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was, 40% responded by quoting operational excellence and IT being a source of competitive advantage as their mandates. Out of all the emerging technologies – Cloud Computing, Mobility, Social Media and analytics; mobility and analytics seemed to have the highest priority when compared to the cloud and social media. When asked about how much the cloud matters in their organisation, most respondents mentioned that it has significant or moderate importance in their organisation, which goes to show that most companies are still evaluating the cloud in terms of usage in their organisations, whereas only those whose business models that warrant high performance computing and ultra scalability define the usage of the cloud. Emerging as one of the top priorities for enterprises, mobility, is something that every organisation is evaluating, with 60% of the CIO respondents mentioning mobility played a significant role in their organisation. With the rise in the number of devices and platforms available to consumers today, CIOs need to ensure that data is available on these various devices. A far as social media is concerned, it is important only in case of enterprises that have direct consumer impact. Out of all the survey respondents, only 12.5% of the respondents believe that social media has a direct beneficial impact on their enterprises. The entire idea behind social media initiatives within companies is to gauge consumer awareness and brand value. In light oif this social media would not make sense for a company that manufactures steel, but it

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will be important for a company that manufactures motor bikes. In terms of the kind of companies that regard social media as beneficial would be television networks, B2C enterprises, advertising agencies and so on. One of the most important emerging technologies on the list, analytics is something that most CIOs are looking for within their organisation. Out of the survey respondents 60% of the respondents believe that analytics have a significant to crucial impact on their organisation and efficiency. Enterprises need systems in place that can allow them to look at consumption trends and also monitor enterprise activities so as to know where to cut costs and in turn boost enterprise efficiency and response times. Along with mobility, analytics scored the highest as one of the emerging technologies that enterprises are

Along with mobility, analytics scored the highest as the emerging technologies enterprises are looking to implement in the next 1 to 2 years if not already.

Source of ccompetitive advantage

looking to implement within the next 1 to 2 years if not already. While many respondents cited Analytics and Mobility as their top priorities, there are CIOs who are still evaluating the clouds use in their organisation. However, these organisations can be classified as the types that need maximum scalability, efficiency and low cost of operation. Overall, there is a wave of evolution around the corner. With the cloud and mobility being some of the top initiatives within enterprises, India Inc is definitely on the way to getting more mobile and precise, bringing a whole new level of efficiency into enterprises. These initiatives will help enterprises gain competitive advantage and reduce time to market – things that are extremely crucial in the fiercely competitive and dynamic business environment that India harbours

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