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Kayla Calvin Kayla Calvin is a junior majoring in animal science and agricultural literacy. Calvin aspires to someday own her own educational dairy farm which would connect consumers to farmers who produce their food. In only three years at CSU, Calvin has earned: the Jim and Nadine Henry Scholarship in Animal Sciences; the Richard O. Woodfin Family Scholarship; the James P. “Tom” Camerlo, Jr. Scholarship; the Dean Homer J. Henney Memorial Scholarship; and the Stanley L. Boyes Scholarship. For Calvin, each scholarship demonstrates that “someone believes in you” and the collective support of these scholarships is what has allowed Calvin to put herself through school. “Without these scholarships,” said Calvin, “I would need many student loans and might not even be able to attend college.”

Janine Stone Janine Stone is scheduled to complete her Ph.D. in agricultural and resource economics in the summer of 2015. She has received several scholarships in her time at CSU including an Ag Day Scholarship, the Dr. Robert A. Young Scholarship in Water Economics, and the S. Lee Gray Agricultural and Resource Economics Scholarship. Stone has been recognized as an outstanding teacher by the college and her department, and her excellence in the classroom is what earned her the Gray scholarship. “This scholarship allows me to focus on my teaching and research, rather than focusing on expenses,” said Stone. In addition to teaching some of the department’s more difficult courses, Stone’s research focuses on water scarcity and how consumers respond to policy changes.

Bob Reynolds Bob Reynolds is working on a second undergraduate degree in agricultural education and agricultural business. After serving in the Marines for 27 years and earning an undergraduate degree in history, Reynolds decided to pursue a degree that combined a knowledge of working on the land with helping people understand how food is produced. “Everybody eats,” said Reynolds. “I have five kids and I want them to have a future where they understand agriculture and how food got on their table.” Reynolds is the recipient of the Glenn and Mary Jon Chandler Family Scholarship that he says helps provide him with “breathing room” as he works toward his degree while supporting his family.

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Food for Thought 2014-2015