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January 2014

The New Year means different things to different people. If you are a teacher or student it means “back to school” after the winter break. If you are sports fan it means college football bowl games and NFL playoffs. If you like winter…then that’s odd. I don’t know what the New Year means to you. If you are looking forward to spring like the rest of us, then it means we’re a bit closer; at least we’ve turned the page. The days are starting to get longer! Imagine what a new year Senior Pastor Rev. Jason Cashmer would have meant to the Israelites many, many years ago. God said to them, “This month is to be for you the first month, the first month of your year.” (Exodus 12:2) Then God instructed them on the Passover and delivered them from slavery in Egypt. Because God literally set their calendar, each new year for the Israelites would have been a reminder and celebration of God’s presence and direction for this redeemed people. Even though God did not say to us, “January shall be the first month of your year,” we still consider the New Year an opportunity to recognize God’s presence in our lives and His direction for us as a people redeemed by the blood of Christ. Our prayer is for 2014 to be another year in which God blesses us with His unconditional love, showers us with His boundless grace, and empowers us by His Holy Spirit to live out our lives of devotion and discipleship. Happy New Year! In Christ, Pastor Jay Cashmer


Financial Snapshot – Through November, 2013 INCOME (General Fund): November 2013 Church receipts $129,156.18 Tuition $ 62,482.45 TOTAL INCOME $191,638.63 ACTUAL EXPENSES: $161,876.49 INCOME OVER/(UNDER) EXPENSE $ 29,762.14

Year To Date $1,248,784.33 $ 740,138.31 $1,988,922.64 $1,997,592.64 ($


When we look at our year to date income and expense for the first eleven months of 2013, we find: budget expenses are 7% under 2013 budget; budget income is 1% over last year’s giving. Tuition is 5.5% under last year since a November deposit was credited to December due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Scrap Metal, Cans/Bottles & Capital Fund Drive Fundraising Journey Jars “C” Dollars Scrap Metal Bottles Fund Drive

2012 $ 193.77 $ 1,026.00 $ 8,782.92 $ 2,206.80 $134,427.70

** Thru 12/15/2013

2013 $ 1,971.00 $ 4,287.95 $ 1,634.10 $169,910.19

Total (since 2006 start) $ 5,984.38 $ 10,518.00 $ 26,500.92 $ 12,600.10 $2,055,531.46


In Memory Of

Given By

Thelma Belinski Scott Binge

Sue Swihart M/M Robert Reed

Memorial Fund Memorial Fund Memorial Fund

Birthday Blessings Susan Brittain

Lost and Found: Please check out the Lost and Found box inside the Usher’s Room (the small room outside the sanctuary) for any items you may have lost. If it is jewelry, contact Lisa in the church office. Items will be donated at the end of January.

THANK YOU! A very BIG thank you to all who were able to donate to the Christmas Toy Baskets, whether it was a gift card, toys or adopting a family. CTK really appreciates your generosity.

Thank you for your Typhoon Relief Donations

Once again, we asked for help from our congregation, and they answered the call. Our door offering to Lutheran World Relief, to benefit those who have lost so much to Typhoon Haiyan, totaled $1,325 and money is still coming in. Thank you for your generosity and opening your hearts. May the Lord bless you and the important work LWR is undertaking.


Pennsylvania Campus Phase I Sanctuary Update Moving Ahead With The Building Project With the verbal ok’s to build from Wayne County and the City of Southgate, the modified drawings have been dropped off per their requests. The ETA for the county permit is mid to late January, with the city building permit immediately following. The bidding process will be completed in February and contracts will be awarded shortly after. If you have contractors that you highly recommend for this project you may email their contact information to Gene Stephens at or Ron Reckling at We will need to receive all contact information by January 15, 2014. With the contracts awarded we should be breaking ground in early spring. Please continue to pray for our Building Committee and the Phase I Building project. Gene Stephens, Facilities Manager


Vestry Update – Jan 2014 The Voters’ Assembly elected three Vestry members at the December 12, 2013 meeting: Michelle Harden, Jim Tarnowski, and Deanna Warrington. Thanks to Jeff Davis, Laurie Floetke and Christine Holka for their service on the Vestry. Also, the Vestry announced Jim Gibbs has been appointed to fill out Shelly Manor’s term, who stepped down to take care of her new baby boy. Thanks and congratulations to Shelly. The monthly Vestry meeting is the third Thursday of each month. The next meeting is January 16, at 7pm in the Cana Room. Current Vestry members are, Jim Gibbs, Michelle Harden, Norm Miller, Ron Reckling, Jim Seigrist, Jim Tarnowski, Walter Tyslicki, Deanna Warrington, and Sandy Watson.

CTK Staffing Update Our goal for staffing in 2014 involves the internship program of Concordia University Ann Arbor’s Director of Family Life ministries program. Students who are preparing for full time church work as a DFL (Dir. of Family Life) serve in a congregation for a six-month period after completing their course work. The internship can result in a call from CTK to the DFL, but not necessarily. We could have an intern as early as next June or July, but we won’t know until about March. (Applications are due in February.) In the meantime, we are preparing for the possibility of an intern and the main practical aspect is housing. We are responsible for the student’s housing in our community; they do not commute from Ann Arbor. If you have a rental property and would like the assurance that the renter is employed by your church, contact Pastor Jay. Please keep this process in your prayers. If you have questions call Pastor Jay or speak to a member of the Call Committee, Rhonda Brna, Eric Neubecker, and Bob Voelz.


Good News & Discipleship Classes The Good News class is instruction on Christian doctrines and Biblical teachings. Attending the Good News class does not obligate you to become a member. After attending the Good News Class those who wish to become members of Christ The King attend the Discipleship Class, which introduces you to the ministries and mission of CTK. If interested, contact Pastor Jay at or Lisa at

Good News Spring 2014

January 14th – March 11 (9 sessions)

Discipleship Class

March 18-April 1, New Member Sunday, April 13th Palm Sunday.

Euchre Players Mark your calendars! The dates have been set. The tournaments will be held on the second Saturday of each month at our PA Rd Campus, starting January through April. Everyone is welcome; invite your friends. We off set our cost by charging $3 for a single person, or $5 for two. We ask that each family bring a 2 liter of a beverage to share, as well as some type of snack. We always have a great array of snacks; use your imagination. Sorry, we do not have babysitting available. Our tournaments start as close to 7pm as possible, so please try to be prompt. Unfortunately if you are the last one to arrive, and we are not divisible by four, you may not be able to play. Saturday, January 11 Saturday, February 8 Saturday, March 8 Saturday, April 12 Questions? Call Janis McSweeney 734.692.2663


Stephen Ministry Matches Super Bowl Experience STEPHEN MINISTRY IN ACTION Please enjoy this article from Stephen Ministries St. Louis Publications. CTK is always looking for new members. Stephen Ministry is a fulfilling experience for the givers and receivers. “Before I retired from coaching, my team was in the Super Bowl six times. I thought nothing would ever match that. But being a Stephen Minister has also been one of the greatest experiences in my life,” says Bill Arnsparger, who coached for 23 seasons in the NFL. His last stop was as defensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers. After he retired from coaching in 1994, he trained to become a Stephen Minister at Torrey Pines Christian Church in La Jolla, California. During his coaching career, Arnsparger heard about Stephen Ministry several times. “I knew it was important, so I waited until the right time in my life to get involved,” Arnsparger says. “The hours I’ve invested in Stephen Ministry have brought me closer to the Lord and to others in my congregation. “I find serving as a Stephen Minister very rewarding. It’s an opportunity to work with people and really help them. Each care receiver inspires me to build my faith. I always benefit from our time together. “I’ve learned that I can’t always predict and plan what each visit will be like. I work to be open to new developments, and I hang in there when new problems come up. I know I can’t just write a prescription to make my care receiver feel better. My job is to listen and to care. God takes care of the rest.” Asked about similarities between Stephen Ministry and football, Coach Arnsparger says, “Stephen Ministry builds confidence, both in the Stephen Ministers and in the care receivers. Stephen Ministry takes teamwork; in supervision we need to work together to provide the best care possible—to our care receivers and to one another. Each opportunity to care is a new challenge, a new experience, just as each game is.” Men sometimes wonder if Stephen Ministry is right for them. Coach Arnsparger shows that following Jesus in giving and receiving care is truly a “sport for real men.” Bill Arnsparger spent 23 seasons as an NFL coach, with stops in Baltimore, Miami, New York, and San Diego. He then became a Stephen Minister at Torrey Pines Christian Church in La Jolla, California. Coach Bill Arnsparger | Stephen Minister Copyright © 2013 by Stephen Ministries St. Louis. All rights reserved.


Spiritual Care Ministry Jesus said, “Feed my lambs.� John 21:15 If you have a family member, or a friend at CTK who is hospitalized, in a nursing home, or confined to their own home and needs visitation, please call the church office.

Contacts: Email:

Harry Dutka 734 285 9695 ext 15 Lisa Demou 734 285 9695 ext 10

Also, please let us know if you would like to serve in this ministry. We are always looking for new members.

Hospital & Shut In Calls Hospital Calls: We request that you please call our church receptionist, Lisa Demou, at the Trenton Rd. Office, 734-285-9695 ext. 10. You may speak with her, leave a phone message or send an email message to Lisa will need your name, the name of the person who is hospitalized, the name of the hospital, the ailment/surgery and a contact phone number if there are questions. Lisa will then coordinate with the pastors to make sure you or your loved one is seen.

Shut-In Calls: We have a wonderful group of lay elders who are making shut-in calls. They are assigned certain members and see them on a monthly basis. Holy Communion is available if the person is able. If you or a family member need to be added to the shut-in list, please email Pastor Jay at or call Lisa Demou at 734-285-9695 ext. 10 or


God’s Beautiful Hand “You cause the grass to grow for the livestock and plants for man to cultivate, that he may bring forth food from the earth.” Psalm 104:14 Day after day, God is faithful in providing food for the earth’s tables. He uses Christians to help serve that food to tables that would otherwise be lacking. As we look back on 2013, God has used Lutheran school classrooms, public school classrooms, businesses, Meijer Simply Give, Boy Scout groups, unnamed groups, individuals and families to help fill cupboards in the Downriver area. This constant help comes to our food pantry on Pennsylvania Road in food donations, cash donations, and hundreds of hours given by very faithful volunteers. In addition to food donations, in abundance, $17,272.68 was also given (year to date) for the pantry. Of that donated money (and previous years’ reserves) we spent $12,665.38. Our main source for purchase is Gleaners Community Food Bank. For those who like numbers we have helped the following as of December 5, 2013: 2722 individuals from 823 families. Thank you to Jesus and His people! Pastor Harry & the many who contribute time, talent and treasure.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food,…” (Jesus in Matthew 25:35)

Small Group Hosts

We have two people, Gene Stephens and Donna Toebler, who are willing to teach a home small group. If you would be willing to host a group, there are people who may want to attend. We really need a group that is “children” friendly, as new young families are joining Christ The King and would like to grow in the Word with people of their age and interests. If this interests, you please contact Carol at or 734-2813773.


Donation Station Financial Report: Since we began the Donation Station, we have brought in $100,025.37. Praise the Lord !!!! Presently, we are low in donations in all categories, as the Nov. Sale did very well. So once again we ask our members to “clean house” and bring donations any time. They may be put inside the tarped overhang of building #9.  We don’t need more adult clothes yet, and we really cannot use old TV’s. During our last sale, many CTK brochures and personal invitations to attend a CTK service were given. Please pray that some of these people may respond and visit our church, and then come to know Jesus as their own personal Savior. That is the real motivation behind all our effort at the Donation Station.  And just one important thank you to all who baked for our three sales this year. Many people say they come especially just to buy your baked goods!  Finally, we are thinking of changing our Community Sale Dates to May, July, and November. Please pray with us, that we make good decisions. Donation Station Work Hours: Just a reminder that volunteers work at the D.S. every Thursday from 2:00-4:00 and every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Stop in sometime and we will put you to work. If you don’t like to stand, we’ll give you a “sit down” job. Donation Station Men Needed: Bobby Hermann has been kind enough to pick up furniture donated to the D.S. over the past three years. He usually does this in the evenings, after work, or on the week-ends. But he needs help. If any of you would be able to help Bobby occasionally, please contact or call 734-281-3773. Donation Station “Adopt a Room”: We have many rooms that could use an organizing hand. Most rooms have department heads, but they could use some help organizing. If you adopt a room, it is your responsibility to see that is straightened and clean. You don’t have to price items or even work the room during sale days, just come in at your convenience and keep the room straight and clean. PLEASE consider helping us out with this! or 734-281-3773.


HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH GROUP MEETINGS 01/05/14 - No youth scheduled. We will be returning from Springhill Camp. 01/12/14 - PA Rd. from 7pm to 9pm for devotion and snack. 01/19/14 - PA Rd. from 7pm to 9pm for devotion and snack. 01/26/14 - No HS youth meeting scheduled. HS Youth will be working at Christ Net. SUPERBOWL SUNDAY SUB SALE! - The High School Youth will be selling submarine sandwiches for only $3.50 each. All 6" inch subs are homemade with a generous amount of ham, salami, bologna and 2 different cheeses. All products are from Eureka Farm Market and we assemble them fresh on Saturday morning of February 1st. They will be ready for pickup after services on Saturday, February 1st and Sunday, February 2nd. They can be frozen for future consumption. Buy 9 and the 10th sub is free! Order forms are available in the church office or use the one inside this bulletin. Include payment and drop off in Becki Kerr's inbox at the church office. High School Youth Group Leader Becki Kerr or 734-674-2864.

Brick Paver Memorial Brick Paver Memorial or Honorarium are still available. The Pavers will be incorporated as part of the “Phase One� Sanctuary project at the Pennsylvania Rd Campus, so placement location will be determined as part of the plans by early next year. As stated, there are two sizes available for purchase as follows: 4 x 8 bricks may contain a maximum of 3 lines of 14 characters each, including spaces. 8 x 8 bricks may contain a maximum of 6 lines of 14 characters each, including spaces.

The lines on each size give you a great deal of flexibility for your preferred message. The order form may be found at the Trenton Road Campus, the Pennsylvania Rd Campus or on the CTK website. Any questions, please feel free to contact Phyllis at


Save the date for ChristNet! ChristNet is a homeless shelter, held right here in our Trenton road building. It is scheduled for Jan. 26 through Feb. 2, 2014. Many, many volunteers are needed, so please consider helping out with this ministry. The sign-up poster is located outside the Cana room, in the West Gallery. We are asking for your phone number and email when signing up so we may contact you if necessary. There are 3 shifts that need volunteers and at least 1 male and 1 female must be present on each shift. There is also a sign-up sheet for laundry volunteers to do towels or linen daily and also for volunteers to meet at the Laundromat to do the large loads of all linens, towels and blankets on the last morning before we take them to the next church. Please sign up to help by working one or more shifts. If you have any questions, please call Jen Gepes at 734-775-1972.

ChristNet Orientation Meeting There will be an orientation meeting on Sunday, Jan. 19 from 6:30 to 8pm in the West Gallery to discuss shift duties and answer any questions. Please attend, especially if you are new to this ministry.

Donations for ChristNet:


Below is a list of the specific needs for our January 26-February 2, 2014 host week of ChristNet at CTK.          

Men's and women's new underwear and undershirts (sizes small to 3x) Men's and women's new or gently used thermal underwear (sizes small to 3x) Men's and women's new socks (think warm!) Scarves, hats and gloves Backpacks and duffle bags Travel size men's and women's deodorant Travel size shaving cream Disposable razors Travel size toothpaste and toothbrushes (we still have an overabundance of all other toiletries)

***Donations can be placed in the marked bins in the West Gallery starting the Sunday after Christmas.*** If you have outerwear, footwear or coats you wish to donate, please drop them off at the warming center, which is located at the Lower level of the Taylor Church of the Nazarene, 24356 Eureka (2 blocks West of Telegraph). Also, to feed our guests, there will be a sign-up sheet in the West Gallery to donate groceries and paper products. Volunteers to help sort donations needed!!! Thank you for helping with and praying for this ministry! Please consider giving your time for the many volunteer opportunities coming up!!!! If you are able to help sort or have questions, contact Jennifer Gepes at(734)775-1972

If you are interested in providing a hot breakfast for our guests, please contact Kelly Brooks at 734-968-5268.


GRIEFSHARE MONDAY EVENINGS January 13th — April 7th, 2014 7:00 P.M - 9:00 P.M.

Christ The King Lutheran Church 15600 Trenton Road, Southgate 734-285-9695 e-mail: Our program is for people grieving the loss of a spouse, family member or friend. We want to offer you encouragement, comfort and caring during this difficult time. We are here to help ease the pain and answer any questions you may have about grief and loss. As this is a 13 week course, please contact Teresa if you will not be able to make it to class. She can go over any materials you may miss. We are here for you. GriefShare uses videos, followed by small group discussion. You do not need to read out loud. Our videos feature interviews with authors, counselors, speakers and pastors. There is a $10 registration fee. Light refreshments provided. MEETING DATES & TOPICS: January 13th – Registration March 3rd “Living with Grief” “The Uniqueness of Grief Part 2” January 20th March 10th “The Journey of Grief” “God’s Prescription for Grief” January 27th March 17th – “The Effects of Grief” “Stuck in Grief” February 3rd March 24th – “When Your Spouse Dies” “Top 20 lessons of Grief Part 1” February 10th March 31st – “Your Family and Grief” “Top 20 Lessons of Grief Part 2” February 17th April 7th – “Why?”Questions with Pastor “Heaven” February 24th – “The Uniqueness of Grief Part 1”

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: Facilitator: Teresa Samson 734-282-8012 (Please leave a message if needed.)



Advent by Candlelight Thank You Dear Friends, As another year is nearing its end, Advent By Candlelight is a wonderful night to prepare for the Lord’s coming and get us ready for the real reason of “Christ”mas.  Thank you to all those who helped make the night a success!  Thanks to our worship leaders: Carol Cashmer, Susan Racklyeft, Franci Childers, Dave Sterling and Pastor Terry.  Thank you all for your very generous donations to the Lincoln Park Crisis Pregnancy Center and the CTK Food Pantry.  Thank you to all the gracious hostesses for inviting guests to your beautifully decorated tables.  Thanks to the “punch” men and youth who helped.  And thanks to all who attended and enjoyed a relaxing, candle lit evening. If you were unable to attend this year, we pray you are able to next year. May God bless your Christmas and New Year, Gina Davidson, Women’s Ministry

Women's Ministry Meeting Women's Ministry Meetings are moving to Thursdays!! The first meeting for 2014 will be on Thursday January 9th... Time and location to be determined! Keep an eye on the church bulletin for more information.


Lunch Bunch The Senior Lunch Bunch is meeting at the Rhapsody (14315 Northline, Southgate) on January 7th at 11:30. Please Cindy Thomas at 313-386-6291 to make reservations or cancellations.

FREE GARDENING CLASS 2014 Christ The King Lutheran Church Southgate 15600 Trenton Road, Southgate Tuesday February 4, thru March 4 Class time is 1:00 PM and repeated at 7:00 PM Join us in the Upper Room. No registration required - just come ! Week 1: The ABC’s of successful Seed Starting. Week 2: Seed saving, the “How to do it” yourself the right way. Week 3: Vegetable Gardening made easier and more productive in your space. Week 4: Growing and storing Herbs, either fresh, frozen or dried; how to do it. Week 5: How to design the space yourself, steps to do on a shoestring or have all or part of it done by someone else. Leroy Wolff

CTK Sewing Circle People Helping People We are a small group who gather at the church once a month for very basic sewing and crafts. Since we donate our items to convalescent homes, hospitals, etc, we are in need of anyone who would like to meet with us in helping. So please come and join us on the second Monday of each month at 10:00 AM in the Trenton Rd. Upper Room. Have some fun as we are “People Helping People”. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Gert Thursam at 734-282-7611 or Lavonne Erdan at 734-287-6419.


Dear CTK Members, Our Christmas Program is done and Education Fair is just around the corner. Sometimes it never ends for our teachers and students, who always do a great job! These events make our school special, along with the day to day emphasis of Christ our Lord. My reports at the December Voters meeting touched on three areas of immediate concern: technology in the class room, tuition arrears and security. I was happy to report that the new Mag lock doors will be in place in January. Kristy Szkarlat, our finance counselor, continues to do a great job. She meets with myself, as well as Pastor Jay, a few times a month. Lastly, the iPads are in the classroom and the students are learning and doing some amazing projects. Mrs. Drinane has started her Masters program through Concordia University Wisconsin. Miss Marody has just completed her Masters through Concordia, St. Paul. It is wonderful to see our teachers being bright example for our students as life-long learners. Thank you for your continual prayers and support. The school year is almost half over. In God, Daniel Burk and the CTK Staff

Upcoming Events Jan. 6: School Resumes Jan. 10 Tuition Due Jan. 10 & 11 Boy’s Basketball Panther Invitational Jan. 16 Kindergarten Round-Up Jan. 20 MLK Jr. Day - No School Feb. 7 Daddy Daughter Dance


Parking Lot Changes for Day School Drop Off and Pick Up, Effective January 6, 2014 Beginning January 6th, changes will take effect in order to secure the safety of our students. The only school door that will be open for students to enter the building will be the NORTH ENTRANCE. If you enter the parking lot from the north (behind Big Lots) you must continue to exit the same way. This also applies to entering at the light on Trenton Road; you must continue to exit at the light. However, we are discouraging people from entering at the south entrance (behind the church). You will not be able to continue around the building to drop off at the north door. The parking lot will be blocked near the portable. This is necessary, as we are having problems with people using our property to avoid the traffic on Trenton road and the light. Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to make our property safe for everyone.


7th & 8th Grade Youth The 7th & 8th grade youth is led by CTK member, Zach Bates. Wey meet the second and fourth Sunday of each month from 5:00-7:00 PM at the PA Rd. Campus. For more information you can contact Zach at .

5th & 6th Grade Youth 5th & 6th Grade Youth meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month from 3:00-5:00 PM at the Pennsylvania Rd. Campus. There will be outings and holiday weekends that we don’t meet, so please always check your bulletin.

Snow removal...

Pennsylvania Rd.

Last year we had very little need for helping when it snowed but that need may change this winter. We need volunteers for early morning, evening and weekends. During a typical winter our volunteers will save the church approximately $20,000.00. If you can help by driving one of our snow plows or using a snow blower on the sidewalks, please contact Gene at the Penn RdCampus office phone 734-285-3533 ext 11, his cell phone 734-558-5214, or email him at

Scrap Metal Pick ups... For safety reasons, once again we will be ceasing our scrap metal pick-ups due to the winter weather. We will resume pick-ups approximately April 1, 2014. We will still have a 30 yard scrap metal container throughout the winter located at our Pennsylvania Rd Campus. Drop off your items and we will toss them in the container for you. So far we have received $4,287.95 for scrap metal donations this year, which goes to our roof fund.


Video Tech Ministry Volunteers are needed to run PowerPoint during worship services. If interested, please contact Pastor Jay at

Psalms & Proverbs Bookstore Cashier volunteers are needed. Please contact Ali McLaughlin at 734.558.5316 for more information.

Trenton Rd. Watch Patrol Sign up on the chart in the West Gallery! To ensure the safety of our church, the Watch Patrol goes through the building and makes sure all doors are locked and lights turned off. Sign up for one week at a time. Questions? Call Don Hatfield at 734.285.6879.

PA Rd. Watch Patrol The PA Rd. Campus could use a few more volunteers to do watch patrol. We ask that you do watch for one week stretches. If you are available and would like more information or to be trained, please contact Denise Cashmer at 734-285-3533 ext. 10 or Thanks for considering this very important ministry.



Trenton Road Campus Saturday Worship: 5:00 p.m. Bible Class/Sunday School 6:00 p.m. Sunday Worship: 8:30 & 11:00 a.m. Bible Class/Sunday School 9:45 a.m.

Pennsylvania Road Campus Sunday Worship: Bible Class/Sunday School

9:45 a.m. 10:50 a.m.

CTK Church -Trenton Rd. Campus 15600 Trenton Rd., Southgate, MI 48195 Church Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m.– 3:00 p.m. Church Office Phone: (734) 285-995 Church FAX: (734) 285-4188 CTK Day School - Trenton Rd. School Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. School Office Phone: (734) 285-9697 School FAX: (734) 285-5275 CTK Church - Pennsylvania Rd. Campus 16700 Pennsylvania Rd., Southgate, MI 48195 Main Phone: (734) 285-3533 Day Care - Pennsylvania Rd. Campus Day Care Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Day Care Phone: (734) 285-8525

CTK Newsletter January 2014  

CTK Newsletter for January, 2014

CTK Newsletter January 2014  

CTK Newsletter for January, 2014