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ISSUE 5 Dec-March 2010

CHANGE YOUR MIND about what VOLUNTEERING is! iffe r M ak e a d

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WELCOME to the Revolution, Preston Youth Magazine with a fresh look and stylish design. Revolution makes its mark with its readers and keep your eyes on every page and sparks your interest. Writen and produced by folks of a young nature, you know the contents are gonna be for young adults. Revolution gives it to you the way you want it and how you want it.

Something for nothing or something for something?


CONTENTS Back in the early days of Millennium Volunteers, the forerunner to V, I was often struck by the negative view that volunteering had - ‘I’m not doing something for nothing’ being the regular quip in response to a presentation id just given to a group of 6th formers and too be honest, especially at the start, I kind of agreed with them - who wants to go and volunteer in a charity shop and not get paid? (No disrespect to those that do as it’s a very worthy thing to do) but for a lot of young people it doesn’t inspire emotions of excitement and anticipation. My role as Regional Development Manager involves many aspects including fund raising, project management and development of opportunities that

appeal to young people. For me it was clear; if we really wanted to get young people involved in positive activity we had to be able to offer them opportunities that appeal to their interests and aspirations - be they job related and a need to get work experience or just something to do that’s enjoyable. When we started to create the media centre in Preston our aim was to establish alternative volunteering opportunities that were fun and interesting, but also had a clear community benefit. The principle was to let potential volunteers build on what they were into and Revolution Magazine is one such project. The vision was a magazine that was interesting, that covered more informal stuff such as

Steve Egan Regional Development Manager


gig reviews etc but was also educational and informative. Having looked at this edition I think it hits the spot perfectly. It’s one thing to have a vision and an idea it’s another to make it happen and turn it into reality and that’s exactly what the team of volunteers have done so a huge thank you to each person who has made a contribution, no matter how small. I hope you enjoy the articles and maybe it will inspire you to get involved in something similar, be that as part of the team for the next edition or one of the many other exciting projects we have on the go at CSV and you too can build your CV, make new friends and get...

something for something!

COVER STORY * What? Why Should I Volunteer - 3-4 * Local Volunteering - 8-9 * Volunteers in the world - 10-11

MAKE A DIFFERENCE - 12-13 TAKE A BREAK * * * * * *

New Years Resolutions - 18 International Corner - 19-20 Le Donk - 21 Kasabian & Wolfmother - 22 Forza Motorsport 3 - 24 Pro Evolution Soccer - 25



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whatcan can what VOLUNTEERING VOLUNTEERING you? dodoforforyou? Why Why andand What What ? ?


volunteering? volunteering?

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With ingcolud.inTghe o t n d T n . . lu lu o t lu n t o n estod vo nd v o in gW in inc oCin VS CVS estdo Prle g n fi r fi o o t P t le s t anation isations and apneoplp peuopwanot u wis lp y gan rgane. e o rea o e. to he tcoahreaifiyc ath er rotheevreoryoneveryon C ifi o c c y r e y r e n o p SV CSV n o f s a o maing f ing sp t eth meth to m s m lun - luCnt - C o links nlidnsko t o r om s sat eersaisti emem find fi uisnia munit i o can can ty no y cou on cowu an nw o Stefo Se i n tithf thtr wit ntrw h Sw yo.ffiCcS orofpfircoe rvricpero rvice h wTy.itC e TV V oVr,k Vorik sV ais fist oa fiVtoo, rga orlgl ll a Thi MuTshii sMhuospi sshaom s ct cs, dc sc, ad pseda ovmeer d aonvi-er nito o e y entyeoru nsitgenr nedsigpn iandcep tihaece the While volunteering Age Concern Services is a lottery or- volunteering n withand CSV and worked asem ouenm in Age in Concern Services is a lottery fundedfunded or- While nr r n teeringteering with CSV worked as powi g ppoew gigvepe gainvde oajencdt otrjeects tre in M ne M oepr thoep jtohre sjoirn a job became available which Lilian ganisation that down takes your down your a receptionist and greeted a job became available which Lilian ganisation that takes a receptionist and greeted peoplepeople r n n i l i len e ne ao p alis in edi the of her new interests andvolunteer finds volunteer op- applied theythrough came through the door. a. gdtiah.e gtothebmoptpoorb lipsm for, withfor, thewith help of help her new interests and finds op- applied as theyas came the door. o. rtu m. mt e t e u skills she gained whilst working for portunities for you what really you really After volunteering at for CSV for o g ctoreg ncitryea nity skills she gained whilst working for portunities for what After volunteering at CSV et i aetitvi Age Concern shesuccessful was successful enjoy.aAfter short meeting nvo en,vo tive, time started Pete started Age Concern she was enjoy. After shorta meeting and and some some time Pete gettinggetting lve lve d in getting Lilian now works a couple of weeks CVS managed d involved in different in getting the job.the Lilian works a couple of weeks CVS managed involved in different media media pro- proWith the economy theit way With the economy the way is it is downand south and is happy. her options, some options, of south jects then and was then given was given the is happy. to find to herfind some one of onedown jects and the andpeople with people losingjobs their jobs and with losing their which was administration to own do his own project: which was administration for Agefor Age chancechance to do his project: left,and right and centre volunteering left, right centre volunteering Volunteering is not just a means to Concern. Volunteering is not just a means to Concern. like a million miles away seems seems like a million miles away get ita isjob, it is a means the project he get a job, also a also means to find to find “Being“Being Blind”Blind” was thewas project he from you whatwant, you but want,these but these from what something to dosome and place some place came upawith, short film about something to do and came up with, shortafilm about days volunteering canup open days volunteering can open so up so do something you otherwise Petehiswith hiswork CSVand work to do tosomething you otherwise Pete with CSV theand the Vubya: many for doors for people and even LilianLilian Vubya: many doors people and even wouldn’t. struggles he overcomes on a day wouldn’t. struggles he overcomes on a day give theand skills and confidence give you theyou skills confidence to day basis. to day basis. to getinto back into work. to get back work. Pete Barnes is 28has andbeen has been Barnes is 28 and of people “A lot“Aoflot people thinkthink Pete blind the sinceage theofage two, four blind since two,of four Lilian Vubya graduated from UniLilian Vubya graduated from Unithat Concern Age Concern yearsasago the Princes Barnes: partasofpart the of Princes that Age is is years ago Pete Pete Barnes: of Central Lancashire versity versity of Central Lancashire with with he spent two weeks Trust, Trust, he spent two weeks on a on a justshops, the shops, a degree in Economics and Interjust the but but placement a degree in Economics and Interplacement with CSV. with CSV. “I worked different “I worked with with different Business. She wanted to nationalnational Business. She wanted to there is much more. ” there is much more. ” do a master but needed a job to volunteers, do a master but needed a job to volunteers, beingbeing socialsocial CSV, Community Service CSV, Community Service Volun-Volunhelp her studies. help pay forpay herfor studies. Like soLike so a UKvolunteer wide volunteer teer, isteer, a UKis wide invol- involand interacting with and interacting with many students she struggled to many students she struggled to ving organisation that supports Through volunteering, ving organisation that supports volunteering, they they findthat a job that be would be relevant to people I wouldn’tThrough find a job would relevant to people who who I wouldn’t individuals of alltoages build stronindividuals of all ages buildtostronhave gained skills, motivation have gained skills, motivation her studies her degree. her studies and herand degree. After After ger communities. In the Preston diger communities. In the Preston dinormally normally havehave beenbeen and opportunities and opportunities they generthey generof looking and getting no monthsmonths of looking and getting no vision CSV the emphasis vision of CSVofthe emphasis is uponis upon ally wouldn´t have. People ally wouldn´t have. People who who job a of friend hers her about involved job a friend hersoftold hertold about involved with.”with.” young people and activities. media activities. young people and media her volunteer worksuggesand suggeshave found what vo-lunteering her volunteer work and have found what vo-lunteering ted totoLilian go to Preston ted to Lilian go totoPreston CVS. CVS. for can them, can find much can docan for do them, find much Afterplacement his placement After his came came to an to an CVS or Council for Volunteer CVS or Council for Volunteer he decided carry on volunmore opportunities around. end, heend, decided to carrytoon volunmore opportunities around.


“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on “Only a life lived Earth” for others is worth living” - Muhammad Ali - Albert Einstein

“We make a living by what w e do...

But we ma ke a life by what w e give” - Winston Churchill

“He who does nothing for others does nothing for himself”

“Our generation has the ability and the responsibility to make our ever-more connected world a more hopeful, stable and peaceful place”

- Goethe

- Natalie Portman

“the miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have” - Leonard Nimoy 5


The volunteer,

who started out locally

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. But there are many reasons why you could believe you shouldn’t be volunteering, for instance, you don’t have enough time due to studying or even because you don’t want to break the record number of hours you’ve been watching TV/ playing on your Wii/staring into space. Trust me, I’ve considered all of them. But once you start volunteering you find that it fits easily into your life. Perhaps your just not sure where to begin?

, do. n a c o h w e s o r... Th e e t n lu o v , e r o do m Those who can

Perhaps you realise that volunteering looks good on your CV, that you gain plenty of new skills and most of all it’s a lot of fun. You know it’s a great way to get involved, yet you aren’t sure where you can contribute. Let’s start simply:


Think about how you would like to volunteer. Part-time? Full-time? What would you like to be doing? Maybe you need to get specific experience for the career path you would like to follow.


Search in your local area. The best way of finding out about opportunities is to ask around, take your queries to your college or university’s career area - they’ll be more than happy to help.

Further afield?

Still stuck? Try these useful sites: vinspired - By simply typing in where you live you can get information about hundreds of places in your area. Want to be more specific? You can also enter your interests so it can find the perfect placement for you. Do-it - This is also another very easy search engine. Again, you can enter your town and your interests and it also has hundreds of results. Interests can range from animals to music and even to politics. Junction 49 - www.junction49. A place where young people can suggest ideas to change their local area, and then take


action to make a change. All ideas: big and small. Voluntary Worker - www. A website that includes a lot more information about volunteering, including case studies and more help on how to get into volunteering. A great page about volunteering when a student, under other voluntary work. CSV - CSV offer plenty of different opportunities for young people from magazine publishing to filming. Interested? Speak to CSV Preston by contacting Steve Egan at uk.

Thinking about volunteering in different countries? Want to take a gap year and aren’t quite sure what to do? Here are some websites that could help: VSO - An organisation working to fight poverty in developing countries. Open to people who’d love a challenge. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) WWOOF is a link between farmers searching for help and volunteers willing to work on farms. Your work lasts 6 days, 6 hours per day. Requirements: knowledge of the language of chosen country, 18+.

International Conference Volunteers ICV is searching for volunteers willing to help in managing conferences. Main tasks are connected with administration, translations, and working in information points. Requirements: 18+, knowledge of English. Duration - 1–2 weeks. EVS - youth-in-action-programme/ doc82_en.htm A programme that offers young people the opportunity to volunteer around Europe and to help make a difference and develop new skills.

United Nations Association (UNA) Exchange - www. If you decide to use this programme you have the possibility of work camps that last 2-3 weeks (cost: £150-£175). Voluntary service lasting up to 12 months (cost: £200£300). Requirements: 16+. and much more! See, there’s plenty of things to get involved in. So I guess I’ll just have to build the world’s tallest sugar cube tower next year...


Getting to know YOURSELF When you think about volunteering, the majority of the people usually think of the stereotypical aspects of it, and something to do in your spare time. Well, of course it can be something to do in your spare time; after all, some hours doing voluntary work are better than none. With unemployment at a sixteen year high, the government are encouraging students and the unemployed to take up volunteering and gain those skills and qualifications you’ve always wanted. Work experience doesn’t have to mean running around the office to fetch a cup of tea or dictate a letter for your boss.

New volunteering opportunities are consistently arriving with various organisations finally getting the attention they need to recruit new volunteers. With awards like the Vinspired qualifications, there are more volunteers involved in community projects than ever before. But it’s difficult enough connecting the mass youth to volunteering. As I mentioned before, stereotypes surround the voluntary services and so the youth tend to shy away from even considering such a thing. Through the use of daring creative and mediarelated choices, CSV offers revolutionary ideas and opportunities for sixteen to twenty-five year olds, from gaining skills and experience to youth exchanges abroad. It may seem quite boring when you look at it, but simple volunteering isn’t the only option available to the youth of today. The British Council is the UK’s national agency for a new project called Youth in Action. Funded by the European Commission, it is a programme which gives young people an opportunity to discover Europe in their own exclusive and personal way. The programme runs five different projects; Youth for Europe, European Voluntary Service, Youth in the World, Youth Support Systems and Support for European Cooperation.


portals about voluntary service One of the biggest voluntary service databases. Portal about international voluntary service. Voluntary service offers all over the world. Voluntary service offers all over the world. (International Medical Volunteers). Online volunteer. British voluntary service. French portal about voluntary service.

Be Inspired by V-Inspired “It is easier to get to know other people at home, but abroad one gets to know oneself ” For today, let’s focus on the European Voluntary Service. EVS is Action Two of the Youth in Action programme. It’s a new prospect for youths to take on a volunteering project in a field they find interesting, abroad in Europe and even in non-EU neighbouring countries such as Ukraine or Egypt. The placements can last from two weeks to one year and provides volunteers with a chance to live the life of a volunteer abroad, as well as strengthen intercultural integration and increase awareness of the widespread actions of volunteering within the youth community. CSV has seen many EVS volunteers come and go. During the time they spent whilst in Preston, they have developed a deeper awareness and tolerance for the British culture and had somewhat adapted to the way of life here. The difference between the way of working here and back at home gave them a basis of comparison. Taking away their broadened and new skills, the volunteers can implement their fresh ideas when they find work at home. The EVS volunteers improve their personal, educational and professional development by adapting to the culture and lifestyle of the country they volunteer in. It has been a successful project and not only builds confidence and pushes you to reach the best of your ability, it also strengthens the relationship between countries, and more importantly, people. It can be a wonderful prospect to connect to somebody from another culture, and EVS does just that. You’ll learn exciting new things about the EVS volunteers, you may even gain a personal insight into what it’s like working in their country and on top of that, you can have the chance to go and work in a European country. I remember reading a quote not long ago by Austrian poet Franz Grillparzer. He said, “It is easier to get to know other people at home, but abroad one gets to know oneself.”



Well, in the Make A Difference section you can find out about all the projects that CSV are running and how to get involved, release those creative juices and show the world what you can truly create.

Hearing about ‘disadvantaged youths’ can bring about various images to a person’s head; someone who has left home, someone who was kicked out of their home or even children with special needs. We’d all like to help these youths in any way we can, but it’s sometimes difficult to do so. But there are organisations out there aimed specifically at these youths.

Morecambe Foyer is managed by the Salvation Army, as part of their housing association scheme and is an establishment specifically aimed at providing 16-25 year old homeless youths with a home. Situated in Morecambe, it is an idyllic town to live in with the sea front only yards away. There are plenty of recreational activities to do such as bowling, shopping, cinemas and even, for those who like to play it risky, a popular stunt school.


The Morecambe Foyer project is aimed at young people to help them with support and encourage them to make a positive step into the transition of independence. The project has a mission to take the experiences of a disadvantaged background and mould them into positive experiences with a successful outcome of independent living. The volunteers of Morecambe Foyer provide support and guidance to disadvantaged youths by setting them up with a home and courses to reach their goal in life.



Have you ever thought of volunteering but thought that there is never anything you want to do?

........................................................................ .......... ..............

Morecambe Foyer Review

The Foyer has various different aspects to it. To encourage the residents of the Foyer, there are plenty of projects which help guide the people in the right career path. One of these projects is Lifetracks, which is a programme that educates 16 – 25 year olds about making informed choices when it comes to education, training and careers. Another project is

the £1000 university bursary. Available to all Foyer residents, the bursary is given to those who are in or are about to be in full-time education and gives them a boost with starting education without the stress of loans. The Ambassadors for the Future Project is a European Social Fund initiative, aimed at young people who have become disengaged from education, employment or training for whatever reason. The scheme offers various energizers in media, enterprise, sport and radio. A documentary that CSV worked with focuses on several different residents of Morecambe Foyer, exploring the lives of each of them with short interviews from the residents themselves. The film is an informative piece, delving into the deeper meanings behind these residents. The documentary really does get you thinking about what life is like for these youths, and the trials and tribulations they face in everyday life. To see them take the initiative to overcome their difficulties and search for the key to their success is certainly the most promising success stories I’ve ever seen.


STEP BY STEP So what was different about this informative documentary? Well, it wasn’t a simple ‘this is a camcorder, and this is how you do it’. The producers of this documentary took it to another level entirely by hosting it as a game show! And what was the theme, you ask? A treasure hunt! Yes, a treasure hunt! What made it all the more interesting was by getting all CSV workers involved in the making of this documentary. There were three groups of four (The Untouchables, Thunder and The Four Musketeers), each equipped with one camcorder and a set of instructions. On these instructions, there was a list of different camera shots to be taken in a specific order. For example, a medium close up of a person with two dogs. Once each group found and captured each different shot, they would have to search for a


mystery person from CSV who would give them a riddle which would lead them to a set of coordinates where they would find the hidden treasure! The producers knew that they had one chance, and one chance only to film this show. Each team started off at CSV and were then let out into Preston City Centre, frantically trying to win their group the hidden treasure. When the project was first planned out, the producers hadn’t intended for it to become such a big project. As the weeks progressed and the project was planned out, every volunteer at


CSV was involved with the pre production and filming for it. But finding the treasure wasn’t the only thing that the groups were doing. Unbeknownst to them, they were also capturing shots for the final film which would be used to educate the viewers on how to use a camcorder and how to get the best shots. The documentary uses innovative techniques in order to provide the viewers with a unique viewing and learning experience. It’s a step forward from the traditional straightforward ‘how to’ documentary. You’ll find Step by Step Guide to Filming on and don’t forget to look out for Step by Step Guide to Filming: Camera Movements, part two of the Guide to Filming series!


The aim of Step by Step Guide to Filming was to promote film making and educate viewers on the various screenshots using a camcorder.


Remember when you were in school and the teachers used to make you watch those tedious documentaries about education? I remember them being as inspiring and informative as boiling water. “Education, a Comparison: Learning to Succeed” was a film made to raise awareness of what other options are available to the youth of today. It’s a way of familiarising the youth with another learning route they could potentially take, instead of the traditional school, college and university. It’s different because it’s made by volunteers for volunteers, and is unique with the content of the film. It isn’t a basic ‘what is education?’ documentary. It

looks at the education system as a whole, including the various other routes available apart from the traditional school, college and university. What’s more, the volunteers decided to compare the educational system here in the UK with other countries in the EU. The idea for the project was born when the project coordinators put their heads together to figure out a way to get every CSV volunteer involved in the same project. When the theme was chosen, roles were allocated according to the strengths of each individual volunteer, as well as the way they could develop their skills with the role they were given. As with any film production, there are teams to work on a key task; a research team, a pre production team, a post production team, a sound team and general crew members. One of the main factors that

was taken into consideration was the gathering of various viewpoints and aspects from differing people of all backgrounds. It was vital that the educational theme be covered from all aspects of the system, so the crew conducted interviews from both schools and informal establishments to balance out the information that was portrayed to the viewers. After many weeks of laughter (and some ‘dropping your head onto the table’, which I might add was quite comical) the film was finally finished. This twenty-five minute documentary is informative and far from tedious, providing lots of helpful hints about what you can do if you decide that school isn’t for you. There’s plenty of information for you to decide on what you think is best for you. Watch this unique and inspiring documentary on and see if you can learn to succeed!


YOUTH TAKE ON PRESTON Have you ever thought about showing your home city to visitors in an unusual way? Youth Take On Preston project allows CSV`s volunteers to prepare alternative online guides about Preston using media as the main tool. If you are between 16 and 25 and you like photography feel free to join us.

focus on daily life themes such as: perfect day in Preston or how to enjoy the city if your not particularly rich. Then after having some training in photography and video making you can start working on your guide. Armed with digital camera you should collect as many photos of chosen places as possible – but remember! – only two of them should be selected for each place eventually. If you need more technical support about using photo or video camera, workers at CSV are there for you. You can also ask them to train you in taking interviews, composing and editing your own music background for photos or using editing software – for both – photos and videos. The last step of the process is preparing the intro of yourself and uploading the guide to the website (http://www.youthtakeon.

The task is to choose different locations (for any reason) and “dress” them up with photos, music or – if you want – even with video. It is easy to start this adventure! All you need is some idea around which you could build the concept of your guide. Some people choose a specific topic - like sport or historical buildings, others prefer to



Is t h

our e we n? Y ather ge job ou dow Do y t t i g n a you nd boss stressing you out? ur need yo to take a break? Here is c ha e nce w n s ith Revolution magazi Tak an eaB reak section. Here you c find nd revie ew a w s on e n , t n e old, ntertainm Ds, from games to music, to DV to a nig ht on the tiles...


The time is closing in where we all make ourselves big promises for the next year that we will change or not do, this year millions will make a New Year’s Resolution, promising themselves that they will do something to change their lives for the next year. Millions will fail within the first few months, some will even fail on the first day. This is a tradition for the British people, one that this year will continue. For those of you who have made up what yours is we wish you luck and hope you succeed, for those who don’t really know what they’re going to give up we have compiled a list of suggestions for you. The people who don’t bother with New Year’s resolutions give it a try, if nothing it gives you something to aim for or fail and laugh off with your friends.

These are just a few that are the most common, I am sure that these will once again be some of the most popular this year and the most quit next year. If you have decided to have a New Years Resolution good luck and


Bonjour, Hola! Ciao, Czesc, Merhaba!

And hello from the international corner, here you will find what’s going on in the international world of entertainment. Find out what other countries are really into right now, you never know what you may find.



Angel.A The Swallow Dive ‘05

Les Retrouvailles by Yann Tiersen

Do you know what an angel looks like? Maybe a gorgeous tall blonde girl, who comes on earth to help a little man missing all that he begins.

This French music style is not only embodied by the famous accordion.

In the middle of Paris, André is a guy with troubles. Riddled with debts, threatened with death, the only exit he sees is the foggy bottom of the Seine. It is at this moment that Angela appears to scotch him, contrary to all expectations. If her presence bothers at first the small and sad life of André, he will notice fast that his existence is easier with Angela.

Jamel Debbouze (André), famous French humorist and Rie Rasmussen (Angela), Danish top model, form an inedit couple. Him, with a touching authenticity, transcends the camera. She is intriguing. Added to this, an hypnotic soundtrack.


Les Retrouvailles is a mix of multi instrumental pieces of music. Yann Tiersen, like a conductor, is playing the harpsichord, the violin, the mini piano, the carillon and so on, alone or with the National Orchestra of Paris and some guests singing, Jane Birkin or Stuart Staples from the Tindersticks. The atmosphere is neo-classic, symphonic, folk and rock. The charm is more than present, from the accordion which will remind you of the Paris of the old time to some mysterious musical strolls. Often sought by the cinema like for Good Bye Lenin or Amélie Poulain, the genius is for the work. Finally, 16 songs which are listened with pleasure and emotion or even watched through an animation movie included in the box. So, let’s enter into his world.


After Nikita, Leon, the Fith Element, Jeanne d’Arc and a moment devoted to the production, Luc Besson comes back as a scriptwriter, director and producer. The aesthetic that he chooses is unusual. Paris, its “bateaux-mouches”, its “Sacré-Cœur” and its “Tour Eiffel”, is met in black and white. The atmosphere created is consequently very special, and surprisigly futurist, strengthened by two actors taken away from their own register.

Indeed, we have some virtuosos inventing a new kind of music, an instrumental one in which you can find lyrics, a classical one in which you can find electrical guitar. France has some passionate artists that create alternative sounds and Yann Tiersen takes part.



out of 10 8 Shane Meadows films We give it:


Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee

are renowned for their realistic and often brutal depictions of reality, mixing a combination of deliberate cinematography and a sprawling documentary style to involve the audience in each story. Le Donk continues in this mould as Meadows takes an on screen role playing himself as he follows the fictitious potty mouthed character played by Paddy Considine. The language used by Le Donk is colourful to say the least and quite clearly designed for a comedic shock value for the audience, whilst Considine pulls this off with a disgusting ease. Scor-zay-zee on the other hand, was a real life rapper that Meadows and Considine found for the role and his straight man ability alongside Considine works perfectly. DVD Release: Spring 2010

The film is flushed with comedic moments, mostly from Considine, although a scene where Scorzay-zee walks aimlessly around the stage looking for a plug for his keyboard so he can practice is a particularly enjoyable moment. The highlight of the film is Considine’s portrayal of Le Donk. Despite the fact that he becomes progressively more and more dislikeable throughout the film, Considine is able to use the foul mouth limelight hogging buffoon to cover a sense of failure and desperation that the character is trying to come to terms with throughout. The film itself is another achievement for Meadows and continues his successful contribution to independent British cinema, and this film only justifies his success so far and leaves us eagerly waiting for any future projects.

Kasabian Wolfmother West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum Wolfmother Kasabian are back with their third LP, the English indie rockers first two albums ‘Kasabian’ and ‘Empire’ were undoubted success’s with some massive tracks…and this album is no different! West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum kicks off with the epic ‘Underdog’ it’s an outstanding track, I will confess to leaving this song on permanent repeat when I first heard it annoying everyone in ear shot. There is no lack of a follow up to underdog’s undoubted brilliance on this album with other great tracks including this summer’s smash hit ‘fire’ and the really catchy Vlad the Impaler. Kasabian seem to able to capture the ‘sound’ that we want to hear without being overly commercial whilst still connecting with their audience through clever lyrics and catchy melodic riffs. Altogether a fantastic album.

We give it:


9 out of 10

I am sick to death of waiting for a follow up to this outstanding album!! And with no real news on when the bands second album will finally hit stores/be available for download, I’m finding myself constantly going back 3 years to a time when this reviewer was but an 19 year old, and the time I heard ‘woman’ for the first time. It absolutely blew me away, this is rock with the volume turned up to 11! This three piece Aussie band are a throwback to the old days of rock, often being compared to classic rockers Led Zepplin and you can see why. With incredibly catchy rock anthems with a modern twist this album has every type of rock anthem from the incredibly technical ‘dimension’ to the simple but brilliant ‘witchcraft’, Okay it may not be a new release but again with no news of a follow up, fans will have to make do with this for the mean time, but then again with at least 10 top tracks on this album, us fans are hardly suffering!

We give it:

10 out of 10!




Forzarsport o t o M 3 Rev your engines. Hit the throttle.. Drop the clutch... And away you go, with Turn 10’s third edition of the Forza franchise, this is the one all races fans have been looking forward to, but does it meet expectations? First impression is that this game looks beautiful, the new graphics engine that Turn 10 are using is fantastic, the attention to detail on both car and tracks is just fantastic. With your first impressions putting a smile on your face you start getting into the game. The story is one of the best careers that I have seen in a racing simulator. Very well thought out and unlike the previous games you earn cars through your driver level not through completing events which I think is a good change, the number of events in season mode. As Forza is a racing sim, the physics of the cars and how each handles is different, even with their new tire flex physic Forza once again leads the way, once all the driver assists are enabled, each car has a totally different feel to them. As with all Forza games before this, Forza 3 has damage, and to some extent is much better


than previous games, although the damage is still not very realistic and when you role over, it is very unrealistic, you can even flip your car back over and carry on with the race, and this is on simulated damage. One thing Forza has always excelled at is the multiplayer, with their main aim being community, it works really well. They have places you can get tuning set ups, designs for certain cars and even decal (vinyl groups). Every player has a storefront where you can view and sell stuff to add to your game credits. This is a great idea as you can make money without actually racing, and it opens the game up for more people. Where I am really disappointed with the game is the online races. If you don’t have many friends or none that play Forza your stuck with the present Turn 10 ones. These races never go lower than A class but if you want to drive a lower class car you are not catered for, and this is one thing that stops me playing Forza. Turn 10 have made a big error here and I just hope they rectify it sooner rather than later.

8 out of 10

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We give it:

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, or PES to friends, is the latest instalment in Konami’s hugely popular football title! Licensing has been improved from previous versions but there is still a long way to go. There are licences for Italian, Dutch, French and most international teams, but only half of the Spanish league and two from the English premiership. The remaining teams have been given fake names such as West London White for Fulham and the amusing Yorkshire Orange for Hull City which can be very off-putting for the casual player. However, for PES veterans this will come as no surprise and spending hours of making sure every team name and player is accurate and up to date has become a sort of ritual.

Stereophonics, but the in game commentary is truly awful, not only is it repetitive and dull but is often inaccurate. Thankfully, however, this assault on your ears can be switched off in the audio menu.

Graphics wise PES is hard to fault. It is a massive step forward from its predecessor and the new animations, while not totally groundbreaking, add to the overall aesthetics and more importantly the feel of the game.

The final verdict is that PES 2010 isn’t a perfect game, but if you can get past the dodgy team names and the comical commentary, you will find a beautiful version of a beautiful game. It delivers where it really counts, and that’s on the pitch.

Game play is where PES really shines. This is as close to real football as you are likely to get. No two matches are the same. The passing is slick and the new 360 degree control makes anything possible. The single player mode has been enhanced with new managerial options added to the master league. There is also an expansive online mode available where you can challenge the world’s best players in either 1v1 or 2v2 matches.

On the audio side, PES is a bit of a double edged sword. The menus are accompanied by music from popular bands like



.... The spot light is on you, you have remembered your lines, the curtains are open, and the crowd go crazy you’re “ON THE STAGE”. This section is the who, what, and where of Preston and surrounding areas. Here you will find up coming events and gigs in the local area, so start booking your nights out.



Swan Lake

Blackpool: Grand Theatre Cost: £18.50. Russia’s acclaimed ballet company come back to the UK with their rendition of Swan Lake.



Chinese State Circus

Blackburn: The circus is performing at King George Hall, with an amazing collection of performers. Cost from: £12.00



Stephen K Amos

Stepping out with Anton & Erin

Blackpool: Grand Theatre. £16.50. An Expert at being himself, Stephen K Amos is wickedly funny with the ability to charm right into the palm of his hands.

Blackpool: Opera house, Cost from: £25.00. From BBC’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing as they put on the glitz in an exciting new show.




Blackpool: Winter Garden. In response to overwhelming requests from fans asking the band to play. The Prodigy have confirmed 6 UK dates for January.

Preston: Guild Hall, Cost: £15.50. Join Sick, Frank and happy Larry as they embark on a coach journey down the Rhine Valley.

The Prodigy





Men of the world




Soul Night Blackburn: King George Hall & Smooth Radio 3 soul night, 9pm - 3am. Cost: £10.00.



Dave Gorman

Preston: Charter Theatre. Cost: £18.50. Dave Gorman returns for an additional date on his latest tour, but this time in the more intimate environment of the Charter Theatre.




Preston: Guild Hall, Cost: £9.50. International singing sensation Marti Pellow returns to star as ‘Billy Flynn’ in the national tour of a smash hit musical.




Blackpool: festival of circus, magic, new variety taking place in February half term. Showzam! will see the town come to life with world class performances.



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