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By Jullia Bautista


Resume Jullia Bautista 27923 Honeycomb Drive Santa Clarita, CA 91350 (661) 998-0761

OBJECTIVE To obtain knowledge of working in an office dealing with different computer programs through a summer internship. EDUCATION Saugus High School, 2013 – Present 4.36 GPA EXPERIENCE The Sword & Shield , School Yearbook, Saugus High School •

August 2013 – Present. Staff member Experience in taking photographs, writing copy, writing captions, and sidebars

RELEVANT HIGH SCHOOL STUDIES Adobe software; Microsoft Word; Microsoft PowerPoint HONORS, AWARDS, AND MEMBERSHIPS National Honor Society. 2011 – Present 4.0 GPA. Award Recipient. 2013 Award for having a continuous 4.0 GPA throughout all of junior high school.

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Self Analytical Reflection I got started in yearbook because I thought it would be really fun. I didn’t know how to apply for yearbook at Arroyo Seco, so when I heard about yearbook at Saugus, I immediately applied. This year, I have learned so many helpful things on computers and for life. I learned how to do many different things on Photoshop and InDesign that I never thought I would know. I also learned that producing a book is a lot of work and dedication. Having to stay after school for hours to finish a page or take pictures, I realized that it takes much more effort than I thought to create this book. I feel that I was an asset to the staff because I was able to create five pages for the book. Some problems that I encountered when I was in staff was having to adjust my schedule to take pictures and stay after school to complete a page and not being able to complete my deadlines. I learned that I should not procrastinate so that I would be able to complete my work on time and not have to use more time than I really need to complete a task. I also learned that if there was an event that I had to go to, I could always ask someone for help so I don’t have to adjust my schedule that much. I feel that I handled these situations pretty well considering it wasn’t hard for me to change my plans and I was prepared to work right way. I believe that this was a valuable course to take because I was able to increase my social skills, learn how to use new programs, learn how to work diligently, and made friends that would last a lifetime.



Design Reection My original idea for the theme of this portfolio was waving over new heights. After thinking about this theme for a while, I decided that I didn’t like it and I had to think of something else. I saw some birds soaring in the sky, so I thought about it and said to myself that that would be a great theme, Soaring Over New Heights. In the finished product, I really like how I was able to incorporate birds into every page. I also like how every page has the same gradient as the cover page did. I think that the font matches soaring because soaring feels free and the font looks freehand and neat. I am very happy with the finished product and it turned out much better than I expected.



Key Club raises money for Pennies for Patients over three week period

Photo by Samuel Borda

“I can bend my pinky finger without bending any other fingers. I have always been able to do it and I didn’t know that it was hard.” - Violet Kwak, 09

Part of the Whole All the contestants line up on stage while the MC, Mr. Steven Gail, announces the winners. “I was nervous since I knew I was against some pretty good competition, but I knew that I definitely had a chance at placing because my act was different and memorable,“ senior Chelsea Thomson said.

Photo by Samuel Borda

Dance it Out Junior Jessica Bustios performs a choreographed dance to the song “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel. “I had some trouble with some friends not letting me be, so the song just came to mind since it was so popular,” Bustios said. “I wasn’t nervous to go on stage. Instead, I was super hyper and excited before performing because I have performed before, but each time is a rush.”

Play Along Singer sophomore Martina Mae Javier and guitar player sophomore Lauren Alleshouse perform together after the intermission. ”We didn’t place, but despite that we still had fun both practicing and performing,” Javier said. After taking the stage, Javier and Alleshouse watched the rest of the show.

“What I like about the program is that any amount of money can be donated and the patients are grateful for any amount we have for them. Although I believe this is one of the best fundraisers out there, many students do not understand the importance of it. Unfortunately, I believe students are not aware or unwilling to donate the small amount of money they might have.” -Steven Plante, 09

Photo by Jullia Bautista

“I think that Pennies for Patients is a great way to get everybody excited about fundraising for a good cause. It’s so nice to know that any amount of money can make a difference in someone’s life. Knowing that even a penny can make a difference to those in need is all the more inspiring. I am glad that the fundraiser encourages students to help change patients life for the better.” -Brooke Tripp, 10

Flip Side

Photo by Samuel Borda

Along with the other counselors, Mr. Marty Fricke pulls students from their classes to discuss individual scheduling choices. Crammed in the H core, Mr. Fricke reviews sophomore Claudia Reyes’ transcript. “It was so hard for me to choose my classes since there are so many choices, but I already had an idea of which ones I wanted to take before Mr. Fricke pulled me out of class,” Reyes said. “My counselor persuaded me to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes to help me get into a better college. I decided to take his advice and challenge myself.”

counselors give students individualized attention

Photo by Alexandria Victoria

At A Glance

The Results After their performance, seniors Deion Wilkes and Keshon August-McClure stay on stage with Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Steven Gail.

Photo by Samuel Borda

To help raise money for equipment and other supplies, Jazz Band holds a monthly jazz night at Vincenzo’s Pizza on Plum Canyon. “It can get nerve-wracking sometimes when playing a solo or feature number. There is a certain energy brought on by playing in a pizza place,” junior Joseph Youngbauer said. With a set list of songs, players rehearsed musical numbers throughout the semester. In addition, Jazz Band brought in special guest artists ranging from Saugus alumni to professional musicians.

Beneath the Surface

Together as One Sophomore Nadia Nesheiwat and senior Ryley Simmons read the winning raffle ticket number. The winner, Harrison Eaton, received $90, which was half of the earnings made from selling the tickets.

photo by Samuel Borda

Student Life: February Page by Jullia Bautista


Interviewer Jullia Bautista: Why did you join the talent show? Describe your talent. KA: “Deion and I wanted a chance to dance with each other and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Our talent was gloving, which is when you wear gloves with multi-colored lights inserted at the fingertips. You move your fingers and hands to create various patterns.” DW: “I wanted to leave an impression on the school community by displaying a new type of art form. Having fun easily took over the highest priority.” JB: Tell us about your stage performance. KA: “I was really nervous before I went on stage because Deion had gotten sick the weekend before and we didn’t get to practice as much as we would have liked to. Given more time, I believe Deion and I could have performed a lot better. Although we got a lot of compliments, had we been dancing at our full potential, I honestly believe we could have won the first place prize.” DW: “I was so nervous that I almost peed myself. The nerves ate the both of Keshon and I. We felt that we couldn’t have practiced enough, just simple doubt. You can never have enough practice, and the two of us knew that we could always work on something more like change a little here and put a move in there.” JB: What was your response to the judges’ feedback? KA: “Their opinions were fair, honest, and respectable. I really appreciated what they had to say.” DW: “I thought that the judges mistook the art form as a choreographed routine based type of dance. In which case, it isn’t that as much as it is its own genre of moving your body. Music just helps add the flavor to it. Dancing and gloving are now interchangeable because of our innovation.”

At the Saugus’ Got Talent show, seniors Keshon August-McClure and Deion Wilkes performed a kind of art called ‘gloving’. To put their own twist on it, August-McClure and Wilkes added music to their performance.


show your

students demonstrate creative talent for campus

Reflection #1 I believe that my best piece of work for this year is my talent show page. When I was creating this page, I was really bummed because there were so many great pictures that I could’ve used, but they were blurry. I was able to find some good replacements, but I think the page would have been so much better if I could use the blurry pictures. My favorite part about this page is the copy and the dominant photo. I love how there is so much energy in the photo and it really shows how Deion and Keshon were feeling after their performance. I also like the copy because Deion and Keshon were so honest and they didn’t try to be someone different just because it was going in the book. They explained how they felt about their performance and the process they went through to create such a successful dance.



Reflection #2 A piece that I have created that I believe could use more work, is my October page about the Halloween Rally. I don’t like the way it turned out and how the twins look in their picture. I feel that I could’ve done a much better job in the editing of the pictures and choosing the pictures. When I was creating this piece, I was getting frustrated since every time I place a photo, I would have to change it or put it in a different spot. When I was making it, I kept thinking that there was a better picture to use and I was always looking through the pictures to see if I could find anything better. If I had more time to create this piece, I would try a little bit harder in editing and choosing the pictures. I feel like if I had more time, I would’ve been able to find a better picture of the girls dressed up as twins and would’ve been able to use it instead of the photo that I had found. I think that when I completed this page, I was just so relieved that I was done, and now that I look at it, I could’ve kept working on it instead and made it look better.






Reection #3 Photo #1: I think this is one of the best photos that I have taken this year because everyone in the picture has so much emotion and they show that they are having fun at the event. Also, the photo isn’t blurry like plenty of the photos that I took this year. I think this picture is good quality and it shows how happy everyone is to be part of the Halloween costume contest. Photo #2: I really like this photo because the girls in it are having fun and laughing even though it is just a gift wrapping session. They make it much more than it really is and I was able to capture that image. It shows so much emotion when they are laughing unlike some of the other pictures I took at the event. Other people there didn’t look like they were having fun at all, but these girls really showed how much fun they were having. Photo #3: I believe that this photo is really great because the two girls on stage poured their heart out to this song and this image shows it. Having so much emotion when you are ssinging makes the song even better and I was able to catch her emotion on camera and show how much she was into the song and how she felt about the song.



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