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Darton has acquired a reputation for quality, accuracy and convenience among hunters and competitive archers alike. More than anything else, innovative design, dedicated craftsmanship and the finest materials have contributed to the growing acceptance of Darton products . Manufacturers of archery equipment for more than two decades, Darton has repeatedly set standards for the industry. Our principal goal, as it has been for years, is to offer the finest values in quality archery equipment.

SL 1000 The new SL 1000 feature s lightweight magnesium riser with

Darton's new high performing split limb design. Finished to per­

fection, this bow is the number one choice among trophy hunters .

Bow Length: 48" (measured axle to axle)

Draw Limits : 27-29",28-30" and 29-32"

Rel axa tion (approximate): 50%

Adjusted Peak Weights : 50·60 and 60-70 Ib s.

Suggested List Price: $250.00

SL 2000 Darton's new SL 2000 Tournament Bow has all the features of other compound bows on the market .. . and more . The com­ bination of our new split limb with center shot handle produces unlimited speed and accuracy. Bow Length: 48" (measured axle to axle)

Draw Limits: 27-29",28-30" and 29 -32"

Relaxation (approximate): 35%

Adju stable Peak Weights : 30-40 and 40-50 Ibs.

Sugges ted List Price: $250.00

SL 50 Darton's SL 50 features our new split limb design including cali­

brated limb boot for accurate weight adjustment. Darton's center

shot magnesium handle plus high efficiency laminated limbs

means added performance, speed and accuracy .

Bow Length: 44W ' (measured axle to axle)

Draw Limits: 27-29", 28-30" and 29-32"

Relaxation (approximate): 50%

Adjusted Peak Weights: 45-60 and 55-70 Ibs .

Suggested List Price: $185.00

TRAI LMASTER 45 K High performance, speed and accuracy has made this bow the

leader among all com pounds . Th is year the T railmaster features

limb boots with calibr ation marks for accurate weight adju stment.

Bow Length : 41 " (measured axle to axle)

Draw Limits: 25 -27" , 27 -29", 28-30" and 29-32"

Relaxation (appro ximate): 50%

Adjustable Peak Weights: 40-60,45·65 and 50·70 Ibs .

Suggested List Price : $142.00

All compound bows are available in right and left hand models. Those illustrated here are predrilled and tapped for stabilizer, plunger, sight and bow quiver.

Calibration marks for accura te weight adjustment

New split limb design

Licensed under Allen patent number 3,486,495

All compound bows are available in right and left hand models. Falcon and Condor models are predrilled and tapped for stabilizer, plunger, sight and bow quiver.


Licensed under Allen patent number 3,486,495


U IVER DBQ-7 Darton's new quiver has everything a quiver should have . It snaps on and off the mounted bracket in one easy motion. A lightweight eight ounces. Conveniently holds seven arrows. Made of durable, yet pliable polycarbonate, it allows arrows to be removed silently. No other quiver offers so much.

HUNTSMAN 46[\.1 A classical compound with a hardwood

riser, finished to perfection. Its two wheel

design eliminates any need for fine tun足

ing . This bow is at home in the woods.

Bow Length: 41" (measured axle to axle)

Draw Limits: 24-27",27-30" and 28-31"

Relaxation (approximate): 50%

Peak Weight: 55 Ibs.

Suggested ListPrice : $118.00

HAWK 40RC This wood bow is especially designed for

the young archer. Has ful ly laminated

limbs . Complete with bow string.

Bow Length: 38 ~ " (measured axle to axle)

Draw Limits: 23-25"

Relaxa tion (approximate): 50%

Peak Weight: 25 Ibs.

Suggested List Price: $104.00

FALCON 3SGL The new improved Falcon features solid

glass limbs with Darton's center shot han足

dle . Also new for '79 are limb boots with

calibration marks for easy weight adjust足 ment.

Bow Length: 41" (measured axle to axle)

Draw Limits: 25-27", 27-30" and 28-31"

Relaxation (approximate): 50%

Adjustable Peak Weights: 40-55 Ibs.

Suggested List Price: $100.00


SG l

The new Condor adjustable compound

bow maintains high quality along with its

down to earth pr ice. Features lightweight

magnesium handle with solid glass limbs

and continuous cable. Grip not included.

Bow Length: 41" (measured axle to axle)

Draw Limits: 27-31"

Relaxation (approximate): 50%

Adjustable Peak Weights: 40-55 Ibs.

Suggested List Price: $85.00




A superior bow for target shooting. Lam­ inated hardwood riser, arrow rest and stabilizer insert are standard. Bow L-ength: 66" String Length: 62" Draw Weight at 28": 20-40 Ibs. Suggested List Price: $80.00

An excellent bow that's ideal for hunting,

field or target shooting. Alam inated bow

with hardwood riser.

Bow Length: 58"

String Length: 54"

Draw Weight at 28": 20-50 Ibs.

Suggested List Price: $70.00

Specifically for the young archer. A lam i·

nated bow with maple riser, Scout

features center shot sight window and full

grip .

Bow Length: 50"

String Length : 46"

Suggested List Price: $3S.00




Wood Arrows 12S-T Target Arrow

Full color, 5/16" cedar shaft with

two color fletching, plastic nock

and metal target point. Available

24", 26" and 28" lengths. Order

1/2 gross or 1 gross pack.

140-F Field Arrow

A fully dipped cedar shaft with

cresting and non-skid field point.

Two color fletching. Available 26",

28" and 30" lengths. Order 1/2

gross or 1 gross pack.

lS0-T Target Arrow

Number One qual ity cedar shaft,

fully dipped with multi·color crest­

ing and metal target point. Avail­

able 26", 28" and 30" lengths.

Order 1/2 gross or 1 gross pack


200 Cedar Arrow

A good quality cedar shaft for

target or hunting. Contrast crest

and two color fletching . Spine

matched in five pound groups.

Glass Arrows 400 Glass Arrow Durable glass arrow that encourages precision shooting for target or hunting. Two color fletching. Avail­ able f'ull length, or with points shown.

Aluminum Arrows SOO Aluminum Arrow

Easton Aluminum Game Getters,

the ultimate in accurate shooting.

Available full length or with points

shown. Green anodized finish with

two color fletch ing.

Glass and aluminum arrows are available with feathers or vanes. Please specify.


G 54 Tantor' T 100 Tab T 101 Marshall Tab T 105 Western Tab

not shown

Fou r sizes of gloves have open and finger sheaths. Elastic wrist s trap keeps s love in place. Tabs are styled for smooth release. Made of top grade leat her . Western and Marshall tabs available in large and small size s.


G 50 Apache





1823 Grip Tough plast ic handle grip pro路 vides a better feel. Warmer to the hand. Right and Left models fit all Darton Mag路 nesium bows .


Field Point

5-600 Tournament

H-loo Regency

Field Point Huntsm an is vin y l covered with handy belt clip. Others st y led in genuine le a the r wi th quality stit ch ing. Hold from eight to twenty arrows.

Enabl es archer to successfully use vanes or feathers and maintain correct arrow flight. Pre -pun ched for plunger. Com颅 plete with se'lf-adhes ive.




5-78 Sight Razor Head BCS Compound Case For Arrow-Point Order Co mbin ations See Dar颅 ton Price List.

A sight designed by riflemen for the archer . Easy to a l ign .

Black, leath e r-grain vinyl compound case is fully padded. Three sided zipper . Square end model available.


AG-30 Professional I AG-60 Junior Olympic K wik Klasp designed for ea sy on - easy off. Others have sp ring steel spine sewn between top grain le ather and soft suede lining, Sturdy adjustable straps.

AG-55 Professional


As with any form of hunting, bowhunting safety is mainly com­ mon sense and a knowledge of your equipment. First, seek com­ petent bowhunting and archery instruction. Then always inspect bow, arrows and string before shooting; damaged equipment is dangerous. And remember that a bow's range is 100 to 200 yards, but its effective range is much shorter (most deer shot with a bow are closer than 35 yards) . When you're hunting, horseplay is out! Most accidents occur from foolishness, carelessness or a lack of knowtedge about archery equipment. Above all, maintain the high ethics of sportsmanship already established by competent bowhunters. Bowhunting has long been a challenging sport; it's up to you to keep it a safe sport. Be careful stalking game in heavily hunted areas; if you are properly camouflaged and moving right you will be hard to see and may sound like a deer. • Be sure of your target; never point an arrow at anything you don't intend to shoot. • Re·check arrows after shooting each time for cracks, loose nocks, fletches or broadheads for dullness (Tip: Always touch up a broad head after it is shot.) • Always carry broadheads in a quiver with protection over the head, should you fall or stumble.

Acquaint yourself with the area you'll hunt; carr'y maps;

carry a compass and know how to use it.

Should you become lost, don't panic. Sit down and think, then cl imb a tree or to high ground to note landmarks before trying to find your way out. • Be sure you're in good enough physical condition for plenty of walking, climbing and, hopefully, dragging a deer. Hunting and Shooting Tips provided by Archery World Magazine .

. \' P All Bows are Fully Guaranteed should any failure occur within the first 6 Months from date of purchase. We will repair or replace the bow at no expense to purchaser after the bow is re­ turned to us at address listed below. This warrari'ty extends to the original purchaser or the person receiving the bow as a gift from the original purchaser . Should a failure occur to the bow after 6 Months and within 24 Months of the purchase date, we will repair at cost or re o place at one·half of the reccommended list purchase price. Bows subject to provisions of this warranty must be returned to manu'

facturer at purchaser's expense. To : Darton Inc. Archery Division, 3261 Flushing Rd., Flint, Michigan 48504. Do not return to dealers as they are not authorized to make replacements or adjust· ments. This warranty does not cover bows that fail because of misuse, improper handling, or limb damage caused by improper stringing. This warranty on Compound and Cable Bows does not cover damage to string, ca· ble's and eccentric wheels caused by misuse, improper handling. Please note that your warranty is not effective unless the attached registration

card is completely filled out and mailed to the manufacturer within ten (10) days of purchase. This warranty give.s you specific legal rights you may have and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Our warranty obligations are fully stated herein, and we are not responsible for any losses or damages not expressly stated in this Warranty. Some states do not allow exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages so that this paragraph may not apply to you



1979 Darton Product Catalog  

1979 Darton Product Catalog

1979 Darton Product Catalog  

1979 Darton Product Catalog