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16. How many cycles are sold in Great Britain? Most of the figures for cycle sales and other market data are published in reports for which there is a charge, for example: • •

Mintel Conebi (Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry) - (the last free report from Conebi covered 2016).

Alternative sources are: • BikeBiz • Bicycle Association

17. What's the average weekly household spend on bikes?  Obviously, how much each household spends on transport varies widely, but on average, it's around £80.80 a week. Only a tiny amount of this goes on bicycles - not needing to buy fuel is, of course, a big saving.

UK: average weekly household expenditure on transport, 2018 Purchase (outright or loan/hire purchase; new or second hand) Spares/accessories/repairs/servicing Fuel Other motoring costs TOTAL Total transport spend (private and public transport) Spend on public transport

Cars/vans £27.00 £8.20 £21.20 £3.10 £59.50

Bicycles £0.50 £0.50 £0.00 £0.00 £1.00 £80.80 £19.70

Source: Office for National Statistics: Family Spending (Table A1, section 7).  Figure 44