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Dear Parent It is a pleasure and a privilege to welcome you and your child to Christ the King College. You are joining us at a very exciting time. Christ the King College is the first and only Christian Secondary School on the Isle of Wight and this will enable children to receive a Christian based education through to 18 years of age. I am delighted to welcome you into our College community and I look forward to a long and productive partnership with you. There is practical information to share, questions to be answered and new staff to meet. I hope this booklet will be a helpful guide for your child and yourself to become increasingly familiar with our College, our ethos and our expectations. The Parent Handbook has been produced to ensure that you have easy access to important information, but do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any queries At the beginning of the Autumn Term, you will receive a College Calendar showing the main events of the year although it is obviously updated periodically. For existing parents, this Handbook should be a helpful reminder of our expectations and procedures. Finally, I hope that your child enjoys a happy, safe and successful time at Christ the King College, growing, living, thriving and learning with us in our Christian, caring community that we strive to maintain. Yours sincerely Yours sincerely

Mrs Pat Goodhead Principal


Dear Parent

Welcome to Christ the King College. This is a really special place. It is a privilege to be part of what is an exciting time in the nurturing of the new College founded from two distinguished schools. Positivity pervades the environment, encouraging every student to reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives. God is at the centre of all we do and we seek to follow the example of Christ the King in loving and respecting one another. We believe that not only every child matters but in our College everyone matters. Christ the King College is the place where your child will blossom and will become suitably equipped with the gospel values for life. Yours in Christ,

David Lisseter Chairman of Governors Christ the King College


The college is founded on a formal ‘ethos statement’, agreed by the Church of England Diocese of Portsmouth and the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth. It defines the nature and purpose of the college. ETHOS Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life. Inspired by his teaching, Christ the King College is a joint Church of England and Catholic college, providing a Christian education underpinned by Gospel values and reflecting both Church of England and Catholic traditions. It operates under the auspices of both the Church of England and Catholic Dioceses of Portsmouth. It is to be conducted in accordance with the canon law and teachings of the Catholic Church and the principles and practices of the Church of England. In particular, religious education and religious worship are to be in accordance with: • the tenets, teaching and practice of the Church of England; • the tenets, teaching and practice of the Catholic Church. Christian values and principles will permeate all aspects of the life of the college. In particular, the college will: • serve its community by providing the highest quality education in the context of Christian beliefs and practice and in partnership with its founding Churches at parish, diocesan and national level; • offer an experience of Christian community living; promoting respect for self and others, an awareness of moral imperatives and an informed social conscience; • foster co-operation between Christian Churches and promote the common good of society as a whole.

JOINT COLLEGE – FOUNDATIONAL PRINCIPLES The College is founded on the following principles:

Principle of Distinctiveness and Inclusiveness     

We intend the College to be distinctively Christian and inclusive. We seek the Christian understanding of life and human experience for all members of the College. Gospel values, as they have been handed down through the Catholic and Church of England traditions, will underpin College life. We are confident in our Christian faith, respecting people with other faiths and people who have no specific faith. We wish to include in the College those who are committed to participate in the life of a Christian educational community.

Principle of Integrity and Authenticity     

We intend the College to be a community marked by integrity and authenticity. We confirm as central to College life all that is held in common between the traditions of the Church of England and the Catholic Church. We wish to explain clearly and sympathetically to all members of the College areas of divergence between the two traditions. We wish to discern the truth with humility. We respect the teaching authority of the Bishops.

Principle of Interconnectedness    

We respect the ways in which all areas of life and faith are connected with each other. Faith, life and culture reflect the wholeness of God’s creation. We aim to reflect that wholeness. Christian values and principles should permeate all aspects of the life of the College. The wholeness of learning will be emphasised in our educational policy in order to show the interrelationship between the religious and the secular.

Principle of Witness    

We are witnesses to Christ. We intend to be signs of God’s love and hope to an imperfect world. We will reach out to others in a spirit of dialogue and collaboration. We will promote the common good.

Principle of Balance   

We seek to be a well balanced community. The Dioceses of both the Church of England and the Catholic Church will be involved equally in the College and will assume joint responsibility for the College. Such equality will be reflected in the structures and practices of the College.

We aspire to inspire

Aims of Christ the King College 1. We strive to provide an outstanding and challenging educational experience, based on personal interests and needs, through which Christ’s message will be at the centre of all we do and the foundation on which we foster our dreams in order to produce happy, successful citizens of the 21st century. 2. Our vision is for an educational establishment that aspires to social, physical, emotional and spiritual growth alongside outstanding academic achievement and opportunities to learn at all levels. 3. We aim to create a caring, Christian learning environment where all students and staff are valued and achieve to the best of their ability, extending their horizons beyond their expectations 4. We aim to make every child feel special in a safe, happy, caring and family environment in which staff and students will benefit from a pastoral care network that will make their working and learning environment a happy and fulfilling place to be. 5. We aim to have high expectations of all our students in all aspects of College life, providing them with a happy, safe environment within which we encourage creativity, motivation and aspiration, thus becoming confident, independent adults prepared for all the challenges of their lives. 6. We aim to inspire all students to be life-long learners, allowing each student to be well rounded individuals and excellent citizens of our College community. 7. We aim to empower everyone in the College to develop their strengths and reach their full potential through the provision of a wide range of opportunities for the students and the staff. 8. We aim to nurture the whole College community in a Christian environment, knowing God’s love, acting as active members of, and a beacon to, the wider community. 9. We aim to respect and develop the Christian ethos, having a commitment to the fundamental principles of both denominations, respecting differences, celebrating diversity and encouraging spiritual growth. 10. We aim to recognise the significant impact that parents and guardians have on the life of the College and integrate them fully in the College community.

College Information


Christ the King College Wellington Road Newport Isle of Wight PO30 5QT


01983 537070


01983 537080


Web Site:


Mrs Pat Goodhead

Chair of Governors:

Mr David Lisseter

The Mission Statement We believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life Via Veritas Vita. We seek to be inspired by His teaching within our College and reflect His love and values as we live and learn together in our community.

College Prayer Christ be with me, Christ within me Christ behind me, Christ before me Christ beside me, Christ to win me Christ to comfort me and restore me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ in quiet, Christ in danger Christ in hearts of all that love me, Christ in mouth of friend and stranger

End of Day Prayer Lighten our darkness, we ask you O Lord, and by your great mercy, defend us from all perils and dangers of this night, for the love of your Son, our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen

End of Day Prayer Lord, keep us safe this night, secure from all our fears, may angels guard us while we sleep till morning light appears. Amen

The Governing Body

Christ the King College is fortunate to have a dedicated Governing Body which is committed to supporting the College, its students and its staff. Mrs Pat Goodhead


Mr David Lisseter

Chair of Governors Foundation (Church of England Diocese)

Mrs Verena FitzPatrick

Vice Chair of Governors Foundation (Catholic Diocese)

Mrs Jane Andrew

Foundation (Catholic Diocese)

Ven Caroline Baston

Foundation (Church of England Diocese)

Mrs Lorraine Blair

Foundation (Catholic Diocese)

Mr David Cave

Foundation (Church of England Diocese)


Non-Teaching staff

Mr David Callendar

Foundation (Catholic Diocese)

Mrs Karen Edwards

Foundation (Church of England Diocese)


Foundation (Church of England Diocese)

Father Gerard Flynn

Foundation (Catholic Diocese)

Mrs Alison Priddle

Teaching staff

Mr Keith Goodhead

Parent Governors


Parent Governors

Mr Christopher O’Connell

Parent Governors

Mr Robert Garnham

Parent Governors

Mrs Sara Sheath

LEA Governor

Mrs Amanda Holloway

Clerk to Christ the King Governing Body

College Staff Mrs Patricia Mr Timothy Mr Wayne

Goodhead Eccles Davies

Senior Leadership Team Senior Leadership Team Senior Leadership Team/ Creative Arts & Technology Senior Leadership Team Senior Leadership Team Senior Leadership Team Senior Leadership Team Senior Leadership Team Senior Leadership Team/ Mathematics & ICT

Principal Assistant Principal (seconded) Acting Assistant Principal

Rev Mrs Mrs Mr Mrs Mr

Clive Joanne Alison Jeremy Kathrin Ryan

Leach Payne Priddle Seaward Williams Williams

Miss Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr Mr Mrs

Sarah Deborah Viviana Jane Anna Heather Ella Justine Timea Rosemary Helen Kieran Phil Noreen

Bland Bowdery Cali Clark Craven Dale Davie Doughty Filep Gyorfine Harrison Lambert Leahy Oswald Rayner

Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy Communication, Language & Literacy

Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher Director of Learning Subject Coordinator Teacher Assistant Director of Learning Teacher Teacher Leader of Learning Yr7 Teacher Teacher Teacher

Mr Mrs Mr Mr Ms Mrs Mr Mrs Mrs Miss

Adam Rebecca Wayne Jeremy Sally Wendy Eden Sally Deborah Jacqueline

Brown Carter Davies Gray Groves Hayden Mwamuka Rowe Smythe Woodhouse

Creative Arts & Technology Creative Art & Technology Creative Arts & Technology Creative Arts & Technology Creative Arts & Technology Creative Arts & Technology Creative Arts & Technology Creative Arts & Technology Creative Art & Technology Creative Arts & Technology

Leader of Learning Yr8 Teacher Acting Assistant Principal Assistant Director of Learning Teacher Director of Learning Teacher Teacher Teacher Teacher

Miss Mr Miss Mr Mr Mrs Miss Mr Ms

Laura Stuart Katherine Peter James Linda Jane Andrew Laura

Betts Brenchley Calloway Gale Merry Montgomery Shyvers Sutton Swale

Humanities Humanities Humanities Humanities Humanities Humanities Humanities Humanities Humanities

Assistant Director of Learning Assistant Director of Learning Assistant Leader of Learning Yr8 Director of Community Cohesion Teacher Subject Coordinator History Director of Learning Teacher Teacher

Mrs Mr Mr Mr Mrs

Stephanie Stephen John Ben Hazell

Ball Carson Smith Stolborg Sutton

Mathematics & ICT Mathematics & ICT Mathematics & ICT Mathematics & ICT Mathematics & ICT

Leader of Learning Yr6 Leader of Learning Yr9 Assistant Leader of Learning Yr6 Teacher Leader of Learning Yr10

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Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Business Manager Acting Assistant Principal

09/02/2011 11:20

Miss Mrs Mr Dr Mrs Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mrs

Deborah Louise Richard Kevin Elizabeth Shawn Stuart Gareth Robert Mark Michele

Chatfield Clark Clark Dean Dyer Gavin Gurney Paisley Palmer Staniforth Wiggins

Science & Sports Science & Sports Science & Sports Science & Sports Science & Sports Science & Sports Science & Sports Science & Sports Science & Sports Science & Sports Science & Sports

Assistant Leader of Learning Yr7 Assistant Leader of Learning Yr10 Leader of House System Director of Learning Leader of Lower College Teacher Leader of Upper College Subject Coordinator PE Teacher Teacher Assistant Director of Learning

Mrs Miss Mrs Mrs Mrs

Jane Caroline Elizabeth Jane Amanda

Anstey Curliss Ford Furmidge Holloway

Administration Administration Administration Administration Administration

Mrs Claire Mrs Glynis Miss Kirsty

Howard Hutchings Young

Administration Administration Administration

PA to Principal/Administration Manager Admin Assistant (Communication) Admin Assistant /Attendance Officer Exams Officer Clerk to the Governors/Admissions Officer/Administrative Assistant Finance Officer Senior Admin (Student Services) Admin Assistant (Communication)

Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs

Alison Margot Gillian Julie

Batchelor Charlton Crossley Fox

Curriculum & Learning Support Curriculum & Learning Support Curriculum & Learning Support Curriculum & Learning Support

Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr

Christine Yolande Deborah Michele Laura Douglas

Ince Jupe Lavers Linnell Lynas Wright

Curriculum & Learning Support Curriculum & Learning Support Curriculum & Learning Support Curriculum & Learning Support Curriculum & Learning Support Curriculum & Learning Support

Curriculum Support - Science & Sports Curriculum Support - Mathematics & ICT Librarian/LR Manager Curriculum Support - Creative Arts & Technology Curriculum & Learning Support Manager IAG & Work Experience Coordinator Curriculum Support - Humanities Curriculum Support Leader Administrative Assistant (Reprographics) Curriculum Support - Communication

Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Miss Miss Mrs Mr Mrs Mr Miss Miss Mrs Mrs Mr Mrs Mrs Mr

Cathryn Susan Pauline Wendy Sally Val Rosie Samantha Gina David Lynne Jason Suzanna Emma Jean Helen David Jane Nicola Nicholas

Banks Cardwell Chessell Cleverdon Dutch Gard Gard Hall Hayden McCulloch Morgan Nobbs Oglander Palmer Saunders Shreeve Smith Taylor Webb Young

Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN Inclusion/SEN

Learning Support Assistant Learning Support Assistant Pastoral Support Leader Yr10 Learning Support Assistant Pastoral Support Leader Yr6 Inclusion Manager Pastoral Support Leader Yr9 Learning Support Assistant Learning Support Assistant Learning Support Assistant Learning Support Assistant Pastoral Support Leader Yr7 Learning Support Assistant Pastoral Support Leader Yr8 Learning Support Assistant Learning Support Assistant Learning Support Assistant Learning Support Assistant Learning Support Assistant Learning Support Assistant

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Mr Mr Mr Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Miss Mr

Adam Leslie Micheal Jolene Zoe Vida Denise Joanne Michaela

Anstey Burkitt Green Hendey Jackson Patey Pitfield Taylor Ward

Premises & Catering Premises & Catering Premises & Catering Premises & Catering Premises & Catering Premises & Catering Premises & Catering Premises & Catering Premises & Catering

Site Manager Site Officer Mid-day Supervision Assistant Mid-day Supervision Assistant Mid-day Supervision Assistant Lunchtime Supervisor Mid-day Supervision Assistant Mid-day Supervision Assistant Lunchtime Supervisor

Mr Mrs Mr Mr Mrs Mr Mrs Mrs Mr Miss

Dave Helen Jeff Jack Christina Marcus Jane Kathryn Stephen Hang

Best Butler Christie Grant Haynes Hoy Isaac Peatey Wills Zhao

Technical Support Technical Support Technical Support Technical Support Technical Support Technical Support Technical Support Technical Support Technical Support Technical Support

Design Technology Technician Senior Science Technician ICT Technician Science Technician ICT Technician Support Assistant Creative Arts Senior Science Technician ICT Technician ICT Network Manager Science Technician

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College Routine The College Day The College day is as follows: Registration

- 09.00 am - 09.05 am

Collective Act of Worship - 09.05 am - 09.25 am Lesson 1

- 09.25 am - 10.15 am

Lesson 2

- 10.15 am - 11.05 am

Morning Break

- 11.05 am - 11.25 am

Lesson 3

- 11.25 am - 12.15 am

Lesson 4

- 12.15 am - 13.05 am


- 01.05 pm - 02.00 pm

Lesson 5

- 02.00 pm - 02.50 pm

Lesson 6

- 02.50 pm - 03.40 pm

Buses Leave from 3.45 pm

College Routine Term Dates and Holidays 2010 – 2011 Autumn Term 2010 Wednesday 8th September to Friday 17th December 2010 Autumn Half Term Holiday Monday 25th October to Friday 29th October 2010 Spring Term 2011 Tuesday 4th January to Friday 8th April 2011 Spring Half Term Holiday Monday 21st February to Friday 25th February 2011 Easter Holiday Monday 11th April to Monday 25th April 2011 Summer Term 2011 Tuesday 26th April to Friday 22nd July 2011 Summer Half Term Holiday Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June 2011 May Day Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd May 2011 Staff Development Days Monday 6th September 2010 Tuesday 7th September 2010 Monday 25th July 2011 Tuesday 26th July 2011 Wednesday 27th July 2011

College Uniform The College has an attractive uniform which identifies our students. We thank parents for their co-operation in maintaining high standards – especially when faced with the strong pressures of the fashion world. The uniform list is given below. All items should be purchased from the College’s uniform supplier Boys’ Uniform Plain grey trousers White College shirt College tie Purple College blazer Grey College jumper (optional) Black or grey socks Black formal shoes (black trainers are not acceptable)

Girls’ Uniform Plain grey skirt or trousers White College blouse (3/4 sleeve) Purple College blazer Grey College jumper (optional) Grey socks or tights Black formal shoes

PE and Games Purple College Polo-Shirt Black College shorts Purple College sweatshirt Black College tracksuit pants (optional) Black/purple socks Trainers & Football boots

Purple College Polo-Shirt Black College shorts or skort Purple College sweatshirt Black College tracksuit pants (optional) Black/purple socks Trainers (Football boots optional)

Uniform Shop Opening times Email address Telephone number

Monday’s 8.00 am – 10.00 am Thursday’s 3.30 pm – 4.45 pm 01983 539478

Suppliers Website Uniform may also be purchased directly from the supplier’s website

Extra-Curricular Timetable – Spring Term 2011




Lunch Time 1.25 pm – 1.55 pm • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •



• • • • •

• • • • • • • •

Yr 7 Football practice LC JME Yr 10 Rugby practice UC field GPA All girls indoor football Sports hall RCL Wind Band L10 Mr Stroud ICT/Homework/Printing drop in sessions Yrs 6 & 7 L20, Yrs 8, 9, 10 U20 KPE & THA GCSE Art catch up U21 ABR Yr 7 Dance L23 ABA House Sports, Sports hall RCL BTEC catch up sessions U12 LCL New club Beginners’ Latin Yr 7, 8, 8 & 10 L9 MWI 1.15 pm start ICT/Homework/Printing drop in sessions Yrs 6 & 7 L20, Yrs 8, 9, 10 U20 KPE & THA GCSE Art catch up U21 ABR Trampolining Club Sports hall LCL Duke of Edinburgh Award U13 GPA Yr 6 & 7 Chess Club L16 JSM Y10 College Magazine U12 SBL & HDA Recorder Consort L10 Mrs Courtney Baroque Orchestra U14 JGR Yr 6 & 7 IOW Festival Speech and Drama Club L6 HLA (1.20 pm – 1.45 pm Spring Term only) ICT/Homework/Printing drop in sessions Yrs 6 & 7 L20, Yrs 8, 9, 10 U20 KPE & THA Yr 6 Netball practice LC SBA (Week 1 only) GCSE Art catch up U21 ABR Yr 9 & 10 Winter Cricket Nets Sports hall SGU & GPA String Ensemble L10 Mrs Carlile Yr 8, 9 10 IOW Festival Speech and Drama Club, meet UC Reception (1.20 – 1.45 pm Spring Term only) Yr 6 & 7 boys rugby practice LC field KLE ICT/Homework/Printing drop in sessions Yrs 6 & 7 L20, Yrs 8, 9, 10 U20 KPE & THA GCSE Art catch up U21 ABR Yr 8 & 9 Rugby practice UC field GPA Yr 6 Football practice LC field SGU Yr 8, 9 10 Drumming club U14 JGR ICT/Homework/Printing drop in sessions Yrs 6 & 7 L20, Yrs 8, 9, 10 U20 KPE & THA GCSE Art catch up U21 ABR

After School 3.45 pm – 4.45 pm •

Yr 7 boys football practice LC JME

• •

Basketball Sports hall SGA Yr 6 & 7 Film Club L1 JCL 4 – 5.30 pm Yr 8, 9 10 Film Club U29 SBL 4 – 5.30 pm Yr 7 Latin L9 MWI All Yrs Homework Club UC Library GCR 4 – 5pm Ski Fitness Sports hall LCL (until half term) Yr 8 Latin L9 MWI Maths workshop U6 HSU 4 – 5 pm All Yrs Drama Club L2 DBO, moving to LC Hall 4 pm – 5 pm

• • • • • • •

• • • •

Global Rock UCsports hall LCL Girls indoor cricket LC hall Yr 9 Latin L9 MWI All Yrs Homework Club UC Library GCR 4 – 5pm Jazz Band L10 JGR 3 – 4 pm ICT Clinic for students, parents and staff U20 Maths workshop U6 4 – 5 pm

Choir U14 SRO & JGR 4 – 5 pm

• •

Additional Information Homework The purpose of homework is to provide meaningful, targeted, purposeful and relevant opportunities to extend student learning and promote independent study. It should encourage students to develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed to study effectively on their own. It should consolidate, practise and reinforce skills and understanding developed at College as well as sustain the involvement of parents and carers in the management of students' learning and help keep them informed about the work students are doing. Homework assignments will take a number of forms and will not always involve writing, for example: Investigation Interviews Simple experiments Research Drafting Report writing Designing Revision Drawing Learning by rote spellings, poems, plays and tables

Essay writing Reading Taping

Guidance for parents: On average students will normally be expected to do up to : Key Stage 2 - 30 minutes of English, Maths and Science per week extending to 40 minutes towards the end of the Key Stage. In addition to the core subjects, occasional tasks in Foundation subjects will be set for completion. There is also an expectation of ten minutes private reading per day at home. Key Stage 3 - Initially 6 hours per week but extending through the Key Stage to 6 hours plus (i.e. 30 – 40 minutes per subject) and topic/project work .There is also an expectation that homework for foundation subjects will be set in addition to the students’ daily private reading. Key Stage 4 - Initially 7 1/2 hours per week extending to 10 hours as students prepare for public examinations. In this Key Stage, and particularly in Years 10 and 11, homework will often be connected to course work tasks which may span a period of time. Students are expected to keep a record of the homework set in their student planner. Parents are invited to use the planner to communicate with staff and give feed-back on homework tasks if desired

Additional Information Parent Newsletters Parents will receive regular newsletters from the College which can be found on the College website and if requested copies can be sent home. Reporting and Parent Consultations Parents will receive a printed report each term which will share information about student targets for each subject, progress being made towards these targets and how well the student is working. In addition, there will be an annual written report from the College which will contain a much more detailed account of strength and weaknesses in each subject and what the student needs to do in order to progress. This is followed by an opportunity to meet formally with the student’s subject tutors to discuss any aspects of the report. This is in addition to the Form Tutor’s consultation evening held in the first part of the Autumn Term. However, parents who have concerns about their child’s progress are free to make contact with the relevant subject teacher, Form Tutor or Leader of Learning at any time in order to discuss these concerns. Working in Partnership Evenings During the course of the year there will be three Working in Partnership Evenings, when parents are invited to attend the College to find out further information and often gain useful practical experience of some aspect of College life or Education. Previous evenings have included “Modern Methods in Maths” and “How can I support and prepare my child for Key Stage 2 Tests” Information and Options Evenings As the curriculum and timetable evolves over the next few years, there will also be opportunities for parents to acquire further information on the Learning Paths now available to their children. To that end there will be an information evening for parents of year 8 students to find out how their courses will be changing and what new opportunities will be available. There will also be a Year 9 Options evening which will be designed to inform and support our Year 9 students as they decide on their choices for GCSE and other award bearing Learning Paths.

Additional Information Christ the King College Curriculum KS2 The Key Stage 2 at Christ the King College builds upon the foundation of work done by our feeder primary schools. Whilst being fully supported, children begin to take increasing responsibility for their own learning. The broad and balanced curriculum is delivered through a range of exciting and different activities, including Global curriculum weeks which give the students the opportunity of working with other students right across the College. Learning includes; Religious Education, English, Maths, Science, Art, Design Technology, Physical Education, Geography, History, French, Information Communication Technology, Literacy, Music, Study Skills and Personal, Social & Health Education KS3/KS4 At Christ the King College we provide a broad and balanced curriculum. The accelerated KS3 pathway allows the most able a degree of stretch and challenge. Our more traditional route allows those with difficulties in some areas the opportunity of additional time and support. All routes prepare our students for the rigours of KS4, GCSE and beyond. Many students start KS4 in Year 9 with GCSE courses in Science, Maths, English and Religious Education. Other subjects offer an enrichment curriculum in Year 9 allowing students the opportunity to reflect on possible future courses and pathways. The College is currently developing an exciting curriculum for Years 10-13. This will have clear progression pathways and will take advantage of as many learning opportunities as possible. We aim to offer our students a dynamic, enriching Curriculum that will provide them with as many routes and opportunities as possible in order for them to make the most of the future. Lost Property Every effort is made to see that lost property is returned to its owner and from time to time the items are put on display in order that children may look for missing articles. Any items that are not claimed within 3 months or cannot be returned to their owner after every effort to do so has been made will be disposed of, so please encourage students to speak to the Admin staff to look for missing articles.

Additional Information The procedure is as follows: For lost uniform items all named property will be returned to the owners. Any unnamed and unclaimed uniform items will be offered for sale through the ‘Nearly New’ uniform shop. As you will appreciate, our main problem arises with unnamed property. Unfortunately, it is a continuing problem and so I would ask all parents and students to check regularly that their property is named. Personal Items and Appearance We seek to maintain high standards of safety and security for our students and their property. For this reason, we ask all parents to note the following information. Mobile phones and electrical equipment should NOT be brought to College unless it is absolutely necessary or supports the safety of your child’s journey to and from College. All mobile phones [which remain the responsibility of each child] are to be placed in the student’s locker at the beginning of the day and not collected until 15.40. If the mobile is seen during the day it will be confiscated and can only be collected by parents (or a nominated adult). Only ONE PLAIN SILVER/GOLD STUD earring in each ear lobe may be worn in College. No other jewellery is permitted. From a safety point of view, earrings should not be worn for PE or Games. If a child's earrings cannot be removed, parents are requested to provide plasters to cover the lobes for the child's own safety and that of others. Nose studs or any other piercing are not permitted. Long hair must be tied back during PE, Games and other practical lessons at the discretion of staff. Please remember that extreme hairstyles are unacceptable, as are artificial hair colourings, hair gel, or nail varnish or make up. The final decision as to the suitability of hairstyles and the appropriateness of personal appearance rests with the Principal. Parents who are in any doubt should contact the College first to prevent any embarrassment or misunderstanding. NB: Whilst we do our best to help, neither the College nor the Local Authority can accept responsibility for personal belongings brought to or left at the College.

Additional Information Personal Equipment The College will provide all the necessary books and equipment. However, parents are asked to provide their children with a suitable writing pen. A small set of water based felt tip pens with safety tops are recommended. We would also like students to have the following: Pen – blue or black [a spare pen would also be useful] Pencils – HB for writing/sketching: H for maths/technical drawing Rubber Bible The Oxford School Dictionary (or Pocket Oxford for older children) A Thesaurus Small English / French Dictionary Coloured pencils Ruler At different stages in their College career, it may be necessary for us to suggest the acquisition of additional items appropriate to the courses that students are following. Cashless Catering/ParentPay We are very pleased to announce that since the end of September 2009 the College has a cashless catering system. This project is being carried out in partnership with Pabulum and we are sure that you and your children will greatly benefit from this. The cashless catering system eliminates the need for your child to bring in any money to College to pay for break-time snacks or lunches as the kitchen operates the cashless system for all meal services. The system also gives you as parents greater control over what your child spends the dinner money on and enables you to obtain information about what your child has purchased through the cashless catering system. In addition, the new cashless system is linked to a web-based service called ParentPay which enhances the cashless system even further by providing parents with the opportunity to “top up” the cashless catering card for your child online or via PayPoint in various locations on the Island. We are hoping to expand the use of the ParentPay system for all other College payment requests, such as trips and visits, in the near future. All students are supplied with a card for the cashless catering system. In addition, parents can chose the biometric scan facility, which eliminates the need for your chid to carry the card with them. If you have any questions regarding the cashless catering system, or the ParentPay system, then please contact Kathrin Williams, Business Manager at the College.

Additional Information College Building Fund As a Voluntary Aided School, Christ the King College is required to raise 10% of the College’s Devolved Formula Capital Allocation which is used for any capital investments, such as building improvements and ICT equipment. We are therefore asking parents to contribute £10 per term to the College’s Building Fund to help us meet this requirement. Contributions can also be made in form of a standing order – please contact Mrs Claire Johns, Finance Officer, to find out about the details for the standing order process and to request a Gift Aid declaration form. The College is very grateful for any support received from its parents and we would like to reassure your that all our resources are invested to the benefit of our students. Communication with Parents Following a number of requests from our parents , we have begun to move towards increased electronic communication with our parents to enable you to receive information from the College as quickly and efficiently as possible. Important information for parents, such as invitations to parent evenings, is usually being sent to you by post to ensure that you receive this information. We successfully use the schoolcomms Communication system which enables us to send text messages and emails to parents in a very efficient way. At present, we are using the text messaging facility mainly to communicate with parents whose students are absent from College. This service is also used for sending brief messages about any after-school event, upcoming diary dates etc. The email service enables us to send larger information, such as the Parent Newsletter, the students’ Voices Magazine etc to parents. We feel that both ways of communicating with parents provides you and us with a very efficient option and also contributes to our commitment to reduce the impact of College activities on our environment by saving paper and printing costs. We would like to actively encourage all parents to use the text messaging and email service and would like to ask you to provide the College with your up-to-date email and mobile phone contact details to enable you to use this service; please submit your contact details to Glynis Hutchings, Senior Administrator, at the College. Planners There is an expectation that the students should have their planners with them at every lesson, and each student is provided with a College Planner at the beginning of the year. They are used to provide information, record homework, a communication vehicle between home and College, and keep a record of achievement and targets. The planners are regularly checked by Form Tutors and it is important that parents also monitor them for information, notices and progress.

Additional Information Lockers Each student at Christ the King College has a locker, and it is important that this is used to store bags, coats, and books when not required during the College day. The responsibility of the locker key resides with the student and a lost locker key must be replaced at the earliest convenience at a cost of £5. If a student brings a mobile phone into College it must be put into their locker upon arriving to College, and collected at the end of the day. The College is unable to accept responsibility for such items. Absence If a student is absent through unforeseen circumstances: • Please phone the College before 10.00 am, on each day of the absence. • An explanatory note to the Form Tutor when the student returns to College

is also

required an illness lasts for more than 2 days, please phone the College on the third day.

• If

Except in cases of illness or an emergency, students must not be away from College without permission from the Principal, who is always ready to discuss special circumstances. Parents who are considering taking their child out of College during term time are asked to submit an Absence Request Form well in advance. Forms are available from the Administrative Centre. Illness It is vital that we have your up-to-date contact details. Much important time can be wasted and distress caused when a child is taken ill or has an accident if we do not have immediate contact numbers Medicines • All

medicines must be handed in to the Reception at the beginning of the day along with a completed Medical Form • All medication must be clearly labelled with the student’s name and noted on the Medical Plan. • If your child requires long term medication, please contact the Administration Centre where details can be discussed with you. • It is important the College has details of any medication a student takes in case of emergency. Bottles for Water We have chilled water dispensers on both sites in the College, which students may use to fill water bottles. We would like to encourage parents to provide their children with re-usable bottles for this purpose

Additional Information Telephone calls to change arrangements for going home Please, whenever possible, make these before 13.00 (1 pm) so we are able to ensure that the message reaches the student . Car Park • If

you are collecting your child at the end of the day, please be aware that car parking is very limited at the College sites. For safety reasons the College gates will be shut during this time of student movement. • If walking, please use the pedestrian gate. • These requests are for safety reasons. Buses To obtain a bus pass, you have to apply for one. The application form would have been included with your acceptance letter from County Hall. Parents will be notified which bus number their child will be travelling on. If you have not obtained an application form, these are available from the College or the Transport Department at County Hall. Bus Passes Bus passes are given to students on the first day at College. The drivers of the buses are expecting the children to get on without a pass on the first morning. Please take care of the pass as replacements cost £5. Bus Procedure At the end of the College day students are expected to go quickly to the awaiting areas. The bus companies and the College expect high standards of behaviour on the buses. College Family Communion and Mass On the first Friday of every half-term throughout the year you are invited to regular Family Communion and Masses which will reflect the rich Anglican and Roman Catholic traditions. Details will be in the College Newsletter.

Additional Information College Prayer Group Our College Prayer Group meets during each half term. Further details will follow later this term. The Friends of Christ the King The Friends of Christ the King are a group of parents who voluntarily support us to plan events to support the work of the College. One of our stated aims is to integrate parents into our College community and this is an ideal way to become involved. The Chair of the Friends of Christ the King College is Mrs Joni Simpson who would be delighted to respond to any enquiries about helping them in this important and enjoyable work. House System Students are a designated to one of four Houses; Stevenson - red, Ratcliff - blue, Hollis - green and Lisseter - yellow and Vertical House Forms (VHF’s). At specified times during the year the students will gather and work in their allocated VHF groups. This brings together students from years 6 through to year 10, and encouraging further positive relations from our community.The House System is used for positive reinforcement of expectations, the management of learning, and friendly competition during the course of the year. The House System is an additional support structure for the students, and provides many opportunities for it to bring the students to work together. Such opportunities include: Worship, sporting activities, music performances, gaining House Points, the annual Eisteddfod competition, Sports Day, charity fund raising events, curriculum tasks, and a variety of House quizzes. House Captains are elected by the students and staff of the College. Upon reaching a ‘trigger’ number of House Points, the student will be awarded a House Certificate in Worship to celebrate their successes from the House Leader; 25 50 100 200


Bronze Certificate Silver Certificate Gold Certificate Platinum Certificate

The students will also keep a Record of Achievement throughout their journey at Christ the King College, and this will be completed as a hardback presentation folder. Any certificates, successes and achievements (from both inside and outside of the College) can be placed in here as a record and celebration of the student’s shard efforts and focused work.

Your Questions Answered Will the College retain a caring, Christian family ethos even though it is becoming much larger? Definitely. There is a total commitment by everyone involved in the College and its development to ensure that our Christian, caring ethos is retained. How is this achieved? Larger schools bring a greater economy of scale, enabling there to be more staff in key positions. Staff levels are high and class sizes generally low. Also, our current outstanding practices and procedures of pastoral care have been retained and built upon. For example, in Year 6, there is a Leader of Lower College, a Year 6 Leader, an Assistant Year 6 Leader and Pastoral Support Leader. These colleagues, along with a team of 8 Form Tutors, ensure that the children are well known and well supported. This organisation is repeated throughout the College. Do younger students spend time with older students? Yes. There are many occasions when the students mix, for example through the VHF’s, mentoring systems, the Student Council, Student Leaders, Homework Monitors, Reading, Playground and Bus Buddies and during clubs and Activities. Our older students do a great deal to assist the younger students. What about bullying by the older students? In any school, it is rare that younger students are bullied by older students. In our College, any form of bullying is not tolerated, being totally against our Christian ethos. It is also important to remember that the older students in the College began their education with us in year 5. They are part of our College family. Will the children be safe? The safety of all our students is paramount. Will they be crossing the road between the sites? Yes, this does happen for some lessons and activities. No student crosses without being supervised. Can my child arrive before the official beginning of the College day? Yes. This is not a problem at all and many of our students are issued with an Early Morning Pass . There is also a Breakfast Club on site.

Your Questions Answered Will the College be big enough when the older students stay on? Yes. Exciting plans are well underway to ensure that the accommodation, staffing and resources are all in place to deliver an outstanding education to the full age range. My child requires medication during the College day, what do I need to do? Please ensure that all medication is sent into College wherever possible in the original packaging or in a container clearly labelled with the student’s name, what the medication is and required dosage required. It is necessary for the administration of medication that written consent is given. There is a Medical Form for this purpose. If the medication is going to be long term then please contact the Administration Centre where the details can be discussed with you. Will the College eventually be on one site? Yes, this is the plan. Until the Island’s plans for re-organisation are confirmed, we will not know what adjacent land will be available. However, whatever the outcomes of Island reorganisation, the Dioceses have sufficient land to enable our College to be extended. Have the two distinctive Christian traditions be maintained? Yes, plans to ensure this happened were approved by both dioceses and the two Bishops. Various working groups, for example, had already planned the Religious Education syllabi, the role of Chaplaincy and had made important decisions about the celebration and forms of Worship in the College. There has been no compromising of either tradition. How big will the College become? The current proposals suggest an annual intake of no more than 200 pupils. Are the teachers able to teach all the age ranges, from year 6, including up to GCSE and beyond? Yes, we have teachers in all subjects able to teach the range of ages. We have recruited in preparation for the expanding College and, as we grow, will continue to do so.

Your Questions Answered Has the extension of the age range from 14 - 19 been confirmed? Yes. Christ the King College is an 11 – 19 Christian Secondary School. My child a sling/plaster cast, has been given crutches or a wheelchair to use and is ready to return to College, do I need to do anything? Please ensure that medical advice has been taken regarding the students’ return to College. So as to ensure that appropriate support is in place, please phone to make an appointment to meet with a the Inclusion/Deputy Inclusion manager. It is important to identify any potential difficulties/barriers to learning for the student and ensure that appropriate provision is made for the safe return of the student. The completion of a Health Care Plan may be required and you will be advised as to whether this will be necessary, ensuring that enough time is allocated for meeting. What do I do if I have a complaint against the College? In the first instance, all complaints against the College should be communicated to the Principal who, depending on the nature of the complaint, will investigate and respond appropriately. If you remain dissatisfied, the matter should be reported to the Governing Body of the College. Please note that, unlike most schools, Christ the King is a Voluntary Aided School and is maintained by the Church of England and Catholic Dioceses of Portsmouth through its Governing Body.


Intervention Level

College planner/equipment present at every lesson Follow requests, instructions and rules Need to modify Respect others and their property behaviour suitable for Be polite 1 living and learning Maintain the environment of our College together Wear correct full uniform Be present and punctual Complete homework Remain on task in class Travel safely and appropriately on the bus Reoccurrence of step 1 Be responsible for your actions Work positively allowing others and yourself to learn Use equipment and facilities correctly and with respect Use appropriate and acceptable language Treat others as you wish to be treated

Reoccurrence of steps 1 + 2 To leave inappropriate items at home

Repeat of steps 1,2,3 Show calm and non-aggressive behaviour Use positive words or actions towards others regardless of race, culture, religion and background

Repeat of steps 1-4 Show kindness and consideration to all others in your interactions with them both physically and verbally

Continuing refusal to 2 comply

3 Serious

4 Very serious

5 Ultimate sanction

Community involved

All staff


Spoken warning Signed note in College planner/ telephone call home Make up time in detention Replacement uniform/footwear available

After three incidents noted, Form Tutor in consultation decides on action: Break/ lunchtime detention/work in another class/loss of privilege Full written account of incident, indicating improvements/ apology Targets for future behaviour agreed with Form Tutor Action recorded in SIMs Teacher Second major occurrence of Form Tutor incidents LOL Discussion with Year team Designated staff Report Book/ Pastoral Support Incl. Team Plan introduced as appropriate Parents with targets Action recorded in SIMs Form Tutor Meeting with parent and SLT in LOL consultation with staff External agencies Report book signed daily by Designated staff students, Form Tutor, Leader of Incl. team Learning and parents; SLT SLT shown book at end of report Parents time Internal Exclusion Action recorded in SIMs Principal SLT Standard exclusion procedures Parents apply Action recorded in SIMs Form Tutor Teacher Subj. Co-Ordin DOL Designated staff Incl. Team Parents


Verbal discussion Noted in planner, counter signed by parent Sent to Homework Club

Parents made aware of situation Target agreed with student Logged on student file in SIMs Use of Positive Target/ Achievement book/ Internal review may be used Parents contacted by Form Tutor / Leader of Learning prior to report book Book/plan filed in student’s file

Monitored report/ Pastoral Plan Full involvement of parents Opportunities for reconciliation In consultation with Governors

Bike Shed

Ground Floor

1st Floor


Main Student Entrance

Upper College





Staff/ Disabled




Student Social Area


Ground Floor





1st Floor


Meeting Room






Main Entrance

ARCHIVE Student Files

9RCL Store

















Design Technology



Yr 7/8/9


Store Disabled Ramp

Staff Room




Ground Floor


1st Floor



U13 U31 U12





8GPA Store Store



10LCL Science

Sports Hall

Design Technology







Plant Room


Changing Room





U10 10PGA

Changing Room



Student Social Area

Library & Learning Centre




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Exam Store

P.E. Store



Biblical Garden




Site Manager


U23 Store

Boiler House

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Practise Room






ICT Department Lockers



Student Support Team

Meeting Room


Home Economics

10HSU Quiet Study Area


Information Communication Technology





Prep Room


U33 Science Science


Information Communication Technology

Staff Patio Area Playgrounds


Student Social Area


Sports Field

Plant Room

= Medical Room = Restricted Student access with adult supervision only


U30 9MWI

U32 Science



Lower College




7HDA Music

Sports Field











L18 L19











7HLA L21 L24

Uniform Shop Reprographics

Boiler Room


Head of Lower College




L25 Changing Room



Changing Room





Learning & Library Centre Switchgear


Practical Media Area





7SBL Store

L23 Staff Kitchen


Staff Room

Drama Studio & Chapel

7DBO Staff Workroom

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Student Admin

= Restricted Student access with adult supervision only



= Medical Room

School Kitchen


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