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CTC International Office in Kenya. Mural by Caitlin Beidler of Redemption Art.

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Ub u n t u Strength


: I am because We are.

A phrase used by Archbishop Desmond Tutu during apartheid in South Africa symbolizing the interconnected nature of all humanity. interconnectedness - “the state of being related or internally bound.� The work of development more profoundly shows this reality by demonstrating that it takes a village or a community bound together to bring about the change needed to combat poverty.

2010 Highlights how CTC is an Interconnected Community. Living into UBUNTU has crossed boundaries of water, race, gender and cultural barriers to change lives and implement life-saving programs. Starting in we realized that

2003 when our first team traveled to Kenya

2 inherent needs were being met on both sides of the globe:

1) An international community with open and honest dialogue was being formed 2) Creating impact through practical implementation of programs alongside local communities in Kenya.


I n i t iat i v e s / Pr o g ram Gr o w t h

Education Programs: • RAFIKI LINK - Rafiki (Friend) Link builds authentic global connections and understanding by directly linking schools around the world with primary and secondary schools in Maai Mahiu. Youth engage in meaningful, curriculum-based interactions such as essay contests, art exchanges, and a video talent show. • MAAI MAHIU POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL - One of our first projects, Maai Mahiu Polytechnic School, was constructed in a local orphanage in 2003. Growing from two classrooms to six, the award winning technical school continues to thrive. • MALAIKA KIDS - “Disability does not mean inability! ” is the principle that we teach at Malaika Kids, a program launched in 2008 as the first school for children with special needs. AccomPlishments: • Through Rafiki Link approximately 500 students in Kenya have learned to use a computer, email, and collaborate with fellow students around the world. • The first live Skype debate was held between students in Kenya and those in the US. Check it out at /rafikilink • Polytechnic School celebrated over 600 graduates in past 6 years and is currently enrolling 160 students in courses such as tailoring, carpentry, leather works, cosmetology, computer skills and knitting. • Recruited, assessed and enrolled 10 more children into the Malaika Kids program, bringing our total enrollment to 25 students. • Over the past year Malaika Kids students have learned to walk, to write and to simply live in a positive, healthy environment.

Environme nt Programs: • CUCU SHAMBA - With so many children having lost their parents to AIDS, many grandmothers in the community are now left to take care of their grandchildren. Cucu (sho-sho) Shamba is Swahili for “grandmother’s garden,” and CTC has educated these women on sustainable farming methods.

Three schools in Maai Mahiu, Kenya are corresponding with schools in North America, creating international relationships through Rafiki Link



CTC’s nine Malaika Mums celebrated their two year anniversary of participating in empowering income generating projects on 2/25/10

• ENVIRONMENTAL CLUBS - CTC’s Environmental Club is currently operating at Ngeya Primary School, the most impoverished government school in the region. The Environmental Club, which has 48 members in a school of 1,800 students, supplements the students’ diet with healthy meal alternatives at school and to teach their families more sustainable farming methods at home. AccomPlishments: • The Cucu Shamba Demonstration Garden served as an educational tool to the community on best practices such as drip irrigation, water harvesting methods, composting etc. Each harvest was used by these women to feed their families. • Received a grant from Mama Hope for Environmental Clubs. As a result we doubled the size of our demonstration garden at Ngeya Primary School. • Installed a botanical garden and tree nursery to begin generating income for the Environmental Club.

Economy Program: • L.I.F.E. Line (Livelihood, Invest, Future, Empower) - Handmade in Kenya by a special group of women, L.I.F.E. Line products provide Malaika Mums the opportunity to earn an income for their families, support an education for their children, and create products that improve the environment.


I n i t iat i v e s / Pr o g ram Gr o w t h We launched our HIV/AIDS clinic thanks to the

Grant we received from Bristol-Myers Squibb

Economy Continue d AccomPlishments: • Produced over 4,000 L.I.F.E. Bags that generated over $20,000 in U.S. sales. • L.I.F.E. Line program achieved sustainability. • Solidified partnership with Sunflag, East Africa’s largest cotton manufacturer to ensure quality materials at an affordable rate for CTC’s L.I.F.E Line.

He alth Program: • HIV/AIDS Program - HIV is one of the greatest burdens facing the African continent today. In communities like Maai Mahiu, it is a devastating illness fracturing families and leaving thousands of children orphaned. In partnership with Kijabe Hospital and Bristol-Myers Squibb, CTC’s HIV Program is mobilizing communities living with HIV through education, medical attention and income-generating activities. Accomplishments: • Our VCT (Voluntary Counseling and Testing) Clinic opened in September 2010 and 184 individuals were tested for HIV. • 29 Community Health Workers were trained in nutrition, business skills, and home-based HIV care. • CTC Board Member Dr. Sandy Garcia toured Kijabe Hospital ( /index.asp) and met with several key physicians to discuss ways for CTC and Kijabe to develop a clinic in the Rift Valley. She also visited members of CTC’s newly formed HIV/AIDS support groups.

Community CTC was able to educate 4,000 people in one day with an HIV/AIDS Awareness & Community Mobilization Day

4 New full-time staff hired in Kenya!

Charles Wachira

HIV/AIDS Program Officer

Bernard Owino

HIV/AIDS Ambulance Driver/ Youth Coordinator

Programs: • Ubuntu Days - Ubuntu Days come from our understanding that we are a global community, bound and interdependent on one another. Every third Saturday of the month, CTC hosts Ubuntu Day which is essentially a community wide “clean up your town” day and an opportunity for the citizens of Maai Mahiu to work together to improve their living conditions. We partner with local schools, churches, NGO’s and the local government to recycle, throw away trash and plant trees to beautify our community. • Youth Club - Over 80% of youth in Maai Mahiu cannot afford to attend school past the 8th grade, creating a large population of adolescents in need of positive activities to occupy their days. Youth Club provides young people with the opportunities to improve their talents, learn life skills, and help one another reach their potential. AccomPlishments: • Opened the CTC Art, Culture & Peace Center at our July UBUNTU Day with over 1,000 community members and 5 tribes in attendance. • The first CTC Youth Soccer Teams were established in March. • 150 youth enrolled in Youth Club participating in soccer teams, talent shows, “Study Buddy” peer tutoring, and volunteering within the community.

Ge ne ral Ope rations

Faith Kuria

Office Manager

Rebecca Daniel

Rafiki Link Coordinator

• Professors Jan and Gerad Middendorf from Kansas State University spent 10 days as external evaluators assessing, monitoring and evaluating all CTC programs as well as interviewing our entire staff. • A detailed evaluation plan was implemented to assess the impact, process, and summative aspects of CTC and its five initiatives. Results include data from 5 focus groups, 12 interviews, 13 surveys and in-country observations. • They will continue to work alongside CTC and are planning to return to Kenya in 2011 to conduct a quantitative analysis.


T e am S u cc e ss

Team Leader, Dr. Barrie Arachtingi

• Immersion into the lives of oppressed female populations in Maai Mahiu (women with HIV/AIDS, mothers of children with special needs, Internally Displaced people, victims of abuse and rape) • Hosted a 3 day women’s seminar educating and training in life skills, health/nutrition, art therapy, business skills, referendum to the Kenyan Constitution • Formed support group of women that will continue to meet monthly under the leadership of CTC’s attorney and legal council, Dorothy Ombajo • Seminar culminated in community mural art project on the CTC office wall led by Caitlin Beidler of Redemption Art


• Immersion of high school students from Kansas into the day and life of Kenyan students from impoverished and domestically complicated backgrounds • Split into groups and attended class with the students, learning alongside one another, visiting their homes and participating in local projects

Hope Team

Team Leader, Andrew Nussbaum

American Sewing Guild

• Gained empathy for women in the community by spending time in their homes, learning about their families and hearing stories of their daily survival. • Conducted trainings, teaching new techniques to implement in L.I.F.E. Line • Exploratory trip for ASG to report back to their board about ways to develop partnership with CTC and expand L.I.F.E. Line production

Team Leader, Denise Dias (Board President of ASG)

Community & Faith

• Spent the entire week touring all CTC programs, learning about CTC’s holistic approach to international development and expanding Demonstration Gardens at Cucu Shamba • Exploratory trip for these members of the Austin CTC community to take back and recruit new members to develop CTC programs and raise funds

Team Leader, Reverend Ken Malcolm

Soccer Team

• Hosted a week long Summer Camp for the youth of Maai Mahiu developing soccer skills, education in life skills and building team unity • Gave the CTC Soccer club their first ever uniforms thanks to a donation from the Austin Aztex (professional soccer team) secured by CTC board member Devin Scott • This is the only Summer Camp offered in the entire community of over 40,000 people

Team Leader, Michael Lee

Go Green Team Team Leader, Mindy Stallings

• Began work on CTC’s largest tree nursery to date • Created a safe, sodded area for the Malaika Kids to spend time outside. Which is currently the only grass to be seen in Maai Mahiu • Participated in various other Environmental projects working alongside students of the Environmental Club


T e am I m p ac t

CTC celebrated team members from 10 US states: California, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Volunteers Traveled to Maai Mahiu in 2010

Alice Johnston CTC Team Member

8 of the 44 Team Members had traveled to Maai Mahiu with CTC previously

The individuals who travel with us are the courageous ones willing to journey halfway across the world to immerse themselves into the culture and daily life in Kenya. It is demanding work and pushes our team members beyond their comfort zones. This past year CTC had the privilege of working alongside Alice Johnston, a 70 year old woman from Topeka, Kansas who volunteered on not one team, but two and lived in Maai Mahiu, Kenya for one month. She walked through town everyday, worked alongside the local community and shared her life, endearing her way into people’s hearts. This was epitomized when the Maai Mahiu community began calling her “Cucu”, which means “Grandmother.”

Alice, a woman with no children back home, became a community’s “Cucu” by giving the very best of herself for an entire month - loving, listening and living with the local community. Before coming to Kenya she mobilized her local Topeka friends, raising money and personally delivering those funds to CTC’s Malaika Mums so that they could purchase new sewing machines and continue growing their business. Cucu Alice (as her CTC family now calls her) is a catalyst of the most unlikely kind: a 70 year old grandmother from Kansas who took the opportunity to journey across the world, give her life to a community in Kenya, and create lifechanging opportunities for our Malaika Mums.


K e n y a n I m p ac t Kenya • Capital: Nairobi • Population: 39.5 M • Approx. the size of Texas • 58% of Kenya lives on less than $2 per day

15 full time staff and 13 part time / contracted staff in Kenya

Liz Josiah Malaika Mums Coordinator

CTC is implementing a new methodology to combat the cycle of poverty - Holistic Development. Restoring hope provides a stronger sense of identity, and empowering those identities through our five initiatives allows transformation.

CTC would not be what we are if it were not for our Kenyan staff. They live on the front lines of development, paving the way for CTC to create opportunity and growth in Kenya. Daily fighting corruption, limitations and obstacles, these individuals are heros providing the people of Kenya opportunities to thrive. This past year we have all been inspired by Liz Josiah, Director of CTC’s Economic Initiative and Manager of our Malaika Mums. Liz grew up as an orphan struggling to live. Fighting her way to a place of survival, she graduated from CTC’s Polytechnic School, perfected her craft as a tailor and was hired by CTC several years ago.

Since that time Liz has grown into a dynamic leader, training the Malaika Mums in the production of the L.I.F.E. Line and other products to be sold locally that provide each mother a sustainable income. Liz lives an example of what it means to be an inspirational female leader in Kenya, empowering the other CTC staff, our Malaika Mums and every team member that travels with us to Kenya. It has been inspiring seeing two women-Cucu Alice and Liz Josiah--from two completely different backgrounds, generations and walks of life come together, join hands and create the change they long to see in the world.


Par t n e rs

We’re well on our way to accomplishing something that has never been done... Mobilizing an entire community in Kenya to change a nation. It’s a steep climb and we’re rapidly moving up!

CTC’s programs have grown and taken on new heights as a result of our

partners and the dynamic individuals who have given their time, resources and skills.


F i n a n cia l s 2010 General Contributions 250000


2008 2009











Cash Fixed Assets (net of Accumulated Depreciation) Other Assets Total Assets

129,397 66,287 40,587 $236,271

171,784 49,496

165,151 54,869



Current Liabilities Total Liabilities

6,707 $6,707

1,134 $1,134

10,490 $10,490

Unrestricted Net Assets Temporarily Restricted Net Assets Total Net Assets

143,321 86,243 $229,564

196,995 38,151 $235,146

145,215 64,315 $209,530

Total Liabilities & Net Assets






2010 Source of Funds


For Year Ended 2010 With Comparative Figures for 2009 and 2008

Liabilities & Net Assets


35 $1






General Contributions 50%

CTC International 501(c)3



Consolidated Statement of Financial Position

Volunteer Trips to Kenya Grant Income

Consolidated Statement of Activities Contributions General Contributions Volunteer Trips to Kenya Grant Income Total Contributions

2010 Use of Funds 17%

Program Fundraising

18% 65%

General/ Administrative

218,092 143,876 77,470 $439,438

135,243 152,232 122,500 $409,975

169,608 135,330 120,000 $424,938

290,562 79,726 74,732 $445,020

263,186 86,824 34,349 $384,359

230,343 56,714 32,940 $319,997

Expenses Program Fundraising General & Administrative Total Expenses

Change in Net Assets ($5,582) $25,616 $104,941 Net Assets, Beginning of Year $235,146 $209,530 $104,589 Net Assets, End of Year $229,564 $235,146 $209,530


F i n a n cia l s

2010 Program Level Breakdown 8% Bristol-Myers Squibb HIV/Aids Clinic 16% Kenya G&A

Program Level Breakdown


Kenya G&A Bristol-Myers Squibb HIV/AIDS Clinic CTC Medical Initiatives Environment Projects Malaika Mums/LIFE Line Malaika Kids Education/Rafiki Link Youth & Community

$24,250 $12,407 $27,474 $31,356 $53,182 $36,386 $58,695 $46,810

5% CTC Medical Initiatives

9% Environment Projects

20% Youth & Community

11% Malaika Mums/ LIFE Line

18% Malaika Kids

13% Education/Rafiki Link

2010 Initiative Costs


Initiative Costs Education Environment Economy Health Community


Total Expense for 2010 $99,932 $36,206 $58,032 $44,731 $51,660

Education Environment Economy






UBUNTU I am because We are.

1102 East Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, Texas 78702


CTC International Annual Report 2010  

Read thru our annual report to see the current happenings at CTC and delve into this years fiscal audit.