide prompt worldwide coverage and after-sales service. The PureteQ Maritime Scrubber System is the most energy-efficient scrubber system on the market. It is available as open loop, hybrid ready and fully hybrid (closed loop, with and without bleed-off). On top of that, it is the most reliable, safe and user-friendly scrubber system in the industry. An innovative mindset enables us to continually improve the system and ease its instalment and operational features.

EXCEEDING ENVIRONMENTAL LEGISLATION According to a study published by independent Norwegian research organization, SINTEF, scrubbers are the most environmentally beneficial means of meeting global greenhouse emission targets. This report does not stand alone, as researchers from Denmark and Japan have reached the same conclusion. We are extremely proud of being a part of this and intend to push the boundaries for what can be done to improve the environment every day. For this reason, we invest considerably time and capital into R&D. We focus on optimizing OPEX and CAPEX for our customers. In case stricter legislative requirements should be implemented, our scrubber system is prepared for upgrades to meet even higher environmental standards.

FROM DESIGN TO FINAL SEA TRIAL PureteQ guides the shipowner throughout the process from initial design to final approval of the system and installation by the Flag State. The key to a successful project is close communication with all stakeholders, which is why PureteQ has developed a state-of-the-art project management system based on SharePoint. This means that PureteQ monitors progress and the actual state of all documents to keep the project on track. The designated project manager and his/her team guide every installation to optimize quality and efficiency during the installation process, in order to minimize the off-hire period. Daily progress reports are made to include documentation of the installation. As the devil is in the detail, everything is double-checked to ensure that the system remains operational for many years. The project manager also handles commissioning and sea trials.



Most of the more than one hundred systems on order and delivered are open-loop hybridready solutions, but quite a few are complete hybrid-loop systems. Hybrid-ready means that the system is prepared for hybrid operation to give shipowners and operators the opportunity for a less costly upgrade to a complete hybrid system, if so required later on.

The difference between this configuration and open loop is that a water-treatment facility and some additional equipment are added. This enables the recirculation of wash water in the scrubber system and the discharge of a small amount of treated water into the sea or a holding tank, depending on regional and local regulations. Some are designed for shorter periods of operation and others for permanent operation in a closed loop mode. PureteQ delivers scrubber systems to universities which, together with privately-owned companies, conduct research into new water-treatment systems. The water-treatment facility is designed to conform to the ship’s specific operational pattern and is available at different price levels depending on the type of system.

REMOTE ACCESS 24/7 We believe in the value of making good use of digitalization for our clients who require safe, reliable and fast support at a fair price. After all, remote support of the ship crew is both cheaper and faster than waiting for on-site service from a Service Engineer. PureteQ has developed a Windows-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) that can be operated manually or automatically according to customer preferences and crew skills. Remote accessibility permits PureteQ staff to perform system upgrades and assist the crew with online troubleshooting – and all of this at a very low cost without physical interference. The open data protocols provide shipowners with easy integration of compliance and performance data into other systems, as well as easy reporting, which saves manhours. Today, our Service Engineers are supporting ship crews through remote access across the world with e.g. flag state reporting, maintenance, replacement of parts, analysis, and troubleshooting. We have proven the reliability and safety of conducting remote support to clients with reliable internet connections.

WE ARE WITH OUR CUSTOMERS ALL THE WAY PureteQ scrubbers are fairly priced and available with a comprehensive, standard spare parts package. The scrubber systems have the smallest footprint and, regardless of whether a ship navigates brackish water or saltwater, the scrubber is always of highest standard, using qualitycomponents made of high alloy stainless steel. PureteQ scrubber systems have more safety features than any other scrubber system on the market. The in-house developed scrubber control system features complete remote and secure accessibility, enabling PureteQ marine engineers to access and assist crews anywhere, anytime.

ENERGY EFFICIENT The PureteQ Maritime Scrubber System has low power consumption due to a patented hydrodynamic fluid distribution and an open tower construction, which enables low back pressure. It comes with a state-of-the- art control system with complete remote accessibility and an energy optimisation programme. It features the best, most reliable components from renowned suppliers and it is reasonably priced. All of this ensures low operational expenditures (OPEX), a short Return On Investment (ROI) and superior lifelong performance.

AFTER-SALES PureteQ has a dedicated service organisation, PureServ. Our Service Engineers are available 24/7 and are dispatched from Europe or Asia. A PureteQ Service Agreement is designed to meet shipowner’s specific needs based on the ship’s operational pattern and crew proficiency level. While most shipowners prefer predictive and condition-based maintenance to minimize the cost, we offer a tailor-made Service Agreement based on the actual conditions. You only pay for what you get. A service contract can include (but is not limited to): • one or more visits to the ship by PureteQ’s marine engineer, who assists the crew or shop in maintenance activities and calibrating sensors; • refresher training of the ship’s crew; • manuals and videos to ease maintenance and operation activities for the crew; • supply of any spare parts for the scrubber system worldwide at a fair price; • online monitoring of scrubber-system performance and operational guidance for the crew; • online guidance for the replacement of spare parts. A package of critical spare parts is supplied in a wooden box, which is placed on board the ship during commissioning. This service is included as part of the contract for the delivery of scrubber systems. We continuously improve our scrubber system to include further digitalization and optimization of OPEX. When entering a PureteQ Service Agreement, the newest features will be offered at a discounted and fair price. Due to our in-depth knowledge and expertise within Exhaust Gas Cleaning, we also provide service and support to other brands of scrubber systems.

CONTACT PURETEQ PURETEQ A/S HQ DENMARK Anders Skibdal, Sales & Technical + 45 4017 1400 anders@pureteq.com Michael Mouritzen, Sales +45 4014 4481 mim@pureteq.com

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PURETEQ GERMANY GMBH Anders Skibdal, Sales & Technical + 45 4017 1400 anders@pureteq.com


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