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February 21, 2013


What not to wear to school Jeanette Ochoa Staff Writer One of the most repetitive questions I have recently been asked is, “What should you wear to a college class?” For starters, if you look around campus, this school is not Project Runway. Students are free to roam around campus in whatever their little hearts desire. Some people have a sense of style. Others understand the concept of coordination and looking presentable. However, there are those individuals who have yet to discover the wonders of a hairbrush and the magic of hair products. The biggest mistake students constantly repeat is letting laziness take over. It does not take long to make yourself presentable for a place where networking can take place, friendships can be made and romance can emerge. Students forget a college campus is a professional environment that strives to prepare students for

the real world, and the real world requires presentability. Let’s talk about the big don'ts of school apparel and their alternatives. Pajamas to class, but you’re NOT in bed? People, come on! When did jeans become too dressy or a hassle to put on? When people put on pajamas, their body and mind get in a mindset of relaxation that prepares them for a good night's sleep. When these same individuals wake up in the morning and decide to come to class in their SpongeBob pajama pants and Scooby Doo slippers, they still have the unfocused mindset of relaxation. These are the students that not only look terrible, but fall asleep in class, snore and are only physically but not mentally there. Clearly, some of these students do not shower and perfume/cologne does not always cover their odor. Now, if the odor is coming from a hangover, stay home. The alternative to pajamas could be as simple as some skinny jeans, tank top, cardigan and boots.

For the males it can be as simple as jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes and jacket. Leggings are not pants. Ladies, ladies, ladies do we really want to see your lower cheeks? No. We also don’t want to see what you like to wear (or not wear) underneath your leggings. Girls in class will probably ridicule your see-through leggings, while the boys will make vulgar statements about those cheeks. The alternative is to simply wear a skirt, or a long enough shirt to cover your bum. In no way is this intended to be materialistic or superficial. I’m bringing awareness to the fact that students need to show respect to their professors and stop showing up like slobs. Professors dress nicely for class everyday to show that they take their job seriously. Showing up to class like you don’t care and are ready for bed is the worst impression and disrespect you can give a professor. Clothes make a strong visual statement on how you see yourself. Avoid wearing clothes that make you look lazy and un-classy. It’s doable and appreciated.

Sheneman/MCT Campus


Meaning of Lenten fasting can be broad Alex Guillen Staff Writer The 40-day season of Lent began with Ash Wednesday, but you don't have to be religious to observe the period of Lent leading up to Resurrection Sunday. One of the main concepts of Lent is giving something up, which people of many faiths take part in, whether or not they are religious. Sacrifices are made in prayerful tribute of one’s faith. However, I think that the meaning of Lent has changed and people are not seeing the true meaning behind sacrificing something. Rather than focusing on an aspect that will change their lives for 40 days, people are opting to get rid of a habit such as ice cream or television. Lent isn’t simply about us giving up candy or soda. The real grace is when we recognize that Lent is a season in which God wants to give us something. God wants to help us transform our lives and make us freer as people. It is an occasion of reflection and sacrifice to detach ourselves from what gets in the way of God’s work. Some of the most popular sacrifices include giving up smoking, alcohol, a particular food such as candy or even coffee or soda. The concept of sacrifice has evolved over the years. Today, people are giving up technology such as Facebook, cameras and perhaps even their cell phones. “This year I’m giving up having my phone with me during the day because I’m always checking my email throughout the day,” Adriana Araisa (senior, Liberal Studies) said. “My hope is that having moderation I can be more mindful to the people around me. I want them to see my deeper connection with God.” It is good that people are starting to realize that candy and soda should not be their main sacrifice anymore. More and more people are realizing that there are greater addictions than these food items. “I want to give up my Facebook because I am always checking my messages and updating my status,” Brenda Araisa (sophomore, Psychology) said. “Facebook takes a lot of time throughout my day. I feel I can better utilize that time to meditate and focus on the true meaning behind Lent.” When we look in the mirror on Ash Wednesday and see that black smudge on our foreheads, we should be reminded that no matter what we decide to give up, it is an offering to God that will help us grow as individuals.

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