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taking cover or will be subject to a minor penalty (-10 points) and the objective would be removed from play.


Major Penalties: The following penalties could result in a 20-point penalty

against the offending team to the team or player being disqualified from the game. The severity is at the will of the official. 13.1

Wiping: Concealing or removing an obvious eliminating hit.


Playing On: After a player has been eliminated he/she continues to

play the game. This will not always be as obvious but if in doubt ASK FOR A PAINT CHECK from an official 13.3

Hot Gun: Any player on the field with a marker that shoots over

300 feet per second can be assessed this penalty and may also be assessed an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty. 13.4

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: The definition of this penalty is broad.

Any conduct of a player that an official sees as Unsportsmanlike could be assessed this penalty. This could include but is not limited to: 

A player acting in an overly aggressive manner

Willful disregard of an official‟s instructions

Arguing with an official or other player

Excessive use of foul language or obscene gestures

An eliminated player using him or herself as cover for a teammate.

CSWL 2010 Rules  

The Official Canadian Scenario Woodsball League 2010 Rules

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