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Student scholarships not so rare 25 scholarships open to all majors, hundreds more for specific majors James Drewrey Staff Writer

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February 21, 2013

Students at California State University, Stanislaus have the opportunity to apply for multiple scholarships depending upon their major, grade status and grade point average. With a deadline of March 2, students still have enough time to research which scholarships are applicable. Students can register at the website to see which scholarships are applicable to their major. There are currently 25 CSU Stanislaus scholarships open to all majors while hundreds more are available to specific majors. Scholarship Tracking and Review System (STARS) is an online scholarship application site dedicated to connecting donors to students.

Some students have already begun taking advantage of the scholarships. “I am currently working on an essay for a scholarship,” Holly Goodrum (junior, Child Development) said. “I do plan to pursue more scholarships as they become available. I think scholarships are very important to the academic future and success of many students.” A senior in Communication Studies, John Ramos was recently a recipient of a $200 scholarship. The allowance amount was not enough to cover tuition, however it did help with textbook costs. “Scholarships are a great thing,” Ramos said. “I wish I had put more effort into finding more scholarships.” According to, there are more than $3.4 billion worth of scholarships available throughout the United States.

There is no limit as to how many scholarships students can apply for or receive. If students feel as though applying for scholarships is too complicated or time consuming, a 14 page step-by-step scholarship inturctional application is available online. The instructional PowerPoint is available at the CSU Stanislaus Financial Aid website ( “It means either less debt to pay off after graduation, or more money in the pocket for gas, books and food,” Caleb Creasman (junior, Communication Studies) said. For more information, Diana Garz is the scholarships coordinator at CSU Stanislaus. Students can contact her at dgarz@ or by phone at 209-6646587.

ASI open forum allows students a voice Remy Gross Staff Writer Associate Students Inc. (ASI) held an open forum Tuesday for the student body to raise questions for campus officers. California State University, Stanislaus students were encouraged to ask questions and express any concerns. No question was off the table. ASI board of directors is a group of elected students from various departments’ colleges. For students, it was a rare opportunity to have all the student directors at their disposal for inquiry. Students were given the option to ask questions directly to the board, or remain anonymous.

Q: “Why is parking so expensive?” “That’s a relative term,” John Noble (ASI Dean of Students) said. “We don’t get state funding for parking. Parking is fully self-supported, as it is on every campus. I’m one of those people who don’t believe we have a parking problem. We as staff employees marvel every day [that] this is one of the few industries where we actually have to pay to go to work. We pay parking [as well].” Q: “How can students impact what musical guests are chosen to perform here?” “A lot goes into who we decide to bring to campus,” Shanice Jackson (ASI President) said.

“The cultural of the population is hard to match. And then you have to think about budget. This year they are trying to poll a group and get their idea of who they’d like to have. You can email our special events coordinator who would love to hear from you. Give him your input. Anytime you have some, please provide us.” Students were greeted with a nacho bar and cotton candy. Each student who came in was also entered into a raffle. The best way to get involved is to show up to these meetings and get involved in committees that interest you. If there is a topic of interest or concern, contact the appropriate campus committee.

Students listen in at Tuesday evenings forum. (Remy Gross/Signal)

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