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There are many other artists that have inspired me. I always dreamt about becoming a female version of Da Vinci, to be good at all art disciplines. It still is a dream. I admire people like Dali, Hitchcock, Gene Kelly, Bjork, Edgard Allan Poe, and also Michael Jackson. He was the full idea of being an artist, I've been a fan since I was 9 and he has inspired me in so many aspects and ways beyond my career. How important has Fashion been in your career and your work? I have to admit that I have gone through very different stages in my relationship with Fashion in my life. During my teenage years I just wanted to go against what other teenagers were doing by rebelling against their parents: I didn’t drink or smoke, just simply because the CONCEPT / PHOTOGRAPHY / ART rest did and I found it stupid and reckless. I Laura Salesa preferred to invest the money in buying magazines, records and memorabilia of my MODEL favourite artists. If I ever followed any trends Gilen Velasco back then they were pretty much in blend with my music tastes, so I used to wear R&B or hip hop inspired clothing, t-shirts with printed photos of Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Elvis Presley etc. If any of my favourite bands/musicians did a shoot with a particular photographer/stylist I would have an interest in them and read about them (ie Mario Testino or David LaChapelle) and "Vintage Chillout" obviously I would buy any magazine where the shoots were published. I am a huge collector. As for my own influences for my personal looks…I started to wear make up in my early twenties, just because my job back then required that type of look (I worked as a clothing shop assistant for a while), which was when I really started to get more interested in beauty tricks, hair styling and dressing more girly (I used to be against wearing dresses for a looong time). Since I moved to London from Spain back in 2005, my dress style PHOTOGRAPHY / ART has changed Laura Salesa very much, and I enjoy dressing MODELS casual but funky, Jessica Zabala, Eduardo Conde, Guillermo Alday, mixing up the Itxaso Ibarretxe, Amaia Lezcano (baby), Eneko Rodriguez, hipster look in its Gilen Velasco, Iker Lezcano, Ramon Gutierrez El Rio, most mild way Elisa Suárez, Laura Salesa and Unai Romero. and adding fedora hats or other Michael Jackson iconic clothing items, like military style jackets.

"Rural Deco"


CT Magazine - Issue10  

CT Magazine Issue 10 Featuring Pinup & Lingerie model and Burlesque Dancer Frankii Wilde, Fashion Through the Ages, Win a Stars on Mars Neck...

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