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Season 257, Spring/Summer 2014


CTH Ericson of Sweden Börje Patchwork Black

Bella Cadet stripes Blue, Hannah Liberty Tuscon Denim, Alice Liberty Tuscon Denim

When spring takes over The long, cold winter is finally over and nature is evolving, putting on its new attire. Spring takes over, decorating creation in lush green colors and bringing the warm temperatures us Northerners have so eagerly been longing for. We retrieve bicycles, picnic blankets and berry baskets from the attics, and set off out into the woods and gardens. The boat is ready for the season’s maiden voyage. We relish the sun and the wind as they gently caress our faces. What if we could stop time to for a while to savor

one of those moments when Sweden is at its most beautiful? CTH Ericson presents season 257. Can it be true? Yes, ever since Carl Theodor Ericson in 1885 sold his first hat, the company has presented a new collection every spring and autumn. You now hold in your hand the CTH Ericson lookbook of Spring/Summer 2014.

When a new generation was born into the family business in 2007, we started looking through past collections from the 50s and 60s. What we found were extraordinary styles that we just had to start producing again. This season we present a wider range of sunhats, and styles especially for girls. We are also presenting three styles in beautiful, luxurious fabrics from Liberty London.

Philip Växbo Lin Black

CTH Ericson caps and hats are all designed and manufactured in the EU. Classic design and quality have always been the cornerstones of the business and will so remain in the future.

Oscar Organic Denim

This collection is a tribute to Carl Theodor Ericson, who established the company in 1885. CTH 1885 consists of classic favorites that have been updated to a contemporary style.

Börje Växbo Lin Black

Hugo Cadet stripes Blue, Viktor Glencheck Marin

We use high quality fabrics in all our caps. Some of the caps are, for example, made of a 100% linen fabric from the Swedish weaver Växbo Lin, located only 150 kilometers from the CTH Headquarters.

Season 257, Spring/Summer 2014

Carl Wales Black/Red, Sophia Liberty Tuscon Denim Philip Seers. Stripes

Carl Organic Denim

Hugo Cadet stripes Red

Sophia Liberty Tuscon Denim

Max Organic Denim

Hannah Liberty Tuscon Denim

Alfred Pique White

Hannah Liberty Tuscon Denim, Alice Liberty Tuscon Denim

Oscar Organic Denim

Sophia Liberty Tuscon Denim + Lawn White, Alice Liberty Lawn White

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CTH Ericson Spring/Summer 2014