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1.0 Objective of game: Score as many points as possible during the course of the game.

2.0 Duration of game: Two 25-minute halves for a total of 50 minutes of game play time and a 10-minute half time (1 hour of total game time). Teams will switch starting bases at half time, thereby equalizing the field advantages/disadvantages.

3.0 Team size: Teams may register a maximum of 15 players for any event. A maximum of 10 players per team on field. A maximum of 5 players can be substituted at reinsertion times and start of game or 2nd half.

4.0 Team Positions 4.1 Team Commander (mandatory): One member of each team will be the assigned team commander and will be made to wear two armbands (one on each arm) to identify him. Team Commanders will be responsible for ensuring a representative of their team is in attendance for the event orientation. Any team failing to provide a representative to attend the orientation may be disqualified from the event without refund. 4.2 Scout/Sniper (optional): One member of each team may be assigned as scout/sniper. This member will be given the advantage of deploying 2 minutes before the rest of the team at the beginning of the game and the 2nd half. The scout/sniper is the only player allowed to make use of a ghillie suit. This player cannot capture ANY objectives for his team at any time during the game and is restricted to Scout/Sniper marker conditions (see 11.2 - marker restrictions) 4.3 Heavy Gunner (optional): One member of each team may be assigned as the heavy gunner. This member will be given the advantage of the Heavy Gunner marker conditions (see 11.3 - marker restrictions).

CSWL 2010 Rules  

The Official Canadian Scenario Woodsball League 2010 Rules