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OP DE PUNKT. September 2022

Fotoen: © Alain Goedert

CSV MAACHER: THE MAYOR’S TEAM DEAR CITIZENS Thanks to the investments we have made over the past 11 years, Grevenmacher is once again perceived as an attractive town. The Moselle metropolis is a ‘point of interest’ again:

· Economically · Culturally · Touristically · In sports · Creation of new living space: for the first time ever, Gre· · · · · · · · ·

venmacher has more than 5,000 inhabitants Creation of a new residential area in the lower ‘Pietert’ area as well as the promotion of social housing New parking space, e.g. the underground parking garage in the centre and construction of a second parking garage in the new cultural centre New music school in the ‘Osbourghaus’ New marketing strategy New cultural activities and programmes, such as the ‘100 Joer Muselpromenande’, or the oldtimer meeting Creation of new green and recreational spaces, e.g. the newly designed ‘Osbourggoart’ Construction of a new cultural centre Renovation of the existing road infrastructure, e.g. rue des Caves New medical centre with MRI scanner and X-ray in ‘Potaschberg’

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Member of Parliament and Mayor

· Renovation of sports facilities, e.g. new synthetic foot· · ·

ball pitch in ‘Flohr’ Investments in tourism: new accommodation, e.g. the holiday apartment in the former defence tower in rue Syr and the 4-Star Camping Refurbishment of the playgrounds in ‘Pietert’, ‘Hiel / Weiher’ Designation of a new local commercial zone in Potaschberg

Grevenmacher combines living, working and leisure. This is what the ‘Miseler Way of Life’ stands for. That is what my team stands for!


CSV Maacher



Alderwoman for Culture President of the Commission for Culture

This is what CSV Maacher has consistently advocated for in recent years. As alderwoman for culture, I am proud that we were able to bring our rich heritage closer to many citizens of Maacher, through organised activities such as guided tours through our old town or through the ‘Zäitrees’. I will also continue to work towards ensuring that Maacher remains a lively and engaging town! It‘s worth it!

SOCIAL POLICY MATTERS TO CSV Grevenmacher is home to a multicultural population, with different pasts but sharing the same future. Integration is a key element of social policy and often takes place in sports or cultural clubs. In Grevenmacher, our residents have access to the regional music school, the ‘Kulturhuef’, the new cultural centre (which is currently under construction), the new sports hall, or the fourth tennis court, thus enabling them to engage with fellow residents and integrate easily into the community At the annual ‘Accueil des Nouveaux Arrivants’ and at the various projects of the Commission for Integration, new residents have the opportunity to get to know each other. CSV Maacher will continue to work to ensure the welfare of the residents of Grevenmacher, now and in the future.


Vice-President of CSJ President of the Youth Commission


Member of the Municipal Council President of the ‘Kulturhuef’ and the Commission for Integration

After having dealt with the issue of mental health among young people, CSJ Osten’s new focus in 2022 is to tackle accessibility issues. Our goal is to ensure that no one is left behind, even in rural areas. It is all about removing barriers that hinder accessibility in everyday life, both in public and digital spaces. In this context, I am proud of the fact that this year, together with CRIAJ, the commune has launched the SmartCafé. #Digitalinklusioun

Maacher is a lively city, and Maacher is moving with the times, also in social policy. We implement a policy in which the values of residents from all social levels count: with the construction of new social housing in Pietert, with the medical centre in Potaschberg, with the donation boxes, the second hand shop ‘Kleederstuff’ and also with homework help programme. Especially after the pandemic, it is important to revive social contacts. That is why we support the organisation of festivals and events in Maacher. Our ‘Smartstuff’ in the youth house is an intergenerational project where young people introduce our seniors to the digital world.


Councilwoman, President of the Commission for the Elderly and the Commission for Equal Opportunities



People should feel comfortable in Maacher, that is our goal! As you often hear, our city has become increasingly attractive in recent years. Take, for example, the promenade, the small green oases, the sports infrastructures, the playgrounds and, last but not least, our music school with its garden in the heart of Maacher. Even without a car, you can live well in Maacher, because you have everything you need in one spot. Old and young, culture and sports enthusiasts, there is something for everyone, and we want to continue improving it.

Councilwoman President of the Regional Music School Secretary of CSF Osten

As a member of various commissions in Maacher, equality is one of my major interests, not only between man and woman, but also between young and old, rich and poor, sick or healthy people. I am happy and proud that the commune of Maacher is consistently committed to working on increased equality between the aforementioned, whether that be through the organisation of events, such as the ‘Dag vum Handicap’ or the ‘Dag vum Drëtten Alter’ on the ship, through the participation in the ‘Mois du Don’ of the Croix Rouge or the ‘Broschtkriibs Laf’ in the city... We all belong to a single community, and that is important.


President of CSF Osten Secretary of the Commission for Equal Opportunities


CSV Maacher


· I opted for CSV because it is the party that repre· ·

sents my ideas. I opted for CSV because it is the best solution for the Moselle metropolis. I opted for CSV so that they can continue the policy of the last 12 years and to continue the good development of the Moselle metropolis.

JO RISCH I am involved in CSV because the issues of security and housing are particularly close to my heart. On the one hand, CSV is in favour of expanding the powers of the police, and on the other hand, it stands for a social housing policy, which gives young people a perspective and should enable them to live in Luxembourg in the future.




Light refreshments and drinks will be provided.

I opted for CSV because I want to advocate for the social space and interests of young people, and to support them in finding their own way in society in a social and participative manner. greiwemaacher.csv.lu

CSV Maacher