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issue 10 SEPT 13

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Welcome to the VINTAGE issue of Creative Talent Magazine Creative Talent, or CT Magazine, is the brain child of North Yorkshire based fashion, advertising and pinup photographer Sean J Connolly.

Vintage is definitely the buzz word of the moment, with today's trends reflecting the glamorous appeal of times gone by. Many of you awesome readers are hugely inspired by the 40s and 50s styles, it made sense to celebrate the nostalgic era and create a vintage issue. I've been overwhelmed by the How Do I Get Involved? EASY! amount of talent and submissions, 1. Like us making this issue one of our biggest to date. For that I say a huge thank you to everyone. 2. Follow us Remember to support the people in 3. Email us your work it, by liking them, following them and generally making them aware you love their work. Also don't forget to share our website If you would like to have your work featured in a future issue get in touch, we are always looking for photographers, models, make up artsts, stylists, designers, writers, bloggers, well you get the idea. So if you want to showcase your work to the world, get in touch.

Sean J Connolly, Editor Becky Magson, Copy Editor


Photographer - Jade Photogaphy Model - Frankii Wilde

I'm honoured to bring you the amazing Frankii Wilde: pinup & lingerie model and burlesque dancer. If you have not seen her work you're missing out! (page 4) The very talented make up artist, Anne Bowcock, shares her visions of fashion and what it has meant through time. (page 24) I am proud to feature the very talented pinup model, October Divine, we are so happy she found time in her busy schedule to let us interview her for this issue. (page 88). Plus, we have once again teamed up with jewellery designers Stars on Mars and this time its your chance to win a very classy necklace. (page 71).





Frankii Wilde - Fashion, Lingerie & Pinup Model


Creative Director / Artist / Photographer




Dewa Ariadi Gallerierz (photographer) / Charlie Norris (model) Robbie (model) / Paula (model) / Justa Saka (model)

Cover Star Frankii Wilde

40 - LONDON / NEWCASTLE DESIGNER Jessica Lucille Tait (designer)

42 - MANCHESTER FASHION PHOTOGRAPHER Jennifer Byron (photographer) Jess Collier (model) / Nina P (model)




Meg Franklin aka Spellbound Imagery (photographer) Nick Danks (model) / Elissa Owen (model)


66 - KNITTY GRITTY KNITS Vicky George (designer)

68 - LONDON HAIR STYLIST / MAKEUP ARTIST Laura-Jane Prisk (muah)



Richard Powazynski (photographer) Little Gem (model) / Bleach Hair Dressing (hair) Just Perfect Ltd (designer) / Bubblegum Vegas (designer)


Lisa Jayne (designer) / Aleksandra Fryzlewicz (mua) Yeray Glez Ortega (photographer) / Rui Jorge (photographer) Isabelle Fernandes (model)

Fashion Through The Ages


Shelly Newnham (photographer) / Alannah Nenham (model)


October Divine (model) / The Pinup Academy (photographer) Boudoir Photography (photogrpaher) Lucky Tiki Photography (photographer)



Photographer - Jade Turnbull Model - Frankii Wilde







I am Frankii Wilde and I am currently based in Newcastle, North East born and bred however my work takes me all over the UK and beyond. A lot of people assume I only work where I live. How did you get into modelling and how long have you been doing it? I find it so difficult to explain as everything that has happened to me in terms of my career all seems to be “happy accidents”. I first started flirting with the camera when I was in art college. I was studying Graphic Design along side a Photography A-LEVEL. We used to stand in as models for each other’s work and my lecturer commented on how well I photographed and my fellow peers would often ask me to model for them. Previous to this I had been a model for a friend's project whilst we were still in school. I would say I have been modeling in a sense for almost 10 years however I started making money from it around 8 years ago. Model

Frankii Wilde


Jade Photography (Jade Turnbull)

Photographer - Jade Turnbull Model - Frankii Wilde


What types of modelling do you do? I usually coin the term “ retro-reproduction model” but I model fashion, Photographers - HD Photography: Craig Devlin & Stuart Henderson beauty, glamour, lingerie, pin up, you name it! As well as photographic I do Model - Nick Danks catwalk, promotional, films, music videos and tv. Have you modelled for any well known brands or names? I have modelled and continue to model for some of the leading brands in retro reproduction clothing such as Miss Fortune & Glamour Bunny. I am also a regular model for the north east’s home grown very own luxury lingerie brand,Tallulah Love. I am also the face of a product called ‘Skinny Sprinkles’ which can be bought from such shops such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols. I spend a lot of time in the studio for clothing so I have to admit... a location shoot is always exciting! It provides you with so much more to work with, whatever the location. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio?

What do your friends and family think of you being a model? Pretty much all my friends are models, photographers, muas, hair stylists and designers. Mostly people I have met along the way however, I'm very fortunate that my best friend since college happened to follow the same path as me. We have been able to help each other out and support each other throughout our careers. It’s very normal to my family, they always knew I wouldn’t end up with a regular job. I think they thought I’d be a rockstar, as that’s what I kept telling them I was going to be! They are very proud and happy that I choose to follow a passion of mine and be able to make a career out of it. My nan actually got a facebook account to follow what I’m up to on my adventures. Photographer - Jade Turnbull Model - Frankii Wilde

Photographer - Jade Turnbull Model - Frankii Wilde

What is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? Furthest I have travelled to date was Milan to work with fashion photographer Lorenzo Paxia. To this day his portraits of me are some of my favourites, to my fans too. What preparations do you do before a shoot? If I can, I try and get a full 8 hrs sleep before a shoot. Sometimes my hectic schedule doesn’t allow this. I’m a professional Burlesque performer too so this can mean late nights of shows with early call times for shoots and film. I make sure my finger & toe nails are prepared according to the brief, drink lots of water and try not to eat any foods that may cause bloating or make you feel sluggish and lethargic. What do you think makes a good model? There is obviously no right or wrong answer to this, however, in my opinion a good model has got to engage the audience in some way or another, whether by expression or poise. The image has got to invite the audience in. You have to play a part just like acting. These are factors that go into the final image, however, it always helps to be polite and courteous. Treat people how you wish to be treated yourself. This will make an ever lasting impression on the whole team involved. What's your favourite shoot you have ever done? My favourite shoot to date, this is a very difficult question! I’m split between a concept photo story I created with Emily Cromarty and Chris Harrison called ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’, and when I travelled to the ‘Pin Up Farm’ to shoot my spread for Tease & Cake Pin Up Magazine’s special edition. Both styles are very different, redneck trailer trash to cheesecake pin up.


Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? I do love the theatrics of Alexander McQueen, which must be the Burlesque in me. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? I’ve been performing Burlesque for over 6 years, I created and run the Headline Honeys Burlesque shows and I recently started up a small venture of making and selling faux rose flower crowns.


I have been performing Burlesque since 2006 and became an international performer in 2009 with my first trip to Milan to perform with Voodoo De Luxe. I am currently finishing my run in 'The Best of Burlesque' at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival produced by Chaz Royal & Betty D'light, the makers of the infamous London Burlesque festival.

My look and style is very classical, I am very reminiscent of the vargas girls from a by gone era.

PHOTOGRAPHY Nadine Burzler Photography

Flower Crowns By Frankii I have only been creating flower crowns foraround 3 months. I initially just started making them for myself but my friends and fans started asking if I could make flower crowns for them too. Being very business savvy this of course made me think, if there a need for them then this could be a little sideline business for myself. I set up an online etsy shop and due to social networking this has created a buzz and the demand keeps growing.


I sell the crowns for between ÂŁ8 & ÂŁ20 depending on the style, and I also take custom requests.


Find out more and buy Flowers Crowns from By Frankii


Aimee Lindsay Photography - North East - UK

Commercial Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER Aimee Lindsay MODEL Fifi Galore CLOTHING Rose & Alice Vintage Boutique No 28 Bar Newcastle LOCATION



Aleksandra Markowska

Fashion Photographer


MODEL Agata Witek PHOTOGRAPHER Aleksandra Markowska


Laura Salesa

Creative Director/Blogger/Journalist

Originally from Santander, Spain, Laura is a multidisciplinary visual artist and writer based in London. After graduating in Advertising and PR, Laura started her professional career in Journalism, working as a TV Reporter and press journalist. Alongside personal projects that involve video directing, singing, creative writing and blogging ( is her own online magazine on creativity and inspiration. Laura jumped into professional Graphic Design around 12 years ago just by chance, and discovered this was a natural career move for her. She currently runs her own creative services business, Laura Salesa Limited, which allows her to work in both fields evenly. “I love Journalism as much as Design. They both aim to communicate and deliver a message, which has been always the main goal with my work and the purpose of my creations.”


Laura admits that the main source of her creative skills came up as a “side effect” of her being extremely shy as a child. “In so many aspects my shyness was the main cause that pushed me to express myself through other ways of communication, like drawing things I saw or daydreaming about situations I was too shy to bring to life. Drawing helped me develop my illustration skills, daydreaming unconsciously served me as creative writing training. (Laura has recently published her first fiction novel in Spanish, Nueva Era). I was not aware of my need for artistic expression until I was in High School. Our Literature teacher gave us the task to write a poem using one of the Spanish classics' rhyme schemes. I came back to class next day with over ten poems written, read them all out loud and got an applause from my classmates.”

MODEL Maria Carmen Amarente CONCEPT / PHOTOGRAPHY / ART Laura Salesa

What are your main creative influences? Over the years I have realised what a big influence my mum has been on my creative skills development. My Mum, as well as my Grandad, used to do oil painting, but aside from the genetic factor, my Mum has shown me how to use my creativity to solve domestic problems and save money. I am the youngest of four children, and for a while our family lived in quite a modest economic situation. I grew up seeing my Mum knitting and stitching our clothes, creating blankets from fabric leftovers, turning old unused clothing into something else. For her it was a cost saving solution, but the creativity behind it was admirable. She could have been a great inventor. These days she travels around with a small pillow she made from an old scarf and some foam from an old mattress.

There are many other artists that have inspired me. I always dreamt about becoming a female version of Da Vinci, to be good at all art disciplines. It still is a dream. I admire people like Dali, Hitchcock, Gene Kelly, Bjork, Edgard Allan Poe, and also Michael Jackson. He was the full idea of being an artist, I've been a fan since I was 9 and he has inspired me in so many aspects and ways beyond my career. How important has Fashion been in your career and your work? I have to admit that I have gone through very different stages in my relationship with Fashion in my life. During my teenage years I just wanted to go against what other teenagers were doing by rebelling against their parents: I didn’t drink or smoke, just simply because the CONCEPT / PHOTOGRAPHY / ART rest did and I found it stupid and reckless. I Laura Salesa preferred to invest the money in buying magazines, records and memorabilia of my MODEL favourite artists. If I ever followed any trends Gilen Velasco back then they were pretty much in blend with my music tastes, so I used to wear R&B or hip hop inspired clothing, t-shirts with printed photos of Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi, Elvis Presley etc. If any of my favourite bands/musicians did a shoot with a particular photographer/stylist I would have an interest in them and read about them (ie Mario Testino or David LaChapelle) and "Vintage Chillout" obviously I would buy any magazine where the shoots were published. I am a huge collector. As for my own influences for my personal looks…I started to wear make up in my early twenties, just because my job back then required that type of look (I worked as a clothing shop assistant for a while), which was when I really started to get more interested in beauty tricks, hair styling and dressing more girly (I used to be against wearing dresses for a looong time). Since I moved to London from Spain back in 2005, my dress style PHOTOGRAPHY / ART has changed Laura Salesa very much, and I enjoy dressing MODELS casual but funky, Jessica Zabala, Eduardo Conde, Guillermo Alday, mixing up the Itxaso Ibarretxe, Amaia Lezcano (baby), Eneko Rodriguez, hipster look in its Gilen Velasco, Iker Lezcano, Ramon Gutierrez El Rio, most mild way Elisa Suárez, Laura Salesa and Unai Romero. and adding fedora hats or other Michael Jackson iconic clothing items, like military style jackets.

"Rural Deco"


How about Photography? Is this part of your daily work? My work involves more of the post-editing in photos: retouching, mixing, photomanipulation and adding some fantasy to ordinary shoots. I love photography but I have directed my career into that field, although I do enjoy working with photographers and attend to photography exhibitions.

"The Photographer"

CONCEPT / PHOTOGRAPHY / ART Laura Salesa MODEL unkown (from early 20s album) What are your current and future projects? I now run my own Design and Comms business, so I am pretty much focused on this at the moment. Also I am working on the English version of my first fiction novel “New Era – The Chronicles of the Revealer” which I published in Spanish last year. I am also currently exhibiting in London’s Finsbury Park Café and have concepts for future artworks that I would like to complete this year. There are also some musical projects in the near future (Laura has recorded vocals for a few songs by her music composer husband: "The draghty jabber” for which she has also directed 2 music videos). But there is never enough time in the day for everything!

Creative Post

Since August 2010 Laura has run her own online magazine, The Creative Post ( Founded in 2010, The Creative Post aims to promote and encourage creativity. The site features artist interviews plus updates on Laura's own creative projects, news of the creative industries and reviews on anything that she might find inspiring or worth writing about. So far, the blog has reached over 75,000 reads by users from all over the world (as of March. 2013).

You can check out the latest creative news at

What's Next?

Many things have happened since I started my professional career back in 2002. From my early experiences as TV Reporter and Press Journalist to a good bunch of years dedicated to providing excellence in Graphic Design for both corporate brands and retail businesses, and in between, I have directed a few music videos and published my very first fiction novel. I've also recorded vocals for a couple of songs, exhibited my digital portrait works around London and I crafted several deco items for my own place. I am a CREATIVE SPIRIT.

To find out more about Laura check out her website


Charlie Lister

Fashion Model

MODEL Charlotte lister PHOTOGRAPHER Andy Bradley MUA Aimee le Masurier


Ashley Charlotte Photography

Fashion Photographer

MODEL Sarah Quinn PHOTOGRAPHER Ashley Charlotte Photography


Andy Wilson - Hastings, Essex - UK

Fashion Photographer




Fashion Through The Ages

Anne Bowcock -

As a makeup artist, there are so many avenues to venture down and finding your creative side can be quite daunting. However, the creative opportunities with makeup are endless, intriguing and inspiring. Finding your own niche and makeup genre can be a struggle as the urge to do a bit of everything is so tempting because you want to ‘show off’ your skills and ability in order to make yourself more marketable. Being multiskilled with different makeup techniques is a plus, however I find a lot of makeup artists do tend to ‘select’ a genre, or fall into one based on working with different makeup artists within that category. For example, Avant Garde, Beauty/Glamour, Bridal, Catwalk or Fashion, Vintage or Stage, Theatre & Special Effects, or having a certain flare and style that they keep referring to and recreating, either way this is how they are producing their best work.

PHOTOGRAPHER Jose Cardoso MUA Anne Bowcock HAIR / STYLIST Jane Bellis MODEL Jenna DRESS Tania Angelis


PHOTOGRAPHER Jose Cardoso MUA Anne Bowcock HAIR / STYLIST Jane Bellis MODEL Jenna DRESS Tania Angelis I myself do like all aspects of makeup, as each genre allows you to demonstrate your own creative flare and interpretation of a look, however I have a passion for (and I am on a mission to bring back) ‘Real Glamour back for Real Women’. Think the Hollywood Golden Era; Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and the likes of those icons. Their look was effortlessly beautiful and shows the ‘less is more’ concept and how the pinup girl style can accentuate a woman’s natural beauty in a sultry yet classy way and this highlights how glamorous a woman can look. In a way, I think I like to mix it up with some Vintage, Glamour and Natural but with a modern day twist - using fashion as inspiration - and I have been dubbed a ‘Fashion Inspired’ makeup artist.

al Glamour for Real Woman" 23

PHOTOGRAPHER Jose Cardoso MUA Anne Bowcock HAIR / STYLIST Jane Bellis MODEL Leanne DRESS Tania Angelis

Because of my passion for ‘Real Glamour for Real Woman’, I decided to produce a charity calendar called ‘Fashion Through The Ages’; showcasing fashion, hair and makeup from the 1920s to present day with a modern twist. This is all in aid of Alder Hey Children’s Charity in Liverpool. The calendar was a collaboration with an award winning hairdresser and fantastic photographer whose artistic flare and imagination is helping to capture the makeup & fashion over the last 90 years in an inspirational way. Not just for other creative specialists but for up and coming makeup artists who, like the rest of us, are always looking for additional inspiration and ideas.

"Hollywood Golden era"

PHOTOGRAPHER Jose Cardoso MUA Anne Bowcock HAIR / STYLIST Jane Bellis MODEL Amy Makeup as well as fashion continues to evolve - sometimes certain trends come back with a different twist or even create something new. Eras and trends cross over offering something different which for a makeup artist is exciting as well as inspiring, as it allows your very own creative skills and your individuality and passion to evolve, develop and inspire others. We are never too old to learn something new, and it is great to share your knowledge and skills with others as it helps us all to develop and stretch ourselves and produce our best work. I have showcased some of the looks from the calendar - we still have a day of shooting left to do - covering some of my favourite looks from the Hollywood Golden era, and as an artist I am extremely excited to see the finished product. So stay tuned and stay beautiful!


Karen Taylor- Kent UK

Fashion Model



PHOTOGRAPHER SamC Pictures MUAH Chelsea Caddick Makeup Artistry

Dollface Janel - UK

Fashion Model 27

What is your name and where are you based? Hi I'm Dewa Ariadi and I'm based in Plymouth, Devon. How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? I started photography about two years when my older brother gave me his old Canon EOS 30D with 50mm lens when I went home to Bali for holiday. I started taking landscape pictures at the time and I was into street photography too. I started taking one of my friends "Inga Drevnicka" modelling pictures last year and I really got into story and model photography ever since. What types of photography do you do? I have tried a little bit of landscape, low key, street and weddings for friends and family in the past 2 years, however I would love to get more into story model photography because I have really enjoyed it.

Have you photographed any well known brands or names? I have photographed my friend's surfboard company called Luke Young Performance Surfboards earlier this year and was published in Surf Europe magazine, which was was my first published photograph. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I prefer shooting on location outdoor or indoor as I find scenery adds to the pictures and it's easier to work my way around, giving me more ideas. I love abandoned buildings like hospitals and schools, and I also like cemeteries for outdoor shoots, especially in the winter. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? My friends & family are very supportive about it & I'm very thankful for it.

Dewa Ariadi Galleri- Plymouth UK

Fashion Photographer

y PHOTOGRAPHY Dewa Ariadi Galleri MODEL Charlie Norris


"The Landlord" idea happened when me and my work collegue, Robbie Woods. went to his friend's pub one morning this year, and we took the shots before the pub was open. I asked Paula, the Landlady, if she could be in the shots too. I don't remember how the gun idea showed up on my mind at the time though, however we did have fun times on this shoot and created some great photographs.

PHOTOGRAPHY Dewa Ariadi Galleri

MODEL Robbie & Paula

"The Landlord" "The Visitor"

PHOTOGRAPHY Dewa Ariadi Galleri

MODEL Justa Saka

What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I mainly shoot around the Plymouth area, however I would love to travel further in the future. What preparations do you do before a shoot? Charging my battery, format my cards, clean my camera & lenses. Most of the ideas come in my mind spontaneously and I hardly plan what I need. What do you think makes a good photographer? To me, a good photographer is a person who has their own creativity, good personality, knowledge of the camera and have their own photography style. Whats your favorite shoot you have ever done? One of my favorite shoot was when i took my friend inga photograph at place called nun cross farm in devon , the weather was dry however the wind was very strong , she hardly can open her eyes , we ended up staying roughly around 15 minutes for the shoot & i managed to get some pictures i wanted it & really pleased for it. Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? I like Paco Rabanne because their advert's song is cool! Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? I would like to thank CT magazine for publishing my pictures and giving me the opportunity for this interview, and many thanks to my friends & family for supporting me with my photography all the way, and thank you to all the fabulous models I have been working with.


Gemma Cullen - UK

Fashion/Pinup Model

PHOTOGRAPHY My Boudoir Makeover Photography MODEL Gemma Cullen MUAH Sarah Elliott


MODEL Ksenija Erlica PHOTOGRAPHER Irena Kabelis

Irena Kabelis - Plymouth UK

contemporary beauty and portrait photographer

Hannah Joseph - Newcastle UK Fashion Photographer

MODEL Felicity Switch


Jacqueline Ingle - NSW Australia - Fashion Pho

"Sunkissed Seasons" 36

otographer MODELS LeighJenna Maric Katherine French Mollie Flynn PHOTOGRAPHER Jacqueline Ingle MUA Jessica Hicks HAIR Siarn Ward


Jessica Lucille Tait - London / -

What is your name and where are you based? Jessica Lucille Tait – originally from Newcastle – residing in London but I work in both London and Newcastle.

How did you get into fashion designing and how long have you been doing it? I have been working for 9 years and I started as a young child designing wedding dresses. What types of fashion do you design? Statement pieces for the female wardrobe inspired by 20th century time periods. Incorporating suits, shirts and work wear. Have you worked with any well known designers or names? AMH – Ashley Marc Hovelle and Catharina Eden. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I like both – They both give a different feel of creativity and energy. What do your friends and family think of you being a designer? They love it – they feel that it is my true vocation. What is the furthest place you have travelled for a show? Paris

/ Newcastle - Fashion Designer

- @JLucilleT - What do you think makes a good designer? Passion, Creativity and Drive.

What's your favourite collection/design you have ever done? My most recent collection. My favourite era is the ‘Edwardian’ and I spent a great deal of time researching and drawing inspiration which was not only fun and enjoyable but enhanced my knowledge deeply. Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? Coco Chanel – she completely transformed the way women dress. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself and your work? I offer a bespoke, made to measure service on all products including a bespoke shirt service.

To find out more about Jessica Lucille Tait check out her website


Jennifer Byron -

MODELS Jess Collier Nina P

Hi, my name is Jennifer Byron, I am a photographer based in Manchester, UK. I initially got into foundation year between college and uni. I started off in the darkrooms and then progressed My main passion is fashion photography. I enjoy photographing and meeting new people. I f photograph much more interesting that photographing anything else. I also love fashion in ge shoots myself. I do have a soft spot for vintage everything too!

I have photographed a few alternative brands and names and I've worked with latex extraord her brand Eustratia, as well as many accessory companies. I'm currently trying to build up my portfolio and have worked with a few models from various agencies. I prefer shooting outdoo lighting and at the moment I only have a small studio set up at home.

Everyone supports me and are always complimentary about my work, which is fab. My partne so we discuss everything to do with photography all the time. I mainly shoot in the north west E travel for the right shoot as I'd love to travel around various countries with a model and find un usually the one to organise most of a shoot, so I'll have to organise all the people involved in t suitable time and place for it all to take place which can be very tricky! I always have inspirati which I'll share and I sometimes make my own props and accessories for the shoot too!

I've become a better photographer over time, I think it always works to keep shooting and pra collaborate with people on shoots and never try to force my ideas onto the other people invo a favourite shoot, though I do remember a couple of awful ones which thankfully are well out shoots. As for my favourite images I'm very happy with a few of my recent photographs which I'm always striving to become better.

I love the designs of Christopher Kane, his designs are so unique and I love the fact he collab many other designers, I know) as it makes his designs affordable for the likes of me! I do howe know and independent designers.

I am in the process of starting up a wedding photography venture with my partner Gavin Rolp so keep your eyes peeled for that! 40


- Manchester - Fashion Photographer

o photography in my d into digital at University. find taking peoples eneral so love styling

dinaire Stacey Black with y fashion/commercial ors as I love natural

er is also a photographer England area though I'll nique locations. I'm the shoot and find a ion images somewhere

acticing. I like to olved. I don't really have tnumbered by the fun h I think is a good sign as

borated with Topshop (like ever love so many well

ph called 'Shoot the Bride'

James "Smokey" Caverhill - Dorn Ridge, Ne

smokeycaverh 42

MODEL Meaghan Underhill Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada SHOOT ASSISTANT Brandi Gray Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada LOCATION Keswick River Farms Inc., Keswick, New Brunswick Canada

ew Brunswick, Canada - Fashion Photographer


MODELS Hayley Baines Roisin

Tilly Paul

Georgia Kate

MUAs Wing Babi

Shreya Azra


WWII Living History by Bryan Heim

Using a Pentax camera, given to Bryan by his father, Bryan jumped at the idea of taking photographs of almost anything! Friends, family and aircraft became instant subjects of a growing passion to capture moments on film. While attending Portland Community College, Bryan completed basic and advanced photography classes, in addition to majoring in Graphic Design.

Location: HISTORIC FLIGHT FOUNDATION {Paine Field} Impression: WWII Rosie the Riveter Model: CaityCat Historical Research & Continuity: Christopher Miller Wardrobe: Bryan Heim Photographer: Bryan Heim

Creative from day one, Bryan has always been the consummate artist and thinker. Walking at 8 months, Bryan has not stopped since. Bryan adds a tremendous artistic talent to every photograph, design or project he takes on. Exuding an unparalleled passion for his visions and creativeness behind the camera lens, as if the photograph to come all ready existed in his mind before clicking the shutter.

Lingerie, Lifestyle and More

Over the last 25 years, Bryan has photographed and created design work for companies such as Lanphere Construction & Development, Waggener Edstrom Public Relations, Microsoft, McDonalds, Boeing, Victoria's Secret, Master Card, Flightline Fabrications, LLC, Bluth Family Medicine, Riders & Sliders, Oregon Hockey Officials Association, Warhawk Air Museum, Historic Warbirds, LLC, Jeff Hinds Photography, 5 Hole Photography, Mike Cook Properties, J-DUB Surfboards & the Portland Winterhawks. In May of 2013, Bryan completed his fifteenth season as a team photographer for the Western Hockey League Champion Portland Winterhawks Hockey team.

Living History Group

In the Spring of 2012 Bryan joined the Living History Group “Historical Aviation Guild” based in the Northwest United States. Focusing on WWII Living History the “HAG” group quickly became a new found passion for Bryan with its members owning and wearing authentic WWII Army Air Corps uniforms. Built upon relationships with museum owners such as John Sessions of the Historic Flight Foundation in Mukilteo, Washington, The Paul Family in Nampa, Idaho with the Warhawk Air Museum, clients and peers, Bryan soon set out to photograph the HAG group in uniform with WWII Aircraft across the Northwest. Today, Bryan has catalogued over 10,000 WWII & Vintage Living History photographs with a focus on vintage processing and treatment. Location: TILLAMOOK AIR MUSEUM Aircraft: B-17 Flying Fortress “Chuckie” Impression: WWII B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber Crew Models: HAG Living History {Historical Aviation Guild} Historical Research & Continuity: Christopher Miller, Rob Baughman & Jeff Bomsted Wardrobe: George Bowling Photographer: Bryan Heim


What's Next?

Today, Bryan owns multiple companies including Bryan Heim Photography, Oregon Air Photo (w/Jeff Hinds) & Flightline Fabrications. Bryan spends the fall & spring months photographing sports, primarily hockey, and during the summer months photographing Living History, Aviation & Commercial Projects.

Location: WARHAWK AIR MUSUEM – Nampa, Idaho Aircraft: Bird Cage P-51c Mustang “Boise Bee” Impression: WWII Ace Duane Beeson & Crew Chief Willard Wahl Models: aka Captain Miller {pilot} & Jason Schillereff {crew chief} Historical Research & Continuity: Christopher Miller Wardrobe: Christopher Miller Photographer: Bryan Heim

Final Thought

Bryan is an amazing photographer, and unlike most of the fashion world he manages to combine his love of history with his design and photography skills to make something special. It has been our pleasure to bring Bryan Heim to our readers. CT Magazine

Location: HISTORIC FLIGHT FOUNDATION {Paine Field} Impression: WWII RCAF Pilot Model: Dave Zoppa Historical Research & Continuity: Dave Zoppa Wardrobe: Dave Zoppa Photographer: Bryan Heim

Location: MVPA 2013 National Convention (Oregon) Impression: Vintage Pin-Up with WWII Harley Davidson Model: Sammie Marie Historical Research & Continuity: Sammie Marie Wardrobe: Sammie Marie Photographer: Bryan Heim

Location: Ft. Stevens Historical Site {Oregon Coast} Impression: WWII 113th Cavalry - Normandy, France Model: Eric Porter Photographer: Bryan Heim 49

Junior Ayub -Middlesbro

50 www.faceboo

MODELS Jasmine Isis Raine PHOTOGRAPHER Junior Ayub MUA Samina Sarmad Pro Mua pArtist

ough - Fashion Photographer

COSTUME Alison Toner


John Ivey - Fa

jayjayphotograp 52


ashion Photographer


PHOTOGRAPHER Karen Brookes MODELS Laura Grey Louise Kemp ASSISTANT Andy Dunning


Karen Brookes - UK

Fashion Photographer


Kate McConrey - NEWCASTLE - UK Fashion Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER Kate McConrey MODEL Delilah Devil

Kellie Waller (wallertography) - UK

Fashion Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER Kellie Waller MODEL Le-Ann Vickers


MODELS Nick Danks - Elissa Owen -

Meg Franklin (Spellbound Imagery) - 58

After a lifetime of loving all aspects of photography, I am now blessed to have the time and space to dedicate to my passion. Being self taught and never losing the excitement of working on new ideas I am 100% sure I am on the right path.

My main love lies with portraiture as the real beauty is found in many places that some wouldn't even think of looking in. If I can evoke some kind of feeling from someone looking at one of my images then I've done my job. Working with Elissa and Nick just made the day so much easier as they know how each other will react from the tiniest turn or look, they interact perfectly as a couple, and it shows in the images we produced.

- Sunderland - Fashion Photographer



Kelsey Pearse - New South Wales, Australia

Fashion Model

MUA Kelsey Pearse PHOTOGRAPHER Bruce Thomas MUAH Alyssa Beencke


PHOTOGRAPHER James Eldridge MODEL Tellie Feather


James Eldridge MODEL - Folkestone - Portr Antony Van Leemputten 足 w 62

rait, Event and Wedding Photographer


Knitty Gritty Knits By Vicky George

www.facebook.c What is Knitty Gritty Knits?

From designer Vicky George comes Knitty Gritty Knits, a new range of Urban Clothing using knitwear and fabrics. Inspired by the raw attitude of the streets, graffiti and the fashion forward generation. Garments are rich in texture and dimension, hand crafted and individually designed. 64


Vicky George and her brother, photographer Samuel George, team up to promote the brand and create shots that will bring a unique look to the urban knitwear. Being siblings has its advantages. "Working together means we are able to push each other further than if we had the constraints of others within our industries. We can discuss new ideas and together look for the type of models and locations that work best" says Vicky. Vicky also believes that Knitty Gritty Knits is unlike any other. "You don't see comfortable, colourful knitwear inspired by what people in the streets would wear, so this is what has made me create such a vibrant and unique look."


Photography By Samuel George 65

Laura-Jane Prisk

London Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

I’m a hair stylist and makeup artist working in and around London, having graduated in hairdressing from the City of Bristol College in 2011. Since then, I have completed various makeup courses whilst furthering my practical training with top salons in both Bristol and London. I’m currently working freelance and for a mobile agency offering hair and beauty services for a variety of clients in top hotels.

Over the past 12 months I have expanded my portfolio with a range of photo shoots and events, including PHOTOGRAPHER location and studio work. The Sam Bartle - highlights of my career thus far include being the makeup MODEL artist for classical pianist Georgina Collins Maxim on his music video 'The Godfather', for dance anthem singer Rozalla, working on top fashion shows at Pacha London and Headkandi and working backstage at the Hall for Cornwall. Another highlight was working with Miss Galaxy Cornwall UK 2012/13 who went on to win Miss Charity at Face of the Globe 2013. Although I offer a vast range of services such as wedding hair and makeup, editorial and styling for television, (my work has recently been seen on America's NBC news with Natalie Morales) my passion lies in combining my love of beauty and history working on vintage shoots and looks of the era. I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiration and always have a ton of ideas.

I love working in studios for editorial work as I think the style is generally simplistic, yet effective. However, I prefer working on location as it helps add to the authenticity of the pictures, and I just think you can engage the viewer more by creating a story. My friends and family always have been supportive of me whatever I do and I owe a lot to my mum for helping me choose my direction in life, as to begin with I started a university degree in psychology before following my passion in hair and makeup.

PHOTOGRAPHER Sharron Sidney MODEL Katie Mcloughlin STYLING

Silly Old Sea Dog

Although I now live in London, I still travel to Cornwall to do weddings and other special occasions. It’s always nice to go home and catch up with my family and friends.

The key to a successful shoot is research, research, research! It’s so

important to make sure you’re on the same page as the people you’re going to be working with, and the more research you do, the more you have to offer the photographer and model(s).

The most important ingredient to being a successful makeup artist is passion. Each day as a makeup artist will be different from

the last, and you need to view it not only as your job but as a creative outlet too.

Don’t wait for opportunities to come to you, go out and look for them and good things will happen. In the future, I’d like to see myself working on advertisements for top designers such as Michael Kors, as I think he’s extremely talented. At the moment though, I’m enjoying the direction in which my career is heading. Who knows what the future will hold?

PHOTOGRAPHER Sharron Sidney MODEL Katie Mcloughlin STYLING Silly Old Sea Dog PHOTOGRAPHER Joe Wilde MODEL Gemma Molton STYLING Limelite

PHOTOGRAPHER Joe Wilde MODEL Katie Mcloughlin del STYLING Limelite


Kevin Chiswell - Plymouth - UK

Fashion Photographer

Kevin Chiswell


MODEL Stevie Roxanne

Win a Stars on Mars Necklace

We are proud to once again work with Alesha at Stars on Mars. This time, not only are we bringing you her awesome Vintage range, but you have the chance to win a necklace - how cool is that?!

You Could WIN This 1970s vintage pendant on a modern snake chain Everything about the 1970s was bigger and bolder than the previous decades. From big hairstyles to flamboyant clothing and eye-catching jewellery, ‘the bigger the better’ was the trend to follow. Jewellery was more influenced by nature in the 1970s than ever before. Designers and crafters longed to connect with purer elements like hemp and natural stones, promoting a more peaceful existence and connection to the natural world. Darker colours also gained popularity during this decade, in stark contrast to the bright orange, lime green and yellow shades that were so popular in the 1960s. A very popular jewellery style from the time period was to place a large oval shaped natural stone on a metal bezel. This particular vintage bezel pendant from the 1970s was one of about seven my Mother had in her collection throughout my childhood. Recently, on a whim (and my lucky day) she gifted them all to Stars on Mars. I’m continuing the trend of generosity and gifting one lucky CT Magazine reader one of my vintage pendants in honour of this issue’s Vintage theme. This particular pendant is a darkly coloured jasper stone set on an antique silver bezel, with beautiful strains of hunter green, cream, and burgundy, perfect for the fall. Whoever wins it will have a little bit of heart, soul and history. Good luck!

How to Enter

To enter your chance to WIN this one of a kind necklace all you need to do is the following: 1. Follow us on Twitter - 2. Follow Stars on Mars on Twitter - 3. Send a tweet to @CT_FashionMag @SOMJ_Sparkles saying why you should win the necklace Also watch for the ReTweets to Wins from @CT_FashionMag and @SOMJ_Sparkles


Richard Powazynsik - Whitley Bay - UK Fashion Photographer

What is your name and where are you based? Hi my name is Richard Powazynski and I'm based in the North East in Whitley Bay. How did you get into photography and how long have you been doing it? I began taking photographs when I left to work overseas 2 years ago, when just before leaving I purchased my first entry level DSLR, a Canon 1000D as it was on offer. Whilst traveling I slowly started to learn how to use my camera – I mainly photographed landscapes as I didn’t feel comfortable photographing people. After a while I decided to try and enrol in a short course to learn to use the other features of my camera. I saw a local photographer was offering an introduction to photography course so I signed up. I was given access to a lot of up-to-date books, which further taught me about my camera and composition. At this point, I started to notice a difference in my photography which inspired me to continue to learn as much as I could. The Christmas just gone I came back to the UK and decided whilst home to try and push myself in a new direction, so I signed up for a workshop in London with professional photographer Benjamin Wong. It was a 2 day fashion conceptual shoot and I learned about putting together collaborative photo shoots; working with models and designers, using lighting, photoshop and lots more. I felt it was a turning point for me as I had not only found a style of photography I wanted to pursue but my images were of a much higher standard than I had been previously producing and the positive feedback reflected that.

OTOGRAPHER ard Powazynski




ach Hair Dressing

ELLERY blegum Vegas

PHOTOGRAPHER Richard Powazynski MODEL Little Gem OUTFIT / HEADPIECE Just Perfect Ltd HAIR Bleach Hair Dressing JEWELLERY Bubblegum Vegas

What types of photography do you do? I predominantly shoot fashion and conceptual imagery but I shoot commercial and wedding photography too. Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I have a preference for location shoots as I like the challenge and I feel they add another dimension to my images. What do your friends and family think of you being a photographer? I get a lot of support from my family and friends, they love seeing my work and are very proud of me. What areas do you cover and what is the furthest place you have travelled for a shoot? I cover the North East of the UK but I also travel nationwide for shoots. Locations I've shot in include London, Birmingham and Edinburgh. What preparations do you do before a shoot? Prior to a shoot I research the location and ensure the team is fully prepared. In terms of my equipment I ensure my camera is in working order and fully charged. I check I have everything I I might need and that my memory cards are emptied and formatted. On location before shooting I talk specifically with the model about the concept, posing and locations. What do you think makes a good photographer? In terms of the photography, having an appreciation for things such as light, shadow, texture, form and colour can help a lot. A willingness to keep learning also helps to further enhance your skills and creativity. But more personally being able to communicate effectively with the team is crucial as is having patience and a keen eye for detail. What's your favourite shoot you have ever done? One of my favourites was a recent shoot I did up in Northumberland; we used a lot of smoke on set and also the model climbed up into the waterfall despite it being freezing cold!


Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? Some of my favourite fashion designers include Alexander McQueen and Thierry Mugler, however a little more closer to home one of my favourite designers is Christopher Niari.

HAIR Bleach Hair Dressing

PHOTOGRAPHER Richard Powazynski MODEL Little Gem

Just Perfect Ltd

MUA Little Gem


PHOTOGRAPHER : Emil Stancu ( CLIENT: Mireasa Anului (

Kristel Pillkahn - UK

Fashion Model

PHOTOGRAPHER Jenny McAvoy MODEL Kristel Pillkahn CLOTHING Agape's Wedding gowns (Cheshire) MUAH One Beautiful Day HEADPIECE Port Out Starboard Home LOCATION Thornton Hall Hotel


Charlotte Wells Vintage Candles

I am Charlotte Wells, I’m almost 18 and I’m based mainly in Hartlepool.

My passion for vintage items started when I landed myself with a Saturday job at 14 in a vintage clothing shop, I loved the quirky and unique clothing and items in the shop. I’ve always been creative and enjoyed studying arty subjects so decided to take this to my advantage by earning money while studying.

My candles began when my Nana was planning to give a full box of vintage china to charity and the idea spiralled from there! I invested in wax, colours and scents and began creating at home, not only using china teacups but other unusual vessels too! I originally sold to family and friends, then went on to sell them in my Mum’s coffee lounge; No.33 in Hartlepool.

My displays are usually themed like a vintage tea party, I use doylies, cute cake stands and ribbon to present my housewares. Within no time I had sold all my stock and found myself hunting in charity shops for more china to keep up with the demand. I recently displayed and sold my range at a ‘vintage summer soiree’ alongside Tallulah Love and Call me Betty vintage and by request I set up a Facebook page selling my wares.

Millie Bell - Newcastle - UK

Fashion Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER Millie Bell MODEL Emily Mahoney WARDROBE STYLIST Vintageous Rags


PHOTOGRAPHER Rebecca Raistrick MUA Leanne Cowie HAIR Zoe Heseltine


Laura Princess Pandora / Laura Jayne Carson DRESS Anh Mao - Mao Couture Bridal LOCATION Livellos Bar Newcastle

Leanne Cowie - Newcastle - UK

Make Up Artist


The Alfonse Mucha Project

The Team

Hat Designer - Lisa Jayne - Lisa creates one of a kind hats & fascinators using vintage materials sourced throughout England, keen to follow the 1940s philosophy of "Make do & mend" or today's equivalent of "Reduce...Re-use...Recycle". Lisa is keen to use ethically sourced fabrics and wherever possible tries to find new uses for old objects. Lisa loves the opportunity to make designs out of objects others would throw away. Inspiration can come from anywhere, from a walk in the park to a visit to a gallery or whilst out shopping. Lisa loves historical costumes & loves to use elements of historical reference in her designs, her hats have been described as beautiful works of wearable art. Specialising in fabric manipulation she creates unique textures to form headpieces. Having learnt the traditional arts of beading, embroidery, printing, weaving and theatrical millinery her designs are unique and always attract attention. As a designer Lisa enjoys the creative freedom to create unique bespoke hats & head-wear. Her slogan is 'Fabulous hats for Fabulous people'. Lisa never follows trends, she prefers to think outside the box. If you want to look amazing you first need to establish what suits you and then take an element of the fashion trend and incorporate that into your design so that you feel fashionable but still feel like you. Make Up Artist: Aleksandra Fryzlewicz - Aleksandra Fryzlewicz is a professional make-up artist & nail artist. She has been trained by one of the industry's leading professionals, Louise Constad. “I always had a passion for makeup & nails, which led me to study beauty & make-up” she says. I have worked within the industry for over eight years and I don’t feel like I will ever stop. What is different about my make up? I believe that nobody should be covered by a mask made from make up, instead they should wear make up that will reveal their beauty. Aleksandra's passion shines through every image of her work. Photographer: Rui Jorge - Rui, 23, originally from Madeira in Portugal, came to the UK 2 years ago, where he is now based in London. He started photography in 2006, mostly self taught, he has assisted other photographers to gain experience, and is currently studying BA Photography at Middlesex University. His passion for photography began at a young age. Photographer's Assistant: Yeray Glez Ortega Model: Isabelle Fernandes -


Michelle Reynolds aka Pinklili


PHOTOGRAPHER John Howcroft photography MODEL Pinklilith

th -Hampshire - Fashion Model



Rhiannon D'Averc - St Albans - UK

Fashion and Portrait Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER Rhiannon D'Averc aka Petrol Cap Studio MODEL Kavita Sethi MUA / STYLIST Nilpa Keshwala

Paul Gibbs - Bromley - UK

Fashion and Portrait Photographer


MODEL Jen Brook 83

Shelly Newnham - North Ea


PHOTOGRAPHER Shelly Newnham MODEL Alannah Newnham

Shelly (the photographer)

Having just completed a two year photography course, I decided I wanted to compose and create my own style of vintage photographs. Recently, I have produced a variety of vintage fashion images covering various eras. I have now discovered that vintage is perfect for me, as each shoot is very individual, allowing my creativity and style to be incorporated with my work.

ast - Fashion Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER Shelly Newnham MODEL Alannah Newnham

PHOTOGRAPHER Shelly Newnham MODEL Alannah Newnham

PHOTOGRAPHER Shelly Newnham MODEL Alannah Newnham

Alannah (the model)

Alannah Newnham has worked with me previously on vintage fashion shoots and we both share a passion for retro. Alannah wishes to pursue a career in fashion journalism after college. I sourced some 1960/70s dresses at local charity shops and vintage fairs.Alannah used her own 1950s vintage pink prom dress. The prom shoot was taken in a garden and the poppy field was near Bedale


October Divine - Staffordshire


What is your name and where are you based? My name is October DiVine, I’m a highly experienced and internationally published model and joint Academy from Lichfield Staffordshire in the UK

How did you get into modelling and how long have you been doing it? The first time I ever modelled was when I was a teenager but due to bullying and lack of confidence I’m a different person now, I’ve learnt to love myself and not let what others think stop me achieving

What types of modelling do you do? I mainly specialise in Vintage and Cheesecake Pin Up but I don’t think you should pigeon hole yourse I also model alternative fashion, latex, boudoir and lingerie.

I’m also a qualified make-up artist and run “The Pinup Academy” with my Husband “Si Pinup Pictures Rockafella”. At The Academy we coach and train Pin Up Models, organize photo shoots and help pr photographers alike. I also front "The Pin Up Dolls", the Academy's leading Pin Up ladies of the UK.

If you would like to book any of our ladies for any modelling, events or corporate promotional work th

Have you modelled for any well known brands or nam Yes I have, I have modelled for Stockings and Romance, Limb Corsets, Wonderland wigs and many other brands which I alw

Do you prefer working on location or in a studio? I prefer location shoots as they offer so much more to work wi always a nice option in the winter months if you’re shooting in

What do your friends and family think of you being a My husband, children and family totally support my work and also in the industry supports my work but some of my friends f mom and wife would do but I love it and that’s all that matte

What is the furthest place you have travelled for a sho So far I have only worked around the UK but I’m hoping next y USA!!

PHOTOGRAPHER Boudoir Photography MODEL October Divine

What preparations do you do before a shoot? My preparations always start the evening before a shoot, I pin have my bag and any clothing packed and ready and make so I arrive on time!! I do my make up before I leave for a shoo sure my skin is clean and fresh. What do you think makes a good model? Attitude and professionalism… attention to detail is a must!!

What’s your favourite shoot you have ever done? It’s a close call between a commercial shoot I did earlier this Finesse or the Stockings and Romance shoot also with SINder

UK - Vintage and Pinup Model owner of The Pinup

e I never followed my dream. my dreams and goals.

elf to any particular genre, so

” and best friend “SINderella romote models and

The Pinup Academy PHOTOGRAPHER

MODEL October Divine

hen get in touch...

mes? b Clothing, Pin Up UK, Wyte Phantom ways enjoy doing.

ith but I can’t complain about studios as they are n underwear!!

model? d they are very proud of me. My close friend who is find it a little different as it’s not the normal job a ers.

oot? year we will be taking The Pinup Academy to the

n curl my hair and set it over night. I make sure I e sure I have the details of where I’m going sorted ot or if I’m having it done for me at a shoot I make

year with my girl SINderella Rockafella for Auto rella and the gorgeous Lucy Fur.

PHOTOGRAPHER The Pinup Academy

MODEL October Divine


PHOTOGRAPHER Lucky Tiki Photography MODEL October Divine

Who is your favourite fashion designer and why? I don’t have a favourite designer, I have so many different items of clothing including Vintage that I tend to go with what looks and fits great instead of a brand or design. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? I think it is very important to enjoy your job and I think the quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” is true with what I am doing right now!... Everything I do shapes the path I take in life and out of these experiences I hope to become a stronger, more positive person who can be looked at as a role model for females old and young and show that being pale and wearing big knickers can be sexy!!! Any ladies who see my photos or read this and think I would love to do that or are even wanting to start or push their modelling careers then we can help you here at The Pinup Academy. We offer “Model Coaching and Mentoring days” so check out our website for a course near you soon!!

PHOTOGRAPHER Retro Air Photography MODEL October Divine

Contact me for bookings on You can find all my work here


Paul Castleton (Castleton Photographic

PHOTOGRAPHER Paul Castleton (Castleton Photographic) MODEL Miss Storm

c) - Suffolk UK - Fashion Photographer



Laura Henson - Pensacola, Flori


ida USA - Fashion Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER Laura Henson Photography MODEL Lauren Alidor MUA Alaina Mitchell Makeup Art STYLIST Laura Henson / Sara Hubmann FLORAL Patricia Wilkinson


Paul Hambleton - UK

Fashion Photographer

PHOTOGRAPHER Paul Hambleton MODEL Meghan

Ruby Heels - UK

Fashion Model

PHOTOGRAPHER Jez Brown Photography MODEL Ruby Heels HAIR Sarah's Doo-Woop Do's FUR STOLES Lil Mischief Retro CLOTHES Rose-Tinted Vintage - Bedford


Sensual Touch Photography - UK

Fashion Photography

PHOTOGRAPHER Sensual Touch Photography MODEL Julie Hawkins MUAH Julie Hawkins

TJ du Plessis ( Procapture) - Essex - UK Fashion Photography

PHOTOGRAPHER Procapture MODEL Meaghan O'Neil


Violet Ecstasy - West Midlands

PHOTOGRAPHER Claire Seville MODEL Violet Ecstasy MUAH GypsyLady Makeup

UK - Fashion / Lingerie Model



Yaasmin - London UK Fashion Model

MODEL Yaasmin PHOTOGRAPHER Jane Kelly MUA Mandy Elizabeth DRESS Jessica Lousie Dress Hire


Vicky Robinson - UK

Make Up Artist

PHOTOGRAPHER Amethyst photography MODEL Kate Ashley MUAH Vicky Robinson

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