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Whenever I couldn’t do something I wanted to do, I figured out a way to create it. That’s how I started taking on leadership roles.

If you don’t have great stories, it’s just not going to work. Our products require a combination of storytelling and technology.

We believe our e-commerce marketplace model can be used to solve the cost crisis across many areas of healthcare.

Payal Kadakia Co-founder, ClassPass

Chris DeWolfe Co-founder & CEO, Jam City

Geoffrey Chaiken Founder, Blink Health




I started the company with $30,000 of my own savings and still own 100% of it today.

LA has a really great storytelling DNA and a lot of what we are as a brand and as a company is about the storytelling around our products and our experiences. That drives a lot of what we do.

Sometimes I know so little about a subject, or traditional management, that I’m able to try things that others may not dare try.

Sarah Kauss Founder, S’Well

Daniel Broukhim Co-founder, FabFitFun

Aaron Levant Co-founder & CEO, NTWRK




At the risk of being boring, it is always prudent to remember that investing isn’t gambling, and losses avoided are as valuable as realized gains.

Innovations—in tax software, accounting technology, and the integration of the two—prove that the fluidity of information will always be partnered in kind with our ability to process, analyze, and react to that information.

In corporate law departments, approximately 70% of fees paid to outside counsel were based on billing arrangements other than standard hourly rates or billable hours.

Sander C. Zagzebski Partner, Greenspoon Marder LLP

Howard Grobstein Principal, Grobstein Teeple LLP

Mark Levinson Partner, Thompson Coburn LLP


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C-Suite Quarterly - New York  

Q1 2019 | Innovation & Technology

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