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May 2014

The spiritual theme of “post-Easter” is commitment and growth. The disciples are our example. After Jesus rose again from the dead they had a decision to make, a few actually. First, were they still going to be committed to the mission? Jesus told them to go to Galilee and wait for Him. For some, Galilee was back home and could have been back to their lives. Staying with Jesus may not have the foregone conclusion we usually assume it does. There could have been a moment when each disciple had to decide, “this is Senior Pastor Rev. Jason Cashmer what I’m doing with my life,” especially after Jesus ascended. That’s when they had to truly commit to being a witness to His resurrection. We need to do the same. As Christians, we must examine our commitment to our Lord and ask a very simple question: What am I doing to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness?” How am I using the gifts and talents that God has given me to serve Him and His goals? This is our challenge. Anyone can call themselves a Christian, that’s easy. But how do we act like one? How committed are you to God’s mission and God’s plans? How important is spiritual growth to you? How much are you willing to sacrifice to be His disciples and to “make disciples of all nations?” Those are the questions the apostles asked themselves continually after Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. They are the same questions we must ask ourselves now. In Christ, Pastor Jay Cashmer


Financial Snapshot – Through March, 2014 INCOME (General Fund):March 2014 Church receipts $149,137.73 Tuition $ 88,977.12 TOTAL INCOME $238,114.85 ACTUAL EXPENSES: $170,516.56 INCOME OVER/(UNDER) EXPENSE $ 67,598.29

Year To Date $346,966.60 $230,837.24 $577,803.84 $517,545.38 $ 60,258.46

Thank you for your continuing support of Christ The King and its ministries.

Scrap Metal, Cans/Bottles & Capital Fund Drive Fundraising Journey Jars “C” Dollars Scrap Metal Bottles Fund Drive

2013 $ $ 2,525.00 $ 4,287.95 $ 1,634.10 $188,922.51

** Thru 4/13/2014

2014 $ $ $ $

Total (since 2006 start) $ 5,984.38 344.00 $ 11,416.00 544.00 $ 27,436.71 513.00 $ 13,113.10 19,070.07 $2,093,613.85


In Memory Of

Given By

Memorial Fund

Herb Cook M/M Floyd Schafer Helen Cox Amy Nuttmann Herb Cook M/M Bud Shoup Gene Kerr Denise Kerr Alfred Winters Shirley Winters Richard Wannemacher Patricia Wannemacher Josie Herrera M/M Bud Shoup (Kim Lienau’s Grandmother)

General Fund Capital Fund Capital Fund Memorial Fund Memorial Fund Memorial Fund Capital Fund

Birthday Blessings Amy Nuttmann - March 17 Nora White

“C” DOLLARS – The “C” for “Christ” Dollar collection began again during our season of Lent. Since January 2014, we have received $344.00. Our total “C” dollar collection since 2012 is $11,416.00.Thank you for continuing to collect and give in this fun way. All proceeds will go to the Capital Fund Drive.

FLOWER CHART for May to July is up in the West Gallery. Please be specific with your wording on the chart. We have 6 vases of flowers available at $15 a vase. Payment may be placed in the offering. Please designate “altar flowers” on the envelope.


Do you have a family member or friend at CTK who is in the hospital, a nursing home or confined to their own home? If so, please call the church office to set up visitation with one of our Spiritual Care Ministers. Contact: 734-285-9695 Harry Dutka ext. 15 Lisa Demou ext. 10

Would you like to be part of this ministry? Let us know if you have any questions about Spiritual Care. We are always looking for new members.

Hospital & Shut In Calls Hospital Calls: We request that you please call our church receptionist, Lisa Demou, at the Trenton Rd. Office, 734-285-9695 ext. 10. You may speak with her, leave a phone message or send an email message to Lisa will need your name, the name of the person who is hospitalized, the name of the hospital, the ailment/surgery and a contact phone number if there are questions. Lisa will then coordinate with the pastors to make sure you or your loved one is seen.

Shut-In Calls: We have a wonderful group of lay elders who are making shut-in calls. They are assigned certain members and see them on a monthly basis. Holy Communion is available if the person is able. If you or a family member need to be added to the shut-in list, please email Pastor Jay at or call Lisa Demou at 734-285-9695 ext. 10 or


Voters Assembly Christ The King Church Thursday, May 15th 7:00 PM - West Gallery, Trenton Rd. 

Phase 1 Update

Blood Drive The American Red Cross and CTK extends their heartfelt appreciation and many thanks to all who donated blood on April 14. When you give blood you give another chance of LIFE. Every unit of blood can help save three lives. Thank You for your support, Nancy Chambo

THANK YOU ! A very big THANKYOU to Denise Kerr for her overwhelming donations for the Easter Egg Hunt. Also, a very big THANK YOU to Diane Neubecker and Sue Reckling for helping to once again put on a great Easter Egg Hunt for the children. In addition, BIG thank you’s to everyone who donated plastic eggs and candy, as well as all the students who helped put them together! Happy Easter, Lisa Demou

Sunday School Thank You Thank you to our faithful servants, Caryn Butler and Michelle Harden, for all of their many years of service as Sunday School Directors! You and your families have abundantly blessed this CTK ministry and will be greatly missed. Pastor Jay and the CTK Staff


* Do you know what your spiritual gifts are? * Where does God want you to use your spiritual gifts? * How can I find a ministry that's personally rewarding? * Are you a friend who comes in when the rest of the world goes out? We will help you find answers! Stephen Ministry Informational Meeting Save the Date: August 18 - East Gallery Every Spring God recreates the book of Genesis. Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in spring-time. ~Martin Luther Hope was renewed for a care receiver. Read what she has to say: Who needs a Stephen Minister? People experiencing grief, unemployment, hospitalization, loneliness, divorce, financial stress, a terminal illness, and other life difficulties. When I found out what Stephen Ministry was, I talked to my pastor about getting a Stephen Minister. How does your relationship with your Stephen Minister start out? For me, it started off a little bit slow. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about sharing deep, personal things with someone I didn’t know very well. But consistency, compassion, and care for me really came through. I realized that my Stephen Minister was a safe person who wasn’t going to share what I said with anyone else. What was it like to meet with your Stephen Minister? We met weekly. During our visits, I talked, she listened. As I was talking through things, I realized that it was helping me to make sense of everything that had happened and how I was feeling. She accepted my feelings, including the ones that seemed risky to share— and that was really helpful. I needed acceptance and affirmation. I had a lot of loneliness, a lot of hurts, a lot of uncertainty inside. I needed to be validated and not put down. My Stephen Minister did a wonderful job of creating a warm, caring space for me to process my emotions and work through my issues. Could you tell me about a caring visit that stands out for you? I shared my deepest hurts—some really painful things that I feared I might be judged. After I said all those things, I was really nervous and dreading my Stephen Ministers response. But instead, she put her arm around me and said, “I’m sorry you had to go through that.” That was a turning point for me. To go from fear of judgment to a positive affirmation of care, empathy—and even sorrow for what I’d been through—it was so meaningful. That’s when I began to feel God’s love again.


I’ve heard other care receivers say that their Stephen Minister helped them experience God’s love. Could you tell me more about how that happened for you? The fact that God is invisible makes it hard for me to experience Him sometimes. I’d been through some very negative experiences in life that caused me to question whether God even existed—and, if He existed, whether He loved me. How did your caring relationship come to a close? My Stephen Minister helped me get to a place where I was able to deal with my issues on my own. As that happened, our visits tapered off. Based on your experience, how would you describe what Stephen Ministers do? Stephen Ministers do a lot of listening and ask really good questions that help you talk through your thoughts and emotions. Stephen Ministers are there for you when it seems that no one else is. Just having someone to talk to—week after week— to bounce ideas off of, can help bring clarity into your life and help you sort through whatever it is you’re dealing with. The most important thing my Stephen Minister did for me was to provide spiritual care that led to spiritual healing. How do you think Stephen Ministers help fill that spiritual gap? God’s love is always there, but sometimes it can be really hard to feel it, especially when you’re going through a crisis. That’s probably when people doubt God’s presence the most, when their faith is the most vulnerable. But a Stephen Minister is Jesus’ hands and feet, just being there and caring for a hurting person. Stephen Ministers express God’s love in a tangible way that care receivers can feel. Stephen Ministers help those they care for experience God during those times in life when they might be wondering, ‘Is God even there?’ What would you say to someone who’s considering receiving care from a Stephen Minister? Asking for a Stephen Minister is the best thing I could have done for myself. Stephen Ministry is transformational. As a care receiver, you’ll grow so much through your Stephen Minister’s care, concern, and compassion for you—you may not even recognize yourself afterward! I would encourage anyone who is suffering, discouraged, or going through a difficult time to ask for a Stephen Minister. Stephen Ministry is a lay caring ministry being used by thousands of congregations to increase care and outreach to hurting people. Through Stephen Ministry, congregations are able to equip and empower a team of laypeople—Stephen Ministers—who provide one-to-one, Christ-centered care. If you feel God calling you to this ministry or you need a Stephen Minister, reach out to a Stephen Leader or Minister. Our pictures are located in the Trenton Rd West Gallery or contact the church office. Stephen Ministers make a difference one life at a time


Have you ever felt your faith is being challenged or have wondered where is God when you need Him? “When God Feels Far Away” may help answer your questions. He is always available to us just by asking. “Finding the Courage to Face a Serious Illness”; “Becoming a More Confident Caregiver”; “Why We Need Others When We Are Grieving” and many others are also available at the Resource Center in the West Gallery. TEEN Care Notes are available for the Teen in your family. Please stop by to check them out and feel free to help yourself and/or take one for a friend. Reminder to read/study your Bible daily, as all the answers are here as well.

Help with CTK Music CD Needed Do you have a computer capable of inscribing information on a music CD? We need individuals who are able to make CD copies and also inscribe information on the CD. We hope to make 500 copies to distribute to CTK members for a donation sometime this Spring. The profit from this endeavor will be divided between the Music Fund and the Capital Fund. To volunteer to help or for more information contact, or 734-281-3773. (Thanks to all who have donated CD cases. We only need about 100 more.)

Small Group Information New Small Groups will begin this September. Would you enjoy meeting once a month in a member’s home to study God’s Word and enjoy Christian fellowship? Small groups usually meet during the school year from September—May, taking December off. We try to keep each group between 15 and 20 people. Presently, we have 20 Small Groups that meet regularly. We would like to start at least one new group this fall. If this interests you, please contact or 734-281-3773.



MONDAY EVENINGS April 28 - July 21 & October 6 - December 29 7:00 P.M - 9:00 P.M.

Christ The King Lutheran Church 15600 Trenton Road, Southgate 734-285-9695 e-mail: Our program is for people grieving the loss of a spouse, family member or friend. We want to offer you encouragement, comfort and caring during this difficult time. As this is a 13-week course, please contact Teresa if you will not be able to make it to class. She can go over any materials you may miss. We are here for you. GriefShare uses videos, followed by small group discussion. You do not need to read out loud. Our videos feature interviews with authors, counselors, speakers and pastors. There is a $10 registration fee. Light refreshments provided. If you are interested in facilitating or aiding the group, please contact Teresa Samson. MEETING DATES & TOPICS: April 28– Registration. June 16 “Living with Grief” “The Uniqueness of Grief Part 2” May 5 June 23 “The Journey of Grief” “God’s Prescription for Grief” May 12 June 30 “The Effects of Grief” “Stuck in Grief” May 19 July 7 “When Your Spouse Dies” “Top 20 lessons of Grief Part 1” May 26 July 14 “Your Family and Grief” “Top 20 Lessons of Grief Part 2” June 2 July 21 “Heaven” “Why?”Questions with Pastor June 9 “The Uniqueness of Grief Part 1”

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: Facilitator: Teresa Samson 734-282-8012 (Please leave a message if needed.)


Spring Clean Up - Labor of Love Sunday, May 18, 1:00-5:00 PM Pennsylvania Rd. Campus Mark your calendar for a Spring planting/clean up day at the Pennsylvania Rd campus. This work day will be similar to the one held last fall. We had a great response of volunteers last year and hope to see you out this Spring. So much was accomplished and it was fun to work side by side with our fellow members and friends. Pizza will follow.

Confirmation Testimony Class Adult Editors Needed

Confirmation Camp dates for 2014 are June 16-19th from 10:00 to 11:00 AM. This year’s twenty-five 8th grade Confirmands will be writing their testimonies of faith during the testimony class. We need 12 adults who enjoy working with kids this age to partner with two or three students. As an adult peer editor, you will start in class with your students as they are given writing instructions. Then you leave and help your kids put together some thoughts and encourage them in their efforts for about twenty minutes, then return to class for a closing. We like our adults to be able to type up what their kids have written each day. However, if typing is not your “thing,” but you would still like to be an adult editor, that’s OK too. If this interests you or if you would like more information, please contact: Carol at or 734281-3773.

Thursday Summer Services Memorial Day: May 22, 2014 Independence Day: July 3, 2014 Labor Day: August 28, 2014 Going away for the weekend? You don’t have to miss church. Join us at PA Rd. for an informal, Bible-based, praise-filled worship. There is no Bible class or Sunday school following the service. These three holiday, communion services will be held at 7:00 PM in the PA Rd. Fellowship Center Gym. An ice cream social will follow.


CTK Community Garden Planting Day Saturday, May 17, starting at 9am. We invite you to join in this exciting opportunity. Do you have a green thumb? Do you have a love for gardening? So many helping hands and faithful servants are needed to make the CTK Community Garden a success. More importantly, we ask for your prayers for the success of this endeavor. The Lord has truly blessed CTK, and one of those ways is the vast land at the Pennsylvania Rd campus. The harvest from this garden will be used to benefit the CTK Food Pantry. Our community can enjoy fresh vegetables, season after season, right from the CTK Community Garden! Come check it out at Pennsylvania Road on the west side of the Admin Building. Confirmation students and CTK School students who serve in this role can earn service hours or a Confirmation role. To participate, help, donate vegetable plants, or make a monetary donation, please contact Joe Hilliard at 586-747-8902 or

“So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.� 1 Corinthians 3:7


Dear CTK Members, As I am writing this, yesterday was 70 degrees and today there is snow on the ground. The good news is we beat the record for the most snow. In athletic news:  Boy’s Volleyball team concluded their season. They ended the season taking third in our CTK Boy’s Volleyball tournament.  Track season has begun. When the weather is behaving you can see the students running around the Penn Rd Campus. The track team will have a few meets, including a state qualifying regional meet. This year’s Annual Fund Auction was well attended. The number of attendees doubled from the previous year. Thank you to all who attended and showed their support. Unfortunately, the comedian went away from the original game plan that we had agreed upon. We apologize for his choice of material. We have had a discussion with him and shared our displeasure. He wrote the Annual Fund Committee an apology letter, asking for forgiveness. We raised $9,700 during the auction. The Annual Fund is proactive with your generous donations. Some of the funds have already been spent to replace computers in our computer lab. We are prioritizing a list of needs to benefit the students. At the time of this writing, our enrollment numbers for next year are close to our current enrollment. Our Admission Counselor, Wendy Horen, has been doing an excellent job attracting new students. I urge you to ask her to give you a tour of the school. She was able to attend an admission counselor’s conference this year. It was hosted by the Michigan District. It was very informative and engaging. One of the events she learned about during the conference was a whole school open house for new parents and current parents to get students involved and excited about our school. On May 4th, after the 11am service, the school will be hosting an Open House. The classrooms will be open for families to visit and activities for students to perform. Students that are currently enrolled will receive a free dress down day if they visit every classroom. If you are a current parent and would like to find out what your child will learn next year or just to meet their teacher, this is your chance. Lastly, I would like to thank you again for supporting the School. Recently I was asked by a Church member, for some ways Church members can support the school. In short, I would say the top three ways would be:  Pray  Consider having your children attend or share our school with others that are looking for a high academic Christ-centered education.  Participate in the Scrip program.


The Scrip program is where the school is able to buy gift cards at a discounted price. We then sell the gift cards and keep the profits. The profits help subsidize other programs in the school or help pay for items that the school needs. Current parents already participate in the Scrip program as one of our mandatory fundraisers. If you would like to learn more about the Scrip program, please call the school office. If you would like to order Scrip, you can visit the school office Monday through Friday, visit one of the teachers in between services and Bible study on Sundays, or order online at:, enrollment code: ELDFE719887. In God, Daniel Burk and the CTK School Staff

Open House K-8th grade, Trenton Road Sunday, May 4, noon - 3 pm New and current CTK families are invited to tour the classrooms, meet the teachers and enjoy activities and snacks. All CTK students that attend the open house will receive a coupon for a free dress down day on Monday, May 5!!

Upcoming Events May 2 - Grandparents Day Half Day School - 11:30 AM Dismissal May 4 - K-8 Open House - noon to 3:00 PM May 21 - Drama Performance - 7:00 PM May 26 - No School Memorial Day May 29 - 4 Yr. and Early 5’s Graduation - 7:00 PM Pennsylvania Rd. Campus June 2-4 - 8th Grade Class Trip June 4 - Kindergarten Graduation - 7:00 PM Trenton Rd. June 6 - Last Day of School - 11:30 Dismissal June 6 - 8th Grade Graduation - 7:00 PM Trenton Rd.


Vacation Bible School SAVE THE DATE ! July 21-25, 2014 9:00 - 12:00 each day Christ The King, Trenton Rd. All children 3 yr old (potty-trained) Preschool - 6th grade are invited to join the fun! We will be learning Ephesians 6:11-18 and how to become “Warriors of God.” Volunteers Needed: We are in need of a photographer, decorator, helpers, leaders and kitchen staff. 7th grade and older can volunteer (good for a Confirmation role). It’s a lot of fun and great satisfaction knowing you are helping to spread the Lord’s word to all the children. Donations Needed: Popsicle sticks (craft variety from the dollar store), any color yarn and any color plastic tablecloths 52x90 or larger. Donations can be dropped off in the church office with a note for VBS. Questions: contact or 734-285-9695. Thanks!


Sunday School Class Calling all kids ages 3 through high school!!!! Please join us for Sunday school class. Parents, the benefit to joining us, besides learning more about Jesus, making new friends, having fun and NO HOMEWORK, is that teaching your child about Jesus now and giving them a faith-based foundation will help them throughout their life and into eternal life! Only you can HELP them create a good habit of worshipping and tithing. Not to mention, while the kids are in Sunday School or Confirmation Class, you can study God’s Word in Bible Class. Sunday School Times: *Saturday 6:00 PM at Trenton Rd., Commons Room *Sunday 9:45 AM at Trenton Rd., classrooms & H.S. in Upper Rm. *Sunday 10:50 AM at PA Rd. in the classroom. If you have any questions or can help teach, please see Jamie McCormick or Sheri Bates in the Sunday School Office (the Commons) on Sundays.

Vacation Bible School The Armor of God July 21-25, 2014 9:00 - 12:00 each day Christ The King, Trenton Rd.


MOWING Thankfully the winter is coming to a close and we can finally think about mowing lawns again.  If you are interested in helping out mowing at our Pennsylvania Rd. Campus, please contact Rick Lang at or 734-654-6884. We can use help with weed whipping, hand mowing and rider mowing.  If you would like to help out at Trenton Rd., please contact Scott McCormick at 734-789-1823

Video Tech Ministry Volunteers are needed to run PowerPoint during worship services. If interested, please contact Pastor Jay at

Psalms & Proverbs Bookstore Cashier volunteers are needed. Please contact Ali McLaughlin at 734.558.5316 for more information.

Trenton Rd. Watch Patrol The Watch Patrol is looking for a few good men. If you are able to help with this ministry, please contact Lisa at 734.285.9695 or To ensure the safety of our church, the Watch Patrol goes through the building and makes sure all doors are locked and lights turned off. Sign up for one week at a time.

PA Rd. Watch Patrol The PA Rd. campus could use a few more volunteers to do watch patrol. We ask that you do watch for one week stretches. If you are available and would like more information, or to be trained, please contact Denise Cashmer at 734-285-3533 ext. 10 or Thanks for considering this very important ministry.


Lunch Bunch Please join us for the May Seniors’ Lunch Bunch outing. We will meet at Olive Garden on Eureka Rd., Southgate, on May 6th, 11:30. Please call Joyce Shoup at 734.282.5180 to attend or cancel.

CTK Men’s Golf League CTK Men’s Golf League begins in late April and runs for 18 weeks. We play at Sandy Creek Golf Course in Monroe. The format is two man teams. Even if you don’t have a partner, sign up and we may be able to match you up with another interested player. For more information, call Mike Molnar @ 734-634-7349.

7th & 8th Grade Youth The 7th & 8th grade youth is led by CTK member, Zach Bates. They meet the second and fourth Sunday of each month from 5:00-7:00 PM at the PA Rd. Campus. For more information, you can contact Zach at .

5th & 6th Grade Youth 5th & 6th Grade Youth meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month from 3:00-5:00 PM at the Pennsylvania Rd. Campus. There will be outings and holiday weekends that we don’t meet, so please always check your bulletin. LUTHERAN HIGH SCHOOL SOUTH is now accepting registrations for the 2014-2015 school year. If you have not received a registration card and would like one, please contact the school office at 734.586.8832 or


RELAY FOR LIFE OF SOUTHGATE MAY 31, 2014 CHRIST THE KING “CANCER KICKERS” TEAM All of us know someone with cancer, someone who has died, has been a caregiver, or has had or is dealing with cancer themselves. Please join our community, members of Christ The King, their families and friends on Saturday, May 31st at 10 am, at Homer Howard Park, 14400 Dix (in front of Southgate City Hall) in our 24 hour “cancer kicker” fight against this dreadful disease. There are a number of ways to participate. Team members will be available with white bags that you can decorate or a member can decorate for you in honor or in memory of someone. The bags are $10, with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. The bags will be illuminated Saturday evening for a walk (not long) to honor those people we have remembered. There are also cards that can be purchased for a donation of $1 or more that will be displayed by the CTK tent at the event. Christ The King team members, as well as teen members, are needed. The event starts Saturday, May 31st at 10 am, with a survivor lap at 11am, (survivors receive a free tee-shirt when you sign up) and ends Sunday at 10 am. You don’t have to be there the whole 24 hours. But we do need walkers and team members there during the night. There are lots of fun activities planned, such as theme laps, food, games, music, etc. To donate, be a team sponsor, or sign up to become a member of the Christ The King “Cancer Kickers” Team, go to Please join our efforts to put an end to this dreadful disease through early detection, treatment and research, and to help people with their cancer needs. For more information contact co- captains Carol Wilkins at (734)285 -0749 or or Stacy Acs at (734) 379-0446 or



BIG EVENT!!!! Not to be missed is the 2014 LWML District Convention July 18-20 at the Radisson in Kalamazoo. Christ The King is one of the churches involved in hosting and many hands are needed. Registration sheets are available in the West Gallery at Trenton Rd.


Next Community Sale May 16-17 from 9:00AM to 5:00 PM We need: *Members to advertise for us on Twitter and Face Book * Money Donations to buy butane gas/Lowe’s Gift Certificates * Volunteers to help on Thursdays from 2:00-4:00 PM * People willing to make cookies for our sale days * Sign-up Sheets and E sign-ups will be out soon * Any Questions: or 734-281-3773 Help Needed: Before our May 16th-17th sale we need to get all of our rooms cleaned, straightened, and organized. Most of our rooms have volunteers in charge of them, but we have several rooms that need to be “adopted.” Stop by on Thursdays from 2:00-4:00pm or Saturdays from 10:00am—1:00pm, to help out or to pick a room of your own! We also encourage all of you bakers to start making cookies for this Spring Sale. Make them now and freeze them! Many people come to our sale just for those great homemade CTK cookies! Any questions please contact, or 734-281-3773. Sale Dates: May 16-17 9:00-5:00: For those of you who would like to help, you may sign up online at, on the posters at either campus, as well as the D.S. building. Perhaps you will find a time that would suit you to volunteer as a cashier. D.S. May Cookies: We will be selling homemade cookies at our May saleMay 16th and 17th. If baking cookies is your “thing” please bring them to the D.S. building any time on May 15-16-or 17th. We will be selling them by the dozen. Look for the sign up sheet at either campus. Looking Ahead: Two other D.S. Community Sales: July 24th-26th. This is our only 3 day sale and we will be selling CTK baked goods of all kinds. Finally, our Nov. 14th-15th sale will feature our CTK homemade pies. Donation Station Work Hours: Just a reminder that volunteers work at the D.S. every Thursday from 2:00-4:00 pm and every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Stop in sometime and we will put you to work. If you don’t like to stand, we’ll give you a “sit down” job.

2014 Community Sale Dates : May 16 - 17, – Homemade cookies July 24, 25, 26, - Homemade bake goods November 14 - 15, - Homemade Pies Thursday through Saturday - 9 am to 5 pm


HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP MEETINGS 05/04/14 - 7pm to 9pm for devotion and snack at Penn. Rd. 05/11/14 - 7pm to 9pm for devotion and snack at Penn. Rd. 05/18/14 - 7pm to 9pm for devotion and snack at Penn. Rd. 05/25/14 - 05/25/14 - We will not meet for youth today due to the holiday weekend. FLAMINGO FLOCKING - This Spring the High School Youth will be flocking yards with flamingos for many occasions, such as birthdays, retirements, birth announcements, etc., or just as a joke! Surprise your friends or family or other church members with a lawn full of bright pink flamingos! Flockings will be scheduled throughout April and May, when high school youth will deliver flamingos to the unsuspecting lawn where they have been directed to roost for 48 hours. If you don’t want to be flocked you can purchase anti-flocking insurance to protect yourself. Be an early bird and reserve your flocking now! See Becki Kerr or any high school youth for more information. Reservations and fliers are also available in the church office and Becki Kerr’s inbox. SHOP AT THE SPRING MOM2MOM SALE: The High School Youth will be hosting our Spring Mom2Mom Sale on Saturday, May 3, 2014 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. We are the largest Mom2Mom sale Downriver, with over 120 tables and a great concession stand and bake sale. Registration forms are in the church office or email Becki Kerr at We greatly appreciate all the support we have for this fundraiser to help pay for our trip in June to the Michigan District LCMS High School Youth Gathering on Mackinac Island. High School Youth Group Leader :Becki Kerr or 734-674-2864.


Flocking Flamingo Fundraiser This Spring the High School Youth will be flocking yards with flamingos for many occasions, such as birthdays, retirements, birth announcements, etc., or just as a joke! Surprise your friends or family or other church members with a lawn full of bright pink flamingos! Flockings will be scheduled throughout April and May, when high school youth will deliver flamingos to the unsuspecting lawn where they have been directed to roost for 48 hours. If you don’t want to be flocked you can purchase antiflocking insurance to protect yourself. Be an early bird and reserve your flocking now! See Becki Kerr or any high school youth for more information. Reservations and fliers are also available in the church office and Becki Kerr’s in-box.

Anti-Flocking Insurance The Purchase of this Anti-Flocking Insurance guarantees that no flock of flamingos will roost on my lawn as they migrate around the Downriver area during the course of this fundraising event. The cost of this Insurance requires a premium of only $20. Policy Holder Name: Policy Holder Address:

We Thank You For Your Support! Sold By:


CTK’s High School Youth Flocking Flamingo Order Form Name of “Victim” to be Flocked: “Victim’s” Physical Address: Note: Flamingos are not allowed to flock on public property or apartment complexes. Special Instructions:

How Many Flamingos do you want to Migrate to your “Victim’s” Yard? Medium Flock (25 Flamingos) - $20 Donation Large Flock (50 Flamingos) - $30 Donation Do you want the victim to know it was you who ordered the flamingo flocking? Your Name: Your Phone: Other Info: The flamingos will flock for approximately 48 hours. Additional time requested beyond 48 hours will be an extra charge. Please contact Becki Kerr at with any questions.

We Thank You For Your Support! Sold By:



SPRING Mom 2 Mom SALE! Do you need to get some items at a lower cost than the store sells them?? Then this is the place to be! Everyone benefits, including our high school youth. When: Saturday, May 3, 2014 Where: Christ The King Lutheran Church 15600 Trenton Rd. Southgate, MI 48195 Time: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Admission: $1 for adults, children free Why: Supporting the high school youth as they raise money for their trip to the Michigan District LCMS Gathering in June.

Setup will be open Friday, May 2nd from 7:00 p.m. – 9 p.m. and rd Saturday, May 3 from 7:15 a.m. – 9 a.m. The actual sale is from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Sellers must keep their tables open until 1 p.m. (No leaving early, this is a requirement listed on the website) If you have any questions please contact Becki Kerr at 734.674.2864 or email: (Concessions will be available)




Trenton Road Campus Saturday Worship: 5:00 p.m. Bible Class/Sunday School 6:00 p.m. Sunday Worship: 8:30 & 11:00 a.m. Bible Class/Sunday School 9:45 a.m.

Pennsylvania Road Campus Sunday Worship: Bible Class/Sunday School

9:45 a.m. 10:50 a.m.

CTK Church -Trenton Rd. Campus 15600 Trenton Rd., Southgate, MI 48195 Church Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m.– 3:00 p.m. Church Office Phone: (734) 285-995 Church FAX: (734) 285-4188 CTK Day School - Trenton Rd. School Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. School Office Phone: (734) 285-9697 School FAX: (734) 285-5275 CTK Church - Pennsylvania Rd. Campus 16700 Pennsylvania Rd., Southgate, MI 48195 Main Phone: (734) 285-3533 Day Care - Pennsylvania Rd. Campus Day Care Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Day Care Phone: (734) 285-8525

CTK Newsletter May 2014  

CTK Newsletter for May, 2014

CTK Newsletter May 2014  

CTK Newsletter for May, 2014