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5.0 Playing field: The field will be organized with 3 flag stations in an equilateral triangle. Each station will have a device for registering control by either a red or yellow team. A rectangle shape around the triangle will denote the boundary of the field and will be visibly posted. See Appendix A for further details.

6.0 Scoring points: Scoring points in the game can be done one of two ways 6.1 Capturing a flag station: A flag station is considered captured when the color of a team is visible on the flag station depending on design of the station. One minute of control is worth one point. 6.2 Finding a capture objective: Game officials place three objectives on the field. Each one is worth 7 points when returned to a referee by the team commander. Only the team commander may return an objective. Each objective will be visible from two directions at a distance of 2 meters. The objectives must be colorful and no less than .5m in length regardless of shape (cylinder, briefcase, etc.) Objectives will be on display for players during the event orientation. 6.3 Mobile Flag Station: A case or box will be placed on the field midway between the two home bases, opposite of the swing base. For further location information see Appendix A. This flag station will count as one point per minute for a team whose player is touching the box. If at any time there is no player touching the box, no points will be awarded to either team for that time. The Mobile Flag Station can be moved but must weigh from 80-100lbs. A ref will accompany the Mobile Flag Station to track points.

7.0 Special Weapon: A rocket launcher is placed midfield with 3 foam rockets. This weapon is available to any team but each rocket may only be fired once. Obtaining the rocket launcher has no point value and is not considered a capture objective. However, each rocket, when fired, eliminates ALL players within a 6 pace radius of its initial landing point. Any player eliminated while holding the rocket launcher will remain suspended until it and any unused rockets are captured by another player at which point he may return to his

CSWL 2010 Rules  
CSWL 2010 Rules  

The Official Canadian Scenario Woodsball League 2010 Rules