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Unit 27: Digital Photography-Task 1 Part 1


The newspaper editor of this newspaper has used big font and had used white which contrasts with the dark background. The dark background could connote the way people will feel, they could be filled with darkness. The photo they had used seems to be adding more emotion to the concept of the article as it looks as if Robin is upset. The photo also seems to tell a story so if someone was to look at this they would under stand what is going in he article. The impact of this photo is that it draws people’s attention as the photo enhances the title also the picture used will make people feel sympathetic as they can see what Robin is going through. The positioning of the photo also adds an effect; the image takes up the whole of the front which could connote the huge impact Robins death will have on people. The editor

seems to have put 3 bullet points in the bottom left hand corner. The three bullet points are very straight to the point and tell a story without going into too much detail. The 3 bullet points used are quite emotional and the editor was smart to put them near his face as that is where people are most likely to look first and then they will see the bullet pouts and will want to read in more detail also again these bullet points can make the reader feel sympathetic. Photo URL:

The editor of this newspaper used big bold white text which contrasts with the dull background which makes it stand out and will draw people to buy it. It is shown that magazines with big bold titles have better sales. The editor has put the pictures of the victims around the outside of the front cover which can draw attention as people would wonder, there are a lot of peoples faces on the front cover of the newspaper. This newspaper editor has also used 3 bullet points which allows the reader to have an insight on the article without actually having to read it however the editor has also put a bit of the article to allow the reader to have an preview of the article. The front cover of this article has the picture of the suspect in the middle of the newspaper which obviously will attract the reader.

MARKETING Photo URL: /560/1*V4RYMma3o_yzZiaUWnP95A.jpeg

The editor of this marketing poster has used white writing which allows it to stand out from the blue background. The background colour blue matches with the product maybe because the editor doesn’t want to take the focus of the product away the product also has white highlight around it which bring it out more. The link with the caption and the diagram off the stork wrapped around the tin of beans bring back childhood memories for both adults and children from the Jack and the Bean Stalk story which shows that this product is for everyone. The positioning of the product is dead in the middle of the poster which will keep people’s attention there. Photo URL: wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2018/05/Warburtons-Royal-Wedding-620x330.png

In this poster you can clearly see that it is advertising a bread company. In the poster the is a big, bold and clear slogan saying“let’s raise a toast” , this phrase is like play on word as this is said at weddings or parties when someone says a speech and everyone raises a glass however in this state its talking about the bread when it gets toasted. The editor of this poster smartly put the toast next to the words to allow the viewer to understand the reason why the editor had decided to use that phrase. The use of the phrase could also be u humour. Thge poster could also be interpreted in a

more deeper level for example the colour of the phrase could connote the feeling you get when you eat the toast, the feeling of your hunger being ended. Also the shape of the toast which is a triangle could connote the satisfaction people have when they choise they shape they want their bread to be in.


Promotional photography is an application of photography that is used. In the two pictures above (figure 1 & figure 2) they both contain the floral chair that is in figure two. The purpose of the chair in figure 1 is to allow the viewer to picture the chair if it was in a home and if there is any other product they would need to buy to match the chair. In this picture the company has smartly advertised more of their products through the one poster. On the website the company had put shots of the products individually as you can see in the picture to the right to allow the customers to see the product by itself and see it at different angle to see estimate measurements or where the product would look nice. The white background will allow the customer to picture the product in their own home and this shot can also be ideal if they want to crop the picture into a photo of their home.


The poster shows 3 different locations, the mountains, the city and the ocean. This could connote the different places and settings where the film is going to take place. This movie poster denotes 5 different characters who obviously play a different role in the movie. However, one of the characters is bigger than the others and is shown twice, this could connote that he is an important Photo URL:

character and in the poster he is seen jumping off a cliff and riding on a wave in the ocean this could give a taster of what he is likely to do in the movie. The characters seem to have a serious emotion on their face almost like they are angry. The emotion of the characters could connote how the characters feel towards each other. The title stands out on the poster because of the big red X’s. This could connote that the letter X has an important role in the movie. As this is an action movie and action movies tend to have a good character and a bad guy the red of the X’s could connote the blood of the enemy in the movie.

The cover of this album is very detailed as it has a lot going even though the message is quite straight forward and tells a story. The title of the album is called “the rebirth” and this links with the secondary colour of the cover which is white. The colour white connotes purity and new life, so this is the connection between the title and the white representing “the rebirth” of Tupac. The title could also have a connection with the image in the background and the story behind it which is Tupac going to prison which is why there is a prison in the background. Also, the helicopter which is meant to represent the security of the prison and the title which is rebirth could connote him coming out of jail and starting a new life of doing well. The helicopter in the background has a light shining out of it and it seems as if the light is shining on Tupac and it seems as if the light is creating an outline glow on him, this light on Pac could connote importance. The colour of the title almost seems to be blending in with the white smoky atmosphere of the cover. The NVC from Tupac’s face can give a sense of seriousness and shows his emotion and can hint to the reader how much the album means to him.


Photo URL: 09/08/11/200908111331192220/960_960/20090811133119222 0.jpg

A use of photography is for marketing. This advert is to raise awareness about what smoking can do to you. In this advert poster you can understand the effect of smoking from a short snappy sentence “every cigarette…”. The reason why this is an effective advert is because it uses the killer to explain the aftermath of smoking, in the poster the cigarette is ripped open and inside is a small bit of fatty deposit which is what happens in our body when we smoke. The meaning behind the fat being inside the cigarette could connote that we cannot see what’s going on inside our bodies but slowly damage is being made, just like a cigarette you cannot see what’s going in inside it, but the fire is burning the nicotine away. Another thing about this advert is that the logo of the company is in the corner.

for typical a human. The image is a mid-shot and the colour of it is in black and white this could connote the time period that the picture was taken. A denotation of the photo is that there is a girl laying in a make shift chair. The colour of the image which is black and white adds a feel of emotion to it. The colours black and white give a sense of depression and could make the reader feel sympathy for the two little girls in the photo.

Photo URL:


Photo URL:https://d2td6mzj4f4e1e. A denotation of this photo the right is that there are two black kids in a small cramped living space in a worn out flat. This could connote poverty as it seems as if they have limited resources

A denotation of this photo is a black boy getting ready to hit a ball when playing baseball. A connotation of this could be the idea of black people being able to play baseball as back in the day there was a very small percentage of black people who played baseball and black people were only able to play in baseball teams in 1974. The NVC is the concentration in his face which could which could show the determination and dedication towards the sport. Another connotation about this picture could be about the ways black peoples are treated unfairly. The ball could represent a bullet being shot at the black boy, and the concentration on his face could also be seen as shock. The ball in this photo is blurred and unclear, this could connote the unclear and unnecessary reason why the boy is getting shot.

FASHION Photo URL: url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjIi-vF_obfAhVqxYUKHY6UADwQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailysquib.

A use of photography is to tell a story. Denotations of this photo is children running from what seems to be an attack, with soldiers following behind them. The NVC in this photo is the children’s faces which show fear, sadness and pain. The connotation of the large smoke following the children could

Photo URL: url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjNufGgioffAhVLzIUKHc9JCbUQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fpocketmags. com%2Fit%2Ffashion-magazine%2Fnovember-2013&psig=AOvVaw1YVnfy9kVXvqmJTolfFtCi&ust=1544043981521798

imply that when the children think about their futures there would be negativity and bad things to look back on. In the Vietnam war there were many explosions hence why there is huge grey cloud in the background and why the little girl is naked. This photo was published to expose the horror events of war and the consequences it left with the incident children as the children are vulnerable and should not have be involved with such atrocities.

A use of photography is for fashion purpose such as modelling photoshoots and promotional magazines. In this photo it denotes Miley Cyrus on the front cover of a fashion magazine, wearing a revealing piece of clothing. The revealing clothes could convey the idea of how women are portrayed in the media. Women are shown either in minimal clothing, seductive looks and eye catching bodies. In this case she Miles is using these elements of seducing men through costume and NVC as a way to sell what she does like her music and other products she sells. The look she is giving of is a dark eye make up and black clothing which could contrast how she used to be seen in the public eye as an in Covent child inspiration as Hannah Montana. The holes in her clothing couls be a way to connect with the audience and how open and exposed she doesn’t mind being.

Task 1 Part 1  
Task 1 Part 1