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Public Affairs Guidance Media Rules 1. Soldiers, Airmen and Militia personnel should not contact the media or make statements on behalf of the agency without first notifying the State Public Affairs Officer (PAO), their commander and/or first-line supervisor. 2. If contacted by media or if media appear at a military facility, notify the State PAO at (860) 524-4857 or (860) 883-5336 immediately. Refer media to State PAO. Do not make any statement unless directed by the State PAO. 3. The only official spokespersons for the Connecticut National Guard are the Adjutant General (TAG) and the State PAO. 4. When the TAG or PAO is not present and media appear at a military facility, the military facility OIC/NCOIC is the default (on-site) military spokesperson. The OIC/NCOIC should (1) refer the media to the State PAO, (2) notify the PAO as to the media’s appearance, and (3) decline to make a statement or answer questions. 5. Media will be escorted AT ALL TIMES while at a military facility. If media wishes to “go live,” contact the State PAO immediately for further information and guidance. 6. Treat media with the utmost courtesy and respect. 7. The PAO may authorize media interviews. The PAO will brief members prior to a media interview and provide specific public affairs guidance (PAG). PAG is designed to prepare members for media questions and to ensure that the member is familiar with the specific facts of an inquiry. 8. When authorized by the PAO, military personnel may respond to media questions about military matters. Decline answering questions about which you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar. If you do not know the answer to a particular question, do not drift or make up an answer. Remember, the best course of action when dealing with the media is to refer them to the PAO. 9. Safety is a primary aspect of and message pertinent to all military operations. Safety for members and personnel accompanying the force (including media) is our priority. Ensure safety in all military operations.

Public Affairs Guidance