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The Venerable Tim Barker (Church of England) Rev Canon Chris Lilley (Church of England) Rev Dr Jonathan Hustler (Methodist) Major Rebecca Wilson (Salvation Army) Rev Michael Moore (Catholic) The Venerable Jane Sinclair (Church of England) Rev Jennifer Park (Methodist) Major Rudi Bruinwoud (Salvation Army) Mrs Heather Grierson (Baptist) Rev Hamish Temple (URC) Rt Rev Malcolm McMahon (Catholic) Rt Rev Dr John Saxbee (Church of England) Rev Dr David Perry (Methodist) Major Jonathan Roberts (Until July 10) (Salvation Army) Lieut Col Mike Caffull (From July 10) (Salvation Arm) Rev David Rogers (Baptist) Rev Terry Oakley (URC) Rev Stuart Bell (Ground Level Network) Mrs Wendy Gwatkin (Quakers)

ÂŁ31,436 2011 will see the completion of the ninth year of Mission Shaped Ministry in Lincolnshire and the beginning of the tenth starting in September. There will be two locations in Boston and Messingham. We plan on completing two lots of research in 2011 finding out about the worshipping communities of each church in Lincolnshire and about the social engagement projects different churches are involved in. CTAL is hoping to work with the Bible Reading Fellowship using part of the Barnabas Project, taking Bible days into primary schools across the county.

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In partnership with the Diocese of Lincoln we are providing training evenings about how to run the Mission Shaped Intro course. The course will be running across Lincolnshire in early 2011.

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As part of the fresh expressions initiative CTAL are running another Messy Fiesta training day to promote the work of Messy Church and encourage churches across the County.

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Once again the Churches of Lincolnshire will be represented at the Lincolnshire Show. The RoadHoG bus project and the God Pod bus will be on the stand along with a marquee serving drinks.

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CTAL is organising the Lincolnshire Bible Festival as part of the Biblefresh initiative. Churches a long the High Street of Lincoln will be working together to bring drama, music and other activities about the bible.

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Dr Peter Atkins (Ground Level)

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Lincolnshire Bible Festival

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CTAL has spent time visiting different local ecumenical groups across the County hearing about what is happening at local level. In January and July we met with the Chairman and Secretaries of the different groups to hear about the challenges tat local ecumenical groups are facing and how CTAL can help support them. It was an opportunity for the local groups to share with one another about what they are involved in. We hope to continue building relationships with local groups.


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Fresh Expressions continues to be an important part of the work of CTAL. The Lincolnshire FEAST continued to meet to discuss the place of fresh expressions across the county including training, support for those churches running fresh expressions of church or looking at developing them and strategic oversight for the county including engagement in new housing developments. In 2010, Lincolnshire hosted the national fresh expressions event, Changing the Landscape, Keynote speeches from the Archbishop of Canterbury and General Secretary of the Methodist Church were the highlights of a wonderful day with several hundred people in attendance at the EPIC Centre. At the same time a booklet telling the stories of 10 fresh expressions in Lincolnshire was produced and given out to delegates. The FEAST continues to provide training opportunities for local churches and in 2010 there were a number of different opportunities available. Year 8 of msm was completed in the July of 2010 whilst year 9 began in the September with training happening in Sleaford, Lincoln and Horncastle. There was opportunity for people to join in and hear about rural ministry and mission, as part of the msm course, as we ran 3 Rural Mission Days, looking at prayer, small group church, listening and preparing for mission with key note addresses from Stuart Bell, Rev David Perry and Bishop John Saxbee. The founder of Messy Church, (all age family worship), Lucy Moore, came to Boston in October to lead a Messy Fiesta training day, about developing Messy Church. Sleaford and Spalding also hosted fresh expressions road shows to further share the vision of fresh expressions in the local areas.

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CTAL Annual Review 2010  
CTAL Annual Review 2010  

annual review of the work of CTAL during 2010