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Business 101: How to sell a business an ad? Kirsten Kristensen

So why sell ads?

The purpose of selling business ads is so we can raise money to fund trips to camps, purchase equipment, food, and our annuel end-of-the-year party.

You can’t forget it also helps the businesses’, they will be seen by at LEAST 2000 people.

What should I bring to sell an ad? - Past Yearbooks or print-outs of the ads section S - augus spirit wear or yearbook shirt -Copies of Business Contract -Contact Sheet -Copies of Tax Exemption Letters

Where can I go to sell ads? For the most part there aren’t many limits as to where you can go to sell ads. However, you cannot go to gun stores, alcohol stores, anywhere illegal and places that aren’t school appropriate. The best places to start off with are places that you already know. For example, your doctors, hair dresser, dentist, etc.

Now, how exactly do I sell an ad? You walk into the business, make sure that you’re either talking to the manager or the owner; they’re the only people that can approve buying the ad. Then you explain to them that you are from your schools yearbook and your selling business ads.

Next you would just go over the ads paper with them and talk about the prices and how big the spots are, if you don’t know the sizes they’re on the paper. If they are interested you fill out the ads paper and collect payment. Once you collect payment you can give the Tax Exemption letter. We accept checks and cash. The checks need to be made out to Saugus Yearbook. If they send in a check it needs to be addressed to the ASB office.

What do I do with the money and the contracts? You would hold onto them until you see the business manager. Then you hand them the filled out contract and the money. After that the business manager will make their ad and will remain in contact with the business.

What if every place keeps saying no? 1. Wear your yearbook shirt or Saugus spirit wear so they know that you are legit. 2. Be positive and smile! No one wants to sell an ad to a grumpy teenager! 3. Know the prices of the blocks 4. Be creative 5. Don’t get discouraged because a few places said no, there are plenty of other stores!

Kirsten Kristenen, Powerpoint  
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