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Night Away March 3rd was the night of the Peer Mentor Dance Social. The social was an overall success! Many leadership students and peer mentors attended. There was an assortment of desserts and beverages to choose from. Some very interesting desserts to choose from actually, such as, maple cupcakes that were topped with bacon bites! Very Yummy! Many seem to enjoy the desserts and beverages provided. The dance social gave the Fourth Generation peer mentors the chance to meet the incoming Leadership Students of 2013. Building a bridge between the two generations strengthens the community and bond amongst the peer mentor program. The night was filled with dancing and having fun! There was even a dance battle between the current/past peer mentors and the leadership students. The leadership students ended up winning and overall it was an excellent night and we all enjoyed the evening.

Love is in the Air: Valentine’s Day Faux Weddings!

On Thursday, February 14, 2013, the Peer Mentor Program held Mock Weddings where students could get “married” on Valentines Day. Throughout Monday February 11 - Wednesday February 13, students were able to stop by the Peer Mentor Office and buy their Valentines Grams, to have the faux wedding of their dreams. On the day of the Mock Weddings, students also received a wedding certificate and rings to seal their mock marriage.

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By Smitha Machanickal and Justin Francisco

Karaoke Night this year was full of singing, dancing, and of course, plenty of laughter. It was a huge success and it took a whole team of people to make it work. We not only had to plan the event, but we also had to plan out when to notify design team, marketing team, and we also needed to let all the students know about the event as well. Some of the more obvious things that needed to be done included booking a room, getting the karaoke machine, ordering food, and buying decorations. However, there was also a lot of behind the scenes work as well, such as filling out a program form with Student Life & Leadership and applying for ASI funding, just to name a few. Teamwork played a huge part in making this event successful. When the Peer Mentor Center plans an event, multiple committees are involved in the whole process and each one has a special part in it. For a simple event, we need to have 3 committees involved, so you can only imagine how many we would need for a complex event. Karaoke Night could not have been possible without the students who attended and the people who helped out.

Being the first big event of the Winter Quarter I think I placed a ton of pressure on myself hoping this event would go well and that it would keep the ball rolling for the Peer Mentor Club. To be honest, this was the first time I have ever hosted an event and I based everything I did off of what I learned about hosting during the training and a little bit from that guy that yells, “Let’s get ready to RUUUMBLE!� They say the hardest critic is you and I feel like I could have done exponentially better being the host of the event. However, from what I hear from the L/PMs and students that attended they had a great time and really enjoyed the event. Talk about an esteem boost, right? This event turned out so well because we incorporated an interactive atmosphere with something fun and it got people to come out of their shells. Singing in front of a crowd is not an easy thing we do and promoting confidence is something we as a club wanted to see at the Karaoke Night. The most memorable moment of the night had to be the awarding the championship belt to the winner of Karaoke Night. It was nice to see teachers and their students come out to the event and sing. They were rewarded for their effort in an extremely awesome matter made it memorable. People wanted to win that belt and enjoyed the competition. Awarding them for their competitiveness was just the cherry on top.

Fundraiser Tournament June 5th & June 6th 4pm-10pm Location: Old Union Room 311 $5 Down payment for each team due on May31st FB URL: All forms available on FB page Submit all forms to PM office (sa1700) by May 31 Sign up deadline: May 31st

Come stop by in front of the bookstore for a temporary tattoo! 5/23 10 AM - 4 PM Small design—$3 Medium Design—$5 Large Design—$7

Did you happen to see students walking around with cute little red boxes last quarter? The week before finals the Peer Mentor office handed out Finals Survival Kits to our freshmen students. Kits contained various items such as scantrons, snacks, pencils, and much more to aid freshmen in preparation for winter quarter finals. We had a great time meeting all the freshmen who came by during the two days and we hope everyone did well on their finals!

Surviving Finals!

The Bucket List Don’t have any summer plans yet? Here are things you can do to fill the next sunny 12,960 minutes of your life!                 

Go to the beach and have a picnic lunch there Go to a nearby water park Play volleyball on a sunny day! Hang out on someone’s rooftop until sunrise Compile a Summer 2013 playlist Explore a new area nearby Go to a museum Read a book in the park Visit your former high school Reconnect with your childhood friends Go to the mall and take advantage of the AC Take your dog for a walk Go to a sporting event Ride a bike over the Golden Gate Bridge Throw a pool party Have a bonfire at the beach Pick up a new hobby

                

Go out of town Host a potluck BBQ with friends Go on an internet hiatus. How long can you last? Attend a free event Go to a county fair and eat a funnel cake! Go camping, sleep under the stars. Visit the zoo Plant flowers or trees Fly a kite Meet a new friend! Disneyland! Deep clean your room Save up money and get a summer job Adopt a pet from the pound Swimming! Go sightseeing in San Francisco Santa Cruz boardwalk

Catch our next issue for a list of events you can attend this summer!

t h ig tl o p S e th n o r to n Peer Me

This issue’s questions: 1. Where are you from? and what's your major? 2. Why did you decide to join the program? 3. Words of wisdom for freshmen. (could be to your students or freshmen in general) 4. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? 5. Whom do you look up to? Why? 6. Name a cause that you are willing to fight for. 7. If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why? 8. What did you want to be when you were little? 9. If you could choose your own name what would you call yourself? 10. Something you have always wanted to try but never have the guts to do?

t h ig tl o p S e th n o r to n Peer Me

Alex Wentworth 1. I hail from the lovely town of Fremont, California. I am a proud History Major. 2. I wanted to be a Peer Mentor so that I could work to help make the GS program at CSUEB relevant and valuable to freshmen. 3. Balance is everything. You can pass your classes, have a social life, and get enough sleep. It is all a matter of choosing how best to spend your time. Do the important assignments first, always relax before a test, and take breaks. Cramming isn't all it's cracked up to be. 4. I'd like to be finished with school, speak seven languages, have a convertible helicopter, lots of ice cream, ten kids, a documentary about my life. Wait, was I supposed to say where I see myself, or where I will actually be? 5. I look up to anyone who is taller than me. Especially my dad. He is pretty tall. 6. I'd really like to see grocery store lanes labeled “Ten items or fewer.” rather than “Ten items or less”. You see, “less” refers to an amount, while “fewer” refers to a quantity. Using “less” implies that I could have 9.745 items. Impossible! 7. I would have a white crayon, so that nobody could read my secrets. Unless the paper is colorful. Then I would just seem boring. 8. When I was little, I wanted to go to college and never stop. I thought I would be able to keep taking classes till I had learned everything. I never outgrew that one. 9.I would add a single exclamation point to the end of my name. It would be honorific, like “PhD.” or “Esq.”. It would not be pronounced. 10. I have always wanted to write a book. I just don't know if I would want to read it.

t h ig tl o p S e th n o r to n Peer Me

Brian Arguello

1. Hayward, Ca. / Psychology 2. I joined the program for the hell of it. Sounded like a fun thing to do and when I found out about the rigorous application process I decided to test my luck. 3. The sign of true intellect is the initiative to question the status quo, to scrutinize what is real at first glance, and the willingness to surrender dearly held beliefs for immutable evidence and observation. The universe is everlastingly changing and growing and so are you. 4. In ten years I see myself living in downtown Portland, walking in the rain on my way to lunch. 5. I look up to Henry Miller, a brilliant author and thinker who showed so much dedication to writing as an art form and as a form of expression through the censorship of his many works. He was ahead of his time and throughout his personal life he illustrated what accomplishments come from tenacity and daring. 6. I would be willing to fight for any cause that obstructs peoples ability to connect with each other. With 6 billion people populating this planet there is no reason why anyone should be instilled with the belief that we are maneuvering through this human experience alone. 7. I would be a maroon crayon. Maroon has its intensity and its calmness, like me. 8. When I was little, I wanted to be the philosopher king Plato preached about. It seemed like a pretty sweet gig. 9. If I could choose my own name, it would be Roberto.

t h ig tl o p S e th n o r to n Peer Me

Kawai Leung 1. I’m from Hong Kong and grew up in Alameda. I’m currently majoring in Geography. 2. I joined because getting involved on campus seemed like something that would benefit me in the future and I wanted to be cool like my peer mentor Lauren! 3. The tough times will pass, just do what you can and try to stay calm. The key to success is staying healthy, so make sure you get enough sleep! 4. I see myself in the mountains somewhere scribbling research notes and wondering if this was what I had expected 10 years earlier. 5. I don’t look up to anyone because most historical figures have disappointed me as I learned more about them. 6. I believe that everyone should be able to pursue their dreams. 7. I would be sea green simply because I like the way that color looks on a crayon. 8. I wanted to be an artist because I was one of the only ones in elementary school that was good at drawing. 9. I would call myself Katrina because I like the spelling of that name. 10. I've always wanted to go hiking by myself but that probably isn't the wisest idea as I always get lost and end up at a cliff.

t h ig tl o p S e th n o r to n Peer Me

Jessica Bowman 1. I am from Richmond, California. My major is Liberal Studies because my career goal is to be an elementary school teacher. 2. I decided to join the Peer Mentor Program because I have always wanted to be able to help people. My peer mentor from last year did so much for my GS class, and I was inspired by her accomplishments. I received a lot of help from my peer mentor, and I wanted to be able to give back to the freshman community by providing the same assistance I was given. 3. words of wisdom: If you just take a moment to breathe, everything will be okay. 4. 10 years from now, I hope to see myself accomplishing my dream goals of becoming a teacher, and teaching in a classroom with children. 5. I look up to my parents because they have always been supportive of me. They always tell me to do the best I can, and to never give up. My parents are always there to give me the love and encouragement I need so I can continue working to the best of my abilities. 6. I am more than willing to fight for hunger. There are so many tragedies that appear because people are not getting enough to eat, and it is even worse when we hear there are so many children starving as well. I would like to be able to help many people get more than enough to eat, and to make sure they are the healthy foods their bodies require. 7. I would choose to either be a blue crayon because it is my favorite color. When I look at the color blue I think of the ocean, and I always enjoy going to the beach. 8. I have always wanted to be a teacher. Ever since I was in 1st grade, I thought of myself as becoming a teacher. I really enjoyed my teacher from the 1st grade because she always made the classroom fun and exciting, and I have always wanted to be able to do the same. I thought my career goal would change as I got older, but as I kept thinking about becoming a teacher, I realized that wanting to become a teacher was a greater passion for me, and was something that was never going to change. 9. I don't think I would want to change my name. I have always liked my name Jessica, and I like the nicknames that come with it as well, such as Jess and Jessie. 10.I think skydiving seems to be a lot of fun. People can be up high and see so much while they are landing to the ground. I could never go skydiving though because I am afraid of heights! I could never fall from such a large height.

t h ig tl o p S e th n o r to n Peer Me Markita Robinson 1. I was born in Berkeley, but I’m from Antioch, CA and currently I am a Health Science major but I’m adding on another major which is French, just for fun. 2. I joined the program for two reasons. The first reason is because I wanted freshmen to learn from my mistakes and troubles as a freshman. Secondly, I had three different Peer Mentors and never had that connection till I got to my third Peer Mentor. 3. My advice for freshmen is to not be discouraged to talk to instructors. As cliché as this is, they are there to help you. Also, if you don’t like a class DROP IT! Don’t just not attend that class, because you’ll still be enrolled in the class and by the time final grades come out you have that big fat ugly “F” on your transcript. 4. 10 years from now? I can’t really think that far ahead, but hopefully I’ve graduated from med school and currently working in a hospital or vacationing in Martinique with a nice cold glass of lemonade. 5. I don’t really look up to anyone; I kind of just do my own thing. 6. There are so many things that I’m willing to fight for such as equality and peace and all that other good stuff. I’m willing to fight for everything as long as the cause is good of course. I want to help everyone. 7. If I were a crayon, I’d be somewhere between midnight blue and black only because those are my favorite colors and I think the sky looks pretty with those colors. 8. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was five till I realized that I didn't really like animals to begin with. 9. I actually wouldn't change my own name. I like my name because nobody else has it. I mean it’s not often that you come across someone with my name, but if I had to choose I think I would call myself Marianne because it rhymes with my middle name. 10. I’m not much of an adventurous type but I've always wanted to try like delicacies from European countries. I don’t have the guts to do it because, I end up learning what the delicacy is made of and it ends up grossing me out. Once I wanted to try escargot, but it looks gross and I decided that trying escargot is not a good idea for my stomach or taste buds.

t h ig tl o p S e th n o r to n Peer Me Smitha Machanickal 1. From: Fremont, CA Major: Pre-Nursing 2. I loved my peer mentor, Nichole, so I thought that joining would be a nice way to give back and to do what my peer mentor did for me. 3. Words of Wisdom: Be yourself but minus the procrastination 4. 10 Years Later: Working in the Administration side of Nursing while managing a family. 5. Look up to? Why?: My brother because he has always worked really hard for what he has. He also taught me that you don't have to be constantly studying to get good grades, you can have some fun too. 6. Willing to Fight For: Preventing Drug Abuse 7. Crayon: I would be purple because its my favorite color and it symbolizes maybe I'll be a royal crayon! 8. When you were little?: A Dancer 9. Name: Samantha, because that's what people say the first time they try to say Smitha. 10. Always wanted to try: Sky Diving

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