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Apr. 1, 2014


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A More Connected Campus


Icons from CSULA social networks| Graphic by Abraham Jurado


Abraham Jurado Contributor

nizations, a simple search on Twitter or Facebook shows the many options. This very newspaper can be found throughout social media thanks to the work of a few dedicated students who put in online.

If you’re anything like me, then you probably still have your phone in your hand while you’re reading this sentence. Maybe you’re even reading this article on your phone, I know I would if I could (and you can). I, like many students, live my life constantly connected to streams of information from every source possible, thanks to the technological marvel that is the Internet. I do this because I like to be connected and “in the know.” Thankfully, Cal State L.A. is well aware of our electronic predilection and there are a plethora of options if you want to connect with Cal State L.A. on social media.

I reached out to a few campus organizations to see why they feel it’s so important to stay connected with students and found that social media isn’t simply a useful tool, but a necessary one. In addition to the official California State University, Los Angeles Facebook account, you can find everyone from the University Bookstore or Associated Students, Inc., to the Center for Student Involvement or our very own EcoCar2 Team, staying connected with students on Facebook.

Whether you want to keep up with campus events and important goings-on or you just want to stay connected to the campus’ clubs and orga-

If you happen to follow the EcoCar2 Team on Facebook or Twitter, then you’ve read some of Kortnee Smith’s work. While all EcoCar2 Team

leads have access and post on the team’s Facebook page, Smith is the sole proprietor of the team’s Twitter account (@ CSULA_EcoCAR2). The EcoCar2 Team actively uses social media as a tool to raise awareness for their current project (re-engineering a 2013 Chevrolet Malibu into a plug-in hybrid) and CSULA in general. Rather than just post updates about the status of their projects, they strategize and plan their posts to have the most impact for their followers. One day, they’ll post an update on the Malibu’s dynamometer testing, while the next they might just share an interesting factoid about the harmful effects of smog. Mix this in with regular updates from events and competitions, and it’s easy to see how such an engaging organization is able to amass so many followers.

While Facebook allows groups to connect on a more thorough level, Twitter allows sharing and communication almost instantly. Organizations like our very own University Times (@Csula_UT), as well as Golden Eagle Radio (@GoldenEagleLA), Golden Eagle TV, and Cal State L.A.’s Marketing Club use Twitter to engage with their followers instantly and frequently. Thanks to Twitter’s popularization of short and pointed status updates and its ReTweet feature, allows an account to quickly repost another user’s tweet, it has become an essential tool in keeping the campus connected. In the case of Golden Eagle TV (@CSULAGETV), a representative from the organization informed me that they use Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. to get them and the school

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Apr. 1, 2014

Loz Feliz Pub Crawl FEATURES

Sean Buer Contributor If you’re looking to get away from the typical Hollywood nightlife experience of selecting through an endless sea of clubs and overpriced drinks, Atwater Village in Silverlake is home to many revamped bars and restaurants off the beaten path that are worth trying out. Although the historically diverse city has always celebrated its sense of community by hosting the weekly farmer’s market on Sundays at the corner of 3250 Glendale Blvd, the neighborhood grew in popularity as many of the old boutiques and cafés received a much-needed facelift to attract younger patrons like college students and working professionals. For anyone interested in taking in the Atwater Village experience, maybe all in one night, the Los Feliz Pub Crawl is for you. The starting point of 3111 Glendale Blvd is home to Link N Hops, which offers a unique assortment of sausages and burgers topped with almost any and every conceivable condiment on a toasted bolillo bun, even offering vegan sausages for those who want to avoid meat altogether. As oppose to most of the bars on the list, this establishment only offers beer and wine. However, the on-tap selection expands farther than most pubs, with over 24 beers from almost every region from California. Next door at 3111 Glendale Blvd #2, is 55 Degree Wine, a wine and beer tasting bar and cellar. They carry international wines from Australia, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Argentina. The beer tasting ranges from Belgian wheat ale to a chocolate-based beer flights that change every week. The tasting cellar offers an assortment of meats and cheeses, or thin crust pizza for something substantial. Although the atmosphere is aims for a high brow cliental, the low priced tastings are affordable for everyone. The Morrison is a newly opened gastro-pub renovated from Kama Sushi at the end street of 3179 Los Feliz Blvd. With a wide variety of over 40 artisan beers and complex cocktails, the Morrison aims to break out of the typical

mold of local pubs. The KLK restaurant group, ran by Marc Kreiner, Alex Kagianaris, and Charles Lew, represent years of experience in overseeing the development of bars and lounges, notably winning the “Best Up-and-Coming Restaurant Developer & Entrepreneur” award.

The restaurant offers healthy organic options for lunch and dinner, such as the signature burgers: the Atwater Veggie and the Shroomer, as well as dessert options, such as: ice cream a-la-carte, and bread puddings. The bar offers an extensive whiskey and beer menu with prices ranging from $6 -10. The notable décor of family crests and low lights brings out the atmosphere close to a Scottish pub. As you make your way south towards 3172 Los Feliz Blvd, the next stop on the list is The Bigfoot Lodge, a cabin-themed establishment. The welcoming staff creates a sense of comfort as you make your way into this cozy divebar. The variety and number of drink specialties exceed expectations. With specials inspired by the great outdoors, $5 well drinks and beers are offered every day from 5PM to 9PM happy hour. If you’re lucky enough to find a table, the helpful servers will replenish rounds of beers. The management holds new events every week, from playing the movie Groundhog Day on February 7th, to Irish themed karaoke on Saint Patrick’s Day. Heading further south, to 3100 Los Feliz Blvd, the next bar on the trip is The Roost, which is inspired by old-fashioned dives, where frills are left outside the door. Dark inside both day and night, the bar is only illuminated by hanging red lights lining the walls of the room. The jukebox attracts an older crowd with classic artists, such as: Bruce Springsteen, the Beatles, and the Rollingstones. The bar may not offer food, but the popcorn machine offers patrons with something to snack on while drinking their beers or simplistic well drinks. If you’re looking for your grandfather’s bar, this place is it, and it’s not for everyone. Walking south towards the corner of 3000 Los Feliz Blvd,

The Griffin is considered a staple of the Atwater Village community. Spacious, yet cozy, this pub offers a great selection of appetizers, such as: mini burgers, hot wings, tater tots, hand-cut fries, and hummus with pita bread. The key factor that separates the Griffin from other gastro pubs is market fresh organic produce and hormone free, farm-raised meat. The bar offers many specialty drinks, including the Moscow Mule, a vodka based drink served in a copper cup. The beer selection includes fourteen drafts on tap with new varieties rotating in every week. The vintage fireplace and old wooden booths makes the ambiance both inviting and comforting. Many consider the interior design similar to the Hogwarts dining hall from Harry Potter, complete with an outdoor patio. Sliding wooden doors separate the two bars for private parties with ample seating. The Griffin has a jukebox with a wide array of music for only fifty cents a song. If you’re running on an empty stomach, or just need a quick bite to eat on your way to the next bar, this is the place to stop. The last stop on the trip through Atwater Village is the Tam O’Shanter Inn, an old, traditional style pub and restaurant that serves a wide selection of ale and sandwiches inspired by its European roots. The entrees served with professionally cut carved plates offer up plenty of helpings of prime rib, beef brisket, roast beef, and turkey.

The great social aspect of this pub comes with an early and late happy hour, trivia nights on Tuesdays, Wine Wednesdays and live music on Fridays. The décor includes framed images of different Scottish houses and their corresponding kilt designs that will pique your interest in the history the pub is based on. As the night ends on your pub-crawl journey, remember to stay hydrated and to drink responsibly. Make sure to have a designated driver or call a taxi for transportation. A night of fun with friends is not worth a DUI. If you know of any other pub-crawls or just want to give feedback about your experience, feel free to let us know at

Breakfast At The University Club Patio 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM Fresh Coffee & Breakfast Burritos Regular Hours Monday - Thursday 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Friday 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM 323-343-6777



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Apr. 1, 2014


Prepping for CicLAvia and Wilshire Closure FEATURES

Mayra Montoya Contributor CicLAvia’s car-free event returns to Los Angeles on April 6th, causing street closures from Los Angeles to Santa Monica. Originally from Bogota, Colombia this car-free event hopes to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by encouraging people to ditch their cars and encourage others to join. The street closures will open large spaces for people to walk, jog or ride their bicycles. Skateboards, scooters and strollers are also allowed. The point of the event is to rid Los Angeles of cars, traffic and pollution. CicLAvia will follow the Wilshire Boulevard route for this event, stretch-

Courtesy of ing from downtown Los Angeles to Museum Row in the Miracle Mile. Businesses along the route are encouraged to stay open and participate in the event. Hydration stations and portable toilets will be set up in hubs along the route. The event will take place from 9AM to 4PM and a schedule is as follows: 1:00AM – no parking zones will be in effect. If any car is parked on the route after 1:00AM on Sunday, it will be towed. 

6:00AM – city begins to tow any cars parked on the route.  7:00AM – city begins closing streets to secure route with full closure in effect approximately 8:30AM. 4:00PM – city begins to re-open the route car traffic and is open approximately 5:00PM. If you can’t make it to this upcoming event, CicLAvia will return to Los Angeles on October 5th and Decem-

Campus Connected Continued from Page 1 as a whole noticed, through what they believe is a necessary part of any organization. Calling it an unspoken, collective decision to have a social media presence, the people who run Golden Eagle TV’s various profiles do it in an effort to be known on campus. True to their club’s intended purpose, Cal State L.A.’s Marketing Club (@csulaMKTclub) runs social media extremely well. The Marketing Club’s Director and Co-Director of Social Media, Michael Chiem and Gary Kwong (@MichaelChiem and @KwongGary on Twitter) use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to engage with their followers in creative ways. The Marketing Club uses Facebook to post general updates and photos of meetings, guest speakers, activities, and events while using Instagram to live-post pictures and videos of those same things. Rather than simply use Twitter to post about their club, the club gives their followers information on trends in marketing and social media by retweeting relevant articles and live-tweeting activities. This effort to be more active and present on social media is relatively new, according to Cal State L.A.’s Public Affairs Communications Specialist, Margie Low. Cal State L.A. originally set out to use Facebook and Twitter as a way to inform news media of different campus accomplishments and events, but eventually began to use it as a way to engage with students themselves and to provide news and media straight to the student body. Since then, they have ventured into other services,

ber 7th. The October event will follow the Heart of LA route, which includes parts of Echo Park, East Los Angeles, Grand Park and Chinatown. The December event will be entirely different and will follow the new South Los Angeles route that will link Leimert Park to the Central Avenue Corridor. For route information about the events and a map detailing street closures, please visit like Pinterest or YouTube. CSULA has also made it a point to make social media a useful tool for the school with the launch of a weekly social media summit for organizations to attend to work on ways to better provide students with relevant information about events, share ideas, and encourage pride in our campus by highlighting student success and faculty achievement. In order to handle Cal State L.A.’s growing digital footprint, the Public Affairs Department employs two student interns as part of the Here4You campaign to support student success. Michael Chiem (of the Marketing Club) and Diana Miranda work explores the school’s reach throughout the world of social media, by expanding the school’s official Instagram account and also helping to launch the official Cal State L.A. Tumblr. As part of the Here4You campaign, they use the tag “#Here4You,” to support of student academic success and post about free workshops, upcoming events, and campus resources. The openness and connectivity of social media allows these groups of dedicated and passionate students, club members, and organizers to connect with the students, each other, and the world to raise awareness for the hard work, services, and news they provide. Be sure to search for Cal State L.A. organizations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr so you can be a part of it too. You can follow Cal State L.A. on Facebook: /CalStateLA, Twitter: @calstatela, YouTube: /csulosangeles, Pinterest: /calstatela, Instagram: calstatela, and Tumblr:


Apr. 1, 2014

University Times

The Golden Eagle Legends Box Office Films GAMING to See This Spring Jesse Landaverde Contributor

The gaming community in Cal State LA is vast and growing. Whether you are a diehard Xbox fan, a dedicated PlayStation fan, or even an old school Nintendo fan, the gaming community will only continue to expand. Some of the more hardcore gamers play console games on their PC for a better gaming experience. PC gaming has been growing too. Particularly, a game for the PC and MAC called League of Legends. League of Legends is a free, downloadable, multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Riot Games. The game was officially released October 27th 2009, and has been growing in popularity ever since. According to a 2012 Forbes article, League of Legends was the most played PC game in North America and Europe. As of January 2014, there are over 67 million people who play League of Legends every month. On December 14th, 2009 League of Legends was awarded Reader’s Choice, IGN Best PC strategy game. Additionally it was also awarded PC Gamer’s Choice and Gamespy Gamer’s Choice Award. It also won back-toback Golden Joystick awards on October 2010 and October 2011 for the categories of Online Game of the Year and Best Free-to-Play Game. League of Legends is an MMO (massive multiplayer online game) where players control a champion in order to be matched in a short PvP (player versus player) or bot game. There are over 118 champions to choose. Players gain levels for killing the opposing team’s champions, who are usually controlled by another player, and by killing minions that attack the other team’s turrets, minions, and champions. In the map, Summoner’s Rift, the map is divided into three “lanes” which are paths that spawned minions take. There are five players on each team and players are referred to as “summoners.” One champion goes to the top lane, usually a tank or bruiser. Another champion, usually an assassin or a character with high burst damage, goes to the middle lane. Two champions, usually


Stephanie Gonzalez Contributor

Courtesy of marksmen with high damage per second, and a support with crowd control abilities to help the marksmen, go to the bottom lane. Last but certainly not least is the jungler. This is where a champion goes in the game’s jungle. Here the user must kill neutral monsters and provide help for any lanes in need. The goal of the game is to make your way into the enemy base and destroy the nexus. However, to get inside the enemy’s base requires destroying the three turrets guarding the path. It takes strategy, and the collaboration of the entire team to invade and destroy the enemy base. This makes the game extremely entertaining and addicting. When you first begin playing the game, your summoner level begins at level one, like any other game. As you play more games, naturally, you will gain experience and “level up.” When you hit the maximum level of 30, you can qualify to play ranked games in order to be placed in a tier and division. There are a total of six tiers; bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and challenger. Within the first five tiers are five divisions and depending on how you do in the first ten games, you can rank anywhere from bronze to gold. During the first season of the world championships in June 2011 held at the DreamHack Computer Festival in Sweden, Riot offered 100,000 dollars in prizes. The European team Fnatic beat teams from Europe, the United States, and Asia to win the tournament and received $50,000 in prizes. On October 2013, Korean team “SK Telecom T1” and Chinese team “Royal Club” competed at Staples Center. SK Telecom T1 won the grand prize of $1 million and Royal Club received $250,000. The game continues to grow exponentially, making the next world championships highly anticipated by many fans. Currently, League of Legends is in their fourth season and with the fourth world series ap-

proaching North American teams are preparing to compete in the battlefield against other countries. I recently discovered our very own school has a club for League of Legends. Kent Lin, president of the club, was kind enough to answer a few questions. He explained he and his vice president Timothy Hoang founded the club on February 5th. At first the club had only about 35 members, however today, the club boasts about 80 members. The club will hold regular meetings next quarter, every Thursday and Friday, in order to accommodate those who cannot make it to one meeting. Beginning two years ago, The North American Collegiate Championship pits top university players in competition. Only a few college players aspire LCS careers. This year, the University of Washington’s Blue Caster Minions faced off against San Jose State University’s Sergio’s Dream. The Blue Caster Minions were victorious taking $100,000 in scholarships. I asked Kent what his hopes were for the club and if he was planning on participating in the NACC. Kent states, “I plan on setting up scrims with other universities as well as trying to set our school up with local and online tournaments. I do plan on having our team ready for next year’s NACC and will take many precautions to reduce the chances of anything that will prevent us from participating.” It is clear that our school has their eyes set for recognition in the League of Legends community. I have just recently started playing the game and have been intrigued with the insane gameplay and strategy involved. I have found myself investing hours in the game, improving after each quest is complete. It is exciting to know we have such a large community of league players in the school. For anyone who has never heard of or seen the game in action I highly recommend it. Might I add, it is free!

If you are in need of a place to take your date, relax before midterm madness begins or if you’re just itching to watch a movie but aren’t sure what films are coming soon, then this article is for you. With a variety of films to choose from, this Spring is sure to have something just for you as various highly anticipated movies are set to release. This Spring brings an abundance of films to choose from, starting on April 4th with the exciting sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which follows Chris Evans in his role as Captain America. The sequel takes place two years after the events in The Avengers and centers around Captain America joining forces with Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) in order to stop an undercover Soviet enemy known as the Winter Soldier. Also opening that week is Nymphomaniac: Vol. II, the second of a two-part film by Danish director Lars von Trier. The film is an erotic drama that follows a woman’s sexual journey from birth to age 50. The film is the third and final film in Trier's “Depression Trilogy,” which is made up of the films Antichrist, Melancholia and Nymphomaniac. Trier's Depression Trilogy gives a blunt view on the depression and despair that plagues the female leads in all three films. April 11th features various genres to select from starting with the animated comedy Rio 2, the direct sequel to 2011’s Rio. The sequel, follows the Macaw family, Blu, Jewel, and their three children, as they leave their comfy city life in Rio de Janeiro for a journey to the Amazon rainforest. Along the way, they encounter another group of Macaws who alert Blu and his family that their habitat is being threatened. If you are more of a sports fanatic, Draft Day will be opening on the 11th as well. Draft Day starring Kevin Costner, is a sports comedy-drama revolves around the Cleveland Browns general manager acquiring the number one draft pick. The film received cooperation from the National Football League and helped by integrating the 2013 draft as a backdrop.

If sports or animated comedies aren’t interesting, horror film Occulus will also be opening the week of April 11th. The film revolves around a woman who tries to acquit her brother from a crime that he claims was committed by a supernatural phenomenon. Transcendence stars Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman, a science fiction thriller debuting on April 18th. Depp portrays an A.I. researcher who aims to build a machine that has the ability to feel and possesses collective intelligence. For those who like comedy, A Haunted House 2, spoofs various films such as Paranormal Activity and The Conjuring. Marlon Wayans reprises his role as Malcolm, a man plagued by paranormal events. The film picks up where the second left off, having Wayans’ character moving homes. Although the first film holds a 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film was given a sequel after having earned more that it’s budget on its opening weekend. Disney’s documentary Bears, follows a family of bears for a year as the cubs are taught crucial surviving skills. Their journey begins as the cubs and their mother come out of hibernation at the end of winter and follows them as they struggle to survive in the Alaskan coastal mountains. The Disney documentary debuts on April 18th. This spring also brings the highly anticipated sequel The Amazing Spiderman 2. Andrew Garfield reprises his role as Peter Parker. After the closing scene of the first film, Peter Parker begins to investigate more about his father’s past. But “with the emergence of Electro (Jamie Foxx), Peter must confront a foe more powerful than he. And as his old friend, Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan), returns, Peter comes to realize that all of his enemies have one thing in common: OsCorp.” (IMDB). The second installment to the Spiderman saga premiers May 2nd. May 23rd brings to theaters X-Men: Days of Future Past featuring Patrick Stewart as Professor X, Ian McKellen as Magneto, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and James McAvoy

Movies Cont. on Page 5

University Times

Apr. 1, 2014 Movies Cont. From Page 4

centers around Cruise’s character, a soldier who finds himself caught in a time loop of his last battle in a war against aliens. With the help of another soldier (Emily Blunt), he learns to become stronger and more skilled, through each reincarnation of himself.

Disney and Sleeping Beauty fans can rejoice on May 30th when Angelina Jolie takes over the big screen as Maleficent. The film Maleficent, delves deeper into the events that caused Maleficent to turn cold and curse Aurora, played by Elle Fanning.

Closing up Spring are sequels 22 Jump Street and How to Train Your Dragon 2. In 22 Jump Street, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are back as officers Schmidt and Jenko who are back on an undercover mission. This time they head off to college in order to search for a crime ring hiding in a fraternity. How to Train your Dragon 2 takes place five years after the events of the first animated film. The sequel follows heroes Toothless the dragon and Hiccup on their adventure as they discover a secret ice cave where hundreds of wild dragons dwell. The duo team up with the mysterious Dragon Rider on their quest to protect the dragons and their peace.

as the young Charles Xavier. The film’s title revolves around the plot where Wolverine is sent to the past in order to attempt a change in history that may prevent disaster for both mutants and humans.

Seth MacFarlane’s Western comedy, A Million Eays to Die in the West, premiers the same weekend as Maleficent. The film is set in Arizona in 1882, presents Albert (MacFarlane,) a sheep farmer who loses his girlfriend because of a withdrawal from a dual. Albert, meets another woman but must muster up his courage when her husband (Liam Neeson) demands payback. On June 6th Tom Cruise stars in The Edge of Tomorrow directed by Doug Liman, who diCourtesy of rected Jumper. The film’s plot

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Whatever you choose to watch, there is no doubt that this spring brings an abundance of anticipated films to look forward to.


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Apr. 1, 2014

Students for Quality Education Rally Against Student Succes Fees Timmy Truong Managing Editor On Wednesday, March 26th, the student group Students for Quality Education (SQE) rallied at the CSU Office of the Chancellor in opposition of Student Success Fees. Various CSU branches of SQE gathered at the Board of Trustees meeting in an attempt to roll back Student Success fees and prevent fees from being implemented on more campuses. Student Success fees, according to CSU Public Affairs, are “campus-driven fees designed to enhance the quality of academic programs and the experience of students.” Currently 11 of the 23 CSU campuses have adopted Student Success fees, with San Diego and Fullerton being the latest. Christian Torres, a transfer

that they can continuously pass fees, even in the face of a tuition freeze.”

student from Cal State Los Angeles, explained how he believes these fees are a sly way to disguise tuition hikes and that these hikes should be prevented by the four-year moratorium, or tuition freeze, implemented by Governor Jerry Brown after the passing of Proposition 30. “ What this fee does is it goes around that [moratorium] like a loophole, it’s basically tuition, and putting the grunt on the students to pay for their education. It’s in violation of prop 30 and the moratorium,” said Torres.

Although many students at the rally were angered with the Success Fees for going against the moratorium and prolonging their progress to graduation, some students and faculty shared how they felt this fee would benefit them. Freddie Sanchez from San Diego State University sees this fee as a positive and stated, “This new fee is intended to support our undergraduate students with completing their degree in a timely manner, hiring additional faculty to teach currently inactive courses, and most importantly to provide more opportunities for our students to have additionally faculty mentors on campus.”

CSU Chancellor Timothy P. White approved the fees for Cal State Fullerton on Friday, March 21st and they will be effective in the Fall Quarter of 2014. With the recent addition of Fullerton to the list of campuses with success fees, students like Sean Washburn, a Fullerton graduate student, is worried the fee sets up what he calls “A dangerous precedent,

Bey-Ling Sha, a professor at San Diego State University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies, publicly


SQE Protestors | Photo by Timmy Truong thanked Chancellor White by stating this fee will help “SDSU to accelerate the hiring of tenure track faculty, (and) this additional faculty and colleagues will teach additional students and class sections.” Cal State Los Angeles is currently one of the 11 campuses that have already implemented Student Success fees. Los Angeles’ fees are

currently $244. The lowest fee is San Bernardino at $162 and the highest are San Jose and San Luis Obispo, both at $630. At the time of publication no new resolutions have been created to address the students’ concerns over Student Success Fees. The next Board of Trustees Meeting will be held on May 20-21, 2014 at the CSU Office of the Chancellor.

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Apr. 1, 2014

University Times

13 Essentials for 13 Weeks of Spring FASHION

Roxana Hernandez Columnist I’ve heard so many people say that they are tired of the cold winter and ready for Spring Season, and I agree! My favorite reason for Spring to be here is, of course, the fashion. I’ve watched endless fashion shows for many years (thank you internet), and although Fall Season is always my favorite to watch and greet, Spring has never felt so good. I’ve put together a list of what will be the top trends of the upcoming season. This collection of trends seem to me that every other decade was present: 20’s, 40’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s—can you believe it? Fortunately, the designers of 4 fashion capitals have rounded up ways to make these decades work well together and look chic, sporty, and even classy. There are 13 weeks in spring…you could really try all 13 of these for a change, or you can choose a couple and make it work for your Spring fashion statement. 1. White and Black: Combine these two and you’ve got yourself a very Spring ’14 look. If anything is going to be really "in", it has to be this. White has been spotted on the runway everywhere-- from New York, to London, Milan, and Paris. Refresh your closet with crisp button downs, long and lean pants, and swooshy dresses with the mix of black and white. 2. Wide Legged Pants: At last! My favorite essential of the spring is here to stay. Not only do high-waisted , lean and wide-legged pants make a statement, but they pair up well with virtually any top. From bikini top, crop top, bomber jacket, or even button up.


3. Fringe: No, it’s not the 70’s, but yes, fringe is back. My current obsession are fringed sweaters…and no it is not as bad as it sounds. Try fringe for an update on your wardrobe.

4. Mesh: Mesh plays a big role this season, whether it’s embedded in the classic white button down, or on a crop top. A great way to work with mesh this season is to wear a black bandeau (or any neon color) and wear a mesh crop top. This adds a little athleticism into your look and creates a fresher you. 5. Tea Length Full Skirt: With every other decade coming back, the 40’s is the one to be most careful with. When wearing the absolutely elegant Tea Length Skirt (which is the one between maxi and midi), make sure you don’t look completely ladylike - you don’t want to look outdated. Show a little shoulder and use bright colors to make it modern. 6. Iridescence: try this for a night out, or a more daring look. Try the iridescence in spring fashion, as it creates a great impact on the eye, and makes you feel absolutely modern. 7. Micro pleats: Fashion has given Spring season a little treatment called mico pleats. Micro pleats are thinly made pleats mainly seen in shear clothes. Where to see it this season? Skirts. 8. Athleticism: With the coming of the fit rage all around the world, having workout clothes and comfort has become not only a way of dressing, but a way of life. Many designers have given the people what they want by bringing back the sporty clothes we love so much: pleated skirts, baseball caps, varsity jackets, tennis shoes and sneakers, and loose

Spring 2014 Looks |Graphic by Roxana Hernandez fitted pants. 9. Pastels (Blush and Lilac): With Easter during Spring, the pastel colors could never be missed during the season. If you are looking for less drama and more freshness, lilac and blush are the up and coming colors of this Spring. The great thing about these colors is that they go well with most skin tones. 10. Crop Tops: This trend has

been climbing the charts, and it most certainly will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Slip on a sharp boxy crop top and show off your midriff. 11. Florals: One of the reoccurring prints and embellishments during any Spring collections have been florals. It’s a given that when flowers bloom in the garden, they also bloom on the clothes.

ing to look a little less casual, you can suit up! Play with color separates, and embrace the power of a full suit. 13. Sheath Silhouettes: The slip look is so sexy. Put on a nice strappy silky slip-like sheath dress and dress it up with a pair of sharp heels or sandal heels, and you’ve got yourself a day to night look.

12. Suits: If you were look-

New season, new quarter, new music!

For the 8tracks version, visit our website at! By Carol Venegas

For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield

Piledrive by Faded Paper Figures

Floating Vibes by Surfer Blood

Janglin by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes Jumanji by Glass Towers

Yet Again by Grizzly Bear Sweet Life by Frank Ocean Run by Cap Power

It's Real by Real Estate


University Times

Apr. 1, 2014

Esclavos de la tecnología

¿Qué pasa con la reforma? Noticias

Por Mindy Galindo Contribuyente El pasado 11 de marzo, una llamada interrumpió la sesión del Congreso de la Unión en donde demócratas y republicanos debatirían los pros y los contras de la Reforma Migratoria. La sesión fue cancelada y no se especificó cuándo se reanudará. Dicha llamada fue hecha por el Presidente Obama para citar a los congresistas demócratas Luis Gutiérrez, Javier Becerra y Bob Menéndez. Hay una serie de antecedentes que pueden ayudarnos a entender la urgencia de este llamado. Primeramente el rompimiento de los lazos entre la organización política La Raza y el Poder Ejecutivo. La Raza ha luchado contra las injusticias en contra de los hispanos y es promotora permanente entre los latinos del partido demócrata. Segundo: las recientes declaraciones de Luis Gutiérrez, en el sentido de que Obama no hace uso de los poderes que le confiere el ser presidente, para frenar por

Credito: Redorbit

Noticias Credito: The Huffington Post decreto las deportaciones, las cuales ascienden a casi dos millones. Dicha cifra es más alta que en cualquiera otra administración, pero sobre todo, desdice en los hechos, las palabras de Obama quien se ha presentado tantas veces como protector de los hispanos. Tercero, estos congresistas tienen algo en común. Se han desgastado inútilmente durante los últimos quince años, luchando por una reforma migratoria y atrayendo a los hispanos y sus votos para los representantes demócratas.

Sin embargo, los resultados son casi dos millones de deportados, miles de familias separadas, así como millones de personas reclamando que no hacen nada por ellos. Por lo visto Obama trata de evitar una ruptura con los congresistas de su partido, pero los citó solamente para decirles que habló con las autoridades migratorias en busca de que se apeguen a la ley y solamente deporten a los que tengan un historial delictivo. ¿Dónde he oído eso antes?

Por Meliza Guzmán Ramirez Contribuyente Vivimos en un tiempo en el cual nuestras vidas parecen inseparables de los aparatos electrónicos. Computadoras de todos tamaños, tabletas y teléfonos celulares parecen ser indispensables en nuestra vida diaria. Todos ellos sirven la misma función: facilitar la comunicación y proveernos información. Pero, ¿qué tanto dependemos de estos aparatos? Al parecer estos artefactos tienen las respuestas a todo lo que queremos saber, ya que por ellos tenemos acceso a Internet. Todo se encuentra en YouTube, desde una receta de cocina hasta cómo arreglar un carro. Cuando le preguntamos a alguien qué hace para divertirse es común escuchar “miro videos en you tube” o “estoy en Facebook”. El caso es que ya sea para comunicarnos con un ser querido que vive lejos o por recreación, dependemos de la tecnología. Muchos estudiantes dependen de sus aparatos para buscar información, ya sea una definición o una dirección. La tecnología nos ha brindado muchos beneficios, pero de igual manera nos ha hecho dependientes de ella. Cuando salimos y dejamos nuestro celular, nos sentimos perdidos, incompletos. Hoy en día, la mayoría de las personas poseen teléfonos inteligentes, por lo tanto, dejar el teléfono

móvil en casa es como dejar una extremidad del cuerpo. Hay que reconocer que la mayoría de las personas pasan mucho más tiempo enfrente de una computadora que compartiendo momentos con sus seres queridos. La juventud parece ser la más afectada por la tecnología ya que los jóvenes continuamente están revisando sus teléfonos en busca de alguna notificación. Cuando se encuentran en lugares rodeados de gente que no conocen, prefieren estar con la cabeza sumergida en sus teléfonos antes que entablar una conversación. Por lo tanto, esta situación no les permite socializarse y formar fuertes relaciones humanas con aquellas personas que los estiman, como sus padres, hermanos o hijos. La pregunta es ¿la tecnología existe para facilitarnos la vida o sobrevivimos gracias a ella? Sobrevivir no es lo mismo que tener una vida plena, llena de experiencias y cosas nuevas. Por esa razón, es bueno dejar a un lado de vez en cuando nuestros aparatos electrónicos y disfrutar de las cosas simples de la vida. Una caminata en un parque, un paseo por la playa sin tener que revisar el teléfono cada cinco minutos, o leer un libro pueden llegar a ser actividades muy placenteras. No solo romperíamos por un instante las cadenas que nos atan a la tecnología sino que además nos libraríamos del estrés que usualmente nos causan estos dispositivos inteligentes.

Apr. 1, 2014

University Times


Follow Through #1: Go to the Last Bookstore COLUMN

Angeline Bernabe Staff Reporter This quarter, the University Times has decided to start “Follow Through”, a weekly column about accomplishing things on their Bucket list or their list of things to do before they die. Inspired by Michael Green’s, Day Zero Project, in which many have followed in his footsteps to complete their lists of 101 Things (to do) in 1000 Days, the University Times have come to a realization that life is in fact short and should be lived to the very fullest. The rules are as follows: each member of the “Follow Through” team will take turns each week to complete a task off their “Follow Through” lists by having the option of achieving that task alone, with a friend, or with another member of the team. Once a task is completed, a brief article will be written and will be published in our “Follow Through” column. As a proud bookworm, it’s no surprise that the first thing on my list of things to accomplish was to go to the Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles. However, the way it was achieved was completely different than what I had imagined it to be. Why, you may ask? Well, when it comes to all the spontaneous moments in my life so far as a college student, only one name fits those adventures: Ysabel Gonzalez, or as you probably would know her by Yzzy (your co-managing editor). It all happened two weeks ago, right after Yzzy’s last final. We were watching the film, Beginners, in our dorm, when all of a sudden, the main character, Oliver Fields picks up a book to read in one of the scenes, and Yzzy—out of nowhere—asks, “Wanna go to the Last Bookstore?” A couple years ago when I first started college, I probably

would have said “No” because of it being a school night, but ever since I met Yzzy, and started working with her at the paper, her spontaneity has rubbed off on me and I’ve been unable to escape the impulse of going on random adventures. Every time we do hang out, we raise the YOLO Bar every single time. That night after she finished her last final was one of those times. After giving her one look that read, “YOLO, let’s go,” we hopped in her car and headed Downtown with Foster the People’s new album, “Supermodel” as our soundtrack for the evening. Now, you’re probably wondering what’s so special about this bookstore. That bookstore is not just your typical Barnes and Noble or Dollar Book Fair… No. The Last Bookstore is a palace for bookworms like myself filled with all kinds of books imaginable--all for a very reasonable discounted price. I first heard about this place from our friend, Christine, who knows about all the fun stuff to do in the city, and I admit, as a kid in high school who spent most of my free time reblogging things on Tumblr, the pictures Christine showed me of the bookstore reminded me of something I reblogged on my Tumblr dashboard multiple times years ago simply because of how cool it looked. When I first stepped into the bookstore, it did not disappoint. I was transported to a place out of a Harry Potter novel with a hidden labyrinth holding crime and horror novels, a flying typewriter (sculpture), and endless rows of books. It was so different than anything I’ve seen before, and if a boy had shown me this place, I probably would have felt how Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, felt when the Beast

shows her his castle’s library, and almost cries from the magnificence of it all. Although it was nothing like that, I probably almost did cry over how amazing the Last Bookstore was and how much I ended up spending that evening. Yzzy and I are two suburban girls (she, probably being more suburban than me) we’ve become obsessed with the city life ever since starting college. And that night, after the Last Bookstore, the city was practically calling our names with no cars on the freeway and perfect weather, which are basically the preferred elements for a perfect night in the city. In honor of Foster the People’s release of their new album that same day, Yzzy decided to find the Foster the People mural located in that area. Of course, I couldn’t pass up an adventure. Since parking in downtown is terrible, so we decided to continue our journey on foot, which probably wasn’t the best idea in the world because we had a hard time navigating. In our defense, Siri was being the worst navigator taking us to more of the unsafe parts of the city, where Yzzy and I had to practically run through because it was super scary at times.

Angeline + Books = Happiness | Photo by Yzzy Gonzalez The running paid off because without much help from Siri, we found the mural, which was painted on the side of a building. Although it wasn’t on my list of things to do, it might as well could have been because that mural was so beautiful. We couldn’t stay long because of how unsafe it was, but I guess that evening wasn’t just about getting to the destination… it was more about the ride getting there. I realized that plans don’t always turn out the way you’d expect them to and some of the best memories happen in the most spontaneous fashion.

I ended up exceeding past my spending limit that evening and almost died (just kidding) walking in the middle of downtown, but in the end, every penny spent was worth it, and walking around Downtown Los Angeles spontaneously in the middle of the night was probably one of the best ways to kick off Spring Break. If you’re interested in joining our Follow Through team, please email csula.ut@gmail. com with “Follow Through” in the subject.

California's Drought NEWS

Jennifer Amador Contributor Even after having the biggest storm of the year thus far, California is still in danger of a drought. Just because we don’t see a sign on the freeway anymore, it does not mean we have reached a desired rainfall amount. According to the Western Regional Climate Center in 2011, California had 12 inches of rain. After that year California received less and less rain. In 2012 the rain only accumulated to 8 inches and in 2013, California had received a even more drastic cut to only 2 inches. We were lucky enough to get about 4 inches of rain this year so far. Most of us have other important things to think about than this drought. Besides, who has time for that? However, we can still make a difference by doing a few things differently to help conserve water. Some of these tips we

Courtesy of might be doing already without even knowing. CSULA students and staff will soon notice if they haven’t already, that the water pressure in some of the restrooms is lower. According to the website Water Use it Wisely, here are a few ways that we can help conserve water: Do not let the water run while washing dishes. Do not let the water run while brushing your teeth or washing your hands. When you’re doing laundry, maximize the water level with

the size of the load. Shorten your shower. While this is hard for many, shortening your time in the shower will greatly reduce water waste and can help you use that extra time for something else. Make sure to check your water pipes for leaks and if they do, fix them as soon as possible. You can view the rest of the list on Remember, it all starts with the people.


University Times

Apr. 1, 2014

The Journalism 391 Class

GER's Birthday Party



Journalism 391 is tied to Cal State LA’s newspaper, “The University Times”. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be taking a journalism class, let alone contributing to the school’s newspaper.

Get the 4-1-1 on Golden Eagle Radio’s 1 Year Anniversary on April 1st (No foolin’!)

Jennifer Amador Contributor

When I signed up for this class I really did not have an idea of what I would be doing. I assumed I would be writing something, but never to the extent that we would be published in the school’s newspaper. Finding that out was like a cherry on top of a sundae. Every week students in Journalism 391 had to write an original story of 300 words. We met in class every Tuesday to have a newsroom budget meeting, where we would discuss the stories we wanted to write for the week. If we did not know what to write, the University Times (UT) editors would suggest stories. Most of the time those suggestions would be based off CSULA’s upcoming events. I really enjoyed the fact that the students were able to choose their own topics. That is something that I never expected and that I think they should keep doing it for future classes. We were always encouraged to write what we wanted, but also to cover stories that involved campus events to get a better feel of our school and its students. I wrote a total of seven original stories and 3 of them were published on the school’s newspaper. I remember nervously writing my first story. I had never written something for a journalism class so I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. I was ecstatic when I found out that my first story would be published. I could not wait for that weekend to pass so I could see my story in the newspaper on Monday. The first thing I did when I got to school was run to a UT box and grab that week’s issue. When I saw the picture that I took for my article on the cover, I knew that for sure my article was published. I grabbed 5 extra newspapers and gave them to family. The other two times that my articles were published, I made sure to get extra copies to keep for my records and give some to my family.

Marrian Zhou Golden Eagle Radio

Reading the UT| Photo by Timmy Truong The UT staff, T.A. and instructor made the class enjoyable. If you needed help with anything or had any questions they would always assist you. Mr. Munson who is the instructor made lectures extremely easy and made sure you knew the concepts. I learned a lot about Journalism from this class. Students had the opportunity to help distribute the schools newspaper on Mondays for extra credit. I did this once and was shocked to see how many of our newspapers weren’t picked up. It made me mad and sad to see how many newspapers were going to waste, especially because I knew how much effort and time the UT staff puts into the schools newspaper. Winter quarter was my second quarter at CSULA. I’m not going to lie, there wasn’t a time during the Fall quarter that I read the University Times. Ok maybe just once, I really cannot remember. If it weren’t for this class, I probably would have never started the reading the school’s newspaper. Sad but true. Mr. Munson encouraged us all to read the newspaper. After all, we were contributing to it and we were in the class. I can honestly say that I enjoy reading our school newspaper. I found myself grabbing the newspaper every Monday for the new issue. I really enjoyed reading what my classmates would write. One of our required assignments for this class was to distribute 100 copies of our school newspaper to CSULA students and try to get feedback from them. This was probably one of my favorite things that I did in the class. It amazed me that CSULA students did not have an idea where they could grab an issue of our school newspaper. Like hello!! Do you not see the yellow boxes with our cover and name on it!? Some students

were friendly and didn’t mind me asking them for feedback. The majority of the feedback that I got was positive feedback. Everyone had their own opinion on what would make the newspaper better or what attracted them to get an issue. For the most part everyone was nice. I did encounter a few students that acted as if I was interrupting their “homework/study time,” when they were clearly just texting. Excuse me for interrupting your phone time to ask you a few questions! What I really loved about this class is the real experience that you get. I wish CSULA would offer more interactive/ hands on classes for TVF majors like this Journalism class. For example, if clubs such as the Golden Eagle Radio and GetTv were required classes that would be awesome! Not many of us CSULA students have the time to join a school club, so we miss out on those kinds of experiences. I decided to take this class again for my spring quarter. I am really excited and feel like I’ve learned quite a few things that I will definitely be applying next quarter. I am looking forward to what a few other students and I have planned for the newspaper. I feel that with the new content we will be writing, more students will read the newspaper. The fact that the UT is incorporating some Spanish articles opens the doors for many other students to start reading the newspaper. It’s not every day that you see a bilingual newspaper on school campus. Overall I had a great winter quarter and really enjoyed Journalism 391. I recommend this class to all TVF majors and even those who aren’t TVF majors. As I said before, there should definitely be more classes like this.

The rising legend, Golden Eagle Radio, has decided to host their birthday party on April 1st, 2014, from 3 pm to 5 pm, in the University Student Union Los Angeles Room and the entire campus is invited! Seriously!! As the first student-run radio station at CSULA, it has been quite a journey for Golden Eagle Radio. Starting a year ago Tuesday, the collective members of Golden Eagle Radio have been working overtime to gain support for this pioneering endeavor. From peers and faculty members to Deans and Administration, Golden Eagle Radio has accumulated an enormous fan base. While initial kinks like licensing and acquiring proper equipment has delayed the complete and proper launch of Golden Ea-

gle Radio, this newly founded club has become more than a group of aspiring students; Golden Eagle Radio has evolved into one of the most unique, diverse and inspiring organization on campus. Through actions, they have proven that no dream is too far to reach and no goal is too high to achieve.  As of last week, there has been quite a buzz floating around about GER’s first birthday party. Many are curious to also find out the date of launch (which is projected to occur sometime this Spring). Club President, Nicolle Fedor, has confirmed that yes, she will give out more information and updates about the new Internet radio station at the Birthday party, however no more details were released.  So make the decision to spring into this next quarter with a celebration! Light refreshments and sweet treats will be provided (While supplies last). No kidding! 

April Adventures FEATURES

Nurya Fuentes Contributor As of April 5th, the Dodgers will be back in town to play at the Dodger Stadium to compete against the San Francisco Giants. Are you afraid of missing out the first couple of games? Don’t hesitate to buy a ticket! Keep supporting our LA Dodgers and purchase your ticket for upcoming games! Do you like beer? Who doesn’t? The L.A. Beer Festival will be held at the L.A. Center Studios. The L.A. Beer Festival will be on Saturday, April 5th from noon to 3PM. Tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite. Purchase your tickets right away because they are selling out fast! The 6th annual L.A. Beer festival brings together craft breweries, food trucks, and live music. For more information, go to http://www.drinkeatplay. com/labeerfest/. Did you love watching The Big Lebowski? Why not celebrate the film with a special event, the Lebowski Fest? The festival will include a movie party, and a bowling party. The two-day festival is double the fun. Lebowski Fest returns to L.A. on April 25th and 26th including with special

guests! Can we be expecting Jeff Bridges? We just have to wait and find out! For more information, go to Have you ever heard about a Brewery Artwalk? It does exist! The Brewery Artwalk will be open on April 26th and 27th from 11AM to 6PM. The event is free and the parking will also be free. It is a twice-annual event where people come and support LA’s artists. The L.A. Brewery Arts Complex began in 1982 and known for the Pabst Blue Ribbon Brewery. The industrial structures have been transformed into an exciting location for an inspiring artists’ community. The Brewery Artwalk is a chance to see the work of these resident artists who live and work in these unique, vintage lofts. In residence are artists who express their art with architecture, ceramics, design, illustration, fashion, jewelry, mixed media, painting, performance, photography and more. For more information, go to http://breweryartwalk. com. Mark your calendars! Be prepared for these upcoming events and hopefully they are as exciting as explained. Until then, stay golden!

Apr. 1, 2014

University Times

Summer Session 2014 Make the most of your summer.

• Catch up or get ahead by enrolling in a high-demand course. • Only $248 per unit – undergraduate, graduate, and credential students • Registration begins April 29, 2014. • Classes begin June 23, 2014. • Financial aid may be available to continuing CSULA students who enroll in at least six units. • Schedule of classes available at the website below College of Extended Studies and International Programs University-Student Union . First Floor . Room 105



University Times

Apr. 1, 2014

Have a great Spring Quarter! Love, the UT Staff

Zoey and Annabelle

FUN & GAMES Tammy Nguyen Cartoonist

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