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“The X Factor was a great opportunity to learn skills from someone who’d had years of experience in Youth Work. It was really helpful to bounce ideas around and get a realistic idea as to what would/wouldn’t work. It was also a time of blessing and encouragement, knowing we had the backup of someone so knowledgeable in that particular field of work.” Mrs Ann Lett, Lincoln South Circuit, the Methodist Church

“LYM’s combination of faith, talent, teamwork, experience and local knowledge means that it has something really special to offer to young people in our area’.” Canon Ian Silk, Lincoln

“Responding to the spiritual, social and developing needs of young people”

Rev Steve Faber, URC Minister

Board: N. Chambers, L. Mackrell-Hey, A. Argyle, M. Freeman, S. Burgess, L. Shapcott, M. Hodgkinson, and S. Dean

“I am delighted to have been associated with LYM since its formation. This is a bold, faith-filled venture going from strength to strength, making a real difference in the lives of Lincolnshire’s youth.”

Charity Number: 1122905

Bishop John Saxbee, Former Bishop of Lincoln

Lincolnshire Youth Mission Ltd Carlton House, 37 High Street, Carlton-le-Moorland, LN5 9HL tel) 01522 789195 email) website)

“It has been a joy and a privilege for me to be associated with your amazingly creative and energetic ministry of outreach in and around Boston and through you the Lord has mightily blessed the RoadHoG bus which has brought God’s Good News to so many communities and individuals.”

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LYM Leaflet  

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