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Apr. 27, 2014


C A L I F O R N I A S T A T E U N I V E R S I T Y, L O S A N G E L E S

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Prof. Zelman Leads CSUs To Sacramento CAMPUS

Angeline Bernabe Staff Reporter This year marked the third annual CSU Health Policy conference for students majoring in public health-related fields on April 22nd and 23rd. For two days, students from twelve different Cal State Universities met in Sacramento to observe how Health Policies are made, learn about how public health officials arrived at their positions in government, and network with students from other CSUs. Organized by the Chair of the Public Health Department three years ago, Dr. Walter Zelman created the Health Policy Conference to have students see how policies are directly made. He explained, “I wanted students who are in healthcare or in public health, health science, and especially those who are in public policy to get a sense of what actually works and see the policy making process first hand and talk to people who are engaged in it.” At first having the conference only available to fifty Cal State L.A. Students, other Public Health Departments at other CSUs came in contact with Zelman and twelve CSUs followed in the succeeding years including CSU-Sacramento, San Bernardino, Northridge, Dominguez Hills, Long Beach, Fullerton, Fresno, San Jose, San Diego, San Francisco, and Chico. The Sacramento Conference spanned over two days, and prior to the conference, some were unsure about what to gain from the experience because public health is such a broad topic. Others however, hoped to get a better understanding of how health policies are developed. Jessica Faust, a Health Administration Major from CSUNorthridge, said, “From this experience, I hope to see more of how policies are developed and what goes into the backhand of it rather than just seeing the outcomes of it. I wanna see the people who are in

CSULA Students pose for a photo with Assembly Member Jimmy Gomez with the Capitol Building in Sacramento as a backdrop. |Photo By: Krystle Gupilan

charge of making the policies and see if we as a community are well represented.” Similarly, Alan Moreno, a Health Service and Administration Student from San Jose State University, hoped to gain an “understanding of policy and government” because their Spartan campus is more gauged toward community health and healthcare with no main focus on policy and government. With a related agenda of expectations among many students for the two-day trip, many were surprised to discover more than just learning about the processes of policy making and government and found themselves considering a possible government-related career after graduation with their degree in public health. Errolbuada Junior, an Asian and Asian American Studies Major who attended the 2-day conference from San Francisco State mentioned how he never considered to pursue a Public Health Path with his major and found inspiration in the passion of the words that government officials like Senate President Pro Tem, Darrel Steinberg and Assembly Member Jimmy Gomez provided saying, “Seeing how many people are really passionate

about it (Public Health) kinda brought the passion back out in me, and meeting all the legislatures really kinda just helped me find what I wanted to do.” On day one of the conference, students received some inspirational words of advice from Senator Kevin DeLeon, who represents Senate District 22, which includes most parts of Los Angeles including South Pasadena, Alhambra, and San Marino (just to name a few). DeLeon painted a picture of the roots of his childhood and what kind of life he had prior to becoming a Senator which ultimately had him interested in public health policy issues because of the poor conditions in the area that he grew up in. Although kicked out of school, DeLeon managed to stay curious and motivated and kept moving on which was something many students were able to relate to. Joseph Cocoba, a grad student of public health at San Diego State University who related to DeLeon’s story shared, “Everyone has their ideal plan or pathway that they want to go to, but sometimes life interferes.” Alongside Cocoba’s comment, Nicole Mendez, a Community Health Education Ma-

jor from Cal State Long Beach learned from the conference’s experience saying, “I’ve seen the possibilities moving up even when you have some sort of circumstances that don’t put you in that direction or don’t give you the chances to move up, but it’s possible to make the chances.” With DeLeon’s story, many students were able to recognize the similarities among each of their campus’ Public Health Deparments and find how diverse each of their schools are. Krystle Gupilan, a CSULA Public Health Major who was influenced by Senator DeLeon’s story brought to light, “I’ve learned about the diversity of all the schools… to get to his (DeLeon’s) point where he is now, being this powerful man, and being able to give back to his community, that’s something I’m taking away from this experience. “ Students were able to introduce each of their universities in brief presentations in those two days which allowed many to learn about the different programs available on each campus and ways in which each campus is building on behalf of student’s efforts. For example, at CSU Chico, CSUs in Sacramento Continued On Pg 4


University Times

Apr. 27, 2014

Wednesday's A.S.I. Debate NEWS

Ashley Parker Contributor Election time is here once again! A.S.I. held their first round of debates for college representatives and academic senators this past Wednesday, April 23. Many students from around campus came to watch and participate as their fellow Eagles stood up and expressed their platforms as well as changes they plan to make. Candidates’ positions included College of Arts and Letters Representative, College of Engineering, Computer Science and Technology Representative, College of Health and Human Services Representative, Charter College of Education Representative, Campus Affairs Representative-atLarge, and Undergraduate Academic Senator. Debates are formatted with opening statements expressing each candidate’s slate and vision, any questions from the

audience, general questions asked by coordinators, and finally closing statements. Many of the candidates rallied for more activities and events throughout the school year while others expressed their desire to unify campus organizations.

In his vision to unify clubs and the Greek organizations on campus, senior Stephan Densby, candidate for Campus Affairs Representative-atLarge, vividly expressed that “the concept of working together to produce something even greater is what this position is all about.” He continues, “Solidarity is key if we want to make [CSULA] a better place as a whole. We all have differences but we need to celebrate that diversity through unity.” Overall, there was a staunch cry for students’ rights throughout the debates. Audience members cheered and chanted slates such as “Golden Eagles for Progress.” Junior



candidate for Undergraduate Academic Senator, stated in an interview, “I really want to bridge the gap between students and faculty. If the students are happy, everyone is happy… I would try to find a way for students to be informed. There should be flyers and posters for certain problems to bring attention so that everyone will be informed”. On campus, A.S.I. student representatives are the voice of the CSULA students. They advocate for educational rights through the Academic Senate and various campus committees. They are responsible for keeping the campus connected, voicing student needs and wants to officials, and supporting the educational, social, and cultural wellbeing of the university. Off campus, A.S.I. members also collaborate with other CSU’s with the goal of empowering the students. Voting for all A.S.I. positions will begin at 8 a.m. on Monday, May 5 and continue until 7

p.m. on Wednesday, May 7

entitled “A.S.I. Elections.”

To let your voice be heard and join in the voting polls, just log-on to your GET account and click on the section

Results will be announced on Thursday, May 8 at 4 p.m. in the Main Walkway adjacent to the Campus Bookstore.



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University Times

Apr. 27, 2014

Thursday's A.S.I. Debate NEWS

Taylor Preza Contributor On Thursday, April 24th at 6PM the second debate for the upcoming ASI election took place at the Student Housing Lounge. Candidates were present along with fellow students at CSULA who had questions for them to answer. Debates were held between Academic Senators, Campus Affairs Representatives, Business and Economic Representatives, and the Health and Human Services Representatives. Each candidate had a minute for opening and closing remarks with questions in between. Candidates for the position of serving as Community Affairs Representatives-At-Large included Diego Tinoco and Alexandra Johnson. Each got a chance to speak to the fellow students and express their main goals and plans if elected. They were each asked what they would do to get more involved with the community. During the debate, Tinoco had stated he plans to “encourage students to push and promote their own community service events.” He mentioned how it is important for students at CSULA to get involved with other campuses


when it comes to serving the community. He wants to create a bridge between the students and community where concerns are shared throughout. Tinoco will attend the city council meeting on April 25th to listen to what needs to be addressed in the city. He then plans to bring awareness to the people of what needs to be improved and come up with ideas on how to make that happen. Tinoco stressed that it is important for students in high school in the community to realize that “they can have a better future” by attending college at CSULA especially as some will be first generation students. His proposal is to head to those high schools and help them to become aware of their situation. The other candidate for the position, Alexandra Johnson stresses how important it is for the students to get more involved on campus. Johnson stated, “We want students to know that they have power to dictate their future.” She is also passionate about the issue of educating underprivileged children in the community. She shares that it is important to bring awareness to the issue so “they can have the same opportunities that we have.”

Candidates at the Wednesday debate| Photo by Timmy Truong Johnson plans to reach out to the community and get them involved and aware of these types of issues. She proposed throwing benefit shows where musicians and artists perform, where the money will go to educating those underprivileged children. Johnson explained how hard the staff works for the students here at CSULA and they will benefit as well as the students. Students will benefit from getting involved in the community by enriching their education. She shares, “The community will also benefit because they will have a helping hand.” Johnson had also brought

up the issue of CSULA’s semester conversion for the fall quarter of 2016. Her idea of getting students to cope with the conversion consists of having more study groups available within their colleges so they will have more space and organization when trying to study for their classes. Representative candidates also debated for the positions in the College of Natural and Social Science and the College of Business and Economics. Each candidate plans to focus on what the students in those colleges want in order to improve their academic experiences at CSULA. They all agreed that they are all just working together to try

to bring what the students deserve. Legislative Affairs Representative-At-Large candidate, Sasha Perez plans to get students more involved with becoming aware of what is going on in the legislative aspect. She encourages students to join committees to be more involved around campus especially on the political level. Perez emphasizes how great of an opportunity it is for students to engage with lobbying and to learn about our government. The Graduate Senator and Charter College of Education Representatives debate followed shortly after. Total, there was a count of six debates in round two. The event lasted from 6PM until around 8PM. Pizza, sandwiches, and drinks were served for the students. All the seats were filled and a raffle drawing took place at the end for a chance to win amusement park tickets. Students were attentive and few asked questions. After the debate, students were then encouraged to attend the next and final one including the Presidential and Executive debate, which will be held on Tuesday, April 29th at 3PM at the Los Angeles Room C in the U-SU. There will also be a giveaway for Disneyland Tickets. Voting takes place from May 5th through the 7th online on your GET account. Election results will be announced on Thursday, May 8th at 4PM in the main walkway, adjacent to the bookstore, along with a mixer. Students can meet and mingle with the newly elected 2014-2015 A.S.I. administration as well as enjoy some dessert and refreshments.


Apr. 27, 2014

University Times

CSUs in Sacramento Continued from Pg 1 student, Zachary McDonugh mentioned, “We just won second place at college bowl. We’re an undergrad program and we beat out three other grad programs. We’re also starting a mentorship program through our American College of Healthcare Executives Program where we bring in people who are looking into the major and helping them succeed in it.” Parallel to CSU Chico, Gena Altizer and Sitoya Mansell, students from CSU San Bernardino are utilizing the experiences that they’ve gained over the years as Health Science Majors to educate students living in the dorms to eat healthier. Mansell explained, “We’re actually starting a nutrition wellness program called the residential nutrition wellness program.” Altizer and Mansell elaborated that it will be part of the Choose My Plate campaign and will have nutrition counseling for students. With CSU Fullerton being the first smoke free campus, Health Science Major, Kevin Tai took pride in his campus’ progress and updated, “I myself as a student don’t see anymore cigarette buds on the floor, I don’t see smokers walking around, the air’s a lot cleaner. It also promotes this sense for people to be more aware and cautious of the environment the live in.” In addition, students were able to learn about San Diego State’s unique grad program at their campus, which is close to many military bases that they work closely with and CSU Dominguez Hills’ Health Science Student Alliance where volunteers help students build resumes and give back to the community. CSU Dominguez Hills Community Health Major added, “Dominguez Hills is really diverse and it’s really representative of the community around. It’s really small class sizes but we get a whole range of different people and it makes it a lot easier for the future ahead of us.” From an government official’s perspective, Joe Parra, a policy consultant with the Senate Republican Policy Office who spoke at one of the panel events on Day Two of the conference was so impressed by the interest and motivation that the students who attend-

ed had and advised, “Keep an open mind and make sure you get different points of views because it’s very important.” As someone who works at the capitol, Parra also revealed the pros and cons of working in government, “Although it’s a really great place to be, it’s not rally reality and so it’s always nice to get out to be able to interact with a group of people and particularly students.” At the end of the experience, many students were able to take away more than what they expected to gain from the conference. CSU Sacramento Public Health Student, Calpurnia Moua stated, “It’s been very educational especially being a graduating senior looking out at future career possibilities so it’s been very educational that way.” For students that weren’t able to make it on this trip to Sacramento, CSULA Public Health Student, Patricia Beilke urged students that, “If they have an interest in anything, take advantage of every opportunity that is thrown their way whether they’re interested or not, those will be a valuable learning experience and it will open your eyes and change your perspective about whatever’s out there.” Natasha Buransombati, a recent CSULA Public Health Graduate and the coordinator who assited Dr. Zelman in developing this year’s conference for a second time stated, “I think all majors should do this for their students. It really opens up the eyes of what they’re doing and what they’re working for is really important and what other avenues it takes to get there. It’s inspirational and it brings to light how important it is to work hard.” Dr. Zelman wrapped up the two-day event with thirteen pieces of advice gathered from the conference for students to keep in mind which included to “Be and think bold…work hard and people will notice… always stay curious.” He hopes to continue with more Health Policy Conferences in the coming years and hopes that students gained an appreciation of how government works, how policies are made, and hopes that students now have a more positive feeling about government.

First Date Advice ADVICE

Sean Buer Contributor I’ve gone on many horrific dates in my life and I’ve started to notice patterns in successful dates as well as those that fall flat. Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts for those about to embark on a first date, in an effort to help it go more smoothly. 1. Don’t complain too much. Avoid people who are constantly complaining that something is wrong with them or their situation. For example, telling someone that you’re miserable because of allergies, your head hurts, you’re cramping, or unable to sleep, are problems your date has no control over. There are only so many times someone can show empathy for a permanently distressed date. 2. Don’t dominate the conversation. If you go on a sit-down date or just invite somebody over, don’t talk incessantly without acknowledging their opinions. I’ve been on many dates where the other person just spews out pre-thought-up stories and anecdotes that could’ve been told to anyone. Ask questions and seem interested in what the other person is thinking. Everybody is different so you should treat your conversations as such. 3. Don’t over indulge in subjects that aren’t of interest to your date For example, don’t make the

date about playing with pets. I don’t have any animals, nor would I “die for them because I love them so much.” If your date makes a point to say that he/she doesn’t feel the same way about something, just avoid it. You want them to feel comfortable and to share common interests at first. 4. Don’t ask about hot button topics Avoid religion, political views, and social issues, unless you know for sure that they’re comfortable talking about it. These are personal beliefs and if you bring them up too early while dating someone, it could cause you to alienate them and not discover their personality. 5. Be Respectful. Show up on time. If you’re running late, call them and let them know how far away you are. It’s common courtesy. Say “thank you” when they pick up the tab and don’t just expect they would. 6. Don’t talk about exes. Talking about exes reveals to the other person that you aren’t ready to date again. Chances are the date is still in contact with their ex or they aren’t completely over them. This just leaves the other person feeling used and unimportant.

date and show that you enjoy more than a deep conversation. This also works on the other side. If most of your dates consist of talking about partying and having fun, bring it down a notch and talk about your goals in life and things that really interest you. 8. Don’t insult or judge the person openly. Whatever you do, do not show your discontent with them. Don’t say they’re weird, call them names or say you aren’t having fun. Even if you are joking around it’s too early for that kind of talk. Remember that the other person might have some opinions of you as well. Show some humility. If you don’t like the person, don’t schedule another date with them. If they ask about it, just say that the chemistry wasn’t there. 9. Try to have fun Remember, you’re just getting to know each other, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Don’t overthink the date while it’s happening. Show that you’re having fun. The other person will be more inclined to want to see you again if you show that you enjoy their company.


Show that you’re a dynamic person. After a couple of dates, you don’t want to seem like a one-dimensional person. If most of your dates seem too serious, go out on a fun

University Times

Apr. 27, 2014

ASI's Legislative Rep Carrillo Updates Student Body NEWS

Angeline Bernabe Staff Reporter With Hector Jacinto’s recent resignation from his position as A.S.I. President two weeks ago, A.S.I.’s Legislative Representative at Large, Nicholas Carrillo, gave an update about what A.S.I. is doing to keep their student body in the loop about their student government. Since Hector’s resignation, Carrillo assured, “A.S.I. has taken immediate action to replace the open committee positions and officer positions to ensure that the student body voice goes unheard.” Carrillo has made sure of keeping the relationship between students and student government transparent. Since he ran for Legislative Representative at Large last year, Carrillo has urged students (in regards to Jacinto’s resignation) to “remain proactive in making sure your student representatives are doing what they’re supposed to do and to make sure there is substance behind their words and behind their actions.” He continued on by saying, ”I would encourage all students to come to the board of

directors if you have questions or if you have concerns to this issue or any issue and want to pressure the board of directors who are your elected representatives for answers.” In terms of A.S.I. Debates kicking off last week, Carrillo advises students to make the right decisions when deciding whom to vote for. Carrillo said, “Make sure there is substance and not just loudness. Passion by itself will not get the results that we seek. Passion alongside proactive student leaders make an accountable student population and will result in those actions. So I would encourage students to just make sure that what’s being said at these debates and what’s being said by these candidates have substance behind it.” Furthermore, Carrillo confirms that Jacinto’s resignation was not a predicted act and A.S.I. couldn’t have expected the actions that were presented by him. If students have any further questions, Carrillo encourages students to look into Jacinto’s past work as A.S.I. President.


Movement for WGSS Major NEWS

degree for the Los Angeles community, where diversity is everywhere.

The 2014 Spring Quarter has been marked with the movement for a Womyn’s Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) major. The WGSS Student Collective is leading the campus towards building upon the currently existing Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies minor.

The WGSS Student Collective is aware that it may take a long time to create a WGSS major but they are still more determined than ever.

Yzzy Gonzalez Managing Editor

With the collaboration of the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA), the WGSS Student Collective held its first general meeting on April 9th to inform students about the WGSS movement and discuss the pros of having a WGSS major and have since continued spreading the word. President of FMLA, senior and Political Science major Karen Hernandez advocated the WGSS major saying “The major itself would be a collaborative of other majors and intersectionality. It can relate to everybody and getting into this major can give many opportunities in different careers. You can go to law school with this, you can go to grad school, you can work in the business sector, the nonprofit sector.” WGSS Student Collective Chair Professor Dr. Dionne Espinoza spoke about how a WGSS major would benefit the diverse campus. While CSULA is a women majority campus, Espinoza was clear to say that this proposed major is not just for women, but also for men, as it looks at the concept of gender with other important issues, such as sexuality, race and class. Currently, the Women’s and Gender Studies minor requires 32 units and cross lists classes with majors like Philosophy and Sociology. The minor also has many departments you can take classes from, including Anthropology, Chinca/o Studies, English, History and many more. Many of the classes require action from the students in the form of community engagement; an idea that is not only stated in CSULA’s mission statement but also embodies the WGSS goal of being intersectional. WGSS supporters and FMLA members stress that the major helps students use their

“So our focus, purpose of this quarter is basically to mobilize, lay the ground work. It’s a multilayer project, we need to make sure that what we started will gather support when we leave, and that they’ll keep going until finally it becomes a major.” said FMLA Social Media Editor senior Abbie Juaner, Liberal Studies major and WGSS minor. That groundwork includes bringing awareness to the campus through events, reaching out to Deans in order to find a home for the WGSS major, continuous presentations, and meetings. The next big event planned to increase WGSS awareness is the May Day Rally on May 1st. Students will join together to express their wants and needs on all types of issues, like Ethnic Studies requirements, Student Success Fee, and the possible closure of Dolcini’s. This past Winter Quarter, FMLA travelled to Washington DC for the 10th Annual National Young Feminist Leadership Conference. It was at NYFLC that FMLA saw first hand the nationwide lack of WGSS majors and classes. Hernandez reacted by saying, “California is seen as a progressive state and it’s sad that CSULA is still behind in this major. And yes, even though other schools are talking about the major, in our state we’ve already progressed passed that, but it’s not established in this university.” FMLA took the trip to Washington DC trip as inspiration and returned to CSULA motivated to make WGSS a major. Since they talked to many other campuses nation wide, FMLA members saw that they couldn’t settle for having WGSS as a minor. “Our exisiting minor is not good enough, we can’t settle for a minor,” Hernandez stated. “WGSS right now doesn’t have a voice.’ The creation for a WGSS major has support from faculty in many disciplines, includ-

ing Professor Dr. Alejandra Marchevsky of Liberal Studies, the Director of the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexualities Dr. Ben Bateman, and Espinoza, who teaches in the departments of Chicana/o Studies and Liberal Studies. According to Espinoza, the journey to have the WGSS major at CSULA began over 7 years ago but has been discouraged do to CSU budget cuts. Regardless, Espinoza has been working alongside Liberal Studies Chair Dr. Patrick Sharp to successfully grow the minor. “The minor has been growing in the last five years, and has doubled since last year,” said Espinoza. Espinoza plans to submit the WGSS major into the five-year plan, which is the path a major needs to take through the Chancellor’s Office in order to be approved. One step in the right direction is the possibility of making WGSS an option in the Liberal Arts major. Currently, the WGSS Student Collective is working on getting signatures for a petition that began in Winter 2014 calling for a WGSS major. “Our overall goal is to send the petition and take it to President Covino so we can get him to publicly announce his support in favor of the WGSS Major,” stated Vice President of FMLA, senior Nancy Aragon, Liberal Studies major and WGSS minor. Already 500 people have signed the petition, which was created by the students in the WGSS Collective. Espinoza praised the students, saying they are showing the campus that students want the major to be created. WGSS will one of the many topics covered during the student planned May Day Rally on May 1st. May Day will take place in the “Free Speech Zone” located in front of the Bookstore. For more information about WGSS Student Collective and what you can do to be a part of the movement, attend the FMLA and/or WGSS meetings on Wednesdays at 3:15 in the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center located in the Cross Cultural Centers.


University Times

Apr. 27, 2014

Elena Poniatowska gana el Premio Cervantes

Educación e igualdad Noticias

Por Meliza Guzmán Contribuyente El pasado martes 22 de abril, la Suprema Corte de Justicia prohibió que las universidades utilicen criterios raciales como medida de admisión. “Blanco”, “café” y “negro” son colores que, como adjetivos, sólo se deberían referir a las cosas; sin embargo, en pleno siglo 21 seguimos preguntándonos cómo acabar con la discriminación racial. La medida de la Corte se llevó a cabo en contra de la “affirmative action”, conocida también como “discriminación positiva”, la cual aseguraba

que grupos minoritarios pudieran tener una oportunidad para acceder a un plantel de educación superior. Sin embargo, los grupos mayoritarios argumentan que la “affirmative action” los discrimina ya que sólo beneficia a grupos de “color”. Aunque esta ley, promulgada en 1960, no puede ser revocada completamente, al menos da derecho a la gente a tener su propio criterio, de aplicarla o no, mediante un referéndum. La discriminación se encuentra presente en diferentes grupos étnicos independientemente de la clase social a la que pertenezcan. Precisamente, es debido a la

discriminación que muchos niños de razas minoritarias reciben una educación de baja calidad y esto se ve reflejado en su bajo rendimiento escolar. Desafortunadamente estos niños deciden abandonar los estudios y no continuar con una carrera; sus números no son iguales a los estudiantes de origen anglosajón o asiático que llegan a la universidad. La raza no debería ser un factor que determine la calidad de la educación que puede recibir un estudiante. Los estudiantes no tienen por qué sentirse presionados a contestar preguntas incómodas sobre su etnia. Todos deberíamos tener igual acceso a la educación.

¡Rudolfo Anaya en CSULA!


Por Nataly Garcia Contribuyente El próximo viernes 2 y sábado 3 de Mayo, se llevará a cabo una conferencia con Rudolfo Anaya y otros grandes escritores. Rudolfo Anaya (nacido en Pastura, Nuevo México en 1937), es autor de novelas, cuentos, ensayos, obras de teatro, guiones y poesía. Sus obras tratan, entre otros temas, sobre su herencia chicana y el catolicismo. Anaya es reconocido por pertenecer a la primera generación de

escritores chicanos. En 1972 ganó el Premio Quinto Sol por su primera novela, Bless Me, Última. Así que no desaproveches esta oportunidad de conocer a uno de los escritores más reconocidos en la literatura chicana y de mayor influencia en los Estados Unidos. Próximo viernes 2 y sábado 3 de Mayo - Golden Eagle Ball Room. De las 8:00am a las 9:00pm. La entrada es gratuita y abierta para todo público. Para más información visiten: www.



Crédito: Israel Curiel



Por Linda Romero Contribuyente Con una gran trayectoria como escritora y periodista, la mexicana Elena Poniatowska (81) recibió el Premio Cervantes de Literatura el 23 de abril. Ella es la cuarta mujer en ganar este premio tan importante para la literatura en español. El Rey Juan Carlos de España fue el presentador de la ceremonia de la entrega que tuvo lugar en Alcala de Henares. En su interesante y fascinante discurso, Poniatowska habló acerca de las dificultades de los marginados. También se refitrió a mujeres ejem-

plares como Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Marta Traba y Rosario Ibarra de Piedra. Poniatowska dió a conocer su admiración por las otras ganadoras del premio (María Zambrano, Dulce María Loynaz, y Ana María Matute) y recordó al recientemente fallecido escritor Gabriel García Márquez. No le faltó mencionar en su discurso a los personajes de la obra maestra Don Quijote de la Mancha de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. Su dedicación a darles voz a los marginados y su denuncia a la discriminación e injusticia es indiscutible. Elena Poniatowska, una increíble escritora y periodista, sin duda fue muy bien elegida para ser premiada con tan prestigioso honor.

Apr. 27, 2014

University Times


Follow Through #3: Go to the MTV Movie Awards COLUMN

Taylor Preza Contributor We all have our own list of tasks to check off when it comes to completing our missions of living our lives to the fullest. As an out-of-state CSULA student majoring in Broadcast Journalism from Hawai`i, I tend to easily get star struck. When you’re trapped on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for basically your whole life, you tend to get way more excited than the average person when you meet or see a movie star. And that is exactly why going to the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles was my biggest dream growing up. When I first moved out to Los Angeles right before my freshman year at CSULA, I had high hopes of coming into contact with celebrities. I thought I would get to experience a life of excitement surrounded by famous movie stars and artists. My hopes were slowly diminishing, as it turned out the only excitement I got during my first year in LA was going clubbing every weekend. My freshman year however, was still full of excitement and it was one that

I will never forget. Somehow, everything was different than what I had pictured it to be. That is, until I started my sophomore year. I had moved into the dorms with new roommates and had new experiences as well. I thought my sophomore year here was going to be a repeat of the year before. I did not expect much talk about going to concerts or meeting celebrities until my dorm mate, Loveren Dela Cruz, surprised me one day. I had just finished class and checked my phone to find that I had a text message from her saying that she had something urgent to tell me when I got back to the dorm. I rushed back after class and barged into her room. Anxiously, I asked her what the news was. She suddenly screamed “We’re going to the MTV Movie Awards this weekend!” My jaw dropped and I was in utter shock. She had made my day. In fact, she had made my entire life in that single moment. There was all of a sudden a dash of hope left in my expectations of living in LA. April 13 came and we made our way to the line for the selected audience members for the “red carpet fans.” We waited for about three hours before escorted to the actual red carpet event.

We ended up in the second row near where the professional photographers and E-news members were doing their thing. We were literally two feet away from the red carpet. After another hour the celebrities started to pull in! It was amazing! Will Poulter from the recent movie We’re the Millers acknowledged us. I handed him my phone, begging him to take a “selfie” with Loveren and I, and he did! Loveren and I even got to take pictures with the cast from the MTV shows Catfish and Awkward. As more and more movie stars pulled up to the carpet, the more we screamed our heads off. Before we knew it, the red carpet pre show was over. Our tickets were only good for “red carpet fans.” So we started to make our way out and back to the parking lot, which was a good two blocks away. Luckily, we were one of the few last people to leave because the online hosts in charge of the audience needed more people to actually attend the awards show inside the Nokia Theatre. They escorted us inside the venue in an orderly fashion. I could not believe my eyes. As Loveren and I walked in, Nicki Minaj was two feet away from me. I wanted to ask her to snap a picture with us but

earlier we were told not to make a big deal if we were near a famous person. I obeyed and honestly did not even care if I couldn’t take a picture with her because I was enjoying living in the moment. We then made our way to our seats and watched the show with amazement. I kept looking around to see how the show was actually run. I felt completely blessed to be sitting where I was sitting. It was everything that I expected but even better. Never in my life did I ever think I would actually be at the MTV Movie Awards. I am so thankful to have a friend like Loveren who can help make my dreams come true. And I am so blessed for the opportunity and experience. We had a blast and that was one heck of a day that I will never forget. This experience has showed me that dreams can become reality and we should be thankful for every opportunity that comes our way. Now I can’t wait to check off the next task on my bucket list!


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Apr. 27, 2014

La Finesse 2014


Holland Smith Contributor On April 22nd, The College of Arts and Letters hosted La Finesse at The University-Student Union Plaza. The event went from 5PM to 7PM and was a celebration of the creative, talented students within the Arts and Letters Department at Cal State LA. The event was put on in collaboration with the different departments within The College of Arts and Letters including art, communication, TVF, theatre, and dance. There was a fashion show, a Folkloric dance, and an art exhibit featuring paintings, photography, and sculptures. Music was also an important part of this year’s La Finesse. DJ-ing the event was Golden Eagle Radio and a live band made up of Cal Stale LA’s commercial ensemble kicked off the event. After viewing the exhibits and snapping dozens of pic-

tures Peter McAllister, the Dean of the Arts and Letters Department, stated, “Cal State LA students are amazing and the quality of work is no surprise. This is what they do all the time.” Carlos Chavez, a graduate student at Cal State LA spent his time at La Finesse working on his 8x11 foot Golden Eagle painting. The design was of Cal State LA’s mascot, the Golden Eagle, against a blue sky, and separated into puzzle pieces. Chavez says he had been working on the design since noon that day and once La Finesse began students watched as he continued to spray paint with intricate detail, adding the final touches to his work. Chavez stated that the puzzle pieces represented each of the different departments in the College of Arts and Letters. When asked what inspired his work Chaves stated he was just trying to “keep it simple.” While the event allowed students the opportunity to showcase their talents and

their work with the rest of the school, there was a lot of planning that went into making La Finesse so successful. Marina Vilhena and Emmanuel Solis are the Arts and Letters representative for ASI and the powerhouse behind the La Finesse.

Carlos Chavez's painting. |Photo By Javier Maldonado

A lot of time went into planning and executing such a large event, including attending department meetings, speaking to students, emailing professors, contacting clubs, and speaking to the chairs of every department. Vilhena states, “Overall it’s about getting involved.” Solis added, “Picking which students [to showcase] was a challenge.”

Paintings at La Finesse.|Photo By Timmy Truong

Despite the long and stressful hours Vilhena summed it up when she said, “Seeing it together is like a finale. It was definitely a challenge, but seeing students exposing their work and being proud, makes it worth it. I think it’s a success.”

Birds eye view of La Finesse|Photo By Javier Maldonado

Art and fashion models|Photos By Timmy Truong

Breakfast At The University Club Patio 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM Fresh Coffee & Breakfast Burritos Regular Hours Monday - Thursday 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM Friday 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM Danzantes Folklóricos|Photo By Timmy Truong


Apr. 27, 2014

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Say Boo to Coachella Blues ENTERTAINMENT

Budweiser Made In America will be the first festival to operate simultaneously on both U.S. coasts.

Are you bummed because you missed Coachella this year? Or better yet, are you bummed because you went and already want to go back? Do not fret my fellow Golden Eagles. B

Last year’s Made In America lineup included huge headlining names like Beyoncé, Calvin Harris, Deadmau5, Phoenix, Kendrick Lamar, and many many more. Official lineups for both festivals are expected in early May. Performances from both festivals will also be livestreamed by Budweiser.

Alexandra Del Salto Contributor

elieve it or not, there IS life outside of Coachella, and there ARE many more cool music festivals coming to town this summer. Coachella may have been the first one to kick off festival season, but there are definitely festival front-runners that may give Coachella a run for their money. The festival gods are still smiling down on us. Jay Z’s Made In America Festival 2014 Most talked about is the official announcement of Jay-Z’s Made In America music festival expansion to Los Angeles, made April 16th. The festival, sponsored by Budweiser, originally resided in Philadelphia until founding partner and curator Jay-Z decided to take it to the next level, making it bicoastal. The festival is a two-day event, set for Labor Day weekend in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles at Grand Park.

FYF Fest FYF Fest is musical festival that takes place at the L.A. State Historic Park, showcasing premiere underground rock, soul, folk, punk, house, hip-hop, indie, alternative, techno and experimental electronic artists and bands. With a beautiful view of the Downtown L.A skyline’s exquisitely glowing city lights set as the foreground and the awesome music echoing through the air, the festival puts you in a state of inexplicable bliss. F YF Fest is essentially L.A.’s own mini-Coachella-like festival. The festival is a two-day event that usually takes place towards the end of August. The event features food trucks, merchants, photo booths, beer gardens, and more. Headliners at last year’s FYF Fest in-

cluded MGMT, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On the Radio, Flume, Toro Y Moi, Solange, and Devendra Banhart. The 2014 dates are confirmed to be August 23rd and 24th, but its location is still unconfirmed due to renovations taking place at the L.A. State Historic Park. The line-up for FYF Fest 2014 has yet to be announced.


Angeles at the end of the summer, on September 13th. Tickets are on sale (for a decent price), with a variety of other locations to choose from nearby, in case LA is sold out, such as San Diego and Las Vegas. Headlining the festival this year is Outkast, A$AP Ferg, Action Bronson, Chance The Rapper, Cashmere Cat, Dillon Francis, Diplo and many more!

Mad Decent Block Party Mad Decent Block Party is a musical festival thrown by (famous DJ) Diplo’s record label that tours across the nation plus some parts of Canada. Mad Decent is essentially a party on wheels, offering high-energy electric music and rap artists.

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival Outside Lands, a top favorite music festival that is held in California, is a festival that not only puts strong emphasis on music, but also celebrates art, food and wine. The standards of the food, drinks, and art are unparalleled, as are their awesome line-ups.

When the festival hits the Los Angeles leg of its national tour, it settles at the L.A. Center Studios. Although the festival reveals one overall general line up, each concert in each different city will boast its own unique lineup (select artists from the general line up), along with additional artists that get spontaneously announced as the festival nears.

Outside Lands offers various “attractions,” which are different special assigned areas specifically dedicated to just food trucks, wine, beer, desserts, food and wine pairings, art installations and exhibits, and “eco” awareness. Along with their attractions, there is a plethora of booths, stands, and photo booths for everyone to utilize and enjoy.

Mad Decent offers plenty of goodies, if and when you want to take a break from the concert crowds of craziness, including food trucks and freebie popup tents. Mad Decent will be in Los

Music Fests Continued On Pg 10

Our best gets better. Metro’s Silver Line customers love how easy it is to commute with us. Convenient connections to major downtown destinations are a bonus for sports fans, culture hounds and foodies. And now, Silver Line service runs every 5 minutes during rush hours and every 20 minutes at midday and on weekends. Less wait, more great.

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14-1505ps © 2014 lacmta

For more information and to plan your trip, visit


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Apr. 27, 2014

International Day of Dance: Rebirth: A New Era CAMPUS

Talia Bagnerise Contributor The 5th Annual International Day of Dance concert, Rebirth: A New Era, is approaching rapidly. CSULA students and faculty are greatly excited to participate. International Day of Dance was first introduced in 1982 and is celebrated every year on April 29th around the world aiming to attract attention to the art of dance. “On that day, dance companies, dance schools, organizations and individuals, professionals as well as amateurs, organize activities addressing an audience different from their usual one,” says Artistic Director of International Day of Dance concert and CSULA professor, Dr. Seonagh Odhiambo Horne. For the entire week, dance is celebrated and this year, being the 5th year now of promoting this extraordinary event, CSULA has decided to get bigger. With a whole week full of events starting on April 28th, there will be student performances and classes around campus, a show by world-renowned Heidi Duckler Dance Company live-streamed to four other CSU campuses, and Dance Happening at the Metro stop, leading up to the main stage event at the end of the week on May 1st and 2nd. “The title of our performance Rebirth: A New Era comes down to dance is for everybody and everyone can dance. What we are trying to do is just reach out to people and share with them the happiness and joy that we get from it, and that essence, and that spirit that is in each of us. That’s what we are trying to share here with our title… is that we are all connected, we are all apart of each other. Dance is one of the best ways you can drop the language barriers, drop all of the different things that make people disconnected, and be able to just enjoy the music and enjoy the dance and celebrate,” said fourth year graduating senior, student choreographer, and performer, Daniel Glen. At least thirty-five CSULA students are involved in performance and choreography and the idea is to attract as many people at whatever level

of dance to join in.

Glen said, “I know plenty of dancers that aren’t dance majors. So I ask my friends who are dancers and they come and they perform even though they are biology majors or sociology majors. There are tons of different departments but that’s what makes it even cooler because it’s about celebrating dance for dance….The International Day of Dance at CSULA is an all-inclusive event representing a fusion of people from all over the world. We want all the people of Los Angeles to feel welcome and join in the action.” Not only CSULA students are involved but also alumni. Rosemary Chavez earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts and Dance, Dance option from CSULA and has returned to CSULA as an alumni choreographer. Kaleila Jordan graduated in 2010 and obtained a B.A. in Theater Arts and Dance from CSULA and is now reaching her full potential in the entertainment business with work from various artists, such as Usher, 50 Cent, Sean Kingston, Britney Spears, and the list goes on. These two talented alumni have returned to CSULA to help make this event as special and entertaining as possible. Involved in making dance international is the SGI Engaged Buddhist Club and helped bring a lobby display by the Soka Gakkai International, a worldwide lay Buddhist association led by peace worker Daisaku Ikeda, called “From a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace: Transforming the Human Spirit” to campus. According to Dr. Seonagh Odhiambo Horne, “Intercultural communications are an integral part of dance, and of the campus culture at Cal State L.A. The Music, Theatre, and Dance Department and its International Office have collaborated since 2010 to create events that expand and illuminate cultures while creating a feeling of community on campus and within surrounding communities.” This year’s International messages for World Dance Day is “Culture, more than any discourse, unites. So have courage and take risks despite

Music Fests Continued from Pg 9

the obstacles and the hatred with which you will no doubt be confronted; the beauty of the world will always be by your side. Like dance has been for me. With its singular force to eliminate social and ethnic distinctions, leaving but the movement of bodies in their essence, of human beings returning to their pure expression, unique and shared. So try, fail, start all over again but above all, dance, never stop dancing!” This was created by Mourad Merzouki.

Outside Lands is geared towards the green movement, and includes numerous initiatives to make the festival itself “eco-friendly,” including educating the public about eco-friendly movements, providing solar power stages, a refillable water program, a waste diversion program, a recycling program, and bike valet parking program. Outside Lands has tons and tons to offer. This description doesn’t even scratch the surface (this article would 5 pages long if it did).

Please come and join these fun-filled events all week long, especially for the Mainstage Show held on May 1st through the 2nd at the State Playhouse Theatre at 3:15PM and 8PM on May 1st, 8PM on May 2nd.

Although Outside Lands, which takes place at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, technically isn’t local or around the area, it would definitely be worth the drive.

To get free tickets to the show you can just show up or you can secure a seat and get tickets online at http://www.

Headliners at this year’s Outside Lands Festival include Kanye West, Arctic Monkeys, Disclosure, The Killers, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Lykke Li, Cut Copy, Tegan and Sara, Chromeo, Atmosphere, Death Cab For Cutie, Tiesto, Capital Cities, Ducksauce, Macklemore

and Ryan Lewis, JUST to name a few. Tickets are now on sale for the festival, which is taking place August 8th-10th. Vans Warped Tour For those seeking mosh pits, full force rocking out, and just an overall head-banging awesome time, Vans Warped Tour is coming for you! Warped Tour, commemorating its 20th anniversary, will be taking over Pomona at the Pomona Fairplex this summer on June 20th. Warped Tour has a little bit of something for everyone, from hardcore bands, to pop and electronic artists, to alternative bands. Huge artists headlining Warped Tour this year include The Maine, The Devil Wears Prada, Bad Rabbits, Yellowcard, Crizzly, We The Kings, Nick Santino, Ghost Town, Falling In Reverse, Bowling Music Fests Continued On Pg 11

Apr. 27, 2014 Music Fests Continued From Pg 10 For Soup, and many more. The music fest features multiples stages for all the bands, tons of booths with freebies, food trucks, skateboard set ups where anyone can go skate to kill time, misting stations, and a slip and slide! Music Saves Lives, a non-profit organization, offers a backstage wristband for the first 100 ticket holders that line up at the MSL tent the day of the show and donate blood. Don’t miss out on this sizzling fun in the sun. Tickets are on sale now! Electric Daisy Carnival For all you EDM lovers, these festivals are definitely for you! EDC, taking place this summer in Las Vegas June 20th-22th, holds the title of North America’s largest dance festival. EDC is known for combining the world’s most renowned dance music with cutting edge production values to create unparalleled sight and sound experiences. The festival is an ongoing dance party that goes from dusk till dawn. The carnival-themed festival includes full-size carnival rides, art installations, hundreds of costume-clad performers, food trucks, and the largest stage built in North America. The line-up for this year’s festival has yet to be an-

University Times nounced. Tickets are still on sale, but going pretty fast. Get them while you still can! HARD Summer HARD Summer, one of the of the biggest Los Angeles summer festivals, is back and confirmed to take place August 2nd-3rd at a new location: the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area in South El Monte (due to renovations taking place at the L.A. State Historic Park, where it usually plays). HARD is a mix of heavy techno, nasty electro, dirty dubstep, and noisy rap. HARD Summer revealed their massive line-up, which includes Jack U, A$AP Mob, Flosstradamus, Kill The Noise, Tiesto, Disclosure, Nero, Dillon Francis, A-Trak, Cashmere Cat, Julio Bashmore, DJ Snake, The Chainsmokers and Pusha T just to name a few. The festival offers food trucks, carnival rides, drinking areas, and merch booths spread all throughout the park. While HARD offers a strong variety of electronic music acts, it also offers a strong diverse crowd to match. HARD keeps the carnival simple, encouraging a laid back attitude and KEEPING the festival music-focused. Tickets (and payment plan offers) are now on sale. Take advantage of the awesome music festivals passing straight through our hometown this summer!

Photos Courtesey of


The Top Ten Fashion Blogs FASHION

Roxana Hernandez Contributor

9. The Sartorialist

If you are regular reader of my column, by now you must have discovered that I love lists…so much I even use them in my column every now and then. This week I bring to you what is probably my favorite fashion related list of all.

A male blogger, yes! Scott Schuman is one of the best photographers I follow. As he founded the blog The Sartorialist, he wanted to “create a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life.”

Often times I am asked where I get all my inspiration from, where I find all the latest news, trends, and personal style. This list places together the answers to all of those. It’s really all about the blogs.

To me, that is everything. It doesn’t sound like much, but I find that to be a very profound idea, especially since he travels around the world taking pictures of amazing scenery with amazing fashion.

In a world where social media has taken over, especially in the fashion industry, it is vital to keep up with fashion blogs, and pick the right ones to carry you through. When I say fashion blogs, some people imagine a very practical and simple outfit of the day, shoe of the day type of blog. The truth is, a successful fashion blogger must work with production quality, affiliate programs, editorial focused quality, and professional content. If this all sounds familiar, it’s because those are a few of the details a magazine works with. It’s pretty much an online magazine. When it comes to fashion blogs, they are endless, so many of them are on the internet. My method of filtration follows as: must have a clean looking page, absolutely great picture quality, hit their niche very well, and post content often. There are loads of fashion blogs I follow. I could be online perusing fashion blogs all day long—if I had the time. I suppose this could be called my guilty pleasure, but out of all of those wonderful blogs that I follow, I have my top 10 favorite fashion blogs listed below. I recommend you give them a go, and you’ll be hooked. 10. BOF Beware, not everyone can appreciate this blog. It’s incorporation of business makes this blog what it is. It has a little more serious tone, and it brings loads of information to the table. From exhibition reviews to its global currents articles, it is a fashion newspaper at its best.

8. Into The Gloss No so much a fashion blog, but an actual site, the blog is dedicated to beauty. Now, this is not just any beauty blog, it somehow wraps itself around the fashion industry. A few of the topics listed on the page are: interviews, ask ITG, hair, skin, makeup, health, and fragrance. 7. The Beauty Department The title says it all. This blog is all about beauty, an essential blog to a girl’s weekly routine if you will. Amy Nadine and Kristin Ess bring us the best tips, diy’s, reviews, tutorials, quizzes, inspiration and more. A wonderland like this needs to be visited at least weekly. 6. Peace Love Shea LA based blogger Shea Marie is not only a blogger, she is a stylist, designer, editor, and fashion expert as well. If you are looking to find photo diary blogs this is a good one. Her photos are editorial and so on point that you could not call her any less than an expert. 5. Fashionista Forget Bravo! All you need for fashion news is Fashionista. This site not only brings you the latest fashion and celebrity news, but provides advice and well written business stories. If you are in the fashion industry or are looking to huddle in little by little or all at once, this site is a must. Its voice is influential across the world and is very customer focused. If you are somewhere within

the fashion industry, YOU are the customer. Take advantage of it and follow them now. 4. Cupcakes and Cashmere LA based blogger Emily Schuman (unrelated to the Satorialist, though just as great) brings to the internet a wonderful lifestyle blog. When I think of Cupcakes and Cashmere I think of the word "peachy." Schuman is able to combine food, fashion, beauty and interior design so nicely that every time you go on her page is like a celebration of life and its practical beauties. 3. The Man Repeller When talking about successful fashion bloggers, Leandra Medine is the woman I had in mind. She knows exactly how to manage her page with a mixture of marketing and her love for fashion; Medine gets her voice across quite clearly. Hello! Read the title. 2. Atlantic-Pacific This blog is my all-time favorite personal style blog. Blair Eadie hits her niche right on, and is able to provide absolutely different looks every single time. Her style is chic, preppy, and colorful. You can say her blog is a photo diary of inspiration. If there is any woman I want to dress like, it has to be Blair Eadie. 1. Who What Wear We are down to my #1! There reason I place this as my top favorite blog EVER is because I cannot live without it. I am addicted to the blog; I have to check it out twice a day. Yes, addictions aren’t good, but when everything I love is packed in this amazing blog I cannot help myself. In itself, it is not necessarily a fashion blog, rather more like an actual website-multi media brand if you will. Never the less, fashionistas all over the world consider Who What Wear an essential resource of news, trends, tips, and everything else fashion related. I can’t get enough of it!


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Apr. 27, 2014

Apr. 27, 2014


University Times


Apr. 27, 2014


University Times


Apr. 27, 2014


University Times


University Times

Apr. 27, 2014



28Monday 29Tuesday ALLDAY


Transforming the Human Spirit State Playhouse

Transforming the Human Spirit State Playhouse

8AM “Express Inn” City of

11:30AM Interna-

the Angels Happening Metro Rail Station

8:30AM 35th Annual Golden Eagle Golf Tournament Via Verde Country Club, San Dimas

3:15PM International Day

of Dance: Zumba Class King Hall 5108 Meeting King Hall C3098

6:15PM Ruben Salazar:

Man in the Middle U-SU Theatre

1Thursday ALLDAY Transform-

ing the Human Spirit State Playhouse

8AM Be The Change: API Hertiage Month Display Cross Cultural Centers Lobby

9:50AM Internation-

al Day of Dance: Modern Dance Class King Hall Studio 1

12PM DIY, Crafty

Thursday - Skin Care Montebello Room, Third Floor U-SU

week FIVE 30Wednesday


tional Day of Dance: Polka Class King Hall 5105

ITS Training Program: Microsoft Excel 2010 Part 1 JFK Library Palmer Wing 4056

2PM ITS Training Pro-

6PM Open Mic

gram: ATI: Web Accessibility Awareness JFK Library Palmer Wing 4056


3:30PM University Times

Day of Dance: “From Time to Time” Confucius Statue

S.T.A.R.S Student Sccuess Series: Semesters at CSULA... What It Means For You Los Angeles Room A, Third Floor U-SU

Nights U-SU Plaza

7PM Crackin’ the

Books Phase II Lounge, Housing Services

8:30PM Inter-

national Day of Dance: “From Time to Time” Confucious Statue

3:15PM International 2PM

Writing A Winning Resume Career Center

2PM ITS Training

Program: ATI: Web Accessibility Manual Checks JFK Library Palmer Wing 4056

2:45PM Inter-

national Day of Dance: Exhibit and Performance by Soka Gakkai International World Peace Organization State Playhouse Lobby



International Day of Dance: Rebirth: A New Era State Playhouse Theatre Eagle-Con 2014: True Cal State LA Hero Entry Deadline Center for Student Involvement, 2nd Floor U-SU


5PM Eagle-Con

2-14: Hero Worship Entry Deadline Center for Student Involvement, 2nd Floor U-SU

Out On Film - A Panel on Queer The Book of Visability and RepreMormon sentation Alhambra Room, Third Pantages Theatre, Hollywood Floor U-SU



Transforming the Human Spirit State Playhouse

2:30PM U-CARE: An Act of Kindness U-SU Plaza

2:30PM The Prize is Right with CSI! U-SU Plaza


U-LEAD: The Four Agreements Student Club and Organization Offices, 2nd Floor U-SU


Minute to Win It The Pit, U-SU


International Day of Dance: Mind. Body.Dance Class Confucius Statue


Golden Eagle Baseball vs Cal State Dominguez Hills Reeder Field


Independent Visions: Salt of the Earth U-SU Theatre

7PM Crackin’ the Books

Phase II Lounge, Housing Services

7:30PM Internation-

al Day of Dance: Exhibit and Performance by Soka Gakkai International World Peace Organization State Playhouse Lobby


International Day of Dance: Rebirth: A New Era State Playhouse Theatre

FUN & GAMES Tammy Nguyen Cartoonist


Oh, Saigon Alhambra Room, Third Floor U-SU

3:30PM Funda-

mentals of Interviewing Career Center


Lucky: The Documentary U-SU Theatre


Self-Defense Education: Rape Aggression Defense Systems (R.A.D) Los Angeles Room, Third Floor U-SU


Crackin’ the Books Phase II Lounge, Housing Services

2Friday ALLDAY

Transforming the Human Spirit State Playhouse


Conference on Rudolfo Anaya: Tradition, Modernity, and the Literatures of the US Southwest Golden Eagle Ballroom


Registration Deadline: Cultural Grad Celebrations Cross Cultural Centers, 2nd Floor U-SU

6PM Cinco De

Mayo Reventon 1st and 2nd Floors, U-SU


Zoey and Anabelle


Golden Eagle Baseball vs Cal State Dominguez Hills Reeder Field


Crackin’ the Books Phase II Lounge, Housing Services


International Day of Dance: Exhibit and Performance by Soka Gakkai International World Peace Organization State Playhouse Lobby


International Day of Dance: Rebirth: A New Era State Playhouse Theatre

Spring Week 5 Issue 206.5  
Spring Week 5 Issue 206.5