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Securing your value chain is even more essential in periods of economic difficulty. Setting up a genuine quality approach policy is an effective tool for controlling your supplies, safeguarding your image on the markets, as well as for reducing your costs. A single order can discredit your company, and there is no immunity, even with the most reliable suppliers. Though contractually you are entitled to claim for damages in case of failure, your company is legally responsible for the products placed on the market. There are multiple consequences of withdrawing merchandise from the market due to non-compliance with regulations or a quality problem. The impact is initially financial. The cost of quality failure is estimated at 5 % in the footwear and leather goods markets. Then in the event of legal proceedings, there may be fines or a conviction in case of regulatory noncompliance. If a consumer suffers an accident, there may be legal proceedings relating to the safety or harmlessness of your products, which will harm the image of your company and products. All these risks can be controlled by an offensive policy of auditing, inspections, physical tests and chemical analyses. Since your job is to create, design or sell products, count on CTC to support you in your comprehensive quality approach.

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• Appointments: Pierre BEAUPOIL and Arnaud DYDUCK • ISO/CEI 17020 & 17025 CNAS Accreditation for CTC Shanghai



Jean-Luc CHAVEROT Director of Testing & Audit, CTC Groupe

• REACh: new Candidates Substances • A new CTC Chinese Website • CTC at International Trade fairs

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New European Chemical Restrictions on Organotin Compounds

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Since your products are specific, put your trust in our experts who possess all the skills to support you: from design to manufacture for all your materials and products - footwear, leather goods, gloves and PPE. Since this expertise must rely on unique methods, our teams are backed up by accredited laboratories in Europe and China specialising in your products.




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• Arnaud Dyduck has been appointed as Director of China Operations for the three locations of CTC: Shanghai, Dongguan and Hong Kong. He has successfully led the development of CTC in Hong Kong during 8 years and thanks to his commitment and leadership CTC has become the leading accredited laboratory in China for physical testing and innocuousness tests for leather, shoes and CE marking for safety gloves. Arnaud DYDUCK is a post graduate degree in leather, footwear and leather goods. In order to carry out his new mission, he will be assisted by: - Leo TOM, in Hong Kong, who joined CTC in 2003 will become General Manager of CTC Asia. Leo has just been awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Quality Management with first-class honours from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. - Hugues EMERAUD, in Shanghai, who was the CTC Marketing Executive engineer for France and the USA, and who will become the Sales & Marketing Manager for China. Hugues is a MBA graduate. - Antoine BARBAR, in Dongguan (South China), Laboratory Manager, along with Charlie ZHU, Commercial Manager in China. Antoine is a graduate of a Master in Chemical Analysis and Control and Charlie holds an MBA.


ISO/CEI 17020 & 17025 CNAS ACCREDITATION FOR CTC SHANGHAI CTC Shanghai opened in April 2005, has received the CNAS accreditation granted by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. This official organization approved the competence of the testing laboratory to perform tests according to the standard ISO/CEI 17025. Moreover CNAS validate the ability of the team to carry out inspections according to the ISO/CEI 17020. It thus joined CTC other accredited laboratories to the same reference frame: Lyon (France, accredited by COFRAC) and Hong Kong (China, accredited by HOKLAS). REACH: NEW CANDIDATES SUBSTANCES On 18 June 2010, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has added 8 chemical substances to the Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) for authorisation, which now contains 38 substances in total. our experts estimate that the probability of finding these substances in leather, the textile or polymer in concentrations superiors to 0.1% is weak. They remain at your disposal to inform you: © CTC

• Pierre BEAUPOIL appointed as CTC ViceDirector for Development. After having successfully launched the first CTC Asian subsidiary in Hong Kong from 1993 to 2003, he has headed the opening and the development of laboratories in Shanghai -which recently gain the CNAS accreditationand Dongguan until now. He will now be in charge of the development of international activities, new projects and key client follow up programs. Pierre is a post graduate degree in Micro-Mechanics & Materials.



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- Shanghai, Moda Shangh ai, 1-3 September 2010, boo th E1/C01b

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- Paris, Mess Around, 5-7 September 2010, booth D36 - Paris, Le Cuir à Paris, 14-1 6 September 2010, booth B20-C19 - Paris, Expoprotection, 2-5 November 2010, booth G43

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SECURE YOUR BUSINESS WITH CTC: AUDIT, INSPECTION AND LABORATORY TESTING There are many advantages to sourcing product, however this can also involve risk. CTC global quality assurance (QA) solutions represent a cost-effective means of ensuring products imported from abroad are of the required quality and fit for purpose. With a network of accredited laboratories and inspection offices worldwide, CTC offers audits, inspections and laboratory tests and chemical analyses which guarantee quality, safety, compliance and performance of products brought to market, according to your specific needs as well as industry or client standards and requirements.

> AUDITS: TO GUARANTY RELIABLE SUPPLIER ASSESSMENT CTC international team of experts reassures the clients about the sourcing and provides an objective evaluation of suppliers. Audits are a guaranteed way of: - reinforcing the buying process of footwear, leather, gloves - measuring supplier capabilities (production, capcity, organisation, tooling, manufacturing methods) - implement a sustainable global QA programme, a prerequisite step in accurate assessment of supplier reliability - ensure partners respect work regulation and codes of good practice in sourcing areas - ensure that suppliers have sufficient knowledge of their customers manufacturing requirements CTC offers the following services:

• Factory audit CTC evaluates the supplier performance by auditing the organisation and quality infrastructure, the manufacturing process, the industrial tooling as well as the compliance and safety ot the products. The evaluation check the quality system in place and factory ability to deliver the required level of qualitu and within the necessary timescale.

• Social audit Through the mechanism of social audits, CTC helps you protect your brand. Social audits allow factories to be vetted for their compliance with the labour regulations and “codes of goo practice” in the principal sourcing areas.

• Laboratory audit CTC will assess current laboratory set-up against the ISO 17025:2005 international standard. Our team of experts will make recommendations to assist laboratory staff in defining the accreditation scope, formulating a quality manual and implementaing procedures which will meet the requirements of the standard. Once these procedures are running, the laboratory is ready for accreditation. Upon satisfactory implementation of the quality system and the inspection of records and procedures within an agreed time frame, a certificate of compliance will be issued by CTC.


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Inspections delivered by CTC check the complete integrity of products at all production stages. They are designed to eliminate plenty of the uncertainties associated with sourcing manufactured product abroad. Carried out at the factory or harbor, they represent a cost effective means of ensuring, prior to shipment or purchase, that products imported from abroad are of the required quality and fit for purpose. Inspections aim to: - reinforce their international sourcing - monitor product compliance with specific requirements for your footwear, gloves and leathergoods at all stages of the production process - warn of the risk of delivery of empty containers of faulty goods - eliminate faulty goods before shipping - if required, rectify goods before shipping - avoid the consequences of withdrawal of goods for lack of compliance (loss of turnover, litigation, negative image, etc.) - involve the suppliers in a permanent QA procedure - support buyers in their decision to accept production - gain an overall view of the global quality of an entire production run CTC inspections take several forms:

• Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) Undertaken by CTC in accordance with the ANSI/MIL STD 105 E standard, these inspections assure the quality of the products as



> Fast and controlled turnaround: CTC can be present within 72 hours in strategic sourcing areas in Asia, Europe and Maghreb. > Rapid response times: reports are transmitted within 24 hours accompanied by pictures and comments about the main characteristics of the product and its defects. > A network of qualified Inspectors able to intervene on request or working on seasonal campaigns, yet always respecting the rules of client confidentiality. > CTC expertise to provide helpfull support to determine right requirement according your product.


they leave the factory, including the packaging, the type and labeling of the boxes, volume of product per container or carton markings. At this stage, all of the products are manufactured and 80% are packed.

• In-Line Inspections Conducted by our experts at approximately 20% of production to verify the manufacturing according to clien specifications, these “during production inspections” allow the factory to make improvements before proudction is completed.

> LABORATORY TESTING: TO GUARANTY PRODUCT PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY Our experts provides physical and biomechanical tests and chemical analyses. Laboratory tests enable the company to: - respect international safety standards and references - enable goods entering distributor countries to meet the requirements of each counrty’s standards system - warn of the dangers of goods being rejected by customs on entry - warn of the legal consequences of checks by anti-fraud organisations - satisfy buyer requirements in terms of product safety and performance - assess product performance (comfort, safety, resistance, abrasion, breathability, etc.) - verify the safety and harmlessness of products and raw materials that it manufactures, uses and/or distributes (DMFu, Pb, azodyes, PCP, allergens, formaldehydes, pH, Cr VI, etc.)


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CTC SOLUTIONS that good fit and feel in “real” performance situations. All of the tests are process on: - on raw materials, like upper materials (leather, textiles, synthetics), sole materials (leather, rubber, PVC, PU, etc.) and other materials (glues, zippers, velcro, eyelets, laces, etc.) - on finished products, like footwear (fashion, sports, safety, children, leisure), leather goods (handbags, luggage, belts, purses), gloves (fashion, safety, sports, motorcycle) and other products (balls, shin guards, waterproofing). Located in strategic sourcing areas, CTC accredited laboratories meet all your testing needs according to various standards: - International and European standards, with International Organization for Standardization (ISO), European standard (CEN), National standard (French “NF, German “DIN”, etc.) - USA standards, American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC), American National Standard Institute (ANSI), US Consumer Product Safety Commissions (CPSC) and US Federal Trade Commission (FTC)



As the worldwide leader, CTC offers a large matrix of services to assure and quantify the quality of clients’ products:

> Technical assistance and customized services to allow your company to make fast and key decisions.

• Physical testing

> Fast and controlled turnaround from 1 to 5 days supported by our technological platforms and R&D Centre.

The goal of these tests is to evaluate performance, comfort, safety and quality characteristics like slip resistance, abrasion, breathability, flexion, heel impact, etc.

• Biomechanical testing The tests have to define the interactions between the user and the finished product as well as internal pressure, biomechanical platform, restitution of sole energy, cushioning, traction, etc. CTC develop specific methods and testing equipements for this service.

> A global network of experts and consultants offering a unique blend of experience and skills in the World mixing testing, chemical analyses, standardisation, calibration and professional training. > Accredited laboratories located worldwide under ISO/CEI 17025:2005 standard in Europe and in China.


• Chemical analyses They ensure the safety of materials when in contact with human body under several international regulations like REACh, CPSC, for substances like DMFu, Cr VI, azodyes, etc.

• Field trial CTC has a strong experience to check in “real life” the product, like trekking or sport shoe, backpack, etc. These tests ensure

Implementing a Global Quality Assurance Solution guarantees quality, safety, compliance and performance of products in the international marketplace. It also forms the basis or enhanced customer satisfaction and is a means of strengthening the global corporate image.

CTC International - Summer 2010




Since 1 July 2010, the footwear industry need to comply with the new restrictions on organotin compounds in the REACh regulation. The new restrictions were published in 31 March 2010 in the Commission Regulation (UE) n°276/2010 amending the REACh Regulation n°1907/2006 as regards Annex XVII. These restrictions will be implemented in three phases:

Effective date

1 July 2010





All tri-substituted organotin, eg. Tributyltin (TBT) and Triphenyltin (TPT)

All articles (for the general public of professional use)

concentration ≤ 0.1% by weight of tin, in the article or part thereof

Dioctyltin (DOT)

The following articles for supply to, or use by, the general public: - footwear or part of footwear intended to come into contact with skin - gloves - textile articles intended to come into contact with skin -…

Dibutyltin (DBT)

All mixtures and articles supplied to the general public, except those listed below*

Dibutyltin (DBT)

The following mixtures and articles for supply to the general public: - one component and twocomponent temperature vulcanization sealants (RTV1 and RTV-2 sealants) and adhesives - paints and coatings containing DBT compounds as catalysts when applied on articles - soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) profiles whether by themselves or coextruded with hard PVC - fabrics coated with PVC containing DBT compounds as stabilizers when intended for outdoor applications -…

• Phase 1 - From 1 July 2010 The first phase, which starts from 1 July 2010, is the restriction on all tri-subsitued organotin compounds in articles: tributyltin (TBT) and triphenyltin (TPT)..

• Phase 2 - From 1 January 2012 The second phase will cover only two di-subsituted organotin compounds: dioctyltin (DOT) and dibutyltin (DBT). The restrictions start from 1 January 2012.

1 January 2012

• Phase 3 - From 1 January 2015 The third phase covers some specific products containing DBT and it starts on 1 January 2015. Table 1 below is a summary of the details of this regulation.

> WHAT DO THESE RESTRICTIONS MEANS FOR THE FOOTWEAR INDUSTRY? Since tri-substituted organotin compounds are mainly used as biocial agents, footwear naufacturers should pay attention to these new restrictions, particularly if their products have been treated with chemicals to provide anti-fungal or anti-bacterial property. In the EU insoles for shoes have been found to contain trisubstituted organotin compounds, alongside other products such as non-allegenic pillows, padding of cycling shorts and athlete’s foot spray. Some well-known tri-substituted organotin compounds are tributyltin (TBT) and triphenyltin (TPT). However, the restrictions covers all-trisubstituted organotin compound.

> WHAT DO THIS REGULATION MEANS FOR THOSE PRODUCTS ALREADY ON THE MARKET? Articles that contain the restricted organotin compounds above the limit cannot be place on the market after the applicable effcetive date. This means unsold stocks in the distribution chain must be withdrawn from the market. Act now to ensure your new exports comply with the new requirements to continue to access to the European market. Download the Commission Regulation (UE) n°276/2010:


CTC International - Summer 2010

1 January 2015

concentration ≤ 0.1% by weight of tin in the article (or mixture), or part thereof

concentration ≤ 0.1% by weight of tin in the article (or mixture), or part thereof

*Restrictions on dibutyltin (DBT) compounds do not apply to materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, as regulated under Regulation (EC) n° 1935/2004.



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LANZI: IMPROVE OUR SUCCESS WITH CTC CTC and Lanzi are partners since a long time. The Italian is a PPE glove and workwear manufacturer specialized in producing niche products for made-to-order market for big companies. Several years ago Lanzi developed its own laboratory to check the products quality, even if CTC is its laboratory for CE Marking. Lanzi wished to harmonize the results of its internal lab with CTC. A CTC expert carried out a 2 days audit, followed by a inter-lab testing campaign to check the capability of the lab. Three questions about this partnership to Luigi Lanzi (President).

> WHY DID YOU CHOOSE CTC? Our collaboration with CTC starts in 1993, when large industrial Groups increased the demand for PPEs conformity, leading LANZI to invest in laboratory equipment and skilled human ressources to design and control the quality of gloves and safety garments manufactured under company’s brand.

> WHICH ARE THE SERVICES THAT CTC CARRY OUT FOR YOU? Other than testing and CE certification of our PPEs, CTC is our up-to-date reference for laboratory instruments, equipments, testing methods and, most recently, for the correct interpretation of the European standards.

> WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO “CTC APPROVED LAB” PROGRAMME? “CTC Approved Lab” program means for Lanzi to seal and highlight 17 years of continuous collaboration through the formalisation of a very important acknowledgement, on the European scenario of PPEs, looking forward the new European Directive (for PPE). The recession, started in 2009, gave a big acceleration to the process of re-interpretation of all criteria of usage of PPEs, targeting more and more the “zero accident” value, highest comfort for the User and full guarantee of

conformity for the employers, always looking for the “best practice” from suppliers of efficient quality solutions, which can be ensured in time. Thanks to CTC support, Lanzi will keep on following his path toward internationalisation throughout continous improvement of his PPEs solutions.

LANZI PRESENTATION Workers’ safety, health and comfort are our mission since 1978: 30 years of experience towards injuries prevention and protection in industrial environment. Our market is made by medium/big size companies, often part of international groups and set in several countries, where we guarantee the delivery of products and services pursuing the common aim of zero accidents through a lean and efficient supply chain, which complies with the needs of modern industrial organizations. The design of our products/services is made under systemic vision of the whole process, from raw materials to manufacturing, through usage to disposal, according to sustainability criteria which we share with our main Clients. Our technical department is equipped by a Laboratory to perform EC Standards conformity test and the usage simulation on gloves and working garments. The Project PPE includes Argo, the automatic distribution system which allows to each authorized user the PPE withdrawal from vending machines linked on-line to the factory data network, by the personal badge. Argo distributes the PPEs up to pre-setted quantity limits of each user’s profile, filing the consumption on real time reporting.

> Contact: LANZI s.r.l. Tel +39 011 22 84 011


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Laboratory SERVICES CTC offers a new range of laboratory services to help you in establishing and improving your quality assurance laboratory. An international team of experts offering a unique blend of experience and skills in:

Laboratory Set-up Laboratory Audit under EN ISO/CEI 17025:2005 Calibration Professional Training

Testing & Audit Clients Service

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CTC International - Summer 2010  

CTC International is the news magazine of CTC Groupe.

CTC International - Summer 2010  

CTC International is the news magazine of CTC Groupe.