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The ‘Now’ and ‘Then’ of CTR Rings The CTR rings symbolize faith and belief and are used by the Latter Days Saints (LDS) of the Church of the Jesus Christ to spread the message to do the right and act righteously. CTR stands for "Choose The Right" which is written on a green shield. It is a motto or a saying which is used to teach the young children to choose the right path. Children and even elders succumb to their desires and temptations easily and are likely to forget the teachings they are preached with. The CTR rings are worn by these children with the purpose of reminding them to follow and do the right and keep away from their temptations.

There is an interesting and a very profound history of the existence of these rings. A CTR ring was recommended to be introduced as an official teaching substance for the young. This process of introduction of the CTR rings was governed by a team of eight women belonging to the Latter Day Saints church. The reason for introducing a ring that symbolizes faith and belief of the LDS church was to make something that even the boys could wear. This ring was introduced in the early 1960s when the trend of wearing necklaces by boys was non-existent. They wanted some jewelry that even the boys could wear without any hesitation and at the same time symbolize their belief. Thus, these classic rings were introduced as an insignia of belief of the Latter Days Saints (LDS) people.

They used a green shield over which they wrote CTR for the rings. This green shield was used to symbolize the ‘evergreen tree’. The ‘evergreen tree’ has a religious presence and is known to remain the same or ‘evergreen’ as per the name suggests, in all the seasons. It was unaffected by any severities of the weather and thus was chosen to be included in the art work of the ring to teach the same to the people wearing these classic rings. The governing board signed a contract with a jewelry company based out of Salt Lake and got the art work of the CTR rings designed by Joel Izzat.

Over a period of time, these classic rings gained immense popularity because of its uniqueness and amazing designs. The symbol of these rings itself got a lot of recognition by the top notch brands which was used on various products. The symbol is so popular that one would now even find numerous products like t – shirts, stationary items, earrings, bookmarks, ties, bracelets and on a lot of designs of the other rings. However as this symbol belongs to the Latter Days Saints (LDS) Church, the manufacturers who use the CTR symbol, pay some royalty to use it on their products.

CTR rings are sold in a large number every year as it is extremely easy to avail it. There are hundreds of unique designs of these classic rings that one can choose from. One can either purchase it from a retail store near to one’s location or can easily choose and order it online. For more details visit:

The Now and Then of CTR Rings  

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