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Annual Report of P r ivate Giving , 2005-06


Columbus State University Foundation Board of Trustees 2005-2006

Did You Know?


Perhaps you are fully aware that Columbus State University will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2008. The beginning of the college, in the former Shannon Hosiery Mill on Talbotton Road in 1958, was humble but it was an experience of which we are exceedingly proud! Even today, people stop us on the street to talk about the glory days of the Shannon Hosiery Mill campus and the great feeling of community and camaraderie they found in that place. Dr. T. Y. Whitley, the founding president of Columbus State University, was an educator and a member of the Chancellor's staff in Atlanta. He was appointed by the Board of Regents to establish Columbus College. This he did. The college was firmly established academically, administratively, and physically in the heart of Columbus and was built into the hearts of the people of Columbus in a special way. The foundation that he and the first faculty and staff laid remains with us, very clearly, today. Did you know that the last of the original faculty, Mr. Philip Battle, Professor of Spanish, retired in 1992? Did you know that Columbus State moved to its present campus in 1963? Hanging in the president's office is a huge key that was presented by Governor-Elect Carl Sanders to Dr. Whitley upon the occasion of the opening of the new campus in January of that year. In 1979, when President Whitley retired, enrollment had grown to 4,655. CSU's second president, Dr. Francis J. Brooke, served from 1980-1987. His focus was on the academic organization, moving the former two-year college to an organizational arrangement more usually employed by colleges that offer baccalaureate degrees. The beautiful oaks bordering the major streets at CSU were planted during this time and the buffer of pines and hardwoods that separate the campus from University Avenue on the east and Gentian Boulevard on the north was created as a part of the 25th anniversary of CSU in 1983. Did you know that plans are already under way for celebrating the 50th anniversary of Columbus State? And not coincidentally, while the committee is hard at work organizing activities and festivities to help us pay tribute to partnerships and the generosity of the community and the dedication and commitment of the faculty and staff of CSU, we are preparing to move to a new level of master planning as well. Through the generosity of a donor, we are undertaking what will prove to be, we're certain, a wonderful guidebook for future development of

our campus in the form of a landscape development plan for Columbus State. The 50th Anniversary committee headed by Ms. Callie McGinnis, Dean of Libraries at Columbus State, will be designing other ways to commemorate and celebrate the first half-century of your university. Did you know that the founding of the Columbus State University Foundation coincided with the relocation of Columbus College in 1963? Did you know that the first chairman of the CSU Foundation was Mr. W. Ford Pearce? Mr. Pearce, for newcomers to Columbus, was a leading banker in our city and had his heart in the development of this institution. Appropriately, his daughter, Patty Pearce Cardin, holds a seat on the Board of Trustees of the CSU Foundation today. And did you know that Mr. Tom Buck, Jr. is the longest serving member of the Foundation board, a member of the original board in 1963? With the leadership of the Foundation and others across the community, Columbus State University was imagined, formed, and brought to reality. Those who have gone before, we are certain, would be proud of the report you will read in these pages. But, more than that, they would take great pride in the institution your university has become. Our changing face is impressive - so, too, is the continuing academic excellence for which we are best known. Perhaps this small dose of Columbus State University history has whetted your appetite for more. If so, we can oblige at any time! In the meantime, we ask that you review this annual report, note the progress and the initiatives made possible by the generosity of so many people, and that you enjoy the sense of pride all of us must feel in the growth and evolution of Columbus State University. It is truly the people's college, for you have made it so! We are in your debt.

Nancy C. Buntin – Chairman Jack B. Key III – Vice Chairman William D. Reaves, Jr. – Treasurer L. Lamar Powers – Secretary Champ L. Baker, Jr. M.D. – Immediate Past Chairman Lon D. Marlowe – Executive Director Emory J. Alexander, M.D. James H. Blanchard Michael S. Bowden Frank D. Brown C. William Burgin Stephen T. Butler Patricia P. Cardin Gregory A. Davis Salvador Diaz-Verson, Jr. Frank S. Etheridge III Jean M. Hartin Christopher D. Hohlstein W. Randall Jones Donald M. Leebern III Matthew Lewis Polly C. Miller Edwin L. Page, M.D. Michael W. Patrick Lynne Phillips Alan F. Rothschild, Jr. Otis J. Scarborough Marvin R. Schuster Nancy S. Smith Richard A. Smith Sydney S. Smith Henry W. Swift, Jr. Philip W. Tomlinson William B. Turner, Jr. Richard W. Ussery Sherry F. Wade Robert L. Wright, O.D. James D. Yancey

Senior Members Frank D. Brown President

Thomas B. Black Thomas B. Buck, Jr. Otis B. Burnham Ray E. Crowley George W. Ford, Jr.

Wilfred E. Gross, Jr. Morton A. Harris William T. Heard, Jr. George W. Jeter James W. Key C. Robert Koon Hugh B. Landrum, Jr. Carl L. Patrick Jacob L. Riley, Jr. Mary W. Schley, M.D. J. Kyle Spencer

Honorary Members Thomas B. Buck III Ethel W. Foley Dorothy W. McClure Calvin Smyre William B. Turner, Sr. George C. Woodruff, Jr. J. Barnett Woodruff

Associate Members F. Michael Gaymon President, Chamber of Commerce

Donald M. Leebern, Jr. Member of the Board of Regents William J. Owen Faculty Senate Executive Officer

Laurie E. Wolfe President, Alumni Association

Joel O. Wooten, Jr. Member of the Board of Regents

The By John Lester

Pofower Giving

An important law of ecology says all living organizations are connected, and that what affects one organism, affects all organisms. For non-scientists, it could be called a ripple effect – one pebble can create lots of movement. Biology Professor George Stanton has seen many examples of this rule in his studies of the environment. Now also CSU’s vice president of academic affairs, Stanton said he has seen this law also prove true when looking at the academic impact of private donations to the university. Take, for example, the story of Dorothy Cheruiyot. A native of Kenya, Dorothy came to Columbus State University after being offered a scholarship to run crosscountry. She enrolled in the biology program and became an excellent student, presenting award-winning undergraduate research at the regional and national levels. She’s since earned her bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree from the environmental science master’s program, and is an assistant cross-country coach and a teacher of Swahili. Private donations not only made it possible for Dorothy to come to the United States, they paid for her education, supported the department where she studied, paid for her research and travel to biology conferences and helped her continue her studies. “At a time when state and federal funds for higher education are decreasing, every gift is important, regardless of the amount,” said Rex Whiddon, CSU’s director of major giving and university stewardship. “Private gifts continue to

Dorothy Cheruiyot Recipient of a CSU cross–country track scholarship. Cheruiyot is a recent graduate, an assistant coach and a teacher at CSU.

make our exceptional university an even greater institution, providing our students and faculty opportunities to explore, engage, and excel.” These gifts take form in various ways, Whiddon said, including scholarships, book vouchers, gifts designated for upgrades in technology, instruments and equipment for CSU’s music, art and theatre programs, international study, faculty development and a host of other projects and initiatives that enhance the learning and teaching environment. “Our donors are seeing a huge return on their investments, as their gifts change the lives of students and

enable CSU to grow and evolve into a regional university of excellence, one that is not only transforming our region, but an institution that is influencing the state and beyond,” Whiddon said. As these gifts, these donations, touch the life of one student, others hear their stories of how private donations have made their university career more successful, more complete. In turn, they seek out similar opportunities, find similar help and tell others about their experience. These experiences perpetuate the cycle of giving. One initial gift changes one life but in doing so, it changes the lives of many. Consider the lives that were touched by Dorothy’s time at CSU: The faculty members who were invigorated by her work, the classmates who were inspired by her dedication, the athletes who were driven by her coaching and the students now in her Swahili class who are now intrigued about other countries and plan to broaden their study by taking advantage of CSU’s study abroad programs. It is evident that the partners on whom CSU has come to depend are integral to the successful careers of so many of the students that pass through the campus in search of the education that will support their career, enlighten their minds, and transform them into individuals who change their world for good. It all begins with one gift.


CSU Report of Private Giving, 2005-2006 CSU Foundation, Inc

CSU Alumni Association, Inc.

CSU Athletic Fund, Inc.

Total Assets









Total Liabilities









Net Assets Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted


Foundation Properties, Inc.

3,849,424 20,321,586 25,299,689

18,819,409 – –

137,708 – 84,061

52,515 710,842 1,335,372

Net Assets









Total Liabilities and Net Assets









Revenues Contributions Other Income Investment Income Unrealized Gain/Loss Total Revenue


3,327,778 352,228 1,556,341 (48,864) 5,187,483


1,000,000 4,874,253 251,781 159,529 6,285,563


101,703 68,508 4,994 1,360 176,565








Net Increase (Decrease) Net Assets Beginning Adjustment to Net Assets Net Assets Ending


174,720 229,336 50,654 18,831 $637,541 $






49,291,584 105*

18,657,745 –

216,984 –

1,875,302 –


*Adjusted to reflect Charitable Gift Annuities & Remanider Trusts according to GAAP format.







CSU Annual Fund Designation of Gifts, 1997-2006 $ 1,400,000 1,200,000 1,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000






Athletic FY97




Alumni $





Foundation Restricted $




Foundation Unrestricted


$ 337,390

Total $
























































CSU’s Growth In Private Giving, 1997-2006 $ 35,000,000 30,000,000

Total Annual Fund Gifts


Special Purpose Giving


Capital Campaign - Investment in People

15,000,000 10,000,000 5,000,000 00 5












CSU Foundation & Foundation Properties Net Assets, 1997-2006 $ 90,000,000 80,000,000





60,000,000 50,000,000 40,000,000 30,000,000 20,000,000 10,000,000 –










* The decline in Net Assets in 2005 is a result of expenditure of funds for Capital Campaign projects including the RiverPark Campus and Soccer Complex that are being contributed to CSU.


CSU’s Report of Private Giving, Ten-Year History (as of July 31, 2006) FY97

AF Goal










$ 1,000,000



1,100,00 $


1,150,000 $


1,150,000 $



1,150,000 $

1,250,000 $





































































$ 750,617

$ 831,547


$ 1,006,093





Total AF Gifts and Pledges


$ 1,101,197 $ 1,151,618 $ 1,151,829 $ 1,203,820 $ 1,396,658 $ 1,475,565

Special Purpose Giving

Capital Campaign - Investment in People Capital Campaign - Planned or Deferred Gifts

Total Giving

$ 1,875,775

$ 2,037,850

$10,473,853 $ 7,208,159

















$ 4,447,985 $ 44,121,015 $25,172,972 $14,137,955 $ 15,008,558 $ 13,631,302

**The large increase in FY99 resulted from gifts designated for the new Athletic Complex, the Rankin Building renovations, Turner Center renovations, and International Studies.

6 00

Columbus State University Foundation Properties, Inc. Board 2005-2006 Jack B. Key III Chair Lon D. Marlowe Executive Director Champ L. Baker, Jr., M.D. Thomas B. Black James E. Buntin


Nancy C. Buntin George W. Jeter L. Lamar Powers William D. Reaves, Jr. Otis J. Scarborough Todd A. Schuster Mathews D. Swift

Columbus State University Friends of Art Steering Committee 2005-2006 Mr. John Page – Chair Mrs. Joan Holder – Ex-Officio Ms. Michele McCrillis – Ex-Officio Mr. Jeff Kaller – Ex-Officio Mr. Rex Whiddon – Ex-Officio Mrs. Susan N. Binns Mrs. Doris Black Mr. Bucky Bowles Ms. Sally Bradley Dr. Philip Brewer Mrs. Kay Broda Dr. Alice Budge Mrs. Geri Davis Mr. Karl Douglass Mrs. Sally Gates Ms. Susan Gristina Mrs. Donna Hand Mrs. Robert Hecht Mrs. Joan Mize Holder Ms. Robbie K. Holt

Mrs. Janet Kemp Mrs. Rebecca H. King Mrs. Ann Norris Mr. Eddie Norris, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth C. Ogie Mr. Mark Porter Mrs. Mamie Pound Mrs. Elizabeth B. Ramsay Mr. Alan F. Rothschild, Jr. Mrs. Sandy Scarborough Mrs. Margot Schley Smallman Ms. Miriam Tidwell Mr. J. Barrington Vaught Mrs. Pat Wilensky Ms. Kristen Miller-Zohn

Annual Fund Sources of Giving, 2005-2006 Foundations 22%

Trustees 9% Alumni 15% CSU Faculty/Staff 5%

Friends 26%

Corporations 23%

CSU Annual Fund Allocations, 2005-2006

Honor Roll of Donors, 2005-2006 Everyone who supports a university makes an investment in the future. The donations capital campaign, between August 1, 2005 and July 31, 2006. All gifts to the Investment in People capital campaign will also be acknowledged in a final campaign publication that will of CSU alumni, friends, faculty, and staff give our students the opportunity to pursue their dreams and to contribute to making the world a better place for all of us. We are grateful for all be published later this year. you do to help change the world – for good. * Indicates Columbus State University Alumni. + Indicates Columbus State University Faculty/Staff. The Honor Roll of Donors is a comprehensive list of the 4,217 supporters who made gifts to Columbus State University, including gifts to the Annual Fund and to the Investment in People (+) Indicates retired Columbus State University Faculty/Staff. Founders Society – Diamond Circle ($25,000 and above) Aflac Paul S. Amos Educational Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Amos Anonymous Dr. & Mrs. Champ L. Baker, Jr. BellSouth Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Tom B. Black Mr. & Mrs. James H. Blanchard Bradley-Turner Foundation, Inc. David & Donna Brown Mrs. Clarence C. Butler Columbus Regional Healthcare System Inc. Lovick P. & Elizabeth T. Corn Foundation Ray & *Evelyn Crowley Martha K. Cunningham Doctors Hospital Mrs. Quigg Fletcher Gordon Flournoy Mildred Miller Fort Foundation, Inc. Estate of Mildred M. Fort Kate C. Foster (+) COL (Ret.) & *Mrs. Hal J. Gibson Dr. Elizabeth D. Heard Estate of Mrs. Nancy Rothschild Hill Norman S. & Emmy Lou P. Illges Foundation John P. & Dorothy S. Illges Foundation

* Randy & *Pat Jones The Jordan Foundation, Inc. John S. & James L. Knight Foundation The Kresge Foundation Estate of Mr. & Mrs. Frank G. Lumpkin, Jr. Estate of Florence Lynn Mr. & Mrs. John C. Martin II Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. McClung, Jr. MeadWestvaco Corporation Dr. Mary E. Mercer * Walter & *Polly Miller * Marie T. Moshell * Elizabeth & Mike Ogie The Carl & Frances Patrick Foundation, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. E. Stephen Purdom Estate of Grace Hunter Ratley Walter Alan Richards Foundation Schuster Enterprises, Inc. Maxine R. Schiffman Rep. Calvin Smyre St. Francis Hospital Synovus Foundation, Inc. (CB&T, TSYS, Synovus) TSYS Mr. & Mrs. D. Abbott Turner II W.B. & Sue T. Turner Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John T. Turner Mr. & Mrs. William B. Turner, Sr. * Mr. & Mrs. William B. Turner, Jr.

Woodruff Family Foundation, Inc. J. W. & Ethel I. Woodruff Foundation Mr. & Mrs. George C. Woodruff, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Wright, Jr. Ruth B. & *James D. Yancey

Founders Society – Platinum Circle ($10,000 - $24,999) Aranas Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Benton Richard H. Bickerstaff, Sr. Mrs. Lloyd G. Bowers, Jr. Bradley-Turner Fifth Generation of the Bradley-Turner Foundation * Mr. & Mrs. Stephen T. Butler Mr. & Mrs. Cecil M. Cheves Charles E. & Bunky M. Clark Kriss & Lisa Cloninger Columbus Ledger-Enquirer ExxonMobil Foundation Mr. & Mrs. John F. Flournoy Georgia Power Company Greystone Properties, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Ben H. Hardaway III Mr. & Mrs. William T. Heard, Jr. A Friend of the Organization Hollis Foundation Inc. Estate of Janet B. Hollis The Hughston Foundation George Jeter

Mrs. G. Gunby Jordan II Guy & Sally Kenimer * Jimmy L. & *Katherine W. McKinstry Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Olnick Page-Sheek Foundation, Inc. William H. & Martha M. Paull Otis & Sandy Scarborough Marvin & Ruth Schuster Schwob Family Foundation, Inc. * Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Smith Ken Spano Charitable Foundation Standard Concrete Products SunTrust Bank, West GA Mr. & Mrs. Clifford J. Swift III George P. Swift, Jr. Family Foundation John & Pam Thayer Wachovia Insurance Services Mr. & Mrs. John W. Walden, Jr. Rankin Walden Dr. & Mrs. John I. Waldrop Mr. & Mrs. Joel O. Wooten Ray M. & Jane R. Wright Foundation, Inc.

Founders Society – Gold Circle ($5,000 - $9,999) Alliant Techsystems, Inc. Kathelen & Dan Amos * Frank & Becky Bickerstaff Charles D. Bowers



* William A. Brogdon The Estate of Leo & Florence Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Burgin Mr. & *Mrs. Larry Cardin Carmike Cinemas, Inc. Larry Corse Mildred Davis Environmental Fund for Georgia Lenora Jordan Garrard Charitable Trust Georgia State University Getzen Mr. John Greenman & Dr. Alice Budge G. Sanders & *Deena T. Griffith * Cecil A. Hand, Jr. Judye & Morton Harris Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Hecht * Mark G. Holladay Hughston Orthopedic Hospital Mrs. Helen L. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Allan Kamensky Mr. & Mrs. James W. Key Elizabeth Fry & Dupont Kirven Foundation Estate of J. Dupont Kirven, Jr. John & +Kayron Laska Virginia Lee & Katie Cook Scholarship Fund Mrs. Robert L. Loflin * Joseph M. & Maria C. Lunsford *+ Lon D. & *Lynda M. Marlowe McClure Family Foundation McMath Turner Construction Co. Lois E. & R. Duke Miller Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Larry H. Mize * Frank & *Debbie Deal Moody NAPM of Chattahoochee Valley, Inc. * Tommy & *Nancy Prescott * Bill & *Nancy Reaves Regions Bank Frances W. Rutledge Mr. & Mrs. Todd A. Schuster * Arthur L. & *Sue M. Smith

* Charlotte A. Saunders Steelmon *(+) Miss Hazel M. Sweger Swift-Illges Foundation, Inc. Mrs. T. Earl Taylor, Jr. TIC Federal Credit Union University System of Georgia Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Waddell Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Walker Max & Kay Watson

Founders Society – Silver Circle ($2,500 - $4,999) Mrs. Cyrus M. Adams Atmos Energy Corporation BellSouth + Frank & Jo Ann Brown * Jim & *Nancy Buntin Otis Burnham Family Trust Carl Gregory Enterprises CB&T Mr. & Mrs. J. Edgar Chancellor III Columbus Engine Center Columbus Technical College Composite Construction Systems Creek Stand Partners, LP The Crowley Foundation Inc. + Michael & *Michelle Daniels * Alton R. Duncan Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Etheridge III Flint Energies Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Frank D. Foley, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. Foley III Fortson-Peek Company, Inc. Carolyn & *Tom Gates The Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research + Herbert & *Jan Greene Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred E. Gross, Jr. * Jean M. Hartin Kathleen & Christopher Hohlstein, through the Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley

* Jeff & Malissa Kennedy Kennon, Parker, Duncan & Key * Jack B. Key III Franny & Paul Kilpatrick Mr. & Mrs. C. Robert Koon J. Smith Lanier & Co., Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Darcy R. Leerssen * Scott & *Deborah L. McGlaun Dr. & Mrs. Dwight O. McLaurin Pat & *Sheree Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. A. Ben Moon, Jr. * Mr. & Mrs. Lucius D. Morton Mrs. Francis A. Norman Emma Jo Jones Ploeger Presser Foundation Mr. & *Mrs. Alan C. Ramsay, Jr. *(+) Dr. Carole Rutland The RWR Foundation Inc. Mrs. Mary W. Schley, M.D. Mrs. C. Alex Sears, Jr. Dr. Jose C. Serrato, Jr. * Mr. & *Mrs. John A. Shinkle Elaine & Leon Siegel Sky-High Pyrotechnics International Sydney S. Smith Mr. & Mrs. J. Edward Sprouse Susan & +George Stanton Richard E. Stephens Henry & Jeanne Swift * Mr. & *Mrs. Ronald L. Thomas, Jr. Jack & *Jeraldine Tinkler * Teddie & *Mike Ussery * Rick & *Jan Ussery Mrs. Betty S. Van Cleave Drs. (+)Paul & *Carol Vander Gheynst * Mr. & *Mrs. S. Scott Voynich Wachovia Bank Dr. Thomas A. & Sherry F. Wade Dr. & Mrs. John D. Watson + L. Rexford & *Lynn K. Whiddon

Founders Society – Bronze Circle ($1,000 - $2,499) A-Com Enterprises, Inc. Acura of Columbus Alan Adams Photography Alexander Contracting Co., Inc. Alexander Electric Co. * Dr. & Mrs. Emory J. Alexander *(+) Mae E. Allen * Gary & Kathy Allen Dr. & Mrs. A. C. Alvarez * Dan & *Beth Anderson * Don & +Diane Andrae Raymond & Patsy Andrae Mr. & Mrs. Sam Andras Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Anthony COL & Mrs. A. V. Arnold Mr. & Mrs. Jack M. Averett, Sr. * Mr. & *Mrs. Bruce L. Bacon * Philip A. & *Jennifer Wood Badcock Mr. & *+Mrs. J. Harold Bailey Mae Charles Barnes *(+) Peggy & Charles Batastini Batson-Cook Company Mr. & Mrs. Leon Belk Diana & *Bob Best * Mr. & Mrs. Walker R. Bickerstaff, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. James J. W. Biggers, Jr. * Elaine Susan Binns Mr. & Mrs. Wilson W. Blackmon Boral Bricks + Ed Bosworth * Mr. & *Mrs. Michael S. Bowden Lucy Hill Bowers *+ Janis Bowles * Melanie R. Brightwell Dr. Harry Brill Jerry & *+Lougene Brown * Gregory Bryant Tom & Susan Buck * Mr. & Mrs. Wade M. Burford

* Joan Burks Mrs. Eleanor T. Burnham Max & Ann Burr * Steve & *Joyce Burts Nathan W. Butler * Susan C. Butler Mr. & Mrs. Frederick D. Caldwell Helen & Dennis Calhoun * Dianne McClintock Callahan Howard H. Callaway Foundation, Inc. Albert & *(+)Bettye Caproni Shirley J. Cargill *+ Kathy Carlisle * Pamela Carter Mrs. Forrest L. Champion, Jr. * Terry W. Chappell + Dr. William Chappell Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Cochran, Jr. Colonial Bank (*Alfred J. Hayes, Jr.) Columbus Foundry, L.P. * Jimmy & Janet Coppage * John William Crawford (+) John & Fran Crim Dr. & Mrs. Waverley B. Dashiell *+ Ms. Beverly M. Davis Charles & Geri Davis Gregory Davis * Janet Wynell Davis * Rebecca Colwell Davis A. Ann Deaton & Jane Deaton * Allen & *Gretchen Denham + Manuel & +Betty Anne Diaz Dietitians, Inc. * Jon & *Lindi Dodds Energy Savers of GA, Inc. * Mr. & Mrs. Thad Estes * Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Evans, Jr. * Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Farmer Mrs. Marion C. Feighner * Joyce & Herbert Fingerhut (+) Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Fleck, Jr. Fort Foundation Trustee Fund

Mr. & Mrs. D. Clyde Fountain Sam O. Franklin III Larry Galbraith * Monte & Lisa Galbraith Cindy & *+Spencer Garrard James E. & *Sally Q. Gates Georgia Power Company * Jim & Cheryl L. Gill Bob & Pam Gilstrap Mr. & Mrs. Leon D. Gohman Mrs. Jo W. Golden + Joseph D. Golden Golden's Foundry & Machine Co. Dr. & Mrs. Ken Goldman * Richard M. Gordy Gail B. Greenblatt *+ Linda & Isaac Hadley * Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Hall, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Flournoy Hamburger, Jr. * Kerry W. Hand (+) Sandra A. Hand *+ Jon & *Susan Haney * Charles & Valorie Harbour Hardaway Foundation, Inc. John & Sis Hargrove Dorothy & Edwin Harnish (+) Thomas E. Harrison * Angela S. Hart * E. David Hart, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. J. Madden Hatcher, Jr. * Mr. & Mrs. Neill B. Hatcher Hecht Burdeshaw Architects Inc. Charles & *Jane Hecht Mrs. Peggy Hecht + Tom & Laura Helton * Dennis & *Carol Hendrix * Sandra & *Bill Henry * Charles S. & Vickie Herrera Milton & Elsa Hirsch Joan Mize Holder * Hilde Holmes *+ Maria Haines Holmes

Kevin J. Howard Dr. & Mrs. George B. Hubbard, Jr. Mark & Jan Huddle * Dr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Hudson Mr. & Mrs. Bill Huff * Ms. Sylvia Y. Huggins Sarah H.& Jack C. Hughston Foundation * Edgar & Ann F. Hughston Human Performance & Rehabilitation Centers, Inc. John Illges III Shirley & (+)Bill Johnson * Pat & Dexter Jordan Jordan, Jones & Goulding Tom Joyner Foundation Billy & *Donna Kemp * Kelsey L. & *Barbara B. Kennon Char & Allen Kerr Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. Key, Jr. Betty Lindsay King Rebecca H. King Mr. & Mrs. John R. Kinnett, Jr. Nelson & Martha Kittle * David H. & *Susan J. Knopf KPMG Kudzu * Janice M. Kunzelmann *+ Ray Lakes Hugh B. Landrum Blake & *Debbie Lane Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Leebern III Margaret & David Lewis Jim & Florence Lipham Litho-Krome Company/Hallmark Mr. & *Mrs. Corydon M. Loomis, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. James Lopez Estate of (+)Dr. Katherine Hines Mahan * Dom & *Hildagine Manio * Chris & *Delbra Martin Colin T. & Elizabeth Martin * James & *Debbie Martin * Kathleen A. Martin

Columbus State University Patrons of Music Steering Committee 2005-2006 Mr. T. Samuel Rawls, Jr. General Chair Mr. Robert Ammerman Mrs. Lloyd Guyton Bowers, Jr. Miss Lucy Hill Bowers Mrs. Cissy Doll Mrs. James W. Feighner, Jr. Mrs. Herbert W. Fingerhut, Jr. Mr. R. Spencer Garrard Mrs. Ben M. Greenblatt Mrs. Michael A. Greenblatt Mrs. Lisa K. Liss Mr. Fray McCormick Mrs. Richard M. Olnick Mrs. Barbara Swift Pound Dr. E. Stephen Purdom Rabbi Max Roth Ms. Camille Russo Mr. Otis Scarborough Dr. Mary Schley Mr. Joseph Sillito, J.D. Mrs. Thomas Steinberg Mrs. Walter Wojdakowski Mrs. George C. Woodruff, Jr. Dr. Laurence D. Kaptain Director, Schwob School of Music Professor Joseph Golden Ex-Officio Mrs. Maria Elena Buck Advancement Assistant/ Event Planner


Photo by Richard Hodges


Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Martin, Jr. Susan Carroll Martin + Dr. & +Mrs. Neal R. McCrillis * Dell McMullen Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Melton * Paul Tim & *Mariana Louise Money * LTC (Ret.) Richard A. Munn, Jr. * Dr. Marlon E. Murrell * Steve Nelson Sue McGinty Newberry Mr. & Mrs. Jerry B. Newman James Newsome Scholarship Fund * Lev & *Jean Norman + Dr. & Mrs. Terry D. Norris * Deborah D. Owens Page, Scrantom, Sprouse, Tucker, & Ford, PC The Pastoral Institute, Inc. Mr. & *Mrs. James D. Pate *+ Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Pattillo Dr. & *Mrs. Robert M. Patton * Mr. & *Mrs. J. Donald Peek Jack & Jo Rhee Pezold * Lynne T. Phillips * Lance L. Posey * Lamar & Ruth Ann Powers Stacy & Bob Poydasheff Publix Super Markets Charities * Hon. Evelyn Turner Pugh + Archie & Betty Rainey * Mike & *(+)Geri Regnier Charles & *+Linda Reynolds Fred & Debra Rickman COL (Ret.) Jake Riley Drs. *Julian & +Rochelle Ripple Columbus Roberts III * Mr. & +Mrs. Andrew L. Robinson Mr. & Mrs. Pete Robinson *(+) John W. Rogers, Jr. *+ Neal L. Rogers * Babette M. Rothschild David Rothschild Co., Inc. Ms. Marnie Salter

Lon Marlowe (L) enjoys a moment with (L-R) Eleanor Burnham, Sandy Scarborough, Otis Burnham and Otis Scarborough. * Ben & *Suzanne Saunders * Dicky & *Kay Saunders Linda & *Mike Sawyer Mr. & Mrs. Claude G. Scarbrough III Mr. & *Mrs. William P. Scarbrough Mr. & Mrs. Chris A. Schuster + Sergiu & Diana Schwartz Claud A. Sears Foundation * Charles & +Gina Sheeks Mrs. Wallace Shinkle Greg & *Pam Siddall Dr. George B. Skipworth Mr. & Mrs. Dan M. Snavely Mrs. Sam Spence Springer Opera House Dr. Franklin J. Star & *Mrs. Barbara Star * Dr. Thomas & *Jo Anna Stewart + Dr. Glenn D. Stokes Summit America, L.L.C.

Jim & *Janet Sussenbach Mat & Mary Lou Swift Swift Spinning * Virginia A. Swift * Margaret & *Bruce Swisshelm * F. Steve Taylor TimeWarner Employee Grant Programs Mr. & Mrs. Philip W. Tomlinson Lois & *Mike Tryon Hooper & Adele Turner Van Cleave Enterprises, Inc. Wachovia Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Wright Brown Waddell + Carl F. & Linda A. Wallman * Mitchell & *Paula Watkins Christine Weaver * Mr. & *Mrs. D. Lamar Weaver * Cecelia J. Weinbender * Sue Ellen Wells

* Jim & Debbie Wetherington * Jim & Shirley Wetherington Sonny & Lisa White * Otis & *Jo Fountain White Mary Jo Whitley * Mary M. Whitley * Rebecca Wiggins Willcox-Lumpkin Foundation, Inc. * Thomas W. & Cynthia R. Williams Winn Companies * Dr. Greg Woodfin *+ Eddie & Jacquelyn Woodhouse * Faye B. Woodruff Dr. & *Mrs. Sidney H. Yarbrough III John A. Zeigler, Jr.

Gateway Club ($500 - $999) Action Buildings Thomas E. & *Kathryn K. Adams * Phillip W. Aldridge Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Andrews Dr. Julia A. Ashley Gina & Hal Averett Ann Baker * John O. III & *Kerry H. Barwick * Joseph M. Bell, Jr. * Mr. & *Mrs. Edward F. Berry * Mansfield & *Bernice Bias * Margie Bickerstaff + Anne Marie Bills + William & Faith Birkhead David & Michelle Blanchard William & Barbara Blizard * Orlene K. Bovaird Joe & Becky Bowers Max & Sue Brabson, Jr. + James & Rinda Brewbaker *+ Sherry A. Brinson * Tammy A. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Brent Buck Thomas B. Buck, Jr.

+ Dr. Fonda Carter Mr. & (+)Mrs. John D. Cartledge + LTG (Ret.) & Mrs. Carmen J. Cavezza CB&T of East Alabama + Rebecca A. Champion * Colleen Chorak Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Church Judge & Mrs. Aaron Cohn Bonnie & Leslie Cohn Columbus Artist's Guild Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. David, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Davis * Janice Davis * Cathy M. Day + Dr. Tom Dolan *+ Dorinda L. Dowis Willie & *Brenda Dozier * Abraham Fluellen + Dr. Katheryn K. Fouche Four G's Charitable Trust Winfred & +Joyce Fowler Freeman & Associates, Inc. John & Mallory Fuller * Katherine L. Gant John & *Cissy Carles Giglio * Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Gilbert Clark & Barbara Gillett * Michael & Corie Greenblatt Myron S. Greentree Trust Susan Schley Gristina Growing Room, Inc. Dr. Crow Gudger * Steve & *Mary Hall Rebecca & Jim Hardin * Mr. & *Mrs. Wade A. Harper * Thomas & *Barbara Harrell Hatcher, Stubbs, Land, Hollis & Rothschild * David & *Marguerite Hay LTC (Ret.) Aldric M. Hayes Walter & *Elizabeth Haywood Paul & +Mary Ellen Heuton Roger & Cheryl Hewitt

* Ronald J. Highnote * Miranda R. Hodge Holbrook Service Co., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Bev H. Howard Sandra S. Hudson Humphreys Associates + Dr. Barbara J. Hunt Industrial Metal Fabricators * Kay Ingram Lonnie Jackson + Dr. Deborah T. Jacobs * Johnnie L. Johnson * Tonia F. Johnson Milton & *Jeanette Jones * LTC (Ret.) Edward Jordan (+) Dr. Thornton F. Jordan + Dr. & *Mrs. Laurence D. Kaptain + Larry & *Rhonda Kees Jean & Jerry Kent * Billy Kilgore * Barbara G. Kimbro Ronald & Judy King * Carl T. Kirkland, Sr. Hal & Carol Kirven * Dot & *Wallace Kite Dr. & Mrs. Ashkok Kumar * Lewis L. Leonard *+ John C. Lester Robert M. Lindsay, Jr. * Janis N. Lowe * Hon. Julia Willcox Lumpkin (+) John S. Lupold Ronald M. Mack * COL (Ret.) & Mrs. Henri G. Mallet *+ Becky Matthews + Brenda May Ito Bemon G. McBride + Callie B. McGinnis MEA Federal Credit Union Media, Marketing & More, Inc. + Mike & *Nancy Medlock * Patrick W. Miller

Miller Precast Inc. Mr. & Mrs. J. Marvin Mills Mr. & Mrs. Carter Mize * Rod C. Moore, BA, CRNA Russ & Sharon Morgan * Ted M. Morgan (+) John S. Murzyn Stephen & Claudia Muse (+) John B. Myers *+ W. Todd Myrick National Association of Teachers of Singing Foundation Larry H. & Helen Neal Gary & Sandra Nearhoof Mrs. Raymond P. Newman Mr. & Mrs. Brown Nicholson, Jr. Mrs. J. Edward Norris, Jr. Christine T. Norton Office Depot #308 * Sandra & *Kenneth O'Shields *+ Brian & *+Kim Padgett Dan & Teri Parker Cherry & Bunky Pease *+ Joseph H. Perry * Mr. & Mrs. Allen Pettis * Ken & Lyn Peurifoy * Connie S. Philips Pope, McGlamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison & Norwood LLP * Thomas W. & *Susan J. Porter Bob & Dorothy Potts Barbara Swift Pound * Phillip M. Psalmond Mr. & Mrs. T. Samuel Rawls, Jr. Dr. Luther J. Roberts Robinson, Grimes & Company * Jack & Barbara Rodgers Dr. H. Gary Rogers Rabbi Max Roth Rothschild & Morgan, P.C. Mr. & *+Mrs. Mark Rozycki + Mary Schild

* Agnes A. Shelton Mr. & *Mrs. Guy Sims William L. Slaughter, Jr. Vance Smith Construction Company Mr. David A. Smith, CLU * Jerry M. Smith Judge & Mrs. William J. Smith Mr. & *Mrs. Thomas S. Snyder Sprint-Nextel State Farm Companies Fdn. * Tom & Karen Stewart Gloria T. Stover Striffler-Hamby Mortuary, Inc. * Steven T. Thiel *(+) Sarah Lois Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Rupert A. Triplitt * Carlos E. Urrutia Mr. & Mrs. Andy Waddell * Joe & *Faye Waller Dr. Thomas Walsh & Dr. Bobbi Farber Nancy C. Weekley Willie G. Wells Cecil & Terry Whitaker * Chip & Susan Whitley Pat & Jack Wilensky Richard & *Rena Wilson + Ron & +Susan Wirt Bernard Witt * Laurie Wolfe Dr. William A. Wolff * Larry V. & *Cynthia G. Woodruff

Anniversary Club ($250 - $499) Abbott, Jordan & Koon, LLC * Emily C. Adams Mr. & *Mrs. Jeffrey G. Adams * Mary Brown Adams * Jason C. Alexander Mr. & *Mrs. Jay W. Alford * Michael W. Allen Mr. & *Mrs. Joel Ames


Columbus State University Athletic Fund, Inc. Board of Trustees 2005 - 2006


Dennis Hendrix President John Shinkle Vice President Jim White Secretary John O. Barwick Treasurer Robert L. Anderson Jim Buntin Cecil Cheves The Honorable Aaron Cohn Leslie Cohn Janet W. Davis Allen Denham John Hargrove David Hawkins Richard Hecht James W. Key Ron King Owen H. Lee Julie Lumpkin Robert S. Poydasheff Andy Reithmaier Richard V. Saunders Andy Spikes Johnny Walden Bruce Walker Mike Welch Hugh White

Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Andrews * Dr. Susan G. Andrews Anonymous * Mr. & *Mrs. James H. Askew David & Judy Atwater B & B Beverage Company B & E Soccer, Inc. Jenny Ann Baaske Mr. George E. Bailey * Bruce E. Baldwin * Larry N. J. Batiste * Jacqueline R. Batterson Mrs. W. Dean Bell * Edward A. Bensman Dr. & *Mrs. Morton P. Berenson William Boon Bickerstaff * Richard Bishop * Melvin & *Pamela Blackwell Booth Storage Trailers, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Y. Bradley * Mrs. Kristine P. Braxton Mrs. Donald F. Broda * Lane & +Anna Brooks * Mary C. Brooks Mr. & +Mrs. Joe Brown Rev. & Mrs. Frederick A. Buechner Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Bullard * Oliver W. Burns III Buster Enterprises, Inc. Butler, Wooten, & Fryhofer, LLP Marcus & Fran Calhoun * Thomas H. Cannon Capital Burglar Alarms Mr. & Mrs. G. Thacker Cargill *+ Randall J. Casleton Chris B. Cason Richard & Dorothy Ann Casper CDW Government, Inc. * Derrick & *Deborah Chapman Dr. Benjamin Cheek & Dr. Kathryn Cheek Mr. & Mrs. C. Peter Chen Susan S. Cherry

*+ Phyllis Chisholm Clint's Furniture Galleries + Professor Earl Coleman Columbus Financial Consultants PC Columbus Foot & Ankle, P.C. Columbus Roofing, Inc. Michael J. Connors Cook's Place Hotdogs Michael J. & Veronica L. Corradino Cott Concentrates, a Div. of Cott Beverages Inc. Carole & Charles Cox * Kacey K. Cox Major (Ret.) & Mrs. Randall E. Craven * Stephen J. Cullen * Mr. & *Mrs. Steven P. Cullinan * Christopher L. Cunningham Mr. & *Mrs. John A. Dalelio Cecil Darby Tommy & Betty Davis Days Inn Dr. & Mrs. John H. Deaton, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Rozier T. Dedwylder *+ Lowanda Dent-Johnson Dinglewood Pharmacy * Ray & *Gloria Dodds Dr. & Mrs. Augustus B. Dudley, Jr. * Jeffrey J. Dudley Duke & the Doctor (+) Frances M. Duncan + Dr. Patricia Duttera Econo Lodge Motel * Matthew W. Edge + Bill Edwards * L. Patton Elliott * Major (Ret.) & Mrs. Joe Ellis, Jr. Engineering & Equipment Co. * Richard E. & *Susan W. Ensminger + JD & Debra Evilsizer * Tim Farris & Bev Larson * Mr. & *Mrs. John J. Fatum Mark Festa

First Georgia Banking Company * Muriel D. Fish Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Fleischer * Mr. & Mrs. Edwin T. Floyd * Lavonda W. Forbes * Evelyn P. Forston * Le Ann T. Fort * C. Andrew Fritts * Leila S. Gaffney Robert F. & *Mary Jane Galer Charles E. Garrett, Jr. * Jason & *Amy Gaylor Mr. & Mrs. F. Michael Gaymon Georgia Baptist Foundation Georgia Power Foundation, Inc. Barbara M. Gilliam + Dr. June S. Goyne * Garry & *Elizabeth Graham *+ Steven F. Graver Greenville Cattle Co. * Edward A. Greer Angeline Griffin The Grogan Group LLC Mr. & Mrs. Gary G. Gullett * Judy N. Gunter *+ Dr. & Mrs. Paul Thomas Hackett, Jr. Daniel A. & Arlette Haight Hamilton Equipment Hamilton Hardware * Jeffery K. Hampton Anneliesa Haney Mr. & Mrs. William B. Hardegree Judith I. Harding * Arlene W. Harford (+) Claudia Brooks Harman John D. Harmon * Charles & *Theresa Harp Mr. & Mrs. Henry H. Harper + Alvin Harris * Robert O. Harris * Sam D. Hart, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. J. Madden Hatcher III

Photo by Kay Ingram

Jeff Haynes Richard A. Hecht Hertz Rent A Car * Ms. Joyce Hethcox * Jill R. Hiers * Karen C. Higgins * Mr. Stephen J. Hodges & Mrs. Pat D. Daniel + Mr. & Mrs. John W. Hoft, Jr. + Mrs. Joan Holder Holiday Inn Airport * Richard L. Holmes * Mr. & *Mrs. Steven A. Horne Edward & Maxine Hudson * Mike & *Janice Hudson * Mark W. & *Rashmi J. Hudson Mrs. Jack Hughston * Beverly M. Huguley Mr. & Mrs. Roddy Hunter Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hymes + Eugen J. Ionascu *+ Evan Isaacs Alan & Janette Janssen Joe-Ryan Enterprises, Inc. * Freeman D. & *Adrie F. Buckner-Johnson John W. Johnson Philip J. Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Alonzo Jones, Sr. Fred M. Jones *+ Laurie S. Jones * Michael B. Jones * Carla Elizabeth Justice + Jeffrey D. Kaller & +Birgit Kristina Reuterberg * Linda D. Kellett * Linda S. Kelley Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Kennedy * Vicki E. Kent Kersey & Luttrell, Architects + Ronald C. Kettering Mrs. Reuben B. Kimbrough + M.F. Kinavey

(L-R) Lucy Draper, J. Barnett Woodruff, and Stephen Draper * Anne R. & Tom W. King Mr. & Mrs. Larry A. King Buford III & Mary Pat King King's Custom Bldr., Inc. * Shanita D. Kittles (+) Dr. & *Mrs. Ronald D. Klein Mr. & Mrs. Seth L. Knight III * K.C. Knoke * Donnie W. Koon John Kraemer (+) Dr. Arthur J. Land William Russ Lanier Dr. Leon Lapides Leonard Leavell * H. Owen Lee, Jr. * Dr. Thomas E. Lee * Danny Leedy Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Lemieux Dr. & *Mrs. Joseph R. Lewis, Jr. LexisNexis Shares Matching Contribution Program

Liberty Mutual Mr. & Mrs. Anthony D. Link The Lisle Company * Diana L. Little * Joyce Little * Patricia A. Livingston *+ Julio Cesar Llanos, Jr. * Robert L. Locascio Logical Solutions Inc. * Sherry W. Lowery * Ralph L. Lumpkin * Jerry & *Joyce Luquire Bob & *Jane Madayag William A. Maloney * Lawrence E. Manry, Jr. * Mr. & *+Mrs. Raymond Marino Henry Jaye Martin MassMutual Financial Group Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Mayton Mr. & Mrs. W. Fray McCormick Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. McDaniel, Jr.

The McDougal Company * Daniel P. & *Ann R. McDuffie * Tana M. McHale Dr. & Mrs. Sylvester McRae * Martha B. Meeks Dr. & *Mrs. F. J. Meine Members Alliance Federal Credit Union Merrill Lynch * Ralph E. Meyer, Jr. Louise K. Miles Tracey Mills * C.L. & Joyce Moffitt * Mac Molnar * Patricia B. Montarella * Roger Montgomery Moon, Meeks, Mason, & Vinson * Larry D. Moores * Charles A. Morgan * Laurence K. Mosely * Shep Mullin Neal, Kendust, & Murray, P.C. * Eric A. III & *Marjorie A. Newsom North Columbus Pharmacy * Eileen J. O'Connor * Kevin J. Orck W. C. Osbon Insurance * Carol S. Pace Mrs. J. Daniel Palmer James & *(+)Frances Parker * R. Clyde Parker Part IV, Inc. John & Vicky Partin Dr. Mahesh N. Patel P. H. & Sonal Patel * Gregory B. Paul * Charles & Rebecca Pavlick + Terry & +Peggy Payton + Mike & Dana Peacock * Vicki Yurchuck Pennington Merryll S. Penson * Susan K. Perkins + Lisa Peterson



Phenix Girard Bank Sharon J. Pierce * Benjamin F. & Linda P. Pike Mr. & *+Dr. Wynn W. Pitts (+) Mary Sue Polleys Ed Poole * Elaine Powers * Pamela D. Preer Ruth Prestridge * Gregory K. & *Kelly F. Pridgen * Mr. Harold Ray Pritchett, Jr. Quarterback Club + Mack Ragan Robert A. & *Edith K. Rasch Robin Rawls Ray Rents, Inc. * Melton & *Melissa Redding * James N. Reese, Sr. * Mr. & Mrs. Doyle Register * Marc A. & *Doris Harris Reid * Ronald G. Renfroe + Dr. Ellen Roberts Kearney & Vickie Robinson Robinson Paving Co. * COL & Mrs. Robert H. Robinson * LTC (Ret.) Bobby & *COL Susan Rocha (+) Dr. & Mrs. Hugh I. Rodgers Carl E. Rogers, Jr. * John Andy Rogers Cindy & +Dan Ross Mr. & Mrs. David Rothschild II * David L. & *Anna M. Rulon Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Rust * Olivia T. Rutledge Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd Sampson Sandman Waste Management, Inc. Sanford D. Bishop for Congress Charles & Susan Scarborough + Maurice Shalishali * Rosalyn Shavers-Laird * Dr. Edward L. Shaw, Jr. * Edward C. & *Rebecca Great Short

Jim & Janice Sigmund Jimmy Smart * Freddie W. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Smith William J. Smith * George W. & +Glenda N. Sommerfield * Beverly A. Sparkmon + Jay & Cindy Sparks Mr. & Mrs. Andrew B. Speed, Sr. Donald & Janet Spence J. Kyle Spencer Jim & *Allena Sperry * Vickie C. Stafford R.L. Stahl, Inc. * Richard Michael Stone II * Teresa D. Stubblefield + Dr. John D. Studstill & +Dr. Florence Wakako Studstill Taylor & Associates Elizabeth A. Taylor * Randall E. Taylor *+ Tessie Taylor Telcordia Technologies Tom & *Peggy Theus Johnny & Jan Thomas Robert D. Thomas, Sr. Tidwell Cancer Treatment Center Tires First Paul M. Todd Trip & Teresa Tomlinson Triangle Wholesalers, Inc. * Jacqueline T. Trimuel Bo & Catherine Trotter Gary Troyer * Bruce S. Turner *+ Mr. G. Bradley Twyford III UPS Valley Pipeline, Inc. * Elaine Vann Vista Craft, Inc. * Tara K. Wehr Winifred K. West

Robert V. Westfall * David S. Whisenhunt * Mary Jane Whitehurst * Robert S. & *Mary Helen Wilburn Steve & +Sharon Wiley Mr. Don Williams * Keith R. Williams * Ralph Wilson * John G. & *Joanne M. Windom Winn-Dixie Stores + Dr. David M. Wisdo WLB LLC * Audrey E. Wolfe * Michael W. & Katherine Wolfe + David & *Cathy Woolbright * Li Jing Ying Dr. & Mrs. Woo-Young You

Century Club ($100 - $249) A & S Carpet Outlet + Ms. Terri A. Abrams Acousti of Columbus, Inc. Action Auto Insurance Agency Acute Care Express George & Franke Adams Alaga Paint Company, Inc. Albright, Fortenberry & Ninas, LLP Joe S. & Kathy Alexander *+ Valerie Alexander-Spicer All American Recycling, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. F. Wayne Allen * Stephanie Allen Amerisuites * Eddie L. Anderson Louise & Robert Anderson * Chad Andrae Andras Allen Starr Architecture, a 2WR Company Amanda Andrews Ann's Porch Anonymous

+ Greg & Anne Appleton John & Betty Appley Maria L. Aranas Dr. Judy Archer S. Lezah Arney Ted & (+)Elsie Arno * Lula R. Arrington Donna & Bob Aszman * Mr. & *Mrs. Richard R. Atkins ATW, Inc. *+ Mrs. Nancy Aubel Ausbon Fire Protection, Inc. Marie J. Avant D. Hal Averett Contractors * Gabriele C. Azhar *+ Mr. & *Mrs. Michael P. Bailey Jack & Isabel Baker Mr. & *Mrs. Jim Baker + Julie Ballenger + Erma Davis Banks Roosevelt & Joyce Banks * James C. Barlow Barnes & Company Architects, PC * Zelma J. Barnes W.J. & Eileen Barrs Basset & Becker Advertising Wilbur & Carol Bassett * Marsha M. Baumgarner * Reda L. Beach Mr. & *Mrs. Donald W. Beck, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Beil, Esq. Bessie Bell * Pegge M. Bell Belloo's Donald & *+Cynthia Benator Sven Benediktusson * Bruce & *Denise Bennett * Paul R. Bennett Ben's Chop House Dr. H. Stanley & Mary Florence Benson * Mr. & *Mrs. Robert S. Benson * Dr. & Mrs. Leo C. Berard

* Dr. Elizabeth A. Bernhard Mr. & *Mrs. Oscar L. Betts Beverage Research Center, Inc. Mark & Thelma Bianco Thomas Bianco Bi-City Body Works Jaime M. Biehl David & Debra Bird + Mrs. Jean Bittinger Joe Blackmon (+) Mary V. Blackmon * Mike & *Diane Blackwell * Joseph & Rosa Blair Joyce M. Blake * Charlotte Ann L. Bland * William D. Block *+ Sonya Boadu * Eddie B. Bogan The Book House Booth Plumbing Co. * M. Diane Boss Debbie & Robert Bourke * Paul A. Bovaird Richard K. Bowers, Jr. Pat & Royce Bowles Donald Bowles, Inc., Builder Mr. & Mrs. Scott L. Boyce * Joseph E. Bradberry, Jr. * Carol & *Chuck Bradshaw Mr. & *Mrs. John G. Branchcomb * Sherida C. Brannan * Mr. & *Mrs. William A. Brannan Bobby H. Branson *+ Doug & *Toni Branson + Mr. Derek Brantley * Mr. Melvin J. Braswell, Jr. * Mr. & Mrs. David Braun * Deborah L. Braun * Brent G. Braxton * Russell & *Donna Breault F. Stevenson Brice * Timothy J. Bridges

Ray Brinegar, Jr., Builder (Brinegar, Inc.) Chuck Briscoe * Sean M. & *Rebecca Schultz Britt Dr. & Mrs. James Brooks * Leigh P. Brooks Darlene Brown Mr. & Mrs. Jerome D. Brown Mary Ellen Brown Ray & Dottie Brown J. Wood Browning Joey Browning Bruce Tile Company Larry & *Marie Bruner Bruster's Old Fashioned Ice Cream & Yogurt + Pat Bryant Ron Bucher * Naomi Buckner Buena Vista Rd. Animal Hosp. Buffalo Rock Pepsi * March M. Burnette * James M. Burns Megan L. Busby * Henry Frank & *Nina R. Byrnside Bytewise Development Corp. Dr. & Mrs. John Cabelka Cabinet Supply, Inc. *(+) Jeanette F. Cable Cail Tool & Machinery, Inc. Callaway BlueSprings Water Co., Inc. Callaway Gardens Fay J. Cannamela Cantrell Contracting Co. Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Carles Michael & Patti Carmean * Edith J. Carter * George & Carol Casion Richard & *Alice Cellino * Mei Oi Chan * Arlene F. Chaney * Linda J. Chappel Chattahoochee Pallets, Inc. ChemSeal Asphalt Maintenance

Cheraqui Corp. Chick-Fil-A of Peachtree Mall * Larry W. Childers * Patricia H. Christian Bryan & Bright Christopher Robert R. Chrzanowski Circle K * Connie S. Clark * Mrs. Meylon Clark & Dr. Brel Clark *+ Phillip B. Clark, Jr. * Rebecca L. Clark * Dena A. Clarke * Kathie Wynne Clarke-Anderson Classic Carpets * Mr. & *Mrs. Billy J. Clay (+) Mr. & Mrs. Frank M. Clements, Jr. * Robert E. Clements * Charles P. Clippinger Tim Clontz * James & *Brenda Cloud Coachcraft by MacDonald (+) Patricio Cobos * Missy & Wesley Cochran Craig & Lisa Coker * Linda H. Coleman Mr. & Mrs. Jack Collins * Kimball A. Collins Richard & Debra Collins *+ Vikki K. Collins Colonial Funeral Home Colormac Imprinted Sportswear Columbus Body Works, Inc. Columbus Cabinet Company Columbus Fire & Safety Equip. Co., Inc. Columbus Museum Columbus Productions, Inc. Columbus Tractor & Machinery Co. Columbus Wilbert Vault Co. Complete Facilities Management, Inc. Contract Hardware & Specialty Co. * Faye Cook + Dr. J. Alyce Cook

* Nancy W. Cook * Walter J. Cook Mr. & *+Mrs. David Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Lovick P. Corn Mrs. Marion R. Cornwell * Joseph R. II & *Jill H. Corona * Tammy J. Coty Country Inns & Suites Gladys W. Cravens * COL Barry P. Creed * Jim & Sheryl Creek * Susan R. Cronin Jackson & *Carole Crowder + Shawn & *Daria Cruzen * Mrs. Thomas G. Crymes III CSG Aviation * Gary J. Culverhouse Cunningham Insurance, Inc. CVEM-TAP D & S Signs Daniel Appliance Company Mr. & Mrs. James M. Daniel * Mr. & *Mrs. Robert E. Daniel * Samuel T. Daniels Pedro L. Danois Tom & *Jennye Davidson * Mrs. Betty S. Davis *+ Jimbo Davis * Thomas L. Davis * Rosie D. Day Paula A. Dean Dean's Commercial Two-Way Mr. & *Mrs. John Dedwylder * Cynthia R. Dement * Dr. William B. DeNamur * Mr. & *Mrs. Stephen G. Denham Development Authority of Columbus, GA * Margareta A. Devlin * Julie Daffin Dickson Diverge Mrs. Jerry E. Dockery


Columbus State University Capital Campaign Steering Committee 2005-2006 Jimmy Yancey General Chair

Marvin Schuster Nucleus Division Chair

Otis Scarborough Trustee Division Chair

Mario Mion, Ph.D. Faculty/Staff Division Chair

Hugh Rodgers, Ph.D. 17

Retired Faculty/Staff Division Chair

Sam Wellborn Leadership Division Chair

Jack Key, III Major Division Co-Chair

Teddie Ussery Major Division Co-Chair

Bill and Nancy Reaves Columbus Region Alumni Division Co-Chairs

Art and Sue Smith Columbus Region Alumni Division Co-Chairs

Otis and Jo White Atlanta Region Alumni Division Co-Chairs

Emory Alexander, M.D. Special Division Chair

Nancy Buntin Servant Leadership Division Chair

Charles E. Donovan Robert & *Nikki Dorr Mary F. Draize * Laura S. Drake * John J. Drew, Jr. * Marjorie A. Drury * Brenda J. Duncan Doug & Sherry Duncan + Randy Duncan * Josh A. Dunlap Joe & Susie Dunn * Patricia A. Dutchie + Dr. Amitabh S. Dutta * Frederick & *Jean Dyer Mrs. Carol K. Eason East Alabama Glass, Inc. Ebco Battery Company * Tamara D. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. James C. Elder, Jr. * Joseph & *Nichole Elder * George A. Ellis Dale & *Jan Ellis * Mr. & Mrs. Jason Elrod * William R. & *Denise E. Elwood (+) Dr. & Mrs. Olice H. Embry, Jr. * Randy & *Martha Ennis Ensminger Crane Service, Inc. + Mr. & Mrs. Jason Entlich * George & Elizabeth Epps * Jacqueline E. Esters + Jimmy R. Evans * Sherry H. Evans Mrs. Ruth Evert * Rhonda Harrison Eysel * Mr. & *Mrs. Paul W. Ezell, Jr. COL (Ret.) & Mrs. C. S. Fabrigar * Gilles J. Fagnon Fairbanks Motors, Inc. Famous Brand Uniforms, Inc. * Catheryne J. Farris James W. Farrow * James A. Fearson

* Fred Feaster Fitzgerald's Pharmacy John L. & *Joyce Dent Fitzpatrick * Marilyn Joyce Flatt * Marcia L. Flo Flournoy & Calhoun Realtors George & Jean Flowers Flowers-Lewis & Associates * Diana L. Floyd * Melinda M. Ford + Roberta Chodacki Ford * Edna & John Foster Fountain City Realty Four Points Sheraton Columbus Airport Fox Appliance *+ Elizabeth Frander * Herbert C. & *Vicki M. Franks * Michael A. Freeman * Jay & *Lynn D. Freeman * Larry & *Rebecca French * Thomas L., Jr. & Rose F. French Alice Friman * Karen Frost * Helen A. & Jim E. Fuller Funderburk, Day & Lane Fred & *+Cathy Fussell * Mary A. Fye G & P Heavy Truck Body Works G. W. Exterminating Co. Joan Gallops * Jeanne H. Galloway Gus & Anna M. Garcia * Barry J. & *Gloria M. Gardner * Michael & Sarah Gardner Albert N. Garland * Heather L. Garrett + Barbara & S. Albert Gaston * George & *Peggy Gastright Gateway Lincoln Mercury, Inc. Ken Geiger General Mills Foundation * Laura C. Genung

+ Abraham George Georgia Crown Distributing Co. Georgia Fence Wholesale Martha Gerschefski Mr. & Mrs. Earl K. Gibson + Gary S. & +Danna M. Gibson Kerry J. Gibson * Dianne H. Gillis * Clinton E. & *Viki B. Gilmore (+)O. L. Gilstrap * Harding B., Jr. & Carole A. Givens Ken & Margie Godsey * Ms. Amy C. Goins John J. Goodroe Neil & Susan Gordon Ben B. Gordy Construction Co., Inc. * Lois Webster Gradic Joy Graham * Nancy Reagan Graham * Bradley R. Grantham Bill & Swain Gravlee Green Island Country Club, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Vincent M. Greene Mr. & Mrs. William J. Greene, Jr. *+ Deirdre Greer Brian Grier, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Grifenhagen * James E. Griffin * Kathryn M. Griffin Lemuel Griffin Griffin, Newsome, & Railey Ins. Adj., Inc. * Jim E. Griffis Kermit R., Jr. & *Renee H. Griner Grogan, Rumer & Gunby, LLP Linnea H. Grosse Raul & Lydia Guiot Gullatte Associates, Inc. Kaye Hahn * Timothy J. Hale * Randall G. & *Katheryn Hall * Wade F. Hall Hallie Turner Private School, Inc.

* Antonio F. Hamilton Wayne & Joy Hamilton + Dr. Karen L. Hamilton * Shannon & *Katie Hamilton * Lola J. Hammock Mr. & *Mrs. Phil Hand + Dr. Kristen Hansen * Barry L. Harbin * Diane M. Hardenstein * Charles J. Hardnett Frances T. Hargrove * Mr. & *Mrs. Michael A. Harnois + Dr. Janice G. Harris * Angela Harrison * Joyce P. Harvey + Camille A. Hassenplug + Roger B. Hatcher * Sherree G. Hatcher (+) Wesley V. Hauglie * Judith A. Hay * Joseph P. Hayes * Lana R. Hayes * F. Richard Hayse * Gayle Head * Steve Heafner * Geni C. Heard * Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Hearn * Lionel Hector, Esq. * Dolores F. Hefner Ann Helms Dr. & Mrs. Mike A. Helms * Vicki N. Helms Lamar & *Carolyn Hemmings * Ms. Angela P. Henderson * John R. Henderson Skip & Karon Henderson * David & *Debbie Hendrix * Jerry E. Hendrix Dr. & *+Dr. Kevin Henning Dr. & Mrs. Steven L. Henslee The Heritage Agency The Hershey Company

* Andy Hertel * Kathryn A. Hesler * J. Dale & *Helen C. Hester Sam Hewitt Services * Craig B. Hicks * Steve & *Maridonna Hicks Mary R. Hickson * Gail S. Hill * Mark C. & *Sandra E. Hill * Leonard W. Hindsman, Jr. * Marilyn Hirsch * J. E. Hodge * Steven K. & *Catherine E. Hodge Kathy & Bill Hogencamp * Walter & *Georgenia Holliday * Mary C. Hollomon * Leslie M. Holloway Mark & Nancy Holloway * Paul L. Holmer-Monte * Catherine Holmes * Charles M. & *+Elizabeth D. Holmes Robbie Keith Holt Home Furnishings Plus Hooters of Columbus Edgar B. Horn, M.D. * Jean Horn Edna Hough John & Agnes Howard * Bobby Howard * T. Shaun Howell * Faye M. Hubbard Mrs. Mary W. Hudson Patty & Rick Hudson * Mark S. Hughes The Herbert H. Hughes Scholarship Fund Mrs. Mary Alice M. Humes * Thelma H. Hunter *+ Linda Hurst * Richard H. Hyatt * Fred T. Hyder * Thomas C. & *Sherry B. Hyneman IBM International Foundation

ID Services, Inc. Yvonne M. Iduate *+ Mark & Tracy Immelman Immersion Graphics Corporation * Robert C. & *Lynnea K. Ingle *+ Dr. Teresa S. & James M. Irvin J. T. M. Corp. Dora E. Jackson + Floyd Jackson * Margaret A. Jackson * Theresa Jackson + Brenda Jakes * LTC Christian K. Jaques Michael Jarvis Flowers & Gifts * Kimberly A. Jeffries * Sandra A. Jemison Jenkins Architecture, Inc. Helen & B. R. Johnson Marsh & Barbara Johnson Mr. & *Mrs. Doug Johnston * Dennis Wayne & *Susan Kyle Joiner Brock Jones * Bruce A. Jones + Charlie L. Jones * David M. & *Joni G. Jones D. P. Jones Electrical Co. * Rick & Kay Jones * Jennifer J. H. Jones + Mrs. Kathy Jones + Kenneth W. Jones + Rita C. Jones W. Herbert & Miranda S. Jones * Wanda S. Jones Brock Jones, Inc. * Liz Jordan Joseph House Gallery Cooperative * Jerry L. & *Sara M. Juneau * Mark Keaton, MD Dennis & Stephenie Kelly * Mary P. Kemp * Mr. Guy W. Kilgore * Mr. & *Mrs. Paul V. Kilpatrick III

*+ Jay & Patsy Kimbrough * Clarence King Barry & Elizabeth King * Ms. Wynell B. King Bobby Kinsaul * Carl T., Jr. & Vicki C. Kirkland * Elizabeth S. Kirven + Janet Knight * Laura G. Knight Knox Pest Control * Margaret Komendantov * Gerard M. Kozak + Paulina O. Kuforiji * Mr. & Mrs. Charlie A. Kurtz F. Clason Kyle Lance - Tom's Snacks John & Louise Laney * Larry W. Lanier Larry H. Neal, Inc. La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries *+ Beverly F. Lean Leary & Brown Builders, Inc. * Randy Lee * Nan J. Lee Ronnie Lee * Mrs. Sara W. Lee * Regina D. Leonard * Nora B. Lester Jill Lewallen David Light * Randolph Lindsey * Major (Ret.) Harry C. Linsenbigler, Jr. Gary & Kelly Linton * Steven C. Lips George & Patricia Lipscomb * Joi C. Liscar Jonathan & Lisa Liss Mr. & Mrs. George E. Little, Jr. Bruce A. Livengood Livingston Storage & Transer Company, Inc. * Mary Catherine Lockett Frances Lolley



Photo by Kay Ingram

+ Richard P. Long * James F. & *Mary B. Loudermilk *+ Dr. Thomas P. Loughman & Mrs. Joan Loughman Geoffrey & Toshi Love Carol M. Lowery Jerry & Sara Loyd * Joseph H. Lumpkin, Sr. James A. Lundin + Elbert W. Lyman MAACO Auto Painting & Bodyworks * Dan & *Rhonda Machalk * Gloria A. Magruder + W. J. Mallett Malone Office Equipment Co. * Richard Malott Management Recruiters of Columbus, Inc. Lucy Mangham + Michael Mangum T. Ronnie Mann * Dr. Ann Marie Manning * Major (Ret.) Ralph Manzi Melissa Marcano Phil Marino * Celeste Warner Marlowe * Debra J. Marple + Dr. Andree Martin & +Dr. Paul Vaillancourt Jimmy D. Martin John C. Martin R.E. Martin, Inc. Alton & Debra Mason * Carolyn C. Massey * Joseph C. Massey, Sr. Master Plumbing, Inc. Micki Masters Mathews Elementary School * Ella L. Mathis * Robert Gregory & *Melissa G. Mathis *+ Suzanne Maynard + Debby Mayo Brian McCall

Mrs. Frances Duncan, with daughter Beth Parsons and recently retired CSU Vice President of Business and Finance Charles Patillo. * Alice M. McClellan * Curtis E. McClung * Doris H. & James McClung George & Frances McCluskey McCorlew Realty Co., Inc. Mr. T. Ben McCosh James McCoy * COL D. Tutt McCracken Elinor M. McDougal * Cecil & Elizabeth McGouirk + Dr. James Patrick McHenry & + Dr. Cheryl Yatsko * Regina Chester McHenry McKay's-Kiddie Shoppe Mike & Velva McKee * Wendy Y. McManus McMullen Funeral Home, Inc.

McNally Tires, Inc. Doris Meacham Almeda & Joe Medlin W. G. Mercer, Jr. Merck Partnership for Giving * Mimi Lynn Merriman * COL Lyle R. Metzler * William T. Middleton * Danny G. & *Teresa Milam Fred & Louise Miller * Dr. Harrold H. Miller * Luther C. Miller, Sr. W. Thomas Miller, Jr., CPA J. Marvin Mills Heating & Air, Inc. * Verlinda A. Mingo * Deborah J. Mitchell (+) Dr. & Mrs. William L. Mock

* June Money Samuel & Dorothy Mongiovi * Barbara Moore * Helen Louise Moore *+ Dr. Nancy Moore & Mr. John Moore * Robert A. Moore * Dr. & *Mrs. Mark S. Morelock * Dorinda Morpeth * Jim Morpeth + Karen Morris Marlyne Morrow * Jeff & *Fran Morton Phil & Lynn Morton William Earl Morton * Jimmy & *Barbara Motos * Allyson L. Moyer Barbara & Russell Mozley Mulberry Properties, LLC Muldoon's Ron & Weezie Mullenix Claudya Muller Dr. & Mrs. Robert N. Murdock * Margaret M. Murray Muscogee Glass Co. * Dena Musil * Russell & Irene Musser * COL (Ret.) John C. Myers John & Karen Myles * Mary N. Nail * Steve & Anne Neal * Rev. William T. Neal III * Gail T. Newman Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Newton * Mrs. Belinda Wood Nix *+ Joy G. Norman * Steve & Margie Norman Northrop Grumman Foundation Northside Animal Hospital Greg Norton Harold O. Norton *+ Sheri L. Noviello Mr. & *Mrs. Mark T. Oestmann

* Kerry P. Oldenburg Marlene Oldfield Mrs. Grace Olive * Marie Suzanne Oliver Dick Olson Omega Financial, Inc. * Cheryll L. Orrison * David C. & *Belinda B. Osborne * Allen & *Dianne O'Shields * Mr. & Mrs. Jon Oswalt * David B. Otis Mary Blanche Owen * Victoria L. Owen Don & Brenda Padgett Celia Gary Page Garilou Page Mr. & Mrs. John Page W. Marion Page + Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Pallotta + Brad & *Amy Palmer Paragon Benefits Dr. H. Edward Paris Park Properties * Terry R. Parks * Cornelia S. Partain Jimmy Partin + Dr. Alice Pate Dr. & Mrs. Bipin Patel * Tinamarie Patrick * Andrew J. Patterson * Brice W. Patterson * Anne W. Pattison * LTC (Ret.) John L. Patton Jim & Angela Paul * Matthew & *Tara Payne Payne's Worldwide Ins. Co. * Roger & Judy Pearce * John B. & *Sandra N. Pearman * Nancy A. Pedersen Mr. & Mrs. William R. Peek * Howard L. Pendleton * Tammy W. Perkins

* Amanda K. Perzel * Bobby G. Peters R. Larry Phillips Construction Co. * William R. Phillips * Amanda Blair Pierce Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Pierson, Jr. * Frank C. Plass * Barney Poole * James A. Poole * Hal S. Pope & Sybil McCullen Pope Johnson Video Productions * Anne B. Porter (+) Virginia T. Porter Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Posey Mr. & Mrs. William Z. Potter * Ann P. Pratcher Joseph G. & *Laura D. Pritchard Houser Pugh, Attorney-at-Law * Thelma Purdie Quality Inn * Jan Chaney Rabe * F. Patricia Radcliff (+) Charles F. & *Beverly W. Ragsdale Rainbow Foods Randi Rainwater + Trish Ramsay & Edward Morin Dr. Gilbert L. Ramsey Ralph & *Deborah Randall * Dr. & Mrs. Charles G. Ray III Dora Ray * James R. & *Janet B. Redden * John & +Patricia Redmond * Violene Reese * Nancy K. Reid Scott & Rochelle Ressmeyer Rhodes & Warner, P.C. Rich Scenery & Lighting, Inc. *+ Silva W. Richmond * Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Frank Riley * Ellen W. Ring River City Door Company River Town Dental Care

RiverCenter Production Dept. *+ Steven Roach Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Robbins Dr. & Mrs. Richard S. Robbins Edgar & Meg Roberts * Gloria W. Roberts Leonard & Annie Roberts * Elizabeth Sparrow Robertson Clifford B. & *Marcia J. Robertson * Richard & Elizabeth Rocha Amos B. Rogers * Darkenia P. Rogers * Vicki P. Rogers Louis W. Romanos *+ Carlos Romero Maureen V. Rosenbaum * Greg & *Emily Rosher Eva Rothschild * Joyce S. Rowe + Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Rumbelow * James E. Rumsey Brooke Russo * Merlina Salamanca * Lynn Enza Grant Salgado * Zeila & Ronnie Salter * Tracie H. Sammons Mr. & Mrs. Francis M. Sanda * Mike & Elaine Sanda * Mrs. Larry S. Sanders Dr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Sandri (+) Marilyn & Melvin Satlof * Gerald B. Saunders III * Harald J. Sayers Mr. & *Mrs. William P. Scarbrough * Robert G. Scarbrough, Jr. * Deborah L. Scarpulla Leslie & Al Schabel * Pam P. Scheible Frank & Meg Schley C. Schomburg & Son + Lee Schorr + Dr. David Schwimmer

Columbus State University Annual Fund Steering Committee 2005-2006 Sherry Wade Chair

Mark Holladay Past Chair

George Flowers Chair Elect

Kelly Pridgen Alumni Division

Tim Farmer Corporate Division

Cissy Giglio 2006 CSU Day Chair

Averett Davis 2007 CSU Day Chair Elect

Shawn Cruzen Faculty/Staff Co-Chair

Nancy Marino Faculty/Staff Co-Chair

Polly Miller Foundations Co–Chair

Kay Saunders Foundations Co-Chair

Wade Burford Tower Society Co-Chair

Scott Voynich Tower Society Co-Chair

Sherry Wade Trustees Division



Linda D. Scorgie * Mack A. Scott Scott-Whitten, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Scrantom * Mr. & *Mrs. Tom Scrivner * Carolyn P. Searcy Jodi & *Scott Sears * Brenda K. Segall Ms. Nancy Lou Seifert James R., Jr. & Faye Self * P. Shanta Seneviratne Bill Setzer Len & Glenda Sexton George Shannon, M.D. + Lisa J. Shaw * Carl Shayne David L. Shea Sheffield Automotive Mr. & Mrs. John McKay Sheftall * Karen A. Sheheane * Cornelius B. Sheppard, Sr. Gregory J. Sherwood Shoes 'N Company Mr. & Mrs. Homer Shuler * Evelyn S. Shumate * Dagmar & *James Shytle * John E. Sievers Dr. & *Mrs. Jay Sikes *+ Paula & +Robert Simko * Dr. William B. Simpson, Jr. * Brandt R. & *Alicia D. Sims * Charles Rodney Sizemore * Capt. Donna C. Smawley * Barbara J. Smith * Charlie Smith * Eugene Smith * Gene A. Smith, Jr. * Leonard L. Smith Dr. Luther J. Smith II * Dr. Luther Jerome Smith III * Martha K. Smith Mr. & *Mrs. Michael J. Smith

Dr. & Mrs. R. Lawrence Smith + Randy E. Smith * Raymechia & *Frank Smith Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Smith Sonny & Jan Smith * Susan J. Smith Smith-Raymond Company, Inc. Snapdragon Dan M. Snavely, Jr. Grady & *+Rita Snell Snyder Farm Stables, Inc. + Gene Dry Snyder Mike & Sandy Socci Murray & Celia Solomon * Nancy Lee Sorrell Southeastern Cabling Contractors + Sue T. Sparks Nell T. Spettel Sprinkler Contractors St. Nicholas Episcopal Church StaffingSolutions * Carl & *Brenda Stage + Debbie Standridge E. Stansberry William E. Stansbury * Elizabeth W. Stanton * Samuel Stapleman State Farm/C. Wilkes, Agent Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Stauffer * Jay G. Stelzenmuller III Stephens Appraisal Company Dr. & Mrs. Donald M. Stewart David A. Stola Christine Strand *+ Dr. Sandra Stratford Dr. & Mrs. Richard K. Straus * Ruthie H. Stringfellow-Carpenter Mark & Jane Strunk Rick Stukes * Nathan Suber + Wayne & Shirley Summers * Carla L. Sumner

Jim & *Janet Sussenbach * Shawn T. Swafford * Leslie M. Sweet Sweetbriar Smoke Shop Mr. & *Mrs. Stan Swinehart Steve Swords, DMD T & D Mechanical, Inc. Tadlock Pest Control * Jerry R. Takier, Sr. * Vicki L. Talley (+) Betty Tapley * Pamela B. Tate * Karen W. Taunton * Mr. & *Mrs. Michael D. Taylor Ms. Patty K. Taylor Russell Taylor Taylor, Harp & Callier, Attys. * Skip & *Kathryn Teaster Dillon M. Thomas Ins. Agency * Sandra C. Thomas * Mr. P. Leigh Thomason * Cleveland T. Thompson, Psy.D. * Paula C. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Montgomery E. Thorne, Sr. * Elizabeth Thornton * Penny F. Thornton Thorpe Wholesale Cars Three Rivers AHEC Margaret Tilley Chip & Audrey Tillman * Todd J. & *Donna S. Tilton * Eleanor E. Tilton Jayme Elizabeth Tims * Dr. Sandra Ann Tincher & *Mr. Barry Tincher Tire Pro, Inc. * Mac & +Loave Todd * Dale & *Sally Toddy Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Giles C. Toole, Jr. C. Shawn Tootle Kline Tootle

Total Tennis * Kathleen Tracy Steve & *Wendy J. Travis * David L. Trawick Mr. & Mrs. George C. Trussell * Preston Trussell + Dr. Renjin Tu & +Dr. Quan Zheng * Constance C. Tumlin Mr. & Mrs. Billy G. Turner * H. Jackson Turner II & *Patricia A. Jackson-Turner Turner-Clack Business Forms + Donald G. & +Janice E. Tyner * Jim & *Jan Underdown Murvina Underwood Ray Underwood, Architect Unlimited T-Shirts * Dawn L. Upshaw * Dr. & Mrs. H. Randolph Valdez Valley Fir & Redwood Co., Inc. Valuation Services, Inc. Vance-Brooks Funeral Home Robert P. Varner COL (Ret.) Wallace F. Veaudry * Michael & Sandra Vickers Victory Investments, Inc. Village Pawn & Tax Service + Dr. Jose & Joanna Villavicencio * Mrs. June B. Voynich Vulcan Materials Company Mr. & Mrs. Byron Andy Waddell Waddell Realty Company LLC Brenda D. Wagner + Dr. Paula D. Walker * Gloria J. Wall * Mrs. Linda B. Walsh * Margarete Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Walsh * Amy C. Walters * Cmdr. Clyde T. Walters * William M. Wardlaw Warr Grading Contractor, Inc.

* Mrs. Barbara R. Warren * Isabelle L. Warren Tiny B. Washington * Cay Z. Weaver Mr. & Mrs. James R. Webster * Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Weekes Jeanne Angel Weil Wellpoint Associate Giving Campaign * Gregory & *Joy Wells Westchester Builders, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. James F. White + Christopher C. Whitehead *+ Christine T. Wiggins * Vance Wilborn * Torrey Wiley Dr. & *Mrs. Don Wilhite * Terri M. Wilkinson * Mr. & *Mrs. David H. Williams * Mrs. Dulcy A. Williams-Lee Robert F. Willis * Robert O. Willis * Mrs. Charlene Wilson * James F. Wilson * Linda M. Wilson * Patricia A. Wilson * Kathryn H. Windham Mr. & Mrs. Joe Windsor * Kay & Mickey Witt * Mark S. Wolf * Marty Wood Betty M. Woodruff + Mrs. Crystal J. Woods Jonathan & Ginger Worrell * Mr. & *Mrs. Michael O. Worthington * Jean D. Wright * Ray Wright * Shirley M. Wright Tina L. Wright Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Wright, Jr. WSTH South 106 * Shara R. Wynn Xpress Printing

Yancey Construction Co. Susan Yarborough * L. S. Yarbrough * Joe B. & *Teresa P. Young * Major (Ret.) & Mrs. Robert J. Young, Sr. + Shana D. Young * Mitzi G. Youngblood * Janet K. Zastrow H. Berrien & Nancy C. Zettler * Haokun Zheng * Mrs. Joseph P. Zollo

Half Century Club ($50 - $99) A Cut Above Landscape Management A-1 Postage Meters & Shipping Systems Academy of Fine Arts * Sharon F. Adams * Ben & *Deborah Aderhold Advanced Exterminating Co., Inc. Advanced Office Products * Cathy M. Ahr * Doug & *Eileen Albritton * Archie E. Alexander, Sr. * Linda S. Alexander Mr. & Mrs. W. Mizell Alexander Allen Development Group * Elizabeth C. Allison Americomp Benefits, Inc. * Elois Anderson Mote & Patti Andrews Anonymous * Lucile M. Anthony * Mr. & *Mrs. Milton P. Anthony Betty Appley Patrick J. Araguel, Jr. * Doris B. Arline * Jeffrey A. Arrington * Don & *Carolyn Asbell * Daniel W. Atkins * Arland K. Atwood B. Merrell's

Babywaves LLC Backyard Burgers Roy & Cynthia Bailey * Jonathan E. Bain * Shirley S. Baker Barbaree Floorcovering Co. * Stephen & *Janet Barber * Don Barefoot *+ Kristin A. & *John S. Barker * Vivian A. Barksdale * Melvina M. Barnes * Richard & *Harriet Barrow * David & Debbie Bass * Robin A. Batastini * Larry R. Bates * Mr. & *Mrs. Jeffrey W. Battles * Butch Beach * Warren Beaulah Behar, Reid, Green, & Melton CPA's * Clifton T. Bennett * Susan Turner Berry * Joseph & *Kimberly Bialoncik * John H. & Ann Blalock * Gwendolyn J. Blanchard * Mary I. Blanton * Tracy L. Blanton * Jeremy K. & *Amanda J. Bond * Terri K. Bond * Jean E. Bouts * Krista L. Bowen Susan F. Boyter * Leigh Anne C. Bragg * LaToya D. Brantley * Rebecca P. Braxton * John Bray * Vickie Breland Jenny Brettelle + Connie Brewer * Danny Bridges * Dr. Barbara A. Brinson * Betty B. Britto * Josette Brodhead

* LaQuita A. Brooks *+ Sam & +Patti Brooks Mr. & Mrs. Weyman Brooks * David H. Broom * John & *Stacey Broom Bross Tire Sales Inc. * Mr. & Mrs. Archie Brown * Bronwin Seth Brown *+ Deirdre L. Brown * Gregg P. Brumburgh * Alan P. Bruni Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. Bryan + Dr. & Mrs. Scott E. Buchanan Mr. & *Mrs. Bill Buck, Jr. * Robert Bunting Mr. & +Mrs. Andy Burcham Mrs. Nancy Sullivan Burgin + Carole R. Burke * Jerry W. & *Patricia J. Burke * Jacqueline J. Burkes * Teresa Burkett * Jennifer Burrus Burts Butcher Shoppe & Eatery, Inc. * Donald M. Bush Gary & +Tina Butcher + Stephen L. Butler * Brenda A. Byrd Caffe Amici Ronnie & +Carolyn Caldwell Rusty Callaway * Mr. Jackie Calloway *+ Wanda Campbell * Mr. & Mrs. Mick Cannie Capital Pest Control Co., Inc. Capitol Materials, Inc. Caraustar Columbus Recycling, Inc. * Bernard G. Carlisle Carrabba's Italian Grill Robert Carter * Cary W. Castellaw * Eydie L. Castro * Dr. William F. Catrett



* Lourie A. Caulton *+ Dr. Virginia Causey Robert T. & *Joanne S. Cavis * Robert T. Cavis III * Eugenia M. Centa * Emily J. Chambers * Jan & *Scott Chandler * Mr. & *Mrs. James David Chaplin + Cheryl Ann Chason Christenson Photography & Framing * Cathy C. Clark * Melissa W. Clark *+ Mr. Steve Clark & *Dr. Tracy Xian * Linda M. Collins * Mary Ann Collins *+ Patrick & Amanda Collins *+ William R. Collins, Jr. Columbus Audubon Columbus Auto Mart, Inc. Columbus Catfish Columbus Power Columbus Presort Columbus Sprinkler & Irrigation, Inc. Patrick Connors (+) Tricia W. Cooling * Jamie Ray Cooper * Kenneth M. & *Peggy H. Corley * Brian T. Cornett * Gabriel & Sandra Couroux * James E. Craft Mr. & *Mrs. Dana A. Cravey *+ Bobby L. Crowder, Jr. * Paul Culp Mike Culpepper Studios, Inc. * Joe L. Culver Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Cumiskey * Charles J. Cumiskey, Jr. * Loretta H. Daniel * Shirley A. Daniel * Diane L. Daniels * Michael P. Dansereau * Mert Darling

Donald Davidson * Dorn C. Davidson *+ Joy N. Davis * Louis Davis, Jr. * S. I. Davis * William E. Davis Les & *Gayle Dean Bobby & *Natalie Dean * Dawna K. Demster * Edward Denson * John L., Jr. & Kimberly Derhammer * Donny A. Dey * Penny M. Dillon * Catherine E. Dinkins * Janet J. Dockery * Ronnie A. Dollar Door Specialities, Inc. Alice Gentry Douglas * Mr. & *Mrs. James S. Dowis * Rosie M. Duckworth * Phyllis M. Duke Roscoe E. Duncan + Beth & Barry Dunn * Mike Dwyer * Tra Dykes * Allison J. Earle Econo Carpet Sales, Inc. Ruthanne R. Edge * Dr. Michael H. Edmondson * Alicia Edwards * Jack J. Edwards * Tamara M. Edwards * William A. Edwards III * Mr. & Mrs. Marcus S. Eiland * Billy Ellis * John W. & *Susan E. Emerson EPI-Environmental Partners * Joni K. Ernst * Eleanor E. Eubanks * Bruce B. Eysel * Steve & *Cindy Farley * Angelika R. Farr

* Wanda C. Farr Ms. Jo Farris Robert & *Terri Fazio + Mrs. Cynthia F. Fears Federal Express * Kelli M. Ferguson * Jim Fitzgerald * Major (Ret.) Gary M. Florence Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Flowers Warren W. Foley * Beverly B. Forbes * Christian V. Ford-Cannon * Ramona R. Forte * Ms. Finn Holt Fountain * James E. Franklin + Veronica Freeman * Victoria H. French Ken Friedlander * Jared A. Frost * L. Allen Fuller III * Robert A. Furman Sybil E. Futch * J. Larry & +Susan Gaither * Mr. F. Fulton Galer * Timothy M. & *Robin H. Gallops William G. Gancar * A. Jeff Garrett, Jr. * Robert & Patricia Gedroic (+) Joseph D. & *Linda E. George * William Trent George Georgia-Pacific Corporation * Frederick L. Ghent Mr. & +Mrs. Sinh Gibbon + Gary S. & +Danna M. Gibson (+) Dr. Gwen Gibson Rev. & *Mrs. Curtis D. Giles + Dr. S. Lenoir Gillam Lou Gilliam * Kayo Gilmore + Vallory F. Ginn Glover-Auten Food Services * Charlie L. & *Cynthia G. Golden

* Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Gordon * Layton T. Gordy * Forster L. Grant A.G. Grantham * Gary W. & *Bonnie P. Green * Mr. Horace C. Green & *Mrs. Deborah Green + Mike Greene * Nancy S. Greer * Roy C. Gregory * James & *Karon Greyer * Daren R. Griffin Rev. & *Mrs. Earl Griffin, Sr. * Jeannie R. Griggers Wallace & *Marlene M. Griner * Jeff Groke Rebecca W. Grose * Sydney Gutman Hagermeyer Donna Haines Ron & Louise Hale * CDR Mary T. Hall (Ret.) * Mr. & *Mrs. J. Ron Hamby Thelon A. & *Pat S. Hamby E. Paul & Sharon Hamm * Callie Knight Hammond * Judy & +Tom Hanley * Susan L. Harmon * Andrea S. Harper * Dolores J. & Jack D. Harris * Sandra G. Harris * Sandra W. Harris * Scott Harrison * Wanda Collins Harshbarger * Lee M. Hartline *+ Julie Hartmann * Barbara H. Hawkins John E. Hazard * Louis A. & *Michele M. Hazouri * Linda L. Headlee-Seaman David Helmick Helms Brothers Body Shop, Inc.

Photo by Richard Hodges

* Lance & *Meridith Hemmings * David A. Henderson + Susan Henderson Drs. +Harlan & *+Mary Beth Hendricks Hendrix/Baker Appraisal Serv. * Ms. Gina M. Herndon * Ritchie Hester * Sterling Hicks, Jr. + Joyce Hickson * Charisse Bedingfield Hill * Robert Hitch Hobby Town USA * Kerry L. Hogan + Dr. Patrick Hogan * Kristin L. Holcombe * Harvey R. Holter * Carl M. Honaker, Jr. * Me Hee Hong * Emma J. Horton * Eva B. Howard * Jennifer L. Howard * Eric G. & Deborah L. Hubbard Hutchinson-Traylor + Dr. Rhea Ingram * Christopher C. Irwin (+) Jo Ann H. Ivey + Andre R. Jackson * Charles D. Jackson * LaShaunda R. Jackson * Miriam Lee Jackson * Kerry James + Patty Jamieson * Mary Lou Jarrell * William Jarrett * Lawrence D. Jay * Jerry A. Jenkins *+ Kay Jenkins Margaret Jenkins * B. Christopher Johnson * Laris S. Johnson * Paula L. Johnson * Phyllis L. Johnson

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* Adelaide & *Duke Kirk * Tony Kirkland J.T. Knight Scrap Metal, Inc. * Michael L. Kunze * Janet S. LaFortune * Christopher & Cynthia Lamb * Mr. & Mrs. James M. Lamb * Barbara Lambert Peter & Sandy Lampert * Frank & *Ann Land * Stephen W. & *Rebecca S. Langford * Phillip G. Latimer, CPA Dr. Mark A. Lawrence * Tanya Lawrence Leatherwood & Son Body Shop * Curtis Lee * Beth & *Jimmy Lester * Alfred Carter Leverette, Jr. * Amber S. Lightfoot (+) Elaine Ligon Little Joe's Package Store

* Elaine Livingston * Zaire G. Limchin Lockheed Martin Loco's Deli & Pub * Phillip D. & *Kay Gaines Love * Rebecca Murrah Lovelace * Patricia H. Lovell *+ Susan Lovell * Andy & *Barbara Lowe * Geoffrey L. Lucier Dr. Alberto Lugo (+) Larry & *Cynthia Lupo Nola Luytk Lynn Haven Wildlife Garden Club * Mr. & *Mrs. Stephen A. Magner * Marilyn B. Magoni * Jean M. Mahaffey * Rita H. Mahone * Diana Mann Jessica C. Marino * Ellie M. Marlowe * Laurel A. Martin * Vince & *Amber Massey Mr. & Mrs. Sam L. Massey * Sonya & *William Massey * June Craig Mauldin * Tim Mauldin Sandra & Gary Maxwell + Sharon May Dawn & Michael McArdle * Jane P. McCamy McCarley Moving & Storage Co., Inc. McCarley Transmission Service * Linda McCart * Michael L. McCarty Liliana C. McDaniel * Paula K. McDaniel Thomas F. McDonald * Frank P. & *Keri Schroeder McElvey Mr. & Mrs. Max R. McGlamry + John L. McIntire * Nancy P. McKee



Allen & +Donna McKenzie * William R. McKenzie * Joe T. McKinney * Larry W. McLemore, Jr. * Roy L. & *Denese G. McLeod W. Richard McMichael * Julia A. Meade * George W. Mendenhall * Dr. Charles E. Merkel, Jr. * Frank W. Metasavage Mike & Ed's Bar-B-Q * Teri N. Miles * Vanessa R. Miles-Neal * Charlene M. Miller * Elmer C. Miller * James E. Miller * Karen A. Miller *+ Joseph E. Mills Mack & *Althea Mitchell Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Mitchell, Jr. Kay Moffitt * Ronald E. Moody + James & +Claudia Moore * Myra Moore * Barry N. Morgan * David & Sally Morgan * Mittie C. Moss * Steve & Beth Moss + Milwood A. Motley, Jr. * James L. Mullins + Christine S. Murphey * Jacque Murray * Tellas M. Murrell * Peter & +Sherri Nagamatsu * Judith M. Nail * Patricia A. Napolitano * Linda K. Nash New Life Tanning Centers * Alisha M. Newton * Lan Nix North Columbus Eye Center * Don Nowak

* Kim Nunley + Lisa Oberlander & Amy Griffiths Eddie & *Carolynn Obleton Jerry & Donna Ogan *(+) Daniel B. Olds Olive Garden * Gregory C. Olvera * Ademola A. Orekoya Diane Osborne * LTC (Ret.) & Mrs. George M. Osborne Carmen & Eduardo Ospina * Betty C. Ostrander Gene Oswalt + Jim Owen Panera Bread Denise & *Allen Parham * M. Ann Parham * Richard & *Teresa Paris * Keith C. Parker Patricia Parkman * Juanita P. Parsons * Ginger L. Pate * James D. Pate * Mrs. Ethel Ezekiel Patrick William O. Patterson, Jr., M.D. * Pamela Moye Payne Peachtree Package Peacock Body Works Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pearson Mrs. Barbara S. Peebles Mr. & *Mrs. Dusty Perdue Phenix Plumbing Supply, Inc. * William A. Philadelphia * Dan & *Helen Phillips Regina Pickett Carol & James Pierce * Keith & *Monica Pierce * James & Norma Pilkinton * Mr. Alton E. Pitts, Jr. * Robert & *Carolyn Pitts Ron & *Susan Pitts * William T. & Sue Pope

* William D. Porter * Benjamin Powell * Pamela J. Powell + Ronita S. Powell * Vernon W. Presley, Jr. * Amy Price * Linda B. Price + LaTonya Pringle * Larry Purdie Lisa & Phil Ragan Ann Jordan Ragsdale * Carol J. Ranieri Rankin Quarter * Mark C. Ray * Joanne H. Rayford Raytheon Company * Elizabeth S. Redden *+ Brandi L. Redmond * Kathleen S. Reeves Refrigeration Supplies Inc. Kristal Renner * Doug & *Suzy Revell Jean Richardson + Sonsia L. Richerson Corrin Riley + Rita Riley * Ralph W. Robinson, Jr. Antonio & Belma Rodriguez * Mr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Rogers William N. Roland * Mr. & *Mrs. Earl Roper * J. F. Ross * Cindy M. Rowe * Evelyn O. Rowe * W. Frank Royston Wanda A. Rutledge S & S Company *+ Cindy S. Saines The Sample Shop * Monica L. Saucier Joyce O. Savage + Mark Schmidt

* Jeannette S. Schorr * Phillip R. Schultz Self & Griffin Admin. Serv., LLC Ron & Sharon Self * Peggy S. Shackleford * Kevin L. Sharpe Ronnie & *Angie R. Shehane Katie Sherrod + Dr. Melody G. Shumaker Siemens Energy & Automation Signs, Inc. * Tommy L. Simms * Joann F. Simpson * Eric & *+Tashee' Singleton * Joseph D. Skinner, Jr. Lorraine Smalley * Carmel Smallwood * Ginger W. Smith * Lewis H. Smith * Marianne T. Smith Nancy Saunders Smith * Paula A. Smith * Robert A. Smith * Vance C. Smith III * Wayne Smith Mr. & *Mrs. James M. Snead * Elaine P. Snow * Susanne Soto Southern Employment Services * Mary Jo & *Jim Sparrow * Phillip Mark Spencer * James P. & *Jane P. Spettel SPI Realty Spikes Petroleum Exchange, Inc. * Levis J. Spradlin, Jr. James Stanley Steak-Out * J. Michael & *Linda Stephens * Judy Stern * Mike & *Jeanine Stewart * Mr. Anthony A. Street, CPA * Kathy Street

* Mrs. Stacey Street * Mr. & *Mrs. Timothy K. Strickland * Mr. & Mrs. Jack B. Stroud Stuart Electrical Company, Inc Stuckey Construction + Sammy Styers Sunbelt Electrical Svc. Co. * Deborah L. Sutton * Eugenia M. Sutton * Scott & *Cheryth Swafford * Stan Swiney * James G. Tarvin * Major (Ret.) Robert James Taylor * Tamu M. Taylor Ty & *Twila Taylor Kathy Tessin *+ Rick & +Rebecca Tew That Added Touch * Charles E. Thigpen, Jr. * Gloria S. Thomas * Mike Thomas * Mitsy S. Thomas * Jeffrey Charles Thompson * Tommy F. Thompson Thompson, Redmond, Nicolson & Ray Toni's Dancing School Dr. & Mrs. Lew Toulmin * Mrs. Terri Townsend Mr. & Mrs. Perrin C. Trotter * Melissa Loudermilk Tucker * William Z. Upshaw * Patricia K. Valentine * Ray Vinson * Tara S. Vinson Greg & *Donna Voynich * M. Dianne Wages * Michael Waite Mark & *Katie Walden * Laura Walker * Brendetta L. Wallace (+) Linda Wallace * Lt. & Mrs. Terry A. Ward

* D. Reed Watson, Jr. * Lorrie Watt * Cynthia P. Weaver + Zodiac Webster * Donna C. Weeks Weems Road Small Animal Hospital David L. & *Mary Elizabeth Weidner * James B. & *Carrol D. Weldy Bob & *Claudia Wells * Michael R. Whitaker * Ronald H. & *Jan T. Whitaker + Mr. & Mrs. Horace White + Martha N. White + Melanie White * Pamela C. White * John F. Whitley, Jr. + Kelli Whitted The Wiggins Insurance Agency LLC + Hoke L. Wilcox Wild Fish * Lois Wilkins * Brenda Williams * James E. & *Nancy F. Williams * Jennifer H. Williams * Marian D. Williams *+ Messiah Arrington Williams * Pamela G. Williams * Robert & *Bertha S. Williams * Sherman & *Lois Y. Williams * Harold D. Willis, Sr. Willy T's Chicken Fingers Barry L. Wilson * Elizabeth G. Wilson Ed & Sidney Wilson *+ Teneka Wilson + Danny L. Wingfield Gayle M. Winningham * Phillip R. & *Kimberly W. Wise Dr. Ruth H. Withrow * Kenneth R. Wojciechowski * Suzanne S. Wood * Mr. & Mrs. James C. Woodall, Sr.

* Amy W. Worthy-Foss * Steven J. Wroblewski Mr. & *Mrs. Sidney H. Yarbrough IV * Terry Lyn K. Yarbrough Janice W. Yates * Luther Yates * Tim & *Amy Zabel * Jeanette Zuback

Donors + Cecile Accilien Mr. & Mrs. Brian Acton + Erika M. Adams Bethrix Y. Agee * Betty J. Aiken Agnes Albright Alday Chiropractic, Inc. + Patricia Ali All Star Pest Control * Betty J. Allen * Doyle G. Allen Allen-Simpson, Inc. + Lacey N. Allmond + Carlos Almada *+ Mrs. Ginger Almon * Leila Alvarez American Eye Care LLG * Gwendolyn H. Amick *+ Cathy Anderson Chuck & *Karen Anderson * Willie M. Anderson * Russell E. Andrews IV Anonymous Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grill * Betty D. Arredondo + Jean Arrighi Arrow Exterminators, Inc. * David D. Ashburn Ashley's Interiors + Carol Ashmore * Mr. & *Mrs. David E. Askew Atlanta Bread Company

Automotive Network * May Awad * C. Michelle Ayala * Gene Baggett + Vera Bailes * Catherine C. Bailey * Myrtle Ann T. Bailey + Carolyn Baker * Jeffery C. Baker * Russell A. Baker III * Thomas N. Baker * Terry W. Ballard Mr. & Mrs. James R. Ballengee + Fulvio Balsamo * Miranda C. Banks Grover Barfield Apartments * Grover C. Barfield III + Carolyn M. Barker * Sharon K. Barkman * Gerald F. Barks * Kathy D. Barnes * Julian T. Bartley Baskets Plus Embroidery * Mary M. Bass * Dorothy Brown Batastini (+) June Battiato * Todd M. Bearden * Danny E. Bedsole * Penny J. Beierman Mark T. Bender * Joshua D. & *+Felicia H. Benefield + Peggy Bennett Audrey Bentley * D. Tad Bentley * Marilyn Bernstein Berry, Shelnutt, Day & Hoffman, P.C. *+ Bhagyavati * Jeremy James Bierstine * Jeri W. Bishop * Billy M. Blackwell * Paula J. Blankenship + Christopher Bloss



Photo by Kay Ingram

* Ms. Sharon Bodnar Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Boggs * Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Bonaker * Stephanie P. Bone * Steven B. Bone * Marcia M. Bonsell (+) Dr. & Mrs. Edward M. Booth * Carolyn A. Boozer + Rebecca C. Boswell * Lisa Bourdon * Teresa M. Bowen Eleanor C. Bowers Edward L. Bowman * Glennis A. Boyd * Sonya T. Boyd * Kyle T. Boyer * Betty C. Boys *+ David M. Braddock Branche Construction Co. + Kelly Brandt Carter Brank * Linda O. Brantley * Francis J. Braski * Sheryl A. Breeden * Donald V. Britt * Vickie A. Britt * Virginia G. Britt Bonnie Britton * Amanda Harris Broadnax Linda Brocato + LTC Scott A. Brosch + Janet T. Brown * Jewel M. Brown * Jo April Brown * John Fred Brown *+ Julia Ellen Brown * Lucinda J. Brown * Roy Brown * Kathy D. Bruer * Jerry R. & *Brenda G. Bryan * Mary Bryant * Geoffrey J. Buckley

Jack and Libby Key attend Capital Campaign “thank you” event. * Mike & *Debbie Buckner Margaret C. Buckwalter * Ronald E. Burkhart * Vicki L. N. Burnham Business Leasing Services * James A. Bussey * LTC (Ret.) Roger W. Buterbaugh * Gary & *Wendy Butler * Clyde O. Byers, Jr. * Addie Byrd + Mrs. Lynda Byrne * Lois M. Cain * Angela E. Calhoun * Dorothy Sherling Camerio * Robbie J. Cameron * Amanda J. Campbell * Samuel Campos Captain Tom's Seafood, Steaks & Super

Country Buffet * Thomas G. & *Debbie Carberry * Joseph M. Carter * Susan E. Cashwell * Jean S. Cassell Seaton & Jeanette Cauthen James D. & Irene M. Cawthorne * Elaine W. Chambless * Pamela B. Chandler * Ashley S. Chaplin * Angela H. Chapman * Marcia L. Chapman * Peggy A. Chapman Charleton Kennon, Interiors Charter Accounting & Tax Service + Jennifer L. Chason * Sharon Z. Cheatham Cheddar's Casual Cafe

* Glynn Steven Chesser, Jr. Kimberly B. Chesteen * Todd S. & *Adrienne C. Child Chili's + Warren B. Church * Michael B. Claman, Jr. + Lisa Clark * Randall M. Clark *+ Rodney G. Clark * Jennifer D. Cloud * Shelly Clyde * Patricia S. Cobb * Randy E. Cobb Cody Road Trophies & Jeweler * Richard M. & *Anita K. Cogar *+ Stephanie L. Coker * Barbara McPhail Colaianni * Sharon Crawford Cole * Terrell O. Coley Collins Lawn Care Colony Cleaners, Inc. Columbus & The Valley Magazine Comfort Inn Concharty Council of Girl Scouts * Ellen G. Conger * Christine J. Conner + Johnnie Mae Cook + Tiffany N. Cook + Lawrence Cooper Linda Correll * Coleen C. Cotton * Mr. & *Mrs. Danny O. Coulliette * Mr. & *Mrs. William Dale Courington * LeeAnn M. Craft Jon R. Craig *+ Rick Cravens * Loyd & *Mitzi Crow * Lee A. Crowder + Wanda Crowe Crown Trophy + Tammy L. Cruz * Veronica E. Culpepper

* Bettie W. Currin * Elfreida Curtis-Crawley D & D Foods, Inc. D'Allen Salon & Spa (+) Martha C. Daniel * Lanora Kay Daniels * Shane B. & *Deanna L. Darrah * Natalie J. daSilva + Denisha L. Davidson + Henry L. Davis * Jody L. Davis * Larry Mike & Patti Williams Davis * Virginia A. Davis * Walton C. Davis III * Cecelia D. Dean Mr. & Mrs. Glen H. Dean Matthew Deen + MAJ Marsha L. DeFelice K. E. Deloach * Charles R. Dennard II Mr. & Mrs. James L. Dent, Jr. * Thomas Clyde Dent Deorio's Pizza Inn * Hannah J. Dew * William A. Dimmitt Dirty Larry's * John T. Doheny III * Alphonza Dollard * Robert F. Donaldson III * Bernerd P. Drury * Sharon D. Dufrene + Sylvia E. Duncan * Betty F. Dunlap * Carolyn A. Dwyer + Brent Eaton * Kennis L. Edge * James W. Eilert III Mr. & Mrs. S. Mark Ellis, Jr. + Bradley D. Engelhorn Enterostomal Therapy Associates * Karen Sherrill Eskew + Brenda G. Evans

+ Suzanne M. Evans * Michael D. Fagler * Linda C. Fancellas + Yolanda M. Farley * Tiffany A. Farmer Farrar's Home Center Fat Boy's Farmers Market * Keith Faulk Financial Management Brokerage * Phillip S. Findley Firestone Tire & Service Center + Claire Fischer * James Fischer * Joan A. Fisher * Rev. Robin Lee Fitch * Barbara Fleenor * Robert T. & *Jennifer Corradino Flournoy * Cheryl J. Flowers * Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Floyd, Jr. * Amy J. Forbes * Mr. & *Mrs. John P. Ford * Mr. Tommie E. Ford * Jennifer M. Forestal * Mr. & *Mrs. Thomas E. Foster Fourth Avenue Car Wash + Mariah Fowler Fowler's Alignment & Brake Service, Inc. * Linda F. M. Franklin * Jane I. Frazer (+) Dianne J. Fredrick Ron H. Freeman * James L. Freiberg, Jr. + Kenneth J. Frerichs (+) Lenemaja Friedman * John M. Frodesen, Jr. The Front Porch * Ann H. Fuller Walter & Deborah Gadzicki * Donna S. Galbreath * Susan E. Gallagher * Judy R. Garrett * Mr. Jerry & *Mrs. Ava Gaylor

* Neil A. Gerstenberger * David L. Gibbs *+ L. N. Gibbs + Peggy Gibson * Patricia A. Glaser + James Glenn * Kimberly R. Glover * Nichole M. Glozier + Deborah Gober * Suzanne P. Goddard Golden Donuts Golden Transfer Co. Goo Goo Car Wash * Angela J. Gordon Travis & *Sommer Gowdy Gowdy's Lawn Service * Julius Graham, Jr. + Marie Grandison * James R. Grant * Roger D. Grant * J. Pierce & *Laura Jane Grantham * Robbin M. Grantham * Cynthia D. Graves * Gloria S. Gray Greater Chapin Chamber of Commerce * Hillary W. Green * Neita Green * Rhonda D. Green * Thomas E. Green * Frank Green * Linda G. Greene * Mary L. Grice * Robert L. Grier * Ann A. Griffin * Elizabeth T. Griffin + Reagan Grimsley * Ms. Linda Guenther * Monique Gunnels * Darlene M. Hackney Jonathan K. Hagan * Deborah A. Hall * Patricia E. Hallen

* Linda Sue H. Halley * Barbara Sandefur Ham (+) William C. & *+Kathryn M. Hamilton * Rosa C. Hamilton * Grace S. Han-Grose Robert Hardin * Melissa Adams Hardy + Mrs. Renee' Harp * Kevin Harrington Chip Harris * Deborah W. Harris * Kimberley D. Harris * Roy J. Harris Monika Harrison Jack Harron Realtor * John S. Hartman * Darrell Wayne Harvey * Karen N. Harvey + H.M. Hassani * David & *+Amanda Hawkins + David N. Hayes + LaWanna D. Hayes * Toni J. Hays + Randy & *+Peggy O. Head * Keiya Hood Heard * Steven D. Heaton * Bruce M. Hedley * Abigail Helms * Clayton & *Peggy Henry * Karen D. Henry * Robbie Henson * Paul C. Heppner + David & +Katie Herriott * Joe & *Eloise Hersh * E. Scott Hiatt Robert & +Cindy Hicks * Donna M. High * Cynthia D. Hightower * Annie D. Hill * Barlow G. Hill Daniel Hill * Kathy Hill



* Thomas Hiller * Sharon E. Hilliard *+ Shirley G. Hinckley * Laurie Anne Hinote * Bernice W. Hobbs * Petra M. Hochrein + Richard J. Hodges * Larry Holland * Mr. & *Mrs. Robert E. Holland, Jr. + Dr. Rhonda K. Hollis * Becky M. Holloway * Reather D. Hollowell Honey Baked Ham Company & Cafe * S. Jessica Hood + Rachel Hoogacker * Shawn B. Horace * Ms. Heather Horn + Laurie E. Horne * Pamela G. Horne (+) Rachel Horne * Wanda L. Horton + Grady E. Howard * Lou E. Howard + Timothy G. Howard * Carla D. Hubbard * Gail Hudson * Camilla W. Humber * Vernon Humphrey * Amy L. Hung *+ Rebecca A. Hunter * Celia M. Hurley + Brad Huskisson * Melanie S. Hutchens Mr. & +Mrs. John E. Hutchinson * P. Jan Hyatt * Melissa L. Ingle * Angela G. Jackson * Betty R. Jackson Ellis C. Jackson * Emily K. Jackson * Harvey D. Jackson * William Derrick Jackson

* Gene & Mary Ellen Jacques * Jacqueline S. Jameson Jason's Deli * Mary T. Jenkins Jen-Nor Dancewear Jimbo's Discount Golf Johnny Carino's Johnny's Hot Dogs * Andon E. Johnson + Angela Johnson * David L. Johnson Debi Johnson * Eula M. Johnson * Henry Johnson * Juanita J. Johnson * Brian B. & *+Mary Hill Johnson * Nancy C. Johnson * Shaylyn C. Johnson * Thomas L. Johnson III * Twaskia S. Johnson * David A. Jones * David E. & *Amy H. Jones * Deborah H. Jones * Jacqueline B. Jones * Jan Z. Jones * Robby & Kim Jones + Simone Jones * Cecillia Denise Joyner * Daune Renee Judah * Joel Judah Mr. & Mrs. Harry Kamensky * T. David Karr * Leroy Kelley * Angel R. Kendricks * Terry L. & *Carolyn P. Kennedy * Cecil D. Kent, Jr. * Kristina P. Keske *+ Pamela K. Ketterlinus * Mark Hamid Khalili * Mrs. Carla Kimbrough * Connie P. Kimsey Miss Meredith L. King

J. F. King, Inc. * Sophie H. Kirby * John D. Kirk * Lonnie Kirkland Kite Sheet Metal + Mr. & Mrs. Jay Knape + Angkul Kongmunvattana Dr. & Mrs. A. J. Kravtin * Gary D. Kring * Mr. Jeremiah J. Kring Betty D. Kruggel * Tina Terry Kuykendall * Christopher J. Lagerbloom Land, Inc. * Leon C. Lane, Jr. Ronnie Lane + Teresa Lang Langley-Williams Tax Service + Vicky C. Langston + Mrs. Dana Schraufnagel Larkin * Margaret M. Lawrence *+ Antonio R. Lawson * Marla A. Layne-Williams * Dr. Cathy L. Ledbetter * Dr. Deborah B. Lee * Kimberly R. Lee * Terry D. Lehman Robert & (+)Beverly Lemons Lendmark Financial Services, Inc. + Michael P. Lendzian * A. Elizabeth Leonard * Sidney H. & *Sandra H. Levine * Annie M. Lewis * Linda F. Lewis * Rose Marie Lewis (+) Mary M. Lindquist * Adele S. Lindsey * Phillip J. Linn * Lavardo A. Livatt * June C. Livesey *+ Queen W. Locke * Merle W. Lockett

* Mrs. Bobbie Ann Lollar + Diana Lomarcan * Jackey L. Long * Mr. & *Mrs. Galen D. Loofbourrow Los Amigos * Carrie A. Love * Jean W. Lowther * Erin Luby * Peggy Luker * John J. Lyles * John Lyles * Kathleen R. Lynch * Thomas D. MacDonald Magnolia Cafe & Bakery, The Nicholson's Main Street Toy Shop Malone Contract Floor Covering * Bill & *Brenda Malueg Manderson Fabric Company *(+) Sara W. Manis * Deborah L. Mann * JoAnn Yeomans Manning * Shirley S. Manning Manpower Temporary Services * Pat Mansell * Willie Manuel, Jr. + Dr. & Mrs. Michael Marcades * Morgan & *Kelli Marlowe * Jeanette Marshall + Loretta Marshall * Mary Jane Martin + Retha J. Martin * Richard S. Mathena Edward J. & *Sandra L. Mathias * Robert G. Mathis * Charlotte T. Matthews * Mary B. Matthews * Wade T. May * Mark R. Maycock * Ginny Lee Mayher * Kimberly S. McAfee * J. Marvin & Susan H. McBride Kevin W. McCarthy

* Connie F. Tolbert McClinton * Mark S. McCollum J. L. McCown * Pamela McCoy * Tami W. McDonald * Wonda T. McDonald * Rosalie W. McDuffie + Dana L. McGlon * Joseph Scott McGregor COL (Ret.) & Mrs. Scott McGurk Mr. & *Mrs. John C. McKeel * Janis A. McKinley Dr. & Mrs. David McMicken * Debbie G. McMillan + Betty J. McNeal (+) Mrs. Tena F. McQueen * Calvin McWilliams III Peggy Mealing * Mrs. Stella L. Means Medi-Derm Skin Care Center Lawrence P. Meisel, Jr., Ed.D. Mellow Mushroom + Carol Ann Mentz Merit TV - Sound City * Melissa Merritt-Bible * Jeffrey A. & *Holly H. Meyer * Sara J. Milicki Rev. Alfred Miller * James H. Miller * Dee Miller *+ Dr. Sallie Averitt Miller *+ Susan G. Miller * Patsy L. Mills + April K. Milner-Whitney (+) Mario R. Mion * Annatha R. Mitchell Jane B. Mitchell * Pearl W. Mitchell * Reginald A. Mitchell * Joseph & *Susan Mixon * Steve K. Mobley, Sr. Moe's Southwest Grill

* Vikki J. Moffitt *+ Giovanni J. Montesclaros + Debraoh Moore * Nancy L. Moore * Keith D. Moran James R. Morgan * Miriam A. Morgan * Dawn M. Moriarty * James O. Morris * Olin Morris, Jr. * Patricia A. Morris * Bud Morrison * Juan E. Morro, Jr. V. Yancey Morton * Gary K. Moseley * Wynnton H. Mott Matthew Moye Randy B. Mundy + Greg Muraski * Jeanie Murphy * Patti W. Murtey Chris Myles Elizabeth Myles * Marion H. Nagy * Susanne & *Donald Newberry * Glenn C. Newberry * Frank-Pete D. Newman * Karen K. Newsome * Laura R. Nichols * Rusty & *Heather Nix + Scott Norman * Denise Norman + Rodrigo A. Obando O'Charley's Restaurant, Inc. + Kelly Lynne Oen * Rose Maree Ogle Outback Steakhouse * Rhonda S. Owens * Sheron D. Padgett * Susan Faye Padgett * Leticia R. Pagan * Salvatore F. Pagano

Patsy Paige * H. Jason Parker * Pamela N. Parker * Jean T. Patterson * Susan C. T. Patterson * Irene C. Payne * Michael A. Payne Peachtree Mall * Robert E. Pearl Mr. & Mrs. R. Chris Peebles *+ Barbara A. Peek * Rebecca S. Pence * Irene Pennington * Moses A. Perdue * Rebertha Lynn Perkins * Janet L. Perret * Jack W. Perry * Shirley Perrymond Kenneth E. Peterman *+ Kim Peters * Susan E. Phenix + Dianne Phillips * Richard E. & *Margaret B. Phillips * Miss Michele Phillips * Thomas L. Phillips II + Nery Pimentel * M. Tripp & *Susan Pitts John Player + Candace M. Poole * Jim A. Pope Bobby & *Cloie Porch Mark D. Porter Sarah & Lewis Portwood Howard & Denise Pound * Murphey Pound * Debra S. Pounds * Janet H. Powell Gerard & *Kellie Powell * Juliet Anne Power * Karen E. Powers + Kenneth J. Preissler Premier Acctg. & Tax Service, Inc.

* Shannon P. Priest * Maria A. Prieto * Sheryll Clark Proctor Mr. & Mrs. David Pruet * Jermaine C. Pruitt * Joann H. Pruitt * Joseph K. Pullen * Shelia Purser * Uttam K. Rai Dee Rainey * James D. Rawls * Chuck Raymer * David H. Rea * Dr. Ellen H. Reames & Mr. B. Frank Reames * Tina Reddoch + Amanda Rees * Carolyn C. Reese * Mrs. Emma S. Reese * June R. Reeves * Mary Nell Reeves * Joan M. Reilly * Susan M. Reyher Jamie L. Reynolds + Rebecca T. Richardson + Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Richman * Robyn J. Ridley + Lyn Riggsby + Sonia Rivera Dennis Roaden *+ Jalana Jo Robinson + Carolyn M. Rockeymore * Frances N. Rodgers * Amy J. Rogers * Sue M. Rogers * Patricia A. Rollins * Connie M. Rose * Geoffrey K. Rotich Royal Cafe * Ashley C. Rusbridge *+ Chris Russell * Jennifer A. Sackett



* David B. & *Michelle R. Saffan * Sandra L. Saling * Richard E. & +Edith A. Salyer Donna San Antonio * Yolunda S. Sanders Colleen Sauer * Tim G. Sawyer + Edwin E. Schevey * Jessica R. Schmanski Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. Schnell * Kris A. Schoy * John H. Schwarting * Gail E. Scogin * Kimberly M. Scott * Patricia B. Seay *+ Lashon R. Sellers Maria Elena Sellers * Audrey R. Sharpe * Brian J. Shaughnessy * Thomas Sheets Shepherd School of Music - MS 532 * Merri E. Sherman + Jacqueline Shipp Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Silverstein * Livia A. Simmons David Simon * Wanda Sims * Patrick & *Laura Slade The Sleep Center * Janice M. Slone * Allen A. & *Kimberly A. Smith * Beth A. Smith + Mrs. Celia R. Smith * Derrell J. Smith Eva Smith * George J. Smith Harriett F. Smith Don & +Libby Smith + Mr. & +Mrs. James L. Smith, Jr. * Mary Elizabeth Smith + Nicole D. Smith * Tina R. Smith

Smokey Bones BBQ Smokey Pig BBQ Jan S. Snavely *+ Dr. Robin Snipes Wyolene Solomon * Kimberly G. Soltis Kent Sommers * Shannon E. Sorrell Southern Sewing Center, Inc. Southern Views Magazine Southland Chemical & Supply Rochelle & Markus Spandorfer * Amy S. Spear * Becky Speer *+ Michael Speight * Patricia A. Spenard * Penny R. Spencer * Denise T. Spires * David Spitzmiller * Tracy Wesley Spivey * James L. Stapleton Ginger H. Starlin State Farm - Rick Hill M. Foster State Farm Insurance * Louise R. Stein * Karina M. Steinbach * Don L. Stenson * Donald & *Lisa Stephens * Laura A. Stephens * Glenda W. Stevens * Richard M. Stevens, Jr. + James Stewart * M. Gail Stewart * Michael R. Stewart * Steven B. Stewart * Kay M. Stidham * Judy & *(+)Gerald Stinson Stone Electronics * Lorimer C. Stover * Frank T. Strickland, Jr. * Tonya M. Suddeth Summerville Homes, Inc.

Sumo to Go-Go Superglass Windshield Repair * David R. & *Mary S. Sutton * Mr. Tom Swain * Robert T. Swygert * Josefina F. Takemoto * Frances H. Talley The Tan Spot + Jim Tandy * Anthony Hugh Tanner Bob Tant Charles W. & *Cheryl Bedingfield Tate * Darrell L. Taylor * Mr. & *Mrs. Hugh A. Taylor * Mary Ellen Taylor * Keith W. Teamer Texas Roadhouse * Carroll Thacker, Jr. * Carol N. Thomas * Earl R. Thomas * Marie C. Thomas + Rebecca V. Thomas * Timothy R. Thomas Lisa Thompson * Greg E. Thompson * Kathleen Thompson + Laura A. Thompson * Susan C. Thompson Will & *Brooke Thompson + Neal & *Heather Thomson * Donna E. Thornell * Jimmy L. Thornton, Jr. * D. David Tibbits * Andre P. Tillman, Jr. * Allan M. Tilly *+ Jim Timmons Richard V. Tipton CLU * Donna L. Tompkins * Vicki L. Toole + Tiffany Tootle * Mrs. Mira Totskaya * Major Russell V. Traino

* Mr. & Mrs. Rupert A. Triplitt, Jr. Roger E. Tripp + Kimberly D. Tucker Richard Tucker * COL & *Mrs. Ronald D. Tuggle * Deborah A. Turner * Michael S. & *Lindsay M. Urquhart *+ Aimee Vael + Dr. Andree Martin & +Dr. Paul Vaillancourt * Mitzi C. Valdespino Valley Cleaning Service, Inc. Nancy & Joel Vanderglas Wanda R. Vaughn * Thomas A. Veasey + Beverly T. Venable * Michelle L. Viers * Gina L. Vinson * Robert L. Walden, Jr. * Robert E. Waldrep Mr. & +Mrs. Peter F. Walker * Marsha D. Walker + Robert J. Walker * William P. Walsh * Jennifer N. Walters * Jolene S. Ward * Pamela S. Ward * Juanita M. Washek + Calvin Waterman * James V., Jr. & +Karen H. Waters + Barbara O. Watson * Johnny Watson * Beverly G. Weaver Jeff Weaver + Patricia W. Weeks * Thomas A. Weierick + Margaret A. Wells * Cynthia K. Wertz * Wiley Roy Westbrook, Jr. * Harry A. Westcott Whipple's Automotive, Inc. * Kimberly D. Whitaker

* Indicates Columbus State

CSU’s Cooperative Organizations

University Alumni. + Indicates Columbus State University Faculty/Staff. (+) Indicates retired Columbus State University Faculty/Staff Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list; however, it is possible that errors have been made. If so, please accept our sincere apologies and call them to the attention of the University Advancement Office at Columbus State University, (706) 568-2028.

Photo by Kay Ingram

Mr. & Mrs. Walter G. White * Frances Linda Whitehead * Truman W. Whitfield III + Jill Whiting * Bobbie J. Whitley * Dean D. Whittaker Wholesale Tire Distributors, Inc. * Brian C. Wieczorek * Annie L. Williams Claudia E. Williams * D'Andrea Williams Peter & *Lorraine L. Williams *+ Patricia Williams * Wardell Williams, Sr. * Leslie L. Willingham + Mr. Eddie Willis * Gayle Wilson * Thomas J. S. Wilson * Sherry L. Wisener Donald J. & Thelma I. Witt * David M. Witzke * Lauren J. Wolfe * Willie J. Womack *+ Gloria Wonnum Karen G. Wood * Melodie L. Wood * Osie Jewell Wood * Thomas A. Woodrum Taylor M. Woods * Stephen F. Worrell * Stephanie M. Wright * Matthew H. & *Evelin Maren Yardley + Ata Yesilyaprak * Victor & Myra Young Yours Truly Jewelry & Boutique + Vladimir Zanev * Richard P. Zapal (+) Dr. Belle M. Zimmerly

The financial operations and assets of four university cooperative organizations – CSU Foundation, Foundation Properties, Inc., CSU Alumni Association, Inc., and The CSU Athletic Fund, Inc. – are essential sources of support for the university. Although these organizations operate exclusively to

provide the university with supplemental resources and support, they are separately incorporated and managed by their own boards. An annual audit of each organization’s financial statements is conducted by independent, certified public accountants and is available upon request. These organizations are:

Columbus State University Foundation, Inc. The Columbus State University Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization with the purpose of promoting CSU as it works to expand educational opportunities. The foundation acquires and administers funds devoted to meeting its objectives and purposes. These objectives are carried out directly for and in the best interest of the university.

Foundation Properties, Inc. Foundation Properties, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization incorporated for the exclusive purpose of holding title to property and collecting the income therefrom for the benefit of CSU. Foundation Properties also acts as a third party for the purpose of acquiring and/or building student residences that are leased to CSU.

Columbus State University Alumni Association, Inc. The Alumni Association is a not-for-profit organization that offers programs to inform university alumni about the life and vitality of the university and to promote and advance the interests of the university through support of university programs, instructional equipment purchases and scholarships.

The Columbus State University Athletic Fund, Inc.

Cissy Giglio (’92, BBA) speaks at CSU Day kickoff.

The Athletic Fund is a not-for-profit organization created for the purpose of promoting the educational and athletic programs of the university. This purpose is met by providing assistance and funds for encouraging participation by selected students in intercollegiate games and contests.


Columbus State University Endowed and Restricted Funds


The AFLAC Endowment for Servant Leadership The Ophelia Fleming Alsobrook Scholarship Endowment The Elena Diaz-Verson Amos Distinguished Chair of Latin American Studies The John B. Amos Lecture Series Endowment Paul S. and Jean R. Amos Faculty Chair in Music Endowment The Paul S. Amos / AFLAC Scholarship Endowment The Paul S. Amos Educational Foundation Scholarship Fund The W. L. Amos, Sr. Scholarship Endowment The Ruth O. Andrae Scholarship Fund The Department of Art Equipment Endowment The Judge John S. Averill Memorial Fellowship Endowment The Astrid Hiie Baker Nursing Scholarship Endowment The Alfonso Biggs Scholarship Endowment The Gerry Bosch Art Scholarship Endowment The Lloyd and Effie Bowers Music Endowment The George H. Brawner, Sr. Music Scholarship Endowment The Leo and Florence Brooks Scholarship Endowment The Frank D. Brown Scholarship Endowment The Sarah T. Butler Distinguished University Chair of Business and Finance The Susan Chappell Butler Endowment for Servant Leadership The Jane T. McEwen Christophil Memorial Scholarship Endowment The Flora M. Clark Fund for Improving Biology

The Linnie T. and Gerald G. Coady Scholarship Endowment The Coca-Cola Foundation Fund for Servant Leadership The Coca-Cola Space Science Center Endowment The Columbus Artist’s Guild Scholarship Endowment The Columbus Junior Womans Club Fine Arts Endowment The Columbus State University Alumni Scholarship Fund The Columbus Water Works Environmental Sciences Scholarship Endowment The CSU Nursing ADP Scholarship Endowment The Ray and Evelyn Crowley Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship The Ralph H. and Annie G. Owen Curry Scholarship Fund The William and Isabelle Curry Distinguished Faculty Chair in Voice The Alvin “Pig” Davis/Cal Carter Scholarship Endowment The Rebecca “Granny” Davis Scholarship Fund The Luther Vance Day Memorial Loan Fund Endowment The Maud Flournoy Dixon Music Scholarship Endowment The Richard L. Duncan Scholarship Endowment for the Physically Disabled The Charles Eason Book Scholarship Fund The Charles R. Eason Memorial Endowment The Frances H. Ellis Art Scholarship Endowment The Moselle Worsley Fletcher Distinguished Chair in Teacher Education The Moselle Worsley Fletcher Faculty Fund The Dwight Curtis Floyd Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship Endowment

The Ethel Foley Distinguished Faculty Chair of Orchestral Conducting The Mildred Miller Fort Foundation Distinguished Chair of International Education The Mildred Miller Fort Foundation European Studies Visiting Scholar Fund The William A. Fort Scholarship Endowment The Lenora Jordan Garrard Music Scholarship Endowment The Lenora Jordan Garrard Tennis Scholarship Endowment The Georgia Lung Association Health Science Scholarship Endowment The Goizueta Foundation Scholars Endowment The Ken and Melinda Goldman Music Scholarship Endowment The Greenblatt Family Music Scholarship Endowment The “Pud” Greene Athletic Scholarship Endowment The Myron S. and Gladys S. Greentree Endowment for Excellence The Greentree-Sevier Educational Loan Fund Endowment The F. L. Griffin and Louise B. Griffin Scholarship Endowment The Van H. Grosse Fund for Bioethics The Rose Gutman Scholarship Endowment The Bert S. and Mary Eleanor Harp Music Scholarship Fund The Katherine P. Hazouri Nursing Scholarship Endowment The Bill Heard Chair of Business Administration The Henson Family Soccer Scholarship Endowment The Hollis Leadership Scholarship Endowment The Jill Howard Music Education Endowment

The William Howard Memorial Scholarship Endowment The Herbert H. Hughes Scholarship Fund The Hunter Lecture Series Fund The James Wallace Hunter Scholarship Endowment The Norman Illges Memorial Scholarship Endowment The Regina Jankiewicz Memorial Scholarship Endowment The Mae Johnson Scholarship Endowment The G. Gunby Jordan Concert Organ Endowment The G. Gunby Jordan Endowment for Operatic Studies The Jack B. Key, Sr. Golf Scholarship Endowment The Kidd-Bagley Fund The Virginia Cook Lee and Katie Lou Cook Memorial Scholarship Fund The Anson Locklear Memorial Music Endowment The James and Mary Loudermilk Endowment The Frank and Edith Lumpkin Scholarship Endowment The Frank Lumpkin, Jr. ROTC Scholarship Endowment The Lunsford Educational Endowment The Florence F. Lynn / Lynn Haven Nature Center Endowment The Jean MacArthur Memorial Nursing Endowment The Ruth Fuqua Mahone Memorial Loan Fund Endowment The Tillman H. Mahone Memorial Loan Fund Endowment The A.J. McClung Servant Leadership Endowment The Alma Taliaferro McGee Music Scholarship Endowment

The Jac Rothschild Nursing Award The Norman Rothschild Media Art Fund The Eula Mae Runnels Scholarship Endowment The John and Judith Satlof Scholarship Endowment The Gerald Benjamin Saunders and Charlotte Alexander Saunders Music Endowment The Otis and Sandy Scarborough Music Scholarship Endowment The Ruth S. Schwob Music Scholarship Endowment The Simon Schwob Foundation Music Scholarship Endowment The Annie and Emmitt Scott Leadership Scholarship Endowment The Florence Jean and C. Alex Sears, Jr. Scholarship Endowment The Edward Shorter Art Scholarship Endowment The Benjamin Thomas Siegfried Memorial Scholarship Endowment The Bebe Smith Art Scholarship Endowment The James Henry and Gladys Manning Smith Scholarship Endowment The Marguerite and Lamar Smith Fellowship Endowment The Patricia A. Spano Book Award Endowment The Shelby Spears “Hero Mama” Scholarship Fund The Elizabeth Kyle Spencer Memorial Endowment The J. Kyle and Sara D. Spencer Special Initiative Endowment The Spencer Oxford Fund The T. Hiram Stanley Memorial Scholarship Endowment The George P. Swift, Jr. Golf Enhancement Fund

The George P. Swift, Jr. Golf Scholarship Endowment The John H. Swift Tennis Scholarship Endowment The Roy F. Tanner Scholarship Endowment The Pearl A. Thiele Scholarship Fund The Tower Scholar Fund The TSYS Department of Computer Science Enhancement Fund The D. Abbott Turner Endowment for the College of Business The D. Abbott Turner Endowment for Continuing Education The Martha S. Turner Music Scholarship Endowment The William B. and Sue Marie Turner Distinguished Faculty Chair in Art The William B. and Sue Marie Turner Distinguished Faculty Chair in Music The William B. Turner, Sr. Endowment for Servant Leadership The Walden Athletic Scholarship Endowment The L. Rexford Whiddon Music Scholarship Endowment The Lynn K. Whiddon Music Conservatory Scholarship Endowment The Thomas Y. Whitley Honor Scholarship Endowment The Willcox-Lumpkin Foundation Athletic Scholarship Endowment The Paul and Miriam Witt Family Scholarship Endowment The Woodruff Family Endowment for Cultural Advancement The Emily Woodruff Endowment Funds shown in bold print were established between August 1, 2005 – July 31, 2006. For information on establishing an endowed or restricted fund to benefit Columbus State

University, please contact Rex Whiddon, Director of Major Gifts at or 706-568-5185.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list; however, it is possible that errors have been made. If so, please accept our sincere apologies and call them to the attention of the University Advancement Office at Columbus State University, (706) 568-2028.

Photo by Kay Ingram

The Alma and Theo McGee Endowment for the Teaching and Performing Arts The Rithia A. McGlaun Scholarship Endowment The MEA Federal Credit Union/L. B. Hickson Memorial Scholarship Endowment The Merit Scholar Program Endowment The Mario R. Mion Political Science Honor Scholarship Endowment The Elwood Moyer Scholarship Endowment The Minoru and Masako Nakai Fund for Asian Studies The Kenneth Nance Nursing Scholarship Endowment The James Newsom Scholarship Fund The Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center Endowment The Lucy Quillian Page Master Class Series Endowment The Lucy Quillian Page Memorial Endowment The Mary F. Passailaigue Art Scholarship Endowment The Elisabeth D. Pattillo Loan Fund Endowment The Paull/Morrow Family Endowment for Servant Leadership The Elizabeth W. Purcell Education Trust Fund The National Association of Purchasing Managers Chattahoochee Valley Scholarship Endowment The Helen Roberts Music Scholarship Endowment The Alan F. Rothschild Chair of the Department of Art The Dora G. and Jac. H. Rothschild Assistance Loan Fund Endowment The Edwin and Florette Rothschild Chair of Business Administration and Leadership

George and Janice Woodruff attend President’s Recognition Banquet.


Columbus State University Tower Society The Tower Society is a group of CSU alumni characterized by a

strong commitment to the university who want to continue to help CSU become an even greater institution. Tower Society members will be ambassadors for CSU as leaders in their professional and community service roles and pledge to support the university with a minimum annual gift of $1,000. Allen T. & Gretchen C. Denham Jon Charles & Lindi A. Dodds M. Thad Estes Kenneth E. Evans, Jr. Timothy J. Farmer Joyce W. Fingerhut Richard Spencer Garrard James Arthur Gill Richard M. and Kelly L.Gordy Linda Upshaw Hadley Charles E. Hall, Sr. Kerry Wayne Hand Charles G. Harbour Angela Scott Hart E. David Hart Jean McNew Hartin Neill Bickerstaff Hatcher Alfred J. Hayes Dennis R. & Carol Potter Hendrix William I. & Sandra Dunn Henry Mark Gary Holladay Maria H. Holmes Edgar Hughston W. Randall & Patricia B. Jones Kelsey L. & Barbara B. Kennon Jack B. Key III Billy J. Kilgore Wallace A. & Dorothy P. Kite Deborah R. Lane Matthew Lewis Frazer K. Loomis Julia W. Lumpkin Dominador H. & Hildagine M.Manio Lon D. & Lynda M. Marlowe Chris J. & Delbra B. Martin

James R. and Debbie Martin Kathleen A. Martin Jimmy L. & Katherine W. McKinstry S. Dell Williams McMullen W. Walter Jr. & Polly Corn Miller Sheree L. Mitchell P. Tim and Mariana L. Money Gregory Frank & Debbie Deal Moody Lucius D. Morton LTC (Ret.) Richard A. Munn, Jr. Jaynie Loftin Nesmith H. Lev & Jean S. Norman J. Edward Norris III Sam Nunn (Honorary Member) Elizabeth Corn Ogie James D. and Willene W. Pate Michael W. Patrick Charles D. Pattillo Linda F. Patton J. Donald & Judith W. Peek W. Allen Pettis Lynne T. Phillips L. Lamar Powers Thomas J. & Nancy T. Prescott Evelyn W. Turner Pugh Stephen E. Raines Betsy Butler Ramsay William D. Jr. & Nancy Craig Reaves Linda S. Reynolds Andrew L. Robinson John W. Rogers, Jr. Carole L. Rutland Gerald B. Jr. & Suzanne H. Saunders Richard V. Sr. & Kay Wilke Saunders Michael Sawyer

John A. & Linda H. Shinkle Pamela K. Siddall Charles D. Sizemore Arthur L. III & Sue McQuaig Smith Richard A. Smith Tracy E. Spencer Thomas R. & Jo Anna Perryman Stewart Hazel M. Sweger Virginia A. Swift Bruce & Margaret Laughlin Swisshelm F. Steve Taylor Ronald L. & Kimberly Collins Thomas Jeraldine A. Tinkler William Bradley Turner, Jr. Michael O. & Teddie Ussery Richard W. & Janet P. Ussery S. Scott & Rhondalin Carpenter Voynich Mitchell W. and Paula V. Watkins D. Lamar & Dorenda K. Weaver Sam M. III & Laurie Reed Wellborn

Photo by Kay Ingram


Emory J. Alexander R. Gary Allen Paul S. Amos (Honorary Member) Don Andrae Dan E. & Elizabeth C Anderson Jerry C. Averett Bruce L. & Angela G. Bacon Philip A. & Jennifer Wood Badcock Deborah N. Bailey John O. Barwick III Peggy H. Batastini Griffin B. Bell (Honorary Member) Robert H. Best Frank J. Bickerstaff III W. Reynolds Bickerstaff James H. Blanchard William and Camika M. Bray William A. Brogdon Lougene P. Brown Harold E. & Cynthia W. Bryant James E. & Nancy Carr Buntin Wade M. Burford Joan Travers Burks Stephen L. Jr. & Joyce S. Burts Stephen T. Butler Susan Chappell Butler Dianne M. Callahan Bettye R. Caproni Patricia P. Cardin Terry W. Chappell James T. Coppage Evelyn M. Crowley Averett W. Davis Janet Wynell Davis Rebecca C. Davis

Wade Burford at Tower Society luncheon.

The Loyalty Society The Loyalty Society recognizes those supporters who faithfully make gifts to Columbus State University year after year.

We salute these donors for their loyalty and support. All donors who have made a gift to support the University for five consecutive fiscal years are members of this recognition society. The actual number of consecutive fiscal years each donor has given appears in parenthesis following the donor name, with donors who have given 10 or more consecutive years designated as (10+). It is nice to know when we begin our annual solicitation that we have a core group of over 1,200 donors that we can count on for support. * Indicates Columbus State University Alumni. + Indicates Columbus State University Faculty/Staff. (+) Indicates retired Columbus State University Faculty/Staff

A Cut Above Landscape Management (6) A-1 Postage Meters and Shipping Systems (10+) +Ms. Terri A. Abrams (7) A-Com Enterprises, Inc. (10+) Acura of Columbus (10+) Mrs. Cyrus M. Adams (10+) Thomas E. and *Kathryn K. Adams (10+) *Mary Brown Adams (6) *Sharon F. Adams (10+) Aflac (10+) *Cathy M. Ahr (8) Alaga Paint Company, Inc. (5) Albright, Fortenberry and Ninas, LLP (6) *Archie E. Alexander, Sr. (9) J. Richard and Cindy Alexander (6) Alexander Electric Co. (6) *+Valerie Alexander-Spicer (7) Mr. and *Mrs. Jay W. Alford (5) +Patricia Ali (8) *Doyle G. Allen (10+) *(+)Mae E. Allen (10+) *Michael W. Allen (10+) *Gary and Kathy Allen (10+) *Gwendolyn H. Amick (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Amos (10+) Paul S. Amos Educational Foundation (10+) *+Cathy Anderson (10+) *Eddie L. Anderson (10+)

Louise and Robert Anderson (10+) *Chad Andrae (5) *Don and +Diane Andrae (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Andrews (8) +Greg and Anne Appleton (9) Ted and (+)Elsie Arno (10+) +Jean Arrighi (10+) +Mrs. Pennie Arrington (10+) *Don and *Carolyn Asbell (10+) +Carol Ashmore (10+) Asian Pacific Alliance Educational Foundation, Inc. (7) *Daniel W. Atkins (10+) *Mr. and *Mrs. Richard R. Atkins (10+) Atmos Energy Corporation (10+) *+Mrs. Nancy Aubel (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Averett, Sr. (10+) D. Hal Averett Contractors (9) *May Awad (8) B & B Beverage Company (10+) B. Merrell’s (10+) *Mr. and *Mrs. Bruce L. Bacon (6) *Gene Baggett (8) (+)Earl G. and *Jane Bagley (10+) +Vera Bailes (10+) Mr. George E. Bailey (10+) *Jonathan E. Bain (5) Ann Baker (5) Dr. and Mrs. Champ L. Baker, Jr. (10+)

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Baker, Jr. (6) Mr. and *Mrs. Jim Baker (10+) *Bruce E. Baldwin (5) +Julie Ballenger (8) Fulvio Balsamo (8) +Erma Davis Banks (8) *Stephen and *Janet Barber (5) *Don Barefoot (6) *Melvina M. Barnes (8) *Zelma J. Barnes (10+) *John O. III and *Kerry H. Barwick (10+) *David and Debbie Bass (10+) Basset and Becker Advertising (10+) *Dorothy Brown Batastini (10+) *(+)Peggy and Charles Batastini (10+) *Robin A. Batastini (10+) *Larry N. J. Batiste (10+) *Jacqueline R. Batterson (10+) (+)June Battiato (5) *Butch Beach (7) Mr. and Mrs. Leon Belk (6) Mrs. W. Dean Bell (5) BellSouth (10+) Donald and *+Cynthia Benator (10+) *Bruce and *Denise Bennett (7) *Clifton T. Bennett (5) +Peggy Bennett (5) *Mr. and *Mrs. Robert S. Benson (7) *Dr. and Mrs. Leo C. Berard (8)

Dr. and *Mrs. Morton P. Berenson (10+) *Susan Turner Berry (10+) Berry, Shelnutt, Day and Hoffman, P.C. (7) Diana and *Bob Best (7) Mr. and *Mrs. Oscar L. Betts (10+) *Bhagyavati (5) *Frank and Becky Bickerstaff (10+) *Margie Bickerstaff (9) Richard H. Bickerstaff, Sr. (9) *Mr. and Mrs. Walker R. Bickerstaff, Sr. (5) Mr. and Mrs. James J. W. Biggers, Jr. (8) +Anne Marie Bills (5) +William and Faith Birkhead (10+) *Richard Bishop (7) +Mrs. Jean Bittinger (8) Mr. and Mrs. Tom B. Black (10+) (+)Mary V. Blackmon (9) Mr. and Mrs. Wilson W. Blackmon (10+) *Mike and *Diane Blackwell (9) Mr. and Mrs. James H. Blanchard (10+) *Charlotte Ann L. Bland (10+) *Paula J. Blankenship (9) *Mary I. Blanton (8) *William D. Block (10+) *Ms. Sharon Bodnar (10+) The Book House (5) (+)Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Booth (5) Booth Storage Trailers, Inc. (6) Boral Bricks (7)



*M. Diane Boss (7) +Ed Bosworth (5) *Lisa Bourdon (6) *Jean E. Bouts (10+) *Orlene K. Bovaird (10+) Joe and Becky Bowers (10+) Mrs. Lloyd G. Bowers, Jr. (10+) *+Janis Bowles (5) Pat and Royce Bowles (6) *Betty C. Boys (10+) Bradley-Turner Foundation, Inc. (7) *Chuck and *Carol Bradshaw (10+) Mr. and *Mrs. John G. Branchcomb (7) *Sherida C. Brannan (10+) *+Doug and *Toni Branson (6) +Mr. Derek Brantley (9) *Deborah L. Braun (10+) +James and Rinda Brewbaker (10+) +Connie Brewer (9) F. Stevenson Brice (10+) *Danny Bridges (10+) *Timothy J. Bridges (6) Dr. Harry Brill (10+) Ray Brinegar, Jr., Builder (Brinegar, Inc.) (8) *+Sherry A. Brinson (10+) *Betty R. Britto (10+) Mrs. Donald F. Broda (6) Dr. and Mrs. James Brooks (7) *Lane and +Anna Brooks (10+) *LaQuita A. Brooks (10+) *+Sam and +Patti Brooks (10+) *David H. Broom (5) *John and *Stacey Broom (10+) *Bronwin Seth Brown (5) Mr. and +Mrs. Joe Brown (7) +Frank and Jo Ann Brown (10+) +Janet T. Brown (10+) Jerry and *+Lougene Brown (10+) *Roy Brown (7) *Tammy A. Brown (6) Bruce Tile Company (10+) *Rose Marie Bruner (10+)

*Alan P. Bruni (10+) +Pat Bryant (10+) Tom and Susan Buck (9) Thomas B. Buck, Jr. (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Bullard (10+) *Jim and *Nancy Buntin (10+) *Mr. and Mrs. Wade M. Burford (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Bill Burgin (8) *Jacqueline J. Burkes (10+) *Ronald E. Burkhart (7) *Joan Burks (10+) *March M. Burnette (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Otis B. Burnham (10+) Max and Ann Burr (6) *Jennifer Burrus (10+) *Steve and *Joyce Burts (6) Business Leasing Services (7) Gary and +Tina Butcher (7) *LTC (Ret.) Roger W. Buterbaugh (8) James E. Butler, Jr. (7) *Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Butler (10+) *Susan C. Butler (8) C. C. and Sarah T. Butler Foundation (10+) Bytewise Development Corp. (7) Cabinet Supply, Inc. (8) *(+)Jeanette F. Cable (9) Ronnie and +Carolyn Caldwell (6) Helen and Dennis Calhoun (9) Rusty Callaway (6) *Dorothy Sherling Camerio (9) *Robbie J. Cameron (6) *+Wanda Campbell (10+) *Mr. and Mrs. Mick Cannie (10+) Capital Pest Control Co., Inc. (8) Capitol Materials, Inc. (9) Albert and *(+)Bettye Caproni (8) *Thomas G. and *Debbie Carberry (10+) Mr. and *Mrs. R. Larry Cardin (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Carles (7) *+Kathy Carlisle (10+) Carmike Cinemas, Inc. (10+) +Dr. Fonda Carter (10+)

Mr. and (+)Mrs. John D. Cartledge (10+) *Jean S. Cassell (10+) *Cary W. Castellaw (10+) *Dr. William F. Catrett (10+) *+Dr. Virginia Causey (6) +LTG (Ret.) and Mrs. Carmen J. Cavezza (10+) Robert T. and *Joanne S. Cavis (10+) CB&T (10+) Richard and *Alice Cellino (6) *Elaine W. Chambless (6) +Rebecca A. Champion (7) *Mei Oi Chan (8) Chancellor’s (10+) *+James and +Patty Chappel (10+) *Terry W. Chappell (8) +Dr. William Chappell (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Cecil M. Cheves (8) *+Phyllis Chisholm (10+) *Colleen Chorak (10+) +Warren B. Church (7) *Connie S. Clark (5) *+Phillip B. Clark, Jr. (8) *Rebecca L. Clark (10+) *+Mr. Steve Clark and *Dr. Tracy Xian (10+) *Dena A. Clarke (10+) (+)Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Clements, Jr. (10+) Clint’s Furniture Galleries (6) *Charles P. Clippinger (10+) Kriss and Lisa Cloninger (5) *James and *Brenda Cloud (9) Coachcraft by MacDonald (6) (+)Patricio Cobos (10+) Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Cochran, Jr. (8) Judge and Mrs. Aaron Cohn (10+) Bonnie and Leslie Cohn (10+) +Professor Earl Coleman (5) Colonial Bank (9) Columbus Artist’s Guild (10+) Columbus Cabinet Company (6)

Columbus Engine Center (6) Columbus Fire and Safety Equip. Co., Inc. (8) Columbus Foundry, L.P. (5) Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (10+) Columbus Regional Healthcare System Inc. (10+) Columbus Tractor and Machinery Co. (6) Columbus Wilbert Vault Co. (6) *Ellen G. Conger (10+) Contract Hardware and Specialty Co. (6) +Dr. J. Alyce Cook (10+) Mr. and *+Mrs. David Cooper (10+) *Jamie Ray Cooper (6) *Jimmy and Janet Coppage (10+) *Kenneth M. and *Peggy H. Corley (10+) Lovick P. and Elizabeth T. Corn Foundation (10+) *Brian T. Cornett (10+) Mrs. Marion R. Cornwell (5) Cott Concentrates, a Div. of Cott Beverages Inc. (6) *Tammy J. Coty (10+) Country’s Barbecue, Inc. (9) *Gabriel and Sandra Couroux (10+) *James E. Craft (10+) *+Rick Cravens (10+) *John William Crawford (9) *COL Barry P. Creed (7) Jackson and *Carole Crowder (10+) +Wanda Crowe (10+) The Crowley Foundation Inc. (10+) +Shawn and *Daria Cruzen (9) *Stephen J. Cullen (7) *Joe L. Culver (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Cumiskey (7) Martha K. Cunningham (10+) *Bettie W. Currin (6) Mr. and *Mrs. John A. Dalelio (10+) Mr. and Mrs. James M. Daniel (10+) (+)Martha C. Daniel (10+) Pat D. Daniel (6)

+Beth and Barry Dunn (5) *Frederick and *Jean Dyer (10+) Brent Eaton (6) *Jack J. Edwards (10+) +Bill Edwards (10+) *Major (Ret.) and Mrs. Joe Ellis, Jr. (10+) *Mr. and Mrs. Jason Elrod (8) *William R. and *Denise E. Elwood (10+) (+)Dr. and Mrs. Olice H. Embry, Jr. (10+) *John W. and *Susan E. Emerson (10+) Ensminger Crane Service, Inc. (10+) Environmental Fund for Georgia (7) *George and Elizabeth Epps (9) *Mr. and Mrs. Thad Estes (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Etheridge III (10+) *Eleanor E. Eubanks (10+) +Jimmy R. Evans (7) *Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Evans, Jr. (7) Suzanne M. Evans (7) Mrs. Ruth Evert (5) *Rhonda Harrison Eysel (5) COL (Ret.) and Mrs. C. S. Fabrigar (8) Fairbanks Motors, Inc. (6) Famous Brand Uniforms, Inc. (9) *Steve and *Cindy Farley (9) *Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Farmer (10+) *Wanda C. Farr (10+) *Catheryne J. Farris (10+) *Tim Farris and Bev Larson (9) *Mr. and *Mrs. John J. Fatum (5) +Mrs. Cynthia F. Fears (10+) Mrs. Marion C. Feighner (10+) *Joyce and Herbert Fingerhut (5) +Claire Fischer (5) *Marilyn Joyce Flatt (5) (+)Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fleck, Jr. (10+) *Marcia L. Flo (7) *Major (Ret.) Gary M. Florence (10+) Flournoy and Calhoun Realtors (7) Flowers-Lewis and Associates (8) *Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Floyd, Jr. (10+) *Mr. and Mrs. Edwin T. Floyd (10+)

Mrs. Frank D. Foley, Jr. (9) *Lavonda W. Forbes (10+) +Roberta Chodacki Ford (6) *Le Ann T. Fort (9) Mr. and Mrs. D. Clyde Fountain (9) *Ms. Finn Holt Fountain (9) Fountain City Realty (5) Four G’s Charitable Trust (10+) Four Points Sheraton Columbus Airport (6) +Mariah Fowler (10+) Fowler’s Alignment and Brake Service, Inc. (7) (+)Dianne J. Fredrick (10+) *Jay and *Lynn D. Freeman (10+) *Thomas L., Jr. and Rose F. French (10+) +Kenneth J. Frerichs (5) (+)Lenemaja Friedman (7) *Ann H. Fuller (5) John and Mallory Fuller (6) *L. Allen Fuller III (10+) Funderburk, Day and Lane (9) Fred and *+Cathy Fussell (5) *Donna S. Galbreath (7)

Robert F. and *Mary Jane Galer (10+) *Timothy M. and *Robin H. Gallops (10+) Gus and Anna M. Garcia (10+) *Barry J. and *Gloria M. Gardner (6) *Michael and Sarah Gardner (7) Cindy and *+Spencer Garrard (8) Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner W. Garrard, Jr. (10+) Lenora Jordan Garrard Charitable Trust (8) *A. Jeff Garrett, Jr. (5) *George and *Peggy Gastright (6) Carolyn and *Tom Gates (5) James E. and *Sally Q. Gates (7) *Jason and *Amy Gaylor (8) Mr. and Mrs. F. Michael Gaymon (10+) General Mills Foundation (9) Georgia Baptist Foundation (6) *Frederick L. Ghent (6) Mr. and Mrs. Earl K. Gibson (10+) +Gary S. and +Danna M. Gibson (5) (+)Dr. Gwen Gibson (10+) Kerry J. Gibson (10+) +Peggy Gibson (7) *Cissy Carles Giglio (6) Photo by Kay Ingram

*Shirley A. Daniel (5) Daniel Appliance Company (8) *Diane L. Daniels (7) +Michael and *Michelle Daniels (10+) Cecil Darby (8) *Shane B. and *Deanna L. Darrah (10+) *Dorn C. Davidson (9) Skip and Pattie Davidson (10+) *+Ms. Beverly M. Davis (10+) Charles and Geri Davis (6) *+Jimbo Davis (9) *Janet Wynell Davis (7) *Jody L. Davis (10+) *+Joy N. Davis (9) *Rebecca Colwell Davis (10+) *Cathy M. Day (5) Dr. and Mrs. John H. Deaton, Jr. (6) *Dr. William B. DeNamur (10+) *Allen and *Gretchen Denham (10+) Darahyl and Karen Dennis (5) *+Lowanda Dent-Johnson (5) *John L., Jr. and Kimberly Derhammer (6) *Margareta A. Devlin (9) +Manuel and +Betty Anne Diaz (10+) *Catherine E. Dinkins (8) Mrs. Jerry E. Dockery (10+) Doctors Hospital (10+) *Jon and *Lindi Dodds (6) +Dr. Tom Dolan (6) *Ronnie A. Dollar (10+) *Robert F. Donaldson III (5) Alice Gentry Douglas (6) *+Dorinda L. Dowis (9) Willie and *Brenda Dozier (10+) Dr. and Mrs. Augustus B. Dudley, Jr. (10+) *Phyllis M. Duke (9) *Brenda J. Duncan (10+) Doug and Sherry Duncan (6) (+)Frances M. Duncan (9) +Randy Duncan (5) +Sylvia E. Duncan (9) *Betty F. Dunlap (8)

Linda Hadley (MBA, ’80) and Greg Davis at recent CSU scholarship luncheon.


*Marion Danny Graddy (10+) *Garry and *Elizabeth Graham (5) *Julius Graham, Jr. (7) *Nancy Reagan Graham (7) +Marie Grandison (7) *Robbin M. Grantham (10+) *+Steven F. Graver (9) *Cynthia D. Graves (10+) *Mr. Horace C. Green and *Mrs. Deborah Green (8) *Thomas E. Green (8) Gail B. Greenblatt (10+) +Herbert and *Jan Greene (10+) Mr. John Greenman and Dr. Alice Budge (7) *Edward A. Greer (10+) *Ann A. Griffin (9) *Kathryn M. Griffin (5) Griffin, Newsome, and Railey Ins. Adj., Inc. (8) *Jim E. Griffis (6) +Reagan Grimsley (5) Wallace and *Marlene M. Griner (10+)

Photo by Kay Ingram


*Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gilbert (5) Rev. and *Mrs. Curtis D. Giles (10+) *Jim and Cheryl L. Gill (10+) +Dr. S. Lenoir Gillam (8) Clark and Barbara Gillett (9) *Dianne H. Gillis (10+) *Kayo Gilmore (6) (+)O. L. Gilstrap (7) Pam and Bob Gilstrap (6) *Harding B., Jr. and Carole A. Givens (8) *Patricia A. Glaser (10+) +James Glenn (10+) Glover-Auten Food Services (10+) *Ms. Amy C. Goins (6) *Charlie L. and *Cynthia G. Golden (10+) Mrs. Jo W. Golden (10+) +Joseph D. Golden (10+) Dr. and Mrs. Ken Goldman (8) *Layton T. Gordy (9) *Richard M. Gordy (5) Ben B. Gordy Construction Co., Inc. (7) +Dr. June S. Goyne (10+)

(L-R) Patty Pullen, Doug Pullen, George and Jo Jeter enjoy conversation at a CSU Capital Campaign event.

Susan Schley Gristina (6) Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred E. Gross, Jr. (8) Growing Room, Inc. (10+) Dr. Crow Gudger (8) Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Gullett (5) *Judy N. Gunter (8) *+Linda and Isaac Hadley (10+) *Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hall, Sr. (7) *Deborah A. Hall (5) +Dr. Martha C. Hall (6) *CDR Mary T. Hall (Ret.) (6) *Randall G. and *Katheryn Hall (10+) *Steve and *Mary Hall (10+) *Patricia E. Hallen (6) Hallie Turner Private School, Inc. (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flournoy Hamburger, Jr. (8) *Mr. and *Mrs. J. Ron Hamby (10+) Thelon A. and *Pat S. Hamby (10+) Wayne and Joy Hamilton (8) (+)William C. and *+Kathryn M. Hamilton (10+) *Kerry W. Hand (10+) (+)Sandra A. Hand (10+) *+Jon and *Susan Haney (5) *Judy and +Tom Hanley (10+) +Dr. Kristen Hansen (9) *Charles and Valorie Harbour (7) Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Hardaway III (5) Hardaway Foundation, Inc. (10+) Frances T. Hargrove (10+) John and Sis Hargrove (5) (+)Claudia Brooks Harman (10+) *Mr. and *Mrs. Michael A. Harnois (9) *Andrea S. Harper (10+) *Kevin Harrington (6) +Alvin Harris (10+) +Dr. Janice G. Harris (10+) Judye and Morton Harris (8) *Roy J. Harris (5) *Sandra W. Harris (6) (+)Thomas E. Harrison (7)

*Wanda Collins Harshbarger (6) *Sam D. Hart, Sr. (6) *Jean M. Hartin (10+) *+Julie Hartmann (6) *Darrell Wayne Harvey (5) *Joyce P. Harvey (10+) +H.M. Hassani (10+) +Camille A. Hassenplug (10+) Mr. and Mrs. J. Madden Hatcher, Jr. (5) Mr. and Mrs. J. Madden Hatcher III (6) +Roger B. Hatcher (5) *Sherree G. Hatcher (6) *David and *+Amanda Hawkins (10+) *David and *Marguerite Hay (7) *Alfred J. Hayes, Jr. (10+) +LaWanna D. Hayes (6) Walter and *Elizabeth Haywood (10+) *Louis A. and *Michele M. Hazouri (10+) Dr. Elizabeth D. Heard (9) Mr. and Mrs. William T. Heard, Jr. (8) Mrs. Peggy Hecht (8) Richard A. Hecht (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hecht (7) Hecht Burdeshaw Architects Inc. (8) *Abigail Helms (5) Dr. and Mrs. Mike A. Helms (9) +Tom and Laura Helton (6) Drs. +Harlan and *+Mary Beth Hendricks (8) *Dennis and *Carol Hendrix (10+) *Clayton and *Peggy Henry (9) *Sandra and *Bill Henry (10+) *J. Dale and *Helen C. Hester (5) Roger and Cheryl Hewitt (8) *Steve and *Maridonna Hicks (10+) +Joyce Hickson (10+) *Cynthia D. Hightower (5) *Barlow G. Hill (9) *Kathy Hill (10+) *Sharon E. Hilliard (8) *Laurie Anne Hinote (5) *Miranda R. Hodge (5)

Del and *Lynn Hodges (7) +Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hoft, Jr. (6) +Dr. Patrick Hogan (5) Kathleen and Christopher Hohlstein, through the Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley (5) Holbrook Service Co., Inc. (6) +Mrs. Joan Holder (7) Joan Mize Holder (7) Holiday Inn Airport (7) *Walter and *Georgenia Holliday (10+) Estate of Janet B. Hollis (7) +Dr. Rhonda K. Hollis (8) Hollis Foundation Inc. (10+) *Catherine Holmes (5) *Charles M. and *+Elizabeth D. Holmes (9) *Hilde Holmes (10+) *+Maria Haines Holmes (10+) Robbie Keith Holt (5) *Harvey R. Holter (10+) *Me Hee Hong (5) Edgar B. Horn, M.D. (9) Edna Hough (10+) +Barbara Howard (10+) *Eva B. Howard (10+) Grady E. Howard (10+) *Faye M. Hubbard (6) Dr. and Mrs. George B. Hubbard, Jr. (8) *Gail Hudson (6) *Mark W. and *Rashmi J. Hudson (9) Mrs. Mary W. Hudson (5) *Mike and *Janice Hudson (7) Patty and Rick Hudson (6) *Ms. Sylvia Y. Huggins (7) *Mark S. Hughes (5) Hughston Orthopedic Hospital (8) Human Performance and Rehabilitation Centers, Inc. (8) Humphreys Associates (5) +Dr. Barbara J. Hunt (10+) Hutchinson-Traylor (9) *Fred T. Hyder (10+)

John Illges III (6) *+Mark and Tracy Immelman (5) Industrial Metal Fabricators (10+) +Dr. Rhea Ingram (5) +Eugen J. Ionascu (7) *+Dr. Teresa S. and James M. Irvin (10+) *Christopher C. Irwin (10+) *+Evan Isaacs (5) (+)Jo Ann H. Ivey (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Clarence H. Jackson (10+) Dora E. Jackson (10+) +Floyd Jackson (9) Mrs. Harry C. Jackson (6) Helen L. and Harry C. Jackson Foundation, Inc. (10+) +Dr. Deborah T. Jacobs (8) Mary Ellen Allred Jacques (8) +Brenda Jakes (6) *Kerry James (8) *Jacqueline S. Jameson (9) +Patty Jamieson (10+) Michael Jarvis Flowers and Gifts (8) *Jerry A. Jenkins (5) *+Kay Jenkins (10+) George Jeter (8) Joe-Ryan Enterprises, Inc. (9) Johnny’s Hot Dogs (7) +Angela Johnson (10+) *Freeman D. and *Adrie F. Buckner- Johnson (5) Philip J. Johnson (10+) Shirley and (+)Bill Johnson (10+) *Carol A. Jones (10+) +Charlie L. Jones (9) *David A. Jones (10+) *Jan Z. Jones (5) Mrs. Kathy Jones (7) *+Laurie S. Jones (9) *Mary N. Jones (7) *Randy and *Pat Jones (10+) *Robby and Kim Jones (8) W. Herbert and Miranda S. Jones (10+)

*Wanda S. Jones (10+) D. P. Jones Electrical Co. (8) *LTC (Ret.) Edward Jordan (5) Mrs. G. Gunby Jordan II (10+) *Liz Jordan (10+) *Pat and Dexter Jordan (6) (+)Dr. Thornton F. Jordan (10+) The Jordan Foundation, Inc. (8) Joseph House Gallery Cooperative (5) *Joel Judah (7) *Jerry L. and *Sara M. Juneau (10+) +Jeffrey D. Kaller and +Birgit Kristina Reuterberg (5) +Larry and *Rhonda Kees (10+) *Kelsey L. and *Barbara B. Kennon (10+) Kennon, Parker, Duncan and Key (10+) Jean and Jerry Kent (10+) Char and Allen Kerr (9) *Kristina P. Keske (7) +Ronald C. Kettering (10+) *+Pamela K. Ketterlinus (7) *Jack B. Key III (8) Mr. and Mrs. James W. Key (10+) Franny and Paul Kilpatrick (10+) *+Jay and Patsy Kimbrough (10+) +M.F. Kinavey (10+) *Anne R. and Tom W. King (7) *J. Thomas, Jr. and *Marie D. King (10+) Rebecca H. King (7) Ronald and Judy King (6) Mr. and Mrs. John R. Kinnett, Jr. (10+) *Ruth H. Kiralfy (10+) *Carl T., Jr. and Vicki C. Kirkland (10+) *Carl T. Kirkland, Sr. (10+) *Lonnie Kirkland (10+) *Dot and *Wallace Kite (7) Kite Sheet Metal (7) Mr. and Mrs. Nelson A. Kittle (9) Dr. and *Mrs. Ronald D. Klein (10+) +Janet Knight (8) J.T. Knight Scrap Metal, Inc. (7) *David H. and *Susan J. Knopf (8)

*Margaret Komendantov (6) Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Koon (10+) *Donnie W. Koon (10+) +Paulina O. Kuforiji (7) *Tina Terry Kuykendall (10+) F. Clason Kyle (10+) *+Ray Lakes (10+) *Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lamb (6) Peter and Sandy Lampert (8) Lance - Tom’s Snacks (10+) (+)Dr. Arthur J. Land (10+) Land, Inc. (6) Hugh B. Landrum (10+) Blake and *Debbie Lane (7) *Stephen W. and *Rebecca S. Langford (10+) Dr. Leon Lapides (10+) +Mrs. Dana Schraufnagel Larkin (8) John and +Kayron Laska (10+) *Phillip G. Latimer, CPA (10+) *+Antonio R. Lawson (8) *+Beverly F. Lean (10+) *Curtis Lee (10+) *Randy Lee (5) *Dr. Thomas E. Lee (6) Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Leebern III (6) Dr. and Mrs. Darcy R. Leerssen (9) Robert and (+)Beverly Lemons (10+) *A. Elizabeth Leonard (10+) *+John C. Lester (5) *Alfred Carter Leverette, Jr. (5) Margaret and David Lewis (10+) *Rose Marie Lewis (10+) (+)Elaine Ligon (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Link (10+) *Phillip J. Linn (10+) *Major (Ret.) Harry C. Linsenbigler, Jr. (10+) Bruce A. Livengood (10+) *June C. Livesey (10+) *Elaine Livingston (10+) *+Queen W. Locke (10+) Lockheed Martin (8)



Mrs. Robert L. Loflin (10+) +Diana Lomarcan (10+) +Richard P. Long (9) *Mr. and *Mrs. Galen D. Loofbourrow (6) Dr. and Mrs. James Lopez (8) *James F. and *Mary B. Loudermilk (10+) *+Dr. Thomas P. Loughman and Mrs. Joan Loughman (10+) *Phillip D. and *Kay Gaines Love (9) *+Susan Lovell (8) *Janis N. Lowe (10+) *Sherry W. Lowery (8) *Peggy Luker (5) Mr. and *Mrs. Frank G. Lumpkin III (5) *Hon. Julia Willcox Lumpkin (8) *Ralph L. Lumpkin (10+) (+)John S. Lupold (10+) *Jerry and *Joyce Luquire (6) Nola Luytk (10+) Lynn Haven Wildlife Garden Club (8) MAACO Auto Painting and Bodyworks (7) Ronald M. Mack (10+) Bob and *Jane Madayag (10+) *Marilyn B. Magoni (10+) *Jean M. Mahaffey (10+) +W. J. Mallett (6) Malone Office Equipment Co. (9) Management Recruiters of Columbus, Inc. (10+) Lucy Mangham (10+) +Michael Mangum (9) *Dom and *Hildagine Manio (10+) *(+)Sara W. Manis (8) T. Ronnie Mann (10+) Dr. and Mrs. Michael Marcades (5) *Mr. and *+Mrs. Raymond Marino (10+) *+Lon D. and *Lynda M. Marlowe (10+) *Debra J. Marple (10+) *Jeanette Marshall (10+) +Loretta Marshall (10+) +Dr. Andree Martin and +Dr. Paul Vaillancourt (5)

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Martin II (10+) *Kathleen A. Martin (9) *Carolyn C. Massey (6) *Richard S. Mathena (8) *Ella L. Mathis (8) *Mary B. Matthews (10+) *June Craig Mauldin (6) +Sharon May (6) +Brenda May Ito (9) *+Suzanne Maynard (10+) Bemon G. McBride (10+) *J. Marvin and Susan H. McBride (7) *Connie F. Tolbert McClinton (6) Mrs. Dorothy W. McClure (10+) *Mark S. McCollum (6) McCorlew Realty Co., Inc. (9) Mr. and Mrs. W. Fray McCormick (6) +Dr. and +Mrs. Neal R. McCrillis (8) Ms. Sybil McCullen and *Mr. Hal Pope (5) Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McDaniel, Jr. (7) *Tami W. McDonald (5) +Callie B. McGinnis (10+) *Tana M. McHale (10+) *Regina Chester McHenry (9) Allen and +Donna McKenzie (10+) *William R. McKenzie (10+) *Jimmy L. and *Katherine W. McKinstry (10+) Dr. and Mrs. Dwight O. McLaurin (8) *Roy L. and *Denese G. McLeod (10+) McMath Turner Construction Co. (10+) W. Richard McMichael (5) *Dell McMullen (10+) +Betty J. McNeal (10+) (+)Mrs. Tena F. McQueen (10+) Dr. and Mrs. Sylvester McRae (7) MeadWestvaco Corporation (10+) Media, Marketing and More, Inc. (9) Almeda and Joe Medlin (10+) +Mike and *Nancy Medlock (5) Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Melton (8) Members Alliance Federal Credit Union (6)

Merrill Lynch (10+) *COL Lyle R. Metzler (7) *Ralph E. Meyer, Jr. (10+) *Danny G. and *Teresa Milam (10+) *Elmer C. Miller (10+) Fred and Louise Miller (6) *James E. Miller (10+) *Karen A. Miller (9) *Patrick W. Miller (5) Mr. and Mrs. R. Duke Miller (7) *Walter and *Polly Miller (10+) Lois E. and R. Duke Miller Family Foundation, Inc. (6) W. Thomas Miller, Jr., CPA (9) J. Marvin Mills Heating and Air, Inc. (5) (+)Mario R. Mion (10+) Pat and *Sheree Mitchell (6) *Joseph and *Susan Mixon (6) Mr. and Mrs. Carter Mize (7) Mr. and Mrs. Larry H. Mize (7) (+)Dr. and Mrs. William L. Mock (10+) *June Money (8) *Frank and *Debbie Deal Moody (10+) Mr. and Mrs. A. Ben Moon, Jr. (10+) Moon, Meeks, Mason, and Vinson (10+) +Debraoh Moore (7) *Myra Moore (8) *+Dr. Nancy Moore and Mr. John Moore (7) *Rod C. Moore, BA, CRNA (6) *Larry D. Moores (9) +Karen Morris (10+) *Jeff and *Fran Morton (10+) *Mr. and Mrs. Lucius D. Morton (10+) *Gary K. Moseley (10+) *Laurence K. Mosely (10+) *Mittie C. Moss (10+) *Jimmy and *Barbara Motos (7) *LTC (Ret.) Richard A. Munn, Jr. (10+) +Greg Muraski (9) *Margaret M. Murray (10+) (+)John S. Murzyn (10+) *Dena Musil (6)

(+)John B. Myers (10+) *+W. Todd Myrick (7) *Peter and +Sherri Nagamatsu (5) *Mary N. Nail (10+) NAPM of Chattahoochee Valley, Inc. (8) *Steve and Anne Neal (9) *Rev. William T. Neal III (5) *Steve Nelson (9) New Life Tanning Centers (6) *Laura R. Nichols (7) Mr. and Mrs. Brown Nicholson, Jr. (6) +Scott Norman (9) *Lev and *Jean Norman (7) *+Joy G. Norman (5) Mrs. Francis A. Norman (10+) Mrs. J. Edward Norris, Jr. (6) +Dr. and Mrs. Terry D. Norris (10+) North Columbus Pharmacy (9) *+Sheri L. Noviello (10+) *Kim Nunley (5) +Lisa Oberlander and Amy Griffiths (8) Kelly Lynne Oen (5) Mr. and *Mrs. Mark T. Oestmann (5) *Elizabeth and Mike Ogie (6) *(+)Daniel B. Olds (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Olnick (10+) *Gregory C. Olvera (9) Omega Financial, Inc. (9) *Ademola A. Orekoya (6) *Allen and *Dianne O’Shields (10+) *Carol S. Pace (6) *+Brian and *+Kim Padgett (10+) Don and Brenda Padgett (5) Mr. and Mrs. John Page (9) Page, Scrantom, Sprouse, Tucker, and Ford, PC (6) +Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pallotta (8) +Brad and *Amy Palmer (5) Denise and *Allen Parham (6) *M. Ann Parham (8) *Richard and *Teresa Paris (10+) Dan and Teri Parker (10+)

James and *(+)Frances Parker (10+) Part IV, Inc. (5) Jimmy Partin (5) +Dr. Alice Pate (9) Dr. and Mrs. Bipin Patel (6) Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Patrick (10+) *+Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Pattillo (10+) Dr. and *Mrs. Robert M. Patton (10+) *Rock Payne (10+) Payne’s Worldwide Ins. Co. (7) +Terry and +Peggy Payton (10+) Peachtree Mall (6) +Mike and Dana Peacock (10+) *Roger and Judy Pearce (10+) *John B. and *Sandra N. Pearman (8) Cherry and Bunky Pease (10+) *Mr. and *Mrs. J. Donald Peek (10+) *Howard L. Pendleton (10+) Merryll S. Penson (10+) *Susan K. Perkins (5) *+Joseph H. Perry (10+) *Ken and Lyn Peurifoy (10+) *Connie S. Philips (6) *Dan and *Helen Phillips (10+) +Dianne Phillips (9) *Lynne T. Phillips (10+) *Miss Michele Phillips (7) R. Larry Phillips Construction Co. (10+) *Amanda Blair Pierce (5) Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Pierson, Jr. (10+) Mr. and *+Dr. Wynn W. Pitts (8) (+)Mary Sue Polleys (7) Pope Johnson Video Productions (10+) Pope, McGlamry, Kilpatrick, Morrison and Norwood LLP (8) *Anne B. Porter (10+) *Lance L. Posey (10+) Barbara Swift Pound (10+) *Murphey Pound (5) Gerard and *Kellie Powell (10+) Ronita S. Powell (5) *Lamar and Ruth Ann Powers (10+)

Stacy and Bob Poydasheff (10+) *Gregory K. and *Kelly F. Pridgen (9) Publix Super Markets Charities (9) *Hon. Evelyn Turner Pugh (10+) *Thelma Purdie (10+) +Mack Ragan (7) (+)Charles F. and *Beverly W. Ragsdale (7) +Archie and Betty Rainey (10+) Mr. and *Mrs. Alan C. Ramsay, Jr. (7) Ralph and *Deborah Randall (7) Mr. and Mrs. T. Samuel Rawls, Jr. (5) *Bill and *Nancy Reaves (10+) Reaves Wrecking Company, Inc. (10+) *Elizabeth S. Redden (10+) *+Brandi L. Redmond (7) *John and +Patricia Redmond (10+) *Carolyn C. Reese (10+) *Mary Nell Reeves (7) Regions Bank (10+) *Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Register (10+) *Mike and *(+)Geri Regnier (10+) Charles and *+Linda Reynolds (10+) Walter Alan Richards Foundation (10+) *+Silva W. Richmond (7) COL (Ret.) Jake Riley (10+) +Rita Riley (8) Drs. *Julian and +Rochelle Ripple (10+) *+Steven Roach (5) Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Robbins (7) +Dr. Ellen Roberts (8) *Elizabeth Sparrow Robertson (5) *Mr. and +Mrs. Andrew L. Robinson (7) Robinson, Grimes and Company (9) *LTC (Ret.) Bobby and *COL Susan Rocha (10+) *Richard and Elizabeth Rocha (6) +Carolyn M. Rockeymore (7) (+)Dr. and Mrs. Hugh I. Rodgers (10+) *Jack and Barbara Rodgers (6) *(+)John W. Rogers, Jr. (9) *+Neal L. Rogers (9) *Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Rogers (10+)

*+Carlos Romero (10+) Maureen V. Rosenbaum (10+) Cindy and +Dan Ross (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Alan F. Rothschild, Jr. (7) *Babette M. Rothschild (10+) Eva Rothschild (5) David Rothschild Co., Inc. (10+) *Cindy M. Rowe (5) *Evelyn O. Rowe (9) Royal Cafe (9) *W. Frank Royston (10+) Mr. and *+Mrs. Mark Rozycki (5) +Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Rumbelow (10+) *+Chris Russell (7) *(+)Dr. Carole Rutland (6) The RWR Foundation Inc. (5) *Cindy S. Saines (10+) *Lynn Enza Grant Salgado (5) *Sandra L. Saling (10+) Ms. Marnie Salter (9) *Zeila and Ronnie Salter (10+) The Sample Shop (6) Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Sanda (6)

Nancy (BA, ’93) and Bill Reaves (AS, ’66) .

*Mrs. Larry S. Sanders (7) Sandman Waste Management, Inc. (9) (+)Marilyn and Melvin Satlof (10+) *Ben and *Suzanne Saunders (5) Linda and *Mike Sawyer (7) Otis and Sandy Scarborough (7) Mr. and Mrs. Claude G. Scarbrough III (9) Mr. and *Mrs. William P. Scarbrough (10+) +Edwin E. Schevey (10+) Maxine R. Schiffman (10+) +Mary Schild (10+) Mrs. Mary W. Schley, M.D. (10+) +Mark Schmidt (7) C. Schomburg and Son (6) +Lee Schorr (9) Marvin and Ruth Schuster (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Schuster (10+) Schuster Enterprises, Inc. (10+) +Dr. David Schwimmer (8) Schwob Family Foundation, Inc. (10+) Linda D. Scorgie (7) Mr. and Mrs. Bill Scrantom (10+) *Carolyn P. Searcy (9)


*Arthur L. and *Sue M. Smith (10+) +Mrs. Celia R. Smith (9) *Eugene Smith (8) *Freddie W. Smith (7) *Ginger W. Smith (8) +Mr. and +Mrs. James L. Smith, Jr. (7) Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Smith (10+) *Jerry M. Smith (10+) Dr. Luther J. Smith II (8) *Marianne T. Smith (7) *Paula A. Smith (7) +Randy E. Smith (9) *Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Smith (7) Sydney S. Smith (10+) *Vance C. Smith III (6) Smith-Raymond Company, Inc. (8) Grady and *+Rita Snell (7) *+Dr. Robin Snipes (10+) +Gene Dry Snyder (10+) Mr. and *Mrs. Thomas S. Snyder (5) *George W. and +Glenda N. Sommerfield (10+) Southern Employment Services (10+) Photo by Kay Ingram


Mrs. C. Alex Sears, Jr. (10+) Claud A. Sears Foundation (10+) Mr. and Mrs. John E. Sebastian (5) *+Lashon R. Sellers (5) Len and Glenda Sexton (10+) +Maurice Shalishali (5) George Shannon, M.D. (7) *Charles and +Gina Sheeks (6) Sheffield Automotive (6) Mr. and Mrs. John McKay Sheftall (7) *Agnes A. Shelton (10+) *Cornelius B. Sheppard, Sr. (10+) *Mr. and *Mrs. John A. Shinkle (10+) +Jacqueline Shipp (10+) *Evelyn S. Shumate (10+) Elaine and Leon Siegel (10+) *John E. Sievers (5) Jim and Janice Sigmund (10+) *+Paula and +Robert Simko (7) Mr. and *Mrs. Guy Sims (5) *Joseph D. Skinner, Jr. (8) Dr. George B. Skipworth (10+) *Janice M. Slone (7)

Olivia and Billy Blanchard participate in Capital Campaign ‘thank-you’ event.

*Beverly A. Sparkmon (10+) +Jay and Cindy Sparks (10+) +Sue T. Sparks (10+) *Amy S. Spear (5) Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Speed, Sr. (6) *+Michael Speight (9) Mrs. Sam Spence (6) Mr. and Mrs. J. Kyle Spencer (10+) *Phillip Mark Spencer (9) Jim and *Allena Sperry (9) *James P. and *Jane P. Spettel (10+) Sprinkler Contractors (8) St. Francis Hospital (10+) StaffingSolutions (7) +Debbie Standridge (10+) *Elizabeth W. Stanton (6) Susan and +George Stanton (10+) Dr. Franklin J. Star and *Mrs. Barbara Star (10+) M. Foster State Farm Insurance (10+) *Charlotte A. Saunders Steelmon (5) +James Stewart (8) *Dr. Thomas and *Jo Anna Stewart (10+) *Tom and Karen Stewart (10+) +Dr. Glenn D. Stokes (10+) Storage Columbus (6) *+Dr. Sandra Stratford (10+) Striffler-Hamby Mortuary, Inc. (8) +Dr. John D. Studstill and +Dr. Florence Wakako Studstill (6) *Nathan Suber (7) *Carla L. Sumner (10+) Jim and *Janet Sussenbach (7) Mr. and Mrs. Clifford J. Swift III (7) Henry and Jeanne Swift (9) *Virginia A. Swift (7) Swift-Illges Foundation, Inc. (9) Mr. and *Mrs. Stan Swinehart (10+) *Bruce and *Margaret Swisshelm (10+) Synovus Foundation, Inc. (CB&T, TSYS, Synovus) (10+) (+)Betty Tapley (10+)

*Karen W. Taunton (5) *F. Steve Taylor (7) *Major (Ret.) Robert James Taylor (10+) Mrs. T. Earl Taylor, Jr. (5) *+Tessie Taylor (5) Ty and *Twila Taylor (6) *+Mr. and +Mrs. J. Rick Tew (10+) *Carroll Thacker, Jr. (8) John and Pam Thayer (5) *Charles E. Thigpen, Jr. (5) Dillon M. Thomas, Jr. (5) *Gloria S. Thomas (10+) *Mike Thomas (5) +Rebecca V. Thomas (9) *Mr. and *Mrs. Ronald L. Thomas, Jr. (10+) *Sandra C. Thomas (6) Dillon M. Thomas Ins. Agency (6) *Jeffrey Charles Thompson (6) *Kathleen Thompson (10+) *(+)Sarah Lois Thompson (9) +Neal and *Heather Thomson (10+) *Donna E. Thornell (10+) Thorpe Wholesale Cars (9) TIC Federal Credit Union (10+) *Todd J. and *Donna S. Tilton (10+) Jack and *Jeraldine Tinkler (7) Tire Pro, Inc. (8) *Mac and +Loave Todd (10+) +Tiffany Tootle (7) *Mrs. Terri Townsend (7) *Kathleen Tracy (10+) Steve and *Wendy J. Travis (5) Triangle Wholesalers, Inc. (7) Mr. and Mrs. Rupert A. Triplitt (10+) *Mr. and Mrs. Rupert A. Triplitt, Jr. (8) *Preston Trussell (5) Lois and *Mike Tryon (10+) TSYS (10+) +Dr. Renjin Tu and +Dr. Quan Zheng (10+) *Melissa Loudermilk Tucker (10+) Mr. and Mrs. D. Abbott Turner II (5)

Hooper and Adele Turner (6) Mr. and Mrs. John T. Turner (6) *Mr. and Mrs. William B. Turner, Jr. (10+) Mr. and Mrs. William B. Turner, Sr. (8) W.B. and Sue T. Turner Foundation (10+) *Mr. G. Bradley Twyford III (9) +Donald G. and +Janice E. Tyner (8) *Carlos E. Urrutia (10+) *Rick and *Jan Ussery (10+) *Teddie and *Mike Ussery (5) *Dr. and Mrs. H. Randolph Valdez (6) Mrs. Betty S. Van Cleave (10+) Drs. (+)Paul and *Carol Vander Gheynst (10+) *Elaine Vann (10+) *Thomas A. Veasey (8) Victory Real Estates, Inc. (6) Village Pawn and Tax Service (5) *Ray Vinson (9) Vista Craft, Inc. (9) Greg and *Donna Voynich (9) *Mr. and *Mrs. S. Scott Voynich (10+) Mr. and Mrs. Wright Brown Waddell (6) Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Waddell (5) Waddell Realty Company LLC (5) Dr. Thomas A. and Sherry F. Wade (10+) Mr. and Mrs. John W. Walden, Jr. (10+) Rankin Walden (7) *Robert L. Walden, Jr. (8) Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Walker (7) *Marsha D. Walker (10+) Mr. and +Mrs. Peter F. Walker (10+) +Robert J. Walker (5) (+)Linda Wallace (10+) +Carl F. and Linda A. Wallman (10+) *Margarete Walsh (10+) *William P. Walsh (9) *Lt. and Mrs. Terry A. Ward (6) Warr Grading Contractor, Inc. (6) +Calvin Waterman (5) +Barbara O. Watson (8) *D. Reed Watson, Jr. (10+)

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Watson (7) *Johnny Watson (6) Max and Kay Watson (10+) Christine Weaver (5) *Cynthia P. Weaver (10+) *Mr. and *Mrs. D. Lamar Weaver (10+) *Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Weekes (5) *Donna C. Weeks (9) David L. and *Mary Elizabeth Weidner (10+) *Thomas A. Weierick (10+) Jeanne Angel Weil (5) *Cecelia J. Weinbender (7) *James B. and *Carrol D. Weldy (10+) Bob and *Claudia Wells (10+) *Gregory and *Joy Wells (10+) +Margaret A. Wells (9) *Sue Ellen Wells (10+) *Jim and Debbie Wetherington (5) *Jim and Shirley Wetherington (8) COL and Mrs. Bernard D. Wheeler (7) +L. Rexford and *Lynn K. Whiddon (10+) *Ronald H. and *Jan T. Whitaker (10+) +Mr. and Mrs. Horace White (10+) Mr. and Mrs. James F. White (10+) +Martha N. White (9) +Melanie White (8) *Otis and *Jo Fountain White (7) *Mr. and Mrs. Will White (6) +Christopher C. Whitehead (9) *Bobbie J. Whitley (5) *Chip and Susan Whitley (5) Mary Jo Whitley (10+) *Mary M. Whitley (10+) The Wiggins Insurance Agency LLC (8) *Vance Wilborn (6) Pat and Jack Wilensky (5) Steve and +Sharon Wiley (10+) *Torrey Wiley (8) *Terri M. Wilkinson (7) Willcox-Lumpkin Foundation (7) *+Messiah Arrington Williams (5)

*Pamela G. Williams (6) *Mrs. Dulcy A. Williams-Lee (6) +Mr. Eddie Willis (7) Robert F. Willis (5) *Robert O. Willis (7) *Linda M. Wilson (8) *Ralph Wilson (7) *+Teneka Wilson (6) *Kathryn H. Windham (5) Winn Companies (5) Winn-Dixie Stores (10+) +Ron and +Susan Wirt (10+) +Dr. David M. Wisdo (5) Donald J. and Thelma I. Witt (6) *Kay and Mickey Witt (10+) *Audrey E. Wolfe (10+) *Laurie Wolfe (6) *Willie J. Womack (6) *Gloria Wonnum (7) *Suzanne S. Wood (9) *+Eddie and Jacquelyn Woodhouse (10+) *Faye B. Woodruff (10+) Mr. and Mrs. George C. Woodruff, Jr. (6) Woodruff Family Foundation, Inc. (7) J. W. and Ethel I. Woodruff Foundation (10+) *Mr. and Mrs. M. Troy Woods (7) +David and *Cathy Woolbright (9) Jonathan and Ginger Worrell (6) *Ray Wright (10+) Ruth B. and *James D. Yancey (10+) Susan Yarborough (5) Dr. and *Mrs. Sidney H. Yarbrough III (6) Mr. and *Mrs. Sidney H. Yarbrough IV (9) +Dr. James Patrick McHenry and +Dr. Cheryl Yatsko (6) *Joe B. and *Teresa P. Young (10+) *Major (Ret.) and Mrs. Robert J. Young, Sr. (10+) +Vladimir Zanev (9) John A. Zeigler, Jr. (5)

Columbus State University Theatre Advisory Board 2005-2006 Dr. Kate Musgrove Ex-Officio

Deb Moore Secretary

Raymond Campbell Dot McClure Jimmy Motos Andy Moye Pam Moye Sandra Nearhoof Corrin Riley Agnes Shelton Dolly Todd Catherine Woolbright

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list; however, it is possible that errors have been made. If so, please accept our sincere apologies and call them to the attention of the University Advancement Office at Columbus State University, (706) 568-2028.


The Legacy Society The Legacy Society is comprised of a select group of alumni and friends who have notified the university of specific provisions in their estate, retirement, or life insurance plans or have named the university as a beneficiary of a charitable trust or life income gift such as an annuity. ^ Myron S. and ^Gladys S. Greentree ^ Louise B. Griffin ^ Ester H. Guinan ^ Annabel D. Hagood Isla Hunter Hamburger Kerry W. and Donna S. Hand Dr. Elizabeth D. Heard ^ Nancy Rothschild Hill Mark G. and Deborah Holladay ^ Janet B. Hollis ^ Madge J. Hughes George W. Jeter Constance Johnson W. Randall and Patricia Jones Charlyn and Allen Kerr James W. and Ann G. Key ^ J. Dupont Kirven, Jr. C. Robert and Joyce Koon Diane E. LaFontaine Leon Lapides ^ Virginia Cook Lee Randall K. and Shirley O. Lunsford ^ Florence Lynn ^ Frank G. Lumpkin, Jr. ^ Katherine Hines Mahan Lon D. and Lynda M. Marlowe Dr. Mary E. Mercer Polly Corn Miller ^ J. Tom Morgan, Jr. ^ Kenneth Nance Jaynie L. Nesmith ^ Carrie Daniel Newsom H. Lynn and Ida P. Page ^ Lucy Quillian Page Michael W. and Jayne Patrick ^ Ruth Mahone Phillips John D. Purcell ^ Grace Hunter Ratley William D. and Nancy C. Reaves

^ Eula M. Runnels Frances W. Rutledge ^ John and ^Judith Satlof ^ Gerald B. Sr. and ^ Charlotte A. Saunders K. Michael and Linda Sawyer Marvin R. and Ruth Schuster ^ Ruth S. Schwob ^ Maurice and ^Fay W. Shapiro ^ Edward S. and ^Mildred Shorter ^ James Henry and ^Gladys M. Smith Calvin Smyre ^ T. Hiram and ^Bonnie Stanley Charlotte Alexander Steelmon Henry W. Jr., and Jeanne Swift ^ Pearl A. Thiele ^ D. Abbott and ^Elizabeth Bradley Turner ^ Martha S. Turner William B. Sr. and Sue T. Turner Richard W. and Janet P. Ussery Katherine Jordan Waddell ^ Clifford R. Watson

D. Lamar and Dorenda Weaver L. Rexford and Lynn K. Whiddon M. Troy and Gloria Woods James D. and Ruth B. Yancey John A. Zeigler, Jr. ^ Deceased Bold print indicates additions to the Legacy Society between August 1, 2005 – July 31, 2006. For information on how to become a member of The Legacy Society, or if you have already made provisions for a planned gift for Columbus State University, please contact Rex Whiddon, Director of Major Gifts, at 706-568-5185 or, or Deborah Bailey, Major Gifts Officer, at 706-5682484 or

Photo by Kay Ingram


^ Richard M. Alsobrook Champ L. Baker, Jr., M.D. Robin Batastini ^ Agnes F. Ridley Bell ^ Alfonso Biggs Thomas B. and Doris Black James H. and Sis Blanchard ^ Elizabeth Dedman Heard Bosch ^ Juanita C. Brawner ^ Leo and ^Florence Brooks Frank D. and Jo Ann Brown Thomas B. Jr. and ^Violet Litchfield Buck Thomas B. III and Susan Upchurch Buck Sharon Henderson Bunn Wade M. and Dottie Burford Otis B. and Eleanor Burnham Dorothy Jean Bush ^ Clarence C. and Sarah T. Butler Stephen T. Butler ^ G. V. Carr ^ Jane T. M. Christophil ^ Gerald G. and ^Linnie T. Coady ^ Katie Lou Cook Lovick P. and Elizabeth T. Corn Ray E. and Evelyn Crowley ^ John F. Cunningham Martha King Cunningham ^ Annie George Owen Curry Mrs. C. William Curry Jon C. and Linda Dodds Frances M. Duncan ^ Frances H. Ellis Kenneth E. and Shari Evans Timothy J. Farmer Moselle Worsley Fletcher Gordon Flournoy, Jr. ^ Mildred Miller Fort Gardiner and Lenora Garrard COL (Ret.) Hal J. and Marie Gibson

Kent and Steve Butler at Capital Campaign ‘thank-you’ celebration.

The President’s Society The President’s Society is comprised of a special group of benefactors whose cumulative lifetime gifts to Columbus State University exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000). Their gifts provide scholarships to support gifted and deserving students, endowed professorships to recruit and retain distinguished faculty, capital donations to build and upgrade facilities, funds for excellence to undertake new and innovative initiatives and unrestricted support that provides numerous opportunities for university programs, students and faculty. Aflac Dr. and Mrs. Emory J. Alexander ^ Richard M. Alsobrook Daniel P. Amos Family Foundation ^ Mrs. Elena D. Amos Paul S. and Jean R. Amos Paul S. Amos Educational Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Champ L. Baker, Jr. Donna Christopher Butler Ball BellSouth BellSouth Foundation ^ Alfonso Biggs Thomas B. and Doris Black James H. and Sis Blanchard Mrs. Lloyd G. Bowers, Jr. Bradley - Turner Foundation ^ Leo and ^Florence Brooks David and Donna Brown Frank D. and Jo Ann Brown Thomas B. Buck, Jr. Thomas B. III and Susan Upchurch Buck Otis B. and Eleanor Burnham C.C. and Sarah T. Butler Foundation ^ Clarence C. and Sarah T. Butler James E. Butler, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen T. Butler Susan C. Butler Carmike Cinemas, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil M. Cheves Kriss and Lisa Cloninger ^ Gerald and Linnie T. Coady Coca-Cola Foundation Columbus Ledger-Enquirer Columbus RedStixx Baseball Columbus Regional Healthcare System, Inc. Lovick P. and Elizabeth T. Corn Lovick P. and Elizabeth T. Corn Foundation Ray E. and Evelyn Crowley ^ John F. Cunningham Martha King Cunningham Mrs. C. William Curry Doctors Hospital ExxonMobil Foundation

^ Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Feighner Moselle Worsley Fletcher Gordon Flournoy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Flournoy Foley Family Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Frank D. Foley, Jr. ^ Mildred Miller Fort Mildred Miller Fort Foundation, Inc. Kate C. Foster Georgia Power Foundation, Inc. COL (Ret.) and Mrs. Hal J. Gibson Jim and Cheryl L. Gill Goizueta Foundation Greystone Properties, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Hardaway III Dr. Elizabeth D. Heard William T. Jr. and Sara Bolin Heard Kenneth M. Henson, Jr. Family ^ Mrs. Nancy Rothschild Hill Hollis Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Thomas M. Horton Madge A. Hunter John P. and Dorothy S. Illges Foundation Norman S. and Emmy Lou P. Illges Foundation Helen L. and Harry C. Jackson Foundation, Inc. George Jeter Randy and Pat Jones Jordan Foundation, Inc. Dr. Thornton F. Jordan Kennon, Parker, Duncan and Key James W. and Ann G. Key ^ J. Dupont Kirven, Jr. John S. and James L. Knight Foundation C. Robert and Joyce Koon Kresge Foundation Dr. Leon Lapides Hugh B. and ^Edith Landrum Mr. and Mrs. David G. Lewis, Jr. Jim and Florence Lipham James F. and Mary B. Loudermilk ^ Mr. and ^ Mrs. Frank G. Lumpkin, Jr. Joseph M. and Maria C. Lunsford Lon D. III and Lynda M. Marlowe

John C. and Sarah Turner Martin Mead Corporation Foundation Dr. Mary E. Mercer Dr. Joan R. Mertens Walter and Polly Miller ^ J. Tom Morgan, Jr. ^ Charles B. Morrow Marie Turner Moshell Masako and Minoru Nakai National Association of Purchasing Managers of Chattahoochee Valley, Inc. Elizabeth and Mike Ogie Mr. and Mrs. ^Richard M. Olnick William Marion Page Page-Sheek Foundation, Inc. Carl and Frances Patrick Foundation Michael W. and Jayne Patrick William Henry and Martha Morrow Paull Judge Douglas Pullen Dr. and Mrs. E. Stephen Purdom Elizabeth Butler Ramsay ^ Grace Hunter Ratley William D. and Nancy C. Reaves Regions Bank Walter Alan Richards Foundation ^ Benno and Babette Rothschild ^ Mrs. Florette V. Rothschild ^ Mr. Norman Rothschild Frances W. Rutledge ^ John and ^Judith Satlof ^ Gerald B. Sr. and ^Charlotte A. Saunders Gerald B. and Charlotte A. Saunders Foundation K. Michael and Linda Sawyer Otis J. and Sandy B. Scarborough Maxine R. Schiffman Dr. Mary W. Schley Schuster Enterprises, Inc. Marvin R. and Ruth Schuster Schwob Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Sizemore Arthur L. and Sue M .Smith ^ James Henry and ^Gladys M. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Smith

Calvin Smyre J. Kyle and Sara D. Spencer St. Francis Hospital Standard Concrete Products Charlotte Alexander Saunders Steelmon SunTrust Bank George P. Swift, Jr. Family Foundation Swift-Illges Foundation, Inc. Synovus Foundation, Inc. (CB&T, TSYS, Synovus) John P. Thayer Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Tomlinson TSYS Mr. and Mrs. D. Abbott Turner II Mr. and Mrs. John T. Turner ^ Martha Stratford Turner William B. Jr. and Sally Turner William B. Sr. and Sue T. Turner W.B. and Sue T. Turner Foundation Richard W. and Janet P. Ussery Vulcan Performance Chemicals John W. Jr. and Sally K. Walden Rankin Walden Dr. and Mrs. John I. Waldrop Wal-Mart Foundation Max and Kay Greene Watson Mr. and Mrs. Sam M. Wellborn III Willcox-Lumpkin Foundation, Inc. M. Troy Woods Woodruff Family Foundation, Inc. Mr. J. Barnett Woodruff Mr. and Mrs. George C. Woodruff, Jr. J.W. and Ethel I. Woodruff Foundation M. Troy and Gloria Woods Ray M. and Jane R. Wright Foundation, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wright, Jr. James D. and Ruth B. Yancey ^ Deceased Bold print indicates additions to the President’s Society between August 1, 2005 – July 31 2006.


The Shannon Society The Shannon Society recognizes individuals, foundations

and other entities who have established endowed and/or restricted funds for scholarships, faculty chairs, academic units and programs or initiatives that enhance and support excellence at Columbus State University. In 1958, Columbus College opened its doors to 265 students in a building that originally housed the Shannon Hosiery Mill. The Shannon Society honors the leaders whose vision and generosity established the university and ushered in a new era for education.


Aflac ^ Richard M. Alsobrook Daniel P. and Kathelen V. Amos John B. and Elena Diaz-Verson Amos Foundation Paul S. and Jean R. Amos Family of ^ Ruth O. Andrae ^ Mrs. John S. Averill Earl G. and Jane K. Bagley Dr. and Mrs. Champ L. Baker ^ Alfonso Biggs ^ Elizabeth Dedman Heard Bosch Mrs. Lloyd G. Bowers, Jr. Bradley-Turner Foundation ^ Juanita C. Brawner ^ Leo and ^ Florence Brooks Willis M. and Donna C. Butler Ball David M. and Donna Turner Brown Stephen T. and Kent Butler Susan C. and James E. Butler, Jr. Foundation C B & T/ Synovus / TSYS ^ William C. and Barbara J. Carter Charles and Bunky Clark ^ Gerald G. and Linnie T. Coady Columbus Artist’s Guild Columbus Junior Womans Club Columbus State University Alumni Association Columbus Water Works Cecil M. and Bettye Amos Cheves ^ Katie Lou Cook Ray E. and Evelyn Crowley Mrs. C. William Curry James C. Davis, Jr. Janet W. Davis ^ John F. Dixon Frances M. Duncan

Mrs. Charles Eason ^ Frances H. Ellis Moselle Worsley Fletcher ^ Mr. and ^Mrs. J. Lynwood Floyd, Jr. Frank D. III and Libba Foley Warren W. Foley ^ Mildred Miller Fort Mildred Miller Fort Foundation Lenora Jordan Garrard Georgia Lung Association Goizueta Foundation Kenneth L. and Melinda Goldman Gail B. Greenblatt Kerry W. and Donna S. Hand J. Anderson Harp Pete and Angela S. Hart ^ Louis A. Hazouri William T. Jr. and Sara Bolin Heard Kenneth M. Henson, Jr. Family Hollis Foundation, Inc. Family of ^ Jill Howard Edgar and Anne Foley Hughston Madge A. Hunter Norman S. and Emmy Lou P. Illges Foundation A. and M. L. Illges Memorial Foundation John P. and Dorothy S. Illges Foundation Family of ^ Regina Jankiewicz Jordan Foundation, Inc. ^ G. Gunby and ^Helen Jordan James W. and Ann G. Key Mrs. J. Inman Kidd ^ J. Dupont Kirven, Jr. ^ Virginia Cook Lee Doris J. Locklear James F. and Mary B. Loudermilk Family of Walter and ^ Sally Lunsford

^ Florence Lynn ^ Joseph J. MacArthur John C. and Sarah Turner Martin Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. McClung, Jr. ^ Theo and ^Alma T. McGee ^ T. Jack McGee, M.D. ^ Anna Picket McGlaun MEA Federal Credit Union Mead Corporation Foundation Dr. Mary E. Mercer Marie Turner Moshell Masako and Minoru Nakai William Marion Page ^ Jack M. Sr. and ^Mary F. Passailaigue Charles D. Pattillo William Henry and Martha Morrow Paull ^ Emily McGee Peddy John D. Purcell National Association of Purchasing Managers Chattahoochee Valley, Inc. Alan C. and Elizabeth Butler Ramsay ^ Mrs. Columbus Roberts, Jr. ^ Florette V. Rothschild ^ Jac. H. and ^Dora G. Rothschild ^ Norman S. Rothschild Kim Eason Rozycki ^ Eula M. Runnels ^ John and ^Judith Satlof ^ Gerald B. Sr. and ^Charlotte A. Saunders Otis J. and Sandy Scarborough ^ Ruth S. Schwob Schwob Family Foundation Inc. ^ Edward S. and ^Mildred Shorter Maj. Gen. (Ret.) R.S. and Margaret A. Siegfried Elizabeth McGee Smith ^ James Henry and ^Gladys M. Smith

J. Kyle and Sara D. Spencer George P. Swift, Jr. Family Foundation Don Abbott II and Cathey Turner John T. and Amandah Turner ^ Martha S. Turner William B. Jr. and Sally Turner John W. and Sally K. Walden, Jr. Rankin Walden Max and Kay Greene Watson L. Rexford and Lynn K. Whiddon Willcox-Lumpkin Foundation Sara J. Williams Donald J. and Thelma I. Witt Marvin H. and Kay Witt Woodruff Family Foundation J.W. and Ethel I. Woodruff Foundation Karen Spears Zacharias ^ Deceased Bold print indicates additions to The Shannon Society between August 1, 2005 – July 31, 2006. For more information on establishing an endowed or restricted fund to benefit Columbus State University, please contact Rex Whiddon, Director of Major Gifts at or 706-568-5185. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these lists; however, it is possible that errors have been made. If so, please accept our sincere apologies and call them to the attention of the Office of University Advancement, 706-568-2028.

Honorary and Memorial Gifts So often, the desire to give is coupled with a desire to recognize special people in our lives. Many of the gifts received between August 1, 2005 and July 31, 2006 were made in recognition of family members, friends, colleagues, and beloved teachers.

In memory of Ruth O. Andrae Don and Diane Andrae Raymond and Patsy Andrae Dorothy and Edwin Harnish In honor of Dr. Mort Berenson Lynn Haven Wildlife Garden Club In honor of John A. Borone Lynn Haven Wildlife Garden Club In memory of Lee G. Braun, Irene Braun, and Dr. Jory L. Braun Ronald M. Mack In honor of Dr. and Mrs. Frank Brown Mr. and Mrs. James C. Elder, Jr. In memory of Dr. Clarence C. Butler Mr. and Mrs. George C. Woodruff, Jr. In honor of Lois R. Cain, Graduation 2006 Dr. and Mrs. Darcy R. Leerssen In memory of Mrs. Zenith S. Costa Mr. and Mrs. George C. Woodruff, Jr.

Mrs. and Mrs. John D. Cartledge Dianne J. Fredrick J. Larry and Susan Gaither Dr. S. Lenoir Gilliam Dr. and Mrs. Paul Thomas Hackett, Jr. Patty Jamieson Dr. Ellen Roberts Katie Sherrod In memory of Keigh Grimson Murphey Pound In memory of Charles F. Heard L. Rexford and Lynn K. Whiddon In memory of Jarrell E. Hethcox and his daughter, Amy Virginia Hethcox Mr. and Mrs. Weyman Brooks Columbus State University Mr. and Mrs. James L. Dent, Jr. Ms. Joyce Hethcox Dr. Mark A. Lawrence L. Rexford and Lynn K. Whiddon

In honor of Mrs. Marion Feighner Helen and Dennis Calhoun Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Meine

In memory of Jarrell Hethcox Jo Ann H. Ivey Dr. Lewis R. Lieberman Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Meine LTC (Ret.) Richard A. Munn, Jr. Sarah and Lewis Portwood Pat and Jack Wilensky

In memory of Tom Ford Mr. and Mrs. Andy Burcham

In memory of Janet Bowers Hollis Frank and Meg Schley

In memory of Rozier Dedwylder Sybil E. Futch

Listed below are those individuals for whom honorary or memorial gifts were made. For information on making honorary and/or memorial gifts, please contact Carolyn Caldwell at (706) 562-1591 or e-mail her at

L. Rexford and Lynn K. Whiddon In honor of Maria Holmes’ graduation Columbus State University In honor of Belinda Ingle Melissa L. Ingle In memory of Del Jackson Jim and Allena Sperry In honor of Cindy and Matt Jones Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Meine In honor of Dr. Larry Kaptain Dr. Harry Brill Mrs. Wallace Shinkle In memory of Edith Jones Landrum L. Rexford and Lynn K. Whiddon In honor of Stanley Lieberman’s 70th birthday Donald J. and Thelma I. Witt In memory of Dr. Roy F. and Suzanne P. Mack Ronald M. Mack In memory of Mr. Charles A. McClure Mr. and Mrs. George C. Woodruff, Jr. In honor of the birthdays of Duke and Lois Miller L. Rexford and Lynn K. Whiddon

In honor of Fray McCormick Dr. and Mrs. R. Lawrence Smith In memory of Ann Mize Murphy Joan Mize Holder In memory of Mrs. Joan Olson (R.N.) Mr. and Mrs. Joe Windsor In memory of Edwin Peacock’s birthday John A. Zeigler, Jr. In honor of William Ford Pearce, first president of the CSU Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cardin In memory of Dr. Ferinez Phelps L. Rexford and Lynn K. Whiddon In memory of Matilda (Tillie) Piha Ronald M. Mack In memory of Frances Pipkin Joan Gallops Mary R. Hickson In honor of Mary Sue Polleys’ work with Servant Leadership and her retirement Jim and Nancy Buntin In memory of Carol Land Ragsdale Ann Jordan Ragsdale In honor of Sam and Jacquie Rawls Mr. and Mrs. Bill Burgin Mr. and Mrs. Seth L. Knight III


Columbus State University Alumni Board 2005 – 2006 Laurie Wolfe – President Anthony Street – First Vice President Roger T. Buterbaugh – Second Vice President Jane Madayag, Secretary – Treasurer Robin Batastini – Immediate Past President Geri P. Regnier – Executive Director



Chad M. Andrae Tammy A. Brown R. Marie Bruner Gregory Bryant Adrie F. Buckner-Johnson James W. Cloud Janet W. Davis Gretchen C. Denham James A. Earhart M. Danny Graddy David Hay Paul Holmer W. Andrew Kelley Ruth H. Kiralfy William T. Neal III Linda S. Reynolds Gerda L. Tarkington-Smith Marjorie O. Watson Adrian E. Wilborn Past Presidents Sharon F. Adams Grover C. Barfield III Peggy H. Batastini

Sharon A. Bodnar C. Bronny Brown Denise E. Elwood William R. Elwood Catheryne J. Farris Lavonda W. Forbes H. Donald Harbuck Alfred J. Hayes, Jr. Leonard W. Hindsman, Jr. Alice G. Howard Allena G. Johnson Sperry Kilby L. Kirkland, Jr. Wallace A. Kite LaVern W. Klenz, Jr. Raymond B. Lakes James M. Lamb Bobby E. Ledford Dominador H. Manio, Jr. Celeste Warner Marlowe Stephen A. Rogers Cynthia M. Rowe Arthur L. Smith III Jane P. Spettel Audrey E. Wolfe

Dr. and Mrs. Ashkok Kumar Management Recruiters of Columbus, Inc. Robin S. Rawls Antonio and Belma Rodriguez In honor of Sam Rawls Mr. and Mrs. Lovick P. Corn Mrs. Thomas G. Crymes III Joy Graham Gail B. Greenblatt John E. Hazard Randy and Pat Jones Frances Lolley Geoffrey and Toshi Love COL (Ret.) and Mrs. Henri G. Mallet John and Vicky Partin William O. Patterson, Jr., M.D. Donald and Janet Spence Giles C. Toole, Jr. In honor of Sam Rawls’ 76th Birthday Jack and Isabel Baker Claie and Jacob Beil Mrs. Lloyd G. Bowers, Jr. Helen and Dennis Calhoun Dr. and Mrs. John H. Deaton, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Augustus B. Dudley, Jr. E. Paul and Sharon Hamm Judye and Morton Harris Dr. and Mrs. James Lopez Monika Harrison William A. Maloney Management Recruiters of Columbus, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. McDaniel, Jr. W. G. Mercer, Jr. Samuel and Dorothy Mongiovi Erika S. Rawls Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Robbins Edgar and Meg Roberts Carl E. Rogers, Jr.

Louis W. Romanos Brooke Russo Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Silverstein In memory of Alan F. Rothschild Mr. and Mrs. George C. Woodruff, Jr. In memory of Benno G. Rothschild Babette M. Rothschild In memory of Jack Schiffman Maxine R. Schiffman In honor of Barbara and George Shannon Dr. and Mrs. F. J. Meine In honor of Maggie Siegfried Greater Chapin Chamber of Commerce In memory of Richard Perry Spencer and Louise Spencer Dupre Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Benton In memory of Mr. Oren E. Tally Mr. and Mrs. George C. Woodruff, Jr. In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Earl Taylor Mrs. T. Earl Taylor, Jr. In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tinkler Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Alvarez In memory of Paul Weise Carolyn A. Dwyer In memory of Robert and Pauline Wright and Ollie Carter Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wright, Jr. In memory of W. C. Woodall Mr. and Mrs. James C. Woodall, Sr. In honor of James Yancey for his work with the Capital Campaign Jim and Nancy Buntin

Estate Distributions 2005 - 2006 Each year Columbus State University receives generous contributions through the wills of alumni and friends. In fiscal year 2005-2006, distributions totaling over $853,284 were received from the following estates. Moselle Fletcher Mildred Miller Fort Nora Garrard Nancy Hill Rothschild Janet Hollis J. Dupont Kirven Frank Lumpkin, Jr. William B. Turner, Sr. Katherine Waddell For information on making a planned gift to benefit Columbus State University, please contact Rex Whiddon, Director of Major Gifts, 706- 568-5185 or Deborah Bailey, Major Gifts Officer, 706- 568-2484

Gift & Estate Planning can help you create a gift plan that will best express your desire to benefit the University, at the same time fulfilling your personal financial goals. A properly designed gift can complement your own goals in several ways: • Build a brighter future for your university • Provide life-long income • Convert low-yielding assets into a higher income stream • Reduce or eliminate taxes on capital gains • Generate a substantial federal income tax deduction • Eliminate or reduce federal estate taxes For more information, contact: Debbie Bailey • 706-568-2484 •


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Columbus State University Annual Report of Private Giving, 2005-2006  

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