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WHO is Cleveland

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Volume 106 No.11 | March 31, 2008



Who is Cleveland State’s Greatest Athlete Ever? To put together a top ten list is obviously very objective, the final decision being mine. Explore this list I have conducted, perhaps knowledgeable readers or long term professors may question my choices. While we all hope Cleveland State has many more winning teams and great athletes in the foreseeable future, it is important to reflect on those special athletes who proudly represented this college and may have been the best ever at it.

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Monday March 31, 2008 The Cauldron

The Melting Pot Andrea’s Anecdotes By Andrea Mitchell


ast Monday I embarked on my first journey through the Main Classroom Plaza level (MCP) since construction began getting really messy down there. Now that construction is “completed” or not so much, it seems that University Center has only just moved over to a smaller version of its old self. The layout of MCP is kind of like that of the Chester Building for those of you that are familiar with that building. Everything is on either side of the massive circular hallway that encompasses the huge building. On my trip through the labyrinth that I now feel is the MCP I found the new location of the Campus Connection Lounge, Student Life, Campus 411 and Mobile Campus. All these necessities are now right next to each other (or on top of each other) in the MCP. However, the fact is that while the MCP is up and running construction still seems to be far from done. Students sit attentively at their laptops drinking Café-ah-Roma coffee as construction workers in hardhats pass them carrying ladders. The mixture of college student union and construction site in the MCP is sort of a testament to everything that Cleveland State University has been working on for the past few years. This is the new center of the community for Cleveland State and there are more than a couple light bulbs that need to be screwed in. My little trip showed me that while everything is done in the name of progress at Cleveland State, few things seem to be set up in the name of convenience. While everything is close (and by close I mean claustrophobic) the MCP doesn’t seem to have what the UC, so easily delivered – a plan. Everything just seems to be jammed in so that it fits. But while the new Student Center will be beautiful for future students, those of us here now are left to fend for ourselves in the new sort of completed not really a true student union that is the MCP. Overall it seems that the move from the UC to the MCP was a little premature, or perhaps just behind schedule. We can look forward the new Student Center in another few years, but in the meantime we’re stuck together with only the prospect of more construction in the near future.

CARTOON By Michael Quintero


Monday March 31, 2008 The Cauldron

The Melting Pot

The Bullhorn Compiled by Luara Dynda

“Home.” -Dan Baik, Senior

“I usually go to Johnnies or Subway.” -Mohamad Saad, Freshman

Where are you planning on eating now that the UC Café is closed?

“Home. Maybe Rascal House or Tower City.” -Stephen Furlow-Munn, Sophomore

“No, I usually bring my lunch.” -Jala Khateeb

Letter to the Editor According to the article: "senior management at the Irvine, Calif.-based lender failed to take appropriate steps to manage rising risks caused by the company's aggressive approach to originating loans, often to borrowers who couldn't afford them" and further "New Century had a brazen obsession with increasing loan originations, without due regard to the risks associated with that business strategy." Until recently I was an underwriter for a sub-prime mortgage company that is about to close.   It seems that most media outlets and government officials fain ignorance about the real underlying cause of the problem.   There is either a tendency to blame the borrower or act as though no one in the industry {or outside of it} saw this coming.   They fail to mention that those who gained the most financially got off scot

free while leaving the mess behind for everyone else to clean up.   In my former company, the sales managers and loan officers “held the keys to the safe” while deciding which guidelines to ignore sometimes going so far as to bribe fellow underwriters to “look the other way”.   Sales managers often overrode an underwriter’s decision they did not agree with.  Other times fellow underwriters would be threatened with their job for “impeding company growth and progress” just because they refused to go along with the flagrant disregard of guidelines .   I complained to the sales managers about the bribing but all I got was a formal write-up for making “inappropriate comments”.      There was absolutely no support from the owner of the company all the way to the human resource representative.   This company is as corrupt as they come.   I can’t tell you

the number of sexual affairs that occurred between married and unmarried people; primarily among the management staff {at the workplace itself}.   Promotions were strictly political thus moving people “up the ladder” who never proved themselves worthy or were on a final written warning to be terminated {for poor performance}.   As a result of the corrupt management of this company, I and several hundred others were laid off.   I believe the federal government needs to investigate this company and bring to trial those corrupt individuals who broke the law.  This would set an example for the rest of the mortgage industry that absolute corruption corrupts absolutely.   Joe Bialek


Monday March 31, 2008 The Cauldron


Where to Eat Now? Andrea Mitchell


ince the announcement of the University Center (UC) closing Dining Services has been working hard to create alternative options around campus to the once popular Upper Deck Food Court. The Upper Deck was a place that most students flocked to for lunch due to its central location and various dining options. Now that UC is closed and will not reopen until Spring 2010 students are forced to seek out substitutes for the once popular Upper Deck. As a replacement to the Upper Deck, Dining Services has opened The Midway Café on the first floor Main Classroom Plaza level. Currently The Midway Café is serving students, but not running at full capacity, as it will be in the next few weeks. The Midway Café will feature Mamma Leone’s pizza and Mesquite Ranch BBQ & Grille food items. It will mostly keep the pizza and hamburger options that were popular with

the Upper Deck available to students. As being close to the former UC and right along the innerlink detour it will serve as a temporary fix for a student food court. However, if you would like to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the innerlink detour there are other options around campus. First of all there is the new Glenn’s Energy Oasis located in the lobby of the Recreation Center. Glenn’s Energy Oasis serves smoothies, performance shakes, Outtakes food to go, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Wild Ginger Sushi. It will cater to students looking for a quick pickme-up after working out and is in very close proximity to engineering students. Another option for students who frequent Rhodes Tower is the Rhodes Tower Café. The Rhodes Tower Café offers several types of coffee, food to go, Wild Ginger Sushi and Au Bon Pain Soups. The other newest addition to Cleveland State

Crime Prevention Tip Brought to you by Cleveland State University Police

Safety on the bus:

While waiting for the bus, stand with other people and keep all bags and purses in front of your body.    Be aware of your surroundings; don’t talk on the cell phone or text message.    Once on the bus, Don’t fall asleep.  STAY ALERT!

dining options is Elements Bistro. Elements Bistro is the most upscale restaurant at Cleveland State and offers sit-down or carryout breakfast and lunch. However, if you’re looking to eat off-campus the two closest options are Rascal House and Café-Ah-Roma. Both restaurants are hotspots for students and offer a variety of food choices.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA) is a 12 Step Program for individuals suffering from food obsession, overeating, under-eating and bulimia. There will be a free community information meeting on April 5 at Cleveland Clinic – Bunts Auditorium in Cleveland at 2 pm. No dues, fees or weigh – ins. Every one is welcome, including those who think they may have a food problem or are concerned about someone who may. For more information, call Tracy at 216-308-0005 or visit our website at


Monday March 31, 2008 The Cauldron


Rudy Stralka Then and Now By Mark Jablonski


n 1977, Tri-C student Rudy Stralka transferred to Cleveland State instead of Baldwin Wallace, his first choice, for one reason: to win a $50 bet. Stralka, who was then vice president of the student body at Tri-C, bet a friend that“anyone can get elected president of Cleveland State.” Keeping up his end of the bargain, Stralka transferred to Cleveland State, waged an aggressive campaign, and was soon elected president of the Student Government Association (SGA). “We blew everybody away,” Stralka told The Cauldron in an interview last week. “We brought a whole new dynamic to the organization that certainly was not there before,” he said. By any standard, Stralka’s record of accomplishment as president is impressive. A column in the Feb. 13, 1978 edition of The Cauldron attests to that: “Pressed for accomplishments, Stralka listed the Credit Union, unique in Ohio; the first verbal faculty evaluations in Cleveland State’s history; the successful battle for student music fee reduction; and a ‘booming’ Co-op Bookstore.” Stralka also initiated Organization Day, where student organizations would set up tables in the University Center (UC) in hopes of recruiting new members, a practice that survives to this day. “We were very aggressive in cultivating and reinforcing new clubs,” Stralka said. When Stralka and vice president Jim LaRocca got the idea to host the 1977 mayoral debate between Dennis Kucinich and State Rep. Ed Feighan on the Cleveland State University campus, they scheduled the event to take place in UC 1, and expected a low turnout. But before the debate took place, a faculty adviser told Stralka that the room had to be changed because there were “a zillion people outside.” “We were a victim of our own success, I guess,” Stralka said. But not everyone was on board with Stralka’s objectives. In a March 6 editorial in The Cauldron, then-managing editor Lucy Balazek remarked that Stralka’s new faculty evaluation

program was “just a way for student government to make their constituents think that student government did something worthwhile now and then.” Because the student surveys showed that “all” professors were evaluated favorably, it was “old news.” “Didn’t [SGA] do us a big favor by spending time and money on so worthwhile a project?” Balazek wrote. Stralka also faced opposition within student government, led by his one time opponent Sen. Joe Campoli. But overall, Stralka seems satisfied with the initiatives that he spearheaded as SGA president more than twenty years ago. He grappled with some of the same issues that SGA members seek to address today, including increasing student involvement on campus. Current President Blake Almaguer and candidates Kimberly Carr and Bolaji Orimoloye have all talked about the importance of getting more students involved with organizations. Running on the “Student Involvement” slate, Stralka reached out to student organizations during his campaign to find out what they needed. It sounds kind of Machiavellian, but we’d make a commitment to them that should we get elected, we’d honor our commitments,” Stralka said. “It’s not bribery. I prefer to look at it as ‘what are your needs or wants, how were they not met, and if we give you our word, [if you elect us] we’ll honor it’. . .Every

commitment we made, we honored,” Stralka said. This sort of deal-making earned Stralka the endorsements of most student organizations, The Vindicator, and The Cauldron. “It gave everyone some equity in [our] slate, it made everyone a stakeholder, and we just blew ‘em away,” said Stralka. When Stralka announced that he was transferring to Baldwin Wallace in April of 1978, the headline “Stralka Quits” adorned the front page of The Cauldron. After vice president LaRocca declined to succeed Stralka, Assistant Treasurer Marianne Bubna was appointed interim president. Today, Stralka teaches Business Administration at Tri-C and is also the Treasurer and Director of Operations for the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party. Stralka says that the leadership and organizational skills he honed as SGA president have since helped him in the real world. He likened his role in SGA to his current role in the Democratic Party. “It’s the exact same thing,” he said. “In politics, all you have is your word, and the first time you lie, you’re dead.” When asked if he had any advice for SGA members today, Stralka said that students shouldn’t be afraid to take risks. “Have the courage of your personal convictions,” he said. “You’re only there for a short time, the blink of an eye, so leave your mark. Don’t be sidetracked by nonsense.”


Monday March 31, 2008 The Cauldron


MBA Students Take Fourth

“Our team believed Martha had a chance of winning that award (Best Presenter) and we were delighted to discover that she did,”

By Chris Enoch


leveland State University again proved its acumen for business this spring, or at least four talented students did. Four gifted Cleveland State Minority MBA students out of Nance College of Business Administration placed fourth in a nationwide business competition sponsored by Key Bank: the 2008 Minority MBA Student Case Competition. 1st place through 3rd place went to Indiana University, Carnegie Mellon, and the Ohio State University, respectively. One member of the team, Martha Muhammad, took home the award for Best Presenter in the national contest. The competition, which was sponsored by a partnership between Ohio State’s Fisher College for Business Administration and Key Bank, was held at Key Banks headquarters, Key Tower, located right in the heart of Cleveland. While home field advantage didn’t play a large role in the group’s success, the CSU business student’s ability to analyze and outline real world business conditions did. This year’s competition focused on Key Bank’s expanding consumer banking unit. The bank, which has a low density branch presence in low density, low growth

markets, requested that the college teams formulate short and long term approaches for developing new revenue growth in markets where Key Bank already has a significant presence as well as in less developed markets where their presence is of a smaller scale. The CSU team ranked ahead of 12 other teams from highly regarded schools of business administration: Miami University, Rice University, Cleveland’s own Case Western Reserve University, and the highly prestigious University of Chicago; just to name a few. The four students on the team; Martha Muhammad, Celestine Ilori, Elizabeth Tsai, and Marvin Warner, employed a three point strategy for the competition; offering a proposal for mergers and acquisitions in Key Bank’s Southwestern market, affiliation with retail collaborators for onsite banking centers in stores such as Target and Whole Foods, and the expansion of Key Banks fledgling online banking program. Elad Granot, Cleveland State assistant professor of marketing, served as an advisor to the group and has instructed each of them in his various business courses. Lofty expectations preceded the team as they entered the contest and by all accounts they more than lived up

to them. “Our team believed Martha had a chance of winning that award (Best Presenter) and we were delighted to discover that she did,” said Elizabeth Tsai, reflecting on her fellow teammate’s remarkable achievement. Nance College of Business’s faculty had plenty reason to rejoice this March, and one esteemed faculty member in particular was more than aware of the group’s outstanding achievement. “We are proud of the performance of our MBA students in the Key Bank Case Competition. Their ability to analyze real world business problems and develop effective plans to solve those problems is evident from the outcome of the competition,” said Robert S. Scherer, Ph. D, Dean of Nance College of Business. Congratulations are in order. The accomplishments of these gifted individuals do CSU itself a great service. Whether you’re a student or faculty member, a business major or still undeclared, these bright young lights (and perhaps future Fortune 500 members?) at Cleveland State University give the whole campus a reason to be proud.


Monday March 31, 2008 The Cauldron


SGA Investigation By Mark Jablonski

Charges brought against candidate Orimoloye; SGA’s jurisdiction questioned.


t a meeting of the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Investigative and Legislative (I&L) Committee last week, committee members concluded that recent charges brought against presidential and vice presidential candidates Bolaji Orimoloye and Abdul Ameen warranted further investigation. Business Sen. Donna Seemuth alleges that OrimoloyeandAmeenviolatedtheiroathsof office because in their platform statement they “present falsehoods to the Cleveland State student body and insult both the executive board and the senate.” In their platform statement, Orimoloye and

Ameen wrote that if elected they would work with the senate “collectively rather than strangled in unproductive debates,” and that they “believe in leadership through service, not executive mandates that are not shared by the senate or the student body.” Seemuth insists that these statements are disrespectful to the SGA, and that there is no such thing as “executive mandates,” as only the senate has the power to pass resolutions. But according the Board of Elections (BOE), which oversees and approves campaign materials, Orimoloye and Ameen did nothing wrong. In an email to Senate Speaker Paul Patterson, BOE Co-Chair Alison Foy wrote that she and Co-Chair Jennifer Hakko found “nothing objectionable in the platform statement.” “From my own legal perspective,” Foy wrote, “I am quite certain that Senators Ameen and Orimoloye are well within their rights to express their opinions about SGA and still comply with the Oath of Office.” Foy, a student at the Cleveland-Marshall

College of Law, went on to say that since the charges concern campaign material, the matter is “seemingly. . .under the purview of the BOE and not SGA.” Orimoloye and Ameen said that they believe that the SGA is attempting to usurp the power of the BOE, which is supposed to operate as a separate entity. “I honestly believe that it’s a question of freedom of speech, and who has jurisdiction,” Ameen said. Regarding the “executive mandates” mentioned in the platform statement, Ameen said that he feels that the current executive board essentially “force feeds” decisions to the senate. “The administration is from the top down. . .it makes [SGA] unattractive. . .We want a more collaborative leadership, and want senate approval on anything. If it doesn’t work for both of us then we shouldn’t be doing it,” he said. The I&L Committee will reconvene on Thursday, Apr. 3 at 3:00 p.m. to conduct the investigation.

Feature Tenille Whiteside: Tenille Whitesideis one of the two women who made the CSU Top 10 Athletes of AllWhiteside: Time list. Tenille

Tenille Whiteside is one of the two women who made the CSU Top 10 Athletes of All Time list.

Franklin Edwards: Franklin Edwardssits at the top of the CSU Top 10 Athletes of All Timelist. In 1981 he was drafted by theEdwards Philadelphia:76ersin the first Franklin round of the NBA Draft. Franklin Edwardssits at the top

Matt Ghaffari: Former CSU wrestler Matt Ghaffari (left) won a silver medal in the Greco-Roman division during the 1996 Matt Ghaffari: Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia.

of the CSU Top 10 Athletes of All Time list. In 1981 he was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round of the NBA Draft.

Former CSU wrestler Matt Ghaffari (left) won a silver medal in the Greco-Roman division during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who is Cleveland State’s Greatest Athlete Ever? Camino’s Top 10 Breakdown By Nick Camino


ave you ever wondered who Cleveland State University’s greatest athlete of all time is? I’ve often thought about it, but never researched the topic as I did for this piece. Since 1929, Cleveland State (Fenn College until the year 1964) has had thousands of student-athletes represent this fine institution in a variety of sports. To put together a top ten list is obviously very objective, the final decision being mine. Explore this list I have conducted, perhaps knowledgeable readers or long term professors may question my choices. While we all hope Cleveland State has many more winning teams and great athletes in the foreseeable future, it is important to reflect on those special athletes who proudly represented this college and may have been the best ever at it. 10. Dave Zahoransky, Wrestling, 1984-1988: The list kicks off with Dave Zahoransky, the first of three wrestlers in this Top 10 list. While wrestling for the Vikings, Zahoransky compiled a career record of

73-36-1 and qualified to wrestle in three NCAA Tournaments. The three-time NCAA qualifier earned All-America honors in 1986 and 1988. Interestingly, Zahoransky is the only wrestler in Cleveland State history to qualify for the NCAA Championships in three different weight classes, 134 lbs., 142 lbs., and 150 lbs. He was inducted into the Cleveland State Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2004. 9. Tenille Whiteside, Softball, 1994-1997: Whiteside is hands down the best softball player to ever play for Cleveland State University. She is the career leader in putouts (1,156) and batting average (.355) for the Vikes and her name is ever present through the CSU record books. In 1997 she hit for a .417 average and led the team in hits on two occasions with over 58 in 1995 and 1997. As a freshman in 1994 Whiteside had 48 RBI’s and is the Vikings alltime leader. Whiteside is also in the top tier of the CSU record books for triples, home runs, at bats, runs scored, and even walks drawn. Whiteside’s balanced play of both hitting and fielding

qualifies her as the best softball player of alltime, and one of the elite athletes in Cleveland State history. 8. Ali Kazemaini, Men’s Soccer, 1980-1984: Many may know him as the current head men’s soccer coach here at CSU. But in the early 1980’s Kazemaini helped lead the Vikings to the second round of the NCAA Tournament with the team fashioning a record of 45-25-10 during his four seasons with Cleveland State. Kazemaini’s name prominently appears in the CSU record books five times for points, goals, assists, games played, and games started for the Vikings. In 1984 the current coach was selected to play on the 1984 U.S. Olympic team and in 1985 he was drafted in the first round of the Major Indoor Soccer League Draft. In his first season, Kazemaini was selected as the league’s Rookie of the Year. Coach Kazemaini played professionally for 11 years. 7. Dianne Foster, Women’s Basketball, 1979-1984: The second female athlete to

make this Top 10 list is the greatest women’s basketball player ever in CSU history. Foster is first all-time in points scored with 1,851 and second all-time for the Lady Vikes in steals, snatching 355 in her career. Her ability to score from anywhere on the court while being a strong defensive presence makes Foster the best overall women’s basketball player for Cleveland State ever. She also leads the Vikings with field goals made, sinking 801. The next closest is CSU great Audra Cook with 693. Foster is sixth all-time in field goal percentage shooting a respectable 46.7% in her career. 6. Tony DiGiovanni, Wrestling, 1972-1976: When I hear the adjective “tough”, I think of former Cleveland State 134-pound wrestler Tony DiGiovanni. Yes, I confess he coached me and my brother in high school, but nevertheless his accomplishments during the early 70’s and his aggressive wrestling style may never again be witnessed on this campus. DiGiovanni qualified for the NCAA Championships on three occasions and took fifth place in the country as just a freshman. However, his senior season is one to be remembered and what makes him the sixth best CSU athlete of all time. In his final campaign DiGiovanni broke three Viking season records, tied two others, and broke five career records during the 1976 season. In his final year DiGiovanni went 30-3-1 (.909 winning percentage), including a 16-0-1 mark in dual meets. DiGiovanni is a two time College Division All-American, a two time Cleveland State “Most Outstanding Wrestler” award winner, and as a head coach at Solon High School has won a State Championship team title, coached numerous individual state champions, and is a member of the Coaches Hall of Fame. 5. Jerry Dybzinski, Baseball, 1973-1978: Let’s be real, men’s baseball at Fenn College and Cleveland State has been around since 1932 and there have not been too many seasons or even players to remember. But in 1973 the Vikings made their first trip to the NCAA Tournament losing in the Super Regional round. The team put together impressive records from 1973-1978 of 20-10, 19-11, and 22-13. Sure baseball is a team sport, but much of the success during this time was due in part to former major leaguer Jerry Dybzinski. Dybzinski, who was inducted into the CSU Baseball Hall of Fame in 1988 graduated

as the school’s all-time leader in runs (83), hits (112), and triples (7). The former Viking is one of four CSU players to play in the major leagues. Dybzinski played as a utility player for three seasons with the Cleveland Indians, two with the Chicago White Sox, and one with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Ghafarri is a rare athlete in that as he grew older, he continued to get better. Ghafarri wrestled for legendary Cleveland State Head Coach Dick Bonacci, and during his senior season qualified for the NCAA Tournament. That feat, however, was just the beginning of the road ahead for Ghafarri’s success. After his graduation from Cleveland 4. Vito Colonna, Men’s Soccer, 1968-1972: State, Ghafarri, a heavyweight wrestler went on Should Colonna be higher? Probably. The top to make the Olympic team twice and in 1996 four on this least are almost in a separate league he won the silver medal at the Olympic Games of their own and their order interchangeable. in Atlanta, Georgia for his second place finish Ever look in a CSU men’s soccer record book? in the Greco-Roman division. The former You’ll think Vito Colonna is a misprint because Viking is the only wrestler to ever win four his name appears so much. Greg Murphy, World and Olympic Medals. Ghafarri, who is of the Cleveland State Sports Information now a professional motivational speaker, also is Department ensures me that it is not. Colonna a four-time World Cup Champion and sevenis the all-time career leader in points with 163 time Pan-American Champion. and goals scored with 65. He also owns those records for a single season with 50 points and 1. Franklin Edwards, Men’s Basketball, 22 goals. 1977-1981: Standing atop all the elite athletes Similar to Dybzinkski, Colonna played of Cleveland State University is current for a winning program. During his four seasons basketball analyst for Sports Time Ohio, at Cleveland State, the Vikings compiled Franklin Edwards. Edwards leads all former an overall record of 38-13-5 including two Viking hoops players with a 21.9 points per NCAA Tournament appearances. In 1969 game scoring average for his career as well as the squad advanced all the way to the national field goals made with 906. That is 106 more quarterfinals. During Colonna’s senior season baskets than McFadden had in his career as a the Vikings team claimed a 12-game win Viking. In 1979, during his junior campaign, streak throughout the year and also scored an Edwards broke the individual-single game unheard of 24 goals as a team in one game scoring record scoring 49 points against Xavier. against Wright State, the most in NCAA soccer Remember, he played prior to the inception of history. the three-point line. Imagine how many more points he could have scored. 3. Ken “Mouse” McFadden, Men’s As a result of his excellent four seasons with Basketball, 1985-1989: McFadden was the the Vikings, Edwards was selected in the first floor general during the Cleveland State Vikings round (22nd overall) by the Philadelphia 76ers run to the Sweet 16 in 1986 and still stands as in the 1981 NBA Draft. The former Viking the all time leading scorer in CSU history with continued his career with the Los Angeles 2,256 points. The versatile point guard also Clippers and Sacramento Kings in seven leads all former Vikings in assists, trips to the seasons of NBA action. For his NBA career, free-throw line, as well as free-throws made. In Edwards scored 1,802 points seeing action in his career the “Mouse” had 245 steals, second 296 games. Edwards’ best season came during all-time in Cleveland State history. the 1985-1986 season (same year CSU made During Head Coach Kevin Mackey’s the Sweet 16) when he played for the Clippers, tenure at CSU he ran the ‘run and stun,’ a appearing in 73 games and averaging 9.0 points defensive attack which was virtually a full court per contest. Edwards and McFadden are the press against the opposing team defensively, only two players to have their jerseys retired for while running and getting baskets in transition men’s basketball at Cleveland State. on the offensive end. In an interview with Mackey, he told me it would not have been My final thought: Is this list subject to possible without “Mouse” McFadden. From change? Certainly. I would be happy to one 1985-1987 McFadden started every single day add basketball players J’Nathan Bullock, game for the Vikings and during his senior Kailey Klein, and softball ace pitcher Amanda season averaged 22.9 points per game. Macenko to this list. That can only signify the success they have led their respective programs 2. Matt Ghafarri, Wrestling, 1980-1984: to.

12Culture Monday March 31, 2008 The Cauldron

In the Future Everyone Will be Famous for 15 Minutes” By Christina Niehaus


here was once a time when the world of actors and actresses was mysteriously complex. Though not their personal lives – privacy has long been deprived of those in the public eye. The more hidden aspects of actors’ and actresses’ lives are the roads which they have traveled to success. How they got to be so accomplished in their art, the hard work they must have endured in order to be where they’re at. However, it seems like these days, hard work is not required to be famous, as many are inadvertently proving. A “celebutante” is defined as “a female socialite, especially one of limited accomplishment.” In recent years, we have been seeing these girls more and more. These young women, are gaining their celebrity by doing virtually nothing out of the ordinary, and many people are looking up to them, admiring them, mimicking their styles. The most popular celebutante by far is Paris Hilton. The 27-yearold heiress burst into the public eye on the 2003 premiere of reality show The Simple Life. Beside her was best friend and fellow celebutante, Nicole Richie. Both were relatively unknown until then, but after the show really took off, they reined the headlines, for everything from their “unique” fashion senses to drug and alcohol scandals. The world was craving more and more of them already and all they’d done was star in a reality show with a monotonous plot and annoying circumstances that the girls put themselves in. Kim Kardashian proved, however, that you do not need to own a chain of Five star hotels or have a famous musician as a father to be a celebutante in your own right. She is the daughter of the late Robert Kardashian, who was most famous as O.J. Simpson’s former attorney, and is now the stepdaughter of Olympic gold-medalist Bruce Jenner. She too was not in the public eye until she became the personal stylist of none other than Paris Hilton, and as their friendship bloomed so did Kim’s attraction to the limelight. Then her almost inevitable sex tape was released

and this exotic beauty was suddenly more in demand than ever. Naturally, she should get her own reality show, right? The second season of Keeping up with the Kardashians recently premiered, focusing on Kim and her equally beautiful and non-talented sisters. But why, is the question here. There are millions of beautiful girls in this world, many whom are also talented and genuine, so should they get their own shows as well? Speaking of reality TV shows, which there seems to be a growing market for, there are also numerous dating reality shows which tend to produce memorable people who gain instant fame – sometime overnight, it seems.  Public Enemy rapper “Flavor Flav” searched for love on his appropriately titled show, Flavor of Love, and continues to do so in its third installment. From past seasons of the program, contestant Tiffany Pollard, better known as “New York,” stood out as loud, dramatic, and ridiculously catty. All of the ingredients to get her her own reality show, respectively entitled, I love New York. MTV is more known these days for reality shows than music, primarily the ever popular The Hills. It is a spin off of Laguna Beach, a repetitive reality show about the lives of several wealthy teens in California. The Hills focuses on former Laguna stars and is currently in its third season. Since the debut of these shows, these supposed “real” people have been becoming increasingly famous. However, their celebrity status seems to be derived mainly from their tendency to have dramatic lives – which we all do – and personal issues – which we all do. How did a group of seemingly normal teens become so famous; simply for allowing cameras to follow them around? And more importantly, why do people care so much about them? The Internet is possibly the guiltiest of providing quick celebrities. Videos are constantly showing up on YouTube, displaying crazy eccentric people doing pretty much anything to gain attention. In 2006, Chris Crocker became an instant celeb with his ever-popular YouTube video, “Leave Britney

Alone,” during which he cries and screams about how everyone should leave Britney Spears alone. Since then, the sometimes creepy attention whore has received over 43 million combined hits on his vlog channel on YouTube. And in 2007, Variety magazine revealed that Chris Crocker has signed on to star in his own reality-type show. Surprising, isn’t it? Andy Warhol first coined the term “15 minutes of fame” in 1968 when he said that, “in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” And how right he was. Every time a particularly sexy, strange, or outlandish figure is noticed, it seems, they are given the requisite reality TV show. Anyone can be famous these days – perhaps it take a little of nothing to go a long way.



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Are They Are They Worth A A Worth Listen? Listen?

Let’s get back to the rock side of things. Actually, how about we get to the metal side of things. This time we are going to explore a slightly experimental, above average metal, and totally rock band. Coming from Grand Rapids, Michigan…these boys are not the typical metal band. You might find yourself liking them more than you thought…and they’ll be coming to Cleveland really soon. So, are you ready to answer the question? Are they worth a listen?

ByFaith FaithLarraine Larraine By

Band of Choice: Still Remains 10 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Still Remains 1. Sound: Talk about interesting. These boys are pretty hardcore with their metal technique. It’s loud, disruptive, and amazing! The screaming is a huge part of their music, but there are melodic parts to some songs as well. 2. Albums: They have released two full-length albums titled Of Love and Lunacy and The Serpent. Both albums have received very good reviews from an assorted amount of magazines and online review sites. 3. Look: FOR ONCE…they all don’t look alike. They have different hair color, some have their own style, etc. I love it when a group can still be individuals. 4. Merchandise: Sweet shirts! Their merchandise has some really nice designs on them. 5. Cover: They did a cover of the Nine Inch Nails song “Head Like a Hole” for the album High Voltage: A Brief History of Rock. I’ve heard it…it’s not too bad. They should be proud. 6. Label: They are signed to Roadrunner Records. Roadrunner has also signed some amazing metal bands such as Killswitch Engage and Slipknot.

7. Facebook: Thank God that there are more bands joining Facebook and not only MySpace. Again, Myspace creepy…Facebook…not so creepy. 8.Videos: Serious intensity emerges from these videos. The rage and the craziness…what a turn on! These boys know how to rock out hard. 9. Kerrang!: The album that their Nine Inch Nails cover was on was given away free on the cover of Kerrang! Magazine…so it’s like… FREE STUFF! Any band that gives away free stuff is alright with me! 10. Appearance: Still Remains will be making an appearance in Cleveland on April 28th at the Agora Ballroom. Check them out…while you still can. 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Still Remains 1. Significant Difference: The two full-length albums have a drastically different sound from each other. Sure, they are both metalcore; but the second one is a lot softer. Sometimes the lead singer, T.J. Miller, doesn’t even scream in the songs. Weird. 2. Metal: Of course everyone is not into the hardcore stuff. I’m sure that their concerts have intense mosh pits and some really drunken stoners but…I think it would be a good time. If you love the sound of metal, you will love them.

And even if you just like a little metal, then put them in your collection. 3. Formers: This band has had eight former band members. Eight! With no explanations as to why they left except that two or three left to be in other bands. Humph. 4. Number: There’s too many of them. More than four makes me angry! Argh! 5. Eps: What depressing titles. “Dying with a Smile” and “If Love Was Born to Die”…that doesn’t ring any happy bells in my brain. 6.Years: This band has only been going for four years and now they want to…(sentence will continue in con #9). 7. Look: Okay, yes they look different from each other; but they are still all emo screamo black boyliner-ish. Could be hot…or just not. 8. Miller: Not the best choice for a lead metal singer. He’s not as intense as most metal singers that I have listened too…he’s a softer metal. But he tries. It’s good that it’s different though. 9.Waste of Time: (continued from con #6)… break up! They are disassembling and are no longer going to be a band. But…but it’s only been four years. I guess…go see them while you still can…literally. 10. Final Thought: Since they are breaking up at the end of this tour, titled The Serpent Tour, you might as well as pay the ten bucks to go see them. Still sucks though…they seemed like they had potential to be great.

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Comedy, Music, Improv, and the Occasional Nuns and Pirates By Roman Verzub


aul Sabourin and Greg “Storm” DiCostanzo never fail to entertain a live audience. Whether it’s on The Bob & Tom Show on the radio, or in front of a live audience where they often co-bill shows with Jonathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, as the duo is aptly named, always come ready with their own unique brand of high and low humor, quick wit, and energetic vocals and harmonies. If their names sound familiar, it’s because this duo is formerly half of the comedy a cappella group Da Vinci’s Notebook, famous for such hits as “Title of the Song”, “I Wish I Were,” “Secret Asian Man,” “Another Irish Drinking Song,” and of course “(My) Enormous Penis.” Da Vinci’s Notebook disbanded in 2004, and the duo went off to start their own group, though they found the transition period tough and confusing at times. “It was difficult finding our own way of doing things, both musically and as a performing act,” said Storm. “We didn’t view ourselves as a sequel or continuance of DVN (and still don’t), so we decided from the outset to write all-new material.” Their old fan base, which they had accumulated after 12 years of performances all over the country, was also often reluctant to support the new venture. “It may not have been like starting over completely from scratch, but it was pretty darn close,” Paul explained. In 2005 the duo discovered Coulton through his association with author and humorist John Hodgman. Coulton was only a few weeks into his “Thing-a-Week” project, in which he would release a new song each week on the Internet. They began touring with him in early 2006. “We were looking for someone to perform with in the New York City area, and he was just taking his first tentative steps back into live performing,” said Paul, “and we started doing performances together, and immediately clicked.” Many of Paul and Storm’s hits involve a wacky, comedic premise, including Robert C. Baker, a now-deceased Cornell University professor who invented the chicken nugget in the ‘50s (“Nugget Man”), or a lullaby that also

reads you your rights (“Miranda Lullaby”), the “what if ” songs, like “If James Taylor Were on Fire” and “If They Might Be Giants Were the Ice Cream Man”, and songs based on some of the wackier items in the news, like their song “Nun Fight” which is about a fistfight that broke out in a convent in Southern Italy between three nuns. Paul and Storm seek to foster a strong connection and to interact with their fan base both on and off line. They blog about their adventures, use the website Twitter to post little snippets and updates, and post videos to YouTube. “We enjoy meeting fans after shows—you came out to see us, so why not say a quick ‘hello’?,” said Storm. “The other night in Atlanta we met and talked with a group that had actually constructed and brought to the show a six-foot coffin inspired by our chicken nugget inventor song “Nugget Man”, and I was genuinely moved by that.” Besides looking for what Storm calls “strong Bob & Tom markets,” the duo looks at numbers on the website to find out which cities they should play. “We’ll see where the Eventful Demands are the highest and it never fails to be accurate,” said Paul. “So my advice is to get as many people to make Demands as possible (there’s a link on our homepage), and then it’s fairly easy for us to convince venues that we’re worth a shot.” For these two “professional singing persons” who met by chance, each of them answering the same ad in a Washington D.C. paper from a guy who wanted to start a doowop group, the journey has been great. “There’s been nothing to compare with being a professional musician, and even if it were to end tomorrow I feel like it’s changed me permanently for the better,” Storm said. “It’s a real thrill knowing that things that only ever existed in our heads are out there being enjoyed by who knows how many people, and knowing that we’ve made this crazy thing work even this far is something that no one can ever take away.” Check them out at Paul and Storm’s website:

Student Art Show Displays Cleveland State’s Finest


By Emily Ouzts

s the semester comes to a close, the very best of Cleveland State University’s art students are getting a chance to showcase their hard work. The 37th annual Student Art Show, running through May 3rd at the Art Gallery at Cleveland State University, features 52 pieces by 39 students. The featured artwork includes paintings, photography, drawings, prints, and sculpture. The exhibit is a striking testament to the talent and diversity of Cleveland State students, and signifies an exciting landmark for those hoping for a fulfilling career in the arts. “A big part of being an art student is being able to present work,” says Deanne Conley, president of the Student Organization of Fine Arts, which produced the exhibit. For many student artists, this show is their first opportunity to connect with an audience outside the classroom. “This exhibit represents an opportunity for art students to go beyond CSU,” added Conley, who was busy preparing the gallery for the exhibit’s grand opening on Friday afternoon. The opening reception, which featured the music of local band Radar Hill, included an awards presentation in which the best of the show’s artwork was honored. The exhibit showcases a diverse collection of artwork that displays a departure from traditional mediums. From oil paintings that depict social strife to sculpture representing family moments, the exhibit’s pieces are as unique as they are impressive. “We were struck by an apparent disinterest in current modes of art making and by a preponderance of relatively small-scale works,” say Ann Albano and Dan Tranberg, who served as jurors for the exhibit. The pair reviewed 198 pieces of art and accepted 52 to display in the show. Although any Cleveland State student was eligible to submit artwork, the jurors selected pieces for display on the criteria of quality and innovation. “Our task as jurors was to establish, in our view, a level of quality among diverse media and approaches to art making that highlights the very best of the works submitted,” say Albano and Tranberg in an official Jurors’ Statement. “We believe that the exhibition should provide, for the public and the university community, stellar examples of what Cleveland State University art students are currently producing.” Students of all majors should make an effort to check out this exhibit because it showcases the art department, says Assistant Gallery Director Tim Knapp. He added that the show is an important achievement for students wishing to present their work. The Student Art Show, located in the Art Gallery at Cleveland State University, runs through May 3rd. The exhibit is open to the public Monday through Friday 10-5 p.m., and from 12-4 p.m. on Saturdays. Admission is free.


Home City Ice Co. Walton Hills, Oh. Hiring for route delivery and packaging. 30 minutes from campus. Flexible scheduling around classes. Earn $8.00 to $14.00 per hour. Work Through school on into Summer. Call 800-376-5388 or visit: to apply online.


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A New Spin on a Time Honored Classic at the Cleveland Playhouse By Faith Larraine


t’s a story of love, money, hope and security; but, above all, it’s a story of having too much pride and being full of stereotypical prejudice. The play Pride and Prejudice, a story originally written by Jane Austen who also wrote Emma, was at the Cleveland Playhouse’s Bolton Theatre on March 26. The set for this play was amazing. When scenes changed, windows and curtains would lower from the ceiling. If the character were “walking in the park”, the floor would move in a circular treadmill-like motion to portray actual movement. This treadmill like contraption was also used to change the sets furniture and other props. It was a very clever way to change the scenery and it was interesting to watch as well. Even though this is a serious story, basically because it is about marrying for money and not for love, the play was turned into a roaring comedy. Just about ever line had a hilarious pun and every actor had the right level of comic relief for his or her part. The main character was Elizabeth Bennet, played by Chaon Cross. It was amazing how she delivered

all those lines to a tee and played off of all the other characters so well. She was an obvious star. She fit her part very well. Two of the funniest characters in the whole lot were Judith Day, who played the mother Mrs. Bennet, and Bill McGough, who played the father Mr. Bennet. They had such chemistry on stage when it came to throwing punch lines at each other. They were the best comical duo I have seen in a while. Day had the “mother who can’t wait for her daughters to get married to give her money” act down to the most specific detail. She was always screaming and overexaggerating. It was simply amazing. And McGough definitely had that caring father act down…along with the “never listen to your mother” act down as well. Daniel Graham and Jason Bradley…talk about two extremely good-looking actors. These two men played opposite each other, Bradley being the stuck up yet romantic Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Graham playing the sexy yet corrupt Mr. Wickham. You could feel the tension between these two actors as they played previous friends turned foes. Without witnessing the

past relationship they had and how it foundered, you could tell that they were friends once but no longer. The only problem with this play is that it was comical. The topic that Austen touches on within her story is very serious and I was confused as to how it was turned into a comedy. The thought of having to get married at such a young age as character Lydia Bennet, played by Roni Gena; getting married at sixteen and being happy about it, is hard to believe. In today’s terms that is obviously not a very realistic case, but it sheds some light on what it used to be like to be young and virginal back in the day. The fact that the play was a comedy did make it more interesting, but it seemed as if there could have been a few more serious moments so that Austen’s novel could have shown its full message within the play. Pride and Prejudice will continue to play at the Bolton Theatre until April 13. The tickets start at $39 and sell fast. A warning to all readers…these tickets are hot! It wasn’t even opening night and every seat was taken. The play is definitely a must see and a huge enjoyment.

How to Beat Vegas While Following the Rules By Laura Dynda


s there really a way to win in a Las Vegas casino without breaking the rules? Apparently there is a way to both play by the rules and break the bank at the same time by counting cards The new film 21 is based on the true story of six MIT students who were able to win millions of dollars by counting cards while playing Black Jack. The MIT Black Jack team shook up Vegas during the 1990s with their unique system of card counting. The director of 21, Robert Luketic said, “I kind of enjoyed the fact that a group of MIT geeks came in and shook things around a bit.” The MIT Black Jack team ended up changing the way that Las Vegas handled the game of Black Jack forever. One of the changes had to do with reducing the amount of money that a person could bet while in the middle of a deck of cards. It is hard to imagine that Las Vegas casinos would change their rules over a group of college students. But in truth these six students would make millions in the course of a weekend stay. Counting cards is not illegal

in Las Vegas, but if a person is caught doing it, they will be thrown out of a casino. The casino’s job is to win and if there is someone that is trying to prevent it that is a big problem. 21 presented a new genre of film to Luketic who is best known for romantic comedies such as Legally Blonde. Luketic explained that his name was probably not the first one on the list given the movies that he had done in the past. He said, “This is a genre that I am not known for. I really had to sell them (the studio) that I was the right guy.” Luketic not only had to sell himself but also Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe) who would play the leading role of Ben Campbell. The quest to find the lead was not an easy one. Luketic had auditioned over 100 actors and finally settled on Sturgess. Luketic said, “I wanted an allAmerican kid. But I ended up with the most English kid that I could possibly find.” He explained that he wanted Sturgess for the role because, “Jim wasn’t very overly exposed, he had innocence about him, but at

the same time we could put him in an Armani suit and he could strut through a casino like he was a real player.” 21 was filmed in both Las Vegas and Boston. In Las Vegas there were some mixed results to the film shoot. Luketic said, “We had some casinos that told us to go away.” There were others that were very willing to help. Luketic said that The Palms, The Hard Rock, and Planet Hollywood gave them incredible access. The Las Vegas shoot was almost insane according to Luketic. He said that with all of the people around them watching what they were doing, that it almost felt like he and everyone involved with the production were on stage all of the time. Not all of the Las Vegas scenes happened there Luketic explained, “All the big fantasy hotel suites and the strip club and a few other things were all built on big sound stages in Boston. It was more economical and more controllable to be able to do that.” Luketic was quick to add, “Everything else, everything that you see in Vegas is real. It’s kind of a small miracle that we pulled it off.”

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MLB Preview Reid May


eeing how every other sportswriter in the universe has written a column predicting the outcome of the 2008 Major League Baseball season, I simply couldn’t resist throwing another opinion into the hat. First and foremost, the parity in both the American and National Leagues has become ridiculously even in the past several years. Both leagues go at least six deep in legitimate contenders—which will make for a fantastic stretch run this summer. There isn’t a division in baseball that will be decided before midSeptember, and it’s very likely that all eight races will be decided on the last several days of the season. And despite the advantage the AL holds over the NL, expect fantastic a ’08 playoffs and World Series. The elite teams in the two leagues will provide an extremely entertaining October— likely the best in recent memory. So without further ado, here’s my expert analysis of the upcoming season: National League East: Atlanta Braves, 94-68 As hard as it is to pick a winner amongst the New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies and the Braves, I went with Atlanta for two main reasons. Their pitching staff is the best of the three, and they’re an experienced team, even though they had a down year in 2007. The staff of Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Tim Hudson, and Mike Hampton is downright ridiculous if you believe—as I do—that Hudson and Hampton are going to have great comeback years and will each be good for 10-15 wins. That’s not too bad for a three and four starter. In terms of experience, Atlanta still has Bobby Cox at the helm, with guys like Chipper Jones and Mark Teixiera leading the team on the field. As much talent as the Mets have, I don’t trust them after the collapse they had last year, and despite a great young infield and middle of the lineup, the Phillies pitching staff doesn’t match up.

National League Central: Milwaukee Brewers, 89-73 Everyone likes the Chicago Cubs in the central division, and while the talent the Cubs bring to the field is very sexy, I see the Brewers as a more complete team, that doesn’t have the expectations of the world riding on it’s shoulders. The Brewers have a solid pitching staff, led by Ben Sheets and supported with starters Chris Capuano and Jeff Suppan and relievers Eric Gagne [I like the chance they’re taking on him] and Salomon Torres. Their lineup features young mashers Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder and they play in a supportive city. The Brewers will fly under the radar for most of the season but steal the Cubs thunder, and slide into the NL playoffs. National League West: Arizona Diamondbacks, 96-66 The west is the best division in the National League, perhaps the best in all of baseball. The Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, and San Diego Padres all finished within a game and a half of each other in 2007, and those three teams—along with the Los Angeles Dodgers— will see a similar finish in 2008. Any one of these teams would be a legitimate choice to win the division, but the edge goes to Arizona—because they made the big off-season move. Acquiring Dan Haren from the Oakland Athletics will be the difference maker in the west for the Diamondbacks. They have Haren, Brandon Webb, and Randy Johnson in their rotation, with a star studded defense with the likes of Eric Byrnes, Orlando Hudson, and Stephen Drew behind them. With this talent, the Diamondbacks will be the class of the National League this season. National League Wild Card: New York Mets, 91-71 Outside of the division winners there are six teams that will have a shot at making the playoffs with the wild card birth in 2008. Philadelphia, Chicago, San Diego, Colorado, and Los Angeles will all be close to the playoffs, but the final spot will go to the New York Mets. The Mets, re-energized after last years collapse, will come up short in the east, but will have enough—especially with Johan Santana—to win the Wild Card and make the playoffs. American League East: Boston Red Sox, 95-67 As is customary, the east will come down to the

Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees, with the Red Sox holding the advantage in just about every area. Boston brings back every major player a year after winning the World Series. It’s tough to pick against a team with that resume, even harder when their best competition is under going a regime change, and has two rookies in the starting rotation. I like the pitching staff in Boston, but I like the lineup better. Everyone talks about Detroit scoring 1,000 runs, but I would look for Boston to put up some ridiculous numbers also. Plan on the defending champions being right back at the head of the class in 2008. American League Central: Cleveland Indians, 97-65 For the Indians, it’s much the same as the Red Sox. They won 96 games, came within a game of the World Series, and didn’t lose any major players from a very good 2007 roster. The Detroit Tigers are everyone’s pick to win, and nobody doubts their prowess on offense, but I don’t see their pitching staff holding up over a long season. Justin Verlander and Jeremy Bonderman will be good for 35 wins together, but Kenny Rogers and Dontrelle Willis have a lot to prove in the three and four spots after less than stellar performances last year. In addition their bullpen has Todd Jones, but nobody else and that won’t hold up—no matter how many runs they score—against solid teams like Cleveland. The Indians have seven starting pitchers, from Cy Young winner C.C. Sabathia to Triple-A stud Adam Miller, a strong bullpen with Rafael Betancourt and Rafael Perez setting up Joe Borowski, and a solid lineup up and down. Their biggest question is Travis Hafner, who will need to step us his game in order for the Indians to win. I think he will, and the Indians will defend their crown, roaring into the playoffs. American League West: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, 93-69 The Angels will defend their western division crown with a solid 2008 season. While questions are present about Vladimir Guerrero and Garret Anderson’s health along with the overall condition of the pitching staff, the Angels have the ability to put down everyone in the west. The Oakland Athletics are rebuilding, Texas Rangers are going nowhere, and the Seattle Mariners are still a year or two away. Ultimately the Angels pitching—from John

19Sports Monday March 31, 2008 The Cauldron

Lackey to Francisco Rodriguez will carry them through, though they’ll struggle against the four most elite teams in the league. American League Wild Card: Detroit National League Awards MVP David Wright, New York Mets Cy Young Johan Santana, New York Mets ROY Kosuke Fukodome, Chicago Cubs COY Bobby Cox, Atlanta Braves American League Awards MVP Grady Sizemore, Cleveland Indians Cy Young C.C. Sabathia, Cleveland Indians ROY Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays COY Eric Wedge, Cleveland Indians 2008 Playoffs AL Champion Cleveland NL Champion Arizona

Tigers, 94-68 The Tigers won’t have enough to take the central from the Indians, but will be able to stave off the Yankees and Mariners to make the

WS Cleveland over Arizona, 6 games Cleveland and Arizona match up well in pitching and the difference becomes Cleveland’s lineup. While Arizona has a better defense, Cleveland scores four runs per game—to Arizona’s two—and wins its first World Series since 1948. Nick Camino’s Picks Division winners and wild cards: AL East = Boston Red Sox, AL West = Oakland Athletics, AL Central = Cleveland Indians, AL Wildcard = Toronto Blue Jays, NL East = New York Mets, NL West = San Diego Padres, NL Central = Chicago Cubs, NL Wildcard = Colorado Rockies

playoffs as the fourth team from the American League side. The key to the Tigers run will be the offense. If they don’t score at least five per game, the Yankees get this spot.

AL/NL MVP: AL MVP = Manny Ramirez, NL MVP = Troy Tulowitzki AL/NL Cy Young: AL Cy Young = Fausto Carmona, NL Cy Young = Aaron Harang AL/NL ROY: AL ROY = Evan Longoria, NL ROY = Joey Votto AL/NL Manager of the Year: AL Manager of the Year = Eric Wedge, NL Manager of the Year = Joe Torre Division Series Champions: AL=Boston/Cleveland, NL=Padres/Mets AL/NL Champions: AL=Boston, NL=Mets WS Champions: NL=Mets

Christopher Enoch’s Picks AL Division Winners: Yankees (east), Angels (West), Detroit (Central), Cleveland (wildcard) NL Division Winners: Mets (east), Dodgers (west), Cubs (central), Phillies (wildcard) AL Champ: Cleveland NL Champ: Cubs WS Champ: Cleveland in 6 AL Cy young: Sabathia AL MVP: Grady Sizemore NL MVP: Jose Reyes NL Cy Young: johan santana AL Manager: Eric Wedge NL Manager: Joe Torre ROY AL: Joba Chamberlain ROY NL: Kosuke Fukudome


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