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March 30, 2010

Volume III

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Bi-Weekly Newsletter

22 For; 23 Against By: Angela Amirkhanian

On March 4, The House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a measure recommending that the United States recognize the killings of 1915 as Genocide. The measure passed 23-22 and will next head to the full House. According to CNN Politics, the Obama administration had urged the House Foreign Affairs Committee not to pass the resolution, since it would damage U.S and Turkish relations, and jeopardize the chance to normalize relations between Turkey and Armenia. Within moments after the measure was passed, Turkey released the following statement: "We condemn this bill that accuses the Turkish nation of a crime it has not committed. The people who support this bill have adopted a wrong and unfair attitude, ignoring the differences of opinion of expert historians and historical facts. The bill has been prepared with tangible historical mistakes regarding the 1915 incidents and with a completely subjective attitude." Besides these words we have heard many times before from Turkish officials, a Turkish foreign ministry spokesman recently issued a so called “warning” that passing the resolution would harm U.S and Turkish relations, as well as affect the relations between Turkey and Armenia and reopening the closed borders.

Armenia's foreign minister, Edward Nalbandian, said that Armenia truly appreciates the committee's vote. "This is another proof of the devotion of the American people to universal human values and is an important step toward the prevention of the crimes against humanity," Nalbandian said. In 2007, the House Foreign Affairs Committee once again passed a previous resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide. The Turkish government protested by temporarily recalling its ambassador from Washington. The resolution did not make it to the House floor. Since the passing of the current resolution, Turkey ordered its ambassador to the United States home for "consultation.” Turkey refuses to send its U.S. ambassador back to Washington until the measure receives "clarity." Also, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters that "the Obama administration strongly opposes the resolution…and we'll work very hard to make sure it does not go to the House floor." On a brighter note, Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman ahead of the vote said "I don't pretend to be a professional historian, but the vast majority of experts ... agree that the tragic massacres of the Armenians constitute Genocide."

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Armenian History- Hamshen By: Jessica Avetisian

Hamshen Armenians or Hamshenis are a group of Armenians who inhabit the Black Sea coastal areas of Turkey, Russia, and Georgia. Most adhere to either Sunni Islam or Armenian Apostolic Christianity. Leontius the Priest wrote that in the 8th century, the Armenian princes Hamam and Shapuh Amatuni, who lost their domains in Artaz to Arabs, moved to the Byzantine Empire with 12,000 of their people. They were given the town of Tambut in the mountains (south of Rhizaion). The town was immediately renamed Hamamashen, which evolved to Hamshen (the Armenian and local name for it) or Hemşin (the official and Turkish name today). This pocket of Armenian people prospered in the Pontic Mountains, and, virtually cut of from other Armenian populations, developed it's unique dialect Hamshen of Armenian. In the 18th century, these Turkey Armenians who formed the diocese of Khachkar, began to convert to Islam. They retained their dialect however, and speak it to this day. These people also retained independence until the 19th century, ruled by their own derebeys (valley lords), all under the voivode (general chief).The biggest population is still centered in Hemşin, most live in the Futuna (Greek: Pordanis) River valley between Pazar (was Atina) on the coast, and the peak of Kajkar (origin of name is the Armenian Khachkar)

Mountain, in the villages of Hemşin, Torasil, Pertewan, Ayren, Tredzor (Dzimla), Yeghiovit (near where St. Khachig Monastery was) and Artashen at their easternmost settlement. Hamshen Armenians also settled in other areas, some Muslim and some Christian. To the west they reached as far as Samsun, where they live in the village of Khurchunli (near the mouth of the Iris or Yeshil River) among others. To the east and the north they settled in places as far as Sukhumi in Abkhazia (mostly Christian Hamshen), as well as in two villages near the town of Artvin, in Eastern Turkey. In the area of Ardala town there are speakers of a Hamshen subdialect as well. In the district of Hopa, Hamshen form the majority of the population in and around the town of Kemalpaşa.


Hamshen are known for their folklore - tales, proverbs, jokes, riddles.

A motion picture, Momi (Grandma) was filmed in the Hamshen dialect in 2000. Many (especially younger) Hamshen identify themselves as Armenians. Many of the easternmost Hemshinli villages in Turkey preserve their original Armenian dialects, commonly referred to as Homshetsma or Homshetsnak by their speakers. Source:

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Charity Project- Armenia Hunger Fund By: Lusine Harutyunyan

Giving back to our community and helping out our motherland was the most important goal for CSUN ASA going into the 2009-2010 year. Very early on in the year we got the amazing opportunity to start with a charity project that will help poor families in rural Armenia have food on their tables. With the help of the Brotherhood of Armenian Knights and the Armenian Gospel Mission we were able to find a source that would no doubt provide the families with the boxes of food we were going to send. On October 14, 2009 we celebrated the Annual CSUN ASA Armenian Culture Day, during which we raised sufficient amount of funds for our charity project, the Armenia Hunger Fund. After all the food was bought and ready to be packed, we informed and asked all of our members and friends to come and help us with the packaging. It was a very rainy day and early in the morning, and yet many came to the Children's Hunger Fund facilities on February 27th to work for this good cause. Having only two hours to package 1600 boxes with non perishable food, about 50-70 of volunteers got to work right away. Everyone had a different job and all together we managed to finish the packaging in hour and a half! We were all extremely proud to see Armenians and Non-Armenian of many ages join us on this wonderful project and help put smiles on the faces of those who need it the most. In two or three months we will receive photos of those families who will be getting the food packages and will share them with all. On behalf of the CSUN ASA board, we want to thank all of the volunteers and the organizations who helped us achieve our goal! If you are interested in being part of the Armenia Hunger Fund, please do contact us, so we can all work together for the better of our community in here and in Armenia!

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Attention! You should be getting your census forms at home in the mail. We urge you to make sure you mark “other� on question #9 and note Armenian. This is important for Armenians to see how large our Community is.


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Contributors Chief Editor: Jessica Avetisian Co-Editor: Elizabet Ovakimyan Staff: Angela Amirkhanian Lusine Harutyunyan

Disclaimer: Many articles are copied from various online news sources. The content in this newsletter does not necessarily reflect the views of the Armenian Student Association and is intended for informational use only.

SP 2010 Vol. 3  
SP 2010 Vol. 3  

Spring 2010 Newsletter Volume 3