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Mother’s Day Workshop

The Card

Here are the materials you need for the card. Read and repeat the words.


three flowers

strips of paper







Are you ready? Let’s make the card.

Fold the card paper in half.

Trace your hand on the brown paper.

Cut it out.

Cut out the three flowers on the black lines.

Fold each petal like this ... up and down.

Glue the yellow circles in the center.

Glue the hand on the corner of the card, thumbs up.

Glue five strips on the hand.

Glue the tips of the fingers ... like this.

Glue the three flowers.

Glue the leaves.

Open the card and write a message to your mom and your name.

Examples: Happy Mother’s Day I love you, Mom. MOM, another word for love. Mom, you’re so special to me. A special gift for a wonderful mother.

Finally, glue the butterfly.

Mother's Day Card  

Mother's Day Card 2013

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