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HELPING PROFESSIONAL MONEY RAISERS AND ASSET ALLOCATORS IDENTIFY NEW TRADING TALENT CTAExpo LLC was established in 2008 and Emerging Manager Forum was established in 2010, to help professional alternative investors, allocators and capital raisers meet and identify new trading talent in the CTA, Hedge Fund, FX and alternative management space and to promote alternative investments. The conferences offer attendees the opportunity to communicate with their target client base in person, enhance their visibility in the alternative space and communicate with potential clients through the conference’s extensive media channels. 2016 was the most successful year yet for CTAExpo and Emerging Manager Forum conferences. Our conferences in New York and Chicago continue to be sold out and Miami’s attendance continues to grow. Our website in 2016 had over 30,000 visitors of which over 21,000 we unique. These visitors viewed over 80,000 pages on the websites. We now have almost 1,700 members in the CTAExpo LinkedIn group, and the total universe of contacts we communicate with exceeds 25,000. In addition, each of the 3 conferences produces significant visibility for our sponsors through listings on our websites. Over 80% of conference attendees use our Pre-Conference Information System which includes: the Online Public Registration List, Pre-Conference Trader Directory, Service Provider Directory and our individual sponsor pages on the website. Capital sources, including asset allocators, pool operators and professional investors attend CTAExpo LLC events free. CTAExpo is more than a conference. The CTAExpo and Emerging Manager Forum websites, in 2015, got an average of 1,800 unique visitors each month, up 20% from 2014, and over 29% of our visitors were foreign. Our online Service Provider Directory is read an average of 300 times each month.

500 450 400 350 300 250 200

Other Attendees Press Exchanges


Capital Source Attendees


Trader Attendees

50 0

* CTAExpo LLC limits total registration to encourage networking

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A CTAEXPO LLC CONFERENCE Our conferences are one day events, consisting of speakers and panels combined with extensive networking opportunities. Attendees can attend any of the presentations throughout the day or decide to talk and network with other industry professionals. MAIN ROOM PROGRAM Speakers and panels in the main room at CTAExpo and Emerging Manager Forum conferences are current, knowledgeable, industry professionals who speak on a variety of topics throughout the day. Topics are selected to be of interest to both investors and Traders. NETWORKING TABLES (New York and Chicago) There are a limited number of round high-top tables available for Sponsors and Traders at CTAExpo and Emerging Manager Forum conferences. These tables are highly visible throughout the conference area and include signage with the Company’s logo above the table. These tables can be used for networking, meetings, promotion and distribution of literature. We have found that attendees of the conference congregate around these tables.


Industry Service Providers, 28%

CTA Principals or Employees, 21%

Registered as Capital Sources, 51%

Press, 3% Exchanges, 3%

RESOURCE CENTER (Miami) Emerging Manager Forum Miami 2015, started a new Resource Center on the conference floor to facilitate sponsors and service providers interacting with potential users of their services. Emerging Manager Forum Miami now has a Resource Center where sponsors and service providers will have the option, when they register, of taking an exhibition table with seating or a high top table for the day. This will give service providers and sponsors a location where they arrange to meet managers and capital sources to discuss how their products and services can benefit and help grow the users business. By using the Online Public Registration List, Participants will be able to book meetings in advance of the event. To create increased traffic flow the Center will be open throughout the day, to registrants, for networking with a Coffee station in the room.

TRADER SHOWCASE (Miami) Emerging Manager Forum Miami 2015, started a new Traders Showcase on the conference floor to facilitate managers interacting with potential investors. Miami has a Traders Showcase where managers will have the option, when they register, of taking a high top table for the day. The showcase will give managers a location where they arrange to meet capital sources to discuss their trading strategy. By using the Forum Online Registration List managers will be able to book these meetings in advance of the event. To create increased traffic flow through the Traders Showcase the coffee and coffee break setups are located in the room. PRE-CONFERENCE SEMINARS At select conferences through-out the year we offer a free pre-conference half day event for traders who register for the conference that provides an overview of the basics of marketing, product packaging and due diligence. SPONSORSHIP Sponsorship represents a cost efficient, effective way to enhance your company’s visibility in the managed futures segment of the investment community with both traders and investors. Sponsorships start for as little as $2,000. CTAExpo and Emerging Manager forum conferences offer a unique opportunity for sponsors to raise their profile and gain a competitive advantage with both established and emerging traders and investors. If you would like information on sponsoring CTAExpo conferences contact Frank Pusateri at or Bucky Isaacson at


CONFERENCE BROCHURE Two - Four weeks before the conference Conference Attendees are email out the conference brochure. The conference brochure includes the program for the main room speakers and a listing of the event sponsors. ONLINE TRADER DIRECTORY Four weeks before the conference we begin emailing out the link to the Online Trader Directory to all attendees of the conference. The online Trader Directory cannot be accessed without the direct link. The Online Trader Directory is updated weekly leading up to the conference to include the Trader pages that have come in the previous week. ONLINE PUBLIC REGISTRATION LIST In order to facilitate networking at the conference, four weeks prior we begin emailing out the link and password to access the conference Online Public Registration List. This list is updated weekly to ensure that it is a complete as possible. Always the most up to date registration list, it is updated leading up to the conference and if there are a signifigant number of walk ins at the conference it is updated after the conference. When you register for the conference you have the option of not being included on this list. Please note that about 30% of conference attendees do opt to not be included in this list. ONLINE SERVICE PROVIDER DIRECTORY Four weeks before the conference we begin emailing out the link to the Online Service Provider Directory to all attendees of the conference. The Online Service Provider Directory is updated weekly leading up to the conference to include the Service Provider pages that have come in the previous week. The Online Directory is then left online at both and on our website, to serve as a futher resource, for up to one year.


TRADER DIRECTORY The Trader directories are distributed to each attendee of the conference when they sign in at the registration desk. Traders have the option when they register to add participation in the directory for the conference. The Trader Directory is distributed free to Professional Capital Raisers, Asset Allocators and Clients, on request, after the conference. SERVICE PROVIDER DIRECTORY The Service Provider directories are distributed to each attendee of the conference when they sign in at the registration desk. Service Providers have the option when they register to add participation in the directory for the conference. After the conference only the Service Provider Directory is posted on the CTAExpo or Emerging Manager Forum websites, and available for one year. CONFERENCE PROGRAM A listing of what is going on the day of the conference, who is presenting and where you can find them. It also includes brief description of the topics. PUBLIC REGISTRATION LIST Printed 2 weeks prior to the conference, though not the most up to date, the printed public registration list is the most taken piece of printed literature at the conference. Your name, company, address and phone number get printed. When you register for the conference you have the option of not being included on this list. Please note that about 30% of conference attendees do opt to not be included in this list.


Don’t feel like taking the printed materials home on your flight, or prefer to look at them electronically? At a CTAExpo conference you can pick up at the registration table a vault card. The vault card gives you the link and password to access the conference vault. The conference vault includes downloadable copies of the printed Trader Directory, Service Provider Directory, Public Registration List, and Conference Program.

EXCERPT OF PAST MAIN ROOM SPEAKERS AND TOPICS The Futures Industry…Where we Are, Where we Are Going Gerry Corcoran (RJ O’Brien) (FIA) Institutional Investors and What They Look for in a Manager Mike Dubin (Silvercrest Asset Management) Building a Marketing Plan for the Emerging Manager Bryan K. Johnson (Johnson & Company) China and the Alternative Market Chuck Johnson (Tano Capital) Financial Technology…The Future for Investors and Traders (Panel) Family Offices: Their Perspective on Emerging Managers Tushar Patel (Hedge Funds Investment Management) Branding – How to Differentiate Yourself in a Competitive Environment Lida Citroen (Lida360) Internet Publishing and Marketing John Lothian (John Lothian Newsletter) Keynote Speaker Larry Hite (Hite Asset Management)

An Insider’s Look at Platforms… Their Selection and Use for Managers and Investors Panel Thirty Years of Distributing Hedge Funds ......What We Learned Michael Manning (Stratton Capital Management) The Astrology of Alternatives… What Investors and Managers Should Expect in 2016 and Beyond Bob Swarup, PhD. (Camdor Global) Marketing Your Strategy & Out Marketing Your Competitors Bruce Frumerman (Frumerman & Nemeth Inc) Keynote Speaker Trading Traps…Too Many to Count Peter Borish (Quad Capital) Manager Operational Issues in 2016 and Their Impact on the Investment Decision Panel Emerging Manager Selection…An Investors Perspective Panel

Manager Seeding Daniel J. Barnett (Revere Capital Advisors)

Emerging Managers and Emerging Manger Investors… Opportunities in Marketing and Investing in Europe Panel

Professional Sports and Business – Lessons Learned Ronnie Lott (All Stars Helping Kids)

Keynote Conversation Phupinder Gill (CEO – CME Group)

The Family Office Market Place…Strategies for Investors and Managers Public Relations as a Marketing Tool Kristin Fox (FoxInspires)

Media…Does it Work? & How to Use it to Build AUM Matthias Knab (Opalesque Ltd)

Forensic Due Diligence: Increased Investor Confidence Leads To Greater Access To Capital Brett Horton (Mercer) 30 Years as an Asset Allocator…Mistakes, Lessons and Insights Esther Goodman (Conyers Consulting Group) A Review of the Past and a Glance at the Future Leo Melamed (Melamed & Associates, Chairman Emeritus - CME Group)

Cyber Security and its Effect on Investors, Managers and Global Markets Paul Caiazzo (TruShield Security Solutions, Inc) Growing Your AUM…How Brokers Can Help Panel Building Your Personal Brand and its Importance in Differentiating Yourself in a Competitive Environment Teresa Alpert (Crimea River Ltd)

Tapping the Institutional Marketplace – Strategies for Emerging Managers Adam Choppin (FIS Group)

Operational Considerations, Service Providers and Their Impact on the Investment Decision Panel

Trading Traps…Too Many to Count Peter Borish (Quad Capital)

Regulatory Challenges…2016 and Beyond Panel

The Alternative Industry…Where are We…Where are We Going? Bob Swarup (Camdor Global)


Cyber Security and its Effect on the Markets and Managers Carlos Collazo (Duklaw Ventures) Using the Media…How to Out-Market Your Competition Matthias Knab (Opalesque) Cryptocurriencies…Are They a Viable Trading Vehicle and Source of Alpha Alan Snyder (Shinnecock Capital Management)

Platforms and Data Bases…An Overview For Investors and Managers Panel A Guide to Portfolio Construction and Allocation for Investors and Managers Panel Operational and Regulatory Issues Facing Managers and How they Impact The Investment Decision Panel

INTERNET EXPOSURE As of December 31, 2016 EMAIL DISTRIBUTION LIST • Distribution List – 4167 • Us VS Non US o 70% US o 21% Non US o 9% Unknown


SOCIAL NETWORKING LinkedIn • 1703 members • Growth o 10/25/10 – 138 o 10/24/11 – 549 o 10/21/12 – 1029 o 10/24/13 – 1306 o 12/29/14 – 1534 o 01/15/16 – 1675 o 12/31/16 – 1703

• Average 1541 impressions per month since January 2016.

• Service Provider Directories Average 390 Reads (over 30 seconds of viewing) per month since January 2016.

• We began Sending out the Trader Directory to registrants 4 weeks prior to the conference, the CTAExpo Chcago and Emerging Manager Forum Miami Pre-Conference Trader Directories were read over 1397 times.

• 2016’s Service Provider Directories were read a combined 4682 times (Including ISSUU/Website)

• 2016’s Conference materials were read a combined 5257 times.

Developing followers on Twitter (currently at 412), gaining about 100 followers per year. Maintaining a presence on FaceBook.

• Top 10 Countries: USA, UK, Canada, India, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil

Unknown, 0.91%

WEBSITES (Does not include ISSUU) January 1 - January 15, 2016 • Total Visitors – 30,789 • Unique Visitors – 21,923 • Pageviews – 83,944 • Pages Per Session – 2.73 • Foreign Visitors – 7,990

Non US, 25.95% US, 72.97%

COUNTRIES INCLUDE Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Botswana Brazil British Virgin Islands Brunei Bulgaria Cambodia Cameroon

Canada Cayman Islands Chile China Colombia Congo (DRC) Costa Rica Croatia Curacao Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia Ethiopia Finland France Georgia Germany Ghana Gibraltar Greece

Guam Guatemala Haiti Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Jersey Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lebanon Liechtenstein Lithuania

Luxembourg Macedonia (FYROM) Malaysia Maldives Malta Mauritius Mexico Moldova Monaco Mongolia Morocco Myanmar (Burma) Nepal Netherlands New Caledonia New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Pakistan Palestine Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru

Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar Reunion Romania Russia Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Seychelles Sierra Leone Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka St. Barthélemy St. Martin Sudan Suriname Sweden

Switzerland Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Togo Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Turks & Caicos Islands U.S. Virgin Islands Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay Uzbekistan Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe

CTAEXPO LLC FOUNDER BIOS ROBERT “BUCKY” ISAACSON Bucky is a partner and co-founder of CTAExpo LLC. As President and Founder of Future Funding Consultants and Commodity Investment Consultants he has been actively engaged in the Financial and Alternative Industry since 1975. Bucky has testified before the United States House of Representative, The United States Senate, The Commodity Futures Trading Commission and State Regulators. He has also served on Advisory Committees at various exchanges. He was one of the original of the National Futures Association Board of Directors and Executive Committee. He was a founder and President of the Managed Futures Trade Association, predecessor to the Managed Funds Association He was the first recipient of The Donchian Award for his contributions to the Managed Futures Industry. He has published articles or been written up in numerous publications. These include The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, Barrons, Emerging Markets and Who’s Who In The World. In his role as a consultant or advisor Bucky has worked with several international companies. These include Beechtree Capital Management, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Attalus Capital, Brim Investment Management, Mitsubishi Futures, Sunclear Energy, HRJ Capital, ICD, Interalliance USA, AC Private Equity Partners and Woori Investment and Securities. FRANK S. PUSATERI Frank S. Pusateri is president of CTAExpo LLC, which operates conferences designed to foster and identify new trading talent. CTAExpo now offers conferences in New York, London, Chicago and Miami. He has had numerous positions in the futures industry including: • He is also President of Adirondack Portfolio Management, Inc., a firm that provides consulting on business strategy and marketing to clients specializing in alternative investments. • He was Vice President, Business Development and Marketing for Fall River Capital, LLC, a registered commodity trading advisor that managed over $300 Million in 2008. • He was a Managing Director of a Commodity Trading Advisor, LaSalle Portfolio Management Inc. where he helped to establish and register an affiliate, Sheridan Investments Inc. as an Investment Advisor to offer yield enhancement programs. • He was Managing Director of Cotswold Management, Inc. a CPO providing multi-advisor managed futures programs. • He was Vice President (later Senior Vice President) of Investments for Prudential Securities Inc. where he specialized in the selection of trading advisors for multi-manager futures portfolios for large institutional clients. • He was president of Pusateri Associates, a consulting firm that specialized in the evaluation and selection of CTAs. The firm also offered a wide spectrum of administrative and organizational support services to trading advisors, brokerage firms and institutions investing in the futures markets. Mr. Pusateri’s career in futures started in 1977 when he joined E.F.Hutton where he was responsible for the evaluation and selection of CTAs and the development of the statistical and analytical techniques employed in the selection process. His has published articles in Managed Futures Today, the Managed Account Reports Yearbook and two chapters for The Commodity Futures Handbook. He has been a guest speaker on the topic of managed futures on numerous occasions. He is the past president of the Managed Futures Trade Association, the past treasurer of the Managed Futures Association, and a past director of the Rose-Baratz Literary Foundation and the Foundation for Managed Derivatives Research. He has been actively involved in raising funds from the investment industry for charity and in 1996 was chairman of the Brazillion Dollar Bash and co-chairman of the CTA/CPO Advisory Committee for CARE’S World Trading Day. In January 1991, he received the Donchian Award in recognition of his contributions to the managed futures industry.


Bucky Isaacson 650-851-8507

Frank Pusateri 518-656-9348

CTAEXPO, LLC PO Box 147, Cleverdale, NY 12820 | ©2017 CTAEXPO (AS OF JANUARY 13, 2017)

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