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his! unit! was! not! about! convincing! students! that! music!is!poetry—they!need!no! convincing.! This! unit! also! had! little! to!do!with!music!itself.! ! Our! focus,! instead,! was! on! the! richness!of!language.!! ! While! planning! the! unit,! I! asked! myself:! would& it& be& possible& to& help& students& become& more& critical& and& appreciative& of& the& language& they’re& exposed& to& every& day?! ! Rather! than! passively! consuming!! language,! I! wanted! to!know!if!students! in! 9th! grade! could! objectively! scrutinize! song! lyrics! and! comment! on! the! effectiveness! of! what! the! writer!had!accomplished.! ! By! the! time! they! reach! this! level,! most! of! them! have! the! ability! to! catch!a!simile!like!a!fish!and!say,!“Mr.! Topf,! I! got! one!”! They! can! stare! personification! in! the! eye! and! devour! metaphors.! But! this! is! not! nearly! as! valuable! as! being! able! to! understand! why! certain! imagery! is! used,!and!whether!or!not!the!diction! is!effective.! ! That,! ultimately,! is! why! we! used! music! as! our! medium! for! exploration.! Since! students! are! incessantly! exposed! to! the! language! in!songs,!and!lyrics!range!a!great!! !

! ! ! ! ! deal! from! the! most! simple! and! superficial,!to!the!most!complex!and! profound,! it! was! easy! to! see! which! students! could! recognize! quality! language!immediately.! ! And! now,! simply! through! the! music! students! have! chosen! as! the! Best% Lyrical%Songs%of%All%Time,!it!is!clear! that! they! can! all! recognize! language! that! is! rich! in! imagery,! contains! purposeful! diction! and! structure,! and! conveys! a! compelling!tone.% ! They! have! also! dusted! off! the! lyrics!of!great!song! writers! from! the! past—Bob! Dylan,! Joni!Mitchell,!Leonard!Cohen—while! at! the! same! time! they! have! sorted! through! the! current! wordsmiths! of! our! time—Coldplay,! Florence! and! the!Machine,!Adele.! ! From!the!first!lesson!to!the!last,!this! has! been! one! of! the! most! fulfilling! units! to! teach! this! year,! and! I! am! extremely! proud! of! the! work! my! students! have! produced.! ! We! hope! you! enjoy! reading! our! magazine! as! much!as!we!enjoyed!producing!it.! ! Safaos!! ! Corey Topf ! ! ! !

Determining the true quality of language requires objective, critical analysis.

“I'm singing what I want to sing based on the emotion of what that day feels like. That's what comes out of my mouth and guitar. That impacts people. They know anything can happen.� -John Mayer !


John Mayer An extremely talented guitar player and songwriter. A man whose power, moral and talent is and example and has changed the world. (Tyrangie)


ne of the best and well-known artist for his spectacular guitar skills and his profound lyrics, John Clayton Mayer was born on October 16, 1977 in Bridgeport, Connecticut (United States). (“John Mayer biography”) He went to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Mayer considered on leaving college to pursue his music career, but his parents convinc him to stay on and finish his studies . When John was seventeen, he was traumatized with “cardiac dysrhythmia” (disease) and was hospitalized for an entire weekend. After thinking on the occurrence, Mayer concluded that during the incident was when the songwriter was born in him he notated that his first lyrics came from the night he got home from the hospital. Ever since he was teenager Mayer has been playing guitar; he is now a successful singer. (“John Mayer”)


ohn Mayer is currently living in New York. and Heavier things.In 2003 he was awarded a Grammy for best male pop vocal performer for “Your body is a Wonderland”. Mayer started his career performing mostly acoustic rock, but progressively started a shift towards the blues; in his new album “Try!” you can hear some blues inspirations. Moreover “Continuum” album was released in September 2006. For “Continuum”, in the 49th Annual Grammy Awards in 2007 John won best pop vocal performance for "Waiting on the World to Change". John’s last album was released in November 2009, “Battle Studies”; he sold above 10 million album in the U. S and 20 million albums international. Recently the outspoken singer has let out his new single “Shadow Days”. In addition to his new music, Mayer will be also hitting the road and start with His first two albums were: Room for squares his tour. (John Mayer Streams 'Shadow Days' in Full, Announces 2012 Tour Dates) (John Mayer)

Shadow Days John Mayer

“Mayer has broken his silence by releasing his single ‘Shadow Days’ off his upcoming album Born and Raised.” (Britt Bickel) How many times have you found yourself clicking the replay button on iTunes? How many times have you listened to a song over and over again because the lyrics were stuck in your head? Was it because the song was lyrically great or simply stupendous to listen to? John Mayer’s new single, “Shadow Days”, is one of those songs that will keep you singing until your siblings tell you you’ve reached their last nerve. The song’s remarkable melody will not only conquer your ears, but the lyrics will seize your brain. “Shadow Days” by John Mayer is one of the best songs written. This new single is outstanding because of the message it conveys to its audience. “Shadow Days” represents John’s personal

struggles in life; it’s all about letting go of the past and coming back as a good man; he mentions how he “had a tough time/ got a rough start/ but [he] finally let it go” (Mayer 10 - 12). The essence of this song is that John has been overshadowed, oppressed by things or people that have detained him from being himself. In the title the message is portrayed; the connotation of “shadow” implies darkness, repression and criticism; it refers to living under the shadow of others, where your individual self

is dominated by a greater being than your own. With his inspiring single John has divulged that he’s been through a lot in life and now that “[his] shadow days are over” (Mayer 17) he’s created this song where he makes it evident that life will grant you second chances and that if you set your heart to it, you can end your shadow days. Another reason why this song is successful is because Mayer is a recognized icon in the

music industry for his ability to compose music that is both catchy and lyrically deep. In the song, he produces a remorseful mood with a search for hope in the future, portraying a peaceful, righteous tone; he states how he’s “a good man, with a good heart” (Mayer 10). Being able to create a powerfully lyrical song with a right tone and melody is an amazing ability that Mayer’s been able to develop in this song. In lines 6- 8 he says, “but you find yourself alone/just like you found yourself before/like I found myself in pieces/on the hotel floor”. W hile you listen to this lyric you can clearly imagine how John is all alone, in pieces and devastated. John’s talent woos his fans, especially young girls who love him form being so emotionally deep and personal in his lyrics. His breathy, unsupported vocal style drives everyone nuts. With his spectacular guitar skills, he is able to make a perfect match of the lyrics and the melody. The words in the lyrics mean so much more when you listen to the song. You are able to hear John’s sincere voice and amazing instrumental solos, particularly guitar. The imagery created by John Mayer is another aspect that makes this song wonderful. As you listen to the song slowly, your able to picture every single line, you can see John’s evolution and personal growth

as a person and artist. The convincing language, thoughts and metaphors that John has exquisitely written in this song make the lyrics more alive, like if the song was speaking for him. From listening to lyrics it can be concluded that the song has a very intimate and personal meaning to John because he talks about how he is “right here, and right now/[he’s] open, knowing somehow/that [his] shadow days are over” (Mayer 13-15). When hearing the track you are able to imagine how hard his life started but he’s lastly let go of his past that was keeping him in that dark place. The

"You've got to admire a man who takes the high road, and as Mayer's George Harrisoninscribed guitar melts into the sunset, his contrition is sympathetic" -The Rolling Stone

words come alive as you listen to the marvelous melody. John Mayer has not only conquered a wide audience base around the world, he has sold out concerts, won several Grammys, toured with the Rolling Stones and has become an icon in the media world. He’s become a hit, and in his 32 years he still tours and he is about to release another album, Born and Raised, in May.

Ex-factor Lyrics that sink deep in your heart People say  that  love  is  the  “one  word  [that]  frees  us  of  all  the  weight  and   pain  of  life”  (Sophocles)  But  love  isn’t  always  such  a  beautiful  thing.  There  are   people that have gone through painful break ups, or could tell countless love stories. If you happen to be one of these people, then this is the song for you! Throughout the song the lyricist “Ex-factor” by Lauryn Hill is a Another factor that makes the gives us more hints for the lyrics of this song so great is the song about someone that can’t readers to understand the literary devise. In the song she forget about her recently message very clearly, such as in describes their love as a “battle” crumbled relationship, and that and that “[they] both end up lines 31 and 32: “Cause no one's expresses her intimate and with scars” (4). This simile hurt me more than you, and no earnest feelings towards the shows the readers how hard and one ever will”. Here, she’s situation. In the middle of the dangerous it is and how much showing that she loves him so pain and damage it causes them song she says, “I keep letting much but as things aren’t the both. Their battle is also said to you back in, How can I explain way she wants them to be, it be a “Silly game” (9) which is myself, As painful as this thing hurts her. And what about when metaphorically saying that their has been, I just can't be with no love is not taken seriously she says “You said you'd die for one else” (Lines 25-28) Doesn’t enough. With these lines you me”(38)? Now she’s even this line just transfer her sorrow can tell that Lauryn Hill shows a feeling betrayed in a way, as the and impassion into your heart? very devoted feel and tone guy is turning his back on her, towards her beloved one. Breaking up with someone is and acting differently than one thing, but not being able to before. This crumbles down her forget them is just tragic. heart and gives her great agony. It’s not just the literary devices, but the interesting It’s very hard to write lyrics and make them word choice of the song that makes the song great. She says sound real and transfer all the emotions when “Tell me, who I have to be, to you haven’t gone through them. And in this get some reciprocity” (5-6). case, Lauryn Hill actually has been through The word reciprocity refers to such complications with love. How tragic the practice of exchanging would have been her experience that she even things with others for mutual wrote a song about it? benefits and privileges between countries or It all started 16 years ago, in 1996 when she organizations. Using this kind met Rohan Marley. He was the son of Bob of vocabulary for love, gives Marley, AND a married man. Despite this, they the song a different feeling still decided to form a family and had five and tells the readers that she children(Farley). So her story of a prohibited thinks this love somewhat like love with Rohan Marley was transferred right a negotiation. Overall, “Exto the song. By reading through the lyrics, you factor is a song which transfers its message to us can rapidly capture the palpable feelings of through different literary Hill’s love story. devices and word choice. Lauryn Hill hasn’t had a typical nor normal life compared to all the other women around her, but that is the factor that made the lyrics so amazing. So, whenever you’re having problems with your girlfriend or boyfriend, think of the message that Hill has left us, and remember to tell them “No one can love you more than me, and no one ever will” (15,16)

Written by Soo jin Lee

And the lyricist

Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill, the American singer, rapper, and record producer, born on May 26th of 1975, has been involved in the music industry ever since 1991. (Raftey) Hill started her career at the age of 15, forming a group called “The Fugees”. She began to write poems and used them in her rap. This group was so popular that their first album, Blunted on Reality ranked on the 49th place on the US Hot 100 Albums. Their infinite popularity never seemed to cease. Their second Album “The Score” including songs such as “Ready or Not” and “Fu-Gee-La” was a Grammy winner (Checkoway).

She even started her acting career, first with minor roles on television shows such as “As the World Turns”, but later even co-starring in Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit back in 1993(Raftery).

Then was when she finally came with her first solo album. It was inspired by the book “The Miseducation of the Negro” by Carter G. Woodson. This was with the intention of raising awareness of racial controversy and to make African Americans to gain self-esteem. She once said, “There are a lot of young black girls who I meet in my travels who don’t have a lot of self-esteem, so if I communicate to them that they’re beautiful no white person should find fault in that. It doesn’t mean that young white girls aren’t beautiful,” (Teen People, April 1999) because they are just as beautiful.” She dedicated everything into it by composing and writing lyrics for every single track in the album. (Adaso) The album was released in 1998 and it was very successful, selling over 423,000 copies just in the first week, topping the Billboard 200 album chart for four weeks and the R&B album chart for six. In the Grammy awards on February 1999, Hill won five trophies from her eleven nominations, which includes Album, of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, and Best R&B album. The popularity of the album went on for years and over the next decade, over 18 million copies were sold! (Bush)


ven after a vocal hemorrhage, the

23-year-old sensation, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, conquered her audience in the 54th Annual Grammy Awards with a breathtaking performance of her stirring song “Rolling in the Deep” (Boshoff). Adele took home awards for all six of her nominated categories, placing her next to “global superstar, Beyonce, for the most Grammy wins in a night by female act” (Boshoff). But hold on, it doesn’t end there. Adele’s smash-hit album 21, has brought her to the top of both British and American album charts (Boshoff).

According to Adele, "It broke [her] heart when [she] wrote this record, so the fact that people are taking it to their hearts is like the best way to recover. Couse [she’s] still not full recovered. It’s going to take [her] 10 years to recover [she] thinks, from the way [she] felt about [her] last relationship (Sciarretto). Therefor, Adele’s failed relationship not only inspired her to write an album about heartbreak, it motivated her to sing from that “core buried deep within her, where pain often resides” (Boshoff).

37-38). Nevertheless, even though ending a meaningful relationship filled Adele with pain and sorrow, she ultimately understood that at times we are so blinded by love that we refuse to recognize how a relationship is changing who we are and what we believe in for the worst. Being able to paint a picture in an audience’s mind is perhaps a lyricist’s greatest difficulty, yet Adele has mastered this skill. As the song flourishes and reaches a crescendo, Adele’s listeners are able to imagine every word that comes out of her mouth as if they were “dealing with the emotional devastation of heartache together” (Sciarretto). When Adele sings, “I set fire to the rain/and I threw us in

the flames” (Line 27-28), she allows the audience to envision her ending a relationship that was wearing her out and saying goodbye to a man she once loved. In other words, “setting fire to rain may be physically impossible but pairing the imagery of these words creates an unparalleled passion” (Lila Alger). What completes the song’s potent and compelling lyrics is the compassion in Adele’s voice as she sings. When Adele reaches the song’s chorus, your heart bursts into flames and you are hypnotized by the liberating sensation in Adele’s tone. As she sings at the top of her lungs, the orchestra erupts into madness, and listeners are able to feel the

music rather than simply hear it. “When she sings ‘Let it burn’ as the song fades out, you can feel flames licking at your heels and a wave of heat rushes over your skin. Adele’s voice does that to people” (Sciaretto). Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain”, is the epitome of a mid-tempo song, written and performed to perfection. The song will not only inspire you to “set fire to the rain” (Line 15), and to overcome your objective impossibilities, but it will also motivates you to exceed your personal, emotional boundaries and embrace change because you never may set you free! Let your spirit soar!


Adele Laurie Blue Adkins


espite true calamities such as war, natural disasters, and famine, human beings tend to rate heartbreak with equal fervor and few reach adulthood without experiencing at least one broken heart. Even Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was known to have let his love-life interfere with his climb to success (Isaacson). For Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, a recently established British songstress, heartbreak impacted her so intensely that she dedicated an entire album, 21, to express the misery she felt as she let go of a dear relationship. “Set Fire to the Rain”, one of the most wrenching songs from this album, describes Adele’s own personal experience in a failed relationship. Considering the number of gifted and exceptionally skilled musicians, lyricists, singers, and composers throughout the world, winning a Grammy is undoubtedly an honor. For Adele, winning all six of her nominated categories in the 54th annual Grammy Awards, established her as one of music’s most admired icons of all time. Even after vocal cord surgery, Adele never threw in the towel; she conquered her audience with a triumphant performance in the Grammy’s. Adele’s cathartic song, “Set Fire To The Rain”, is listed in the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100, and is recognized as one of the greatest songs of the 21st century because it captures the

soul of people dealing with heartbreak all around the world. By using an extended metaphor throughout the song, Adele makes it evident to her audience that she “set fire to the rain” (Line 15) by ending a relationship that was draining her. Adele used this phrase to describe how ending a relationship with a man who had lifted her off the ground when “it was dark and she was over” (Line 3) seemed as impossible as “setting fire to the rain” (Line 15). Just reading the title to Adele’s heartrending “Set Fire to the Rain”

will make you realize that the song’s powerful message is a main motive for its success. Throughout the song, Adele makes it evident to her audience that individuals establish walls or objective impossibilities they wish to overcome. And it is their choice to decide whether or not they are willing to dig deeply enough to overcome these impossibilities. For Adele, having “[thrown her love] into the flames” (Line 28) made “it burn while [she cried]” (Line 14) because she “felt something die/ [and she] knew that that was the last time!” (Line

“ I make music for the ears, not for the eyes�


The actual drummer of Coldplay, Will Champion, was a guitarist before joining the band.

15% of Coldplay’s profit as a band is donated to charity.

In its debut week at the US, Viva la Vida and Death all Or His Friends sold 722,000 copies

(‘Viva la Vida and Death or all His Friends – Coldplay’)

Coldplay´s band name has changed five times.

“Just a puppet on a lonely string. Oh, who would ever want to be a king?” (‘Coldplay Quotes’)

The truth about them… Early Career: After creating the band on 1996, on 1998, Coldplay released their first album, Safety EP. Only 500 copies of this album were produced, it wasn´t public, just for family and friends to receive feedback (‘Coldplay’). In 2000, they made their first tour, The Carling Tour. After this tour, they began to be known by the media, and they release a single, Yellow. Inspired by the Yellow Pages, they became popular with this single. “Coldplay´s social activism, interaction with media, is one of their vital keys to success” (Vidaurrazaga)

The four band members are: Chris Martin (vocalist) Jon Buckland (guitarist) Guy Berrymam (bassist) Will Champion (drummer) Albums: Safety EP Brothers and Sisters Mylo Xyloto Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends X&Y Live 2003 A Rush of B-Sides to Your Head Clocks A Rush of Blood to the Head Blue Room Parachutes

“Viva la Vida” - Coldplay Why is “Viva la Vida” the best lyrical song ever?

Have you ever imagined loosing all of your power in a matter of seconds? Probably not, but “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay is all about this. It is story about a king, who doesn’t manage his power wisely, and, precipitously, lost it.

By: Gonzalo V

We know that Viva la Vida is a really cool and popular song with a wonderful presentation, but when analyzing it, you truly understand the power of its lyrics. The message transmitted by the author in this song is that you can have copious power and authority, but in a couple of seconds, in a decision taken in an instant, you can loose it all. The king had everything under control. “[He] used to rule the world / Seas would rise when [he] gave the word / Now in the morning [he] sleeps alone / Sweeps the streets [that he] used to own”(lines 1-4).

This verse represents how he had everything under power and in a blink of eyes he ends up “sweeping up the streets he used to own”. The connotation of the sea is power because it is massive and hard to control. However, to demonstrate all the power this king had, he said that he could control the sea with a couple of words. He didn´t manage this power wisely, “I used to roll the dice / Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes”(5-6), as time passed, the king lost it little by little as he gambled with his authority.

Aside from its great composition and lyrics, we also need to appreciate its great imagery and structure. When Christ Martin wrote this song, he decided to use many literary devices to make the message powerful and clear. We can see how this song is structured; it begins by telling us all the power he had, then how he managed it, which was the main reason why he lost it. Finally, it tells us that he is not important any more, that “Saint Peter won´t call his name [again]”, symbolizing that he doesn´t appear in the list anymore; he has no possibilities. Further, he used metaphors, symbolism, and hyperboles in order to convey a meaningful message (‘Coldplay: Viva la Vida Meaning’).

He didn´t worry too much about his power, when suddenly “[He] discovered that [his] castles [stood] / Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand”(11-12). This hyperbole explains that the base of his kingdom was really weak, that everything could collapse easily. He had everything under control, but “for some reason I can't explain / I know Saint Peter won't call my name/ Never an honest word / But that was when I ruled the world” (38-42). He doesn´t know why he lost his power because it happened so fast. Line 39 is a metaphor that represents that he is not on the list any more, that he has no option. Everything changed in a couple of seconds, just because of one sole decision.

Viva la Vida is also one of the greatest songs ever because it won the song of the year Grammy Award in 2009 (‘Viva la Vida – Coldplay’) after being released in July 2008, also being the bestselling album with 6.8 million copies sold. It´s now rated with a 4.5/5 score in the iTunes Store. They even won the award for Song of the Year at the 29th Annual ASCAP Awards in London. Now, after analyzing “Viva la Vida” we can truly comprehend the value of power, and how important decisions are, because in matter of seconds, things can change radically.

Joni Mitchell “Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone.�


Mitchell was born in Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada in November 1943. She is currently 68 years old and lives in Toronto, Canada. At the age of eight she got Polio, which inspired her to sing considering that once she was cured, she couldn’t continue with the athletic life she once had. Her career as a singer started in bars and in nightclubs in Western Canada and when she finally moved to US, some of her songs were published such as Urge for Going and Both Sides Now. In 1968, she recorder her first album called Joni Mitchell. Then, in 1969, she won the Award for Best folk Performances and her first Grammy. Her songs were recognized due to the fact that they included great symbolism and imagery (“Joni Mitchell”). Her success continued when she published her third album Ladies of the Canyon in 1970 and later published Blue on 1971 which was one of her most know albums world wide. On 1974, she published Court and Spark which was an album she published with the collaboration of Tom Scott, which was a famous saxophonist (“Joni Mitchell Biography”).

This particular album is distinct to her original style since it changes from folk music to jazz. Court and Sparks received important recognitions including place 101 on The Rolling Stone magazine and the Greatest 500 Albums of all Times. On the early 1980 Joni Mitchell married Larry Klein after working with him a year and a half. She continued writing songs and publishing albums such as Wild Things Run Fast and Dong Eat Dog, which were released in October 1985. Nine years later, on her fifteenth album, Turbulent Indigo, she won a Grammy. She continued won the music industry until, in 2002, she declared her retirement, however in 2006, she stated that she was going to continue with her career and that she soon will release a new album (Wikipedia).

Imagery is also visible when Joni Mitchell refers to humans as the “big yellow that took my old man” (17). On this metaphor, Earth is represented as the old man that has history and wisdom, and how he is being assaulted by humans. This is another example of why Joni Mitchell is the best lyricist ever, due to the fact that by comparing two things than we can easily relate, we can clearly understand how harsh we are being on Earth.

Joni Mitchell Technology has a tremendous impact on our civilization. Is this progress in our society more important than nature? Is all the damage we do to paradise really worth it? These are the questions Joni Mitchell wanted us to ask when she wrote “Big Yellow Taxi.” It is an evocative song written in the late sixties with profound metaphors, wonderful symbolism and vivid imagery. Throughout the entire song we can clearly understand her feeling towards the environment and her perception of destruction of wildlife. It is her message and the way she crafts it that makes it one of the best songs in history. Figurative language deepens the entire song making it the best lyrical song ever written. Throughout the record, we can see how humans are discounting the fact that nature is vital for our society by “[paving] paradise and [putting] a parking lot”(1). With this deep metaphor we can see how nature is being damaged and destroyed. We are replacing nature, which is referred as paradise, by constructions and materialistic things such as parking lots (“Song Analysis-Big Yellow Taxi”). Also, the alliteration used, vividly describes the song and makes us notice the different emotions involved in the lyrics. Another example of figurative language that enhances the song and makes it be the best lyrical ever, explains that we “don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone” (34). Once nature is obsolete, it will be too late to regret it. This wise stanza demonstrates how thoughtful Joni Mitchell felt about the environment and how she sees the consequences of our destruction. The deep figurative language used, makes us understand the importance of valuing nature, making this song not only lyrically the best but providing a vital message for society. Humans continue showing their obsession with economy when Joni Mitchell says “Hey farmer put away the DDT I don’t care about the spots in my apples.” (11). This example of imagery demonstrates the quality of the lyrics in song. How an insignificant action such as putting fertilizer on a tree changes our perception of the environment. Although nature has “imperfections” such as spots in the apples, it is not necessary for us to change it. We need to respect nature the way it is.

Natalia Cuglievan

Big Yellow Taxi is a wonderful song that has been performed by several artists such as Counting Crows, Amy Grant, Pinhead, Gunpowder and many more. Due to its profound meaning, many artists are interested on performing it. The poignant message it has, inspires many artists and makes them reflect about the Earth and how we are destroying nature. Some achievements Big Yellow Taxi has received have been Australia Aria Single Chart on position 6 as well and being on U.S Billboard Hot 100 on position 67 and later position 24, among others. “(Big Yellow Taxi-Counting Crows”) Another positive aspect of the song, is the fact that it has different perceptions. Since there are a variety of literary devices that enrich it making it brilliant, many people have different perspectives of it. For example, Ilo says “This song is about living every moment to it’s fullest and appreciating everything ...because tomorrow something you love could be gone and you never know how important something is to you until its gone” (”Big Yellow Taxi Lyrics-Song Meanings”). Another opinion consists on “The overall message is not taking things for granted. She goes into how the environment is being exploited and wasted by people, and transitions into connecting what we are doing to the environment to someone she loves” (“Big Yellow Taxi Lyrics-Song Meanings”). As a result, the fact that song can be interpret in various ways makes it lyrically richer consequently one of the best songs ever written. Big Yellow Taxi is a remarkable song from which you will learn the importance of the environment and how humans are harassing it. The various positive aspects it has, enriches the song making it the best song ever written. It has been recognized world wide, and so make sure you listen it, because if you don’t, you will be missing on


a to p h i .

Big Yellow Taxi

Third Eye Blind


Everyone loves music. No matter whom you are, where you live, what you do, you still love music. Whether it is classical, pop, rock, alternative, or bird sounds, music surrounds us and everyone listens. So why not listen to a song that is actually meaningful and catchy? Sounds like the full package right? Well “Jumper”  by  Third  Eye   Blind is the full package. “Jumper”, by Third Eye Blind, is the best lyrical song because it has a profound message. “Jumper”  is about never giving up and moving forward with your life, and that you should  “put  the  past  away”  (line  18).   Even  if  you  are  “icing  over  a  secret  pain”   because “  you  know  you don’t  belong”   (lines 9-10) you will always have someone there looking out for you and making sure you go down the right path, even  if  you  don’t  like  it  and  you  would “not  want  to  see  [him]  again”  (4). While  listening  to  “Jumper”  it  is  hard  to  not   visualize what the song is describing because of its clear imagery. When  the  artists  sing  “the  angry   boy,  a  bit  too  insane…you  know  you  don’t  belong”   (7-8, 10) you can picture a boy, angry at himself for being an outsider, but also mad at the world for making  him  different  from  everyone.  “You’re  the   flash  of  light,  on  a  burial  shroud”  (13-14) is a metaphor that makes you imagine someone who is considering death (burial shrouds can be used to bury people) therefore shining a light on the idea. Moving through the song you can picture friends and family sitting together in a hospital where the doctor  gives  them  the  news  that  “[their  friend  is]  on   the  table,  and  [has]  gone  to  code”  (25-26) giving them all shocked expressions as they realize their friend  is  dead  and  “[they]  do  not  [know]  what  they are  doing  here”  (27-28).

Below Left: The members of Third Eye Blind. Below Center: Cover of the “Third Eye Blind” album. Below Right: The members of Third Eye Blind during a photo shoot. Another reason  to  love  “Jumper”  is   because people can actually connect to it. Every person has something they can connect to. Some connect to videos, others connect to friends, but most connect to songs. People who have listened to  “Jumper”  have  said  that  it  connects to them because of how real the cause Third Eye Blind is singing about is. Many say that jumper is a “powerful  song”  that  has  gotten through to many people that are suicidal and have shown them how their actions make the people in their lives feel. Another  reason  why  “Jumper”  by  Third   Eye Blind is the best lyrical song ever is because it is well known. To  be  deemed  as  the  “greatest”   song in the world, the song has to actually be liked. “Jumper”  is  a  song  that not only helps people, but is also very popular. According to the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 “Jumper”  reached   number 5 on their charts and stayed there for till the end of the year. “Jumper” has not only been in the movie “Yes  Man”,  but  many  other  Third  Eye   Blind songs have been in ten other movies. Another reason this song is popular is because Jenkins wrote it about a true story that happened to a friend of his manager who killed himself by jumping off a bridge, which lets the audience connect more to it. If you want a song that is the best in so many  ways  then  why  not  download  “Jumper”  by   Third Eye Blind? With its catchy tune, inspiring message and overall greatness it will be five minutes well spent. Once you download it you can listen to it whenever you want, where ever you want, and how ever you want. And each and every time you press that play button you will be hearing the best lyrical song in the world.





iving up. Just by listening to those two The public loves because it can connect short, uncomplicated words, my stomach to a variety of people differently. For the twists into painful knots making me feel like a people struggling with love, this song says that quitter. And quitting makes me feel ridiculous. you need to fight for love, “God forbid love It is a symbol of laziness and means I lack [will] ever leave you empty handed” (4), there courage and the ability to make a change. I are always going to be people loving you no hate it when I try my best and spend time matter what. “Lovin’ [someone] might be a working on something to throw everything mistake, but it’s worth makin’” (13) because to away. All my effort to aim higher and to do love, you must be fearless. Don’t let a failed better, just to listen to me make a fool of relationship leave you incapable of love, or myself by saying “I give up”? Doesn’t that “some Hell-bent heart leave you bitter” (15). frustrate you as well? Womack’s song gives you the strength to After I heard Lee Ann Womack’s song realize that if you are patient, one day you will “I Hope you Dance”, I began pointing out get everything right. things I could have done and dreams I could This is one of the songs you will like so have chased if it was not for the simple fact of much that you have to listen a million times to giving up. What makes this song so poignant catch all of the meaningful verses. As the soft is that it allows you to notice the infinite and catchy melody of the song drifts through opportunities you constantly let slip away just your mind, picture everything like it was a because you’d rather take the film. The imagery is remarkable and simple path in life. It is telling the things you can imagine while WHEN YOU you in the most righteous way listening to it are even better. COME CLOSE that there will be obstacles in Moreover, “I Hope You TO SELLIN’ your way keeping you from Dance” is the title of Womack’s OUT, fulfilling your dreams, but by third album. It won the Grammy RECONSIDER giving everything a second Awards for the Best Country song opportunity you can unlock a and the Country Music Award for (16)% whole new world of chances. Song of the Year (“Lee Ann Even though Womack did not write this Womack Bio”). When it won the CMA’S song, she dedicates it to her two young song of the year, Sillers said that she wants to daughters in an impassioned way, reminding thank all the fans that have “[made] the song them to find a way around their problems. The their own, it’s really taken a life of it’s own and actual writers of the song are Tia Sillers and [Mark Sanders and herself] are immeasurably Mark Sanders. Sillers wrote this song about grateful for that” (Award Show Network). her divorce, during a time were she felt small Womack has had over 20 nominations and “I and lost. While writing, Sillers realized that Hope You Dance” was rated #1 for 6 weeks when we confront our difficulties everything and heard in every radio station (“Lee Ann will be fine (“I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack Bio”). If you are not really fond of Womack Songfacts”). country music, I assure you this song awakens The greatness of this song comes from the love of this genre to all music lovers. the lyrics; they empower the listener to “give Have you ever tried your best but could faith a fighting chance” (7). Womack goes on not get it right? Or walked away a situation to say that “when you get the choice to sit out because you could not handle it? I believe “I or dance, / [you should] dance” (8-9). This Hope You Dance” is the most lyrical song ever metaphor means that road of life has some written, since it pushes me to keep going and unexpected turns and confrontations along the to stand up, because life is not about going the way, but instead of avoiding hard times, you easy way, you should try to “never settle for the should stand up and keep dancing, keep path of least resistance” (12) and push yourself moving and thinking about ways to solve into doing things you would not dream of different problems and creating new steps to doing. different beats. This is why I think that “I Hope You Dance” is truly a masterpiece.

LEE Ann Womack

Lee Ann Womack was born August 16, 1966 in Jacksonville, Texas (“Lee Ann Womack”). Her most commonly known song, “I Hope You Dance” reached #1 on the Billboard Country Chart (“Lee Ann Womack Bio”). Lee Ann Womack has been nominated for 20 Country Music Awards and has been awarded six of these. She thinks of herself as an artist who “[doesn’t] ever make records to win awards – %or even to make big statements” (Womack) yet she sings because it’s her passion and because she it’s what she likes to do. She believes country music means real life to her and symbolizes situations people can relate to. She is recently in the process of writing a new album, she hasn’t released one in four years! (“Lee Ann Womack Bio”)

Brian May

Roger Taylor and Brian May were members of a band called Smile before Queen was even thought of. Freddie Mercury was one of Smile’s greatest fans, so when the band’s bassist left, Mercury took the opportunity to be part of it (“Queen”). Taylor’s remarkable talent with the drums, Mercury’s extraordinary voice and piano skills and May’s wondrous ability to play the guitar brought them together in a world were music was the only thing that mattered. This was how Queen was born. But, in every band, there needs to be a bassist to add a perfect touch to the songs being played. John Deacon heard Queen’s debut album and immediately was hypnotized with their breath-taking music and wanted to become part of the band as well. Deacon joined in as the bassist of Queen (“Queen”).

Freddie was the one who originally came up with the name Queen. Mercury was homosexual, and it is thought that his sexual preferences were an inspiration for the band’s name (“Stories Behind Band Names Poison, Queen, KISS, Bon Jovi”). After all, a queen is exactly what Freddie Mercury would have seen himself as. But also, Mercury said that the name Queen was ”a strong name, very universal and immediate. It had a lot of visual potential and was open to all sorts of interpretations” (“Mercury and Queen”).

Queen played different types of genres, including heavy metal, progressive rock, glam rock, hard rock, amongst others (Queen, Wikipedia). Some of Queen’s most famous songs are “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Will Rock You”, “Under Pressure” and “The Show Must Go On” (“Top Ten Songs By Queen”). Two of Queen’s members have passed away since the band was started: Freddie Mercury in 1991 and John Deacon in 1997 (“Mercury and Queen”). But, even as the members grow older and leave us, their unforgettable music will always remain. Their songs have reached our hearts, and Queen has changed us all.

Freddie Mercury

Roger Taylor

John Deacon

The Show Must Go On: Best Lyrical Song Every Written By: Michela Ferrari


reddy Mercury, one of the four members of

the well-known English band Queen, died on September 24, 1991 because of bronchial pneumonia as a result of AIDS. Six weeks before this tragic event, the song “The Show Must Go On” was released as part of their album “Innuendo”. Mercury performed this song in his last concert, which occurred less than two months before his death. He was terminally ill and the other Queen members doubted he could even sing, but that didn’t stop Mercury: he rocked that concert as if he was in a perfect state (“Queen”). Even when the sickness had deteriorated his body to the point where he could hardly walk, Freddie Mercury’s “show [went] on” (line 7) until the day he left for good. Brian May, another member of Queen, wrote this song to support his colleague and friend Freddie Mercury, and gave the rest of the world a sense about what he was going through (“The Show Must Go On”). Its impassioned message and the profound connection it creates makes the song “The Show Must Go On”, by Queen, the best lyrical song ever written.

strength a person puts to go “on with the [it]” (41). Freddie Mercury was “in the dark… aching to be free” (22) because of AIDS. This metaphor represents the darkness as something terrible, in this case, the disease, and it shows Mercury’s desire to be healthy and free. But even though he wishes for AIDS to disappear, he knows “[he‘ll] soon be turning round the corner now” (20). This is also a metaphor in which life and death are shown as different sides of a corner, and Mercury is going to turn towards the corner of death. These metaphors and poetic devices paint clear pictures in your head and allow you to detach from reality and connect to the world of music. “The Show Must Go On” ‘s changing tone is another factor that hooks the audience. As it starts, you perceive a dark, depressed and almost melancholic tone, which progresses into hopeful and enthusiastic. At the start, Mercury is remorseful when admitting he does not know “what [we are] living for” (1) (Lyric Interpretation). But as the song develops, he realizes that the only way through what is left is to “never [give] in”(30) and be optimistic about what may happen next. We have to be strong and be positive about what is left for us. Brian May once said "It's my favorite song on the album, now. It's got that kind of sadness, but it's hopeful." (“Queenpedia”)

Not only did it rank 16th in the 75 Top British Songs for 5 consecutive weeks, but it is part of Queen’s album “Greatest Hits “It's a long story, that II”, which is the 8th most sold album in the United song, but I always felt Kingdom. It has sold over 16 it would be important million copies around the world. Celine Dion, Elton because we were John, and many other artists dealing with things have also performed “The Show Must Go On” in their that were hard to talk concerts (“The Show Must Go about at the time, but On”).

in the world of music,

So, why give up just because Even though “The Show Must Go you could do it." something bad has happened On” was written in the early 90’s, -Brian May to us? Shouldn’t we keep the message transmitted remains: living? Shouldn’t we look at you should not give up just because the bright side and “face [our problems] with a of the problems you have in life. Freddie grin” (29) like the ex-member of Queen did? Mercury followed this inspiring message, and Why should we let our dreams escape because of even though his life was becoming worse and his a disease, lose our friends because of a fight, or sickness brought him down, he “[found] the will abandon love because of a failed romance? We to carry on” (33). Mercury continued composing shouldn’t. Instead, we must let the show go on music and playing the piano, not allowing his and make the best of what we’ve got. sickness to break him apart. The figurative language and vivid imagery used in the song also create a deep connection with listeners. The whole song is an extended metaphor, representing life as a show and the

Brian May and Freddie Mercury performing “The Show Must Go On” in Mercury’s last concert



“All you  touch  and  all  you  see  is  all   your life will ever be.”  – Breathe, Pink Floyd (“Pink  Floyd  Quotes”)

What began as a group of four guitarists from England with ambition and determination to pursue a musical career, developed into the creation of Pink Floyd, one of the most famous and well-known bands of all time. The band consisted of four members, Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Richard Wright, and Syd Barret. Beginning the mid 1960’s, the  band  first  “gained popularity performing in London's underground music scene”  (“Pink Floyd”). Their first successful album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, surprised the world with two hits, and with that, Pink Floyd was exposed to the world.

The band grew to release more than ten more albums, including timeless singles that reached the highest of rankings. Some of the band’s classics  include  Wish   You Were Here, Time, and many others. With each of their CD’s,  the  band  mixed  with  a   variety of musical genres: psychedelic punk, soft rock, and art rock. (“Pink  Floyd”) The  band’s  success  has  been   immeasurable, winning more than twenty awards during their journey together as a band. Even after the band had come to an end, they have remained praised. Pink Floyd has been inducted in both UK and US Halls have fame,  and  they  won  “Sweden's Polar Music Prize in 2008 for their ‘monumental  contribution

over the decades to the fusion of art and music in the development of popular  culture'”   (“Remember a Day”). So the band may be over, but their legend lives on, and their music does too. Radios all around the world still play Pink Floyd’s  music  constantly  to  help   us keep a sense of real music with both instrumental and lyrical power. Pink Floyd created songs like no other, and introduced the world to a different and deeper kind of music, one worthy of your listening.

A Song Well Worth Your Time “Time”, Pink  Floyd Lola Sanchez-Carrion

The ticking of the clocks begins. The faint sound of a drum is heard in the distance. The base kicks in. The lyrics pour into the rhythmic instrumentals. The song has begun. “Ticking away the moments that make up  a  dull  day”(Line 1),  Gilmour,  the  Pink  Floyd’s   lead singer, melancholically chants in his soulful voice, each word carefully mended to the other in harmony with the music playing in the background. The song proceeds, a crescendo in the instruments occurs, and the lyrics continue to flow beautifully.  “So  you  run  and  you   run to catch up with the sun but it's  sinking”(9), Richard Wright joins in, his voice stitching together impeccably with Gilmour’s.  The  song  progresses   along with the powerful percussions and glorious guitar solos, and the artist continues, “Its  good  to  warm  my  bones   beside  the  fire…” “Time”,  by  Pink  Floyd,  is  a   beautiful combination of words and instruments, a mixture of ingredients to create an exceptional recipe of a song. The song includes a long introduction where the sounds of alarms ringing and clocks ticking are heard. Little do people know that each of these clocks and alarms were recorded separately in antique shops, to make sure they mended together flawlessly.

The drum solos, the hollow and crisp sound of the rototom (shellless drums), and the subtle tapping sound Roger Waters created with his base combined with the melancholic connotation of each and every word of the song manage to forge this musical masterpiece, the greatest song the world has ever known. (“Time”) Time by Pink Floyd is a lyrical

masterpiece built around the concept of time and how it is easily wasted. What do we know about real time? We know that time flies. We know how to tell time, read time, ignore time, be on time. But what are we humans best at? WASTING time. It is true that time flies, and that we often  don’t  realize  how  easy  it   is to let it slip right by us, to not take advantage of each moment flashing before our very eyes.

One day we are sitting in our 9th grade math class, next thing we know, we feel as if only a page of our lives has been flipped, but it’s already  our  high  school   graduation. My point? Time slips through our fingers like running water, and it is often hard for us to keep hold of it. Pink  Floyd’s  “Time”  also  does  an   exquisite job of intimately portraying  how  the  “hourglass”   of our time here on Earth is often wasted without us even noticing it. Throughout the song, Gilmour tells  us  that  “one  day  you  find   ten years have got behind you /No one told you when to run, you  missed  the  starting  gun”  (78), using hyperboles and metaphors beautifully to emphasize the idea that there will come a point in our lives when we will be struck by the idea that a lot of time has gone by,  and  we’ve  barely  taken  notice.   The quote portrays our blindness and obliviousness to the fact that time is passing by, and we haven’t  been  smart  about   managing it and using it to its fullest potential. So,  it’s  true.  Time  flies,  but  here’s   the good  part:  you’re  the  pilot.  So   don’t  waste  your  time, enjoy it. Embrace it. Do the things you love. Reach new limits and explore unfamiliar boundaries. But do me a favor? Listen to “Time”  by  Pink  Floyd,  and  I  can   guarantee you it will be time well spent.


Hotel Califoria -EAGLES -

“It took 8 months of dedication, grueling labor and sacrifices to complete what I call the most amazing lyrics in history�

“LEGENDARY BAND.” Chris Martin who’s full name is Christopher Anthony John Martin, member of Coldplay, was born on March 2, 1977 in England. In fact he is the main singer in this well known band and a distinctive piano and guitar player. Not only does he form part of a distinguished group of musicians, Jonny Auckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman, which formed a band in 1998, but all the integrants were nominated for twenty gramy awards from which they won only seven. Apart from composing great music, about a 10-15 % of their profits goes to charity based on the bands decision.

Coldplay, had a series of different names for the band, which changed as time passed by. Before changing it to Coldpay, their name was Starfish but later on, they changed it to what it is known for now. It’s said that they chose that name due to the fact that Chris Martin had shaky hands and a poor luck with women. Others say that none of the members of Coldplay are allowed to use drugs for any purpose and if they do, they will be kicked out the band. Coldplay is a historical band. Everything is inspired by a failure of copied ideas

of others which result in something unique, different but similar. For the first time ever, they named their last album “Mylo Xyloto” a name that has no meaning at all, just for a change. All their songs have background information, in many aspects. This band not only has a lot of significance and a variety of personalities, but it sure knows how to persuade an audience with their charming compositions. (“Fun Facts About Coldplay (oh, and a bit of an album review).”)

By:Claudia Davila

“O n M ylo X yloto , the chor uses ar e bigger , the textur es grander , the optim ism m or e optimistic. I t's a bear -hug r ecord for a bear -m ar k et world.� ( E elis)


“Coldplay fans are the best in the world. If you like Coldplay then you're obviously very intelligent and good looking and allaround brilliant.” (“Chris Martin Quotes.”) A saturday morning, as I woke up, my mom told me that

“Fix you” by Coldplay is one of the most meaningful songs I

my grandmother had died the night before. It was

have ever heard. Not only does it connect to real-life

devastating to hear it come from her mouth. I could feel

situations but it conveys a clear perspective of how life

her pain, smell her fear and taste her tears as I hugged her really is and not how you want it to be. Sometimes, you tight. Nothing is worse than losing your own mother. When have to face problems, yet many people attempt to elude you say goodbye and you are conscious that you will never them. Chris Martin uses the song as a reminder that say hello again, you come to realize what you've had, what

people will be by your side, always. Even though this song

you've lost, and what you've taken for granted.

does not include much imagery, we can visualize when

Chris Martin, a member of Coldplay had an earnest

“Tears stream down [someones] face” (19). It symbolizes

purpose when he composed the song “Fix you” due to the

deep and earnest sorrow. Two simple words, “fix you” are

situation he found himself in. It has an inmense value to

very repetitive throughout the song and mean a lot to it.

Chris, who wrote this song for his wife, Gwyneth Paltrow,

They have a very powerful impact to the message since the

because she was suffering the loss of her father. Whatever

purpose is to convince people there is always hope.

he tried, she seemed to be apathetic about her life. Without Feeling weary and devastated is something that everyone knowing what to do, he wrote the song one day after the

pases through at least once in their life time. They are

tragedy since he discovered an old plug-in keyboard, which countless the various times I have heard this song with the belonged to Gwyneth’s father, which inspired him the

purpose of inspiration due to the fact that it delivers a

most, due to the incredible melody people could percieve

strong message and explains how much dedication you

from the instrument. It helped the whole family’s pain fade can give to someone when you truly care about them. away little by little; it made them realize that things like

Axelle Daelemans, a 9th grader at FDR mentioned that

that can happen when you least expect it, but no matter

“This is a really sad song which makes me think a lot. It is

what, you have to keep walking with your head up high.

really powerful and has an interesting message that

(“Fix You by Coldplay.” / “What is the meaning behind Fix

reflects a lot the pain someone can feel but no matter

You by Coldplay?”)

what, there will be someone that will be by your side to support you.”

The song “Fix you” by Coldplay can also describe clearly the way in which there will be times in life when we will feel discouraged, “when [we] try [our] best, but [we] don't succeed” (1) and we are “stuck in reverse” (4) It may seem like life is stopping us from moving forward and succeeding in what we want to achieve but whenever we are struggling “lights will guide [us] home” (9). There will always be someone that we can look up to who will be there for us. In this case, the lights symbolize Chris and he is guiding his wife on her worst times and is letting her know that he will be there for her no matter what; that everything will be okay in the end and if its not ok, then its not the end yet. Nevertheless “if you never try you’ll never know /just what you’re worth.”(14-15). Chris Martin made us all realize that if you wait for

something to happen, the possibility of discovering great oportunities will wither away. Never stop just because you feel like giving up; even though “you lose something you can’t replace, when you love someone but it goes to waste” (6-7) there will be someone that will “try to fix you” (11). This song teaches us that we may pass through hard times but at one point we all have to move on because things that happened in the past have to be overcomed and we will never be alone in the journey. Even though we lose people that are very special to us, we need to admit the fact that they are gone and there is nothing we can do about it. “Sometimes, no matter how much faith we have, we lose people. But we never forget them. And sometimes, it's those memories that give us the strength to keep walking.” ("Red Neck Girl- Missing You Quotes.")

By:Claudia Davila

“An uncle of mine emigrated to Canada and couldn't take his guitar with him. When I found it in the attic, I'd found a friend for life�

Sting the bass and lead singer of this

By: Barbara A i

"Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner” also known as Sting, due to having the sufficient personality to use a sweatshirt with stripped lines that has given him his nickname and artistic name, is known for his deep musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and profound lyricist skills. He was born in October 2nd 1951, in Wallsend, north- east England (Osvart). As an artist, Sting has also been a professional and successful individual who has embodied himself being an activist, actor, philanthropist, and English teacher (“Sting”). As a matter of fact, his music carrier started when a fellow musician Phoenix Jazzmen re-named him Sting after far sighting his striped sweatshirt. His “new life” began by evolving a professional touch in the bass guitar, playing with local outfits such as The Newcastle Big Band, The Phoenix Jazzmen, Earthrise and Last Exit. When Punk rock exploded, jazz-fusion was destined to collapse, however, Stewart Copeland, “Curved Air” drummer, attended to Newcastle, where Last exit had done a visit. Stewart noted the charisma of the bass player, Sting. After months, they got together, and Sting left his teaching job and

moved to London. Copeland, Sting and guitarist Henri Padovani, started rehearsing and together they named their band “The Police”, making Sting the bass and lead singer of this classic. With Copeland’s brother as manager, they were surprised with their first song, “Roxanne”. As a member of this legendary crew he attained sixteen “Grammy Awards”(“Sting”) and was venerated in the inventive world of arts. The band slowly broke down, causing Sting to release his first solo “The Dream Of The Blue Turtles” being of it a revelation. After sharing his new solo, it was easy to proof that Sting hadn’t lose his ability to convey a message through his inspiring songs. Starting his new carrier, Sting released a major quantity of solo albums such as “The Soul Cages” “Mercury Falling”, ‘Ten Summoner's Tales”, and “Brand New Day” receiving three Oscar nominations for three selected songs. He performed in Dubai, Venezuela and Colombia. Most recently he prepared a tour across North America, in June and July, continued in Europe, and ended up in Australasia. Now he is currently living in New York (“Biography”).

Shape of my Heart

ong time ago, a hero named Superman rotated around Earth saving lives everyday. As known and brilliant as he is, that did not make him a real and powerful hero; however, a composer named Sting fulfilled his image as a hero being capable of doing anything related to music, mending a glorious song together and being the best lyricist of all times. “Ten Summoner's Tales” was an album written out of an inspiration that insignificantly Sting had, when dreaming at a lake house he visited in 1992, after observing the inspiring garden it included (“Biography”). “Shape of my Heart”, being part of the album, is an inspiring and intimate song leaving a poignant and universal message defying the mystical logic and luck of chance, because the actions you perform are not always to win or to be recognized. It is for your own satisfaction (Groban). The song title “Shape of my Heart”, implies mystery, how other gamblers detect him and represent him as a human, what they think about him, so maybe it is similar to your personality. Throughout the song, the artist uses strong imagery and profound metaphors related to playing cards explaining his opinion about each suit. He shares with us, the audience, the following line, "I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier / I know that the clubs are weapons of wars" (Lines 9,10), divulging the idea that he expects people to see him different, because he doesn’t identify himself with any of the suits, nor hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs as he clearly mentions the title of the song at the end of each stanza, “that’s not the shape of my heart”. (Line 21)

On the other hand, having such an inspiring tone and word choice also makes the message be understood form distinct points of view. Throughout the song, its notable the perspective Sting has regarding the way he thinks people describe his shape, elaborating this message through a selected variation of words that enhances the lyrics imagining how humans judge by the outside as mentioned in line 26 “For those who speak know nothing” (Line 26). Further on, the imagery of the lyrics maintains a clear message that “the mask [he] wears is one” (line 25) picturing a situation of truth reveling who he actually is and represents. As Cheyennewilson speaks the message is the following: “Shape of my heart is written or an attempt of a communication from death to life. The mask he wears is one. Those he plays never suspect. Not even when you commit suicide do you think that you will actually do the deed” (Cheyennewilson). You might all think that this post is a little crazy, however thanks to the popularity of the song, it is easy and simple to note that people around the world have different opinions, but maybe you may connect to any message. Apart from this, as personal and intimate the tone is, lots of people may connect to this song. Due to the fact that this song is about poker players, you may notice if you have traveled to “Las Vegas”, which by the way an amazing and entertaining place, that gamblers don’t share emotions. They are stuck to a wooden table with a green mantle and all they do is play, play with a just one face, with only one mask to identify the player. But behind that poker face there are feelings that might be looking for an specific logic such as Sting try’s to elaborate in “Shape of my Heart” (Groban).

Shape of my Heart As mentioned, “Shape of my Heart” is part of an album named “Ten Summoner's Tales”. As a popular production, this deeply written music explores themes of love and mortality, being of it an album containing number one hits around the U.S, and mentioned in the “Rolling Stone Magazine”, Mercury Prize and Grammy Awards, so BUY IT! In fact, “Shape of my Heart” was ranked 57 in the UK singles chart (“Ten Summoner’s Tales”). This song has such a deep message that it transports you to a world of satisfaction, but now a days the artistic part and lyrics of compositions are not ranked for the message they convey, but for the rhythm and repetition they have. Stings composition has value due to the profound lyrics it owns and the unique rhythm it has. If you haven’t listened to the song “SHAPE OF MY HEART” do not wait until the last minute because your true path to be content with yourself will start after typing into YouTube “Shape of my Heart by Sting”, because after listening to it you will ask yourself, what is the real shape of my heart?

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Some of the best lyrical songs in history, written by some of the most precocious 9th grade writers.

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