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Zoe Lozano 2013-2014



Zoe Cecilia Lozano 20000 Plum Canyon Road, Unit #1814 Saugus, CA 91350 661-309-0092 Objective A position as a Barista at Starbucks. Experience • Volunteer at Undergrounds Coffee House. • Plan and prepare meals for family of four. • Maintain cleanliness of bathrooms. • Organize materials and information. • Assist college professor with preparing documents for classroom instruction. • Babysitting children ages 3-8 years old. Relevant High School Skills • Yearbook Staffer • Good work ethic Extracurricular Activities • Senior, Girl Scouts Honors, Awards, and Memberships Rose Parade Float Decorator 2012 TechTrek Math and Science Camp for Girls 2012 California State, School and Class Spelling Bee 2012 Education Arroyo Seco Junior High School 2012-2013 Saugus High School 2013-2014 3.85 GPA Hobbies • Photography • Reading • Blogging • Music References Dustin Lengning Teacher Santa Clarita Valley International Keith Faulkner Teacher Santa Clarita Valley International



I got started in yearbook when I realized my love for photography and journalism. This year I learned a lot about the way that journalism entries are supposed to be written. I also learned about how long the process is during the editing of photos, choosing photos, getting interviews, writing up the copy, and making sure it’s all perfect. Deadlines were super stressful but, in the end it really made sense, because if we didn’t hit a deadline, the book would not be able to print in time. Team work was definitely an important asset during the process of making the book. We all had to put in our 10 cents in order to create this amazing book! I think I was an asset to the staff because of the fact that I tried to cover a lot of events. I also did my best to put out my best work into the book, and hit deadlines. I did my best to stay after school as long as possible in order to get work done. The biggest problem I faced was when, ‘To-Do Lists’ were passed out to us. It always seem to come when we were on strict deadline. This one time the list was so long and stressful that it all seemed to weigh me down, and I started to have a really bad panic attack and cry. If I ever get into that situation again, I think that I need to just breathe, and look the list over and do what I can do. Once that’s finished, I could ask for help and get what I need done. This course was valuable to take, in my opinion, because it taught me to take criticism better and learn to not procrastinate when on an important deadline. I can apply these skills in my school life when it comes to fixing projects and getting work done!






Font inspiration

My main process for coming up with my theme, was mostly figuring out what I love and what makes me really happy. So, in the end I love music and Vampire Weekend make me really happy so, that’s what I got as a theme. The album cover for “Modern Vampires of the City” has a floral design on the side and a picture from “The New York Times” that was taken during one of the smoggiest days in all of New York history. I used the floral print as a sort of border to keep the design looking clean and fresh with the white. I put the text in front of the main picture on the album cover in order to give the text a bit of an interesting edge. I really like how the portfolio portrays my personality. It displays something that means a lot to me and also gives a feel for what it was like for me during my first year in Saugus Yearbook. I like how neat and clean cut everything is, and it has a nice edge to it.

Background text photo inspiration Floral border inspiration




I chose this spread because it was my first page in the yearbook, and it turned out to be my best! When I was choosing dominant pictures for this page, it was a bit hard because every picture kind of looked the same. After a while I figured out how to make each picture individualized. I ended up making sure that each picture had a different situation going on, some laughing, some talking, and some people signing up to give blood. For the dominant copy I had to make sure that each quote was interesting and didn’t talk about the same boring thing. Like, sometimes people would straight up just say, “I just donated blood, because I wanted to.”, so in turn I really had to push for some actual interesting details. In the end I had great quotes and I was really happy with the overall look of the copy. The sidebars were a bit challenging because they were just tedious to get done, and make sure that they looked good. In the end I ended up revising my “Double Take” sidebar twice, but in the end I got great quotes and my COBS looked great! For “Little Details” and “Between the Lines” it was tough to make sure that I got correct survey info and got the right balance of junior, senior, freshman, and sophomore quotes. It took me a while to revise and balance the quotes but, it all worked out in the end. The finished product looks great and clean cut, in my opinion. I worked really hard to make sure it was yearbook ready, because of the fact that it was my first page. My favorite piece of the page is the dominant copy and package, because they flow really well together. It was so fun to see the page turn out to look great!


For this spread I did most of the dominant copy in a couple of days because it was about the Section Editor’s trip to the Yearbook Convention thing in Boston. The pictures were hard to place because they were mostly posed and if they weren’t posed they were too vertical or horizontal for the photo box. In the end I didn’t really have a final set of photos til’ the end of the whole process. I had to rewrite the captions several times because they were either too long or too short. I didn’t really like my captions in the end because they seemed really rushed in my opinion. The sidebar “Rarely Seen” had really bad photos because the background didn’t flow properly. Even thouugh the pictures sucked, I really liked the quotes because it really showed the students personalities. For “Loose Talk” the copy was really great, but I didn’t like the photo. It didn’t really look how I wanted it to, and I was really dissapointed. For the last sidebar, I just didn’t like it because the quotes were really vague. I still don’t like the page that much but, if I had the chance to change it I would take more time to get really great quotes. I also would slow down when choosing pictures and not waiting too long to put in my photos. I also would have loved to retake my “Rarely Seen” photos so, that way the background stayed consistent.

Reflection #2




For the top right photo, I really loved this picture because it has a lot of emotion. I liked how the students were placed in their seating and how every person in the picture has a different expression going on. The way that they are lined up is a leading line itself, and the bow flexing is the main point of interest. I lastly like how there’s a bit of dead space at the top, giving the picture some breathing space. For the middle photo, I just really loved how it focused on the girl. It has her mid-routine and even though she’s dancing, she still looks great! So, the main thing for this photo is that it has a center of visual interest. For the bottom right photo, I also really liked that Tanner was the main thing in the photo. He’s striking a pose for the Winter Formal court dance, and it’s just really cute. I like that the two blue lines in the back lead toward his head, and make him the center of interest.

Y Drive - September - Com Improv - Zoe Y Drve - November - Dance Clinic - Zoe Y Drive - January - Rally - Zoe




Y18. FEAUTURE PHOTO - I really think this photo works as a feature photo because it shows the girl putting some real emotion into her singing audition for “How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”. I like that her feet are spread apart and her hands are off of her sides, it gives her a look of power and finesse. Y17. ACADEMIC PHOTO -This is a great photo because they are both representing the GayStraight Alliance at a parent night over the year. I like that they are doing something academic and are enjoying it at the same time. You can see the smiles on their faces, and it’s nice to see that they’re enjoying themselves. Y18. FEATURE PHOTO - I like this Halloween Rally picture because it was taken during one of the rally games. This game was when the students were to run around and find people to give their props to. This picture is great because he has a big smile on his face and the sun is shining right on him.


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Q and A

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