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The Book of Memories

By Claire Taubel

Chapter 1

Hi, you may be wonder who I am. In this three paragraphs you are going to find out just who I am! My name is Claire Taubel, and this is my second year here at E-Achieve. I have 2 great dogs, 12 wonderful birds, 1 cute Russian tortoise, and 1 sister who has just join E-Achieve. When summer comes around I do a lot of things with my sister like biking, swimming,camping, fishing, and making mini movies with our computer. I have brown naturally curled hair, blueish green eyes, and I am 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Some people live in the big cities like New York, NY or Milwaukee, WI and other live in rural cities, well I live in both rural and urban cities and they are Watertown,WI where we stay in the winter time and Necedah, WI where we stay in the summer time. You may be thinking “where does she like to live best?” The urban or rural area?” Well, it would probably be the rural area because it is quiet, all sort of animals live there, and the beauty of the trees swaying to the wind. The rural land is peaceful and quiet like me and also give me time to think in nature. My short term life goals are getting good grades in high school, possibly a scholarship and to attend a college in Wisconsin. After I graduate from college, my long term goals are to buy a horse ranch and a couple of horses probably a shire and Friesian horse. Also, a german shepard or two, as I love dogs. To reach my goals I plan on being successful at my job after college.At this point in time, I’m considering a career having to do with animals. Luckily, I have some time to decided.

Chapter 2 700 Clyman St. Watertown, WI USA, 53094 9/21/2013 Dear Mom and Dad, This is from your oldest, loving, and sweetest daughter, Claire. You both may be wondering why I writing this letter out of the blue. Well, I just wanted to tell you and thank you for all the things you have done for me when my sister and I were young. Also, to tell you how much I love you both. Mom, I remember when took us to the Henry Vilas zoo and we saw the baby seal with his parents swimming in their tank. I also remember all of the other animals, like the giraffes, the penguins, the rhinos, and so many more! You probably remember going to the Milwaukee public museum too, where the big T-rex skeleton is and the African wildlife. Those were days I will not forget, it was a lot of fun! I also wanted to thank you for making the cookies and the lemon squares for me, they were very delicious. Dad, remember when you took us to the movie theater downtown to go see animated movies? Or when we got a large popcorn and you would put your big hand to grab some? Do you remember when we were getting my computer for school and we went to the Golden Corral and we had a huge buffet? That was great! When the Fourth of July came around you took Camille and I to the parade and we saw all of the floats ,horses, and a lot of people walking down the street. These are great memories Dad. Mom and Dad, I hope you enjoyed my letter as I just wanted to tell you, from lions and tigers in a zoo, to a movie theater downtown, I thank you! For everything you have done for my sister and I, it means so much to us, but especially to me.

Sincerely Claire Taubel

Chapter 3 About 2 years ago, my family went to the historical museum in Milwaukee, or The Milwaukee Public Museum, and it was a blast! All of the amazing historical exhibits. Some of them were; the streets of old Milwaukee , dinosaur skeletons, animal exhibits from around the world and many historical artifacts. One time, when we went, with our grandparents, we went to go see a special showing of things that where from the actual Titanic! It was breath taking! My mothers father loves the Titanic, so he enjoyed it a lot I was in awe and so was my family. I remember as we were walking to the museum, it was a chilly morning on May 25 in 2009. We arrived at 9:00 am, to get our tickets and our individual radios, to hear about what happened before, during, and after the Titanic sank. When we where entering the beginning part of the exhibit,, we saw what the first class, the second class, and the third class cabins would have looked like back in the day. This was just the beginning of our journey of the past . Each of us received a ticket with a name on it, stating an actual passenger, and what class stateroom they were in. When I saw the all of the things that were retrieved and displayed from the wreck, like: beautiful hats, life vests, shoes, and many other thing, I felt bad about the unlucky 1,517 passengers that didn’t survive the sinking of the Titanic. It was emphasized throughout the exhibit about how horrible it was to witness the sinking of the ship fro the life boats. My Mother was fortunate enough to meet a survivor of the Titanic and she shook her hand when she was 17. The survivor was only 4 years old at the time of the sinking, and survived with her mother in a lifeboat. Although I was not a witness to this horrible turn of events, back in 1912, the exhibit I saw at the museum that day , it changed my life forever, Just to stop and really think how many people died and suffered in the cold North Atlantic Ocean that dark and moonless night and to actually fell a iceberg which was in a museum when I went to the Titanic showing. Someday, I hope to go visit the Titanic Belfast in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Chapter 4 The First Day of E-Achieve On my waking up and heading down the stairs, to the kitchen table where my lap top stares. I grab some breakfast, Nutella and toast, and head for the table and geared up for the first day. My mom and sister stare on, as my eyes open wide, at the list of classes, and the due dates come to my surprise! The lists of dates, classes and weeks start to overwhelm, I refill my water and gulp it down and refill it thus again, wishing and hoping that when I get back, my screen would be blank again. The first class began, I started to sweat, as the chats began, the teacher’s introductions and lessons listed and told, and my head began to swim. The sweat poured off my head, until it was at my feet, and soon I realized it was at ankles deep! THe water around me was getting deeper the more she talked and talked, then I noticed I was floating and the current of a river was really flying by! Floating and swimming in cold water during my class, Not only my head, but my entire body was captured in this river of studies., my fingers were flying and the chats were posting, as the minutes ticked by. My mother and sister looked as I was struggling trying to type too fast. Out of control the rapids came, as the end of the class was coming, breathing faster and faster and typing quickly to ask my questions completely. Then after the answer came to my ears and read it on the blackboard too, I realized I made it at last to shore, and came back to something I knew. The water drained, and my mind cleared, with that first class under my belt. Realizing that I could do online classes, and the next was coming fast, I refilled my ice water glass, and slowly sipped, and got a grip that it was going to be fine at last.

Necedah Today.

The complete news of central Wisconsin  Claire L. Taubel                     7/19/2034 date Claire L. Taubel is the proud inventor of a new way to take care of your dogs and cats while you are at work. Gone are the days of using your phone to simply watch your pets sleep, now you can use Pet Me! Remote hands to love and pet them all day. Now you can play with your pets, pet them, and even throw a ball for them no matter where you are. You connect to the Pet Me hands over the internet and feel the purr of your cat or the lick of your dog through the high tech sensors.

Claire’s company, “Pet Me!” is going to be manufacturing the ‘hands’, in the old ADS manufacturing plant. The hands will be found at PetCo, Pet’s Mart and other leading pet shops. The company hopes to hire 100 full time positions including programmers, assembly and animal specialists. The grand opening will be August first.

‘So close you will feel at home’ Pet Me! Remote hands will be manufactured here in Necedah, WI.

The End

My book of memories  

"A must read book!" The New York Times "Two Thumbs Up!" Los Angeles Times

My book of memories  

"A must read book!" The New York Times "Two Thumbs Up!" Los Angeles Times