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Along For The Ride

By Bianca Gannon

Bianca Gannon

Resume Bianca Gannon 28118 Guilford Ln. Saugus, CA 91350 (661) 904-2847 Objective To increase skills in computer. Increase people skills for future career. Education Saugus High School, 2013- Present 3.85 GPA 50 of 638 Experience The Sword & Shield, School Yearbook, Saugus High School • August 2013- Present Staff member. Experiencing in marketing, sidebars and taking pictures Child care Culinary Skills • 2012-2013- took culinary class in junior high Activities/Awards Joined tennis team, made number two singles.


Self-Analytical Reflection I wanted to join yearbook because me and my friend thought it would be fun. Throughout the year I have learned many skills like different ways to advertise and also how to dedicate some of my time to get things done. I helped with making the posters that we hung around the school and coming up with other ideas to advertise the book. The only problem that I had was at the end of the year when there weren’t enough computers for us to use when we were doing the sidebars. I handled it ok I just used a computer that no one was using at the moment. Overall I liked the class, I have met a lot of new people and I’m not as shy as I was before. This is my first year ever doing yearbook and I thought it was a pretty good year. My contribution to the staff was making the posters that we used to advertise, working at club day and getting everyone in line and setting up the postcards to be mailed to the students who have not bought a book. Also I helped with taking care of labeling the lollipops and sending them out around Valentine’s Day. I do think that marketing could have done more to make books sell but we did what we could to get them selling. One hard thing that we had to do was to come up with ideas to sell yearbooks that have not been used and it was a little complicated to think of good ideas that could actually sell the book. At the end of the year when we had to do our sidebars I thought it was kind of fun because we actually got to interview people but I was confused half the time because I have never done that before and because of the shortage of computers there went enough for all of us to work on them and we finished them like a week late so that wasn’t to great but, we did get them done.


Protfolio Design Reflection For my design I chose along for the ride. My inspiration was how high school is just a journey you have to take and just follow the road. Also how it’s never perfect and there are some bumps here and there but in the end its great outcome. When I first started the project I had a different theme and I changed it because I liked this one more and I thought it was a little simpler. The way I came up with the theme was that I went on a website and looked up theme names and I thought that along for the ride was cool. I wish I could have done more for the project but with the little I know it was difficult but I did enjoy playing around with indesign and seeing what I can do.


Reflection #1 Ice Breakers: Barnyard chaos- Give the students each a different card of a farm animal, make a big circle and each of them start to make their animals noise with their eyes closed and search for their pair and when they do they open their eyes and step to the side. Follow the leader-Send one person out of the room. Have the rest of the group get into a circle and select one person as the leader. Every person must follow exctly what the leader is doing, without revealing the leader to the person whos outside. Have the person outside come back in and sit in the center of the circle. The leader will begin an action and the rest of the group will slowly pick it up. The person in the center has three guesses to try and figure out who is leading the group. Stereotypes- On notecards, make pairs that represent different stereotypes common in high school, such as cheerleader, jock, drama queen and teacher’s pet. Distribute the cards to the students so each student has a match some where in the room. Instruct the students not to share what their card says, but act it out to find the matching pair. Deadlines: Pizza and Soda on Deadline nights Piñatas- Have some piñatas to take out on deadline days, hang them up and let the people working hit the piñata to let out their anger. Take break- take a small break and have a picnic in the quad. Stress balls- hand out some stress balls Achievements: High five award- actually have one EVERY week so that everyone can get one at some point. Year booker of the month- give them a reward like a candy bar or a bag of their favorite chips.


If you bought your yearbook

That’d be great! Go buy your book now before the price changes!! I dont always buy a yearbook

But When I do I prefer SHS yearbook

Reflection #2

Timeline MAY • Have posters to advertise the low price for next year at registration. • Brainstorm new postcard ideas and have them ready to send out in July before school starts. • Make flyers to have around the school JUNE • Send out the postcards AUGUST • Have posters at registration • Have the people working at registration remind people to buy their books • Keep advertising during school year to get books sold

Connect Ed Make sure to buy your book at registration for the lowest price of only $60 and don’t pay more later on in the year.


Instagram: distribution @saugusyearbook

SNN PRESS RELEASE If you have not bought your yearbook yet make sure that if you want one you need to pay $100 cash only when books are being distributed.

Comment: Don’t forget to buy your yearbook at distribution for $100 cash! You know you want one…

It’s Coming!!! Yearbook Distribution May 27th -29th in the Gym!

Don’t forget your ID Card to get your book!

Reflection #3 Distribution week Monday • Post countdown till Distribution day or D Day poster. • Begin working on alphabet letters. • Change countdown poster number after school. • Make Yearbooks Not Bought Poster. Tuesday • Post flyers all around school telling the yearbook price and what they will need to bring with them to receive there yearbook. • Continue to work on alphabet letters. • Change countdown poster number after school. • Continue Yearbooks Not Bought Poster. Wednesday • Post last chance to get your yearbook flyers. • Continue to work on alphabet poster. • Change countdown poster number after school. • In the morning post it. Thursday • Finish all alphabet letters. • Post flyers don’t be that guy. • Change countdown poster number after school. Friday • Wear yearbook spirit wear. • Post the rest of the flyers. • Change countdown poster number after school.


Postcard Design

Good Make sure you go buy your yearbook while its still only $60. The price changes in

News Hurry Hurry!!

October so hurry before it changes!

Hello? Hey did you hear that the yearbook is on sale at registration for the lowest price all year of $60 dollars!! Get the book at registration so you dont have to pay more later on in the year.


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