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Summer Edition

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Inside this issue: Letter from the Editor • Bucket list • Bay Area Summer events • Spring Quarter Recap • Relay 4Life • League of Legends Tournament • Freshman Day of Service • Peer Mentor on the Spotlight

FROM THE EDITOR Wow! I can’t believe It’s been a little over a year! We have reached more than 1,000 clicks online and are now considering printed copies for the coming fall quarter. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished! This newsletter started off as a simple idea pitched in the leadership training class. We were given carte blanche and its success was dependent on how much work we put in. Along the way, we learned so much not only individually but most especially as a team. Armed with no prior experience, the team successfully managed to publish our very first issue in the fall of 2012. It was no easy feat as we learned to improve our initial product. The team worked many hours from weekly meetings to sending emails by the dozen. There were issues left and right, tight schedules, and deadlines that needed to be met. We learned to hold each other accountable, utilize our resources, and communicate well with each other. Although I can only speak for myself, I’m sure it was a shared sentiment that there wasn't a time when we did not love what we were doing. It was a very rewarding position to work for because all the work never went unappreciated. Speaking of appreciation, as this is the last issue published by Kawai, Michelle, Adiel, Mark, and I, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the support you’ve extended to our team. We are passing on what we have learned to the next generation in the hopes that they will continue and improve what we have started. This experience has been amazing! Hope our story has inspired you to pursue the things you want to do in life. Grow that little idea into something you can be proud of! Best,

Anais Otero Editor-in-Chief

Summer Bucket list


EVENTS Some of the events happening in the Bay this Summer: SF Nihonmachi Street Fair August 3rd and 4th Outside Lands Music and Art Festival August 9th-11th Baseball Games SF Zoo Free Admissions day Sept 11th

Spring Quarter Recap Relay 4Life • League of Legends Tournament • Freshman Day of Service • Peer Mentor on the Spotlight

Relay for Life Anais Otero Relay for Life took place on May 17th at 9am and continued until 9am the next day at CSUEB. Relay for Life is a fundraiser that brought the community together to raise awareness and funds to be donated to the American Cancer Society. There were many CSUEB students in attendance as well as local residents. Not only was the event successful in raising funds, $9,876 dollars to be exact, but it was as well successful in bringing the campus together in a bonding experience. Many clubs, organizations, and Greeks had teams representing them at the event. According to Kristina Komori, a Fourth Generation Peer Mentor," Relay for Life was unlike any fundraiser or event I had ever been to. This one actually had genuine meaning to me. The number one reason I chose to participate in this event was to help out the Cancer Society. My dad was a victim to cancer so I really wanted to help out any way I could. Relay for Life really impacted me more than I even expected. At the actual event, tents were set up and hundreds of people swarmed the grass area. I felt like there was an invisible wave of support and empathy surrounding the territory. It really went to show you that others have gone through what you have and that any amount of time or money can really go a long way. It was an extremely unbelievable and comforting experience for me and I will definitely be participating in it next year and years to come!" Relay for Life, as stated by Kristina, was "unlike any fundraiser or event". It brings those who are a survivors, those who have lost a loved one, and those who hope to someday live to see a cure. For a full 24 hours these brave and caring people work together in harmony to raise funds to someday live in a world without cancer.

Photos courtesy of Kawai Leung

League of Legends Anais Otero League of Legends is a game that many are familiar with, for those who are not, it is a multiplayer online battle arena video game. This video game has a large following, so the Peer Mentor Club gathered 8 teams of fellow Leaguers so they could battle it out in a tournament! This tournament took place on June 5th and then picked up again on June 6th to declare a champion team. Fellow Leaguer and 4th generation Peer Mentor, Joshua Neal comments on the event, "The event went really well!! We had a large turnout and everyone enjoyed the tournament!! It was fun, energetic, and exciting! Many of us and the students enjoyed watching the games that were happening!! I am glad it was a huge success and we plan on having it happen again!" This event was successful in bringing many CSUEB students together and helped to raised funds for the Peer Mentor Program. On June 6th they declared TWO teams the winners, there was a tie and both teams won $125 dollars in Riot Points (virtual money used in the game). Keep an eye out for more awesome and creative fundraisers to come!

Photos courtesy of Michelle Gomez

Freshman Day of Service Mark Salvador


that is what we are here at CSU East Bay, but what exactly do they do? Pioneers are people who open up new areas of thought and development. And what better way to do that than through community service? This quarter, the freshman students at CSU East Bay got an amazing and special opportunity to go out and help the local community. At the 2nd annual Freshman Day of Service, 1600 freshmen partnered up with several communitybased organizations and certainly made a difference within the community. They got to learn the importance of service which ties in their curriculum. Many students enjoyed participating in their projects; they acknowledged how much they learned about themselves, the world, what they could do, and how much impact one can make. A participant exclaimed, “I got to not only give back to my community but at the same time I also got to meet new people and learn new things about the community in which I was living in.” Another student added, “The service learning day made me think and do things that I didn’t think I could do.” It gives you an opportunity to expand your horizon and realize your true potentials. For some of the students, it was just nice to give back but to learn something amazing is extraordinary. According to Amanda McDonald, Student Service Learning Coordinator, “Service Learning bridges the gap between what we learn in the classroom and provides structures to theories and concepts in a real world setting.” As someone who didn’t like service at first, I was actually frowning on the idea of this but since I got to college and doing more service events; I realized how much of an impact I can make and that truly gives me a great feeling along with the valuable knowledge that comes with doing it. This extraordinary experience was made possible by Service Learning Program along with the Freshman Ambassadors/Pioneers for Change. According to Mary Ann Manipon, Service Learning Student Assistant, they set up the program because they want to live up to their name! They hope to create more opportunities for students to get involved with the East Bay community by reaching out to our campus and surrounding cities. And I am sure that they are proud as this year’s freshman has definitely lived up to their name. Amanda adds, “We want to get students involved with events and organizations which will further develop their leadership skills while providing them with fun and exciting educational experiences that will lead them outside their comfort zones and allow them to be a catalyst for a positive change within our community.” Some of the Pioneers for Change who are current interns for the program went out with the freshman and guided them through the process. Before Freshman Day of Service actually started, they created presentations and ways to empower 1600 freshman students to be excited for the bizarre experience that is Freshman Day of Service. Some of the Pioneers for Change also work as Community Engagement Interns who works directly with the communities pioneering for a positive cause. Mary Ann Manipon, a graduating senior this year talked about her most memorable experience with the program, “my most memorable moment was actually going out to the projects for the first time … I had to step out of my comfort zone and lead because there were plenty of times that students needed guidance and I was able to compose myself. It was successful!” And that’s what sums up the Freshman Day of Service, it was a huge success! On behalf of the Pioneers for Change, Service Learning Program, Peer Mentor Services, and the many communities that have been helped, we thank this year’s freshmen students for making it a successful one.

Photo from Service Learning Program at Cal State East Bay (Facebook account)

This issue’s questions: Where are you from? and what's your major?

Why did you decide to join the program? Words of wisdom for freshmen. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Whom do you look up to? Why? Name a (PG/wholesome) activity people usually associate you with. If you could trade lives with anyone (alive) for a day, who would it be and why? What's the number 1 thing on your bucket list? Favorite movie quote. Describe your perfect day in 3 words or less

1. I am from the 3rd pebble from the sun and I am majoring in Political Science. 2. I wanted to be involved in a program that has a clear purpose. The Peer Mentor Program encourages academic and emotional support for first year students and this was enough for me. 3. -Perfect practice makes perfect = don’t go into studying something blindly if you are not sure of the material or what is being asked of you on exams -Never assume, always clarify = don’t be afraid to ask for help, clarify so you can verify -The university is one of few in our area to include the cluster format for freshmen. Classes are designed to help you and not hinder you, so try your best and be open to the experience and you may be surprised to notice how much you liked it. 4. I would like to be finished with school and have a pretty clear knowledge of what I am about to do next. 5. A wise lady once told me there is no need for anyone to look up to any one specific person, because when you do that you put yourself below him/ her. If I were to be asked “Whom do you look across to?” then I’d have to say my parents, since I’m purposely sitting across from them at the moment. 6. The activity would probably have to do with food. I like to try new types of foods, combining things, etc. Here is a delectable dish worth trying: 1.You take a slice of cheese and fold it in half, horizontally or vertically (up to you) 2.Then you both gently and assertively bite into the folded side (aiming for the center of your cheese) 3.Lastly, unfold your cheese and you’ve got a CHEESE DONUT 7. I would trade lives with the princesses at Disneyland so I can tell little girls all about Marie Curie, Hillary Clinton, Mother Theresa, Margaret Thatcher, etc. 8. I’d like to make a necessary and relevant change, no matter the size. 9. I just have a favorite book quote, from my favorite book: “Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to understand what her heart used to be.” -Great Expectations, Charles Dickens 10. Company, food, shopping

Margaret Nguyen

1. Modesto, CA major: Kinesiology 2. To help people 3. Prioritize but remember to still have time to have fun 4. Having my own office as a Physical Therapist and have all my goals and dreams accomplished 5. My parents because they are supportive and my motivation 6. Dancing. I love having a great time with people 7. No one, I am happy with who I am. 8. Seeing the world while helping others in need 9. "Si se puede!" (Translation)"Yes I can!" -by Gotta Kick it Up 10. Beautiful, Exciting, Relaxing

Larissa Gonzalez

Anais Otero 1. I'm originally from Norwalk, CA. It's a small city in the LA county area and my major is Speech Pathology. 2. I decided to join this program because I've always enjoyed being a mentor to others and in general being a person someone can look to for support. I also joined because I was kind of a shy person so I thought this program would allow me to be more outgoing. 3. the freshman 15 is real....also, EXPLORE MAJORS before you'll never know what you end up choosing!

4. I see myself being a successful teacher or speech doctor in a school also with a family and living in a nice area, preferably in the Bay Area. 5. I look up to my mother the most. She is the youngest of 5 who grew up in a very low income area of East LA. She started off as a file clerk at UCLA and is now on of the Lead Specialist at UCLA Behavioral Health. My mom has accomplished so much in her life and did it all herself. She is the true result of hard work and integrity. 6. Dancing.....I know that’s weird right?! Anais Dancing?! ....well its not cause I'm good at dancing. I'm really bad at dancing so usually people know me as being a bad dancer, which I fully embrace! I love dancing! 7. My cat Lucy....she is the laziest cat in the world! she literally gets up twice a eat and poop. But I just think it's so cool that she gets to be lazy and not worry about anything!... other than when we will fill her bowl with food again. 8. I wish I had an actual bucket list written out :( But I think the number one thing on my list is to buy my mom a house. I know that’s weird, but my mom literally only wants one thing in life...a house. Not an extravagant mansion...just a cozy house with a big enough dinning room to make dinner for all my family. I will do that for her some day! :) 9."She doesn't even go here!" -Mean Girls (I use this quote whenever possible) 10. Sleeping in, eating yummy food (pizza or seafood...shrimp pizza!) and then going to a concert!

Rachel Fletcher

1.I am from Antioch, Ca but i currently live in Hayward. I am a Liberal Studies Major with a plan to minor in Early Childhood development or Sign Language. 2. My initial reasoning to join this program was because it offered great experience working in a classroom and working with a group of students, since i want to be a teacher, but after really getting to know the program I learned that its much more than just experience, its leadership, opportunities and a way to be a role model to students close to your age. 3. Get involved on campus! Being involved opens so many doors as well as makes your college experience what it should be...FUN! 4. In ten years i see myself being finished with school and working as an elementary teacher. I hope to have my own family by then and be a happy, positive person! 5. I look up to a lot of people in different aspects of my life, but overall i look up to my parents. They have given me everything and more that i need to succeed and they have taught me how to be the successful independent person I am today. 6. Working out! (I mean i do work at a gym!) 7. Carrie Underwood! She’s gorgeous, she’s talented and she’s a Tri Sigma 8. To go SKYDIVING! :):) I’m dare devil! 9. "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!" 10. Relaxing, Sunshine, Family

1. I was born in Orange County, CA and I lived most of my life in Livermore. My major is Economics but I'm planning to switch to Pre-Business with an option in Corporate Management. 2. I joined this program because I like the idea of being a bigger brother or role model to people who are close to your age. I like being looked up to and I like supporting others, so becoming a Peer Mentor has allowed me to become a support for the Freshman. 3. One thing I can say to the freshmen is to ALWAYS check Horizon and Blackboard. Being more diligent with staying on your assignments will keep you focused for your college career. 4.I can see myself working to get my education as a Lawyer and possibly living with my future wife or future family. 5. I look up to my family members, my mom, dad, older brother and older sister. I look up to all of them because they have achieved so much and they know how to help me understand what I will be going through so they have always been my support. I also look up to Jason Mraz because his music has inspired me to look at life differently and to always be innovative. He does something he loves and inspires people through it. 6. People normally associate me with Gaming, Singing or Guitar Playing. 7. If I could trade lives with anyone I would choose Jason Mraz because he travels to many places sharing his musical talents and enjoying the moments he spends with the many people he meets. 8. I have never really thought about my bucket list because I always live in the moment and look toward the future. One thing I do want to do before I kick the bucket is to go Sky Diving or something. As much as I hate heights I think it would be awesome to do! 9. My favorite movie quote is "I am your father!!!" 10. Friends. Family. Laughter. <----Best day ever

Josh Gerodias

opstvwx See you next quarter!

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Peer Mentor Focus Issue No. 5  

CSUEB Peer Mentor Services

Peer Mentor Focus Issue No. 5  

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