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Server Colocation

Colocation Colocation is a facility in which business can rent rack space for their servers. Most colocation facilities provide rackspace, power, cooling, network connectivity and physical security for the server.

Benefits of Colocation

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Greater Flexibility

Saving on overall hosting costs

Ability to use existing hardware More control over Server Administration Uninterrupted power supply No worry about security, disaster and support

Check List on Hiring Colocation Provider

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Physical Location Redundancy Customer Service/Technical Support References Quality Certifications Security

Colocation Plan

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1U Bundle 2U Bundle 3U Bundle 4U Bundle 8U Bundle

1U is the unit of measurement used for defining the space used in a racked cabinet. A 'U' is equivalent to 1.75 inches (4.45cm). A full rack contains 40 to 42U

Advantages of server colocation services from Tier 4 Data Center • 10 GBPS Bandwidth Connectivity from all the major Telco’s in India • 24x7x365 monitoring by industry certified on-site staff. • 100% uptime Network as we have dual Active network paths including N+N • • • • •

redundancy for Firewall, routers and switches thereby eliminating any single point of failure. Highly Sophisticated fire detection (VESDA) and FM-200 gas based fire suppression systems. Advanced HVAC(Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) systems providing optimal server operating conditions. Perimeter level firewall to ensure that your servers are always safe from hackers and malicious attacks over the internet. Global certifications ISO 20000-1 for service delivery and ISO 27001 for data security. All the above backed by six zone security thereby ensuring that your data is protected and available at all times.

Summary Colocation is a must consider option for B2B markets, e-commerce retailers, online content providers and others whose business requirements include not only a reliable internet connection but also large or erratic bandwidth needs.

Thank you CtrlS Data Center India offers server colocation services as rackspace from 1U to Full Rack as per requirement. CtrlS High-Density Colocation Service provides customers with an environment to support the power, cooling and management requirements of the latest high density blade servers.

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Server Colocation solutions for business Computing  

Colocation Service provides customers with an environment to support the power, cooling and management requirements. For more Visit http://...

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