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Digital Equipment Front of the camera Modal dial it allows you to pick the mode for example manual mode and shutter priority

The shutter release-the shutter release button is the mechanism that releases the shutter and therefore enables the ability to capture the image.

The flash provides extra lightin dim or low light places.

Hot shoe is a metal bracket on top of your camera with electrical contacts where an external device can be connected.

Speaker so you can hear the audio from the video.

LCR screen is found on the back of the body and it is the digital screen that allows you to view the image. The Body is the whole camera. DSLR body tend to be more heavy.

By Lara Young

The lens is where the light enters through the lens, and is where the photos process begins.

Digital equipment

Back Of the camera The viewfinder is at the top of the camera and allows you to see what the camera is seeing. Power switch lets you turn on and off the camera.

Erase button alows you delete any images you don’t want like if the image has a lot of noise on it.

Playback button alows you to view the images you have taken. This allows you to see if the image has any noise or mistakes and it lets the photographer know if they need to retake the image.

Zoom out button allows you to zoom out of the object and get a better focus on the object and allows youto see a object in more detail and allows you to get shots like a close up.

A manual focus camera is one in which the user has to adjust the focus of the lens by hand. This means that you have to do all of the adjustments to the light which might mean you will get noise in the picture.

Zoom in button helps you zoom in on the the object. this allows the photogrpher to get an establishing shot which allows you to see the setting. The memory card access lamp is where the memory card is which stores all the images and allow s you to access. The memory card is where all of the photos are stored and this card you can put in an device like a computure and means we can edit them.

An example of a hand held device is a smartphone, have optical zoom, its small and compact so easy to carry around however when printing the image, it has a low resolution. This is the most popular of the bunch because most people have a mobile phone. This is the worst quality camera.

Automatic camera (A Panasonic Lumix TZ5 compact camera.) you don’t have to use a dark room, easy to transfer on. Unlike the automatic camera it can automatically adjust to light it touches screen and you can edit photos on the camera. This is the best camera out of the two because the camera automatically stops noise.

Lightweight cameras- it is a camera that is lightweight and compact and perfect for traveling with. This is the more affordable camera it has a high resolution.

Digital equipment part 2 an example of a large format camera is a filed camera be packed up and folded up to compact size. This camera has a sharp focus so it is a good camera to do close up because it has a better quality. However it is not automatic meaning you all have to do all of the adjustments yourself and it is difficult to do that you have to have experience to be able to do that. .

Extreme sports camera are (go pro) lightweight, can go underwater, use a time-lapse. However, the audio is not always good. This means professional wouldn’t use this camera to make a film its more of a device for people who travel a lot. This camera is perfect if you are going swimming or rock climbing.

Camera equipment

In digital photography, medium format refers either to cameras adapted from medium format film models or to cameras making use of sensors larger than that of a 35mm film frame which means it has a better quality picture

Recording both till and high definition camera is a perfect recording camera. It is a fairly affordable camera perfect if you’re on a budget costing around £200. This camera has a good quality microphone which allows the audio to be good however sometimes this mean the picture isn’t always good.

Monopod is a one leg supporting device for the camera it is a bit like a tripod but this device is more portable than the tripod because it is lighter and smaller this mean it is a lot cheaper than the tripod.

A drone is a good way to take a photograph of a place where humans are unable to get like the sky. It is a good device to get a shot of a bird eyes view shot of a beach or a city.

Tripod is a three legged stand for supporting a camera this device is quite affordable and is extremely handy because it stops the camera from shacking and it keeps it steal so the camera will not move so allow the camera to get a professional film/ camera shot.

A hand held camera support are good because the effect it gives the effect of the camera gliding a bit like a weightlessness effect. It allows the camera crew to move easier and quickly this is perfect for a fast pace scene.



An example of flash lighting is a ring flash lighting provides even illumination with few shadows visible in the resulting photographs.

A reflector is used to redirect light towards a given subject or scene. This reduces shadows.

An example of studio lighting is a soft box diffuses this product is a pleasing soft, even light. When used properly, it reduces harsh shadows. Which is normally used in portrait photos. Natural lighting is the light from the sun this allows to have a more natural feel to the photography and it doesn’t have an artificial feel to it what most photographers look for.

A filter can be inserted into the lens to create a different affect such as the colour filter which can create a warm or cold effect what ca change the mood. It could also to do with lighting to help the picture to be darker or lighter

Correct exposure means you have a right combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. This means it increase the light in the photo however this has side effect which means it reduce depth of field which means it will become blurry and increasing the ISO means it increase noise.

Over exposure is an image that is two bright than it should be it makes the image look real bright which makes it look white. This means you lose detail to an object and it can look a bit out of focus. It gives a heavily feel to the photo. However you want to avoide this because you can’t see the image decrease the aperture and the shutter speed.

Under exposure is an image that is too dark this might mean there is not a lot of light because the aperture needs to be increase. This makes the look dark and it is hard to see the image. This means the image gets lost which would be very frustrating for the photographer because they would have to retake the image. to avoid this make ure the aperture has been increased.

Image manipulation It is important to remove unwanted materials so it doesn’t get mixed up and end up in the final photo which could look unprofessional. The way we get rid of any unwanted material by using the magic wand or eraser this gets ride of any part of the image that might not fit in. You can use the magic wound if you want to get rid of most of the back grounf or the eraser to be more precis

The reason photographers resize images because the proportions may be off or the photo might be too big or too small which can make the photo look unprofessional which could give the photographer a bad reputation. The buttons to do this is edit then shift then free transformation so it doesnt get pixaled and then you can increase the size

The reason photographers convert files so they can access their photos into more than one device so it become convenient to them and they can edit the files on their computers. the way you do this is save this a Jpeg and then you convert this in photoshop by save as then photoshop file then it converts it.

Exporting and storing of files File formatting is where you convert your document into a Jpeg which allow you to print of the file and it is a final product. the reason for Jpegs is because they have a little information Lossy file compression sometimes results in a loss of data because it makes the files smaller it is normally associated with a Jpeg.

The reason photographers compress files is to make more space and reduce file size so they have more storage to take photos.

Files transfer is important because it means you can transfer your image from your camera to your computer which means you can edit the file to make that into your final product. It also means you can access your final from any device. An exampel of a file transfer is a USB stick.

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