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SHORT STORY: UNTITLED Alex Falase-Koya “ RIVE!” I screamed to James and he responded by slamming his foot down, the black car‟s wheels spun and then the car shot forward like a bullet from a gun. I sat in the back seat trying to trying to put my best friend back together, but I couldn‟t move. The situation was clear to me but I couldn‟t comprehend it: the bandages on my lap, the hole in the middle of my friend‟s chest, his broken body that lay in front of me on leather seats and the blood. The endless pouring of the red liquid out from his wound and his mouth, the liquid didn‟t concern me as much as the words that tumbled out with them.


“Please, don‟t let me die.” Daniel said in a weak voice, his words chilled me to the bone and this only served to extend my hesitation in the face of my friend‟s potential death. “Alex, where do I go?” James said his voice urgent. I looked up but my mind was in an ice age, I opened my mouth but no words came out. It was like I was underwater. I could hear all of his words but they came to me blurred and slow. Suddenly I felt heat at my right cheek, a crimson painted hand. “I believe in you.” Daniel whispered, and his words melted my paralysis away. Suddenly I was in control of our fates again. “James, drive to the closest safe house.” I said calmly, the waves that had once washed me away hadn‟t changed but I had; I could surf on them now. I tore into the package of bandages on my lap and began to tend to Daniel. He moaned as I wrapped the bandages round his chest, and then in a fleeting look I scanned the area outside the window. We were on the highway. We were on the final stretch. I glanced down at Daniel‟s body, the bleeding was slowing down; it looked like he would live. My heart leapt inside my black suit. And then at the exact moment that everything looked as good as it would ever get in my screwed up life, it happened. The combined feelings of spiralling and falling had induced a weightless like sensation in my mind, and it sounded like everything that could have been broken in the car broke at that exact same time. I didn‟t have to see who had caused the collision but I already knew his name, Blaine. He was the one who had caused this, and now he had followed us to finish the job. I suddenly remembered Daniel‟s injuries. I needed to return to Blaine the favour he had shown one of my best friends. I reached out with my fists to knock aside the now broken car door but James had fought his way through the wreckage that was our car before me: he would go into battle first. And so I was left to tend to a comatose Daniel. I checked his pulse to find it weak, and worry like dark clouds began to swirl around my head; this battle had to be ended quickly. Blaine stood in a pinstriped suit with a broad human like smile painted across his face. It was the only remotely humane thing about him. His very manner emanated death. I began to watch the fight through the window; I could see that James had already put on his white gloves, his weapon against the dark, his artefact. He threw the first punch even though it was too fast for me to see Blaine must have seen the white fist because he dodged it, way to easily for anyone watching to have any thoughts about him being human. And then he retaliated and his hit was explosive, it soared through the air and struck James before either he or I could register any movement. I winced as I saw James drop onto one knee and spit out blood, the force of that hit would have killed a normal human, but we weren‟t normal. James stood up and threw another punch but Blaine easily leaned to the side like a bamboo stick, and then his arm blurred again. James‟s head flew backwards as a spray of blood flew up into the air but he didn‟t fall, he took a step backwards to steady


himself and then he retaliated with everything he had. It grew into an exchange with both of them throwing lightning fast punches that sent gusts of air flying but only one side were achieving hits, I wanted to step in but somehow i was mesmerised by . And so I watched until the final blow, it shook James‟s blood streaked face like an earthquake and then he flew back onto the deserted highway. This was the final straw; I took out my artefact, my revolver. I was prepared to blast open the jammed shut car door when I heard a voice come from within the darkness of the car. “He‟s here isn‟t he, let me fight him, let me finish it.” Daniel said feebly, I could hear him taking out his own artefact, a long katana. I ignored him and finished blasting open the door, he wouldn‟t die tonight, I wouldn‟t let it happen. And so I went out into the cold night air to face the murderer that stood waiting for me. “So how many of your friends have I killed tonight,” Blaine said in light tone that refused to betray any sign of the dark subject that he spoke of “because by my count it‟s ten.” A roar emerged from me like lava from a volcano and I drew my revolver and shot into the figure that had caused me so much pain tonight. And he vanished. Into the darkness that had spawned him. But I knew he would be back, I knew that in a few moments he would come out of the darkness to end it all. And in that moment I was scared. On the plus side it was only a moment of fear until it happened. there was a sudden blur in front of me and then all I could I see was the grey road and all I could feel was pain, it rippled out from the centre of my face whilst a warm flow of liquid pumped steadily out from it. The cold and hard highway suddenly felt as soft as pillows that kissed my cheek seductively trying the invite me to sleep instead of rising to fight my enemy. My eyelids gradually began to crawl towards a close, I mean what was so wrong in something that my body- no my very soul needed. But then why couldn‟t I sleep, why couldn‟t I let the shadows devour my consciousness and drift away into temporary death that was sleep. A series of words hovered around my head like angry wasps preventing me from my slumber and stinging my mind with questions. Retreat? Surrender? Suffer? Be broken? Get wasted? Give up what I started? Fail and let everyone I love die? A flash flood of anger encapsulated me within it and in one word I realised the answer to those questions. “NO!” I screamed out into the cold night air as I rose to my full height once again. Blaine‟s back was turned towards me as he walked towards the car. My arm rose and I squeezed hard onto the trigger of my gun, a mini explosion came from my hand as I sent a piece of hot lead spiralling towards his spine. But even that was too slow; he twirled elegantly out of the way and in a split second he was in front of me. My jaw hardened as I steeled myself for what would probably be our final clash of the night, I had lost all our previous skirmishes but I knew that this one had to be different. Losing wasn‟t an option. To be continued.


THE FORGOTTEN HERO Daniel Tremlett The harsh icy wind cracks his dry skin, freezing him to the bone. The stained white sky glumly watches over him. His old tired heart forces the blood around his living corpse. Boom … boom … boom … boom … The priest recites the same sermon that he has done since…...his thoughts crawl back to what seems like an ancient yesterday. Shells spit past his ears, he can barely hear them over the roar of the mechanical dragons which soar above him. Through the blood soaked barbed wire and rotting corpses he sees his enemy. Slowly he steadies his arm, his hand shaking like an Autumn leaf. Closing his eye he takes his aim and…. It‟s his time to step forward and lay down his…wreath. The brutal wind steals his tear. Just a single tear. He moves back and takes his “correct” place. Again, he remembers… The mud. The rats. The disease. The glory? He sees her on the other front; the years have raped her of her beauty. Her once beautiful, rosy, smooth face is now a sagged vein-ridden maze. Tears trickle southward on her grey cheeks, soon to meet her white silk handkerchief. Soon, she too, will be engulfed by a large white sheet. The service ends. He says his goodbyes, and moves on. The long journey home awaits him. Making his way over the slippery November ice he passes a group of teenagers. All of which with a poppy pinned to they‟re chest. But not because of pride, rather a chore. A chore. That cold pin which holds the poppies on their coats ought to be thrust through their acne-coated skin, their warm crimson blood coating the imitational flowers. Now that‟s pride. He shuffles into the crowd of Londoners before him; just another day for the majority of them. He‟s gone now. Invisible. Incongruous. Inadequate. In a thankless society. Who is he? Just another forgotten hero, 60 years out of date.


IT WAS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY Daniel Tremlett The sky was bright and beautiful like a priceless gem. A cool breeze tickled his back like a feather. The waves were getting larger and larger, teasing him like a seductive yet lonesome broad at some late night bar. It was going to be a good day. His board lies next to him, waxed and gleaming in the burning Oz sun. No-one was in the ocean, he‟d have the Lady Blue all to himself. But was it worth it? That feeling of being helpless and near the end, feeling like as if it was time. Time to die. It still haunted him. The medibank had but only a few guards there, waiting like mindless apes for some action. Waiting for something to happen…anything. That‟s it, he was going in. It was going to be a good day. Picking up his board he heads for his seductive blue mistress. He passes the families hiding under their umbrellas from the blistering sun like helpless ants underneath an astronomical magnifying glass. He reached his lover, the waves were getting bigger, a few kids were messing on their boards trying to impress some sheilas. The ocean water gently surrounded his toes, massaging him. Seducing him. It was going to be a good day. He thrust his board into her and clambered onto it. He was ready. He was ready to surf again. He paddled out a few yards to find his wave. Watching. Waiting. There she was. She was ready and willing and heading straight for him. He stood up on his board, ready to enjoy himself. She came to him, he surfed like never before. He was in his own watery paradise. It was going to be a good day. His blood was pumping like never before. It was ecstasy. It was nirvana. It was far too late. He soared off his board and hit the water hard and fast. He was winded…and in trouble. What had he hit? A rock? A scuba diver? A piece of driftwood? What?! Then suddenly a piercing pain in his leg and he was under. The blue all around him was soon turning a deep red, engulfing him like a cold red watery hell. It was over for him in a matter of seconds. His attacker calmly swam away like a silent assassin of the ocean. He was gone forever. His board still floating nearby like a tombstone for his watery grave. It was going to be a good day?


THERE is always an exception to the rule that a sequel can beat the original. Some have succeeded and many have failed. I‟m happy to tell you that New Moon succeeds the original in so many ways. Harruh! However, if Twilight made you want to rip out your eyes and ears like it did me, that‟s not saying much. I‟d like to brief you on the story, but the truth is you probably know about it from some friend or stranger on the street already. To make a very long story short: main character Bella is dumped by her vampire boyfriend Edward decides to become an adrenaline junkie to satisfy her longing. On the way, she becomes closer to childhood-friend-turned-werewolf, Jacob, adding fuel to the burning passion between them. Add depressing music that plays whenever Bella absentmindedly stares into the distance and acting that loses steam halfway and you‟ve got yourself the biggest teenage craze of the decade. Certainly, I could point out all the negatives point of the film - for example: a PMSing Edward or Bella‟s “letters” to Alice (Edward‟s sister) that feature as her thoughts. But it is the dialogue that disappoints. It seems to have been lifted straight from Twilight and rearranged slightly as though the audience wouldn‟t mind hearing about how much Edward likes Bella and how Bella is confused. Let me give you the basic formula: “Something something promise, something something fault, something something would rather die than not be with you.” Above all, the most annoying thing about New Moon is, ironically, the relationship of Bella and Edward. True love never sucked so much, pun not intended. Honestly, their relationship could only anger the audience once they see the happiness felt between Jacob and Bella. Yet, for all its bad qualities there are plenty of reasons why New Moon is better than Twilight. For one, the film captures the beauty of its setting wonderfully – be it the sea, woods or Italy. There is also more focus on one character in particular that I‟m sure all the ladies would like to talk about. Yes, Jacob Black (played by Taylor Lautner). Since Twilight Lautner has buffed up, and the scene in which he rips off his shirt to aid Bella (not exactly in that way) revealing his incredible packs only gives reason to his female fans‟ loving. This is not just about his ripped body though. He brings to the love triangle sensibility and reserved love that makes you want him to win the heart of Bella and make her forget about that Edward guy. There is just a certain charm and awkwardness and handsomeness in his body – I mean, erm, scenes that make Jacob the likable one. As a final verdict, New Moon is exactly what you‟d expect in a sequel – and more if you‟re a fan of the first film. It has a charisma in its camera movements and breathtaking fight scenes, with a surprisingly good if somewhat prolonged ending; but unfortunately it is dragged down by the cheesy dialogue and the disappointingly quickness of action scenes which are really the most exciting bits of the film. If you‟re going to see this movie, the best thing to keep in mind is that it is really a love story, and though trailers may have shown otherwise, it is not one filled with action. Watch only with caution.




be honest, these days nauseating romantic comedies are being dished out like factory work – and no one really understands why. Sure there are gems like “When Harry Met Sally”, “Nick and Norah‟s Infinite playlist” and “Annie Hall”... but face it, the majority of rom-coms are laughable, and not because of their comedy. Yet, amongst the chaos of cheesy lines and unimaginably good looking characters, there is always hope. It comes in the form of 500 Days of Summer, which came out this September and has garnered overwhelming positive reviews. It‟s easy to see why. From the very beginning the comedic and personal aspect is painted when an author‟s note pops up on screen beforehand stating: “The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental... Especially you Jenny Beckman... Bitch.” You can already tell this story comes from the heart. In short and to not give the whole film away, this is the story of Boy meets Girl, Boy falls in love with Girl, Girl doesn‟t. Main character Tom Hansen (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is facing the terrible feeling of heartbreak - the girl of his dreams, Summer Finn, has broken up with him. However, as a hopeless romantic he is on a mission to win her back. Told in a non-linear narrative in which chronological order is absent and everything is muddled, the film begins at present time where Tom and Summer sit on a bench in pretty Los Angeles, an engagement ring on her finger. From there it embarks on a jumbled journey to the past and the further past, and our characters fully develop their attitudes to love. Tom, as mentioned beforehand, is a romantic. He believes in fate. In contrast, Summer is a carefree and independent lady. Though many will feel sorry for the cute-as-a-button Tom, it‟s Summer who gets the applause. She is an unconventional rom-com character. She doesn‟t believe in love and she has no problem being single. This is highlighted in her speech to Tom‟s friend: “I like being on my own. Relationships are messy, people‟s feelings get hurt – who needs it?” The conflict of the characters‟ views on love is the pivotal thing here. Can Tom change Sumer‟s mind? Can he really show her there is love in the world? The film is also supported by an awesome soundtrack which consists of Mumm-ra, Regina Spektor, Carla Bruni and the Smiths (Summer takes notice of Tom when she hears him listening to the 80‟s answer to alienation). Quirkier than “Nick and Norah‟s Infinite Playlist” and like an almost updated version of “Annie Hall”, (500) Days of Summer is an anarchic blend of sweetness, joy and downright sadness. It has moments for those in relationships, it has moments for those who are single, and it even has moments for those confused about everything. Unlike most rom-com films it does not leave you feeling as though you need to be in some perfect relationship. There is no “I wish had someone like that”. No one in this film perfect, everyone has their flaws and sometimes love comes to those who are not expecting it. This film leaves you with the perfect uncertainty of life.




all those on Skins withdrawal there is a new addiction for you to sink your teeth into, and funnily enough it‟s not New Moon. After a freak storm hits some industrial estate where a group of ASBOs are paying their dues via community service they obtain superpowers. If you thought that was farfetched, you‟re not ready for the half of it. Their superpowers are manifested by their greatest insecurities. Chav Kelly gains the ability to hear other people‟s thoughts and finds out that people make quick judgements on her appearance. Alisha, an outwardly appealing girl, is given the powers to make people sexually attracted to her at the touch of her skin – this might sound like a rubbish power, but given that she uses sex like a toy, it‟s making her reassess her relationships. Timid Simon has the power of invisibility due to the fact that he is ignored half the time, which means it doesn‟t really make a difference anyway. Curtis, the athlete, deeply regrets the events that lead to his dismissal from running in the Olympics and so acquires time travel. Then there‟s Nathan, the eccentric and loud Irish boy who doesn‟t seem to have a power. Subverting other superhero shows, such as Heroes, the Misfits don‟t want to save the world and they don‟t want to find out why this has happened to them. They want to go on with their daily lives and finish their community service... because that‟s stressful enough already. Oh, and life is going to get even more stressful for them. In the first episode (and a definite spoiler alert for those who really care), the storm doesn‟t only change them. Their counsellor, who becomes frantic at them before the lightning strikes the group, is also affected. He transforms into a crazy aggressive killer reminiscent of the zombies in “28 Days Later” whom the five teenagers have to deal with fast – or else he might deal with them. The second episode shows us that there are far more people who have been affected by the storm, with comic and tragic consequences. It‟s the second episode where things really pick up, and concludes with the introvert Simon telling the group that they need to be ready for the “bad guys” out there who are going to come after them. This is a need to watch show, because unlike another E4 show Skins, Misfits doesn‟t deal with teenagers wanting to lose their virginity and finding the best parties. Misfits outwardly highlight themes of regret, love, first impressions and justice. Furthermore, much like the amazing 80‟s hit The Breakfast Club, the show presents to us five teenagers who in any other circumstance wouldn‟t be hanging around together, who are forced to interact with each other because a) they have to do community service together and b) their new supernatural situation has bound the five of them. They must now rely on each other and in turn hopefully understand each other, develop their own attitudes.


AMERICAN IMPORTS ABOUND Christian Hall Umbrellas have decorated our streets and there is more than a slight chill in the air. This could mean only thing; winter is here. And with its return comes those cold evenings we spend snug and warm at home in front of the television. And just at the right time too! Autumn sees the return of television in the US, however that doesn‟t mean to say we cannot anticipate some upcoming imports right? In the last three or four years cult television has boomed – each year sci-fi, action and thriller hybrid shows have become the crème de la crème amongst us TV goers!

HEROES returns to our screens in January with a fourth season. Fans and writers alike have said this season may be the season the show can redeem itself. After a wonderful first season, a just above average second season and a third season with more ups and downs than a ride at Thorpe park, here‟s to hoping the show can return to form. The new season kicks off with our heroes settling into what might be called a „normal‟ life – although, when you can shoot electricity from your hands, fly or read minds, your life is anything but normal. Avid Prison Break viewers who are dying to see a Prison Break star in something other than old repeats may screech with delight as Robert Knepper (T-Bag) will play the shows new resident bad guy. If you have been a good fan and haven‟t watched the new season online - the US are currently half way through already – then you can look forward to watching here in the UK in the new year! Question is, will the new season sink or swim? It‟s up to you!

FLASHFORWARD is a sci-fi, action thriller that has been tipped as the new Lost. Although the show has already began airing in the UK on channel 5 (9pm, Mondays!), this is a show you just have to give a chance to! For those who have been living in a cave for the last nine weeks, it is about a global event in which everyone in the world blacks out for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Whilst blacked out, they „flash forward‟ 6 months into the future. As one can guess, the blackout ended with some catastrophic results (You really wouldn‟t want to be a bus driver if this were to happen) Detective Mark Benford and his team try to figure out what happened and why. Although on paper the plot seems to have more holes than a motheaten cloth, FlashForward has already proven itself to be highly addictive, virtually compulsive viewing!


Watch these shows as they transform into cult classics right before your eyes. If you happen to have a thing for a certain cheerleader, you have to get back to the island, or you are bored with watching Fresh Prince re-runs – as good as they are, people we are almost in the year 2010! - Give these shows a try, you won‟t be disappointed!



HAKIRA first exploded into the popular music scene in October 2001 with her hit single „Whenever, Wherever‟. She enticed audience across English speaking countries with her quirky lyrics (remember “lucky that my breasts are small and humble so you don‟t confuse them as mountains”?) and her incredible ability to shake her hips. Since she has showed that she is diverse gaining hits with tender ballads such as “Underneath Your Clothes” and teaming up with Beyonce to create “Beautiful Liar”. After a break, she has returned with a new album- She Wolf- which I couldn‟t wait to hear. On the first listen what is noticeable about She Wolf is that it is more mainstream sound for Shakira and a step forward in her musical career. The main success of this album comes from the fact that many of the songs were written by the amazingly talented Pharrell Williams, and also produced by him with The Neptunes. One of these treasures from the album is Shakira‟s stunning new single “Did it Again” which she performed with an amazing percussion orchestra on the X-Factor recently. Shakira‟s love affair with a vast range of cultural sound is further seen in such as “Why Wait” which has Shakira doing her breathy almost yodel-like vocals and Arabian sounding keyboards that also feature in “Good Stuff”, which features Spanish accordions and Caribbean xylophones! Shakira also keeps her bubbly quirky spirit, singing lyrics such as “I‟m starting to feel just a little abused like a coffee machine in an office” in She Wolf and “I wish I had longer legs that I could fasten to your body so you‟d take me with you everywhere” in Long Time. Gypsy‟s chorus also has her confessing “I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me”. Where else do you find lyrics like these? Yet, despite becoming more main stream, Shakira has not abandoned her roots offering an array of the English songs in Spanish allowing the English listener to appreciate her music in her native tongue. The combination of both Spanish and English songs on the album suggests that she has finally grown comfortable with the two cultures, allowing them clash beautifully in “Good Stuff” which has a mixture of English and Spanish lyrics. As an English listener the Spanish songs are a pleasant wind down of the album, offering more emotion and depth to songs that are already amazing. The nature of the She Wolf would suggest that the album is certainly about growth and freedom. The album is jam packed with songs made you want to dance; there are no ballads or no lovey-dovey love songs but songs about growth, development and discovery, as Shakira said it is a celebration of her growth into a woman- and my what a woman she is. Overall, She Wolf is an album that offers great dance beats, lyrics to bring a smile to your face and riffs to keep you singing along on every chorus. I would recommend that you listen to Why Wait, and if you haven‟t already heard it – “Did it Again”.



CALL Of Duty Modern Warfare was released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and from all around it received praise for its fantastic multiplayer features, which rivalled Halo. After two years Infantry Ward returns with Modern Warfare 2 and with the hype through the roof from the Xbox and PS3 fans, I decided to check out what all the fuss is about. To be honest as a gamer, I don‟t play all genres of gaming, and I doubt there are very few who do, but as a reviewer I decided to give this firstperson shooter a fair chance. In the end my experience can be summed up in a single word: epic. Right from the get go I was submerged into the reality of war as a result of incredible graphics. The soundtrack was so realistic and the game play was and is how every first-person shooter should be. If you looked first person shooter up in the dictionary, you would find Modern Warfare 2! The graphics are so detailed that it is almost difficult to not believe that you in the frosty remote regions of Siberia or the dust ridden deserts of Afghanistan. One of the features of the game is the single player campaign which begins five years after the end of CoD: 4. The gamer plays as a member of taskforce 141, an elite Commando Unit taking part in missions to bring down a group of Russian nationalists. The infamous „No Russian‟ mission provides enough evidence for this game‟s darker storyline as in this mission you go undercover as a terrorist and begin to kill the hundreds of citizens in an airport. Such missions have been accused of glamorising warfare but there is no doubt that modern warfare is true to its name, it demonstrates the gritty, bloody and action packed nature of war. After a few plays of the single player campaign, I decide to see what made this game special: the online multiplayer mode. Within minutes of playing missions such as “Capture the Flag” and the Team Death match, I was captivated by how one could „snipe‟ around ambushing opponents with headshots, or the variety of new weapons such as a Guided Missile which you could control to land on your opponents. Match after match I found that playing the online multi player mode was truly an enjoyable way to kill time and boy did it kill my time! Had I not realised that four hours had passed of me playing I would have stayed out at my mate‟s house all weekend! So to sum it up this is a must have game for PS3 and XBox 360 owners. Even if you‟ve never tried it before it‟s a great place to start, and even if first-person shooters don‟t tickle your fancy just try it because you might be more impressed than you actually think. A word of caution: expect many sleepless nights and try to do your homework before beginning game-play. Expecting your teachers to be sympathetic when you tell them Modern Warfare ate your time is simply wishful thinking. Until next time gamers!


LACE IT UP Julia Wijayasooriya

SEXY, cool and trendy lace is back with a vengeance. You would be a fool to not be seen in lace on your nights out. With celebrities like Rihanna, Eva Pigford (former ANTM winner) wearing lace, lacing it up has never looked so sexy or as stunning.

This season the hottest trend has arrived! However, ladies, don‟t overdo it. This season is all about dressing up for your shape in lace! The figure hugging lace fabric will most definitely leave you looking sexy but will also ensure that all your curves are revealed so make sure you wear shapes that are suited to your body to ensure you‟re looking super gorgeous.


The secret to lace is to keep it simple. Think elegant and outrageously glamorous without trying to make an unwanted statement. The best way to show off your lace dresses and tops is by mixing them with a few accessories and jewellery, in fact with lace, no accessory works best. Take the R&B sensation Rihanna, she allows her white lace blouse to stand out by teaming it with a stripy body con high waisted skirt which draws attention to the top half of her body. Season five winner of America‟s Next Top Model, Eva Pigford Marcille, looks mesmerising in a blue lace Jean Fares gown with a bow detailing. Again Eva shows us exactly how lace should be word keeping it simple with her hair tied up and chandelier earrings that are discreet enough to not distract from her dress. Hayden Panetteria of Heroes fame gracefully shows off her legs in a lace LBD reworking a classic to look both chic and rock‟n‟roll.


GUYS: WHAT LOOKS GOOD WITH the weather turning to a much colder page now, it‟s time for us to wrap up warmer and not get up and freeze every morning. If you want to keep warm and make it look good then the best places to go to this autumn/winter are Topman or River Island.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

20 17

Gold button detail cardi, River Island, £24.99 Zip thru hoody, River Island, £21.99 Button thru hoody, River Island, £29.99 Grey knitted jumper, Topman, £20.00 Contrast Placket Cardigan, Topman, £26.00 Green 2 colour zip hoody, Topman, £26.00


IT’S here, the cold weather is here! Therefore we have some essential and fashionable (the most important part) winter items.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.


Knitted Stripe Snood, Topshop, £22 Cable Slubby Scarf, Topshop, £16 Grey Heart Mittens, Dorothy Perkins, £8 Trapper Hat, Topshop, £22 Knitted Beanie, River Island, £9.99 Ribbed Leather Gloves from New Look, £12 Cute panda hat from River Island, £12.99

COLLEGE ESSENTIALS Deborah Makinde Student Question Time For this issue of CTK mag, my big question to fellow students has been “What key things (excluding basic subject related materials) should every student have for a day at college?” The responses for this question varied but here‟s a roundup of the ten most popular answers I received: College ID Card Coming to college without your ID card is like heading home without your keys. Your college ID card is your key to entering college, so no matter how much you may want to avoid facing your college ID picture, you‟ve got to bring it with you for a day at college. Oyster Card It‟s green, it‟s shiny and it‟s free for student‟s aged 18 and under. That‟s right, an Oyster card is another useful card for students to have. Even if taking the bus isn‟t your general method of transport to college, having your Oyster card on you can still be useful especially if it makes the difference between you being 5 minutes late because you were walking up the hill to college, or being just on time because you caught the bus. Mobile Phone Despite the lack of signal in some areas of the college, most students seemed to agree that their phones have a key role in their day at college. Not just due to communication purposes, but also because of a phones multi-functions ranging from calculating, to music playing, to picture snapping dress up events like the recent school uniform day. Memory Stick A memory stick a.k.a. a “data stick”, or a “USB”, or “that thing you plug into a computer”, is another very handy item for students to have at college as it enables us to save and transport work from school to home and vice versa. Despite this, only few of the students I spoke with mentioned this as a must have for college probably because with the intranet‟s workspace and college email, its not necessarily the only method of saving and transporting work to asses elsewhere. Hand Sanitizer Due to its recent association with protecting against swine flu, I wasn‟t surprised by some students declaration of hand sanitizer being a must have for students. This is especially understandable in the current winter season with people sneezing and coughing left right and centre! Nonetheless, keeping hand sanitizer with you in general is useful for refreshing your hands when you‟re out and about. Vaseline Having crusty chapped lips during a full day at college can be a nightmare and though licking your lips may eliminate the dryness for while, it doesn‟t quite provide the same long lasting moisture as Vaseline. Hence why Vaseline along with lip balm and lip-gloss etc. has been considered a must have for every student at college. And finally last but not least…an umbrella. You can come to college and it‟s sunny and by break time it‟s raining. You just don‟t know for definite what the weather is going to be like, especially in this country. So having an umbrella with you at college can be handy to keep you on the safe side. There you have it, the top ten things every student should have for a day at college… according to the students I asked. What do you think? Do you bring all of these items to college?




Wednesday I interviewed five of the executives from the student council. Now, like me, you may have a limited knowledge about the student council. We know they are there and play a role in the college, but what exactly is their role? Well for the purpose of you, the college magazine readers, we had the pleasure, and it really was a pleasure, of meeting the students who make up the council. CHLOE: Unfortunately, I know very little about the student executives so can you please introduce yourselves. YASMIN: I‟m Yasmin, I‟m the president. DANIEL: I‟m Daniel, I‟m the vice-president and I‟m also the NUS (National Union of Student) liaison officer for the college RICHARD: I‟m Richard and I‟m the publicity officer for the School Council Executives. BINTU: I‟m Bintu and I‟m the intranet officer for the Student Council. I update our page and answer some of the voicebox queries. NICHOLAS: I‟m Nicholas and I‟m the secretary and treasurer. Also on the team is Ade who is the events officer and Yeside who is the charity officer but unfortunately they weren‟t able to be here. CHLOE: Right now that‟s out of the way, why did you decide to become a part of the student council executive team? YASMINE: I joined because I was interested in hearing what people had to say and supporting those ideas. BINTU: Yeah, I was interesting in hear people as well. And also, being a part of the executive team meant that my voice would be heard more than when I was just part of the student council. DANIEL: I joined so that I could help create a safer and happier environment for my fellow peers. CHLOE: What have you done so far for the college? YASMINE: We championed for the uniform day. After being told that we couldn't have it because of potential rivalry between students who went to different schools, I met with Mr. McAuliffe to fight the school uniform day. We had to say that all uniforms were acceptable and we were given the get go. The first years really liked it the event, it gave them a chance to reminiscing about their Secondary school seeing as they have just left. BINTU: It was really good success, we raised £370.24


NICHOLAS: We‟ve also raised money for the poppy appeal which was also a good success and we organised the African Diaspora event as part of Black History Month. CHLOE: Oh wow, so I‟m guessing you also have some things for us to look forward to? NICHOLAS: Yeah, we‟re doing something for the Christmas community day. Since it‟s the smallest of the community days we aren‟t doing anything very big but we have organised a Karaoke session which should be fun. As the current second years know, the summer community is the best so you should also look forward to that. We‟ve also started planning for the Easter talent Show. YASMINE: And I've recently started thinking about a masquerade theme for prom but we're it hush hush so you'll have to check the School Council page for more information. CHLOE: On the subject of the School Council page, how can students get in touch with you and voice their opinions? NICHOLAS: We're thinking of introducing our individual email address on the student council intranet page which will make it easier for the students to get in touch with each of us. BINTU: Students can also use the Voicebox. It's recently being used a lot which is very good. We're having some very interesting questions and suggestions being brought forward. People are also having debates on it [laughs] so it's very engaging. They can leave comments anonymously about anything they are concerned about and we will get back to them. NICHOLAS: There is also the option of talking to your class or area rep. They can bring your ideas to the table CHLOE: Have there been any interesting comments left in the Voicebox? BINTU: Yes, recently someone commented on the lack of musical instruments but someone then replied saying there were instruments people just weren‟t using them. So it was a debate on the Voicebox, it was interesting to see students engage with each other albeit anonymously. NICHOLAS: At the start of the year we had comments about the time table, we still get those but they are less frequent CHLOE: On the subject of the time-table, which is still an issue I hear people talking about, what have you done to try and bring forward the students‟ views? YASMINE: We‟ve had meetings about this but really there is only a 15 minute difference which isn't that much. I think the problem is not necessarily the start but the general length of the day 8.45-4.15 and there is nothing that can be done about that. NICHOLAS: Also, if any changes were to be made they would benefit first years so nothing can be done about the college day this year. CHLOE (after Nick has whispered in her ear): (laughs) Do you all get along very well [All laugh] NICHOLAS: Yes, I love everyone (smiles) DANIEL: Yeah, everyone gets along very well; we‟re one big family (smiles) I would like to just thank all the members of the student council executive team that took their time to give us an interview, albeit a very short interview. As the members pointed out, for more information visit the Student Council Executive page which also has a video interview of all the executive members? Also, keep a look out for posters around the school for information about the Easter talent show and eventually, the prom for Second Year students.



WHEN I heard the CTK drama and performance studies department were staging a rendition of Grease at this year‟s Christmas Community Day, I knew that I had get in touch with someone in the know. And who better to go to than the choreographer– come- director, Nathan Klein. Bursting with questions about the songs that would be included, which dancers to look out for and the auditions, I met Nathan who was more than willing to answer my questions and then some! VIMBAI: So first things first, of all the musicals in musical land, why Grease? NATHAN: Basically, we needed something with a variety of boys and girls and something we could adapt and have a large cast to. We were thinking Chicago but that would have been mainly girls, but we needed both girls and boys. And yeah we thought everyone knows Grease and the songs are easy to adapt. VIMBAI: Have you tried to revamp the play or have you stuck to the original? NATHAN: We‟ve stuck true to the original and even kept it in the Grease period but have had to summarise it into a forty five minute script because we only have forty five minute slots so it is a fast forwarded Grease. VIMBAI: So aside from that, are there no other changes, no major modern influences? NATHAN: No, not really. We‟ve made all the characters from America so Sandy is not Australia- she‟s just from a different part of America. VIMABI: Oh, so she‟s like from the South? NATHAN: Yeah, just to make it easier for everyone to understand. And not because no one could do an Australian accent (laughs). So it‟s still set in the Grease time period but it may look a bit modern. VIMBAI: Oh right, interesting. So how you transforming the CTK stage into a 1960s America? NATHAN: I don‟t actually know. I‟m involved with the dancing so you‟re going to have to wait and see guys. VIMBAI: Wait, so are you only involved with the play and not the set design and costumes? NATHAN: Yeah, I do some elements of the directing but I‟m mostly involved with the dancing. There is a group of people for costumes and the set so I‟m as clueless about all that as you are. VIMBAI: Right, that‟s going to be very interesting come show time to see how everything works together. So how are the rehearsals going? NATHAN: The dancer‟s rehearsals are going really well. I‟ve very strict with my dancers. VIMBAI: So it‟s like one two three, you‟re doing it wrong, give me twenty laps.


NATHAN: (laughs) Its basically if you‟re doing it wrong, you‟re not in my dance. I‟m very strict; we have to have it perfect. VIMBAI: Are there any standout performances we should look for? NATHAN: All the dancers are amazing and not just because of me, all the dancers are very, very good. So look out for all of them around college. VIMBAI: And what about Sandy and Danny, do they really capture the characters? NATHAN: Yes, all four of them are really into the characters and have good chemistry which is really good. One of the Sandys, Whitney, doesn‟t even do performance studies but she‟s really goes which shows the talent of the CTK students. VIMBAI: On the subject of talent of CTK students, did you see some outstanding auditions? NATHAN: The auditions were very interesting; we were basically running two auditions at the same time. Downstairs, we were having the dance auditions and upstairs were the main cast auditions and no one was expecting that. The main cast were given a script to learn (which not all of them did) and then they were asked to sing even though they hadn‟t been given the chance to prepare a song. There was some very good talent; some people were very good at dancing and some good at singing. They might not have got in for one strength but got in for another. VIMBAI: So you have main dancers and then you the main castNATHAN: Yeah because the main cast dancers doesn‟t dance VIMBAI: What?! The main cast dance doesn‟t dance? NATHAN: Well, not really, they have some dance routines but not as intense as the dancers routine. There will be some Sandy and Danny choreography but a lot of it is cast goes away and dancer does but the majority of the dancing is by the dancers. VIMBAI: So there is a good chemistry on the whole team? NATHAN: Yeah, everyone gets along really well so that‟s very good. I mean there is some dramaVIMBAI: but it is drama and drama needs some drama. NATHAN: Yeah, basically. And I was just thinking we had some really good chemistry between one set of Sandy and Danny but Danny had to leave because of school work and so on. VIMBAI: Yeah, I was wondering how everyone is managing with their school work and rehearsal? NATHAN: Well, rehearsals are after college on a Monday so we aren‟t taking people away from their work for too long so everyone is managing fairly well. Also, most of the dancers/ cast do performance studies or drama so we can have quick meetings after those lessons. VIMBAI: And to finish off, will there be any surprises on the big day? NATHAN: Oh I don‟t know, maybe there will be and maybe they won‟t be. You‟ll have to wait and see for that. VIMBAI: Oh c‟mon, share will there be final words during the last song, a big canon that releases glitter or something? NATHAN: I can‟t tell you, I‟m very good at keeping things quiet. Come to the show on community day and there might be a surprise. Look out for Grease during the upcoming Christmas community day on Friday, 18 th 2009, it is a must see performance!



IF you expect this to be accurate in terms of basketball terminology, then I‟m sorry you will not find it here. I know nothing about basketball except for the point scoring system, the term “free throws” and that for a non-contact sport, Basketball is pretty violent. Shamefully, I barely know the CTK basketball team expect for their jersey numbers. So I guess you‟re wondering who left me in charge of the basketball article. Well, I will tell you this: my lack of knowledge is replaced by my dedication to the CTK b-ball team, for two weeks in a row I have found myself in college, despite having a full day, in the sports hall stands cheering on our team. My first visit to the Sports Hall that was no way related to waiting for my friend at the EMA office or fixing my attendance was on the Friday 4th December 2009, when my friend who is number 13 on the team invited me to watch the team play against the Street Cages from Shooters‟ Hill. I was relectutant to watch as I‟m devoted to Tennis and knowing nothing about basketball. But that was soon forgotten by the second quarter (another basketball term I picked up along the way). The team needed our support, there were trailing by ten points and we knew that our boisterous cheering would keep their spirits up. And so the stands begun to chant “CTK! CTK! CTK!” we were lacking in numbers but not in spirit. The third quarter began and the lead was promptly reduced to five points as a result of the delicate touch of Number 12, a player who I enjoy watching, scoring a three pointer and two free throws. From then onwards it was nothing but a blur of activity, a flurry of hands fighting for the orange ball. Again, I knew very little about what was happening but I knew that cheering was all that matter and cheer I did, repeatedly screaming “GO CTK!” before descending into silence as a free throw was being shot or waiting for a well executed shoot. The team may have lost the game but t hey had gained fans. There will be no matches for another five weeks as the sports hall is being used for January exam but when the boys do return, you can count on me being there!



WE all tuned in to watch it, 8 million of us, Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP (or the British Nazis as some would call it) appear on 'Question Time'. This episode of the show, earned the highest audience in the show's 30 year history. Why? Most people just wanted to see him made a fool of. What ridiculous statement would he dare to make? Griffin stated that he wanted the UK population to be 99% 'indigenous English' as it was 17,000 years ago. Let's clear this up. Indigenous peoples: any ethnic group who inhabit a geographic region with which they have a known historical connection. With this definition, you may ask, "So, who is considered 'indigenous English?" No one. As Bonnie Greer, Griffin's fellow panellist on the show rightly stated, "17,000 years ago in Britain there were no people...only Neanderthals". 17,000 years ago, the British Isles were an empty land mass. Only in the years following did it become populated by migrants no doubt. But Griffin's view was shared in a fascinating-and even amusingdocumentary "So you think you're 100% English". The participants in the program, all who claimed to be 100% English, underwent genetic ancestry testing. One man descended from Russia and another appalled woman (who later took legal action against the BBC) was assumed to have Romany Gypsy roots. A slightly racist elderly woman was even believed to be a descendant of -wait for it-the infamous Genghis Khan. This same woman claimed that multiculturalism was like "someone moving things around your house-you wouldn't like it. And my country is like my house" People like her, Nick Griffin, and the BNP, all despise diversity. They choose to reject the fact that they, and the country, culture and history they love so much is equally diverse. So if Nick Griffin and his BNP want all the 'non-indigenous' people out of the UK, then they will be sitting alone on an empty island. But then I suppose they would be gone too!


THERE IS NO AFRICAN ACCENT Vimbai Dzimwasha You know what grinds my gears, talk of an African accent. I‟ve been silent for too long on the subject of an African accent, silently seething whenever someone talks about their mother speaking with an African accent, or laughing when someone pronounces an English word with an African accent. There is no African accent. Don‟t believe me; well then let‟s clear some things up. Africa is a continent, a mass of land composed of nations that speak their own languages, distinct mannerism, culture and cuisine. The continent boasts such a wide range of languages that naming them all would be damn near impossible. Don‟t believe me? Here are some facts: in total, there are an estimated 2000 languages spoken in Africa including some European languages such as English, Portuguese, French and German. South Africa alone has 12 official languages including Zulu, Afrikaans, Setswana, South African Sign Language and English. The 12 officially languages do not include distinct regional or tribal languages. Nigeria on record has 521 languages including 510 living languages (which include the six major languages: Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Fulfulde, Kanuri and Ibibio), nine extinct languages and two second languages without any native speakers. Ethiopia, on the hand, has some 77 indigenous languages according to the government census of 1994 including Tigrinya, Awngi, Qimant and Inor as well as English, Amharic and Oromifa. Not only is there a wide range of languages, but those same languages have distinct linguistic features separating them and effectively preventing the existence of an African-English accent. To expect an Egyptian, that normally speaks Arabic, to have the same accent as a native Portuguese speaker from Mozambique when speaking English is like expecting a French person to sound the same as a Spanish individual when speaking English. Their emphasis will be on different words, their tongue movements will cause them to obviously pronounce words differently and so they will not have a shared accent. That is a basic understanding of language: tongue movements determine pronunciation and so two very distinct languages with different linguistic roots, such as Portuguese and Arabic, will not have the same tongue motions and inevitably will not share an accent. Now, I‟m not saying there is no possibility of similar regional accents, that‟s a different matter altogether. If we can speak of an East European accent then it would be unfair to say that the same could not be a possibility in Africa. So rather than lumping a whole continent of different languages under a singular accent, make variations. It is known that most natives from the Southern tip of Africa will share an accent when speaking English but this accent is somewhat different from a Western African English accent and most certainly different from those from Eastern Africa such as Somali and Ethiopia. If you can take the time to distinguish between Europeans accents and conclude there is no joint European accent then you can mostly do the same for Africa, after all it is not a continent and not a giant country.


HEALTH AND MEDICINE: CANCER THINK of you and your two closest of you will have cancer.

Not to worry, we‟re here to help! We‟ll deliver the nitty-gritty details, without too many big scientific words; helping you to help yourself. So many cancers, so little time! But we‟ve picked two types of cancer from our hat (simply because we couldn‟t make up our minds), and the winners are; for the girls- Cervical and the boys- Prostate. So here we go: As the wary ones of you will know, cervical cancer has had a lot of lime-light, with Jade Goody and the NHS handing out vaccinations. About 2,900 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in the UK each year. But what you might not know is that it‟s the boys that can give it to the girls! The cervix is another name for the neck of the womb which is part of the female reproductive system. Causes and risks: You see, cervical cancer is caused by the virus HPV 1 (Human Papilloma Virus) which can develop in both males and females. Overtime this infection will lead to cervical cancer in girls. But if the female didn‟t develop HPV herself from the effects of the pill or smoking, then it‟s very likely she got it from the boy through sex. There are other factors that increase its risk, like long-term use of the contraceptive pill. Even smoking- it‟s known that this is bad for you, and damages the lungs, but it also helps out its buddy HPV by making the whole „cervix deterioration process‟ that little bit faster. Symptoms and prevention: Indeed, there‟s no point in us preaching about cervical cancer this and cervical cancer that, if you can‟t spot a case of it yourself. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done as there can be a lot of variation. There are a few symptoms that are quite generic which you might want to look out for, including abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, and discomfort during urination and during sexual intercourse. This leads us to the section of prevention. These methods will significantly reduce the risk of cervical cancer, I‟ll go straight to the point; use a condom, limit amount of sexual partners, get screened regularly, and most importantly get immunised against HPV. PROSTATE CANCER The prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system. Causes and risks: No virus is linked with this one here, just an inherited faulty gene. If close relatives have had prostate cancer and several women in your family have had breast cancer it does increase your chances of developing this.


Another risk is being overweight, having a diet that‟s high in fat AND SMOKING. Generally it‟s the AfricanCaribbean and African-American who are at greater risk. The good news is this type of cancer is uncommon in men under the age of 45 but becomes more common the older You get, this is a heads up on taking care of your health for the future. So if you‟re that little bit worried about having the cancer you‟ve still got a chance to book an appointment at your GP ASAP. Symptoms and intervention: Nevertheless, it‟s good to know its symptoms right? We‟ll keep it short and brief for you. Here goes: difficulty in starting to pass urine, a weak, irregular flow of urine, dribbling of urine before and after urinating, a frequent/urgent need to urinate, blood in urine (rarely occurs), erectile dysfunction. You can reduce the chances of developing the cancer by eating healthy, exercising and of course regular check-ups to the doctor. As you get older or notice any of these symptoms DON‟T hesitate to book an appointment. Just like any other cancer – early recognition increases the chances of cancer‟s defeat! Finally you with the cervix and you with the prostate make sure that you try to prevent the chances of getting these cancers by taking on board all the advice given and keeping an eye out for any of those symptoms named and you‟re bound to beat cancer.




Nadal has not won a title in six months. In a year that has seen his season disrupted by injuries (first a bout of tendinitis that saw him out of the tour for two months and then an abdominal strain that plagued his campaign to be the third –and youngest- man to have a career Golden Grand Slam) it is not difficult to believe that the former world number one last bit a trophy in early May after an outstanding match against Novak Djokovic in Rome. The break in Nadal‟s winning streak coupled with the sheer competitive nature of the men‟s ATP tour, especially in comparison to the lack of a dominating and consistent player on the women's tour, there are those who have begun to suggest that Nadal will never return to the top, the demise of his career has begun, prematurely yes, but begun nonetheless. However, Nadal‟s supporters (and there are many of those, one need only type Nadal in to Google to be bombarded with websites dedicated to the young Spaniard) are more than eager to respond to such criticisms. They mention a single year, a single tournament: Davis Cup, 2004. Ranked number 51, and having missed much of 2004 season as a result of a stress fracture on his left ankle, Nadal burst –back- on to the scene seemingly out of nowhere. He dazzled the Davis Cup Cup final crowd with his tenacity, jubilant yells of “vamos”, tangible determination illustrated by ferocious jumps into the air and fist pumps pand his unorthodox below-the-knee shorts and sleeveless tops. He went on to defeat then world number 2 Andy Roddick in an encounter that not only made him the youngest player to register a Davis Cup win for winning nation, but forced the tennis world to sit up and take notice and stop doubting his ability to fight back, even after spending what he calls numerous hours a day sitting on the sofa itching to get back on court. Whilst he has shed his signature outfit replacing it with a more mature, and save for the bright colours, ordinary kit and reserves his fist pumps and jumping for crucial points, Nadal is still the fighter he was in 2004 and even before then. He is still the determined young man, the unorthodox player whose game is precise and measured at its best and brutal at its greatest; he is still the player that hunts down every single ball, the player that pushes for more: one more drop shot, one more forehand, one more cross court pass. He is Rafael Nadal, the king of clay and long rallies as well as the player with arguably the best in and out forehand down the line, the best footwork and unchallenged ability to form angles on the tennis court. Therefore, those who say he is over, that Nadal‟s era has ended before it fully blossomed, should not ignore what lies beneath his island boy exterior: a bull, for lack


of a better word. A bull does not merely give up because it has lost its footing; it rises again and keeps on fighting. We mustn‟t forget that after an early end to his tennis season last year Nadal began the year by winning the Australian Open, was in the Final at Rotterdam a week later; won in Indian Wells, proceeded to win his fourth consecutive title in Monte Carlo, his fifth consecutive title in Barcelona and his fourth consecutive title in Rome before his winning streak ended in Madrid. Nadal has been injured before and he has managed to find his footing again despite pundits constant calls of “Nadal is over!” What we must wait for now, is not for Nadal to throw in the towel but rather for him to rise again. He showed signs of finding his footing again in Shanghai but his loss to world number seven Nikolay Davydenko showed that he was not ready. What if he is never ready? Well, that is not a possibility. After all he is Nadal and Nadal does not give up: he did not give up in 2004, he did not give up during his third Wimbledon final in 2008 against Roger Federer (a final that he not only won but a final that would later be called the greatest tennis match ever) and he will surely not give up now. Giving up is not in Nadal's nature, he is a fighter and will always be a fighter.


live tennis is exciting but watching Rafael Nadal live is an unforgettable experience. I don‟t think I can ever fully explain what I felt when I watched Nadal play for the first at the O2 Arena. After a failed attempt to see Nadal at the Queen‟s club AEGON Championships, I relectutant to purchase tickets for the ATP World Tour Finals But I did and boy I am happy I did. It was everything expected and more: tense, a display of great flashes of tennis brilliance and signs of Nadal returning to his form with shocking forehands that caressed the lines. I most certainly look forward to see the six time grand slam champion again.



EVERY four years all quarters of the world are blessed with the excitement of the annual FIFA World Cup. A celebration of the globe‟s best players applying their trade in rigorously selected country, a mixture of all cultures condensed into one non-stop carnival, a spectacle fuelled with emotion and pride. Yes, the world‟s premier competition is back for another two months, and come June 2010, it will not only be the talk of the nation, but the planet! Although we see a change in the host nation, players and managers every four years, there are always some things which we can expect to remain the same. Already we are forced to endure the 90 second Mars advert (filmed at local Pepys estate!) highlighting Mars‟ ever so vital role in ensuring England wins the Golden trophy and we should expect more of the same, maybe from Coca Cola? Nike? Cadburys? NSPCC? Sheila‟s Wheels? Or maybe that meerkat from We should expect to see sales of England flags boom during the summer of 2010 as house and car windows will be decorated with the England flag. Newspapers, particularly tabloids such as The Sun tend to abandon their duty of informing the public on current affairs and instead fill their front pages with non stop sensational headlines regarding the England players; the weekly feature on the WAGs is a particular highlight of mine I must say. Grabbing headlines like “Rooney to be voice of Shrek in sequel!” or “Is Beckham going bald?” are the news we all need to fill us with enough stimulating substance. Lest we also forget the topless, short wearing, Burberry cap sporting chubby English supporters enjoying the magic scenery of Bermondsey with their ice cool lagers waiting to watch “the game” in their nearest pub with the cheapest drinks! Oh you‟ve got to love the World Cup. However, the usually overhyped England squad are normally destined to exit the competition in the quarter final stage, losing on penalties to probably Portugal; it‟s one of the few times we get to see grown men cry and it be acceptable!


The does

competition provide significant advantages to the host nation South Africa. It has the potential to bring a once segregated nation fully united as one, showing a united front for the whole world to see. New facilities and infrastructure will also benefit the country long term, as well as providing more employment opportunities. The booming tourism industry from the finals would be beneficial to its economy, with many industries looking forward to taking full advantage of the mass visitors ready to transcend onto South Africa. So who is going to win the World Cup you say? The usual favourites Brazil have shipped their big names stars including Ronaldo and Ronaldinho in favour of more localised, less known stars, blended with heavyweights such as Luis Fabiano, Kaka and Robinho. Current manager Dunga has installed a new defensive mindset into the Brazilian game, ensuring this team will not just be pleasant on the eye attacking wise, but a stiff opportunity to break down defensively. After their previous heights of Euro 2008, Spain will be looking to mount on their current success and golden generation of stars by attaining the World Cup for the first time in its history. However, will the new pressures on the country be too much too handle for the Spanish stars? And then thereâ€&#x;s Argentina! Coach Diego Maradona slid with joy on the wet turf in Uruguay as his team stumbled, tripped and pretty much embarrassed themselves in their qualification journey, yet they still are in the competition (by the way, unlucky Russia) and are red hot favourites to win. Set to be named world player of the year, Messi, along with Tevez, Aguero and Higuain hold the hopes for the Argentines; however, with such a lacklustre haphazard manager at the helm coinciding with an abysmal defence and ageing midfield, I can defiantly see further humiliation for the nation next year; all the better for entertainment. I honestly cannot say who will win this tournament, but my tip for any young gamblers out there is to tip an African team to reach the Semiâ€&#x;s; history shows the host country tends to marvel in the World Cup and although I canâ€&#x;t see South Africa continuing this trend, I can certainly see one of the other African nations pulling off some possible upsets!




1. England winning back the ashes . 2. Didier Drogba‟s foul mouthed rant after being knocked out of Champions League by Barcelona. 3. David Hayes (somehow) defeating 7ft 2in Russian Nikolai Valuev! 4. Jenson Button winning F1 Grand prix for the first time. 5. Usain Bolt breaking both the 100m and 200m records during the Athletic World Champions, held in Berlin.


1. Felipe Massa‟s crash at Hungarian Grand Prix. 2. Serena Williams screaming her way out of US open (weren‟t you scared at what she may have done with that racquet?!) 3. Clash between West Ham and Millwall fans in Carling Cup fixture. 4. Two words: Newcastle relegated. 5. Henry‟s handball against Ireland.



1. England to lose in World Cup via penalties 2. Ricky Hatton to announce a boxing comeback 3. Mayweather and Pacquio fight to continue being talked about without no prevail 4. A new England cricket captain 5. A new England Rugby Union manager 6. Wales to once again win the six nations Rugby Tournament 7. Mourinhoâ€&#x;s Inter-Milan team to beat an English side in the champions league 8. More big money moves from English to Spanish clubs 9. Felipe Massa make a return to F1 next season 10. Andy Murray to not win a grand slam yet again.


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