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The 32nd annual Loerie Awards takes place in Cape Town in October. Andrew Human reveals more

TOP LEFT Comedian Mark Lottering and radio and television personality Natalie Becker present the Loerie Awards. TOP MIDDLE Music duo, Goldfish performed at the awards ceremony. TOP RIGHT Creative Cape Town commissioned Word of Art to produce a series of characters (“Ego’s”) for shopfronts on Long Street as part of a Loeries window dressing project (2009). Photos: Anita van Zyl

Why did Loeries choose Cape Town as host city? The role of The Loerie Awards (or Loeries) is to recognise, reward and foster creative excellence. Over time, the awards ceremony has come to represent the pinnacle on the advertising and communication industry’s calendar. The awards represent a time for the industry to get together and celebrate the year’s achievements – the best of what our region has to offer. In the past the awards have been held in the Carlton Centre (a long, long time ago), Sun City and Margate. In 2009, the awards moved to Cape Town, the first time in 32 years. And it has been a well-chosen move as Cape Town offers the ideal environment to foster a bit of creativity – beaches, a little mountain and laid-back people.

Why the Good Hope Centre of all places for the awards weekend?

When we moved to Margate, everyone asked, “Why Margate?” And when we moved to Cape Town everyone asked, “Why the Good Hope Centre?” Our role is to promote creative thinking, to recognise and reward thinking differently. The Good Hope Centre is a beautiful 72

structure. Designed by Pier Luigi Nervi, a pioneer in the use of concrete, and built in 1976, it is now an almost forgotten and downtrodden piece of Cape Town’s innercity landscape – and the ideal platform for the Loeries to “do things differently”. We hope that by hosting the Loeries here it will bring new life to this grande dame.

What are some of Loeries’ legacies for Cape Town? In 2009, R6,7 million was spent on production, including R409,000 using Cape Town artists. Upgrades were made at the Good Hope Centre; Long Street and the inner city of Cape Town were extensively promoted; and all surplus production materials were donated to local charities.  Additionally, we ran a carbon-offsetting programme in partnership with Hetzner resulting in 250 trees being planted in the severely impoverished region of Delft.  In 2010, we are working with our Cape Town partners to launch Creative Week Cape Town, something we hope will position Long Street as the creative capital of South Africa and showcase local creative talent. Creative Week Cape Town will culminate in the Loeries Festival Weekend (October 1 – 3). Andrew Human
is Chief Executive Officer of The Loerie Awards

Creative Cape Town Annual 2010  

Creative Cape Town Annual 2010