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Meet our Cover Star Alexis Smith Lingerie Designer Manchester Fashion Week

issue 6 APR13

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6 e su Welcome to the Lingerie Issue of Creative Talent Magazine Creative Talent or CT Magazine is the brain child of North Yorkshire based fashion, advertising and pinup photographer Sean J Connolly. If you would like to have your work featured in a future issue get in touch, we are always looking for photographers, models, make up artsts, stylists, designers, writers, bloggers, well you get the idea. So if you want to showcase your work to the world, get in touch.

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"Welcome to the sixth issue of CT Magazine. This issue is dedicated to lingerie. In this issue I was honoured to be able to interview a new young fashion designer Emily Tonkin, make sure you read the interview. (page 14) As you may or may not know it's almost Manchester Fashion Week. This year is something special as Vauxhall have launched a new 'search for a talent' event, this means that new talent can have the chance to show their work at Fashion Week,. Check out all the details. (page 32) Finally, we also have two excellent lingerie designers in this issue, the amazing Sarah Norwood (page 22) and the exceptionally talented Alexis Smith who is championing bigger busts. (page 48)" Sean J Connolly, Editor

Photographer Sean J Connolly Becky Magson, Copy Editor Model Becky Magson


Photographer - Dennis Valdez Model - Katalin Kallo MUA - Michelle Court


Dennis Valdez - Fashion Photographer

10 - EAST SUSSEX FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER Andy Wilson (photographer) Kitee Rainbow (model)




Cameron Habashian (photographer) / Juelles Chester (model) Valerie Tilgham (mua) / Ginger Carlin (designer)


Clare Pritchard (photographer) / Vicki Marie (model) Gemma Elliott (model) / Kellie Parker (model)


Craig Devlin (photographer) / Nichola Bolam (model) Tara Shenton (mua) / Tony Arts (hair)


Kelsey-Lee Pearse (model) / Laurie Klippel (photographer) Ossix Swimwear (designer)

Cover Star Dennis Valdez



Una Burns (model) / Chris Mulvaney (model) Elina Pasok (photographer) / Mel Jenkinson (mua) Disha Bhutani (stylist)




Sarah Norwood

32 -MANCHESTER FASHION WEEK Vauxhall New Talent Search

48 - ALEXIS SMITH LINGERIE Lingerie for The Fuller Busted

58 - MUDDY WATER ONLINE Urban Clothing

Alexis Smith Lingerie


Photographer - Dennis Valdez Model - Hayley



ennis aldez



I am Dennis C. Valdez. I moved from London to Chigwell, Essex, UK recently. My passion with photography started with shooting landscapes at first around 10 to 12 years ago. In the last 3 years however, one of my colleagues told me that I have an eye to see things through a lens and so I then bought my first DSLR which I upgraded to a better one last year. Since then, I have registered on model-photographer networking sites and have been chatting to talented photographers and models.


Dennis Valdez


Katalin Kallo Holly Locket Hayley Roxy Gregory Olive Cartley


Michelle Court Annabelle Lowe

I enjoy shooting Fashion, Portrait, Glamour and Lingerie style shoots. In addition, I have done Beauty, Topless, Artistic/Classic/Figure Nude style shoots. However, I am always open to any suggestions and will consider undertaking any themes that might really interest me. I am particularly interested in the more edgy and creative shoots. At the moment, I am in the process of strengthening my already strong and versatile portfolio. I have not photographed any well-known brands or names as yet but I am optimistic that I will have the opportunity to do so soon. Patience is a virtue as they say and I am a man with plenty of patience. As to working preference, I normally prefer to shoot in a studio however I have worked in different locations in the past. I normally invite models and also MUAs to my home where I believe it makes for a comfortable and relaxed environment for everyone.



Photographer - Dennis Valdez Model - Olive Cartley MUA - Annabelle Lowe


I do not have any diploma or degree in Photography although I'm considering getting a formal education in the future. I have attended few workshops in the past too. However, I am a Bachelor of Science and Computer Science graduate and also earned another degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Recently, I gained my UK qualifications in Level 4 Child Care and Level 5 Professional Training in West London and at the moment I am currently studying for my Masters in Business Administration in London Bridge, UK. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Edwards for always being supportive in my passion for photography and for being understanding when things get difficult, frustrating and I am about to give up. I couldn’t thank him more. I am still in search for interesting models, make up artists and stylists to collaborate with on new ventures. Please feel free to contact me on my email at and see my recent works through my Facebook Page at You can also contact me on the following websites: Purple Port: Model Mayhem: Purestorm:


Photographer - Dennis Valdez Model - Lana Parker Edit - Clyde Mosst

Photographer - Dennis Valdez Model - Roxy Gregory MUA - Annabelle Lowe 9

Andy Wilson - East Sussex

Fashion Photographer

Model - Hannah Kay

10 Model - Amy Hume

Model - Kristy Williams

MODEL Kittee Rainbow PHOTOGRAPHER Andy Wilson

11 Model - Marie Anderson


Clyde Mosst 12



Emily Jane Tonkin - Designer - What is your name and where are you based? Emily Jane Tonkin. I live in Loughton, Essex for now.


How did you get into fashion designing and how long have you been doing it? I have always sketched, but I found designing when I moved to Los Angeles in 2008. I studied Merchandise Product Development at FIDM, and from 2009 knew I wanted to design & have my own brand.

What types of fashion do you design? Sportswear & active wear. The types of technologies that can be used in fabric production, which can aid sports performance, fascinate me. I occasionally make dresses for friends and attack a ridiculously complicated knit pattern. Have you worked with any well known designers or names? I worked for the UK’s top supplier for Marks And Spencer in 2010-2011, but I was fortunate to be taught by some of the best technical designers and product developers on the West coast of America at FIDM.


Clothing: 'Alethia' Line

Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? Both have their positives. I love the studio because the lighting will always be the same and there usually aren’t any surprises, but location is great too, there are always obstacles to over come and working in new surroundings helps you grow as a designer. What do your friends and family think of you being a designer? My family are supportive, and just happy I can do something I love. I’ve never really asked that to my friends but a lot of them work in the industry so they probably are not that impressed, ha! What is the farthest place you have travelled for a show? When I lived in Los Angeles I flew into London for Sept 09 fashion week, I guess that’s pretty far. What preparations do you do before a show, or before launching your latest collection? 30:Fifteen haven’t had a show yet, but we are launching our collection at Pure London next weekend so a lot of work goes into making sure the collection looks the best it can; hiring models to wear the looks and getting as much awareness to our presence there as possible.

Clothing: 'Anna' Line




What do you think ma Be aware of the world aro day to day, keeping an a gut feeling always, and b because if you don’t why

Whats your favourite c ever done? My debut collection for 3 excited for it’s launch

Who is your favourite f I know it’s not very origina Christian Dior.

Coco Chanel was known confidence and had so m she took no crap from an her designs are timeless a should have at least one

Christian Dior: He was so u elegant on women. He w 1950s for creating the ‘ne stands by this idea. He de and created a house tha world even to this day.

Is there anything else yourself and your work I’m a people person, I ca rest. I would love my desig healthy active lifestyle an designs are designed for stylish and durable. My ai who don’t yet workout or p that they want to start.

www.30 www.facebo

Clothing: 'Sue' Line


akes a good designer? ound you. What people are doing awareness on reality, going with your believing in your decisions 100%, y should anyone else?

collection / design you have

30:Fifteen. I am so proud of it and very

fashion designer and why? al but I adore Coco Chanel and

n for being a rebel, oozing self much belief in her design house that nyone. She was a true rebellion, but and easy to wear. Every woman Chanel suit in my opinion.

unique and just knew what looked was the most influential designer 1947ew look’ and his house to this day esigned for princesses and film stars at is the most exciting house in the

Clothing: 'Anna' Line

you would like to tell us about k or anything else. are about everyone I meet and the gns to inspire more people to lead a nd find fun in being healthy. My every woman; are comfortable, im is that they are so cute women play tennis, love the clothes so much

ifteenUK - twitter.comEjtonk

Clothing: 'Sue' Line



PHOTOGRAPHER Cameron Habashian @ DCProStudio MODEL Juelles Chester MUA Valerie Tilghman HAIR Ginger Carlin CLOTHING DESIGNER / STYLIST Ginger Carlin @ Booshie Design

Cameron Habashian (DCProStudio



PHOTOGRAPHER Cameron Habashian @ DCProStudio MODEL Juelles Chester MUA Valerie Tilghman HAIR Ginger Carlin CLOTHING DESIGNER / STYLIST Ginger Carlin @ Booshie Design

o) - US fashion photographer



MODEL Juelles Ch

MUA Valerie Tilg

HAIR Ginger Ca


Cameron Habashian (DCProStudio


RAPHER Habashian @ DCProStudio




NG DESIGNER / STYLIST arlin @ Booshie Design

o) - US fashion photographer


Ohhh Lulu Lingerie - What is your name and where are you based? My name is Sarah Norwood, I am the designer behind Ohhh Lulu Lingerie & Apparel and I am based out of Orillia, which is a small town in Ontario Canada. What types of garment do you design? My focus is largely on vintage style lingerie fused with modern simplicity. Many of my original pieces were initially based off of vintage pieces in my collection. My style has really grown over the last year into a more modern, simple look, but still with a retro feel. How did you get into intimate apparel designing and how long have you been doing it? I graduated from the Fashion Design Program at George Brown College in Toronto Ontario in 2006, but never actively pursued a career in Fashion. I had worked in the textile and home decorating industries, eventually moving north to Orillia where the jobs were much more sparse. I had always had a love for really nice lingerie, and was really inspired by vintage pieces, especially pieces from the 20s to 50s. Using the skills I had learned in school, I started designing a few pieces, and the collection really took off!

PHOTOGRAPHER Caitlin Morey MODEL Amelia Set: Flora


Set: Stible What's your favourite collection / design you have ever done? One of the things I love most about what I do is being able to design custom pieces. They tend to be the pieces I like the most, because they are original. I don’t know if I can pinpoint one specific design, but pieces that are designed collaboratively with me and my customer tend to be my favourite. Where do you draw your inspiration from? After working for several years in the textile industry, I’ve really developed an intense love of fabric. I often find inspirations from the fabrics themselves. Sourcing fabric is something I like to spend a lot of time on. A fabric that has a great drape, hand, and colour really inspires me. I am also inspired by vintage lingerie, as well as the beautiful area where I live. We are surrounded with nature trails & lakes. The landscape is very inspiring. What do you think makes a good designer? I think a lot about what makes a good designer. I think a good designer is flexible and allows their style to flow and change. A good designer creates interesting garments, that are not only beautiful, but comfortable.


Who is your personal favourite fashion designer and why? Carine Gilson is a designer that I really admire. The work on her pieces is just gorgeous. It is timeless and elegant. That is a look that I aspire to. How do you see your brand developing over the next few years? Since I quit my full time job last year in order to work on Ohhh Lulu full time, things have really taken off. I am expanding my digital sewing pattern collection, and will be looking into doing small production runs so I can start selling a Ready Made Line. I am incredibly excited about this stage of business and am excited to expand into retail stores as well as my own online shop!

Set: Selene

You can read more about Sarah, Ohhh Lulu Lingerie and the design process at or email her at To place an order check out Dont forget to follow Ohhh Lulu on facebook:


Set: Aura


Chris Gray- North East UK

Fashion Photographer


MODEL Danielle Wadrop


Fallen Angels P MODEL Gemma Elliott

01977 705872 - 07776 207832


Photography - fashion photographer

MODEL Vicki Marie MODEL Kellie Parker

PHOTOGRAPHER Clare Pritchard @ Fallen Angels Photography 29

MODEL Nichola Bolam MUA

Tara Shenton

HAIR Tony Arts

Craig Devlin - North East f



MODEL Kitty Le Beau MUA Jo Narcissa

"I purchased my first camera 3 years ago and started taking random snaps of the family and really enjoyed it so I upgraded my kit and last summer attented my first creative circle session at banana studio. It is fantastic for photographers to practice photographing models (I would recomend it to anyone new to photography) and I was hooked. Since then I have photographed quite a few models and everything from a wedding to a pole dancing showcase. It's still very early days for me but I'm loving it and just want to improve with every photoshoot I do."

fashion photographer


the Search for Vauxhall 'New Talent' Manchester Fashion Week Launch

Manchester Fashion Week (MCFRW) is launching their second year at the National Football Museum on 22nd ­ 26th April 2013 and Vauxhall are on board to host the first ever New Talent competition in the North West.

Keen to discover the talent of tomorrow, Manchester Fashion Week will be launching the largest independent catwalk showcase Manchester has ever seen on Thursday 25th April.

Hosted in a city that was at the forefront of the Industrial revolution and is now the fastest growing city in the UK, Manchester is the perfect place to launch the search for the Best of British. From Vivienne Westwood to Henry Holland and more recently Nadine Merabi who showcased her debut collection at Manchester Fashion Week last year, the city is constantly proving its place as the fashion capital of the North.

The winner will be chosen by a panel of the industry’s finest business executives including Carol Kane, the joint CEO of MCRFW’s headline sponsor, celebrity stylist Martine Alexander and Founder of the stunning Black White Denim Boutique in Wilmslow, Jo Davies. MCRFW will give 6 finalists the platform to showcase their collection in front of Manchester's Fashion elite, as well as offer them a full show production crew consisting of leading international beauty brands, Redken and Lancome, and models from PHA.

We at CT Magazine welcome this addition to the prestigious Manchester Fashion Week, as we are all about championing the new and undiscovered talent in fashion, and the Vauxhall New Talent addtion will be a great platform for any aspiring designers.

boohoo, NEXT, Ted Baker, Made in Chelsea and More

Exclusively announced on their revamped website the show schedule will include High Street and Online fashion brand heavy weights including boohoo, NEXT, Ted Baker, Forever 21 and Reiss. MCRFW will host 30 fashion shows and 20 exhibition spaces throughout the 5 day event. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday is dedicated to High Street trends, Thursday is a New Talent and Education showcase and Friday will see luxury designer collections take to the catwalk.

Award-winning online retailer boohoo are the headline sponsor for this years exciting fashion event. Attendees will get the chance to view the brands latest mainline trends, as well as a sneak peak of the next boohoo boutique collection, not on sale until the end of April. Celebrity fans include Hollywood stars Ashley Tisdale, Kylie Jenner, Ashley Benson and The Saturdays Rochelle Humes. One of the highlights of the High Street shows will see Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing’s label Candy Kittens runway debut. The TV personality and Founder of Candy Kittens will be attending MCRFW for his first ever show along with hosting a pop-up candy shop featuring their new Spring/Summer range of sweets and fashion apparel.

Designers and luxury brands showing on the final day of MCRFW will be announced in the next few weeks when all show tickets go on sale to the general public.



Daniel McClarren - Kent

Portrait, event and wedding photographer

MODEL Yasmin Stubbings


Floyd Caird - fa


PHOTOGRAPHER Floyd Caird MODEL Kelsey Secret MUA Kelsey Secret ASSISTANT Emily grace Harris


ashion photographer


MODEL Hannah Payne PHOTOGRAPHER Anna Fowler Photography

Hannah Payne -Sheffield UK

Actress & Fashion Model 38

Gemma Smith - North East UK Fashion Model

MODEL Gemma Smith PHOTOGRAPHER Iain Davidson (DWIPHOTOGRAPHY) MUA Gemma Smith LOCATION The Photo Studio Durham


PHOTOGRAPHER James Scrivener MODEL Rebecca Welsby MUA Heather Beardall HAIR Shelley Dawson LOCATION Oulton Hall Hotel, Leeds

James Scrivener - Portrait and L


Landscape photographer


Leone P - Yorkshire UK Alternative Model

PHOTOGRAPHER Ashley Jayne MODEL Leone P MUA & HAIR Heather Beardall & Holly Stabler 42

Kinga Klimecka - Manchester UK

Fashion Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER Kinga Klimecka MODEL Magda Janusz MUA Anna Baxter 43

PHOTOGRAPHER Jenni Byron MODEL Liz Linden LINGERIE L.Marie Lingerie

PHOTOGRAPHER Dennis Valdez MODEL Antony Van Leemputten


Jennifer Byron Photography - Manchester UK Fashion Photographer



Sophie Dickson - North East UK Fashion Model

Hey everyone, I’m Sophie, 22 years old and I live in the north east, UK. I started modelling when I was 18 and been doing modelling for 4 years now. I love every aspect of modelling and I'm glad I started it at such a young age.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers and different models too and love to try out different styles. I'm always up for doing a different sort of theme and look for my portfolio as well as putting my own creative ideas into the shoot. The main areas I like to shoot in is fashion amd lingerie, but fashion is what I enjoy the most.

My goal in the next few years would be to achieve full time catalogue work, this would be like a dream for me! I’ve worked hard over the past few years to get far in my modelling career and feel like I’ve achieved some excellent work taken by some talented photographers. Modelling is something that inspires me and something that I truly enjoy and want to get far in. I have my own modelling page for everyone to take a look at if they would like to see some more of my work. Thanks to everyone for reading my piece, Sophie x


MODEL Lauren Jade PHOTOGRAPHER Lizzie Tuvey

Lizzie Tuvey - Photographer - Scunthorpe UK


Alexis Smith - Lingerie Designer - @alexissmithbras

You don't have to look far these days to find businesses floundering under the pressure of the tough economic climate, but one area that continues to buck the trend is the intimate apparel industry, with consumers demanding more from lingerie brands in terms of affordability, higher quality and more choice in product range.

One brand benefiting from the growing fuller bust sector is Essex based Alexis Smith Lingerie. Founded by Alexis Smith, who, despite having no experience of designing lingerie, recognised the difficulty posed by women with larger busts looking for sexy DJessica Wright ­ Alexis Smith G lingerie and launched the namesake small back, large cup brand. We spoke to Alexis Smith to learn more about the specialised brand and find out what we can expect to see in the foreseeable future. Q. Hi Alexis! So, what do you design exactly? A. Lingerie sets – bras and knickers. Q. How did you get into intimate apparel designing and how long have you been doing it? A. Through my desire to create a young, sexy affordable collection for ladies with small back and large cup sizes. I have been in the industry for nearly three years now. I initially had no experience so I worked closely with a UK design and development team for two years before the launch of Alexis Smith. Q. Which is your favourite collection or design you've ever done? A. I love the 'PINK' collection! It's so girly and cute and really brings out your fun flirty side. Q. Where do you draw your inspiration from? A. I create seasonal mood boards and try to create the feeling of the time of year and how we want to look and feel at that time. I also watch high street trends in clothing, as underwear is like clothing you have to feel sexy and confident in it.

Q. Have you worked with any well known names? A. I have worked with The Only Way Is Essex's Jessica Wright. Jessica co-designed our 'Love Me In Lace' black set. She has her own lingerie shop (With Love Jessica) so has a good eye for what is popular and what sells well. Q. Do you prefer working on photoshoots on location or in a studio? A. I much prefer working on location. I think the location sets the scene and can create the right mood for everyone on the shoot which in turn plays a big part in creating the final images. Q. What do your friends and family think of you being a designer? A. They think it’s great! I was never going to have a ‘normal’ job! I love a challenge and love working for myself, even if the hours are twice as long as a 9-5 job. I would not have it any other way. Q. What's the farthest place you have travelled for a show? A. I have been to Paris but I plan to launch the brand in the US in the next couple of years. Q. What preparations do you do before a show, or before launching your latest collection? A. I think the key to being successful in business and to have a successful show is to be organised. If you plan and organise everything then you are focused and prepared. Q. What do you think makes a good designer? A. Passion, creativity, and most of all hard work. Q. Who is your personal favourite fashion designer and why? A. Gabriel Chanel. I worked for Chanel for three years and trained at their London academy. I learnt a lot about Chanel and her life and how she created what is in my opinion the best brand in the world: Chanel! It’s a rags to riches story, which I love.

MODEL Jessica Wright


LINGERIE Alexis Smith MODEL Emma

Q. How do you see your brand developing over the next few years? A. I have so many ideas and different directions I want to go in! I will be increasing the size range and designing a swimwear collection. That’s all I can say for now but hopefully there will be some big celebrity collaborations too!

It sounds like this is an exciting time for Alexis Smith Lingerie and we wish them the best of luck. Thanks for speaking to CT Magazine, Alexis!

You can check out the full range by Alexis Smith Lingerie on the website at and dont forget to follow them on twitter to keep up to date with all the latest news -


Cherished Images Photograp


PHOTOGRAPHER Michelle Bean @ Cherished Images MODEL Charlotte 52

phy - Portrait Photography

PHOTOGRAPHER Michelle Bean @ Cherished Images MODEL Charlotte


Paul Gibbs Photograph



y - Fashion Photographer



Phillip Kim Marra Photography - Glen


PHOTOGRAPHER Phillip Kim Marra MODEL Divinora Darling MUA Divinora Darling 56

ndale CA USA - Fashion Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER Phillip Kim Marra MODEL Heather MUA Glory Munoz

PHOTOGRAPHER Phillip Kim Marra MODEL Melissa Izarelli


Muddy Water Online - Urban Clothing

The Story So Far... Muddy Water Online was founded in the summer of 2012 by two brothers with the aim of providing premium womenswear, menswear and urban clothing from premium brands. We are based in Ipswich but have plans to expand and grow. We currently stock brands from the UK and around the world, including: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

A-Non Clothing Actual Pain Boundless NYC Criminal Damage CTRL Clothing CVLT Nation Diamond Supply Co DTA Posse Famous Stars and Straps King Apparel Milkcrate Athletics My Yard Ray-Ban sunglasses Rockers NYC Vintage Snapbacks

Whatever your style or personality we have something to suit you and believe that you will find many hidden gems within our online store. We welcome everybody to visit our site and all UK orders get FREE UK shipping. International orders are always welcome. If you have any questions about our products or anything else then please feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Visit us: Follow us: Find us and like us:



Szidonia Bandi - North East UK Fashion Model


Rebecca Toplis - Rotherham UK Fashion Photographer

MODEL Hannah Jackson CLOTHING DESIGNER Callecia J Brown (Michael Lau Academy) EDITING Courtney Tidman

PHOTOGRAPHER Rebecca Toplis MODEL Effy Jay MUA Effy Jay 62


Sarah Marie - Midlands UK

Fashion & Promotional Model

I'm Sarah and I am 22 years old. Currently I am a graduate student and I work doing promotional events. I have been doing events for a few years and have recently been asked to do a bit of promo modelling through an agency. I have been really fortunate in the events I have worked. I was very lucky to work at London 2012 and I did another event for the England cricket team. I've promoted well known beer brands, been involved in some great motor sport events, rugby tournaments, and even an event for the Conservative Party. I'm friendly, ambitious and very hard working; I love the diversity of work I do and the high energy it requires. I also thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, adore travelling, seeing new things and participating in new experiences; promo modelling enables me to do just this. I have worked with a few amateur photographers looking to build their portfolio, in addition to established ones who wish to focus on a particular theme. I just enjoy life and what it offers, and feel very grateful I am asked!


Violetta Lynch

Fashion Model

PHOTOGRAPHY Harvey Gordon MUA lLa Petite Phenix


Emily Cromarty

Fashion Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHY Emily Cromarty MODEL Georgia


Kelsey Pearse - NSW Australia - Fashion Model

The way a model can transform themselves into any character they wish is such an amazing thing. My name is Kelsey-Lee Pearse.

When I was 17 a friend invited me to one of their shoots and I just thought it was so much fun. Being from a small town in NSW, Australia I didn't think I had a chance to get anywhere but I fought extra hard and continue to fight to get where I want to be with a lot of time and travel to gain my experience. The people I have met and all the shoots I have done make it all worth it.

Ive done some pretty incredible shoots and my favourite shoot to date must definitely be the underwater fashion shoot I did with Laurie Klippel. Luckily Laurie is so fantastic and a good friend of mine as it was such a cold day in Sydney and I didn’t think i was going to be able to get any shots at all. Laurie was amazing, letting me take breaks wheneverIi felt I needed them and he put up with me for a whole day and we ended up creating some awesome images! It is just fantastic when a team gets together and makes some incredible work! I am constantly blown away by how amazing a group of people can work together, throw in all their own ideas and make something remarkable. It pushes me to go further and try harder in my own work. xx


y e s el

MODEL Kelsey Pearse PHOTOGRAPHER Laurie Klippel SWIMWEAR Ossix Swimwear

MODEL Kelsey Pearse PHOTOGRAPHER Laurie Klippel SWIMWEAR Ossix Swimwear



Citizen M 68

MODELS Una Burns (female) Chris Mulvaney (male) PHOTOGRAPHY Elina Pasok MUA Mel Jenkinson STYLING Disha Bhutani HAT Lisa Jayne Millinery DRESS Nor Lisa SHIRT & TIE H&M

on Shoot

- London 69

Inspiration behind the shoot

Love was in the air on this shoot as the theme was Romance/boy meets girl/love & passion. Disha the stylist selected the looks, a soft feminine side to reflect romance, an edgy look to reflect passion, and contemporary looks to appeal to the fashionistas. The shoot was taken at one of Londons hottest hotels, Citizen M on Bankside by Photographer Elina Pasok. Model Una Burns from the finals of UKs Top Model along with Chris Mulvaney were the leading man & lady. MODELS Una Burns (female) Chris Mulvaney (male) PHOTOGRAPHY Elina Pasok MUA Mel Jenkinson STYLING Disha Bhutani female model HEAD PIECE Lisa Jayne Millinery DRESS Nor Lisa male model TROUSERS, BLAZER, POLO NECK Zara SHOES Lloyd Shoes

Designers involved were Lisa Noir and Van Der Simon, Hats & Headdresses by Lisa Jayne Millinery. The colour red has long been associated with love, passion and desire. So it was only natural that a shoot for Valentines got it's title Vermillion.

MODELS Una Burns (female) Chris Mulvaney (male) PHOTOGRAPHY Elina Pasok MUA Mel Jenkinson STYLING Disha Bhutani

DRESS House of Fraser - Lab PL GLOVES Atmosphere



Una Burns

Una is 21 and began modeling in October 2012. Since then, Una has worked on creative and high fashion shoots, many of which have been published and featured on the front cover of leading magazines such as NI Wedding Belle. Una has done work for brands such as House of Fraser, DV8 and Lynx and has experience in catwalk shows and bridal shows. She has recently been selected as a finalist in Top Model UK and is signed with a mother agency: AMR Model management. To book Una for a shoot or to view her portfolio, check out:­burns/ Chris Mulvaney

Chris began modeling four years ago after brain surgery lead to the end of his athletics career where he was a multi time national champion both in the U.K and the U.S.A. Since then, Chris has gone on to become one of the top U.K male models. He finished 2nd in last year's Mr England contest, has appeared as the male lead in 2 music videos, the first of which being Tiger Lilly's 'Affair' and had represented an extensive list of brands including Nivea, Gap, Next, River Island, Ed Hardy and Mens Fitness. To view Chris’ extensive list of experience and portfolio check out: 71

MODEL Una Burns PHOTOGRAPHY Elina Pasok RETOUCHING Claire Dempsey MUA Mel Jenkinson STYLING Disha Bhutani BRALET, JACKET & TROUSERS TopShop NECKLACE Dorothy Perkins


Van Der Simon

Sean-Henry is based in Belfast, UK. He studied at Manchester Metropolitan University and graduated in 2011. His collections are produced in the UK.

Luxury Knitwear Label - specialising in made to order garments, using fine wool such as cashmere and merino and also using lighter yarns during the summer trends such a silks, Irish linen and cotton. Sean-Henry varies when it comes to collections, using simple techniques with more technical constructions, also working on jersey fabrics creating jersey garments that are normally a spin off capsule collection. Nor Lisa Fashion

Lisa McCabe is a fashion and textile designer currently based in Belfast. The era of WW2, spitfire planes and pin up girls inspire her 1940s collection. Nominated for IN magazine Designer of the year, Nor Lisa Fashion is one to watch for! You can view her work via her website (http://www.nor­, through ‘liking’ her Facebook page ( or via her email:


Disha Bhutani

Disha Bhutani is a London based freelance fashion stylist who has completed an advanced styling course with London School of Styling. She has gained her experience by working in the fashion industry across sectors for over 5 years.

Her creativity and professional attitude has enabled her progress to date. A confident stylist, who has worked on several projects varying from studio and location shoots, mens and womens editorial shoots, advertorial, runway as well as brand inspired shoots. She has a keen eye for spotting trends and creating innovative images. Disha always delivers according to and beyond the clients expectations. With her enthusiasm and energy no brief is too challenging.

Lisa Jayne Millinery

Lisa Jayne Millinery is a Hertfordshire based milliner who creates bespoke handmade hats, head pieces & bridal millinery. Designer hats & fascinators, her designs have been described as wearable Art. Lisa studied Art & Design at NHC centre for the Arts, Costume & Make up for the performing Arts at London College of Fashion and Millinery at Kensington & Chelsea college. A keen designer from a young age, Lisa’s boutique is the result of years of training and hard work. Her hats have been sold in the exclusive Peter Jones department store in London’s Sloane Square & her debut collection formed part of The Chelsea Festival, an arts festival that promotes & showcases the work of a range of artists. You can view her work or get in contact via her website:


PHOTOGRAPHER Richard Davison MODEL Emma Evans

Emma Evans

Fashion & Lingerie Model


CT Magazine - Issue 6  
CT Magazine - Issue 6  

CT magazine issue 6, the theme for this issue is lingerie, we feature the talented Alexis Smith Lingerie designer who works closely with Je...