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n 2008, Gartner touted cloud computing as “an evolution of business that is no less influential than e business.” Gartner was right. 2011 has seen cloud computing begin to reshape the very idea of an enterprise IT infrastructure. Your organisation is likely in the midst of either formulating a long term cloud strategy or already beginning to implement one as “on-demand IT services” and “everything as a service” promise business agility and significant cost savings. However, if you haven’t already seen some pushback from your legal, records information management (RIM), and compliance colleagues, it’s likely to come very soon. The cloud, like any technology involving the storage and transfer of information, creates significant issues for these governance stakeholders, especially in the areas of e discovery and privacy.

e-Discovery in the Cloud

The cloud creates significant issues for governance stakeholders By Jake Frazier


cto forum 21 november 2011

The Chief Technology Officer Forum

“It is difficult to point out where the data resides within the cloud”

Governance stakeholders

For IT, choosing among a public, private, and managed private cloud is about balancing cost savings against ensuring that the data is secure. For the governance stakeholders, it’s about the physical location of the data, whether it remains under the company’s possession, custody or control, and whether the company is complying with all relevant laws and regulations in all relevant jurisdictions. In general, litigants in a civil case have the right to any information that can reasonably apply to the claims or defense of the case. The relevant rules are quite broad and apply to all electronically stored information (ESI), whether in a corporate database,

Fair Weather Cloud  

It is no longer about whether to go for the cloud or not. The question CIOs are asking themselves is when and for what when and for what | P...

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