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TEACHERS: Ángela Rivas, Asira Camposand Elena Chaves SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: Students will be able to use vocabulary related to job benefits, requirements and own skills to scan job advertisements and express their opinion and interests about a job they would like to have. LANGUAGECONTENT: Vocabulary about benefits and requirements to get a job. Auxiliary modal: would like Wh-questions such as: -What would you like to do after graduating from high school? -Where would you like to work? -How much would you like to earn? -What skills are required for the job you would like to have?

ACTIVI T I ES AND PROCEDURES WARM – UP: Sts participate in a board game called: “What does she do?” T. explains to the sts, they are going to play a board game about famous people. The T. divides the class in groups of three and hands out a copy of the board game, a set of questions, three counters and a dice to each group. Each time they land on a square, they pick up a question card and answer the question about the famous person they landed on. Then they return to the bottom of the stack. The teacher encourages the sts to answer based on their general knowledge of who the famous people are. The first person who reaches the FINISHsquare wins. (10 min)

PRE- READING : • Sts participate in a brainstorming to check background knowledge about different skills of the positions advertised.

Sts do a matching on vocabulary about benefits and requirements of different jobs, individually. Checking is done oral and co-evaluated.

Teacher writes on the board the phrases BENEFITS / REQUIREMENTS. Teacher divides the class into two groups. Teacher gives each group a set of the words from the vocabulary. Sts must classify by pasting them where they belong.

WHILE- READING : Teacher presents the activity “Run, Scan and Win”. Teacher divides the class in groups of three. Sts are given a set of questions and they must take turns and go running to the other side of the room where the ads are pasted on a desk. They can’t take the questions or the ads with them. They read the question, go to the desk and scan the information. Then they have to return to their seat and write the answer, while their partner goes and does the same. The winners are the ones who answer first and correctly all the questions.

POST- READING: Students are given a sheet of paper with information about three people who are looking for a job which the sts must analyze and decide the best job for them using the previous ads.

EVALUATION AND ASSESSMENT: Sts choose a job they would like to have in the future taking into account their skills and the job’s benefits and requirements. They share their opinion with the group.

MATERIALS: Dices (1 per group) “Benefits / Requirements” labels Masking tape Hand-outs provided by the teacher

Game: Warm – up activity

Matching. Match the concepts in Column A with their corresponding meaning in Column B. Column A

Medical insurance

Column B



1. Person or company that gives jobs to other people




2. Money workers get monthly or every two weeks for their job.




3. When a person works only half a day or a week.

Full time



4. Opportunity to get a higher education while working.

Part time



5. Extra money after accomplishing training sessions of a certain amount of time.

Night shift



6. Person who gets paid to work for an employer or a company.

Training bonus



7. Highly development of the skills.




8. Opportunity to get health checking when needed.




9.When a person works 8 hours a day, forty hours a week.

Career growth



10. To work at night.

Taken from: La NaciĂłn. Newspaper. ( June13th, 2010)

Questions for Reading Comprehension “Running and Answering Game�

1. What do you have to do if you fulfill all the requirements needed in the positions?

2. What personality traits must you have in order to be hired as a salesperson?

3. What requirement is repeated in two of the ads?

4. Who is the employer in each of the ads?

5. What requirement is considered a plus to be hired as a customer service representative?

Based on the information given in the ads, choose “which position is the best for these people?”


Didier Andres went to a Language School and studied computer and secretarial skills. He is looking for his first job. He is willing to work on weekends, holidays and evenings. The best job for Didier is as _______________.

2. Nairy is 21 years old. She is from Guatemala and she has a work permit. She would like a position which can help her paying the university. She can only work at nights because she attends college during the day. The best job for Nairy is as ________________.

3. Alberto just graduated from High School. He is very active. He struggles to reach his goals but he is not sure about what he wants to study, so he would like to get a job while he makes up his mind. The best job for Alberto is as _______________.

Get in pairs and discuss about a future job you would like to have. Take into account these important aspects: ● position you would like to perform. ● place where you would like to work. ● salary you would like to earn ● skills you possessto perform the job you want ● requirements you would have to fulfill ● benefits you would like to get

Labels to paste on the board.

Full time Part time Payment Night shift Proficiency

Training bonus Career growth Medical Insurance


LANGUAGECONTENT: TARGETCONTENT:Job Demand in Costa Rica TEACHERS: Ángela Rivas, Asira Camposand Elena Chaves -How much would you like to ear...