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ISSUE Newsletter No. 10

Center for Professional Development Kikinda

October - December 2012.

- The Place of your new knowledge -

Cooperation with The Institute for Evaluation of Quality of Education The Institute for Evaluation of Quality of Education from Belgrade and CSU Kikinda signed a cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed by the Director of the Institute Dragan Banićević and director of CSU Dobrivoj Martonoši and the goal of this agreement is to enable and encourage collaboration between the two institutions. The cooperation will be realized through the implementation of courses, trainings, researches and testing projects. The cooperation implies joint research, exchange of experience and knowledge, the design and development of specialized seminars, courses, training, and other forms of continuing education. The two institutions will exchange information and will deal with publishing and other forms of cooperation in the future .



he end of year is a good time to summarize the results obtained and our results in 2012 were:

-compared to last year in CSU Kikinda we have increased the number of accredited seminars held and the number of users of our services. In the Center 69 accredited seminars were held and 50 outside the Center. 1390 users have attended our seminars in the building of the Centre and 920 outside of the Center, which makes the total 30.898 hours of accredited training; -nearly eight thousand people passed through the premises of the Centre from preschool to the elderly ages. There were various activities, seminars, lectures, panel discussions, presentations, meetings, events, promotions, exhibitions, film screenings and performances held; -we have hosted ministers, ambassadors, politicians, actors, writers, teachers, educators, artists, retirees, students, pupils... -we tried to keep you informed about important events. We believe that communication with founders, donors, funders and users was good, but it will even better in the coming year. The plans for next year are very ambitious and very real, because we have a well planned budget. We have a goal and we will try to fill it.

The employees of CSU Kikinda wish HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our customers, colleagues and dear friends.

December 16th, The Visit of the Mayor The Mayor Savo Dobranić visited CSU Kikinda on Sunday December 16th. The Director Dobrivoj Martonos informed Dobranić about our plans for the next year, about the work of the RC & CSU Network and projects planned for the next four years. Although Sunday is officially a non-working day, in our Center were three seminars in progress with more than 80 participants and 10 lecturers.

December 20 t h , Visit of the Regional Secretar y During his visit in Kikinda, Regional Secretary of Education, Administration and National Communities Andor Deli with his co-workers visited our Institution. After touring the Center, a meeting was held which was also attended by Mayor Savo Dobranić. Director Martonoši presented the work of the center, the ways of our financing, and projects that are in progress. This was an opportunity to reach an agreement on further cooperation between CSU Kikinda and provincial

secretariat as well as future plans that include the expansion of activity and increase our income.

December 14 t h . 2012, The meeting of the school Directors with the Head of the School Administration Zrenjanin

N ovem b e r-D ec em b e r 201 2 , S em in a r: G r adi ng of s t ud e nt s Within the project "Support to quality assurance of system of final exams at the national level in primary and secondary education" in CSU Kikinda in November and December, a seminar titled "Grading of students" was realized for four groups of participants. The seminar was realized by the Institute for Evaluation of Quality of Education. The seminar was attended by colleagues from elementary schools in Zrenjanin, Novi Bečej, Žitiste, Kovačica, Pan-čevo, Izbište, Gudurica, Alibunar, Starčevo and Kikinda.

Head of the School Administration Zrenjanin, Staniša Banjanin has held a meeting with the directors of elementary and secondary schools in CSU Kikinda. The topic was the Regulation on evaluation of the quality of the institution. Evaluation of educational institutions will be conducted by the Ministry of Education through continuous quality control. Evaluation will be achieved through professional and pedagogical supervision that will be conducted by educational advisers. External evaluation of the education system of Republic of Serbia is envisaged by the Regulations on professional and pedagogical supervision, which in Article 3 defines key areas, areas of evaluation, indicators of achievement

and levels of quality of the institution. -Although the work of the school administration is primarily advisory, it is also controlling. During school inspections, we will not give anymore advices, we will determine whether the schools respects the standards based on which we measure the quality of work external evaluation, Banjanin said. Banjanin emphasized the importance of CSU Kikinda and the possibility of teachers in the region to improve professionally. This is particularly evident at teachers and school principals from our community, because they have a greater opportunity to exchange information with the relevant people from ministries and school administration and to prepare for external evaluation.

Seminars... Project: Work with gifted children

October 28th, Piano brain teaser - starting school for

CSU Kikinda is for the third time organising classes for the most talented kids in our community. The project "Work with talented students" began as a pilot project of CSU Kikinda and local government, and this year it was financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and cofinanced by parents. This year, through project we provided funds for 20 classes from six subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry, Serbian, English and German Language. Following the public call, on November 13th a meeting was held with professors who were interested in working with talented students and who have until December 1st selected 105 students. Teachers have formed 15 groups from students in the higher grades of elementary schools and designed advanced training programs from they subjects.

piano Seminar in the field "Art" with catalog number 851 delighted the participants in CSU Kikinda. The seminar is accredited by the Music School in Subotica and the author Mirna Mirkov Stes

On 6th of December, PTA meeting was held at which were presented to parents the project implementation schedule and the teachers who implement it.

training was designed for working with students.


Serbian language

English language

prevent addiction A one-day seminar, which is accredited by the CSU Leskovac, aims to raise the level of knowledge about the harmfulness of psychoactive substances. The authors and implementers of the seminar are Vanja Ilić and Gordana Stanković. **** October 20th, Learning through play using interactive electronic exercises

Tabular overview of the number of students per subject: Physics

20 participants. Part of the

October 27th, Seven steps to

In this way, CSU Kikinda promotes and rewards above average work and achievements of students and teachers, and teachers will later in roundtables and professional groups, present their work to colleagues who did not participate in the program.


implemented the program for

German language

Fifth grade







Sixth grade







Seventh grade







Eighth grade







Seminar with catalog number 509 is accredited by RC Smederevo. The authors are Nevena Perić, Slavica Gomilanović, Sonja Miletić and Jugoslava Lulić. The subject is identification of the importance of learning through play and fast feedback for the quality of learning, and respect for different levels of achievement in creating exercises.

P h ot o ex hib it i o n " Y ad V as h em - J e rus al em " His Excellency the Ambassador of Israel Josef Levi, opened the photo exhibit "Yad Vashem Jerusalem" at the National Museum, that was organized by CSU Kikinda. Photos were taken during the stay at the International School for Holocaust Studies in Israel from 15th to 22nd of July 2012 and the authors were the participants from Serbia and the Serbian Republic.

Ambassador Levi at the opening of the exhibition spoke about the sad fate of the Jews, the eve of an unprecedented pogrom during the Second World War and the memory of the Holocaust victims.

The third cycle of The mind festival The third International mind festival was officially opened on Thursday, October 18th, in the Assembly of Kikinda. In the presence of competitors from three schools in Kikinda: Technical School, Grammar School "Dušan Vasiljev," Economic and Trade School, the festival was opened by Miloš Latinović, Deputy Mayor of Kikinda and Mato Groznica, Assistant of Provincial Secretary for Education, administration and national communities. In the previous two rounds of the competition, the winners of the mind festival were from our town, Danica Božin, Grammar School pupil and Dejan Knežević, technical school pupil, and it was quite logical that the third cycle begins in Kikinda.

That Kikinda was not accidently spawned two winners became obvious very soon when students access the contest. In an hour, all the creativity, logical thinking and talent

came to light through the more than one hundred original works, among which we can anticipate certain finalists. Imagination has no limits, and this is precisely the basis for the creation of innovative solutions in different areas which enriches the daily lives of all points on the Earth. Self-confidence, determination to accept new challenges and readiness to measure abilities and skills with other competitors, adorn these students and this is already a good reason not to worry about the future of generations to come. The competition resumes in secondary schools in Vojvodina and 4 more regions where there is a successful cross-border cooperation - Istria (Croatia), Csongrád (Hungary), Timiş (Romania) and Bratislava (Slovakia).

************************** 12ft

Before the opening of the exhibition the Mayor Savo Dobranić hosted a reception in his office for the Ambassador Joseph Levi and then his Excellency visited CSU Kikinda to get acquainted with the work and activities of the Centre.

December 2012, Founding Assembly of the Alliance for School Sport Kikinda was held Physical education teachers from schools in the municipality of Kikinda held a founding assembly of the Alliance for School Sport in CSU Kikinda. On the initiative of the Association of Teachers and Parents and in coordination of the female youth handball club and judo club, this association was formed which president will be Dragana Radak, and Secretary Jelena Krvopić. Delegates of all the schools in the municipality of Kikinda will be members of the association . The founding Meeting was attended by Dragana Dukić, a member of the Council of the Municipality of Kikinda charge of Youth and Sports who is satisfied with the

creation of the Alliance. -Department for Youth and Sports at the very beginning of their work, defined the school sports as a priority over the next four years. Alliance was formed because of the possibility of easier applications for calls for proposals by ministries and secretariats. In addition to assisting in the formal organization of the competitions we think it is very important to pay special attention to dealing with sport of children who otherwise would not compete but have physical education at school.

Training in energy efficiency In October and December, in CSU Kikinda, was continued the implementation of the project "Education and Training for the development of energy balance, projects and measures in the field of energy efficiency and energy management staff at the subjects and objects of local government Kikinda." Training is intended for public institutions in our community (25 of Engineering in Belgrade: prof. dr Miloš them) which are the largest consumers Banjac, doc Maja Todorović, Dejan of energy and the goal is to train how to Đukanović, Bratislav Ilić, Radoslav Galić cut spending. After this training, and dr Milan Ristanović. Обука participantsиз will енергетске be able to compete ефикасности with Project Coordinator Karolj Damjanov projects from this field at governmental says that for local community is and international funds. Value of the important that local experts have been project is 1.114 million dinars and it is trained. The project is implemented by funded by the Swiss Agency for the Regional Centre for Socio-Economic Development with the support of Development Banat from Zrenjanin in Municipality of Kikinda. partnership with the Municipality of The lecturers are eminent professors Kikinda. from the Faculty of Mechanical

October 3-4th 2012, Seminar: Improving the performance of entrepreneurs W ithin the project "Improving the performance of entrepreneurs" General A s s o c i a t i o n of Entrepreneurs Kik inda organized a two-day seminar at CSU Kikinda. The aim of this seminar is to inform entrepreneurs for easier business operations in small and medium-sized enterprises. On the first day, dipl.ecc Svetlana Kozić held a lecture about marketing for small and medium-sized companies. She is the President of the Section of female entrepreneurship and owner of Agency "Markers consulting" and also the Project Coordinator.


October 11 t h 2012, Renewable energy -transfer of experiences f rom Slovakia

In CSU Kikinda CSU a one-day seminar was held in the organisation of association Artesa and with the financial support of Municipality of Kikinda and the Provincial Secretariat for Energy and Mineral Resources AP Vovjodina. The aim of the seminar is to acquaint the public with the professional

possibilities of using renewable energy sources in agriculture and to highlight the existing solutions for the use of agricultural biomass in Vojvodina. Experts from Slovakia, from the town of Martin, have extensive experience in the application of new technologies for environmental and economic production of heat and electricity using biomass. Participants were representatives of public and private companies in Kikinda and the presentation was a unique opportunity to establish cooperation in order to attract new investment in the use of agricultural biomass as an important and readily available source of renewable energy in Vojvodina.

In marketing, entrepreneurs are primarily received information about the use of social networking on the Internet and about services in the area of marketing that is offered by the Entrepreneurs Association. About taxes and incentives for businesses and entrepreneurs, spoke dipl.ecc. Jasna Marinkov, a member of the supervisory board OUPK. This project is being implemented with financial support of the Municipality of Kikinda and the Secretariat for Economy.

Story in Pictures

Every Wednesday during November in the CSU Kikinda a projections of a film by Jovan Memedović "Kikinda – The Owl City" were held. This film were seen by more than 400 pupils form primary and secondary schools.

November - the month of owls in Kikinda


ourist Organization of Kikinda and CSU Kikinda have during November organized an event titled "November - a month of owls in Kikinda" in order to promote Kikinda as the largest owl habitat on the planet. At the press conference, which was held on November 2nd, Director of TO Marijana Iličin and Director of CSU Dobrivoj Martonoši have announced the event and the events that followed.

The projections were well attended. "Extra ticket" was asked...

The idea of the event was to promote Kikinda and to educate the youngest about the importance of the owls and this phenomenon.

A screening for our youngest citizenspreschoolers was also organized.

Everyone was enthusiastic and full of personal experiences with the "wise" residents of our city.

On Tuesday November 6th in the Center lecture was held on topic "Why are owls special" and "Vulnerability and protection of owls in Serbia." The lecture was held by Milan Ružić and Dimitrije Radišić from organization “Center for the Protection of Serbia owl."

On November 7th, as part of this event, lecture was held on topic: "Is there life on other planets? Is there a black hole? What is a supernova? ". Speakers were Dr. Milan S. Dimitrijević on a subject "Astronomy and Astrology" and Doc. Dr. Petar V. Vuca on "Life Path of Mileva Marić." In the audience were, among others, students from elementary schools, members of the section and interested in nature and science.

The finale event was held on Friday, November 30th in the CSU Kikinda. During the day, pupils of primary and secondary schools presented their works they have designed on the theme: owl. The closing event was opened by Mayor Savo Dobranić who praised the commitment of all involved in the project and said that we are on track to take advantage of what nature has given us.

The theme was more than inspiring, so on Friday a number of successful works were presented. In addition to drawings, masks, souvenirs, a film and video games could be seen, and music could be heard with additional choreography and also cookies could be eaten in the shape of an owl. Elementary school students from the city and the students of all four high schools have shown that they are really very creative and the story of the owls come to life in our community. The majority of the work can easily become a souvenir. A high school graduate Nikola Tepavac, a young inventor, has made a large mechanical wings that is presented in an owl costume. All participants have received a gift from the Tourist Organization - owl hats, which were made by women from the Women's Association.




SEMINARS... November 25th, Development of verbal communication Seminar with catalog number 1002 is accredited by RC Kanjiža. The seminar was realized in Hungarian language, and was attended by twenty colleagues who teach in Hungarian. The seminar was realized by Marta Terteli Telek and Marta Gutaši.

EVENTS O ct ob e r 2 5 t h , P r es ent at i o n of t he F u nd " Eu r o p ea n Af fai rs " In CSU Kikinda, the Fund of AP Vojvodina «European Affairs" held a presentation on topic "Possibilities of financing through EU funds", in the organisation of the Municipality of Kikinda. Attendees had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of the European Union towards the countries of the Western Balkans, with capacity building for the use of the new programming period. Representatives of the funds spoke about

the activities of the Office of Vojvodina in Brussels and the opportunity to represent municipalities and cities. The conclusion was that only good planning of joint activities and getting to know the open calls for proposals can provide access to EU funds.

************************** November 24th, Effective operational planning of German languageclasses through improvement of teacher competence The publishing house Data Status, accredited a seminar under number 818. The authors and implementers of the seminar are Nevena Vraneš and Biljana Bukinac. The specific objective of the seminar is to improve the competence of teachers for effective operative planning of German language classes. **** November 10th, Contemporary methods in an integrated courses in physics and chemistry in primary and secondary education

One-day seminar with catalog number 684 is accredited by the Faculty of Sciences in Novi Sad, and the authors are Dušanka Obadović and Mirjana Segedinac while implementers were Darko Kapor and Dušanka Obadović.

N ovem b e r 2 8 -2 9 t h , Rev is io n of ed ucat i on al s t an da rds

Quality of Education aimed at revision of

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development began the project "Support to the development of human capital and research." Within this project, the Institute for Evaluation of

educational standards wich will be the basis for the new curriculum. Initial activities include discussion group meetings of teachers in primary schools in 10 courses for which there are standards of achievement. In the CSU Kikinda on November 28th and 29th meetings were held where teachers gave their contribution through discussion and completing surveys and take the opportunity to propose changes in the areas where they are not satisfied. For participation in this work teachers will receive 1 point for professional development at professional conferences.

************************** N ovem b e r 5 t h , O f fe r fo r li fe- l on g l e ar ni ng CSU Kikinda sent an offer for cooperation to women's associations, the Association of Pensioners and Gerontology Center for the organization and implementation of training in foreign languages and computer skills. This offer is intended for members of these associations, and for all interested citizens. We have to abandon the idea that schooling is something restricted to youth. How can it be, in a world where half the things a man knows at 20 are no longer true at 40 - and half the things he knows at 40 hadn't been discovered when he was 20? . Arthur C. Clarke



"Professional orienta tion at the transition to high school "

After the basic training that was held from September 28th until 30th at the Center for Professional Development Kikinda, the coverage of participating primary schools in the project «Professional orientation at the transition to high school» from municipality of Kikinda, has reached 100%. In addition to schools from Kikinda, in 2012/2013. school year primary schools from Padej, Ostojićevo, Čoka, Novo Miloševo and Kumane joined to the project. In this cycle, the honor to be a mentor school was given to elementary school, "Dr Đorđe Joanović" from Novo Miloševo, whose representatives, along with teachers of mentoring schools from Sombor, Erdevik, Ruma, Sremska Kamenica, Subotica, Vršac and Melenci attended a three-day accredited training "Mentorship in the implementation of the program professional orientation"which was held at CSU Kikinda

from 19th until 21st of October. With the inclusion of an increasing number of primary schools in the program "Professional orientation at the transition to high school," there was a need for additional support in the implementation process, in order to, on the one hand, maintain the quality of the program, and on the other, overcome obstacles that arise in practice, in order to ensure the sustainability of the project. For this reason, at the municipal level we are working on the establishment of the team for support to professional orientation , which will include all relevant stakeholders, such as representatives of local government, the National Employment Agency, the Regional Chamber of Commerce, basic schools, mentor schools, entrepreneurs, Parents Council, peer teams and youth Office. With the work of this team, among others, the schools were acquainted at the mentoring meeting on December 5th. On this occasion a joint action was designed "Decoration of a PO Christmas tree", which was carried out in the town square on December 20th. For this occasion, pupils are made in workshops with teachers New Year's decorations that symbolized certain occupations. The action was supported by the Volunteers of the Youth Office and everything was covered in the local media.

October 20-21st, Pedagogical assistance program in the artistic expression of children with disabilities and children from marginalized groups The topic of the two-day seminar with the catalog number 336 is to assess the needs of early detection and diagnosis of children with disabilities with the help of visual expression and it is intended for class teachers and educators in preschool. The authors are: Zagorka Markov, Miroslava Kojić and Dragan Mandić.

November 3-4th, Using Solid Edge CAD software application Seminar with catalog number 727 is accredited by RC Kanjiža. Its aim is to identify and use the new technology of computer program package "Solid Edge CAD."

"Inclusion in practice-from words to deeds!" In the continuation of this project, which is implemented by the CSU Kikinda in partnership with elementary school «Feješ Klara” and with financial support of SDC, several activities was carried out: -In October, at the workshop of professional associates of RC and CSU Serbia held in RC Kanjiža, the project was presented to colleagues and professional associates of SDC. It was evaluated as a very successful. -On Saturday, November 10th in elementary school “Feješ Klara” a workshop was held as part of the project "Inclusion in practice-from words to deeds ". Associates of CSU Kikinda, Divna Dančula and Dijana Branković did the practical part of the project with teachers and parents who are involved in working with students. The workshop topic was - dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and practical examples are made how to adjust the teaching to children with disabilities. -On December 22nd, there was another consultative meeting with teachers, educators and parents of students who are identified with learning disabilities.

SEMINARS... December 22-23rd, Organic Chemistry under the spotlight

Professional development of RC and CSU employees Professional Development Project - PDP this year enters its final phase. For this reason, the cooperation between all stakeholders has been intensified, to ensure the successfull implementation of all planned activities. At meetings held in Kragujevac (November 2022nd) and Smederevo (December 11-13th) professional consultants on the project Hugo Sager and Raisa Venäläinen, underlined the importance of accreditation seminars by regional centers and the promotion of cooperation with schools and other stakeholders of the education system.

Seminar with catalog number 674, is accredited by the association "Creative Learning" from New Belgrade, and the authors are Ružica Kovačević, Dragana Milić, Miomir Ranđelović and Olgica Srdić. December 24th, Assistive technology - application in school The seminar of school for elementary and secondary education "Milan Petrovic" from Novi Sad, was attended by elementary school employees from "October 6th" from Kikinda. The aim of this seminar is to empower teachers for inclusive education by adopting practical knowledge in the field of assistive technology and universal design. Author and implementer of of the seminar is Mirjana Lazor.

In Smederevo was elected a new Managing Board of The Network of RC and CSU Serbia. Chairman of the Board for the next four years will be director of CSU Kikinda Dobrivoj Martonoši. In this way, to CSU Kikinda has been given trust for their results. In 2013 will be carried out training workshops for employees of RC and CSU in the field of adult education, the EU legislative framework in the field of education, planning, and monitoring of professional development and training in project planning and project implementation.

The results of work of CSU Kikinda in 2012


Accredited seminars held at the Centre

Number of participant s

Realized hours

Accredited seminars held outside the Center

Number of participant s

Realized hours

Other activities for Teachers

Number of participan ts

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Other seminars

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Other activities

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Comparative analysis of the work of Kikinda CSU for the period 2010 -2012 2012


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