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Genius Cloud

SVC Bank deployed private cloud to offer core banking system called GENIUS as a service to other banks. By Varun Aggarwal


he Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank (SVC) is the third largest co-operative bank in India and provides savings and deposit banking, retail and corporate lending, insurance and international banking services to its customers. Based mainly around Mumbai and Bangalore, SVC operates 110 branches across seven states in India and employs 1,280 staff. SVC offers its in-house developed core banking solution to smaller banks known as GENIUS. These customers are usually in remote locations and are spread across the country. Most of these banks do not have skilled IT staff. According to be RBI guidelines, banks are required to build a robust IT setup. In a journey embarked to achieve this compliance, SVC bank decided to not only implement a private cloud for itself but it also gave them an opportunity to look at offering its core banking solution to other banks who did not have strong IT capability to support their operations. Ravikiran Mankikar, General Manager IT, Shamrao Vithal Cooperative Bank Ltd embarked on the cloud journey with the following objectives for the bank: Provide a dynamic platform to run GENIUS core banking system and support business growth of 22 percent. Improve the efficiency and availability of IT resources and


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reduce management required for datacenter environment. Provide a cloud platform to enable the bank to offer its core banking application as a managed service to other financial institutions.

The benefits SVC deployed VMware vSphere to run virtualisation across two clusters. The first cluster of three servers supports about 20 virtual machines running head office applications. The second six-server cluster supports 15 virtual machines running the core banking application, which is accessed by about 1,000 staff. The new infrastructure allowed the bank to reduce its physical server fleet from 90 to nine as a first step towards cloud computing. Apart from the nine servers installed for internal IT, SVC bank leveraged the same infrastructure to deploy six more servers for the creation of a cloud environment to provide banking applications as managed services to up to 35 banks with over 200 branches. The bank itself has 110 branches that also run on this private cloud infrastructure. “VMware has enabled us to move our entire core banking application onto a virtualised platform, improving the speed and management of our resources. It has also allowed us to create a cloud environment so that we can provide our core banking application to other banks as a managed service. With the help of VMWare, we

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